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Mad World Mina II

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Free Plushie Patterns Online

Here's a collection of links to sites outside of DeviantArt where you can find free plushie patterns. There are well over two hundred choices, so you're sure to find something you like. However, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try adapting one of the patterns. For example, a tiger can easily be turned into a lion, an elephant into a woolly mammoth, an elf into a goblin, or combine the upper half of a mermaid with the lower half of a pony to get a centaur. Note: some pages may need to be translated or require sign-up to view free patterns. Check out Pattern-Depot for stuffed toy and costume patterns here on DeviantArt. B

Tutorials, References

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Steampunk Briar Rose

Abigail, Iren, SilentEve, Ben

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Camilla, Strangeling, Magnetica

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Miss Wong

Adda, Ary, Fany, Sakimi, Fukari, NoFlutter

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Alice Art

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Alice Madness Returns COSPLAY [6]

Alice Costumes

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Tim Burton Art

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Queen of Roses

Tim Burton Costumes

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LoZ Art

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Alice in Wonderland - Stacey Kardash

Mario Art

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Pikmin Link CCI2007

Nintendo Costumes

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Little Mermaid

Disney, Fairy Tales Art

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Original Snow White Cosplay by Missyeru

Disney, Fairy Tales Costumes

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Tea Time


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MH, EAH Costumes

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Avatar Art

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ATLA: The Descent

Avatar Costumes

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Every dog has its day

Teen Titans Art

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White Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos

Teen Titans Costumes

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Sailor Mars

Magic Girls Art

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Magic Bloom

Magic Girls Costumes

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HB: Lara and Sam

Other FanArt

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Iserys armor

Other Costumes and Modeling

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Lydia and Beetlejuice


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Iserys armor

Accessories, Props

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Tea Rose

Dolls, Plushies

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Cat and doll

SteamPunk, Victorian, Lolita

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Dark, Emotional, Gothic

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Ethereal Entities, Celestial Creatures

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AT: ninakietnaki

Kawaii, Asian, Loli

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Our Ends Are Beginnings


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Inktober 09 - Demons within

Sugar Skulls, Bones

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Artistic Nudes, Spines

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Kill Me Again - Chapter 1

I sat awkwardly on my hands and glanced out of the corner of my eye at the man sitting next to me. He was staring around the room and sighing in impatience…Well, we had been sitting here over an hour.    I leant forward and put my head in my hands and sighed as he did, "This is ridiculous, how much longer are we gonna have to wait?"    Beetlejuice cleared his throat and stared as a fly flew past his face in little circles, trying to see an opening for him to eat it, "Patience is a virtue, my dear Mauli…" giving up on the fly, he got a cigarette out of his pocket and put it in his mouth and sniffed, "It is cle

Writer Art, Reading

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Message In a Bottle Revamp - Free Avvie


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