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The Evanescent Man
He’s sitting at the dinner table, waiting for me when I open the door. His wrinkled hands are clasped around each other, spindly fingers locked tight like manacles, so still he could be made of stone. He doesn’t look up, he doesn’t need to, he knows me well like an old friend.  And it wells up within my chest, a swelling, building ache that’s growing hard and heavy. I drop the groceries, drop my keys, clink as they hit the floor, kick off my shoes and
The fingers come unlaced. He smoothes a crease in his threadbare black suit; the suit that's full of darkness, swallowing any light that hits it. It’s the same thing he did the last time he came, and I realize that I’ve forgotten him; I’ve forgotten what he meant, what he did, what he took from me. He takes a breath, and I am a boy again, I think, everything is too bright and sharp, the colors saturated and vibrant. My legs don’t ache anymore, my head is full of hair, I
:iconblubbityblub:blubbityblub 19 14
Our Dreams Forever Travel
Colours of rings
joined together
create tunnels
through which
our dreams
forever travel
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 4
i saw stars in your eyes
i saw stars in your eyes:
and on your lips i found
the heavens, the
infinite expansion of
a cosmos in your lungs,
lush on your breath as it
my blood in a spiral,
the grand clockwork of
the milky way -- alive
at your touch, at the
taste of your fingertips.
moving in rythym as  
the tide shaking an ocean of stars:
a wave crashing down on
the sands of neptune's far shore,
a comet aflame streaks across
the night sky -- sighing softly,
our arms entwined in wonder,
a salty sea on our tongues.
we held each other,
we felt a planet in
revolution around us:
a sun in supernova,
blazing, burning from a
million light-years
:iconelgallifrey:elGallifrey 21 16
The titan arose. It shook off an era's worth of sand and stone and rock and various umbrage, heedless of the mountains crumbling around it, and stood. The sun beat down upon its chrome hull, but the tarnished metal had endured things far worse than insignificant heat. The titan arose, and remained still, as sensors began to process information at a terrifying speed. One blue, glowing eye looked out on the dusty horizon, and at the same time, the titan's scanners pinged back their results. Nothing was alive in the great red wasteland that surrounded it.
A deep, grinding sound rolled out from deep inside the titan's chest, a sonorous echo of sadness an eon old. The titan had seen oceans fade away into nothing, had seen the core of a world wither away and die. It had watched civilizations drag themselves out of the primordial mud and build for themselves shining cities and achieve great things, and it had watched those same civilizations collapse and disappear
:iconblubbityblub:blubbityblub 11 18
glass shards shattered along her shaking diaphragm,
slicing their way through her
jetstream veins & topography of muscles.
she said her skin itched pins & needles;
her sharp nails couldn’t relieve the discomfort.
she and the mirror took turns
staring at each other
through the haze of lonely showers and
(heart)aching joints
until they discovered
who was underneath her skin.
one night you found her
on the floor
as she ripped herself apart.
you took her hand in yours and said,
“you can’t do it.
you can’t rip (dead)fathers &
(ex)bestfriends & (past)lovers
from who you are.
you can’t.”
:iconanotherpassenger:AnotherPassenger 12 17
Autumn Autopsy
As lovers,
we were reckless;
chasing fireflies
in a field of mines.
We traded kisses
and carefree caresses
for shrapnel
and blackened skin.
Short moments
stolen pawned
at the cost
of darker afternoons,
the twilight
of the dying season;
We didn't ask,
we never questioned
the interest
of our expenditures.
I shed my skin
in the Autumn of youth,
peeled back
the viscera and
bared the bone --
Rising up,
a scarecrow of worms
and raw meat,
amongst the stalks
of reddened corn.
she clings
to dusty artifacts,
shelved trinkets
wrinkled sheets
laden with memories
of decaying potency;
The wisps
rising from the cooling wick
will never be
as sweet as
when the flame
burned brightest.
:icondreamsinstatic:dreamsinstatic 293 104
White Rose
Sirens are singing through the storm
A white rose Blooms in a garden of thorns 
                 A Darkening Sky
                 A Hallowed Cry
                    Sirens are Singing 
                      But you never ask why                      
Emergency Lights flash in the cold
A Struggle that has long since grown too old
                 Silence Rushing In
                 Whispers in the Wind
                     The Darkness Seeping in
                        But you never ask why
        All of Her
:iconzeroskyler:ZeroSkyler 28 34
The Wood Nymph
The sultry contemplation of his sun
deflects in angles bringing frosty chill,
and minty leaves within the breeze's stun
emits a cry, transition looms a thrill.
Emotion breaks, distilled in morning's dew
and icy tears bejew'l her hands in beads.
The rich aspar'gus frock has changed its hue
now hair of hanging orange peel supersedes.
Her rosewood lips foretaste his sweet caress
in dreams she dreams a season's love affair.
Her woodsy skin concealed in wedding's dress
of icy lace and snowy linen fair.
