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Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I

Part I of my digital painting tutorial

This tutorial is to help you get a good idea of how I do things. This tutorial is NOT intended to be copied exactly and it is NOT a stock image. Any over painting or using my images pasted in any way in YOUR work is prohibited. Please learn from it but don't post exact copies of this in your gallery.

And remember, the number one way to get better is to keep creating art!

Part Two:

Final Image:
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TwilightSolaceDesign's avatar
I tried this tut last year before I knew anything about digital art. I'm coming back to now it now to try again <3 Thank you
MBennetArt's avatar
Second tutorial Im trying aaaa... thanks for uploading
sailoraya's avatar
Thank you.Painting realistic skin is hard and require a lot of time i need to practice a lot.
Worlds-Finest-Moose's avatar
Thank you! I'm a beginner, but this is easy to understand!
cherryx94's avatar
Is this done via Photoshop CC? 'Cause I don't have the option for "other dynamics"
jessaiduran's avatar
I think it was done in CS3 because of the gray colored UI and also because i don't have that option in CS6 T^T 
sailoraya's avatar
In CS6 version the flow and opacity jitter are there but in a different place unlike previous versions ;).It's in Transfer :)
lauraypablo's avatar
thank you so much!!!:huggle:
Accvser13's avatar
Thank you, even as a beginner it helped me a lot.
Great tutorial!
yulss's avatar
muy util. gracias
melissyjane's avatar
Thank you for a wonderful tutorial! So helpful to have someone explain a method for picking out skin tones. :)
noramorrison's avatar
I love the way you set it in parts so as to teach. Will download and use the knowledge to start my photoshop tutorial. I illustrate by hand, so photoshop is my new medium goal. Thank you
Are you on sl? I wanna learn how to do a photo like this but I already have an avatar to work on
IpanJadahz's avatar
tried a few times, *still failed
koevch's avatar
This is so helpful.
SnowyOwls's avatar
Thank you so much for doing this. :) It's really, really helping a complete and utter noob. 
StephaniaArts's avatar
Now finally a tutorial whiich shows how you can put down skintones easily, you have no idea how much I love you for this! Been fighting years on finding a good way to put down skintones! Thank you, thank you so much!
Akamar's avatar
... I don't... see the "other Dynamics" at all..
yasermohavi's avatar
Some people begin the painting process with valuing in Grayscale then overlay paint over I see you used direct painting? what is your technique called? which way do you think is better ?  by the way thanks for great toturial
TheRaiderInside's avatar
WOW I gave up A LOT when I did digital painting; now that I've actually tried with your method I'm getting the hang of it! :hug: Thanks so much! :hug:
foliyo09's avatar
You're my best! thanks for the tutorial!
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