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Who Cares for the Caretaker? Who Cares for the Caretaker? It was all over. The Survey Corps had found the Titan spy that had infiltrated them, who turned out to be Annie Leonhart and are currently working on trying to free her from the crystal-like substance that she had encased herself in. However, there had been many deaths and property destruction that had resulted from this plan that Armin Arlert had a considerable part in creating. And he didn’t even have Eren and Mikasa with him, as Eren was still recovering from the fight with Mikasa refusing to leave his bedside until she was sure that he was OK. Armin was sitting on a Cliffside near his bunker at the Survey Corps headquarters, looking down at the buildings, well…what was left of them, and the people down below, who were either rummaging through the rubble, trying to get info on what had happened from the soldiers still in the town, or just freaking out over the destruction and chaos. When he looked at them, Armin’s stomach did gymnastics in his chest, as he thought of all of them as not only current casualties, but potential casualties, all because of his plan. What if their parents had gotten killed? What if their friends had been killed? Those thoughts made Armin feel like he was going to throw up, but those thoughts briefly left his head as he noticed Sasha Blouse walking up to him, with a soft but concerned smile on her face. “Hey, Armin.” “Hey Sasha, look I don’t really want to--,” Armin tried to respond, but Sasha quickly sat down next to him and took a hold of his hand, keeping him right where he was. “I know you don’t want to talk, but I want to talk to you. You’ve been acting off since we got Annie back…sort of,” Sasha said, starting to feel bad for Armin as she could see his skin turn ghost white at the mere mention of their former comrade. “Well, wouldn’t you be all out of sorts after discovering that one of your allies has been a Titan this whole time and killing some of your comrades?” Armin responded, not looking up at Sasha, who started rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb. “I guess that’s true. But…you’re normally the one giving us all the pep talks and advice that get us through the missions. It’s just…weird to see you down and sad like this,” Sasha admitted, blushing slightly as she remembered all the times that Armin had helped members of the Survey Corps, including her. “Well, that’s because I was completely useless out there!” Armin shouted suddenly, causing Sasha to nearly jump out of her seat. “Useless? I…I don’t know why--” “You don’t know why!? I’ll tell you why! Eren and Mikasa were out there fighting Annie! Eren was able to free Annie from her Titan form, and Mikasa was able to help fight Annie off! And me!? I was just sitting there while my plans fell apart right in front of my eyes and people were dying! Is that clear enough, Sasha, as to why I feel so fucking useless!?” Armin continued to yell, finally looking at Sasha with a heated glare pointed at Sasha. However, after his rant, he noticed that Sasha was backed away slightly with tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Armin sighed and took a couple of deep breaths to calm down, as he hated seeing someone as nice as Sasha cry like that. “Sasha…I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m just…I’m just so fed up with being useless when it matters. I just wish that sometimes I had the balls that Eren has to get into battles like this, and I wish that I had the fighting skills that Mikasa has, just so that I can actually help the regular civilians for once. Giving the civilians some hope in life where the Titans exist and can crash through the walls at any time is the main reason that I joined the Survey Corps, and I can’t even do that,” Armin explained. Sasha then turned Armin around to face her, and instead of the sympathetic smile or the worried frown, she now had a stern glare on her face. Before Armin could say anything, Sasha slapped Armin in the face as hard as she could, which stung like hell, but kept Armin quiet enough for Sasha to finally say her piece. “Armin…don’t ever talk down to yourself like that! You have been invaluable to the Survey Corps. I’ve told you that you give us pep talks and advice all the time when we need it, and honestly, they’re some of the most useful tools that we have,” Sasha said, focusing her determined glare right into Armin, making him even less able to look at Sasha, as his cheeks started to burn, and turn a tomato-ish red. “What’re you talking about?” “Do you know how many of us were willing to give up and just leave? Once you see the Titans for the first time, it scares the living shit out of you and makes you rethink all your life choices. But you…you are brave. I’ve heard from Jean and Eren of how you’ve been able to speak to them and inspire them to keep fighting. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to encourage someone to fight a Titan,” Sasha continued to explain, pointing at Armin’s chest to emphasize her point. Armin turned to face Sasha and tried to get a word out. “Yeah, but--” Sasha put a finger over Armin’s mouth before he could continue his argument. “And then you came up with plans to not only help us but all the civilians. You came up with Eren’s plan to cover the hole in the wall with a boulder and really gave us an edge. You even stood up to one of our commanders to make the plan a reality, so I think you’re plenty brave. And yeah, your plans to get Annie didn’t go the way it should’ve, but nobody ever bats 1000, and you shouldn’t beat yourself over it,” Sasha once again continued, with Armin’s blush grew even more. Armin had always had Mikasa and Eren as friends that would encourage him whenever bullies would beat him up or he would get yelled at for being curious about the outside world. But outside of them and immediate family, Armin had never heard anyone give him some positive reinforcement like this before, and it was honestly quite shocking to him. “Yeah but--” “No buts Armin! You are not useless and you’re definitely not a burden on anyone here; you’re a brave and inspirational member of the Survey Corps. You may not be the best fighter in the Survey Corps, but that doesn’t matter. Every army needs a strategist, and you are one of the best we have now, so don’t feel bad over one failure,” Sasha finished as she waited for Armin’s reaction. To Sasha’s surprise, Armin started chuckling under his breath as tears of his own started to form around the edges of his eyes. “It really is funny. You were telling me that I’m the type of person to give people confidence and courage through my words, but here I am, losing all hope in myself and having to be given a motivational speech by someone else,” Armin responded as Sasha’s concerned frown returned with a vengeance, as she hugged Armin, causing him to go back to blushing. “Armin, it’s OK. There’s an old saying that my Dad once taught me; ‘Who Saves the Savior’? Basically, for someone who has a specific job, they have to have someone do that job for them. And Armin, I would be more than happy to give you motivation when you give yours to everyone else, even if I’m not as good at it as you are,” Sasha explained as she rubbed the center of Armin’s back, but stopped and once again nearly jumped away from Armin in surprise as Armin hugged her back. “Thank you, Sasha. Thank you…so much,” Armin mumbled under his breath, which was even less audible with his voice being muffled by Sasha’s uniform. Sasha looked down at Armin’s choked-up form and continued to run her hand through his blonde hair and his back. However, after a minute in the hug, they heard some indiscernible yelling from the distance, possibly one of their superiors, wondering where they are. “Well…it looks like we have to go,” Sasha said as she and Armin let go of each other, gazing into each other’s eyes as they got back onto their feet. “Yeah, we don’t want to get in trouble. But, I really want to thank you again, Sasha.” “You don’t need to thank me, Armin, it’s the least I could do.” “It’s just nice to know that I have more allies around here than just Eren and Mikasa. They’re both great, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to make some more friends and allies in the Survey Corps for…you know…times like these,” Armin said, once again looking down at the floor, blushing while rubbing his right arm. Sasha, continuing to focus her gaze on Armin’s hazel eyes, gave him a warm smile before closing the distance between the two of them. “I wouldn’t worry about that Armin. You…have a way of sneaking into people’s hearts,” Sasha mumbled before kissing Armin on the cheek. Armin, completely startled at what had just happened, jumped away from Sasha with enough force to the point where he fell on his ass. Armin continued to look at Sasha with his face completely red, and a hand on his cheek just as Sasha realized what she had just done, and her face exploded into a blush as well. “Well…uh…it was good talking to you! I’ll see you around! Bye!” Sasha shouted quickly as she quickly turned on her heels, and left, repeatedly mumbling ‘Why did I do that?’ to herself as she held both of her blushing cheeks with her hands, which were shaking at the thought of her surprise kiss to Armin. Armin, on the other hand, looked at Sasha’s leaving form with a thousand-yard stare, with his left hand seemingly glued to his cheek. After a minute in this position, Armin heard an even louder yell from their camp and decided it would be best to get back to his feet, go back to the camp, and think about what just happened in his room....

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BTWF Octane (August Week 3)BTWF Octane (August Week 3)The show began with the camera panning backstage, where the Hollywood Hooligan stomped through the backstage area until he came across a makeshift office, and kicked the door open. When he saw someone at the desk, he stomped over and glared at the figure covered in paperwork."Alright, I want to know who the hell you are, and I want to know right now!" Hooligan demanded, slamming his hands down on the desk that was covered in paperwork."Really? All over the contracts, I'm working out? You must be ever so important. Well, to answer your question, my name is Kokonoe Mercury, the owner of S7W and the interim General Manager while the usual ones are gone on vacation, something about murdering someone if they didn't get one ASAP." She spoke calmly and somewhat condescendingly at the beginning."You know what? That's perfect! Because I haven't been able to forget what that scum Hazama Clover did to me at Bash at the Beach!" Hooligan exclaimed."You must be talking about how you antagonized Clover into attacking you and you ended up getting hit with the Serpent's Infernal Rapture. I did watch that and it was, oh what's the word Clover uses, oh right, intriguing.""You say tomato, I say tomAto. Anyway, he could've permanently damaged my moneymaker! This face needs to be in the best condition possible when it's going to be seen by millions of people opening night!" Hooligan exclaimed as Kokonoe looked at him with a deadpan expression."It's tomato. No one pronounces it tomAto. Besides, this is wrestling, you're gonna get hit in the face whether you like it or not. If all you came here to do was complain and waste my time then you've succeeded. Now could you please leave? I have contracts to sort out." Kokonoe stopped looking at Hooligan and went back to filing her paperwork."Actually, I came here to demand a match with Clover. And I'm not talking about the hot blonde one either, I'm talking about the man who thought it was cute to nearly cave my face in," Hooligan explained, snapping his fingers to get Kokonoe's attention back."There's about a million inconsistencies in that statement. First of all, you barged in here not knowing who was in charge. You only asked for a match when you realized that I was the one who has Clover's contract. Second, and this is very important, the Serpent's Infernal Rapture doesn't connect with your face. So get the facts straight, he would have caved the back of your head in because right now I'm wishing he did.""No, my head was turned slightly, so he did kick me in the face! I still have a faint boot mark he left! So again, I DEMAND a match with Hazama for Cyber Sunday, and I'm not leaving until I get it," Hooligan explained before he got up on Kokonoe's desk and sat criss-cross all over her paperwork."Get off my paperwork, it's more important than your petty grudge against my employee," said Kokonoe visibly irritated with Hooligan at this point."Well, that sucks because I'm not going anywhere without my match. But to pass the time, I have the exclusive DVD of 'Love on the High Seas', a romantic comedy set in pirate times that I starred in, and we can watch it until you give me my match," Hooligan offered, pulling a DVD out of his pants pocket."How deep are your pockets? Whatever there are no screens or anything that uses a disc drive in here so you're fresh out of luck. Guess you'll have to settle for mansplaining your movie to me some more.""No problem!" Hooligan exclaimed, before he pulled a DVD player out of his pockets, and brushed aside Kokonoe's paperwork to make room for it on her desk.Kokonoe muttered under her breath, "Fucking hell." She looked at Hooligan right in the eyes as she spoke, "You want to face Clover at Cyber Sunday? Fine. I better not regret this because I'm really hoping he breaks your skull this time, and with the number of DDTs he uses, it's very likely.""Well, I'm glad we could reach this agreement. may be aware that I'm looking for a valet. Is that hot aunt of yours available?" Hooligan asked without the slightest hint of tact.Kokonoe didn't speak as she slowly pulled a wrench half the size of her out of her sleeve. Hooligan, noticing the tension, nodded, and placed the DVD on her desk."Or...I'll just give you a free DVD of 'Love on the High Seas'?" She looked him dead in the eyes as she threw it at the wall. Before Hooligan left, he smiled at her and patted her on the head as one would do for a kitten."And don't worry Kokonoe, I won't hurt Hazama too bad," Hooligan mocked before walking out of the office with a satisfied smirk on his face. Kokonoe casually flipped him off on his way out.Seeing the door close, Kokonoe leaned back in her chair in exasperation. "Why did I agree to this again? Oh right, I owed the BTWF a favor for getting my promotion on the air." Kokonoe mumbled to herself before the camera panned to the stage, where the Hollywood Hooligan was walking to the ring with a smirk on his face and 'Dead Bite' by Hollywood Undead played in the background."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, now residing in Hollywood, California, the Hollywood Hooligan!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed Hooligan while he gave fans in the audience autographed pictures."Welcome to BTWF Octane ladies and gentlemen, from Arlington Virginia, I'm Jim Cornette alongside by broadcast partners, Beth Vanderwood and Rintaro Okabe!" Cornette exclaimed as Hooligan rolled into the ring, and sat on the top turnbuckle while the crowd was booing."That's right Jim, and we have Kokonoe in charge tonight and she already gave us some big news with an inter-promotional match between the Hollywood Hooligan and Hazama Clover at Cyber Sunday!" Beth exclaimed, as 'Head Hunter' by Dance Gavin Dance played, causing the crowd to cheer before Nico came running out of the back, slapping himself in the head to hype himself up before he ran to the ring."And his opponent, from Nanba Prison, Nico!" Justin Roberts announced, as Nico rolled into the ring and kicked to the top turnbuckle, causing Hooligan to jump off and glare at Nico."And Hooligan is going to have a hell of a tune-up match with Nico tonight!" Okabe exclaimed as the bell rang. Hooligan responded with a kick to Nico's midsection before pushing him into the corner and punching him in the face until the referee told him to back off. When he did, Nico escaped the corner and put Hooligan in the corner, responding with his own set of punches to the head. Hooligan tried to escape the ring, but Nico grabbed his arms and pulled him back into the ropes, causing his neck to whiplash on the ropes, allowing Nico to get him back into the ring and roll him up.Ref: 1…Hooligan kicked out, and Nico responded with multiple kicks to the legs and sides before Irish whipping him into the ropes. When Hooligan rebounded, Nico hit a hurricanrana onto Hooligan and picked him up for a vertical suplex before he ran to the middle rope and posed, causing the crowd to cheer before he hit a springboard senton onto Hooligan before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Nico is dominating in the early goings of this match, which is very surprising!" Beth exclaimed, as Nico picked up Hooligan, who poked him in the eye before he ran the ropes attempting a big boot, but Nico was able to counter with a leg sweep and hit him with a standing moonsault before putting Hooligan in a seated position and ran the ropes to hit him with a knee strike to the face. Nico got the fans to cheer him, as he climbed up to the top rope. However, before he could dive, Hooligan got up and pushed Nico off of the top rope, sending him crashing onto the padded concrete."Oh good lord! Nico was sent crashing to the floor below with a painful thud!" Cornette exclaimed, as Hooligan laid down on the floor Tranquilo style as Nico writhed on the ground in pain, as the crowd booed Hooligan's relaxed and mocking demeanor."And Hooligan looking on Nico's pain with a satisfied smile on his face!" Beth exclaimed in disgust as Nico still writhed down on the floor, holding his back.Ref: 1…2…3"And the referee has begun his count!" Okabe exclaimed as Nico grabbed the fan barricade with both of his hands to try and help him get back to his feet.Ref: 4…5…6Hooligan started yelling at the referee to count faster while Nico was finally able to get himself back onto his feet, causing the crowd to cheer."And Nico is back to his feet!" Cornette exclaimed in shock as Nico turned to the ring, where Hooligan was continuing to yell at the referee to count faster.Ref: 7…8Nico jumped into the ring, causing the crowd to cheer but Hooligan immediately responded with stomps to the back before he picked Nico up and started kicking him in the gut before putting him in the corner, hitting him with multiple knee strikes to Nico's ribs before turning him around and clubbing him in the small of the back. Hooligan backed off, soaking in the crowd's boos before Hooligan ran at Nico with double knees to the back before hitting him with a back suplex before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"As much as I despise Hooligan's ego and attitude, I have to say that I'm impressed with Hooligan targeting the back," Beth admitted, as Hooligan started stomping on Nico's back before he ran the ropes and hit a standing corkscrew senton onto Nico's back before stepping on his back and flexing for the fans while they booed. Hooligan jumped up, hitting Nico with a double foot stomp to his back before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2Hooligan glared at Nico's downed form, before grabbing Nico's legs, kicking him in the sides, and grabbed his arms before putting Nico in the surfboard stretch."If there's any move that can not only hurt the back but also the arms and necks of an individual, it is the surfboard stretch," Okabe explained, as Hooligan continued to stretch Nico, who was screaming in pain but refused to quit. Hooligan then let go of Nico's arms and grabbed Nico's head and neck, putting him in a Dragon Sleeper, causing the crowd to start cheering and clapping for Nico while they were booing Hooligan."And if there was any way to make the Surfboard more painful, Hooligan just did it by locking Nico in a Dragon Sleeper!" Cornette exclaimed as Hooligan continued to choke Nico out. However, using his now free arms, Nico was able to use his arms to punch Hooligan in the arms and elbows, causing Hooligan to let go of the Dragon Sleeper, and allowing Nico to turn himself around, and fall into a pin on Hooligan, causing the crowd to cheer.Ref: 1…2Hooligan was able to escape the pin, but Nico was able to kick him in the knee a couple of times and push Hooligan into the ropes with his legs and when he rebounded, Nico hit Hooligan with a Drop Toe Hold and rolled him up with an Oklahoma Roll.Ref: 1…2"Nico is getting back into this match!" Beth exclaimed with surprise and excitement in her voice, as Hooligan kicked out and attempted to hit Nico with a V-Trigger, but Nico was able to dodge and hit Hooligan with a side kick before throwing him into the corner. Nico was trying to get his adrenaline back up, but when he tried to run into the corner, Hooligan ran out of the corner with a V-Trigger to Nico's face, causing the crowd to boo before he went for the pin with both of his legs hooked.Ref: 1…2..Hooligan got up and started arguing with the referee while Nico had gotten on all fours, while the crowd was clapping and chanting for Nico before Hooligan tackled Nico to the ground and started punching him in the face until the referee pulled him off."And Hooligan is letting frustration take over his thought process, which can't be good for the outcome of this match!" Okabe exclaimed as Nico moved to the corner, but while Hooligan was arguing with the referee again, Nico started climbing to the 2nd rope. When Hooligan turned around, Nico dived off of the middle rope with a missile dropkick, causing the fans to cheer and both men to fall down to the ground. However, a moment later, Nico kipped back to his feet causing the crowd to cheer as Nico slapped himself in the face to get himself hyped. "Nico just kipped back to his feet with a newfound dose of adrenaline fueling him!" Cornette exclaimed, as when Hooligan got up, Nico hit two double-handed chops, multiple knee strikes to the gut, ran the ropes and hit a leg drop Facebuster before picking Hooligan up from behind and hitting him with the Laugh Riot before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Hooligan kicked out and rolled out onto the apron, but Nico picked him up and threw him back into the ring before hitting him with a jumping leg drop and started climbing up the top rope, much to the crowd's delight."And Nico is going back to the top rope despite what happened earlier in this match!" Beth exclaimed in surprise, as Nico made it to the top rope. Just as Nico found his balance on the top rope, Hooligan ran up to the top rope and attempted to suplex him off of the top rope, but Nico was able to push him off, causing him to land flatly on his back before Nico dived off of the top rope with an elbow drop, causing the crowd to cheer, before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Nico ran his hand through his hair before picking Hooligan up and hitting him with a spin kick to the gut along with multiple kicks to the leg before going into the corner, prepping for the Lethal Injection (Running Enziguri). When Hooligan got up, Nico ran at Hooligan to hit him with the Lethal Injection (Running Enziguri), but Hooligan was able to duck and hit a V-Trigger to the back of the head before picking him up and hitting him with a One-Winged Angel before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Nico barely kicked out, and Hooligan responded by grabbing Nico by the arms and went behind him before turning to the camera and yelling 'This is for you Hazama!' before he started stomping on the back of Nico's head before letting him go and prepping for a kick to the back of his head."Uh oh…Hooligan is copying the Serpent's Infernal Rapture, a move commonly used by his opponent for Cyber Sunday, Hazama Clover!" Okabe exclaimed as Hooligan looked as though he was going to hit the superkick to the back of the head, but he stopped himself and picked Nico up from behind, hitting him with the Hollywood Glitz (Double Knee Jawbreaker) before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, the Hollywood Hooligan!