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Qiqi - Genshin Impact Fanart by Daikazoku63
Art trade: Eyeball by Narumeko
Rin Okumura by TheFoxWalker
Mirror World by Daikazoku63
OC couples
-Amusement Park Trip- by CyberNomi

Mature Content

Hug by UchihaSama224
[CM] Fireflies by Sanetsumi
[GIFT] Say cheese! by sweetie-madiselle
Commission by Daikazoku63
Alexandria [REQ] by TheRabbitFollower
Merry Christmas ^-^ by UchihaSama224
LdM- Die Reise der jungen Magier ch.3  p.8 by UchihaSama224
Fan art
Tsuyu by YokoKaneko
Drawing practise - Kuroo Tetsurou by UchihaSama224
Drawing practise - Kenma Kozume by UchihaSama224
Small boy   Oikawa Tooru by UchihaSama224
anime,Manga style
:Katekyo Hitman Reborn: -Coucou de Paris!- by CyberNomi
:Obey Me: -No Strings Attached- by CyberNomi
Jean by LaRuuna
Land der Magie    - Extra - by UchihaSama224
Tiny 2B [REQ] by TheRabbitFollower
LdM- Die Reise der jungen Magier ch.2  p.3 by UchihaSama224
Bonus raffle prize #2 - Chris by KiboUniverse
Chibi Akali KDA- YT by YokoKaneko
Anime Prince by UchihaSama224
Kiss by UchihaSama224
Run     Zero  ! by UchihaSama224
DA KING OF DA STREETS ( redone ) by UchihaSama224
Mythical Adopts 2/2 by Keo56
Neon Anthro Adopts OPEN 3/4 by Keo56
Clown Adopt Batch [OPEN 1/4] by Keo56
[CLOSED] BNHA Adoptables #13 by sweetie-madiselle
Concept Art: Landscape by Cera-Miaw
FREE Bright Space Background, Wallpaper by nettlejelly
4 FREE Space Backgrounds (+bonuses) by nettlejelly
Animals,cretures,pokemon,Sonic, Anthro
Sun and Sea [COM] by TheRabbitFollower
Falling [Charity Album Illustration] by TheRabbitFollower
Concept Art: Deer by Cera-Miaw
Dope Monkey by Reminoncross
CONTEST ENTRY Nix and Botis by Inked-Vision
LdM- Die Reise der jungen Magier ch.3 p.7 by UchihaSama224
Group of characters
[BNHA OC] Culture Festival by sweetie-madiselle
Commissions Info [2021] Open Hello! Thank you for checking out this post. If you wish to support me, you can throw gold at me and receive a picture made exclusive for you. Here I have all information about how you can commission me and how I work. Important note. If you want to commission me, but have doubts, because I work with full pre-payment and you can't trust me enough yet, you can use Fiverr ( It's a website built for commissioning any kind of professionals, including artists. Or via Sketchmob ( Both provide safety for both seller and buyer, as I understand.I'm comfortable with: - humans, all kinds of humanoids - anthro  - monsters Types of commissions and base pricesBase price means that it can go higher or lower depending on complexityArtstyle #1 Line art with render A painting of a character with visible line art and not too complicated rendering. "Anime" style is also uncluded here. Portrait: 30 USD or 25 EUR Halfbody: 60 USD or 50 EURFull body: 90 USD or 75 EURChibi fullbody, base price: 20 USD or 16 EUR,Artstyle #2 Semi-realistic Most popular oprion so far. Little to no lines, lighting and rendering close to realism. Face and body proportions are stylized.Portrait, base price: 60 USD or 50 EUR Half body, base price: 90 USD or 75 EUR Chibi fullbody, base price: 30 USD or 25 EURFullbody is available to commission, but I can't show any examples yet.,  Artstyle #3 RealisticI don't put the price for this artstyle. Pictures are here for you to see the difference between semi-realistic and realistic render. I want to be clear of what kind of quality you can await from semi-realistic and which "zones" it doesn't touch. Realistic render is whithout lines, chararacter have realistic face proportions, I try to depict everything as close to real life as I can, while semi realistic has more or less stylized proportions. Other artist do this differently, this is solely my own take on differentiating my artstyles.,,,Some rules:Personal use only. No prints or any other things for sale. Commercial use requires to pay extra.  Usually commissioned artwork becomes a part of my portfolio. You can ask for private commission, but this option might add to the price if the illustration is big and I can potentially lose attention to my art-gallery.I work only with full pre-payment. Exceptions are possible for people who have commissioned me already for a sum of money that exceeds 100$. I accept payment in EUR or USD through Paypal  Refunds are possible, but it will be partial refund depending on the current stage of work. Full refunds are more of an exception, so please be sure you are commited to get a commissioned artwork. Characters complicated in design (for example, wings, detailed clothing, very long or crazy hairstyles, big complex accessories, weapons) take more time, so price for them is higher.  Simple backgrounds are free, everything more complicated or specific will be added to the final price.  I don't have specific limit for a number of characters on one picture, but probably I won't draw more than 5-7 detailed characters with standard (not chibi) human proportions in one picture.  Completion time: sorry, everything depends on complexity of the work and amount of work I have currently. You always can ask me how the things are, what's going on and ask to show current stage of the artwork. I aim for the quality, so completion might take weeks, especially if there is a queue already. If you want faster results - choose a style with lines (artstyle #1).     You receive a version with watermark and without watermark. I would appreciate it if you would use the version with watermark if you have a gallery of some sorts. You can help me by sharing my artist name. Have any questions? Ask me in the comments or note me.  How to commission me:If you interested - please send me a message on DevianArt (or on with "Commission" ) with following form:Commission type: for example "Semi-realistic portrait" About character(s): anything you think is important to know about the character References: you can send me anything as references - photos, drawings, color palettes, moodboards etc. I can work with text description, but keep in mind that result will be different from what you imagine, if you can't find any fitting references. What I want to see in the artwork: describe what you want - emotion, mood, atmosphere. Maybe you want just a neutral smile? What are typical things that people forget while drawing your character: you can leave this field empty. If you commissioned people earlier (including me, I'm not going to become sad and ditch everything if I'm the one who made a mistake) or maybe did art trades and there is a tendency that people forget a certain element or feature of your character, then please tell about this. Extra: just in case, you can leave this field empty.Payment method: provide your PayPal e-mail, please. How work goes usually:After you send you form and answer some questions, I send you one or few rough sketches and how much each cost, so you can choose which one you like more. After sketch approval I send invoice for full payment.After payment I start my work on clear sketch and painting.  Amount of big changes (for example, different pose) in sketch is limited, also I won't do major changes of sketch at coloring stage. I send you a few progress images for you to look at coloring and rendering process, if it's needed. Major changes are limited to 1-3, minor are limited to 3-5. Any extra change will cost money, so pay attention. The smaller the picture, the less changes are available. If you commissioned me multiple times, your commissioned artworks are stored in cloud storage, each customer have their own folder that can be accessed by the link only I provide! So don't worry about privacy.   Public queue: update: 13.02.21...
TCBY Commission by Suiish
Young villains (3 )  Yume... by UchihaSama224

