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I have a very good reason for why I never update anymore, and it involves 60-70 hour work weeks.  ):  Which would be cool if I actually got paid, but I'm a medical student, so I pay THEM.  The last thing I drew was the gall bladder and associated anatomy to study.

lol FML

I've slowly been working on coloring some old works though, and working on new costumes, so maybe I'll have something new up!  Someday.  Not this year.  haha
LOL I always promise to update more when I post new journals, and I never do.  So, I won't promise this time!!  Which will probably result in my actually updating LOL  Well, assuming I have any time at all this year--noooo board exams DX

I posted a few slightly old works (meaning, done sometime in the latter half of 2008)--a Tales of the Abyss work and my Christmas card for this year, featuring Gurren Lagann characters.  XD  And on top of the Kyou Kara Maou chibis from AX I posted earlier I have a few chibis from Nabari no Ou, Princess Tutu, Soul Eater, Kingdom Hearts, and Speed Racer (ROFL) to post, but that's pretty much it for the time being. DX  Nooo my time is evaporating!!  For now, here's a photo of my Artist Alley booth from AX08~ yeah, D.grayman cosplay!  I'm the worst Kanda cosplayer ever because I couldn't stop laughing when I tried to act grumpy like him.  XD  My BFF on the other hand was the best Lavi ever!! o/  Can't see her hammer in this pic though. least this is better than my anual "I PROMISE I'LL POST MORE" entries!
Hi everyone!  I know it's been like, years, but I thought I should update this!  For one thing, I've promised various people that I'd work on a tutorial to make the Leafmon plushie I have in my gallery.  I still intend to finish that, but unfortunately I'm extremely busy right now--I'm currently a first year medical student and I barely have enough time to buy groceries and clean my apartment, let alone sew and do art.  Things will probably lighten up for me mid-March and I'll be able to upload more stuff, but right now my brain is getting sucked out through the ears, so it'll have to wait a little while longer~

I do however post art at the LJ community Fanart a Day at least once every 2 weeks, so if you want you can watch that!  There's a LOT of other artists there who are SCADS better than me, so it would totally be worth your while.  =)

Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff, art as well as costumes, that I'm working on, and later I'll finally post some pictures of the stuff I sold at Ohayocon now that I have a working camera again.  =)
Biochem + molecular physiology = HATE!!!

The end!
I was looking at my gallery and realizing how divergent in style a lot of my stuff's kind of annoying, because no one could probably look at something I've done and say I did it.  But at the same time, I choose the art style I want to use on a piece based on what I think is appropriate for that particular piece--realistic or not, the brightness of the color palette, medium, and so on.  I think it works out better that way.  ...but I still would like to have a consistent art style!!  Poo.

I'm trying to draw more~  if my sudden flood of stuff wasn't an indication.  I'm hoping that by drawing a whole lot more I'll improve a lot more quickly.  My art has not really gotten noticably better in four years and it pisses me off!  (Honestyl!  I look at the stuff at the beginning of my gallery and compare it to stuff at the end and they're not that different.)  So my goal is to do a lot of art and improve!!  yoshaaaa!!!
I have a new computer than can actually run Painter correctly!  My parents kick ass.  I also inherited a scanner (a while back, actually) from a friend who moved on to a better one!  More kick ass!  What this means?  I now have absolutely no excuse to not draw.  Besides laziness.  Which doesn't count.  And finals.  Which does count, but that whole gamut should be done in two weeks.  And I always seem to draw more than usual when I should really be doing something else (like studying) anyway.  So I should be posting art again soon!  It's not like I have nothing to post--just a lot of halfway finished stuff that has accumulated on my harddrive and sketchbook over the last year or so that I never really had the chance to finish or color due to hardware problems.  I have a few sketches (Gundam Seed, Tsubasa RC, KH, original stuff) to post at the very least~  I suppose I could post some of my old costume designs from my costume design class last year?  That was pretty much the only art I managed to get done last year...  only because it was for school.  =P

new computer!!!!  XD
grr!!  I don't want to do homework, I want to draw!!  >_<

But even if I did draw, I don't have currently a scanner, so I can't really upload anything.

The world is conspiring against me.  I think I need some comfort food, except all the dorm food SUCKS.

But I still want to draw Suikoden III and Full Metal Alchemist fanart~~~  ;_;
New goal: actually produce artwork this coming semester.  Thankfully, I actually landed an art class, and I am notoriously better at actually finishing pieces when they're for a class.  =D  ...too bad it's a prereq class, so I'll just be going through the basics.  Again.  >_<  Oh well~

So yeah!  Art.  At least now I know how to use Painter better, thanks to Jen.  =D
Duuuddeee...  DeviantArt is confusing!  But I signed up for an account anyways, because I'm hoping doing this will pressure me into actually doing art again.  I haven't done anything all summer...  This MIGHT even get me to start doing something with my website!  Wow...

I should dig up some art to post, I guess.  But anyways~  Helloooo DeviantArt!