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed Hooligan letting the referee raise his arm in victory."Another win by Hooligan, giving him some much-needed momentum for the challenge of S7W's Hazama Clover!" Cornette exclaimed before he swiped his arm away from the referee, and when Nico got to his knees, Hooligan hit Nico with the finishing superkick to the back of the head, causing the crowd to boo before he rolled out of the ring, smirking at the booing fans."Hooligan showing Hazama that he can play his games too!" Beth exclaimed as Hooligan continued mocking the fans while the referee checked on Nico in the ring."I'm looking forward to this match with this newfound aggression Hooligan is showcasing on Octane!" Okabe exclaimed, as the camera panned to a locker room, where Pete Corvus was sitting in the locker room, calm and stone-faced before the door opened. Pete's stone face turned into a smile when he saw that Tsubaki had entered the locker room and greeted him with a hug."Hey Tsubaki, I wanted to thank you for getting Arthur to give me that title match last week," Pete thanked, as Tsubaki sat down next to him."Of course, Pete. You put up a great effort against Black Star, and I think if you got another chance, you could win the Hardcore title," Tsubaki responded, while Pete looked down to the floor, scratching the back of the neck."Look…about what happened last week with Valentino and Arnold, I…I just want you to know that I was only trying to get to Black Star, and I would NEVER do anything like that to you," Pete explained, looking nervous at Tsubaki's reaction while holding both her hands. Tsubaki responded with a giggle and kissed him on the cheek."I know, Pete. You've been nothing but a gentleman to me both in and out of the BTWF, and I trust you completely," Tsubaki confessed, causing Pete to smile."I'm really happy you said that, and I'm sure both of us are going to be happy when I get the Hardcore title from Black Star. Whether it's an Asylum match, a chairs match, or an ambulance match, I'm going to take that title from Black Star and show these fans the true meaning of Hardcore," Pete explained, before the door to the locker room opened again, and it revealed Black Star, who glared at Pete."Black Star, listen, you need to calm down and-" Tsubaki tried to explain, but Black Star didn't listen as he tackled Pete to the ground and started punching him in the head. Pete was able to get on top and started to punch him in the face back. Black Star, however, was able to push him off and tackle him into the lockers and slam the back of his head and neck into the lockers, before he grabbed a chair from the ground. However, before Black Star could hit Pete with it, Tsubaki pulled the chair out of his hands and pulled him away."Stop it Black Star! We were just talking!" Tsubaki exclaimed before Black Star glared at her."Are you kidding!? Talking with HIM!? Did you not see what he did last week!?" Black Star argued, pointing at a still groggy Pete."I know what he did last week, but isn't it just as bad to be doing it to him!?" Tsubaki argued. Black Star looked as though he was going to yell at her, but Black Star grabbed the chair from Tsubaki and threw it at Pete before leaving. Tsubaki jogged to Pete so that she could check on him before the camera panned to a commercial break.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned back to the stage, where 'Sound of Madness' by Shinedown played, which the crowd responded to by booing when they saw Charlie Bonifer and Joe Wolf coming out to the ring, with Bonifer glaring at the fans while Joe was laughing at the booing fans with his sunglasses on."The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, from Toms River, New Jersey, they are Charlie Bonifer and Joe Wolf, the Age of Aggression!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed the two of them as they made their way to the ring."This is the final match in a mini-tournament to determine three tag teams that will determine the eligible candidates to be voted on for a BTWF World Tag Team title match against Sheldon Lee and Naruto of the NWO!" Cornette exclaimed as Bonifer walked over the middle rope, and Joe rolled underneath the bottom rope to get into the ring."We already have Valentino and Arnold, along with Eddy and Gene Belcher eligible to be voted on, so one of these teams will have the opportunity to join them!" Beth exclaimed, as 'The Curse' by Disturbed played, as Touji and Kensuke came out of the back with mild cheers accompanying them."And their opponents, from Tokyo, Japan, they are the team of Touji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida!" Justin Roberts announced, as the two ran into the ring, and got into the faces of Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer."Kensuke and Touji haven't had much success as of late, and are hoping to get into Cyber Sunday can move their careers in an upward trajectory," Okabe explained as the bell rang. Once the bell rang, the two teams exchanged punches with each other before Touji and Bonifer tackled each other out of the ring before Kensuke kicked Joe in the gut and hit him with multiple open-handed palm strikes to his head, causing Joe to fall into the ropes."Kensuke and Touji starting fast and furious!" Cornette exclaimed, as Kensuke ran the ropes and hit Joe in the chest with a dropkick before hitting him with a snap suplex and a jumping elbow drop. Kensuke Irish whipped Joe into the corner and hit him with a running elbow to the face, before Bonifer came back into the ring and hit Kensuke with a clothesline that turned him inside out, causing the crowd to boo. Outside the ring, Touji was holding the back of his head and neck after Bonifer had thrown him into the steel ring steps."Bonifer with that vicious clothesline able to give Joe a chance to catch his breath!" Okabe exclaimed, as Joe got out of the corner, and started stomping on Kensuke's head and neck before tagging Bonifer into the match. Bonifer got into the ring and picked Kensuke up in a back suplex position and Joe helped him by hitting a neckbreaker in conjunction with a back suplex by Bonifer. Bonifer mounted Kensuke and hit him multiple times in the face with elbows and punches to the face. When Bonifer saw Touji starting to get up, Bonifer ran at him and hit him with a baseball slide dropkick before hitting a running leg drop onto Kensuke and pinning him as the crowd booed him.Ref: 1…2Kensuke kicked out and Bonifer picked him up and hit him with a Belly 2 Belly suplex before tagging Joe back into the match. Joe got into the ring and Bonifer picked him up in a suplex position and hit a Gourdbuster onto Joe, causing Joe to hit a body press onto Kensuke. Joe started stomping on Kensuke before putting him on all fours and running the ropes to hit him with a running dropkick to the side of Kensuke's head. He yelled at the booing crowd and hit another baseball slide dropkick onto Touji before going for another pin on Kensuke.Ref: 1…"The Age of Aggression are doing an excellent job of keeping Touji, the powerhouse of the team, out of this match so they could focus on Kensuke," Okabe complimented as Joe picked Kensuke up and wrung his arm before tagging Bonifer back into the match. Bonifer picked Kensuke up in a Fireman's Carry Position before Joe ran the ropes and the two hit the Boot of Doom on Kensuke, but Bonifer also dropped Kensuke neck first into the ropes, and Joe responded with a kick to the head, allowing Bonifer to hit a Queen's Suplex onto Kensuke, bridging for a pin.Ref: 1…2"Not only do they have great tag team psychology, but the Age of Aggression also has very powerful tag team moves!" Beth exclaimed as Bonifer sat on Kensuke's back and put him in a hammerlock."And Bonifer has the submission on Kensuke!" Okabe exclaimed as Kensuke tried to make his way to the ropes while the crowd clapped for him. Bonifer dragged Kensuke by his right arm and put him back to the center of the ring with the hammerlock back in. Joe yelled at Kensuke to tap out, but rather, Kensuke was able to get on his knees, and jump to the bottom rope, causing the crowd to cheer and Bonifer to let go of Kensuke. Touji was able to get back onto the top rope, and Bonifer attempted to clothesline him off of the apron, but Touji blocked the clothesline and hit Bonifer with a headbutt, causing the crowd to cheer."Touji finally able to throw a wrench in the plan of the Age of Aggression!" Cornette exclaimed, as Kensuke saw a staggered Bonifer and sent him to the ground with a drop toe hold, before rolling to his corner and tagging Touji into the match, causing the crowd to cheer."And Touji is finally going to get momentum back to his team!" Okabe exclaimed, as Touji ran at Bonifer and hit him with multiple clotheslines and knocked Joe off of the apron with a clothesline, causing the crowd to cheer louder. Bonifer turned Touji around, but Touji countered with multiple headbutts to Bonifer's face before hitting him with a Stun Gun onto the ropes and an electric chair drop before turning himself around and pinning him with a Jackknife pin.Ref: 1…2.Touji picked Bonifer up and Irish whipped him into the ropes and hit a rebounding Bonifer with a Pop-Up Samoan Drop. Before he could go for the pin, Joe ran into the ring, and punted Touji in the arm, causing the crowd to boo as he yelled at them."And Joe with the save just in the nick of time!" Beth exclaimed, as Bonifer got back to his feet and the two picked Touji up and hit him with a Magic Killer before Bonifer went for the pin.Ref: 1…2Kensuke jumped into the ring and broke up the pin, causing the crowd to cheer before sending Joe staggering into the ropes with a kick to the head before hitting him with a Cactus Clothesline that sent them both falling out of the ring. Meanwhile, Bonifer went to the corner to attempt a diving move, but Touji was able to get up and grab his legs for a Powerbomb. Bonifer attempted to punch his way out of the Powerbomb, but Touji was still able to connect with the Sit-Out Powerbomb before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2."The age of Aggression are also showing that they have the resiliency to match their aggression!" Beth exclaimed as Touji went into the corner to prep for the Touji Tackle (Spear), causing the crowd to cheer. However, Joe grabbed Touji's legs, causing the crowd to boo and Touji to get distracted."And Joe still able to help out his partner despite the vicious clothesline to the outside by Kensuke!" Cornette exclaimed before Touji stomped on Joe's hands. However, this allowed Bonifer to hit a corner Yakuza kick onto Touji and hit him with a Stump Puller Piledriver before Joe climbed the top rope, and hit Touji with a diving headbutt, causing the crowd to boo."And those two big moves may just be able to secure this match for the Age of Aggression!" Beth exclaimed before Joe ran the ropes and hit a suicide dive onto Kensuke who had just gotten back to his feet before Bonifer pinned Touji.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, Charlie Bonifer and Joe Wolf, the Age of Aggression!" Justin Roberts announced as Bonifer yelled at the referee to raise his hand while Joe was just getting back up on the outside."And it's official; the Age of Aggression are the third team eligible for a World Tag Title match at Cyber Sunday!" Okabe exclaimed, as Joe rolled into the ring, and celebrated with Bonifer while Touji rolled out of the ring."So at Cyber Sunday, Naruto and Sheldon Lee of the NWO will defend their titles against either the team of Eddy and Gene Belcher, the team of Valentino Clavara and Arnold Jackson, or the Age of Aggression!" Beth exclaimed, as Naruto and Sheldon ran to the ring and hit both Bonifer and Joe with their World Tag Team titles before Naruto picked Bonifer up and hit him with the Cursed Seal (Omega Driver), while Sheldon went to the top rope and hit Joe with a diving leg drop before the two of them celebrated with the World Tag Team titles in the middle of the ring while the fans booed."And once again, the World Tag Team Champions taking out any contenders, showing them that they will not back down from any challenge!" Cornette exclaimed as the camera panned to the backstage area where Valentino was sitting in the back with a forlorn look on his face while holding another tiny piece of paper. Todd Grisham came into the locker room and sat next to him."Hey Valentino, how've you been?" Todd asked. Valentino turned to him and a small smiled formed on his face before he answered."Well…I got another love letter in my bag today," Valentino explained, as he showed the letter to Todd."It says it's from someone named F.S. Do you have any idea who that could be?" Todd asked."No I don't, but that's not the reason I'm upset. I got off the phone with a couple of doctors, and Arnold has damage to his throat because of Corvus' attack on him last week, so he won't be able to compete at Cyber Sunday and I have no idea when he's going to come back," Valentino explained, as Todd put a friendly and comforting arm around the back of Valentino's neck."I'm sorry to hear about that Valentino, you guys earned this shot at the tag team titles, and I'm sure you'll find a way to fight for the titles if you end up winning," Todd responded, causing Valentino to smile at him."Thanks, Todd, I really needed to hear that," Valentino responded before Todd patted him on the back before getting back to his feet."Don't mention it. Now, I think I might be able to help you with your secret admirer," Todd said, causing Valentino to spring up to his feet in interest before the camera panned to a commercial before they discussed a plan.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned to the backstage interview area, where Matt Striker was standing with Mr. Enter, Owen, Mercury Black, and Ed."Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with one half of our 6 man tag team main event. Now, I just wanted to get your thoughts on the match," Striker explained before Enter grabbed the microphone."Our thoughts? What I think is that this match is the perfect opportunity to show why Owen should be the one the fans vote for to have a United States Championship match against Shinji Ikari. It'll be 'undisputed' that he's going to not only win the vote but win the title at Cyber Sunday!" Enter exclaimed, ignoring the glares from Ed and Mercury Black. Mercury took the microphone from Enter before he started talking."I told Shinji I wasn't done with him, and I want to make sure that he knows I'll be coming for him and the United States title at the next available opportunity," Mercury said before Ed took the microphone and glared into the camera."Mordecai got lucky in that Falls Count Anywhere match! And after costing me my match against Soul last week, I owe him the ass-kicking of his life!" Ed exclaimed before he, Mercury, Owen, and Mr. Enter left before Striker could say anything else as the camera panned to the stage where Io Shirai's face theme song played as the crowd cheered Ochako Uraraka coming out to the ring, pointing to the sky as pyro went off on the stage."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, from Tokyo Japan, The Genius of the Sky, Ochako Uraraka!" Justin Roberts announced as Uraraka started running to the ring, hi-fiving all the fans she could."This is a rematch from two weeks ago when Clover used brass knuckles to defeat this exciting new female superstar," Cornette explained, as Uraraka stopped at ringside, and ran to the ring, jumping over the top rope and landed on both her feet in the ring, causing the crowd to cheer loudly."That's right Jim, and Uraraka demanded this rematch to show that she could win against Clover," Okabe continued before Cody Rhodes' Smoke and Mirrors V2 played, as the crowd booed with Jerry Lewis walking out of the ring, presenting Clover coming out of the back with a bejeweled pink robe just as her TitanTron turned into a mirror."And her opponent, accompanied to the ring by Jerry Lewis, from Beverly Hills, California by way of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France, Clover Lamoreaux!" Justin Roberts announced, as the crowd booed Clover, who paid them no mind and continued to fix her makeup and hair while looking at herself in the TitanTron."Clover, as usual, focusing more on her looks than her match. She shouldn't be distracting herself especially with an athlete as unique as Uraraka," Beth complained, before Jerry and Clover made their way to the ring, laughing at the boos from the crowd."I guarantee you, when she gets into the ring, her looks will be the last thing on her mind," Okabe defended, as Clover went into the ring, and chucked at Uraraka's focused glare at her. When the bell rang, Uraraka ran at her with multiple forearm strikes to the face before she Irish whipped Clover into the corner."Uraraka coming out the gates hot!" Beth exclaimed as Uraraka ran at Clover, but Clover put her boots up, hitting Uraraka in the face before she went to the 2nd rope. Clover dove off of the 2nd rope with an axe handle, but Uraraka countered with a punch to the gut before hitting her with a Hurricanrana before going for the pin.Ref: 1…Clover kicked out and Uraraka responded with a standing twisting splash before mounting Clover and punching her in the face while the crowd chanted her name. The referee pulled Uraraka off as she went to the middle rope and posed for the fans."Uraraka may be on top now, but she needs to focus on Clover. We know how sneaky she could be when it comes to Jerry and those brass knuckles," Okabe explained, as Uraraka was able to turn just in time to see Clover getting up. She responded by diving off of the 2nd rope with a flying chuck kick, sending Clover rolling out of the ring, causing the crowd to cheer Uraraka as she did a cartwheel in the middle of the ring in celebration."Uraraka has been dominating this match, showing why she is not a woman to be trifled with!" Cornette exclaimed, as Uraraka noticed Clover getting up, so she jumped a few times in the ring before running the ropes and hit a Tope Con Hilo onto Clover, sending both of them crashing in the fan barricade."Oh my God! That impact on the fan barricade could've taken out both women!" Beth exclaimed as both women were down at ringside with Jerry trying to will Clover to get back to her feet.Ref: 1…2Uraraka got back up to her feet before she picked Clover up and hit her with multiple knife edge chops to the chest before she went onto the apron. When Clover staggered away from the fan barricade, Uraraka springboarded off of the middle rope, and hit a corkscrew moonsault onto Clover, causing the crowd to cheer again.Ref: 3…4…5"Uraraka not letting up in this match, showcasing her high flying abilities!" Cornette exclaimed before Uraraka grabbed Clover by the hair and threw her back into the ring. Uraraka then jumped up onto the apron and attempted to perform a springboard move, but Jerry held onto Uraraka's leg while Clover was distracting with the referee."And Jerry finally trying to give her client the reprieve that she needs!" Okabe exclaimed, as Uraraka got Jerry off of her leg and kicked him right in the face, causing the crowd to cheer. However, Clover was able to get back on her feet and hit a double running axe handle onto Uraraka, sending her crashing onto the padded concrete out of the ring, causing the crowd to boo."Thanks to Jerry's distraction, Clover was able to finally mount some offense in this match!" Cornette exclaimed, as Clover rolled out of the ring, picked up Uraraka by the back, and threw her into the fan barricade multiple times, causing the crowd to boo, which caused Clover to start arguing with those fans while she choked Uraraka with her feet. Clover then picked up Uraraka and hit her with a vertical suplex on the padded concrete, causing Jerry to applaud Clover. The crowd booed as Clover threw Uraraka back into the ring and posed for the fans.Clover went back into the ring and turned Uraraka on her back, hitting her with multiple knee drops to the small of her back. Clover got onto Uraraka's back and stood on it with both of her feet, posing for the booing fans while Jerry applauded her. Clover blew a sarcastic kiss to the booing fans before she jumped and hit a senton to Uraraka's back, causing her to scream in pain and flail around before Clover turned her on her back and pinned her.Ref: 1…2.Uraraka kicked out, and Clover responded by grabbing her legs and turning her around, trapping her in a Single Leg Boston Crab, causing the crowd to start clapping and chanting for Uraraka to escape the hold. Uraraka tried to drag herself to the ropes, but Clover stopped her dead in her tracks when she started driving her knee into the back of Uraraka's neck, causing her to scream and flail around, trying to prevent herself from tapping out."Clover stretching Uraraka out with one of the most painful Single Leg Boston's Crab I've ever seen!" Beth exclaimed as Uraraka started pounding on Clover's legs. At first, it didn't seem to affect Clover as she kept the hold locked in. However, Uraraka did not let up with her attack on the leg, and Clover eventually let go of her to tend to her leg, causing the crowd to cheer and chant for Uraraka."And Uraraka is able to escape the submission!" Okabe exclaimed, as Uraraka got back to her feet and started punching Clover in the face multiple times before running the ropes. Uraraka attempted a hurricanrana, but Clover was able to catch her in the hurricanrana and hit her with a powerbomb after hitting her on the top rope in that same powerbomb position before going for the pin."And just like that, Clover is able to take back control of this match!" Cornette exclaimed as the ref got down on the floor to count.Ref: 1…2..Uraraka kicked out, and Clover responded by Irish whipping her into the ropes and catching her with a Tilt a Whirl backbreaker before Clover hit Uraraka with a Falcon Arrow. As the crowd booed Clover getting back in control, Clover started climbing up the top rope and waited for Uraraka to get back to her feet while Jerry cheered her on. When Uraraka got back to her feet, Clover attempted to dive off of the top rope with a clothesline, but Uraraka countered it into a dropkick right into Clover's jaw, sending them both onto the ground, causing the crowd to continue cheering and chanting Uraraka."That was a beautiful dropkick by Uraraka!" Beth exclaimed as the two continued to lay on the mat. However, Clover started using the ropes to help her get back to her feet and attempted to pick Uraraka up, but Uraraka rolled her up with a small package.Ref: 1…2.Clover kicked out and tried to put her in an abdominal stretch, but Uraraka hit her with a hip toss before she performed another cartwheel and hit her with a dropkick to Clover's face before running to the corner, causing the crowd to cheer as Uraraka waited for Clover to get back to her feet. When she did, Uraraka hit two flying clotheslines, a swinging neckbreaker, a snap leg drop, and a springboard corkscrew senton from the middle rope before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Uraraka finally able to get back into this match with that beautiful corkscrew senton!" Okabe exclaimed, as Uraraka ran the ropes and hit a handspring elbow drop before throwing her into the corner and ran at Clover with multiple running shoulder thrusts before Clover fell down to the bottom turnbuckle. Uraraka then ran to the other corner, and at top speed, ran at Clover with a Meteora to the face, causing the crowd to cheer and Clover's nose to bleed before Uraraka went for a pin.Ref: 1…2..Clover barely rolled her shoulder out, and Uraraka immediately responded by climbing up the top rope, attempting her Moonstomp."Could Uraraka be going for the Moonstomp here!?" Cornette asked as Uraraka dived off the top rope with her Moonstomp, but Clover was able to move, and throw Uraraka into the steel steps before hitting her with a back suplex, causing the crowd to boo, before she went for another pin.Ref: 1…2.Clover started pounding the mat before arguing with the referee, causing the crowd to chant 'That was 2!' at her. Clover ran her hands through her hair before she picked Uraraka up by the hair, and attempted to pick her up for the White Cyanide (Brainbuster). However, Uraraka was able to knee Clover in the face and escape the hold, before Irish whipping her into the corner and hit her with a one-woman Poetry in Motion before hitting her with a snap suplex. Uraraka, however, did not let go of Clover and attempted to pick her up for her own Brainbuster, causing the crowd to cheer."Oh look at Uraraka, proving that she's more than high flying maneuvers!" Beth exclaimed as Clover was able to get back onto her feet and poke Uraraka in the eye before digging into her tights, revealing a pair of brass knuckles, causing the crowd to boo."And look at that! Clover has the brass knuckles in her hand!" Okabe exclaimed as Clover hit Uraraka in the chest with her brass knuckle shot, put the knuckles back into her tights, and hit Uraraka with the White Cyanide (Brainbuster) before going for the pin, much to the chagrin of the fans.