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Adventure Time OC - Fleece

Got this one out of the bag for :icondorime123: cause she wanted to have a look at her ^^
Also, I should explain some things:

Accs and Other Clothes:-
1. Knitting Needles - Fleece is 40% wool, so she needs to exercise those limbs somehow!
2. Russian Doll earrings - I'm a bit obsessed with these atm ^^; they're so cute!
3. Lime Green party dress - Lime green's my fave colour atm ^^; I suppose Fleece would wear this when she's round at Prince Dizzy's kingdom (another character).

Items and Weapons:-
1. Green Zither - Love, love LOVE this instrument! It sounds so cool... :love:
2. Crossbow - One of the few weapons at Fleeces arsenal, which also includes a morning star and a dagger.
3. Quiver with arrows. Can't live without them.

Extra info:-
:bulletblue: Fleece has a small henchman friend called Milton Billington, Esq., otherwise known as Milton, a down to earth, aristocratic Irregular.
:bulletblue: She can morph her body into different shapes, as well as clothes and armour.
:bulletblue: Her favourite animal is a rock.

Meme is courtesy of :icondomomoko: ~[link]
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Italy: *Hugs and cries*

Me: *Hugs and cries back*
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*Drags in and group huggles*
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awesome! thanks for using my meme! ^_^
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No problem! It was awesome :3
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Sooooo cute! :iconawwwplz: thanks for showing me <3
she's vewy pwitty
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yw friend! <3

have some iced cream :iconicecreamconeplz:
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I have one called drew!~
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i thought it was Fleecey not Fleece
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