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Published: September 13, 2012
Well, I got tagged, here is the deal I don't really know ten people on deviantart I don't really social network with it, but I'm self absorbed so I thought I'd at least answer questions about myself. I figured bored internet people can read it.

10 things about me:
1. Going to college to get an animal related degree.
2. I've owned reptiles since I was a kid, I've got 8 lizards and a turtle.
3. I'm an Atheist.
4. Mass Effect is my single favorite piece of media.
5. I like curvy women.…
6. Sometimes I don't like fan art when it goes against the nature of the source material.
7. I'd like to eventually make art with my computer so I can get better then my line art.
8. I think LOTR is the best film trilogy.
9. Today I wore a Disturbed shirt and listened to Kelly Clarkson, deal with it.
10. People that are too stupid/ignorant to acknowledge the value evolutionary theory get on my nerves.

1 You have any Fears? I fear failure, never meeting anyone, being denied the knowledge of the fate of my species for I am mortal, and the prospect of eternity.
2 Which celebrity would you like to meet the most? What would you do with him/her? This is hard, I don't really think I'd care to meet any celebrities I like they are all musicians or actors. I would probably rather meet a deep thinker on a science or philosophical level. Hitchens would have been cool to meet, maybe Dawkins.
3 If you could be an Animal: Which and Why? A Golden Eagle, they are badass, fairly intelligent, and not alot of other animals can get the jump on them.
4 What is your most favorite Place in the World? I haven't been everywhere in the world. Pretty much wherever I'm catching a reptile is my favorite spot. I'd like to visit Australia.
5 If you can travel in Time: Which Place and Time would you like to travel? With guns for protection? The Mesozoic. Without guns for protection? Probably a decade or two back so I could use my knowledge to take advantage of the world. Oh and the future.
6 If you can change your whole Life with another Person: Who would it be? Uggh fuck her
7 Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light? ;) I've no idea what this means. *Uses google* Oh, really? well I love the animated series of Batman but I never saw the Burton ones, well, I hate to admit it but I have gone against what I believe once. I still regret it.
8 Choose one Superpower: Which One is it? If I could revert at will, I'd like to be like The Lizard but if it was all or nothing, probably super speed or detect life.
9 What you love/hate the most? I don't know that I love anything most, I have alot of things I hold dearly. The only thing I feel like I really hate is how long it feels to achieve the things I want (I'm a senior in college and I'm getting tired of it)
10 If there is One thing in your Life you can change: What is it? I'd make me rich enough to fly around the world and explore the wild parts of the world while they are still left.

This is what I look like.
The embed didn't work? Ah fuck it thats why they can click.
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