Though bitter, brisk, and bleak the season lingers,
the maiden treasures close her forest fingers.
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 12 18
I am as autumn
I am as autumn,
dropped barefoot into some fleeting role,
self-destructing in the sterile cold
while passersby note only
the colours,
their ephemeral beauty.
I was meant
as an actress, diaphanous and
bridging the small gap between
summer and
I was born to wither and
without blooming,
to sink and
without struggling.
obedient as a child,
I tried to die
in that space before snowfall,
that melancholy breach—
but there must be something in me
that is not yet dead,
that refuses to rot.
when the snow finally came,
I was stale and stagnant,
wretchedly vernal
when all else was newly
now, in the dim half-light before
springtime, I am thin
and fragile, waiting only for
another chance
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 19 35
Kisses Like Autumn
Kisses Like Autumn
In the beginning;
There was a forest that exhaled,
Along with us when we paused for breath.
Only now the seasons,
Have merged into one state;
I will not love a ghost;
I have enough shadow without that,
Along with too much superstition.
The realist in me,
Sees your promises are half-empty,
Whilst the pessimist drinks the rest of the glass.
A survey is composed,
To ask all of those involved,
"Will you keep running?"
Though I know my answer;
I will only run into your arms,
If you become less like Winter,
And far more Autumnal.
:iconpurple-freak9:Purple-Freak9 5 6
It's normal, you know.
Bruises flower under skin like lilies in a garden
Tears find their place just like water in the soil
They seep into the black
Nurture seedlings
And hurt grows so green and natural.
Pearl skin is supposed to go purple
It's as right as the rain.
So don't worry, don't fret
I'm art, you know, cross-stitching on the wall
An ivory piano key
Just as I should be
Because battered things are beautiful.
Feathers torn from silk pillows
And stick figures on balance beams
Aren't as loved, nor as adored,
Nor as beautiful as me.
:iconbonfirelights:bonfirelights 22 13
The Lifeless of the Party
If I back up any farther my
bones will become part of this place,
I'll mold myself to the paint and
plaster my skin to its base.
At least then when their gaze sweeps by,
they can admire the pale tone
and whisper about the wall decorations
instead of my expression set in stone.
Through the obnoxious music I can hear
a guitar strumming softly outside,
beckoning my body to escape the drones
and find the human that seems to hide.
Don't cry my love, don't cry no more
A voice trembles across the terrace,
and leaves a smoky trail to the trees.
Head hung slightly and plucking strings
whose sorrow brings me to my knees.
Don't sing that old sad hymn no more
I cannot fathom how this fellow
would arrive to this awful event,
as his melody murmurs in my ear
I remember my own torment.
The wall that felt like ruthless vines
choking the choice out of me,
my petals stretched for a sign of light,
this boy answered my painful plea.
Don't cry my love, don't cry no more
We sat and sa
:iconalterego1629:AlterEgo1629 17 27
L'OMBRE I - SHADOW I (+ audio reading)
(English adaptation below) version audio ici
Pour Neura
L'ombre I
Quand vous verrais-je au sortir des songes et des tombes il ne reste que des lisières
Frangées d'or et d'herbe coupez vos désirs d'au-delà lorsque l'écume affolée efface la tempête et
Si vos yeux glacés sur mes mains stupéfaites j'aurai voulu vos chants sous des feux de
Tambours et l'ombre de vos danses enroulée sur mes cuisses un éclat de vermeil la
Ménade mâchant le coeur de nos combats des tonnes de serpents silencieux sur le sol et la crête
Des dunes rayée d'horizon morne votre bouche à la lune reste la nuit vacante et mes rêves
Blanchis l'automne est déjà là dans les pétales fauves et les pleurs oubliés
Frantz, octobre 2011
For Neura
Shadow I
When will I s
:iconexnihilo-nihil:Exnihilo-nihil 39 112
Sky Eyes
Desert hands tell tales
of a hundred arid summers, but
you are no longer as cloudless as they
(there is a storm
creeping through blue, blue veins).
But tell the sky to keep her sorrow,
that grey cascade blurring against
eyelids and horizons;
and suppress her misbegotten
droplets, seeping into the sodden
ground underfoot—
for there is still sun in your sky eyes.
:iconconcora:Concora 68 51
we are all of us art
we are all of us art
all colored
by our wills
and won'ts
shading our eyes
from sunrises
sighs and hopes
chiseled into our skins
we are gradients
from start to end
to new beginning
and then
we have penciled in
all the ever after
hanging paintings from the rafters
with chapters of artistic zen
we are each a calligraphic pen
our inks
have spanned the distance
we bemoan
we fill the skies and sea
with prose and poem
and fashion new designs
from cirrus borne
our very forms
are swirling paints
and ordered space
and twirling ornate bone
we are the details
we call our own
we make this canvas blank
our home
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 21 38
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