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Rufftoon lineart

The lineart is done by Rufftoon (how do you code the little user icon thingies anyway??), I just colored it because she was holding a contest and the clean beautiful lineart was just irresistible~ My lineart isn't NEARLY this pretty, even if I have Ctrl-Z at my disposal, let alone with real inks! Coloring good lineart is so fun. I totally want to buy some coloring books now! So relaxing~ It's like it takes all the stressful parts out of drawing. XD

Anyway, done with Painter 6 with an Intuos2 tablet~

All that's left to be said is I LOVE UNCLE IROH!!! <3 <3 <3
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: i c o n R u f f t o o n :

No spaces. It took me forever to learn how to, too.

AWESOME JOB! I mean, Jet's hair? Seriously? o.O

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4th panel is hotness.
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do you have the second page wanna see more
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i read the comix and i loved them
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Congrats on second place! :D
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Wow! Love how you did Jet's hair! Apperently dose too!

Congrats on winning second place on the contest!
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congrats on 2nd place!
i love how you colored jets hair in panel 4.. when i saw that i was like "damn, i messed up" :D

put rufftoon instead of username in there and it'll work :)
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: iconrufftoon :

without the space-bars
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OH thank you!! :heart: It's sort of embarrassing how long I've gotten by without knowing that. But thank you so much on the hair!! I actually enjoy coloring hair the most so that's the first thing I did, so I guess it's not a surprise that it stands out most... But I really loved the color choices on yours!! I definitely has a more twilight, ambient feeling, with more contrast and shadows... I am so bad at that!! I guess it's really clear from my entry that I adore bright colors lol
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ok so you get second and no one even comments!!!

well personally i thought yours was the best!!! But still getting second isn't to shabby. Congratulations!!! you really deserved it!!

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I'm so happy you liked it!! I'm happy with the results, honestly--I thought first place was very striking!! I've never been good at daring color combinations, so I really respect that...

But thank you so much for your comment!! I appreciate it very much! :heart:
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