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MLP Autumn Blaze Plush


autumn blaze is made out of ivory, rust, jade, merlot, and crimson minky. she has machine embroidered eyes and other details. autumn is about 14 inches tall from hoof to head (about 16 inches including mane and almost 19 including horn). she has wire in her tail for added support.

autumn is $500 plus shipping which is either $30 for US or $45-60 for international. please note or chat me if interested!

i also have the cutie mark crusaders for sale too! i will be posting them tomorrow with their details. though you can note or chat me if you are interested in them ^^.  here is a quick pic of them all together! they are so cute :D

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Autumn Blaze is always beautiful. :)

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Very beautiful!

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Eee she's adorable!

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thank you so much! she is a cutie ^^

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These are all awesome. Been very tempted with AJ for a while now and those Crusaders are so cute! Tempting, very tempting.

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thank you so much :D. dont mean to tempt you so much XD they are quite cute though ^^

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The Crusaders always are in plush form! Unfortunately what you want and what you can afford are always two different things. Still, I'll see if I can find the money for AJ from somewhere, she's just so cute and needs a forever home. I can't believe after so long she still hasn't found one.

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