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Basic prices:

Mane 6:
Rainbow dash $450 (plus $15 for open wings)
Applejack $425 (hat included)
Rarity $440
Twilight Sparkle $425 (plus $15 for closed wings or $25 for open wings)
Pinkie Pie $400
Fluttershy $400 (plus $15 for open wings)

Stallions start at $400

Laying down ponies start at $600.

Fillies start at $250+ depending on how difficult.

please note me for pricing on other ponies.

I also do OCs. Please note me with a reference picture of your OC and i will give a price quote.

Mares are usually around 14" tall
Fillies  are normally 9"- 10" tall
Stallions are 15.5"
This does not include horn/mane which would make them taller (usually adds 2 inches).
Laying down ponies are about 26" long from hoof to hoof, 10" from chest to rump, and about 11" from table to top of head (not including mane or horn).

Shipping for mares and fillies is $18. Shipping for stallions is $30.
International is around $45-$60. Can vary a little depending on country.
Shipping for laying down ponies is $30 for US or $70-$80 for international.

♥ All payments will be through paypal and prices are in USD ♥

I require a 25% down payment before i begin working on a pony. If it is an OC then payment in full is required.

The time it takes to get done with your commission can vary, but the average time is about 6-8 weeks once payment is received. Delays in fabric/materials being delivered and where you are on the list can cause more time but i do my best to get them done as soon as possible.


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It'll take me a while to save up but i'd really like a Gallus plush 12" tall. Could I get a price quote?

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hey you said these might be open again, I'm not in a very good money situation atm, but if you give me a few months I'll be able to afford. could I get a quote on my oc… ? with the open rainbow wings. her hair is a mix between fluttershy's and pinkies if that helps.
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would  u be able to do ocs like this?
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Would it be possible to downscale a mare plush just a tad so it stands around 10.5 inches?
I'm looking around for someone I could possibly commission to make me a Starlight Glimmer plush that would be in scale with my official 4DE pony plushes, more specifically with my Trixie plush.
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It'll take me quite a while to save up enough money, but I'm definitely interested.
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Howdy. I was wondering. Have you ever made a Mare plushie in 15", before? :O_o: I'm a little curious
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i havent made them 15 inches from hoof to head. though my mares are closer to 14 inches tall from hoof to head from slight design changes over time and with their manes they are normally around 15-16 inches tall depending on character.
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Ahaa, I see. Well, thank you for answering my question. ^^
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you are very welcome :D
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"With their manes they are normally around 15-16 inches tall depending on character." Rarity's punk-mane? :O_o:
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like with twilight, she is around 15 inches tall in the end (not including her horn) and rainbow dash is around 16 inches tall for examples. rarity with her punk mane is actually around 19 inches tall if i remember right XD. its really big lol :p
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19?!? 19 TALL? O . O Are you serious?
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lol, yeah XD. she has a crazy big mohawk XD
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Your plushness are beautiful. How much would it be for a non-pony oc? Mine is a Jackalope. 
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Hi, How much would a plush cost me?  Midnight Reverie (Reference Sheet) (ShimayaEiko) by MidniteReverie
Little-Broy-Peep's avatar
hi! she would be $400 plus $45 shipping.
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How much does it cost to ship to South Korea?
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How much would it be to get a plush of my OC (with open wings)?
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Hey, so if I were interested in the future to buying like a Spitfire plushie, how much would she be?
Little-Broy-Peep's avatar
hi! spitfire is $375 plus $18 shipping :)
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Hm okay. I'll have to think about it. I think I have enough for sure :)
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just note me if ever you are interested ^^
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