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Hi my dear friends (and followers). I'm changing my username from FearEffectInferno to LitoPerezito today for a good reason. :D

FearEffectInferno is the name of a video game. It represents the game and it doesn't represent me at all. So I thought it was finally time to change it. I always wanted a nickname that sounds more personal. Something about me. My uncle used to call me Manolito when I was young, and a friend calls me Perezito. Since ManolitoPerezito was too long I decided to go for a shorter version which ended up as LitoPerezito.

That's all for today, thank you very much for reading.
Hi, I really want to extract Fear Effect 3D models, but I need someone who could make a kind of ... model extractor. Do anyone know someone who can do that ?

Fear Effect is my biggest passion, my biggest dream. The third game was cancelled in 2003, it was made by Kronos Digital and edited by Eidos Interactive. I've contacted everyone who worked on the game, but no one has new stuff about Inferno. I am very sad. My biggest dream will never come true. At least, Square Enix could reboot the franchise, and make a new Fear Effect for next-gen, with the same characters; I would be very happy to see them again in a new game, but knowing that I will never play Inferno, breaks my heart.