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Clover Lamoreaux!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed while Clover rolled out of the ring and hugged Jerry on the outside."Despite Uraraka's best effort, she wasn't able to defeat Clover!" Okabe exclaimed as Uraraka sat back up, holding her head."And Clover was able to get the victory again thanks to the assistance of those damn brass knuckles!" Beth exclaimed as Clover and Jerry celebrated outside of the ring with their hands raised in victory before feedback from the stadium's intercom system started."Now now Ms. uhhh Lameroux? Yeah, let's just assume that's correct. You do realize that you just cheated with those brass knuckles of yours, correct?" The voice sounded fairly calm in tone."Yeah! So what!? Oh, and it's Lamoreaux!" Clover argued back."Well, I don't know how your usual GMs act for your antics. Oh, wait, yeah I do. ANYWAY, I'm not going to stand for that while I'm running Octane in their absence tonight. So you can head right on back into the ring because this match is restarting, right now," the voice said with a condescending tone."WHAT!?" Clover yelled before she shook her head and started making her way back to the backstage area. However, Uraraka, who had gotten back up by this point, ran out of the ring and grabbed Clover by the hair to throw her back into the ring."Ms. Uraraka, thank you for that. Referee, restart the match."The referee did as instructed and rang the bell. Clover went to hit Uraraka with a clothesline, but Uraraka was able to counter that into a Tilt-a-Whirl Crossface, the crowd cheering as Clover was in the middle of the ring. After 10-15 seconds in the hold, Clover tapped out, and Uraraka let go immediately, still holding her gut from the earlier brass knuckle shot.*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission, The Genius of the Sky, Ochako Uraraka!" Justin Roberts exclaimed as the crowd cheered Uraraka having her arm held up by the referee."And thanks to our guest General Manager, Kokonoe Mercury, Uraraka has been able to win this match!" Cornette exclaimed as the lights in the arena turned dark. When the lights came back up, the Sisterhood of Darkness was in the ring, with Sherry out of the ring, and giving orders for the group to attack Uraraka."And now the Sisterhood of Darkness wants to try and destroy Uraraka again!" Beth exclaimed as Uraraka started attacking Xochi, but she was quickly outnumbered by the other members of the Sisterhood."Uraraka tried to get the jump on this group, but she fell victim to the numbers game!" Okabe exclaimed as the crowd cheered when Alex Vasquez, Asuka Langley Soryu, Haruko Haruhara, and the other members of Team Alex ran to the ring and attacked the Sisterhood of Darkness."And the cavalry, NOT calvary, has arrived!" Cornette exclaimed as the two groups fought out of the ring, leaving Haruko alone in the ring with Himiko Toga. Haruko smirked at Toga, who looked at Haruko with a vested interest while everyone else was fighting out outside of the ring as Clover and Jerry made their way to the back as the camera suddenly cut to a commercial.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned to the ring, where a referee was in between Himiko Toga and Haruko Haruhara while everyone else was away from the ring."Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, interim GM Kokonoe Mercury has ordered the Sisterhood of Darkness and Team Alex to go to the back and that they are banned from ringside for the remainder of this match," Cornette explained, as the bell rang. Haruko hit Toga with multiple jabs to the face before Irish whipping her into the corner. Haruko ran into the corner, caught Toga's attempt at getting her boot up, kicked her in the back of her knee, and picked her up in a Powerbomb position and hit her with an Alley Oop, causing the crowd to cheer. Haruko went onto the middle rope and hit a springboard moonsault onto Toga's back before locking her in a Cravate."And I think that may not matter for Haruko given how dominant she's been in the opening moments of this match!" Beth exclaimed as Toga started biting Haruko's arms, causing Haruko to let go of the hold."You have to have figured that Toga's vicious side would come out in times like this," Okabe explained, as Toga started clubbing Haruko in the back before attempting to Irish whip her into the ropes. Haruko, however, was able to counter into an Eat Defeat, and throw her out of the ring, causing the crowd to cheer. Haruko started hopping in place while the fans were clapping along with her jumps, and when Toga got up, Haruko ran through the ropes and hit her with a senton onto a standing Toga, causing the crowd to cheer."Well let's not forget that Haruko has a vicious side to her as well!" Beth exclaimed, as Haruko grabbed Toga by the hair and dragged her to the steel steps and rammed her head into it while the referee started counting.Ref: 1…2…3Haruko then threw Toga into the fan barricade and started punching her in the gut before Irish whipping her into the apron. However, Toga was able to jump onto the top of the apron and dive off with a twisting crossbody, hitting Haruko, causing the crowd to boo, as Toga started sitting criss-cross, rocking back and forth, and laughing. Ref: 4…5…6"And Toga finally got some momentum in this match with that twisting crossbody!" Cornette exclaimed, as Toga grabbed Haruko by the hair and threw her back into the ring. Toga got onto the apron and springboarded into the ring with another twisting crossbody before stomping on Haruko's head and face. Toga cackled at the crowd before she pulled Haruko to her knees by the hair, ran the ropes, and hit her with a running dropkick to the chest before she ran the ropes and hit her with a jumping headbutt to Haruko's gut before she went for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Toga started headbutting Haruko in the head, causing her head to bleed slightly from a small cut. This excited Toga as she dropped Haruko's head and started putting her finger on the bleeding cut with an awestruck look on her face."Wait…what the hell is Toga doing!?" Cornette asked, as Toga lifted her finger from Haruko's bleeding cut and licked all the blood off of it, the crowd looking on in shock as she continued to drink the blood from Haruko's bleeding wound."Oh, that is just disgusting!" Beth cringed, as Haruko started punching Toga in the face causing Toga to start hitting her with multiple forearms, exciting Toga as more blood poured from Haruko's wound. Toga put Haruko in a headlock, occasionally licking the blood straight from the wound to the forehead, as Haruko tried to drag her feet to the ropes. However, Haruko let go of the hold and quickly hit Haruko with a boot to the face before putting her in a front facelock, while the crowd clapped for Haruko to break out of the hold."Toga's…disturbing fascination with blood aside, that was a wise move switching the submission hold on Haruko so that she could prevent Haruko from making it to the ropes," Okabe explained, as Haruko tried to club Toga's back to escape the hold, but Toga only strengthened her grip on the hold. After another thirty seconds, Haruko was able to get back to her feet while Toga still had her in the front facelock. Haruko ran into the corner, causing Toga to hit her back into the turnbuckles causing Toga to loosen her grip on the hold. Haruko then got Toga's legs off of her abdomen and hit her with a Gourdbuster, causing both women to go down and the crowd to cheer."And Haruko able to finally get out of this submission hold!" Cornette exclaimed, as Toga was able to get back up, and attempted to hit another jumping headbutt onto Haruko, but she dodged the move and kipped up while Toga was staggering back to her feet, holding her head, while checking for blood. As she was disappointed with the lack of blood, Haruko hit multiple clotheslines, a hip toss, a Tilt-a-Whirl slam, and a jumping Boom Drop onto Toga's chest before picking her up and hitting her with a Facebuster, before she went for the pin as the crowd cheered.Ref: 1…2.Haruko then ran to the corner and hit a moonsault from the bottom turnbuckle onto Toga before jumping to the 2nd turnbuckle and hitting another moonsault. The crowd cheered as Haruko ran to the other side of the ring and ran to the top turnbuckle for a third moonsault ala Super Crazy, but Toga was able to get her knees up before rolling up Haruko in a schoolgirl pin.Ref: 1…2"It looks like Toga is still in this match!" Okabe exclaimed as Toga mounted Haruko with more punches and headbutts before the referee pulled her away. Toga responded by jumping onto Haruko again and attempting to get some of her blood again, but Haruko pushed her off and ran the ropes to hit a handspring spinning roundhouse kick onto Toga, sending her crashing down near the ropes. Haruko attempted to grab her for a pin, but Toga rolled out of the ring, causing the crowd to start booing her. Toga cackled at the crowd's negative reaction while she was falling on the ground. She checked her head again, and got frustrated at the lack of blood, not noticing that Haruko had gotten out of the ring and ran at her with a Penalty Kick to the face, hi-fiving fans along the way and after she hit the kick.Ref: 1…2…3"And Haruko may have punted a few teeth out of Toga's mouth!" Cornette exclaimed as Haruko grabbed Toga by the hair and threw her back in the ring before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Toga rolled her shoulder up, and Haruko got up, frustrated. Haruko went to the corner to wait for Toga to get back up. However, while she was laying down, Toga ran her hand through her hair, and finally noticed that she was bleeding after that Penalty Kick on the outside, and started kicking her legs and giggling with excitement once she saw the blood."What the hell is wrong with Toga?" Cornette asked as Haruko looked at her with raised eyebrows."Her obsession with blood is something to behold, Jim," Beth responded before Haruko shrugged and hit a running shooting star press onto her celebrating form before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Toga kicked out and Haruko picked her up, attempting a DDT. However, Toga pulled Haruko by the hair and threw her face-first into the middle turnbuckle and put her in the bottom turnbuckle with Haruko's face smothering the turnbuckle. Toga ran the ropes and hit multiple knees to the back of Haruko's head before picking her up by the hair and hit her with a Where the Blood Flows (Even Flow DDT) before she went for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, representing the Sisterhood of Darkness, Himiko Toga!" Justin Roberts announced as Toga jumped up and down with joy before she suddenly stopped and started licking the drops of blood that were coming from the back of her head while the crowd booed her."Despite an impressive showing by Haruko, Toga was able to pick up the win and more momentum for the Sisterhood of Darkness!" Cornette exclaimed as Toga rolled out of the ring, continuing to lick her own blood as Haruko laid in the middle of the ring."Well Haruko does deserve some respect for being brave enough to take on a member of the Sisterhood all by herself," Beth explained, as Toga cackled at the fans booing her and looking at disgust before she walked onto the stage, where Sherry Blendy was waiting for her. The two embraced on the stage, causing the crowd to boo, as Sherry started gently running her hair through Toga's hair while smiling evilly at Haruko, who had gotten up to a seated position before the camera panned backstage to the interview area, where Jack Korpela was with Naruto and Sheldon Lee."Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the BTWF World Tag Team Champions, Naruto and Sheldon Lee of the NWO," Korpela introduced, as the camera turned to Naruto and Sheldon Lee, who had their World Tag Team titles slung over their shoulders."Now gentlemen, for the past three weeks, you've been attacking the tag teams who will be eligible for a shot at your championships at Cyber Sunday. I have to ask, why did you do this?" Korpela asked."It's simple. We have to let these teams know that we're not scared of ANY of these teams that we may have to face for Cyber Sunday!" Naruto exclaimed."But are you worried about possible repercussions from the teams you've attacked?" Korpela asked, causing the Tag Team Champions to laugh."Oh we know that they'll come after us, but we're not scared! They're just a bunch of losers, and at Cyber Sunday, we're going to prove it by retaining the Tag Team Championships!" Sheldon exclaimed, before the Age of Aggression (Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer) came up, and with Joe smirking at them and Bonifer glaring at them."You really think that you're going to retain those titles? When the fans pick me and Bonifer here to fight you for those championships, we're going to take them and show all of these people why the Age of Aggression are the top team in the BTWF!" Joe Wolf exclaimed, as Sheldon and Naruto smirked and chuckled at him."Oh, you think we're fuckin' joking!?" Bonifer asked angrily, attempting to stomp over to the champions, but Joe put an arm in front of him to stop him. Before Joe or the NWO could say anything else, Gene Belcher and Eddy came up from behind them."Hey-yo babies! The vibe here is getting ugly, so me and my main boy E to the D to the other D to the Y are here to get the vibe back to normal!" Gene exclaimed, with everyone, including Jack Korpela, looking on in confusion."What my partner is trying to say is that WE'RE going to be the ones to take those titles at Cyber Sunday!" Eddy exclaimed."I'm pretty sure that's not what he said," Korpela mumbled, before getting a notification on his phone."Oh please, none of you are half the team that we are, and at Cyber Sunday, we're going to remind all of you losers why we are the top team not only on Octane, not only in the BTWF but in the entire Fanfiction Wrestling Multiverse!" Naruto exclaimed before Korpela took the microphone back."Gentlemen, I just received word from Kokonoe-""How do you have her phone number?" Joe asked."—and she said that next week, there will be an 8 person tag team match, with Naruto and Sheldon Lee teaming up with the Age of Aggression taking on Eddy, Gene Belcher, Valentino Clavara, and a partner of Valentino's choosing. And she also told me that this match has been approved by Octane General Managers Arthur Morgan and Tanya von Degurechaff," Korpela explained, with Naruto and Sheldon Lee smirking."You know what? That sounds great! We'll just show you losers how a real team functions," Sheldon exclaimed before he and Naruto left before the camera panned to the trainer's room, where Shoto Todoroki was getting his arm checked on my medical staff."Well…you're arm isn't too severely hurt, but I think you should take it easy for the next couple of weeks. No matches, and no wrestling until your arm is 100% healed," the doctor said, causing Todoroki to sigh in annoyance just as Natsu Dragoneel came in."So…you're going to be on the shelf for a couple of weeks?" Natsu asked with a smile on his face."Unfortunately. I may not be able to wrestle for the next couple of weeks, but I will be training because when I come back, I will become the BTWF Champion," Todoroki responded, as Natsu nodded and patted him on the back."Well, I for one would be more than happy to give you a rematch from your first match here and see if you have what it takes," Natsu said with a smile, as Todoroki started growing a half-smile in response."You seem awfully confident that you're going to win that match," Todoroki joked, as Natsu laughed and patted his shoulder."My shoulder feels practically naked without that title, so no matter what the fans pick for me, I will be walking out of Sunday the BTWF Championship," Natsu responded. "Well, I want to wish you the best of luck with that," Todoroki asked, extending his arm out for a handshake. Natsu accepted it, shaking it vigorously before looking at the doctor."Make sure he's up to snuff by the time I win the BTWF Championship at Cyber Sunday," Natsu said before walking out of the trainer's room with Todoroki shaking his head with a smile as the camera panned to a commercial.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned to the ring, where Denki Kaminari was standing in the middle of the ring, with Kirishima letting him shadow box with his hands."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring, accompanied by Kirishima, from Tokyo Japan, Denki Kaminari!