Mature Content

Waifu Academy Naughty Valkyries by quamp
Outfit design.
Carmen character design (game idea) by Inked-Vision
self portrait
New Avatar^^ by Seminon
Steps by ktrew
F2U Base by Keo56
Group Icon and Group mascot.
OC. Papaya by Gummi-bear-Rose
MMD and 3D Images or creator's
Quiz de Lets Go Schoolgirls by quamp
Gifts and Requests And art trade
Mona Giveaway Prize by Suiish
Moon Witch Watercolours by Suiish
Agni [Commission 2/2] by KiboUniverse
I don't know where this goes...
Foxy YCH/TCBY Open by Suiish
Fischl Genshin IMpact by LaRuuna



A fantastic group for Fantastic Art.

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OC. Papaya by Gummi-bear-Rose

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Best Wishes by KmyGraphic :bademoticon: Welcome to Little-Big-World:bademoticon: Best Wishes by KmyGraphic
You may post what ever

you like as long as you put them in the right folder.

 The point of this group is to get people show more.
More member's the better so feel free to make a journal about the group :D

   Also please DO NOT use the journal in the group.

Please use your own journal to write and put it in the journal folder.

Comment down below if you have any questions.

:bademoticon: Link to my profile:bademoticon:…
  I do have a few rules though


1.NO BULLYING (Also means no stealing art!)
 2.Put things in the right folder.
3. Make sure your mature photo's have a mature block and put them in the mature folder.
4.Be respectful of other's
5.Anyone may join.
If you like a folder added please send me a note :) 

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                Also If there is ANY Thief's PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE!
                                              I will block them.
                                              Please have prof.
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