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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

By LitoPerezito
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Bon, maintenant manque plus qu'à savoir si la rumeur est vraie !
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Looks great again!
Interesting what will be story based on? :D
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I'd be so happy if this were real!! Great job FE <3
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This would be good game! I can't wait! :la:
Amazing picture! :la: :la: :la: :la: :la:
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This looks great! I can't wait for this game! :D
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This looks so amazing :meow: Her face reminds me of Alicia Vikander :D
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as much as I dislike CD for past comments about Core Design, I do like the reboot for what it is. Cant wait to finish the story in this game ( I heard before it's a story spanning 3 games)
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I agree and I don't, I don't dislike Crystal. They've been very kind with the fans since the reboot, in my opinion. And yes, the reboot is supposed to be a Trilogy, this one is supposed to be the last one, and I hope it will be the best of the three !
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I think they have moved away from making comments like they have in the past. (the people who did make the comments, not all are the same)
which is good. I think they are more welcoming of older games etc and realise that fans are very passionate of the older lara. Treatment has been better since the reboot indeed.
Esp with Rise Of TR. I do look forward to the finale. I like how this Lara is coming across. (wasnt a fan of the reboot) but I loved Lara in Rise.
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