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I was looking at my gallery and realizing how divergent in style a lot of my stuff's kind of annoying, because no one could probably look at something I've done and say I did it.  But at the same time, I choose the art style I want to use on a piece based on what I think is appropriate for that particular piece--realistic or not, the brightness of the color palette, medium, and so on.  I think it works out better that way.  ...but I still would like to have a consistent art style!!  Poo.

I'm trying to draw more~  if my sudden flood of stuff wasn't an indication.  I'm hoping that by drawing a whole lot more I'll improve a lot more quickly.  My art has not really gotten noticably better in four years and it pisses me off!  (Honestyl!  I look at the stuff at the beginning of my gallery and compare it to stuff at the end and they're not that different.)  So my goal is to do a lot of art and improve!!  yoshaaaa!!!
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Submitted on
August 24, 2006