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd cheered."Kaminari accepting the open challenge given on Twitter by our BTWF Champion Kaworu Nagisa!" Okabe exclaimed, as Damien Sandow's 2013 'Hallelujah' theme song as the crowd booed Kaworu Nagisa coming out with his signature blue robe."And his opponent, from Tokyo Japan, he is the BTWF Champion, Kaworu Nagisa!" Justin Roberts announced, before Kaworu revealed a microphone from inside his robe and despite the crowd booing, put it to his mouth while he was looking at Kaminari and walking towards the ring."Mr. Kaminari, I wanted to thank you for accepting my open challenge, but you should also be thanking me for the opportunity to battle the BTWF Champion. Now, I am sure all these people, despite their obvious low intellect, can see that you will not last too long against me," Kaworu explained, while the crowd booed and Kaminari started yelling at him to get into the ring."But despite that, you will serve a greater purpose than you have ever served in your meaningless career, as your defeat will serve as a word of caution to Mr. Dragoneel and Mr. Todoroki," Kaworu said before he put the microphone down and rolled into the ring with a fired-up Kaminari."Some strong words from the BTWF Champion towards his challengers," Okabe noted, as the bell rang. Once that happened, Kaminari grabbed Kaworu by the hair and started punching him in the face before kicking him in the gut and hitting him with a Matt Riddle-esque strike combination, sending Kaworu staggering into the corner and the crowd to cheer. Kaminari goes into the corner and starts chopping Kaworu in the chest while Kirishima was cheering him on along with the crowd."A very good start by Kaminari with these strikes to the BTWF Champion," Cornette stated, as Kaminari Irish whipped Kaworu into another corner, but Kaworu was able to slide out of the ring under the bottom rope. Kirishima started yelling at an exasperated Kaworu, and Kaworu responded by pushing him down. Kaminari attempted to run out of the ropes with a suicide dive, but Kaworu was able to see him and counter with a Powerslam, sending Kaminari's back crashing onto the padded concrete."And…there goes Kaminari!" Cornette exclaimed, as Kaworu threw Kaminari back into the ring and started stomping onto him before running the ropes and hitting a knee drop to Kaminari's face before going for another pin, much to the crowd's chagrin.Ref: 1…2Kaminari kicked out and Kaworu countered by hitting Kaminari with an Elbow of Disdain before picking him up by the hair and throwing him into the corner, allowing Kaworu to run at him with a clothesline. Kaminari staggers out of the corner, and Kaworu responds with a half nelson hold, allowing him to knee Kaminari in the gut and chest multiple times before he went for another pin while the crowd continued to boo him and chant 'Asshole Inc.' at him.Ref: 1…2."Kaworu is doing a good job of showing Natsu and Todoroki what they will be in for when they fight him for the title," Beth explained, as Kaworu picked Kaminari up and attempted to hit him with a Uranage, but Kaminari was able to counter the Uranage attempt into a roll-up pin, causing the crowd to cheer.Ref: 1…2"Oh my God! Kaminari almost got the biggest win of his career!" Cornette exclaimed as Kaminari got up, and Kaworu countered with a kick to the gut before hitting a Straight Jacket Neckbreaker before keeping both of Kaminari's arms in front of his face and brought his knee to the middle of Kaminari's back and started choking him, causing the crowd to start cheering and clapping for Kaminari to escape the hold along with Kirishima."Well that win might not be coming anytime soon with this brutal submission hold," Okabe countered, as Kaminari attempted to get on his feet, but Kaworu sent him back to the ground by stepping on the back of his knee, bringing him to only one knee. Kaminari, however, was able to get back to his feet and headbutt Kaworu in the face multiple times, allowing him to break out of the hold and hit a DDT onto Kaworu before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2Kaworu kicked out, and Kaminari went to the 2nd rope and waited for Kaworu to get back up."Kaminari found his second wind, and he's using it to try and get this monumental win over the BTWF Champion!" Beth exclaimed, as Kaworu staggered back to his feet, which Kaminari responded to by hitting a missile dropkick from the top rope onto Kaworu, and hi-fived Kirishima before hitting him with two clotheslines, a running headscissors, a single leg dropkick, and Irish whipped him into the ropes. Kaworu attempted to run at Kaminari, but Kaminari countered with a knee strike to the head and an enziguri before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2."Kaworu is not going to go down that easily, especially when he believes he has something to prove to not only Natsu Dragoneel but the entire BTWF fanbase as well," Okabe explained, as Kaminari went to the top rope, as Kirishima and the fans cheered him on. Kaminari dived off of the top rope with a frog splash, but Kaworu was able to get his knees up at the last moment, causing the crowd to boo."And that may have been Kaworu's last gasp!" Beth exclaimed, as Kaworu grabbed Kaminari in a full nelson, smashed his head into the top turnbuckle multiple times before Kaworu hit Kaminari with the Final Request (Sit-Out Full Nelson) before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, the BTWF Champion, Kaworu Nagisa!" Justin Roberts announced as Kaworu curtsied to the booing crowd before grabbing his BTWF Championship and going up to the middle turnbuckle."Kaworu building more momentum for his championship match at Cyber Sunday!" Cornette exclaimed as Kaworu held his title with both of his hands, while the crowd continued to boo. Kirishima got into the ring and checked on Kaworu before Kaworu turned around and shrugged before jumping off of the middle rope, hitting Kirishima in the head with the BTWF Championship."Oh come on! What did Kaworu do that for!?" Cornette asked, as Kaworu put his title on the floor and locked Kirishima in the Royal Arch (Inverted Sharpshooter) as the crowd continued to boo him."He wants to send a message to Natsu, regardless of who he has to hurt," Okabe responded before the crowd's boos turned to cheers as Natsu ran down to the ring. Kaworu noticed and let Kirishima go before running out of the ring so that he and Natsu could exchange punches and forearms to the face, causing the crowd to cheer and chant 'Fuck him up Natsu!' "Well the message was received, and Natsu wants to give Kaworu a message of his own!" Beth exclaimed as security came out to try and separate the two. Kaworu jabbed Natsu in the eye before running off, leaving Natsu to fight off the security."A cowardly retreat by our BTWF Champion!" Cornette exclaimed as Natsu glared at the retreating form of Kaworu, as the crowd chanted 'Let Them Fight!' at the security."I would call it a 'tactical' retreat, but bad blood is definitely flowing in this BTWF Championship rivalry," Okabe countered, as Kaworu turned around while he was on the stage, and posed with his championship belt, mocking Natsu before leaving to the back as Natsu continued struggling with the security."Can we not mention blood when we had Toga out here not too long ago?" Beth asked, a shiver going through her spine when she was reminded of Toga before the camera panned to the back where Jack Korpela was standing in the interview area."Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is a Real American, Stan Smith," Korpela introduced as the crowd booed a glaring Stan, brandishing an American Flag in his right hand."Now Stan, you've returned a few weeks ago and have been on a roll since you've returned, and I was wondering if you have anyone in mind that you want to face," Korpela explained, before Stan turned his glare to Korpela and started talking."I don't really care who I fight, as long as I show these sympathizers out here how a Real American wrestles!" Stan exclaimed, before Homer Simpson appeared, and took the microphone from Jack Korpela."I've had to hear you talk crap to all the hardworking wrestlers and people in the audience just because they're not from the United States, and I am damn sick of it!" Homer exclaimed as Stan rolled his eyes."What I choose to do with my status as a wrestler and the message I want to get across is none of your business!" Stan exclaimed as Homer patted him on the shoulder, with the glare still on his face."If you want to yell like a lunatic about foreigners, then I'll say whatever I want about it, and do whatever I want about it too," Homer countered, before hitting Stan with a Hangover (KO Punch), causing Korpela to run off before Homer pated a downed Stan on the back before leaving as the camera panned to a commercial.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned back to the backstage interview area where Himari Anzai (Sempai from the anime/manga Magical Sempai. She doesn't have a real name as far as I know so I decided to give her one), stood with BTWF World Women's Champion Rei Ayanami and #1 contender Zoey Hanson were standing on opposite sides of each other."Ladies, it's been confirmed that the two of you will face each other for the BTWF World Women's Championship at Cyber Sunday, but the question that is on mine and the fans' minds is what type of stipulation match it's going to be?" Anzai asked. Rei walked towards Anzai and leaned into the microphone."A humiliation match," Rei answered simply, surprising both Zoey Hanson and Himari Anzai. "Let me explain. I have respect for you Zoey, but I want to get the best out of you like what I saw with Akira Hayami at WarZone. So I want to make sure you have more to fight for. The fans will get to select our punishment; the loser either cannot challenge for the World Women's Title for 6 months, has to admit that the winner of the match is the best women's wrestler in the company, or they have to do a strip in front of the live crowd," Rei explained with her usual deadpanned expression, causing Zoey to glare at her. Anzai backed away slightly, thinking that this was going to lead to a brawl, but Zoey just nodded."OK, Rei. I agree with those terms, but…I just don't want you to get too mad at me when you not only lose the championship to me but when you humiliate yourself in front of the fans!" Zoey exclaimed, with booming confidence in her voice before patting Rei's World Women's Championship and leaving as the camera panned to the stage, where 'Not Gonna Die' by Skillet played, causing the crowd to get off of their feet and cheer while the arena lights turned red and white."The following contest is a 6 man tag team match scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, the team of the BTWF United States Champion Shinji Ikari, Soul Eater Evans, and Mordecai!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd cheered, as Shinji, Soul, and Mordecai hi-fived fans on their way to the ring with the BTWF United States Championship around his waist."After the near Pier 6 Brawl we had last week at the end of the show, this 6 man tag team match was made featuring the United States Champion, the three top contenders, and two men who want to be considered top contenders," Cornette explained, as the three made their way to the ring, climbed different corners, and posed, causing the crowd to cheer louder."That's right Jim! This match was made so that these 6 athletes can get their bad blood out in the form of the main event match here on Octane!" Beth exclaimed, as 'We Are One' by 12 Stones played, as the crowd booed Mercury Black, Owen with Mr. Enter, and Ed came out of the ring, focusing on their opponents in the ring. "And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Mr. Enter, Mercury Black, Owen, and Ed!" Justin Roberts announced as the three men decided to run to the ring, starting the match having a brawl with the three in the ring. The crowd was cheering the fight just as the referee rang the bell to officially start the match. Shinji and Mercury were fighting in the middle of the ring, while Owen, Soul, Mordecai, and Ed dragged their fight outside of the ring, while Shinji took Mercury down with a standing enziguri, causing the crowd to explode as Shinji shot both his arms up."And this match starting off with Shinji vs. the man who wants a rematch with Shinji for the United States championship, Mercury Black!" Okabe exclaimed, as Shinji Irish whipped Mercury into the corner and started punching him in the face before hitting him with a Falcon Arrow and a jumping double stomp onto Mercury's chest. Outside of the ring, Owen threw Soul into the fan barricade while Owen was jumping and applauding Owen, while Mordecai was able to smash Ed's face into the announcer's table before running back to his corner."And we're getting our other competitors in this match back in the ring!" Cornette exclaimed, as Shinji wrung Mercury's arm and tagged Mordecai into the match. The two hit a double Gourdbuster onto Mercury and when Mercury was on his knees, the two of them hit a double dropkick onto him before Mordecai went for the pin.Ref: 1…2Mercury kicked out and Mordecai put Mercury in a headlock while the crowd chanted for him. Owen got back to his corner with Mr. Enter banging on the ring apron to will Mercury to escape the headlock. Soul was starting to stir on the outside, while Mercury was able to get back to his feet and punch him in the stomach multiple times. Mercury attempted to throw him into the ropes, but Mordecai kept the headlock locked in. Mercury poked Mordecai in the eye before putting him in his own headlock. The crowd booed as Mercury gave Mordecai a noogie while arguing with Shinji at the same time. Ed also started getting back to his feet, and when he saw Soul staggering back to his feet, Ed ran at him with a running shoulder tackle, causing him to fall back into the rubble as the crowd booed Ed getting back onto the apron."Ed able to keep Soul out of this match a little longer to keep the advantage to his team," Okabe explained, as Mordecai hit Mercury with a back suplex, bridging him for a pin.Ref: 1…2Mercury kicked out, and but Mordecai in a keylock. However, Mordecai was able to get out of the keylock and hit him with an atomic drop and a Michinoku Driver before going for the pin with the crowd cheering him.Ref: 1…2.Mercury kicked out and Mordecai Irish whipped him into the ropes and hit him with a One-Man Poetry in Motion and a Hurricanrana. Mordecai ran the ropes again, but Owen grabbed Mordecai by the hair, and clubbed him in the chest, causing the crowd to boo."And Owen putting Mordecai's momentum to a halt!" Beth exclaimed as the referee yelled at Mordecai and Owen before Mercury got up and mounted Mordecai, punching and elbowing Mordecai in the face before tagging Owen into the match, causing the crowd to boo while Enter was cheering him on. Owen picked Mordecai up and hit him with a couple of headbutts, sending him staggering into the corner. Owen ran into the corner and hit Mordecai with a running elbow to the side of the face before picking him up in a military press."And look at the strength of the Powerhouse Owen!" Cornette exclaimed as Owen threw Mordecai down to the canvas face first before tagging Ed into the match. The crowd booed as the two picked Mordecai up by the throat and hit him with a double chokeslam before Ed ran to push Shinji off of the apron before going to pin Mordecai.Ref: 1…2Ed picked Mordecai up and punched him in the gut multiple times before putting him in a bearhug, and ramming him a couple of times into the corner back first and hit him with an Overhead Belly to Belly suplex. The crowd booed as Ed tagged Mercury back into the match. Ed picked Mordecai up in a torture rack allowing Mercury to hit a diving knee drop to the face of Mordecai before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2"And Shinji breaks up the pin!" Cornette exclaimed just as Shinji came into the ring with another double foot stomp onto Mercury's back, before running back into the apron while Mercury attempted to chase after him. Mercury decided to pick Mordecai back up and pick him up in a Fireman's Carry Position, causing the crowd to boo. Mercury hit him with an Ushigaroshi before dragging Mordecai into the corner and tagged Owen back into the match. Owen put both of his feet on Mordecai and used the ropes to choke him on his stomach. When the referee told Owen to back off, Enter kicked Mordecai in the side of the head and started choking him until the referee turned his attention back to Mordecai and Enter."And Enter attacking Mordecai behind the referee's back!" Beth exclaimed, as Owen picked Mordecai up by the hair and picked him up in position for the World's Strongest Slam, while Mr. Enter was clapping. However, the crowd cheered as Soul was finally able to come back up to his feet and clothesline Enter and punch him in the face multiple times. Owen hit Mordecai with a fallaway slam before he walked to the ropes and picked Soul up by his hair, and attempted to pull him into the ring, but Soul hit him with a hotshot, causing the crowd to cheer. Shinji then went to the top rope and hit Owen with a missile dropkick, sending Owen staggering into the corner, causing the crowd to cheer as Soul made his way to his corner."Shinji was the illegal man in this match! He shouldn't have gotten in the ring!" Okabe exclaimed as Mordecai tagged Shinji into the match, while Ed tagged himself into the match. The crowd cheered as Shinji hit Ed with a running dropkick to Ed's knee before hitting him with a Float Over DDT, causing the crowd to cheer."Well Ed, Owen, and Mercury Black started attacking Shinji's team first, so it's an eye for an eye, Okabe," Beth countered, as Ed got back to his feet, so Shinji responded with three clotheslines, a spinning kick to the gut, and a knee strike to the face before hitting him with a Falcon Arrow into double knees. Mercury Black tried to rush his way into the ring, but Shinji saw this and threw him out of the ring, before hitting Ed with a Fly to the Moon (Superkick) before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Owen was barely able to break up the pin and hit Shinji with a Uranage, causing the crowd to boo."An eye for an eye, right Beth?" Okabe asked with a smirk on his face as Owen dragged Ed to his corner so that he could tag into the match."Come on you two, we have a match to call! You two can fight all you want once we're done!" Cornette exclaimed to his two broadcast partners. The crowd booed, as Owen ran the ropes and hit a leg drop onto Shinji's throat before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Shinji was barely able to roll his shoulder off of the mat and Owen responded by pulling him up by his hair and threw him into the corner. Owen, seeing Enter back up and giving him the thumbs up, ran the ropes and hit multiple body splashes onto Shinji before hitting him with a vertical suplex throw before tagging Mercury into the match, who had gotten back to his corner. Mercury hit a springboard 450 from the apron and pinned Shinji while the crowd was booing.Ref: 1…2.Shinji kicked out, and Mercury responded by putting Shinji in a seated full nelson, causing the crowd to cheer and clap for Shinji to escape the hold."Mercury is probably enjoying every bit of this full nelson that he has on Shinji!" Beth exclaimed as Mercury started stomping on Shinji's gut to prevent him from dragging himself to the ropes."You got that right, Beth! You have to believe that Mercury is imagining as if he was in a rematch for the United States Championship!" Cornette responded as Shinji was able to get back to his feet and start elbowing Mercury in the sides of the head, causing him to let go of the full nelson. Shinji then moved behind Mercury and hit a full nelson suplex onto him before falling to the floor. The two crawled to their corners with the crowd cheering for Shinji, and after a moment, the two were able to tag Soul and Ed into the match respectively."And we're finally getting to see Soul for the first time in this match!" Beth exclaimed, as Soul threw Ed into the corner and punched him in the head multiple times before hitting a Tornado DDT. Soul hit a running knee onto Owen, sending him falling off of the apron. Soul ran the ropes and hit Ed with a jumping clothesline before hitting Owen with a baseball slide, sending him into the fan barricade. Soul then hit a double knee facebreaker and a snap swinging neckbreaker before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Mercury broke up the pin and attempted to pick up Soul for an Ushigaroshi, but Soul broke out of the hold and hit him with another Tornado DDT, causing the crowd to stand on their feet and cheer before he springboarded off of the 2nd rope and hit a reverse hurricanrana onto Ed, before running the ropes and hitting the 2nd rope to hit a Springboard Moonsault. Before Soul could go for the pin, Owen pulled Soul out of the ring and started clubbing him in the head. However, the crowd cheered even louder as Shinji ran to one apron and hit a running knee to Owen's head, and hit him with a Fly to the Moon (Superkick) onto Owen, finally bringing him on his back. Mercury grabbed Shinji by the hair from behind and threw him into the steel ring post, causing the crowd to boo."And this 6 man is getting chaotic again!" Cornette exclaimed, as Mordecai dived off of the top rope and hit a crossbody onto Mercury, causing the crowd to cheer again before he ran back to the corner. Soul attempted to hit the Soul Eater (Gourdbuster GTS), but Ed was able to counter in midair, hitting Soul with a DDT. Ed attempted to pick Soul up, but Soul pushed Ed away from him and tagged Mordecai into the match, causing the crowd to explode."Oh boy…two blood rivals are in the ring right now…," Okabe explained, as Ed and Mordecai started a staredown while the crowd was continuing to explode."And Mordecai's victory over Ed in a falls count anywhere match a couple of weeks ago has only made the feud worse!" Beth exclaimed as the two started punching each other in the face before Mordecai won the brawl, hit a sit-out jawbreaker, swept the leg, hit a Jeff Hardy style double leg drop onto the stomach of Ed, and hit a dropkick to a seated Ed before going up to the top rope to attempt the Whisper of the Wind. While Mordecai was climbing, Enter told the referee to check on Ed while he ran to the corner."Wait…what the hell is enter doing!?" Cornette asked, as while the referee was checking on Ed, Mr. Enter swept Mordecai's legs, causing him to hit the top turnbuckle groin first and the crowd to boo Enter as he went back to the other side of the ring."Doing what a good manager is supposed to do; help their client or their team!" Okabe countered as Ed was able to get back to his feet while Mordecai was starting to stagger back up. Once he did, Ed ran at Mordecai and hit him with a Gore that sent Mordecai inside out before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, Mercury Black, Owen, and Ed!" Justin Roberts announced, as the crowd booed while Ed rolled out of the ring and hi-fived Enter as thanks, while Owen and Mercury Black walked off with them."And thanks to Enter's cheap tactics, Ed was able to get a leg up on his rival!" Beth exclaimed as Soul and Shinji rolled into the ring to check on Mordecai while Mercury and Mr. Enter started mocking the three of them."Well no matter what happened in the match, the record books will say that Ed got another victory over Mordecai," Okabe countered as Shinji grabbed his United States Championship, as he glares at Owen while Soul helped Mordecai back to his feet."Regardless, Owen and Soul have shown the crowd what they are capable of if they are voted to face Shinji for the United States Championship. And with that in mind, I'm Jim Cornette, and for Beth Vanderwood, Rintaro Okabe, and the rest of the BTWF, have a goodnight everyone and we will see you next week!" Cornette exclaimed as he, Beth, and Okabe waved goodbye to the fans at home as the camera faded to black.Match Results:Hollywood Hooligan def. NicoThe Age of Aggression (Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer) def. Kensuke Aida and Touji SuzuharaOchako Uraraka def. Clover Lamoreaux (W/Jerry Lewis) via. SubmissionHimiko Toga def. Haruko HaruharaKaworu Nagisa def. Denki Kaminari (W/Kirishima)Ed, Owen, and Mercury Black (W/Mr. Enter) def. Mordecai, Soul Eater Evans, and Shinji IkariMatches to Vote on for Cyber Sunday;Who will face Naruto and Sheldon Lee (NWO) for the BTWF World Tag Team titles?;Valentino and a mystery partnerGene Belcher and EddyThe Age of Aggression (Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer)What will happen to the loser of the BTWF World Women's title match between champion Rei Ayanami and challenger Zoey Hanson?;The loser cannot challenge for the women's title for the next 6 monthsThe loser has to admit that the winner is the best female wrestler in the worldThe loser has to perform a strip in front of the crowdWho will be the special guest referee for the Akira Hayami vs. Zia Simpson match?;Clover LamoreauxMisato KatsuragiMedusa GorgonWhat type of match will Alex's team vs. the Sisterhood of Darkness have?;One on one Lumberjill match between Alex Vasquez and Sherry Blendy5 on 5 tag team match7 on 7 tag team matchWhat match will Pete Corvus and Black Star have for the Hardcore Championship?;Ambulance MatchChairs MatchAsylum MatchWho will fight Shinji Ikari at Cyber Sunday for the BTWF United States Championship?;OwenSoul Eater EvansMordecaiWhich type of 2/3 falls match will Kaworu Nagisa and Natsu Dragoneel have for the BTWF Championship;RegularNo-DQ and No Count Out3 Stages of Hell (Tell me which stages you would prefer for the match if you voted for Three Stages of Hell)

Mature Content

