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After The Ashes 2-21

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After The Ashes-

After the Ashes is finally off of hiatus!!
Sorry it took so long to get back to, the school semester took up pretty much ALL my time with painting and animation projects, and then the summer so far I've been slowly pulling myself into something of a routine, but it took longer than I'm proud of to get my shit together. 2020 in general has been, so much.

Page notes:

-This is only the beginning of Tori taking on responsibilities that others would argue she isn't obligated to put on herself haha

- I didn't bring it up in the comic, but as a gym leader Cheren definitely would have been informed of the Team Plasma incident. He probably would have genuinely brought it up before to gather information but with Enzo hassling her he was of the mind that she'd been through more than enough already lmao

- While there's some difference in Tori's appearance from two years ago, her mom, Mrs.Albain looks exactly as Cheren would remember her.
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Commented in the forums and now over here for good measure (+watcher now YO)

I gotta say that I really love the premise of taking the protag from the original game and just hitting reset in the most heart wrenching way possible. You can really feel the trauma through every single page and the constant struggle it is just to get from one point to the other, especially when there's just CONSTANT reminders of the past.

I really hope that we get to see Tori improve as the comic goes forth, that she can learn to be okay with a new start and that she can hopefully reclaim some of the person she was before all this, which she seemed a happy enthusiastic person, of course, things are never that simple XD

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LitheFryStudent Digital Artist

Thank you!!! Definitely what motivated me towards this premise was just how much more impactful Team Plasma's return would be if we kept following the protag from BW1 instead of a completely new character. Unfortunately for Tori that does mean constant reminders of her trauma right from the get-go, whoops X'D

One can only hope things will get better for her~ ;;v;;

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

Yaaaay, welcome back!

Man, this page is gorgeous. I know it sounds weird to say that about a page with people sitting inside, but just... gah. Look at all those perfect poses, all so clearly displaying different emotions. That amazing last panel layout, with the closeups interspersed with the long-perspective shot of the house? So good.

(Seriously, so good. Do you use models? Convince people to pose for you? How TF do you get all of this looking so spot-on?)

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LitheFryStudent Digital Artist

sjfkgjfd Thank you!! There are definitely panels where I use pose or background references! Not live models but I couldn't live without refs from google. I'll use keywords for things; like for this page I would search like 'person comforting another', 'living room with stairs', 'ahem cough'

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WriterRavenHobbyist Digital Artist

ooooh yay it's back!

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LitheFryStudent Digital Artist

Yeah!! I've missed drawing these guys ;;;

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solaris127hHobbyist Digital Artist

Welcome back!! Looks like the secret identity is about to be revealed??

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LitheFryStudent Digital Artist

Seems very likely, huh~? Also it's good to be back!

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