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The Secret of the Tzaritsa Moon Paperback cover

He is the cover I came up with for the book, using the previously posted art. I did my usual cheats in Gimp -- the black outline. And I added the figures, painted separately, sized and then added to the painting using masks to cover up everything but the figures. I'm terrible at drawing people, and I'm not pretending that this is a great cover. But it's one I can live with -- and I'm really glad I actually have one I can live with. It was pretty iffy.
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It looks great! I love the juxtaposition of the saturated background and muted foreground. The figures look fine, it's a wonderful and intriguing book cover.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment. I just finished the first draft of my next story and that means I have to come up with yet another cover. Just one darn thing after another...