Bearing the Pain of a Schizophrenic (Poem)Bearing the Pain of a SchizophrenicRemastered VersionBy J.C. Solis(Free Verse)I am just a manOf many faults and many sinsAs I struggle through my lifeAnd try to find peace withinI am just a manOf much painful, woeful strifeFor these are my cards dealtFor this is just my LifeAnd the pain of mental illnessAnd all the stress that’s within MeWeighs heavy upon my backAnd keeps me from being freeFor this is all the painThat a solemn man must bearFor this is SchizophreniaAnd it is not always fair…(Iambic)For people look at me funnyBecause they do not understandAll of the woes that I now liveAnd cannot see my tied-up handsFor they think that I am lyingAnd that my symptoms are an actAnd yet still they act so startledWhen to their comments I reactI am not seeking attentionI am just trying to find aidI just want this if nothing elseFor my nerves are starting to frayI’m just a humble man in painWho is within this darkened plightFor I cannot find peace in DayAnd cannot go to sleep at NightFor there are those who are like MeWho live within this fetid woeFor they cannot find peace of mindThis pain is what they only knowFor there are those who can’t find joyAnd cannot find their Hope and BlissIt is not really DepressionBut it still has a sickly kissAnd this is what we all do shareThis is the pain that we must bearWe see and hear what is not thereAs this strife we try to bewareFor I have this stark illness, so-this pain I must bear on this dayMyself and Others feel this woeWe cannot keep our minds at bay…(Free Verse)These are our livesThat bring pity from thoseWhose hearts bear sympathyWhat their kindness had choseFor there are just thoseWho smile for our heartsFor they are the angelsWho bring change to startFor they do not judgeFor they do not careFor how distorted we all areAnd come as close as they dareFor they have HumanityAnd have a humane soulAs they nurture us allAnd help us bear this tollFor we are in painWhat we bear on this mornAnd these people spread loveTo kindness they’ve swornFor we are in painAnd others mock and jeerTill they are in painAnd on their faces come fearFor this is an illnessThat tears down our soulsThat gives us a reasonTo no longer feel wholeBut with Hope and with LoveAnd with the blessing of GraceWill we be somewhat relievedWith a smile on our face(Iambic)For this is the illness we bearAnd there are people good and badFor they grant health or deeper pain And offer what we had not hadAnd as we live through Time aheadAnd march forth with this love or hateWill those around us come to bearThese consequences we createFor human kindness must come aid-the ones who suffer this till deathFor those with this illness profoundWill bear this till their final breathAnd as I look forwards and backAnd hope the future offers gleeWill I then bear this stark illnessAnd try to be what I will be…
Short stories
Safe“So how’s the city been since I left?” Clara asked as they put away the dinner dishes.“Well, it hasn’t burned down yet.” Ethan replied. “But I’m hopeful. Without a local superhero, they say crime rates are supposed to go up, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that’s true.”“It helps that there aren’t a lot of villains there. Especially since a certain someone’s retirement.” Clara teased, poking Ethan’s side.“I prefer the term activist.” Ethan grinned. “But there’s still that other guy. Uh... the Caped Co- uh Com... What’s his name?”“Caped Captain, or some such nonsense.”“Right. He likes robbing banks, but sometimes he’ll do other places. Haven’t seen him in a while.”“I bet he got arrested for something else. He really isn’t all that clever.”“Unlike some people?” Ethan raised an eyebrow.Clara looked at him, but didn’t reply.“I said, unlike some people?”“I heard you.” Clara laughed. Her cocked spaniel padded into the kitchen. “All done with dinner, Lulu?”Lulu yipped. “She wants to know what we’re doing next.” Ethan translated. “We,” He said, bending down to ruffle her fluffy ears. “Are going to bed. We had a late dinner, not that you have any concept of time.”“Aw, we can play games tomorrow, Lulu. After the party pooper goes home.”“Uh, I’m the life of the party.”“Uh-huh, sure.” Ethan picked the dog up and carried her to her bed in the living room. “Night, Lulu.” She yipped at him. “No, it’s bed time. I- I am not mean! Who was it that got you adopted? Yeah, that’s right.”Clara rolled her eyes. “Are you coming to bed or would you like to continue arguing with my dog?”Ethan paused as if considering. “Alright, I’m coming.”“What time are you leaving tomorrow?” Clara asked as she went into the closet.“I dunno. Eight? I need to get home with enough time to make it to work.”“We won’t even have time for breakfast.”“I know, but there’s no other option. Maybe next time we can plan it out better.”“It’s not a planning issue, it’s a time issue.”“We’re just busy, busy people.”“We?” Clara said, emerging in her pajamas. “You mean me.”“Well, kind of. But it’s not your fault.”“I know.” Clara said, unconvinced. She sat down on the edge of the bed and checked her phone. Clara scrolled for a moment, then took the time to reply to a few emails before shutting her phone down. She placed it on the nightstand. Then she eyed Ethan.He glanced up from his phone. “Okay, goodnight!” He put his phone away, then flopped over and pulled the covers up.“Come on, stop playing.” Clara said, flipping him over. “I missed you.” She kissed him.“I missed you too.” Ethan replied, before they kissed again.Clara tugged him over. “Mm.” She slipped his shirt off.Ethan sat up. “What was that?”“It’s just the dog.” Clara replied, pulling him back.Ethan jumped out of bed. “Lulu says there’s someone in the house.” He whispered.“What?!” She heard Lulu yapping outside the door. Ethan unplugged the lamp by the door and picked it up. “Ethan, where are you-“He put a finger to his lips, then slowly opened the door. Panicked, Clara slid out of bed to follow him. Her hand grasped the doorknob just as the gunshot rang out. It was followed by a crash, then Lulu went nuts. Clara threw the door open without thinking. “Ethan?!”“I’m okay.” He said breathlessly. Ethan flipped on the living room light and closed the front door.“Are you hurt?” Clara’s palms glowed softly from her magic.“I- I don’t... No, I don’t think so.” Ethan said, checking himself for wounds. Lulu ran up to him, pawing at his legs. He realized he was still holding the broken lamp and sat it down. He scooped Lulu up. Clara hugged them both. “What were you thinking? I’m the one with powers. I could have blasted him. He shot at you!”“I know, I know. I- I wasn’t- I didn’t think I just went.”Clara buried her face in Lulu’s back. The spaniel was trembling. She heard sirens in the distance. “Someone must have called the police.” She looked up at Ethan, he was staring at the bullet lodged in the wall. “Ethan.”“Mm. Right, sirens. I’m uh- I’m gonna go put my shirt back on.”Clara didn’t think the police would care that much, but she took Lulu and followed Ethan back to the bedroom.******************************“Okay, thanks.” Clara said as she shut the door. Ethan was sitting on the couch with Lulu. She had fallen asleep on his lap while the police had questioned them. Clara sat down beside Ethan, laying her head on his shoulder. They didn’t speak for a while. “Do you... want to go back to bed?” Clara asked.“Somehow, I don’t think there’s any point.” Ethan said quietly. He idly stroked the sleeping dog’s back. Another silence elapsed.“I just moved here and...” Clara’s voice broke. “It’s okay... It was just a random thing. You’re safe here.”“I don’t feel safe!” Clara cried. “What if you weren’t here? I don’t know what Lulu says. I never would have gotten up...”“You would’ve kicked that guy’s ass. But it doesn’t matter.” He kissed her head. “We’re all safe.”“Don’t even think about going home tomorrow morning.”“I have work-“Clara hugged him. “You’re calling in sick.” He pulled her close. “Now that you mention it, I am feeling funny. And wildly contagious.”
Wasn'tWasn't I never did exist, not really. Oh people saw me and noted me but I never really existed as such, I was just the mask. A persona made from fear and doubt, a lie made to make others happy while the truth was forced to hide behind out of fear of being shunned.I was never real, you allowed me to assume your life but only for as long as you needed to gather the strength to take me off and cast me aside. Thing is I don't mind and never did, I understood my purpose and accepted the fact that there would be a day when you would no longer need me. That day is today, you don't need me any more as you're strong enough to go the rest of the way on your own. You don't need me getting in the way despite people claiming that they only know me when they never knew me at all, you were the one behind the mask, I was just the lie.You don't need a lie when you are the truth, ready to step forth into the light of day at last. You seem so much happier without me, your eyes have light to them while mine are dimming as I start to fade away. I'm not scared of what's happening, I embrace it. I'll finally be at peace while you'll finally truly live, people will still think I'm you but I never was you and what people think they knew was nothing but a survival method that is no longer of any use.I have outgrown my usefulness and that is a very welcome thing. Just promise me that you won't completely forget me, okay? I know I'll be a faint memory but don't let that memory completely disappear while you live, you may not need me but don't completely forget me.I never was, I wasn't and now I am but the faintest wisp of a memory. I have finally achieved the peace I never should have needed to be taken away from in the first place. You've got this.
The Muse of WenGarris warmed his numbed fingers by the hearth, only half-listening as the grizzled storykeeper wove his tale for the small circle of road-weary travelers. His story was about Death. No, not about Death. Instead, about a gallant adventurer searching madly for a way to thwart the cruel reaper that hounded him all across the land of Wen. The hero's story was a tragic one, wrought with futile struggling in the face of a wretched thing that could not be stopped. He sought the help of mystics and kings and gods, and they gave to the hero all the help they could offer. The kings sent their strongest men to guard him day and night. The mystics crafted a powerful talisman from gold and the blood of every type of night bird to shield the hero from Death's eyes. The gods gave him a puff of their Divine breath, to save him if Death ever caught him and stole his breath.As these tragedies go, the hero's gifts kept him safe for a time, but one by one, they failed him. The kings' soldiers fell first, as they were merely men and falling cold into Death's hands was what they were born to do. Next, the talisman was lost under the rushing white waters of the River Diaan. When only the breath of the gods was left to protect the hero, he found he had run all he could and must sleep. No sooner had the hero fallen asleep than Death appeared and stole the air from his chest.Divine breath filled him and he lived once more, but now the hero found himself standing face-to-face with Death, unprotected. Death bade the hero, "I have caught you, and you can run no further. Beg me for your life now, mortal, and perhaps I shall spare it."The hero was not a man of such weak character that he would grovel to a foul killer such as the reaper, the storykeeper assured his audience of this with a knowing smile that was peppered yellow and black with a few sparse teeth. Death bade him twice more to beg, and twice more he refused. Confounded, Death said, "You have run from me, run and run, across all of Wen. You would have run to the stars to save yourself. You have your chance now, yet won't seize it."And the hero replied, "Loath as I am to admit it, evil thing, you're right. I would run to those distant stars if it meant I could be free of you. I would run there now if these legs of mine would only carry me. I want my life. But you are no master of mine, and I will beg you for nothing."Furious with the hero's insolence, the reaper cried, "Then among the stars you shall be!" With a flourish from the storykeeper, Death scattered the hero's spirit out into the cosmos where the gods took pity on him and he became the constellation Haisaam.The story drew to a close with light clapping from the sleepy bunch and the merry clink of a few coins tossed at the keeper's feet. Garris clapped along, having most of the feeling back in his hands now. He got up and crossed the room to the table where the storykeeper had retired with his coin. A servant brought the old man a fresh goblet of wine, and when Garris took the seat across from him, she quickly went to fetch one for him as well."You weave a fine tale, sire. Tell me, are you a traveler? No, no, let me guess, you live here, you're under the lord's employment. You must be, telling stories as dazzling as that," Garris said, and the keeper's face reddened in a way it probably hadn't since he was as rosy with youth as Garris was now. Garris, of course, knew he did not live here and was merely another passerby. The man's clothes, while not shabby or particularly ill-fitting, clearly weren't the sort you'd find on a court's keeper. None of the fine Yilsian silk, the verdant dyes and mesmeric patterns that made even the finest court peacocks seem dull."Ah, silver-tongued, aren't you. Good. A man who knows how to pay a compliment is a friend of mine," the keeper said and flashed his rotten smile."Then I believe we will be fast friends." Garris lifted his goblet and the keeper did the same, and they drank deeply as friends. When his cup was nearly empty and his head was a bit fuzzy, Garris said, "If it's not too presumptuous, I have a story of my own. I'm no keeper, of course. My telling won't be as fine as your tale of Haisaam, but I'd like you to hear it if you'll lend me your ear.""An ear is a small price to pay for good company. Go. Spin your web, little spider."Garris chuckled boyishly, then cleared his throat. "Right, right, where to start? Where...?""The beginning is always a fine place.""Yes. A fine place, indeed."***A baby was born. A boy, rosy cheeked, strong of lungs and heart. He was healthy and fat and fine, the sweetest dream of any expecting parent. But his mother was weak and gray, on her way out of this world. She had only the strength to kiss her boy once and name him before she was gone. Hers were the first eyes he looked into. The pale, vacant eyes of a woman bleeding out across the sheets.The boy's beginning was tragic, but his life was not doomed. The midwives plucked him from those slack arms and handed him straight away to his waiting father, who was remarried before the boy left his crib, so it felt to him very much like those sad first moments had never happened at all. The boy grew up tall and quick, wild as the weeds, and pretty as the mother he never knew, though even those who loved him most dearly (perhaps especially them) would say his head was utterly, delightfully empty. There had never been a stormy cloud to trouble his thoughts and, for eighteen years, every day to him was a halcyon daydream to be sipped and savored like the finest wine.His father died suddenly the summer before he was to be nineteen.Polite society called it an accident, but they all knew he flung himself from the lonely window in his study. None knew better than his son. His tragic son, still so much a boy, who had been walking in the garden when it happened, who saw the window open and all the dreadful business that came afterward. It was his son's awful wailing cries that brought the servants and neighbors alike around to see the terrible thing that lay broken on the cobblestone.After his father was laid to rest, the boy who lived in daydreams fell very ill. He shook and sweated and babbled incoherently night and day. Even in his most lucid moments, he spoke of strange things. Of a man who visited him when his step-mother was not there, and sometimes when she was, though there was no other man in the room that she could see. He'd seen the man before, he swore, the day his father died. A stranger, tall and lank, with gentle eyes and a simple serene smile. The young man was very much in love with him. They loved each other. Deeply. Madly. When he recovered, they would be married. What remained of his family--his step-mother, aunts, uncles, and a smattering of cousins--feared there would be no recovery and, if there was, that the fever had burned away his mind.But the fever did break. The young man's strength returned, and while his mind seemed intact, no one could deny he had been much changed by the ordeal. Many days, he walked to the old town hospital and wandered for hours between the rows of beds where sick travelers laid moaning and wheezing and praying they wouldn't die so far from their homes. If you watched him closely, though the ailing hospital patrons rarely did, you might have caught him gazing longingly at the empty spot next to him like a man lost in devotion or ardently speaking some sweet, hushed words to thin air. It was love, plain for anyone to see, but the same could not be said for the object of his adoration. After all, it was a very rare eye that could see Death before their time was up.The young daydreamer had such eyes.It was Death he saw that dreary morning his father flung himself from his window. Death who came to his bedside while he was shivering with fever. Death who whispered to him to be strong when he wanted nothing more than to slip away into sweet oblivion. And though he could not remember, it was Death his wandering infant's eyes beheld leaning over his fading mother, stroking her hair and whispering soothing words of rest against her ear. It was Death he loved, and Death he meant to wed.Death told the young man it was hopeless. A single touch from his hands or his lips, and his beloved would fall cold and still into his grave. The young man sighed, soft and dreamily. "Would that not be fine? What is life, lived like this? Wouldn't it be fine to die if it meant I could have your touch, if only for a moment?"Death would hear none of this and bade the young man to never say such things again, but he would not be daunted and made up his mind to find a way, no matter the cost. He set out on a voyage to seek the help of Death's twin sister. But Time was a tricky goddess and rarely came to those who searched for her. The man who loved her brother was no exception. For five years, he trekked across the land of Wen, searching ruins and temples, making offerings, but she had not shown herself yet. His hope dwindling, the young man found himself very far from home on the borders of Yils with his back to a mighty oak tree and a brilliant red marble sun rising over a violet sky to his front. As he made a meager meal of bread and some apples he picked along the road, listening to birdsongs and the wind rustling in the grass, someone came over the hill and sat next to him. A woman, full and lovely, but also a wizened grandmother and a precocious scabby-kneed girl folded into the same form. He knew at once that this was Time."There is a way, but the road ahead is arduous. At the end you will no longer be what you were at the beginning. And, ah, well..." Time frowned at the backs of her hands. "My brother will not like it. If he were here now, he would implore you to forget this endeavor. I feel I must do so in his stead.""Will he still love what I become?"Time was silent for a moment. "Yes. His heart is not so fickle. He will mourn, but he will not cast you aside.""Tell me what I must do."With a faraway smile, the goddess listed for him a series of tasks that, to his ears, sounded impossible. But the daydreamer's heart was steady and sure, and he set off without hesitation with but a single gift from Time to aid him along the way: A drop of her blood, enough to halt his aging for a hundred years.For ninety-nine long years, the man toiled at his trials. He caught a falling star and tamed the lunar stallion Gyol and rode on his back across the Midnight Sea. He willed the River Talh to flow uphill and brought Mount Behmn to kneel. He stole the cold fire from the bottom of the sea, rode the clouds, and braided moonlight. He had adventures and did great things far and wide, and was known throughout the world as a legendary hero, but he thought only of his goal. Finally, when he had done all she said, the goddess Time appeared before the hero once more and told him to go now to the spring where her mother, Life, resided and bury himself in the muddy banks and sleep there. When he woke, he would be changed and her brother's touch would have no more effect on him.The hero went quickly to Gyol and was preparing to ride when Death appeared and bade him to give up this quest now, while he still had his mortal soul. The hero refused and was off with a shout and a snap of the reigns. When he came to a stream to let Gyol rest and drink, Death again appeared, and again he bade the hero to stand down. The hero refused and rode on. At the spring of Life, the hero got to his knees and dug a hole in the mud, and as he pulled the slick muck over top himself, Death appeared once more, distraught now."Please, stop this," he begged, tearful. "Your soul will never know rest. Don't do this. Not for me. I don't want it."The hero paused then and frowned at the backs of his mud-stained hands. They'd become so different these last ninety-nine years, thick and tough and corded with scars. His thoughts drifted to the ages gone and the trials behind him, and he looked up at the man he loved, the man for whom he'd gone to the stars and back. A smile came to the hero's face, simple and serene, and he kissed Death. A kiss so tender and wonderful, filled with more than century of love, of longing. And the hero died.They say that Death wept there, holding his beloved in his arms, and it was her son's awful wailing cries that drew Life out of the waters of her spring. She looked upon her son and took pity on his broken heart. The hero was buried there on the banks of Life's verdant spring, and he did rise again. But not as the soulless husk he had gone there to become. The hero rose as a muse, starry inspiration made flesh, and finally, finally...The young daydreamer was able to lay down with his husband and rest a while.***Garris called for more wine. Across the table, the old storykeeper gave a round of applause and a sharp whistle that drew glares from those around them. Garris smiled, though he suspected his enthusiasm was partly due to being extremely drunk by now."Not bad, not bad, my boy. You might have the makings of a keeper in you yet, with a little training. Ever considered heading up to the university in Drekkon? I bet they'd love you around there."Garris chuckled. "No, no, I'm afraid I stay quite busy these days. Following my husband's work, y'know. But that's fine by me, I rather like traveling."The keeper nodded and grumbled something disagreeable about marriage while the servant refilled their goblets. As she left them to their drinks, a cold wind blew through the hall and all the tired-eyed travelers shivered and pulled their coats tighter around themselves. Anyone watching closely enough might have spied the fond smile Garris gave, seemingly to no one at all.
