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MLP OC Velvet Passion Plush (commission)

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commission for :icondashing-thunder: thank you so much :D

velvet is made out of ivory, magenta, dusty rose, baby blue, and bluebell minky with faux fur on her chest and ears. she has machine embroidered eyes, cutie marks, and other details.
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Sorry, I got a little distracted from something.

So, like I was also saying. Also if it's going to be April, that is really Okay.

Because April is almost there!

Thank you so much for the responds! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Okay. So April will be the month where every commission are opened back up.

But just a curious questions about the commissions (Not commissioning just yet):

1. Do you do other different plushes like the very big ones that are laying down (You can probably find them on the internet or something like that)?

2. Do you also do other different posed ponies like ponies going bipedal (Standing like humans) or any different OCs?
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But there is something I'm a little curious about.

I'm just a tiny bit curious if the commissions are opened?

because there was a commission for somepony.

Are they still opened yet?
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commissions are closed at the moment but they will be opening back up soon! hopefully by april :). i will announce it in a journal when the time gets closer :D
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You can go check out her journal to learn more details. :)
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Hnng she's so pretty.
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thank you so much :D she is a cutie ^_^
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She looks so fluffy!!
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she is a fluffy one :D
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I've never seen someone put chest floof on a plush before. Really looks good tho!
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yeah i dont think i really seen it either. luckily it came out good! :D
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Can't wait to hug this girl when she comes out of the box! Truely wonderful :)
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i cant wait for you to get her :D :D
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I just received her, she's so beautiful and lovely! Truely did an outstanding job!
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that is great to hear :D im so happy you like her!
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A great job as always ^^
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