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Patrick Troughton

The other thing I like to do is digital paintovers. Here's one of Patrick Troughton, the wonderful man who played the Second Doctor in Doctor Who from 1966-69.

You can see I love the sort of face that he has got. Just amazing.
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Amazing portrait! Pat was so handsome.
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He looks more like Salamander here, you know.
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Only because playing Salamander required Troughton to play up his saturnine features. 
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I love Patrick's face. The bone structure was gorgeous... Excellent detail on this!
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Huh. Young Patrick Troughton kinda looks like Joaquin Phoenix.
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Nice young Patrick. Maybe during his war hero days? :)He has a great profile.
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He's actually very handsome in this one.
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That is simply superb. You can see a strong resemblance to his sons in this.
Looking like that you could imagine Joachim Pheonix playing him ...
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It's awesome ! Amazing ! You're incredibly skilled !
This is gorgeous. Beautifully done, and completely guh-worthy.
*asphyxiates from the pretty*
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I maintain that not even a mop top could make this man bad looking.
He's a bit of all right in this one, innit?
messy-cat's avatar, amazing! O.o
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Wow. It's just amazing. Who would know the Second Doctor could be so sexy ?
Great portrait !!
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There was a lovely interview on the "Three Doctors" special features DVD that featured Troughton. The man was gorgeous!!

Even with the funny bowl haircut, he cuts nicely.
Thanks for sharing that in this picture....:D :D
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Google never fails! I just now realized that he was the priest in "The Omen". So funny. And you are right. Great face! Especially in the stuff he did in the sixties when he was a tad younger. An artist's dream. I can see now why you chose him as a subject.
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Okay, I used to watch those Doctor Who episodes on rerun when I was a kid, and I totally do not remember him being this sexy! Awesome job. *runs to google to find photos*
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This is so amazing. Fantastic work!
HabitualFlippancy's avatar
Wow. That is completely hot. Beautiful. What was he in in this shot?
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He was a stage actor before television. So, either a period piece or a role in a classic. Which does not narrow it down.
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