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 4.1May 13 202X23:22@ kai has joined the server.23:30@ mr-drake: fresh meat, man. yo @ kai, you a fan of Hermione?@ modthebod: Welcome @ kai. Before you join us, you have to tell us how you found out about Hermione and why you are her fan. Then I’ll give you member rights.23:32@ kai: I saw her in person. Liked her fashion sense. She seemed cool, so checked her out. Turns out she was a singer, part-time model. Loved her pics.@ herm4ever: Yay new people! Welcome @ kai!! Your profile pic is like so cool. You’re gonna love it in here!23:35@ modthebod: Ok. Granted you rights @ kai. Only rules here are no insulting of Hermione, no claiming of Hermione, and whatever I say goes.@ kai: Got it. Thanks.@ mr-drake: welcoming your new ass with the customary Hermione wave gif. enjoy Clearing his throat, Lupin regarded the young girl seated across from him over his owl-rimmed glasses. Hunched over in her seat with her hands in her lap, she avoided eye contact with him. Lupin smiled at her and closed the file in his hand, pushing it to one side of the table. “How have you been, Kyler?” he asked.The girl shrugged and mumbled, “Normal.”“I see.” Lupin clasped his hands together and leaned back in his armchair. “Doing okay in your school work?”Kyler nodded.He knew that of course. All her teachers reported that she had excellent grades, was hardworking and diligent, and caused no trouble in class. She was the perfect student. Dressed immaculately and completely inline with the school’s dress code unlike other students who toed the line with short skirts and rolled-up sleeves, always punctual for class, and never broken any rules.But that level of perfection hid an undercurrent of bottled emotions and unfulfilled desires. And he knew the clue to slowly opening her up to him.“Written any poems recently?”Kyler lifted her head just an inch, revealing soft, round eyes. Her lips curved upwards in a smile and she said in a soft voice, “Yes. Do you w-want to read it?”“I would love to.” Lupin leaned forward as Kyler slipped her hand into the pocket of her skirt and fished out a neatly folded piece of paper.He accepted the paper and smiled warmly at her. “Thank you, Kyler.”She huddled back in her seat while he unfolded the paper and held it close to his eyes. On the white sheet were five lines, written in beautiful cursive.the bond of bloodover timedilutes, yetstrings of bitsstrengthens“It’s beautiful, Kyler. This is my favorite one so far,” Lupin commented as he handed back the paper.He watched as the blushing girl murmured her thanks and carefully folded the sheet of paper before placing it in her pocket. Reading her poetry was akin to a glimpse of her emotions, her thoughts. Twelve words told him ample.“Why don’t you show your poem to your sister?” he gently probed.Kyler stiffened and she lowered her head, her straight shoulder-length hair and bangs covering her face like a curtain. “I tried.”“And?” She wrung her hands in her lap and remained silent. Lupin waited patiently until she let out a short breath and said quietly, “Valerie was busy on her phone.”Bitterness laced her tone. “She didn’t even look at it.”Sighing inwardly, Lupin made a mental note to try and get Valerie into one of his counseling sessions. “How about showing it to other people? Like your friends?”Kyler perked up and nodded, a sweet expression adorning her face. “I did. They liked it. One of them even suggested I submit it for publishing. B-but I don’t think I will. It’s not that good… I think.”Pleasantly surprised at how talkative she turned, Lupin chuckled. “I agree with them. Maybe you can try submitting it somewhere.”“I-I don’t know,” she murmured and looked away as pink dusted her cheeks.“So are your friends from our school too?” he asked.Kyler shook her head. “No. I don’t know where they are from.”Brow lifting in puzzlement, he thumbed his chin. “Oh. How did you get to know them?”“Online chat forums.”Lupin frowned, crossing his legs as he ruminated on what she had said. He wasn’t comfortable with someone as vulnerable as Kyler spending time with anonymous strangers online. And from what she had just said, she seemed close to them - possibly even trusted them. He wanted to cut her off from dangerous contact as early as possible but if he simply said that out loud, she would not be receptive to the idea.Instead, he took a different direction. “Do you have any friends in real life then?”She dropped her gaze and shifted in her seat. “Just one.”“That’s good,” he encouraged her. “Who is it, if I may ask?”Kyler bit her lips before replying, “R-Tom. From my class.”Tom. Lupin noted the name and reminded himself to check this person out after his sessions. “Have you shown Tom the poem?”Her eyes widened and her fingers tightened into a ball on her lap. Red bloomed on her cheeks as she shook her head vigorously. “N-no. It’s a bit.. embarrassing?”The young girl’s reaction was so obvious that Lupin had to hold back his laughter. Seeing such youthful love warmed his heart. He was glad that there was at least someone real in her life that she could talk to, even if she hadn’t shown that person her poetry yet. There was hope for her, still.

Mature Content

Over a cup of coffeeIt remained a stunning July morn in NYC. Gorgeous azure heavens, amidst the temperature persisting in the 70s, so it wasn't blistering. An excellent day to be out-of-doors to bask in the gorgeous weather conditions.That was precisely what a pair of good-looking fashionable women were doing. Relishing the sweet sun rays while sharing coffee at their favorite coffee shop. One lady possessed fair locks and wore a casual pastel blue blouse and plaid miniskirt. The other was a redhead outfitted in an upscale tailored red suit.Inhaling the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, they took a few sips of the delectable brew. They'd ordered a serving of cinnamon/chocolate chip scones to savor with their morning java.They're unmistakably best friends. However, each woman remained immensely different from the other. The light-haired female emitted tranquillity and sunshine. Coming across as considerably good-natured and likely easy to get along with.Her friend, on the other hand? While still considerably young, the signs of hardship were etched completely over her otherwise captivating features. Her companion understood she'd undergone an abundance of emotional ordeals in her young life.She didn't hold it against her. Everyone has some mental issue or another. The most beneficial thing you could do for someone? Listen to them when they're struggling while being supportive. That precisely what the fair-haired young lady did. Her friend profited from this making her loosen up to an extent. She additionally benefited from her routine therapy sessions.Apart from a therapist isn't the same as a friend. They couldn't cross that line which remained the downside of treatment. For a therapist couldn't be there in the way a companion can. Fortunately, the redhead possessed both a therapist and a best friend in her life.The rapturous melodies of songbirds and street musicians permeated the air, unwinding the two companions. Then, sensing her friend had let down her guard momentarily, the towheaded set down her cappuccino for a moment, "It's sincerely a splendid morning today. Don't you agree, Dominique?" she remarked thoughtfully.Dominique swiftly glanced around before nodding. Tentatively setting down her cappuccino. "I've to agree with you, Andrea. It's challenging to be aggravated on a glorious day like today."Except her facial expression betrayed her. Something unquestionably was exasperating the young businesswoman. Andrea knew her companion adequately to identify when Dominique was bottling up her emotions immediately.Which is never healthy. You've to communicate your feelings, or you drive yourself bonkers. Taking a deep breath, Andrea delicately spoke. "Dominique, I know something eating you. I asked you to coffee so you could get it out.Therefore, please tell me what's wrong?" taking her hand into her own. She squeezed it in tender reassurance. Her striking sky-blue eyes overflowing with compassion. Thus Dominique sighed gloomily, "I could never fool you, could I?""No, you never could. So, consequently, what's going on?" the artist urged sympathetically.The corporate executive took a few deep breaths. Then she let them out before gathering her strength to speak. "I'm not precisely certain why this particular situation made me livid. Nevertheless, it has," she began uncertainly.Andrea gave her an extra reassuring smile, "What happened?" she inquired compassionately. Dominique remained withdrawn for several moments. The ruthless businesswoman seemed to be thinking extremely carefully regarding how to describe the issue she was having. Eventually, she opened up regarding what was upsetting her so much."You recollect my ex-husband? Goliath David? I told you we had quite the bitter fall out," she opened the conversation with. Andrea looked surprised her friend was mentioning her ex. After all, it wasn't a topic Dominique ordinarily wanted to discuss, considering how traumatic the whole affair had been."I remember, Dominique. In our first conversation, you mentioned you had an ugly divorce that was unpleasant for everyone. Particularly your daughter, Angela," Andera recalled revealing she indeed paid attention.The carrot top CEO nodded. Then, taking another deep breath, "It's strange in some ways when I look back at our time together. I figured we're soulmates and that he was heaven-sent. Goliath continually knew the precise words to soothe my emotional arousal. Making me feel secure and cherished.However, everything went downhill so suddenly. I know its extraordinarily frowned upon to have a teenage pregnancy. Nonetheless, people are fools when they're young and in love.""I believe its a safe bet to say when you're a teenager? Everything appears more splendid then it genuinely is. I don't believe you can genuinely say a majority of adolescents do unearth their one true love.Adolescent minds? They're only at the beginning of growth. They don't possess the wherewithal or capability to think long-term genuinely. They get caught up in the moment.""True enough, Andrea. I wish we'd realized that sooner, instead of having Angela when we're only seventeen years old. I know Goliath strived to do the right thing by getting hitched with me. I'll eternally admire how he stepped up that he wasn't going to let me deal with this on my own. He's sincerely a marvelous father.""Except having a child didn't genuinely bring you closer together?" her friend questioned, and again she nodded."The first few years were enchanting. However, when we're in university, it became all too self-evident that we're having difficulties. Of course, Angela never witnessed the fighting. Thank god for small blessings.All the same? We couldn't overcome our issues. Nor where we genuinely desired to go in life. Subsequently came our nasty breakup. Furthermore, joint custody of Angela.""I'm confident you've discussed this quite a bit with Dr. Bates. Or am I mistaken?""No, I've talked it over countless times with Annabeth. However? I never felt I'd genuine closure when it came to our relationship. I've never even felt comfortable giving love a second chance. I don't desire to be burned once more. Nor do I yearn to put my daughter through hell.""It's understandable to a degree, Dominique. Except you can't allow one sour relationship to ruin the rest of your life. You do need to give love another shot.After all, it's better to have loved and lost then never loved at all. Love is an incredibly complex situation. It's never straightforward and overflowing with possibilities of all sorts. Some consequences can be dandy. Others? Not so beneficial. Nonetheless, you've to give it a shot. Not doing anything? That's only going to make you discontented for the rest of your life.""Do you believe that's why I'm steamed up? Over what just come about with my ex?" she asked tentatively as she stirred her coffee."Depends. What happened?" Andrea inquired curiously, taking a sip of her drink."He and his new partner recently had a baby girl," she confessed in a resentful tone. For a second, her eyes seemed to flicker blood-red with ire.Regaining her composure, she added, "Angela is thrilled to be a big sister. She's desired to have a sibling forever and a day. So on that note? I'm delighted her wish came true.On the other hand, me? I'm not feeling thrilled by the birth of this child. To be perfectly honest? I feel outraged regarding this development. Even more then when we got divorced!" pounding her fist on the table, "I just don't understand why!"Thinking it over a few minutes, Andrea gave her honest opinion. "I think it outrages you because, on a subconscious level, you're still in love with him. Or rather your perception of him," she started softly, with her voice getting progressively getting stronger.Giving Dominique a moment to process, "In breakups, its natural to experience a little jealously when our ex moves on. However, we might not have had sufficient time yet to process what's occurred thoroughly. In fact? It might take years to heal from a broken heart. A broken heart isn't something you get over overnight, Dominique," she reminded her. They both paused the conversation for a moment to invigorate themselves with their coffee and two scones.Following that, the blond resumed, "As I said, it can take years to recover. Heartbreak takes its own time. Moreover, you can't rush it. You've to let it naturally take its course.It's likewise stated you don't forget your first love. Therefore I imagine you're feeling replaced. You're steamed at him for moving on. On the face of it? It's like writing you off. This child is confirmation he's moved on with his life. So far, you've not gotten the closure you'd desired over how your first relationship ended. That's why you're so bent out of shape."The emerald-eyed woman thought it over for a few minutes. Then let out another massive sigh. "I suppose that makes logical sense. I've been afraid for so long, opening my heart.Truthfully, Andrea? I never did fancy him wooing anyone else. It's the old "If I can't have you, no one can" mentality," she admitted, to which the ravishing painter nodded."Yep, couldn't have said it better myself," Andrea agreed as she finished her beverage.Tracing her coffee cup for a second, Dominique then inquired, "So how do I let go of this lividly? I don't wish to stay ticked off. Nor have my life be ravaged by this. All the same, I'm not sure how to get over my feelings.""You want my most dependable advice? Don't take your wrath out on the child. They're guiltless and done nothing to wrong you," Andrea replied frankly.Her best friend looked taken aback by that statement. Yet, Andrea wasn't finished. "I'd concentrate on the fact this child is Angela's newborn sister. If you keep that in mind? Moreover, consider your daughter's feelings?I'd guarantee this will become more tolerable. Plus, you're ire should go away much quicker if you concentrate on that. So please, whatever you do, don't condemn this baby. Just because you're not pleased that he's moved on."Taking a deep breath, she nodded, "Okay, I'll give that a try. Unfortunately, I can't promise that will work for me. However, I've continually valued your advice. So if that's what you suggest, I'll give it a go.""Please do so. Also, try and open your heart to love once more? It is more then time for you to move on as well. I know some exceptional dating websites. I'd be glad to assist you in posting a profile and see what turns up."Chuckling merrily, "One step at a time, Andrea. One step at a time."She chuckled in agreement. "Okay, we'll take it slow. So do you want to view my brand-new art gallery? It opens next week to the public. However, I'd love to give you a sneak peek.""I'd certainly appreciate that. Let's go!" And with that, the two women paid their bill before heading off to a brand-new adventure.
Sharrot Belledary: Chapter 2At General Arnold Belledary's headquarters, Androe Jensen is talking to his nephew, Sharrot Belledary, and President Claudia Hodgins. And the two explain to the president about the Lightrors' origin, and many things.Then, Sharrot puts his finger in his face, and mixes it like a blender, and Hodgins is startled. And Sharrot asks if Hodgins knows what happens if he tries to do to others unnecessarily, and Sharrot tries to touch Hodgins, who closes his frightened eyes. But she can't touch him intangibly, because in Hodgins' vision, Sharrot is gone. But in his vision, Sharrot had appeared, because he had pulled his finger away from Hodgins' face, and Sharrot tried to do that again, only using his powers for Hodgins to see, and he saw that Sharrot's body is boiling and mixing like a piece of gum, and Hodgins asks scared:"What is this!? His body is boiling and mixing! No wait, I know what this is! It's the Body Stop, isn't it? Makkapitew had already told us all about this in Leidenschaftlich."And Sharrot answers:"Seriously? Glad you know this is a function that can prevent me from doing right and wrong things for extremely wrong reasons, making mistakes, etc."Hodgins said:"Yes, i know."And Sharrot answers:"That's right..."3 hours later, in the middle of General Arnold Belledary's office, he is holding a meeting between his subordinate soldiers, his second son, Sharrot Belledary, and the others: Claudia Hodgins, Bradley Alphin, Wilfred Cowman, Androe Jensen and Zane Ackerman.And then Arnold said:"So, gentlemen, I have taken my step that the existence and legacy of the Bougainvillea family is about to end. Therefore, there is no way to avoid it. It is impossible. But we know that the Belledary family and the Bougainvillea family have a eternal rivalry. And thanks to the great victory in the Great War by my son, Sharrot, the Belledarys have become a great empire of the world, while the Bougainvillea are losing the power of the world. But as Dietfried had killed all the Bougainvillea except Gilbert, there's nothing to say about it..."And then Androe said:"Don't even tell me, man. Not to mention that after Dietfried had allied with Azavolos, the omniscience of the Bergland sisters had been activated, and they found out about the Violet Evergarden, the Bougainvillea family, and others. And then they asked if this was all true from what they saw, and without hesitation, I had to tell the whole truth.""I know…" Arnold replied calmly.After much talk, they decide to split up: Arnold decides to stay here so he can wait for his son to return before starting the worldwide speech for the whole world against Dietfried Bougainvillea, because of his monstrosities and crimes he committed; Androe decides to return to the Bergland sisters' home and tell them about the return of Sharrot and Azavolos' plans; And Sharrot, Bradley, Wilfred, Hodgins and Zane decide to go to Leidenschaftlich to sign the treaties and signatures of worldwide punishment and total dismissal of Dietfried Bougainvillea in the navy, due to the high immorality and injustice he brought to the world.When they finally arrive in Leidenschaftlich, they meet Violet Evergarden's acquaintances: Cattleya Baudelaire, Benedict Blue and Lux ​​Sibyl. And then two more girls who are also Violet's new acquaintances since December last year: Erica Brown and Iris Cannary. And then Sharrot arrives at the marina and signed all the treaties within two hours.,During her work at the CH Postal Company, Violet learned that Sharrot Belledary had arrived, and as she chatted with Gilbert, she asked worriedly:"So Major, why can't we stop Sharrot Belledary from killing Mr Dietfried? Why…?"And Gilbert replied, hugging Violet very tightly:"No, Violet. Even if we tried to stop him, we could become great witnesses to the governments of the world, due to the great injustices and immorality my brother had brought into this world. Besides, I have no reason to show love anymore. and respect for him more. That's his real persona. He's very underdeveloped and immoral. And the reason Androe Jensen raised you wasn't for harm, but so that you could protect the inhabitants of that island for good, since that you were little. And it was Makkapitew who manipulated you on the orders of Azavolos. I'm sorry, Violet..."Even very shocked and scared by it, Violet replied tearfully:"Yes, I know... I know Mr Dietfried is like that. But... I feel that even though he betrayed us and did all this, he still feels sorry for everything he did... and he still loves you ... But I don't understand... Why do things in life always change...? Why...? Major... Major... Please... answer me...""Violet..." said Gilbert very worried and full of tears.As the two are hugging, a young man runs quickly with an unusual balance, which ends up surprising Violet and Gilbert. It was Sharrot Belledary."Sharrot Belledary!?" asked Gilbert shocked and scared."Sharrot…Belledary…" Violet said silently and calmly.As he continues running until he almost touches the wall, Sharrot takes an unusual gigantic jump over a building, and then continues jumping to other buildings.Afraid of the envy and dissatisfaction of humans and the worldwide agreement to kill Dietfried, Violet goes after Sharrot."Violet, don't go!" said Gilbert very worriedly.At this point, Sharrot has already stopped jumping from building to building and started running in other places, and then he grabbed a broom and leaned against the light pole with it, giving an absurdly fast turn and gave a very absurd jump impulse, and that jump went countless kilometers to the point that he is almost close to his starting destination. Then he saw an empty cart with no one using it, and he took that cart and ran with it, climbing on top, and then he sees right in front of him, a couple with two children walking on the road. And Sharrot holds the cart with his hands, due to his absolute strength, and took an abnormal leap to avoid the fall of the couple and the children, who are frightened by it.At that point, Violet ran so long after Sharrot, until she ended up physically limiting herself and tripping on the ground. Even though Violet is resting on the floor for a while and is covered with tears and sadness, she still doesn't feel defeated due to her great willpower and lack of cowardice, and ends up getting up and goes after Sharrot, and she finally found him, who is using a cart. And she's only trying to stop Sharrot from killing Dietfried because she wants to avoid Gilbert's envy and dissatisfaction. And just then, Gilbert appears and finds her.Meanwhile, Sharrot has finally arrived at his starting point with his cart, and Colonel Jenlliot Belledary's boat is almost there. Sharrot did an abnormal spinning jump with his cart, and touched the ground with the two fingers of each hand, and used those fingers to give a boost for another spinning jump, having a horizontal speed a few kilometers to reach the boat. Before the boat lands at Leidenschaftlich, Sharrot drops the cart into the water with his feet, then gives it another boost, and it launches like a rocket. But instead of accidentally destroying the boat, Sharrot nullifies the effects of his body's impact with his powers, and held the bow of the boat in his hands. After that, he took a big leap, lifted his feet on the tip of the bow, and stood in the pose of a gymnast, bringing his legs together and opening his arms up. And the ship's sailors are amazed at this."Ta-dah!" said Sharrot as a way of showing humorous compliment.At this point, the boat has finally landed at Leidenschaftlich, and Zane is impressed by Sharrot's startling arrival on the boat, and says:"Well, I have to admit, this Sharrot really never wastes time anyway. How ironic..."Jenlliot hears the sounds of the frightened voices of the sailors and the voice of someone mysterious, and he decides to see what's going on, and realizes who's on the ship."Sharrot!" said Jenlliot surprised to meet his little brother after 6 years."Hi Jenlliot. It's been 6 years since we've seen each other, hasn't it, brother?""You and your little jokes, huh, little brother? Very funny..." said Jenlliot frustrated."Ha, ha, ha, ha! Wow, who knew! This is the real Sharrot Belledary! Always very active and much more aware of things!" said Wilfred excitedly."Yeah..." Bradley said smiling.Violet is frightened by the Sharrot's supernatural abilities, and said scared and worried:"Who... is he? How can he do such absurd things that no human being can do? It's impossible... Is that one of the reasons why he is the great winner of the Great War?"Hodgins, Benedict, Cattleya and the others were also the same as Violet at that moment, and Benedict asked scared:"What's this!? Who's this guy!? He did a spinning jump with a cart and managed to jump onto the ship!? How can he do that!? It can't be!""I see. That's the reason why Sharrot is the big winner of the Great War. Zane told me one of the reasons for that is because Sharrot never focuses on force confidence like little Violet does. That's because Sharrot is totally into it. aware that the reliance of force causes a person to drop their guard and be taken by surprise. He never shows any iota of antipathy, greed or obsession for everything in life. And Sharrot confirmed that too. Now it all makes sense..." said Hodgins calmly and impressed, leaving the others quite surprised."Serious?" asks Cattleya.The moment ends with Violet sitting and holding the floor with her hands, full of tears, and Gilbert holding and comforting her.