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Turning Point Web - Redfields

Chris & Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.
Love them.
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Stunning art!!! Beautiful in every way. I love the designs for the characters. Something like this is much better than what we got in RE7(that "Chris" is depressing). 
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I would love to see this in a R.E game looks like fun 

fantastic wallpaper
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Thid is my desktop background currently xD I love your work ;3; do you do any claire x wesker work by the way?
I love them too^^.
This is a great image, may I use it to illustrate a Chris/Claire fanfic?  Credit to you naturally.
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:love: Fantastic pic!
They look so badass and awesome :happybounce: :heart:
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wow, really good.
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I used this one for a cosplay-reference.
Would it be ok if I upload it? :)
(I'll credit you, of course!)
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It's okay it's okay! Great cosplay by the way! :hug:
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Thank you so much!! :hug:
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Holy Capcom, I LOVE IT!!!
They look so badass !! *-*
Awesome work!!
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It looks amazing! Can  I use as facebook cover please?
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Thank you, of course you can there's no problem. :hug:
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lovely!! I love how Chris is dressed with the same symbolic colors as claire! I love them too! Capcom is working on remasters and remakes lately right?? hope they will do a remake of code veronica sooner or later!.. 
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this is officially my desktop picture  now! i love it!!!
TiFFerzZehNiNjA's avatar
chris looks so handsome here!!!! and claire looks amazing as always ^_^
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Redfields are awesome! So are you and your works! ;) Awesome 
i like chris's outfit. he looks young and fresh.
great job.
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Wow, this is great! Very well done :clap:
I love how they both look, totally badass :la:
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