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August 24, 2007
Snape: FFS :- spoilers -: by ~Lithrael

A raw, brutal depiction of a key scene in the final HP tome. I've always admired the fan artists who aren't afraid to draw Snape the way J K Rowling actually described him. (I also admire any artist who has such a beautiful way of drawing hands!) Despite the cold, stony colour scheme of this piece, there's a strange intimacy in the interaction of the two characters.
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Snape: FFS :- spoilers -:



It's ok to feel like Snape
To feel so sad and grumpetty
Just relax
There's no escape
At least you're in good company...

-neil cicierega

Oh, wow! Thanks to everyone for all the comments and faves! It just shows how close everybody got to Snape over the years, whether it's love, loving-to-hate, admiration, or just plain getting a kick out of him. Snape will live on in every one of his fans.

A kind person sent me this flash version so I could do a spoiler thumbnail. My apologies to those I spoiled.

ETA: Double wow! :D Daily Deviation! :D Oh, gosh, though now it seems I'm indirectly causing a whole new round of spoilage... *apologetic hugs for spoiled fans*
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Ahhhh the throat makes me wince. So much pain and you really captured the raw struggle for survival. ._.