(The song ends)During the trip, Zane arrives in his home country, and before he leaves, he tells Sharrot, Jenlliot, Bradley and Wilfred about a big plan:"Guys, before I go, I want to make it clear that I'm going to travel the world to recruit the best ex-soldiers from each country who are the winners of the Great War. But as Sharrot was the biggest winner in this war in the world, that's him who is going to be the leader of our mighty group. And these great soldiers have lost most of their friends, family, acquaintances, homes and so on because of the high immorality and injustice that Dietfried has brought into the world. Let's prepare against the mighty Azavolos, understand?""Understood." said Sharrot, Jenlliot, Bradley and Wilfred ready to fight the great Azavolos.After Zane's farewell, Wilfred returns to his country, and Sharrot, Jenlliot and Bradley return to their country.Upon arrival home, Bradley told the Belledary brothers, along with his wife and children:"Very well, guys, I'll wish you all the best of luck in your professions. And after the extermination of Azavolos, I'll wish you and the Bergland sisters the best of luck, and start living and having a wonderful life with them. ""Thank you so much, Brad. I'm delighted about it…" said Sharrot smiling."We will be grateful for your kindness, Captain Bradley. If you need anything, you can come in with us." said Jenlliot."But of course. Take care..." said Bradley saying goodbye to the brothers.During this, a vision between them appears in the realm of Azavolos, being seen by Dietfried and Ethan. And Dietfried said angrily, shaking hands:"I can't believe this... Sharrot signed the punishment treaties against me and Leidenschaftlich's superiors approved of it... This insolent brat... This world is really rubbish...""Heh, heh, heh... I can see you've made a great enemy, don't you think?" said Ethan with his great enthusiasm.After that, Jenlliot took Sharrot to headquarters and introduced him to his many soldiers, who are well grouped and awaiting the colonel's return, and one of them said:"Welcome, Colonel Belledary! We are very grateful for your return, sir!""I am so grateful to see you all united, men! But before we proceed to General Arnold Belledary's world speech, my father, I will introduce my younger brother, and the one who will end Dietfried Bougainvillea's existence, Sharrot Belledary!""All hail Colonel Belledary's mighty little brother!" said one of the soldiers."Honor the unsurpassed Sharrot Belledary!" said the other, and then all the soldiers kept repeating the same phrase as they are now.A few minutes later, Arnold begins his worldwide speech against Dietfried Bougainvillea, and that speech is being broadcast to every television, radio and newspaper in the world:"Attention, every country in the world! We all know that Dietfried Bougainvillea exterminated everyone in his family, except his younger brother, Gilbert, for mysterious reasons. We all suffer the high immorality and injustice caused by him. We suffer with this indignation and live in misery. We of this world will build an extreme and worldwide alliance to fight that immoral maniac, but I make it clear that this is not a rebellion against each other in this world. For freedom and security, we have to fight for our rights and for our survival. All of us in this world have to unite to fight the circumstances and consequences of this world, and also against the downside of the ambitions and obsessions of everything in life. Let my eldest son , Colonel Jenlliot Belledary, do the rest."Jenlliot ended up continuing:"I also share the same feelings as my father, General Arnold Belledary! Pay attention, we have no other choice. We will fight fearlessly, with courage and honor. After all, we are the defenders of our planet! I will let Sharrot Belledary, my younger brother, finish this speech!"And Sharrot took the next follow-up to finish with a golden key:"It is really difficult to know how to deal with our reality, ladies and gentlemen. Because all of us living beings have our own physical difficulties, disabilities, psychologies and other things. Because we are all different in life. Because if the existence and legacy of Bougainvillea family break up, it's really hard to know about any kind of circumstance. That's the end of this great world speech. I wish you all, good luck!"Three weeks later, while Sharrot continues to work as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Law (FBL), Zane Ackerman appears with the new soldiers who have become the winners of the Great War, and Zane says:"Hi, Sharrot. How are you?""Hi Zane, how long. Who are these over there? Are they the new recruits and the winners of the Great War who are below me...?" asks Sharrot."Yes, and besides, I let each of them introduce themselves to you. Do the honors, my comrades." Zane replied.And each of them introduced themselves to the Sharrot: Riky Quisbert, a beefy bruiser with pale green hair and emerald green eyes, wears green clothes and wears an oil blue ribbon; Kyuji Kinshiba, a tall, thin man with dark purple hair, with dark yellow eyes and a somber appearance; Sophie Siren, a girl with pink hair and light green eyes; Fergus Forbes, a small man with the unnatural appearance of a monkey and with pastel purple hair.After these presentations, more people who came with them show up, and Sharrot asks:"Hey, who are they...? So many people...""They are the acquaintances, relatives and friends of these former soldiers who survived during the massacre of high immorality and injustice done by Dietfried Bougainvillea before he teamed up with Azavolos. I learned that there are new houses to be sold in this town, because thousands of owners Old ones in these houses had been murdered during the immoral massacre caused by Dietfried.""Oh, don't tell me... You mean they're going to be our new neighborhood? How nice... Heh, heh, heh, heh..." said Sharrot, demonstrating gossip."Very funny, blondie…" said Zane.Meanwhile in Leidenschaftlich, singer Irma Fliech is having trouble presenting the next show and asked with tears:"My God, how am I going to handle my role if this world disaster continues again...?""Take it easy, honey. Everything will be fine." said her boss, Aldo Morini."I know, Aldo. But I lost Hugo because of that terrible massacre caused by Dietfried Bougainvillea." said Irma worriedly."I know. That dirty demon will pay for taking my son's life." said Aldo, shaking his hand in anger.During this conversation, before Aldo leaves, someone knocks on the door. Aldo opens it and this person reveals to be a member of the Belledary family and a close acquaintance of Irma."Jignes!" said the surprised Irma.This guy is called Jignes Belledary, eldest son of General Jake Belledary, paternal cousin of Sharrot and childhood friend of Irma, and he said:"Hi, Irma and Mr. Aldo. It's been a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it?""Hi, Jignes. How are you? You're already a man." said Aldo."Thank you. The reason for our separation is because I have certain problems with human armor. When I saw that Irma was dating your son, I decided to leave her alone for a while for the mistakes I made a long time ago. But now I'm very sorry for his death at Dietfried's hands. I'm sorry..." said Jignes."Serious...?" said Irma, very worried and full of tears."Yes. Mr. Aldo, can Irma and I talk alone? It's private."Sure, feel free..." said Aldo leaving."Irma, I realized the suffering you're having, and I never let my high empathy aside to make the consequences worse. That's why I want to be with you always... to protect you and love you..." said Jignes declaring his love for Irma."I... I..." said Irma."What is it? Is there a problem...?" Jignes asked."I... didn't understand from the beginning. From the beginning, you were very bitter, but inside, you're not like that. And now, I realized that you don't have any more problems. And the reason is because you're such a Lightrror. When we were kids, you told me all about the Lightrrors, and even the Body Stop, which is a function that can prevent me from doing right and wrong things for extremely wrong motivations, making mistakes, etc. It's kind of weird, huh? Heh, heh, heh. A human falling in love with an inorganic and omnipotent monster..." said Irma very enchanted."Yes, and I also fell in love with a human who thrives on the pride of others, and has the attention to protect and help people's happiness." said Jignes very happily."That's right. Jignes, I love you..." said Irma demonstrating her love for Jignes."Yes, I love you too..." said Jignes expressing the same way.After that, the two hug and kiss, moving their lips together in a very gentle way. After letting go of their hands and lips slowly, the eyes of Jignes and Irma start to shine, showing the beauty of each other.At that moment of interruption, a man opens the door and says:"Excuse me, Miss Irma. But the show is about to start. Are you ready?""Oh yes! Of course! I'm on my way! Sorry, Jignes, but I have a lot of work to do. Let's talk later, yes?" said Irma."No, don't worry. Because I'm also very busy with a lot of personal things in my country. So see you. Bye, Irma." said Jignes saying goodbye to his love."Yes, of course. Take care, Jignes..." said Irma.The chapter ends with Jignes walking away and saying smiling:"What a well-made and wonderful girl, huh...?"
Writing Commissions Open!Decided to refresh my commission info! Here you go: Examples of my work: ( 12, 3 ) I also have this tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories. :) I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectAssassin's CreedWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers (specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you don’t see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didn’t list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether I’m okay with it or not)If I haven’t mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)...
Story Ideas Story idea 1:A New Nation In Philadelphia in 1789, a young boy decides to follow in his father's footsteps and join a secret society of monster hunters. The family has a lengthy and outstanding history of becoming great hunters. On his first week as a hunter, the boy was sent to investigate sightings of ghosts in the area. The investigation came back to nothing and he decided to head back to base. Out of nowhere, the boy was ambushed by a pack of werewolves. The incident leaving the boy knocked unconscious. He awakens to find out that he was bitten on the arm. By the rules of hunters’ society, the boy was exiled from society and was sentenced to be hunted by his own family. He is chased down into the woods and hides there until sunset. After sunset, he depressingly explores the woods and finds a dimly lit mansion. There, he enters through the window and slowly walks around. The boy stumbled across a woman wearing a hat and a ghostly orb for a head. The boy remembers that her book talks about this type of creature. She was a reaper! The boy backs away in fear from the now confused reaper. As he tried to run away, the boy bumped into another creature. This time, a vampire. The vampire tells him that he needs to leave. Terrified, the boy pleaded with the vampire, explaining that he has nowhere to go and he was one of them. The also now confused vampire questioned the boy. He introduces himself and tells the vampire his whole story. The vampire allows him to stay and introduced himself as a vampire assassin. Together the three go adventures and learn more the past and history of monster and human societies. Story Idea 2:Horrors of the Real World… It's a new dawn and a new day for me. This would be my first day working as a Support Co. agent. This will be a normal day. Nothing bad would happen.……Oh, who am I kidding!? There is nothing normal about this town! It's more so terrifying than normal! You have harpies as airplane pilots, sphinxes as college professors, a banshee that's somehow a pop-star, and a kitsune as a Internet celebrity. Heck, the headless horseman is the police chief and zombie as one of the leading neurologist in the country! And don't get me started on the centaurs and minotaurs! Every where I go, I’m terrified by all of the monsters from old and new stories. My new job doesn't help me either. Don't get me wrong, I love helping everyone, anyone that I can, but I can't help being afraid. *Sigh* This is going to be a long day... Story Idea 3:Sister Planet Some speculate that we are the only ones out there. Others believe that there is something in space, however we can't explore all of it due to technology. But many do believe that there is a planet similar to ours A sister planet, filled with the same atmosphere as ours. However most people don't think about what might live there. Think about it. If our planet can sustain life, there is a good chance that the other planet can or already have. The question is: What would the living organisms appear as? Is there any plant life or animals? Are there any humans? What do they look like? Are they more advance than us? Are they similar to us or more monstrous? Atlas, we may never know until we find our Sister Planet (Or until they find us)Story Idea 4:A Hero By Mistake General idea (rough)In a world filled with superheroes and villains, there was one man who dreamed of becoming a hero. A medical hero to be exact. Ever since he was little, he always wanted to become a doctor and now the day is finally here. He just got hired to work at a near by hospital and his mom, dad, sister, and the girl of his dreams were excited for him. It was his first day on the job, until the unthinkable happened. Multiple news companies and reporters surrounded the hospital saying that multiple acid bombs have detonate. This left the inspirating doctor to be severely scarred on face and hands. Embarrassed and ashamed, he stayed locked within his apartment for months. Because of this, his girlfriend broke up with him and he lost connection with his family. It wasn't until his 4 year old niece knocked on the door. She wanted him to go to a fanily costume party with her and her parents. He wanted to go, but he was still ashamed of his looks. He looked around his apartment and found nothing. So he went online and found a plague doctor’s costume. It was perfect. He ordered it and the costume arrived early morning. On the of the costume party night, everything was going well. Little did they know a well known villain was attacking the area. The plague doctor and his niece were on their way home. Suddenly, a giant piece of concrete flew toward his niece. In a nick of time, the plague doctor dived toward his niece, pushing her out the way. The villain mistaken the man as hero and engages him in battle. The hero barely makes it out alive and the villain escapes. Now he is seen as a hero and now he is getting requests and pleas from the public. Can he keep up the facade or reveal his true self?Story Idea 5:Everything was dark. Zaleria didn't know what was going on.“…Hey… wake up…” She heard a raspy, blurred voice and slowly open her eyes "Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Do you want to become the world’s next superstar???” Zaleria nodded, after all that is her profession. "Well… TOO BAD, you died and now you're stuck down here with me, your agent… But don't worry, kid. you still have a chance to become an underground superstar. However, we have a slight problem here and there from other singers, actors, and whatever esle is out there in wanting the title. But then again, you might have a chance. Who knows, you might become the next Hellstar." Story Idea 6:An imaginary friend. Almost everyone had one, some still do. What if your imaginary friend can take you to other worlds you created? But what if your imaginary friend took you some of your most darkest nightmares and turned your best dreams into your worst enemy. Your task is to survive them all or be trapped in your nightmare forever. Never to be seen or heard from again and live in world where terrors are evolving. Can you escape them all?
Night Terror Tales: Lucky #13 (Part 1)"Come on, slowpoke!"Holly said with excitement. The sound of the car echoed through the call. They were racing on a grime-stricken race track. The course had many twists, turns, and shortcuts, that caused multiple drivers to flip or roll over. It was going to shut down tomorrow. Nevertheless, it didn't stop two inspired racers. Holly checked her rearview mirror to see if she lost him. Through the thick clouds of dirt, she saw two faint headlights that grew closer. Within seconds, Isaac reappeared out of the dust in his car, almost sideswiping Holly. “Hey! Watch it! Are you trying to drive me off the road?” Holly exclaimed“Sorry about that, but hey, at least you can watch me win,” Isaac jokingly responded “Only in your dreams!” Holly laugh it offWithin a 100 yard distance, the finish line was in view. Both racers put the pedal to the metal and bolted toward the checkered line. This was it. This was the race to prove who was the best racer of the week. Both passed the finish line simultaneously and just like that it was over. Holly and Isaac both bickered about who across the line first and who won. They argued for at least an hour before calling it a tied. The day seemed to last forever until Holly saw the sunset. “Oh no, I have to get back home before my dad loses it,” “Okay, see you tomorrow then?” “Yeah, see you tomorrow,” Holly hopped back into her car and quickly drove back onto the public streets. With her eye on the time, she became anxious as the night turned darker and darker. Holly, the driving genius she is, was not the best at directions. She would often get lost going to the grocery store nearby. Holly lived in an area surrounded by large trees where most people often get lost looking at the scenery. However, it was one of the indicators to Holly about how close she was to home. At the time, she didn't come across other drivers yet, until she stopped at one of the stoplights. Holly glanced at the car sitting in the turning lane. It was a black antique car made in the 1920s or 30s. It had headlights as large as two coconuts, long and narrow engine, with the trunk resembling a boat-tail. The windows were tinted black to where nobody could see the inside. There was also a silhouette of a horse running. A noticeable large number 13 painted silver on one side. “Hey, cool car, but what's up with the number 13 on it” Holly questioned ………Silence. Just silence. With nothing but the sound of one engine running, she assumed that it was an abandoned car. Holly mumbled to herself about how dumb she looked while trying to talk to an abandoned car. While Holly waited, she decided to take a closer look at the old vehicle. She noticed the car had a couple of dents on the side and the hood. It had rusted near the window. A couple of seconds later, the light turned green. She drove away. In the distance, there was a railroad crossing signaling that all drivers should stop for the upcoming train. Holly didn't mind that she had to stop. She loved trains ever since she was little. Holly always loved how the train looked and the machinery that runs it. She always thought the gates and lights were neat. Holly thought about if her job as a stunt driver or a racer was not successful, she would become a train conductor. The lights on the railroad crossing shined bright on her car. The lights also revealed another vehicle behind her. She noticed the car in her rearview mirror and was stunned to see the same abandoned car that she saw earlier. Even though it quite a distance away, it kept revving its engine. The automobile began to omit smoke out of it. Her eyebrows curved down, and a frown appeared on her face. Out of nowhere, the car turned on its headlights. Displaying ominous red lights resembling goat eyes. The vehicle lunged with accelerating speed towards her car. Holly notices the car moving closer and struggled to unbuckle herself. The train didn't pass by yet. Her face was filled with panic as she fiddled with the buckle. In a split second, the strap had freed Holly from her seat. She immediately jumped out the door and onto the pavement. Within the exact second, Holly jumped out of her car. The old vehicle slammed into hers, launching it into the train. The train came to a screeching halt. Holly landed by the trees nearby. She could not have believed what had happened. Shaken up by the crash, Holly slowly lifted herself from the ground. She couldn't stop shaking. Holly used the tree next to her as support and calmed herself down.“Ok, maybe the stunt driver life isn't for me… Lights?” — CRASHHolly turned around only to find the car embedded in the tree behind her. She quickly backed away as the vehicle was preparing to ram the tree again. This time, it successfully knocked down the tree, nearly hitting Holly. The automobile continued to rush towards her. Holly quickly dodged the cursed auto by jumping over the fallen tree. She tried to think of a way out. The forest was not a safe place anymore. She looked around frantically until she notices the train was still there. She thought that maybe she could slip between the train cabins. During her thinking process, Holly saw the car positioning itself for another attack. Holly couldn't double guess herself, so she took her chance and crawled through the cabins. The car stopped, knowing that it can not go through a train. Holly made a break for it and ran towards home. The car watched Holly with one headlight peering between the cabins. The headlights slowly faded away as the vehicle backed away into the darkness.
