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Hi everyone!  I know it's been like, years, but I thought I should update this!  For one thing, I've promised various people that I'd work on a tutorial to make the Leafmon plushie I have in my gallery.  I still intend to finish that, but unfortunately I'm extremely busy right now--I'm currently a first year medical student and I barely have enough time to buy groceries and clean my apartment, let alone sew and do art.  Things will probably lighten up for me mid-March and I'll be able to upload more stuff, but right now my brain is getting sucked out through the ears, so it'll have to wait a little while longer~

I do however post art at the LJ community Fanart a Day at least once every 2 weeks, so if you want you can watch that!  There's a LOT of other artists there who are SCADS better than me, so it would totally be worth your while.  =)

Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff, art as well as costumes, that I'm working on, and later I'll finally post some pictures of the stuff I sold at Ohayocon now that I have a working camera again.  =)
moonlitsoul Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
Ahh you have a LJ? What's your username so I can add you to my friends! ^_^
lithele Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
My LJ name is also lithele, so [link] =) It'll be awesome to see you on lj too!
moonlitsoul Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Mweee yay! *adds you* ^_^
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February 20, 2008