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Vendetta Chris Redfield - Render

By LitoPerezito
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Anyone still waiting for it ?
Almost done. It doesn't look bad, I think. I may release the model for XPS this week end, maybe, I'm just pretty sure it won't look as good as this. I still need to check a few things with the hair, and maybe the face.
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How I would love to know something about moding, because I would love to make this a RE6 mod of Chris, giving you all the credits, of course 
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agustinjHobbyist Digital Artist
How do you make the skin look so realistic ???
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LitoPerezitoHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure, might be because of the lighting this time :D Also always add a bit of glossy effect on skin for it not to look too flat.
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Hi, just like to say I liked this so much I printed it as a photo and hanged it on my wall! Keep it up.
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LitoPerezitoHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much :D
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ChaoticClaireHobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome!!! Very well done :heart:
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He looks wonderful, loving the new shirt, amazing attention to detail in the entire uniform, this will probably the best Chris model out there when it's released. He looks younger too, dunno if that was intentional or not.

Great work and can't wait to see him used in more pics.
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LitoPerezitoHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, thanks ! It definitely wasn't intentional. :D
I wanted this model to look more like RE6 Chris but I absolutely have no idea why I keep making him look younger. Anyways, as long as it looks different and like Chris I'm okay with it ! This is not an exact reproduction of the Vendetta model.
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He looks close enough to both RE6 Chris and his Vendetta self, so good job I would say. :D
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I'm more excited for this movie then RE7! Before trailer and after lol. XD

Also, HOT DAYUM! He looks incredible! :iconastonishedplz:
Fantastic job on this. :iconthumbsupplz:

Just hot DAYUM! :iconpervplz::iconbloodburstplz::iconbloodburstplz:

Would soooo use this costume if it made it into a game.
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Can't wait for it. Also if it does get released. Would we be allowed to rig it to other games like the RE PC games and GTA SA for example? Either way I am excited for this. :D
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LitoPerezitoHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, yes of course I don't mind that! I'm gonna release the model for Chris fans. If I didn't want fans to enjoy it I would've kept it for myself, I just didn't want to be the only one to enjoy it.
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Awesome to hear. A lot of people are gonna enjoy it I am sure. :D
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markdarkoHobbyist Digital Artist
You are the best!~
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He looks bad-ass!!!
Amazing work :)
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Looks amazing, fantastic work!
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NightFuri0usHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my God, this is so beautiful. Now I'm officially in love with your work.
I hope this is not the last thing you do!
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He's so cute! *O*
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MindForcetHobbyist Artist
omg. wow. *dies*
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FrankAlcantaraProfessional Digital Artist
I can't wait for release !
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TornSkyBlastHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course he want your amazing models What kind of question of question is that? ;)
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OH MY GOD hes sooo hawt Nice job x3 
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SIREN-ZEROHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice! I like how youthful he looks here!
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DatKofGuyHobbyist General Artist
oh man.. the anticipation is killing me
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