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Hey all, long time no see. Will be done with customizing for a while, enjoy this setup!

The first shot is a clean shot, which is what it normally looks like with the exception of one open app.

The desktop is by PhunkyVenom, part of the vector pack! Love it!

The second shot is a shot to show off individual elements. The dock is hidden, & the menubar is hidden with MagicMenu.

Geektool is comprised of Flipclock by Rs-designz, Mnmal GeekTool Batt Indicator by gotteric, a battery script, & a little added Date Line.

Ecoute is by Side-7, & the desktop controller is Clear 2.0 by Steven La, Manuel Sanchez, CompC, & Jason Murray.

Alfred is a mod of YaroManzarek's Alfred II pack, I believe. Theme is Metallik. Alfred is pretty much my powerhouse for launching & finding things. Great app.

Skype is Lighty by bobjr! It has brought peace to my Skype GUI woes. He'll have the official download up soon, but in the mean time: [link] Vote here to help him get this as the new Skype default theme.

Column view in finder is quick & efficient! And finally, the icon set is Buuf Deuce by mattahan! A homey, fun pack to spruce up my computer and actually ease my eyes.

That's all it is, folks. Nothing too great, but I'll enjoy this for a while as a nice setup for my computer. :peace:

I also realize how odd it is for there to be an hour time difference between the shots. It was in the midst of The Office, chatting, researching, & finishing off some last customizations for a while. Cheers. ;)

P.S. Check out my blog here: [link]
Had it up for a few days and am going to try and update it regularly. Give me a follow if you use lé tumblr.
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