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Teacup fun

My art streak died in the middle of coloring this. XD; OH NOES

I had so much planned for this, and most of it fell through! This was for a vacation-themed KH2 contest, and at first I wanted to have Sora and co. and Disneyland and freaking out over the giant Mickey mascot, but that totally fell through because I hardcore failed at drawing the Mickey mascot. Then I decided to go for nostalgia--the teacup ride!! I was planning on having all the KH2 characters in the other teacups, but see how well that turned out! And I was pretty happy with this until I was about halfway through coloring it. At that point I was all "screw it!" and decided to just finish it. Maybe I'm just grumpy because of all the blisters on my feet~ (had to walk home in uncomfortable heels yesterday;__; like 35-40min) I guess I shouldn't draw when I'm grumpy?

Done in Painter 6.1 with an Intuos2 tablet; took about 6 hours ....way too long for how it came out! ;____;
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I wish my friends would do that with me
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Riku's hair so beautiful in the wind lol. Great job.
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This one stands out to me because I was in that situation: in a teacup with two strong guys. It spun really fast. I can relate to this one. Not only that, it looks good too. Good job.
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They're so adorablely happy here. Good job! :aww:
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OMG, this reminds me of my trip to Disney world back in March! This is soo cute!!! I really like Kairi's expression!
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Oh man! I love that ride! T_T I wanna go to Disney World!
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Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! :D

Your brain make me happy. As does this picture.
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Ah. I rememeber the teacup ride...
almost threw my neck out. xD

Great job, wonderful coloring. :D Definate fav. :+fav:
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Aww...I really like this picture. Nice job on capturing the guys in a happy mood.
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Thanks very much! I love happy pictures, so I'm glad this managed to capture that~
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Aw, I luv this ride. Great job. :clap:
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Lol! I love this ride!
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Omg! This is so good! Lol, the idea is great and funny! Good job! *faves* :D
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