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I have a new computer than can actually run Painter correctly!  My parents kick ass.  I also inherited a scanner (a while back, actually) from a friend who moved on to a better one!  More kick ass!  What this means?  I now have absolutely no excuse to not draw.  Besides laziness.  Which doesn't count.  And finals.  Which does count, but that whole gamut should be done in two weeks.  And I always seem to draw more than usual when I should really be doing something else (like studying) anyway.  So I should be posting art again soon!  It's not like I have nothing to post--just a lot of halfway finished stuff that has accumulated on my harddrive and sketchbook over the last year or so that I never really had the chance to finish or color due to hardware problems.  I have a few sketches (Gundam Seed, Tsubasa RC, KH, original stuff) to post at the very least~  I suppose I could post some of my old costume designs from my costume design class last year?  That was pretty much the only art I managed to get done last year...  only because it was for school.  =P

new computer!!!!  XD
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Submitted on
April 26, 2005