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Ah, there it is
The moment you realize
That one who once was yours
No longer is.

The sharp sting
A needle entering the skin of a balloon
Through a piece of sellotape.
The slow and painful deflation
As all air quietly leaves you.
No sudden explosion
(We've heard them all already)
Just one final exhale.
There it is.
Whether it be the unsolved mystery
Of a night you weren't privy to...
Or the smile evoked
By the flash of an unknown name
On a telephone screen.

All battles fought;
All battles lost.

Just two wounded soldiers
With no air left.
Trying to retain dignity
Head high, despite the wounds.
Resist the urge to hurl one last missile
Across the battle field.
Futile. Just walk away now.
Nothing left to fight for.
No need for assassinations.
Just another scar
To colour and decorate.

Well played old friend.

Good game.
Good game.

- Faye Thomas, 13.09.13
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September 13, 2013
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