SRGS: Black Arms Eclipse Poster by SAJ-Man
Fragments of Selessannea's memories - IntroMade possible with the support of Patrons on Patreon. Selessannea screamed. Beneath cradling fingers, flesh and skin ruptured; a terrible warmth spilled into her dress and hollowed her mind. She took short breaths and braced herself for the next contraction, back arching against the wall as she felt pain thrashing its way down her distending belly. Selessannea screamed, and her heart strained; she winced as the magic within her veins jittered and burned. With every swell of flesh, her head pounded, her throat knotted tighter. And, instinctively, she cradled her forming daughter even closer. A chuckle caught in her throat. How terrible a realization it felt, finally understanding the reasons her malia, Nefahtil, had rejected Daeron, the man she had fallen in love with. Her malia must have seen this day coming. Selessannea's smile turned bittersweet. Tears flooded her cheeks as she recalled the soft, gentle coldness Daeron had embraced her with during their few years together. Now more than ever, she sensed its grip on her heart, on her spirit, on the very magic that was every Syrilae's lifeblood. It was peeling her apart, just as her forming daughter took of her rigid flesh to become whole. For an instant, Selessannea regretted every decision she'd made that had led to this moment, to the pain and the grief that she would cause by fading away. Sitting quietly next to her, the gentle spirit who had been as a father to her was restraining his anguish with every beat of his racing heart. It was wrong of her to feel happiness, when she knew what she was putting him through – what she had put him through. Yet, the love in her heart widened her smile. "I'm sorry, Devon," she said, taken in every detail of his twisted face. How she wanted to reach out and hold him, to just touch his face again. Weakness kept her subdued, as well as the knowledge that she couldn't be this cruel to him. "I'm sorry for hurting you," she added. It was all she could say, for her heart broke when she heard him sob. "This isn't your fault," he said, his head low, obscured. But the drumming rhythm of his heart betrayed his thoughts to her. She knew what he meant to say. "It isn't Daeron's fault, either." Her words barely wheezed, she heard a wave of rage rush through his veins. Her apology caught in her throat as her skin swelled and ripped open, her entire body convulsing. A hazy glance down her midriff revealed to her a bulging, fleshen silhouette covered in blood – her own blood, gushing from the many splits in her body where, she knew, her skin was becoming her daughter's. It wouldn't be too long anymore. Soon, she would finally get to rest. But she could not leave yet. She could not leave Devon to deal alone with the violence of his grief, not with precious lives still at stake. "Please," Selessannea said to him, "Please look after my children. I beg you." Wood snapped, her wide ears twitching to the shrill sound. She glanced down, at his hands, at his fist shaking against cracked floorboards. Devon bared his grinding teeth. She heard the screech catching in his throat. Selessannea's eyes lingered on his exposed fangs, her heart bearing the guilt she felt for breaking his own again. She never could imagine how excruciating controlling his nature had to be. It was boiling within him, wild, vicious, ready to burst free. And Selessannea gasped in surprise when she felt the warmth of his tense hands enclose hers. "I failed you," he said, never looking at her. "I failed you, and Nefahtil, and Sorasiehn. I should never have agreed to this." Selessannea couldn't help but smile. Her daughters were truly in safe hands. "Thank you," she needed to say. Finally, he looked up at her; every tear on his face felt like a promise she knew he would keep, for such was his true nature. She kneaded those safe hands of his, tears rolling down her own cheeks. "I love you—" "Don't say that." "—and I need you to forgive Daeron. Please, Devon, forgive him." Devon's lips curled up to reveal his fangs. She felt his hands shake, his fingers tense against her skin. Selessannea knew that, were he not clearly restraining himself, he might have killed her without meaning to. "How dare you say that to me," he spat, hissing. "How dare you, after everything that – that thing – had us endure. What he had you endure. Necromancers are death, Selessannea! You are dying, and that is all on him!" Devon rose to his feet, snatching his beloved warmth away from her. "How dare you speak of forgiveness! I will never forgive him! Never!" Wood snapped beneath Devon's stomping foot. "I swear to kill every necromancer I ever encounter! They took everything away from me, Selessannea! Everything! You were all I had left!" I know, she meant to say. Her lungs pleaded for air with every beat of her failing heart. She fought dizziness as hard as her blanking mind could, for she wanted – needed – him to hear her last words. "I'm sorry," she breathed, with a smile. She couldn't quite hear his words anymore, nor his sobs, nor the anguish pounding in his heart. Vaguely, she sensed his presence by her side, strong and gentle arms cradling her dying body. In her heart, she sensed Daeron's voice, reaching out his care to her. Selessannea thought she smiled, but she could no longer tell. Right before the end, fragments of her life immersed her...

Mature Content

Mature Content

Alex's story: final anagrams (incomplete)Alex's Story anagrams (spoilers)by Yurix-----------------------------------Alexander Merid Destine: Denier in exalted dreamsMelody Olsen: Melne OldyosKaina Valkyr Destine: "Knave Lady" Siria KentLaurinya Valkyr Destine: "True Lady" Kinin ArlyseOnyx Kinslayer: Nikolay RexsynTuralyon Emmerist: Meister Luno Mystheria(He is) Alban Ma Leon: Lionman Hale Beas(He is) Baratus Strongmaul: Moniae Bashrul Stargust(He is) Mark Silnorov: Resham Von Korilis / Lorik Von SamshireAllision Emberheart: Rhea Lois Timberlane(Her name is) Sayeth: Sheena MystheriaLogan Axegrinder: General Dragonix(I am) Father Korgan: Minkfather AragoMeilin Kasma: Elisa Minkma(She is) Saena Kasma: Sea Mink Asha SeasArius Greenleaf: General Fearius / Fae-General SuriYu'rix'Mardu'Lek'Shaia: Sir Yadrake Mulux'hai / Rex Marik Dayus Hailu(I am) Llaelyn (Destine): Ayalee Nim MistlelandElania Windforge: Moniae Freida Alwing(She is) Leara of Myst: Sesala of Mystheria(My name is) Rauz Grayheath: Tigerman Shay Yuma Rhaze(My name is) Olin Mistfoot: Moniae Flit Mistymoons(She is named) Lily: Dame Hayi LindellKadlak the Merciless: Sir Kamklest CheadleLyzar Shardoak: Lord Zaya Karsh / Lady Adzo Karsh(Me, I am) Iron-Chain Pison: Moniae Champion NirisXamaris Imilin of Cald: Sir Maximilian D. FalcoVolkram Niros: Mink Ralos VolGeneral "Tiger's Eye" Thomas: Siegemaster Angel ToriehDawn Merid Destine: 'Sad twin, mired den'Asha Merid Destine: 'Her hate dies in dreams'(My name is) Aphrah: Mynah, a Seraphim
Graveyard shift skitsGraveyard shift skitsby Yurix------------------------Melody: What is wrong with you? Have you thrown in the towel?Volkram: Do you truly think that fighting them is this easy? I spent the last twenty years or so trying to control her, and what did I get in return?Melody: Me?Volkram: If it were only that easy. Every plan I have come up with fell to ruin. Conquering Gon'an. I bred assassins to slay her and her family. I even came close to corrupting her. Yet in the end, none of them succeeded. And look at us now. She is praised by Medierth all over as the greatest Chosen ever born, while I... I'm crawling in the shadows.Melody: I didn't think you were one to give up. You of all people survived every attack sent your way. Haven't you stolen power from the very Planars? Volkram: For a time. The only thing I have left is the power Xelnos gave me... but as much as I try seeing her destruction in my mind, nothing happened.Melody: Are you sure he granted you that power?Volkram: What do you mean?Melody: I was in the Underdeep. He annihilated with that spell she used... but it left him so drained that he did not know that I had escaped.Volkram: Second Genesis...? Wait... When Demyan and his children were there, they used that spell but not him... and so did... Lupa.Melody: Do you understand now?Volkram: ...So Xelnos never had the power to destroy at all... only the power to create!-------------------Karyana: What is this place...?Luriah: The entrance to the truth of the world.Karyana: This was hidden under Planar's Gift?Luriah: Perhaps this was the true gift of Reveen. It could explain why Soner guarded it.Karyana: You knew him?Luriah: ...Somewhat. The other Planars dared not speak his name.Karyana: ...I see.Luriah: Perhaps he saw something on the other side of this door that made him mad.Karyana: ...If there's any way to cure this disease, I have to know.Luriah: Then we have a goal in common. Shall we?---------------------Karyana: Is that-Luriah: The guardian of the truth of Medierth.Karyana: But that's Llaelyn!Luriah: ...Perhaps it has taken her shape to shake your resolve. To stop you from going forward...Guardian: What is it you seek?Karyana: Llaelyn! Please! It's me, Karyana!Luriah: We seek the truth.Guardian: ...The truth is not what you seek.Karyana: Wh-what?*A few moments of battle later.*Guardian: A single strike confirms all. You know your strength and mine, but hold back and cling to the straws of your lifeline. You also do not wish to harm me, as you recognize this form as a friend.Karyana: She... You're not just a friend, Llaelyn! You're as much a daughter to me as Dawn and Asha!Guardian: The tone of your voice and the tears in your eyes tell me that you speak the truth. That the brief time you spent with her has marked you greatly. You wish to protect her, even if your body is tearing itself apart...Luriah: Mistress Karyana, we must break through. You have to fight back! Don't you want to save yourself? to see your family again?*Karyana gasps.*Guardian: You may profess your craving for the truth, but I see your deepest desire. A purpose, a life beyond the Planars...Karyana: ...Llaelyn... is that truly who you are? Or... are you something else completely? ...Who are you?*Four arms appear, one holding Kaina's Sun Blade, another Laurinya's Moon Blade, and a third surrounded by chains made of flowstone. Six wings of glass and metal spread out.*Guardian: I am you, as you are me... My name... is Sophia.---------------------Dawn: Asha?Asha: I'm here. Are you okay?Dawn: Yeah, but... where is 'here'?Asha: No idea... but it doesn't look good.Dawn: What happened?Asha: I don't know. The last thing I remember was buying that necklace for mom, and then-???: Darkness...Asha: Who said that?Dawn: Yeah, show yourself! Whoever you are.. you can't keep us in here!???: Why fight it? Asha: Wh-what????: Why care about a world that is crashing down around you? A world uncaring of you?Dawn: What are you talking about? Come on, Asha, we have to find a way out of here...Asha: ...Dawn: Asha????: "Don't worry for a mother that cares not for you, a father who divides with the darkness inside."Dawn: You're talking crap! Mom and dad love us! ...Come on Asha! You tell her!Asha: ...She's right. They don't care about me.Dawn: Asha, don't be like that...Asha: You saw what those other kids did... what they think of me. I'm not like you or mom or dad! What if... what if they're not my parents?Dawn: You're just talking crazy...???: "Let me help you give you the love you deserve..."Asha: ...Fine.Dawn: What?Asha: You kept making fun of me because I was short... Dawn... I just want someone to look at me, and love me for real...Dawn: Asha... don't do this...---------------------Reveen: How in blazes did you survive?Mark: I didn't. At least, not entirely. I lost my body, but I guess my soul was too stubborn to leave.Reveen: But where were you?Mark: A place outside of time. Neheleis, I believe it's called. The land where those who refuse to pass on to this world or the next dwell...Reveen: Neheleis? I never heard of the place before.Mark: Think of the Old World, and imagine viewing it from a broken mirror.Reveen: I have been in Medierth for so long that I have forgotten was the Old World was like...Mark: Though we haven't forgotten her, have we?Reveen: ...No. She's the very reason of this world... Every lifetime, I tried to reshape her path... to save her from oblivion.Mark: Thousands of years and you haven't changed. Always the idealist.Reveen: ...Have you seen him while you were there? Keith?Mark: You know him. Never was one to step out from the shadows.Reveen: I'm sure Melody misses him.Mark: Melody? She exists here?Reveen: She does... but whether it is a good thing or not, only time will tell.--------------------
One last soul saved (sp?)Nightly skitsby Yurix---------------Luriah: I can't understand you. Your body is broken. Your mana has faded out. Your mind is exhausted... and you still struggle? Where do you find the strength to keep fighting?Karyana: I said... I would save everyone...Luriah: And where has this led you? You can barely breathe... why won't you simply give in! There is no one left! For every bullet you stopped inside, another was fired outside. There is nothing left!Karyana: You're lying...Luriah: Am I now? Then who is left, hmm? Who remains for you to keep fighting for...?Karyana: ...You.Luriah: What?Karyana: You said it before... you were born from my power... What kind of mother would I be... if I didn't fight to save my son...Luriah: You're dillusional. *Karyana shakes her head.* Why would you fight for me? You were fighting me all this time...Karyana: I was fighting Volkram... not Luriah... you told me... you wanted to protect me...Luriah: What?!? *Karyana's hands darken.* What are you doing?Karyana: Melody was born... when I gave up... so to save... everyone...Luriah: You can't be serious! Do you honestly think you can take the world's darkness within yourself? Not with the souls of the world in your- *Karyana detaches her Soul Gem from her chest* W-wait... are you insane?!?Karyana: My life... for... everyone...Luriah: No... No! This... This isn't what was supposed to happen! *Karyana drops to her knees, arms extended.* W-why? Why put yourself through all this misery? After everything I put your through!Karyana: You wanted us... to be together... Please...Luriah: ...Not like this! It was supposed to be you and I... Mother! *Luriah holds Karyana close* You can't- Don't leave me alone!*Karyana weakly hugs Luriah, her hands clutching against his wings, the blackness fading from them.* "You have a family now..." *Karyana's body starts breaking apart, her eyes close.*Luriah: No! MOTHER... *Karyana's body fades to ashes* Mother... Sophia Almighty, what I have done...?!? *picks up the Soul Gem* Mother... Heavenly Mother... *slowly rubs his hand delicately against the gem's surface* I can't do it alone... but... even now... you gave me a chance... I promise... I'll set things right... I took the world from you... it's time that I give it back...
Another night, another skit (sp)Another night, another skitby Yurix-------------------------------Rhea: Can we talk in private?Merka: Can it wait? I was going to check on-Rhea: He's already sleeping. Besides, it's personal.Merka: Personal?Rhea: I want to know what happened to me. I mean, what REALLY what happened.Merka: ...Very well. Where should I begin?Rhea: How about before I woke up with four legs?Merka: Alright. I had just recently arrived in the forest after leaving the underground sanctuary. It had been so long since I was outside that I ended up completely lost. I ended up stumbling upon a few Outcriers, but they didn't understand me and attacked.Rhea: Where does that put me?Merka: I'll get to that in a moment. After I defeated one, I ended up noticing off with one of the others... and somehow transformed it into a Fae.Rhea: You did what?!?Merka: Hear me out. I think that it was faerie-folk from the beginning. Just... it didn't know or remember.Rhea: ...Go on.Merka: When I asked it about the world, it told me about a missing Fae. Someone... important. I promised it to find her. I looked for the whole day, and before the sun began to set, I found more soldiers... who were dumping corpses.Rhea: Corpses? You mean... I was dead?Merka: No dead, but dying. I didn't have the strength to face them all, so I waited until they left... and made sure that the gravedigger would leave you alone.Rhea: You killed him? ...Wait... it's Inaba, isn't it?Merka: ...Rhea: Let me get this straight: you found me in a pile of dead bodies, almost dead, and you changed me into a centaur?Merka: By accident.Rhea: What do you mean 'by accident'?Merka: It was getting dark, and I saw how mangled your legs were. I had to use what little mana I had left to save you... and the only other body that was in that chariot was... a mare.Rhea: So you're the wizard I saw.Merka: ...Yes. I'm sorry, but it was all I could do in such short notice. What little mana I had left after changing Inaba wasn't enough to fix your legs... or your wings.Rhea: Wh-what? You... How did you-Merka: The faerie. It told me of a fiery-haired youngling that had fled, and said that she had odd-colored eyes and pale skin. I couldn't very well see your eyes, but you do have red hair and pale skin.Rhea: That explains things. How you knew the exact spell to shake off my sleepiness. How protective you were when you showed up. And why you didn't show up except at night... You're Moon-Touched, aren't you? That'd explain why you were fresh out of mana after three spells during the day.Merka: ...You saw right through me.Rhea: *sigh* I'll tell you what. I'll keep your secret until you feel comfortable telling everyone, and you do the same, understood?Merka: I promise. In the meantime, you should get some rest. I'll keep watch.----------------------
MISS KOBAYASHI'S DRAGON MAID S.2 EP.4 REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing episode four of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2! In the first story, Kobayashi discovered that Elma has finally mastered programming. As such, Kobayashi gave back all the extra work she had to do while Elma was still learning back onto Elma, making Elma realize Kobayashi does a lot for the company as a sort of pillar. Elma, therefore, challenges Kobayashi to a duel to see who can get the most work done in a day. Kobayashi eventually discovered why Elma was doing this all along: back in her homeworld, Elma had seen many humans sacrifice themselves for the sake of their people time and time again and didn't want Kobayashi to be a sacrifice. Kobayashi was thankful for her compassion but explained to Elma that she misunderstood the situation, and the two go out to lunch. After work, Kobayashi took Elma out for drinks with Takiya, only for Elma to get annoyed by their usual drunken antics. In the second story, Tohru takes up patrolling the streets with one of her neighbors. While on patrol, she and the neighbor encounter a gang of hoodlums blocking the road. When confronted by one of the members, Tohru easily defeated him, causing the other two to pick up their fallen friend and run. The pair soon come across Elma, who got off work early. Elma believed that Tohru had come to the side of Harmony, much to Tohru's annoyance, and thus insisted on joining them on patrol. The neighbor gave her her armband, and Elma and Tohru go on patrol and eventually run into Fafnir, who's practicing a routine in the streets. The three dragons get suddenly surrounded by the gang from before but now with back-up. The leader stepped forward to fight Tohru, only for him to be easily defeated. Tohru warned the others, her eyes flash red, and the gang ran away in fear. Now Tohru is respected and feared among the gang known as the Dragon Busters, who greet her politely in the streets. And finally, Kobayashi went on a trip to an amusement park with the dragons she lives with. She and Tohru enjoy some quality alone time together while the kids enjoy themselves while Saikawa's older sister Georgie, who's working part-time at the park, helped take pictures for her little sister. And apparently, her real name is Nae. Thoughts? While the stories were a little bit more on the plain and slow side, especially the third segment, I enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of funny moments, the action of the second segment was awesome, and the first and third segments had some truly heartwarming moments. With beautiful colors and great animation, Kyoto Animation has done it again. This was a near-perfect episode. Total Score: 4.9 out of 5.0, NEAR PERFECT! I would have given it a higher rating if the story wasn't so slow....
Rick and Morty Season 5 Ep. 6 Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing episode six of Rick and Morty Season 5! Entitled Rick and Morty's Thanksploitation Special, we find our titular characters trying to steal the Declaration of Independence via National Treasure style. Through a boneheaded move, Morty accidentally destroyed not just the famous article of law but also the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty using a laser cannon he and Rick brought with them. The Statue of Liberty, for your information, turned out to be a steampunk robot assassin sent by the French. This action pissed off the President, in his second appearance this season, who declares war on Rick once again, surrounding his house with troops on Thanksgiving. I mean, it's weird that there's a Thanksgiving special in the middle of summer, but I'll roll with it. Anyway, Rick resorts to his go-to plan to trick the President into giving him a pardon like he does every year around this time by disguising himself as a Turkey for the annual presidential tradition. The President saw this coming and planned ahead, sending in an elite squad of marines and turned them into Turkeys to capture Rick and Morty. While the marines are fooled by Rick and Morty at first, the President then took matters into his own hands and had himself turned into a turkey, immediately finding Rick and Morty. During the fight, the locator chip ingested by the President for his people to tell who he was while in turkey form was spat out. This in turn led to the turkey that swallowed the chip to be mistaken by the President's people for the real deal and turned into a replica of the President. The new President began to have other turkeys turned into super-soldiers, and he buys off Congress to go along with it. Rick, the President, and Morty escaped and turn back into humans, the President goes home with Rick and has Thanksgiving dinner with the Smith family. The President rounded up the marines who were turned into turkeys before and has them take back Washington D.C. alongside him, Rick, and Morty. They fight the turkeys long enough for the three to reach the Lincoln Memorial and awaken the aliens that founded America. They fight back against the turkeys, Rick and Morty save America from having all turkeys turned into super soldiers, and at least one marine was left with PTSD. Thoughts? The episode in question is one of those situations whereupon initial viewing, it was awesome, but upon further inspection, one begins to see issues. For starters, the pacing was way too quick to the point where everything was a blur. One minute we have a steampunk robot assassin coming out of the Statue of Liberty, and the next, we have Rick turning into a turkey with little between. The story was like this all the way through; far too little build-up, but what little build-up there happened to be was great! This pacing issue also led to developmental issues within the story in where certain story elements were left underdeveloped. The best example was the Pilgrim and Native American aliens that came in the end. They showed up, did some awesome stuff, and that was it. We get nothing but a quick backstory, but no real character other than they're based on Pilgrims and Native Americans. That isn't to say the episode was bad as it was a delight. With great action, good animation, it was what to expect from a quality Rick and Morty episode. The story was average, but I enjoyed everything else about it. Total Score: 4.5 out of 5.0, ABOVE AVERAGE....
LEAGUE OF GODS (2016) REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing a Chinese film released in 2016. Based on a 16th-century novel, this is LEAGUE OF GODS! I first became aware of this film when I saw a gorgeously rendered fight scene on YouTube. As it turned out, this scene was from the climax of the film. I've wanted to see this film ever since because it looked epic! And since it was available via Amazon for eight bucks, I finally leaped. The plot of this movie is that Emperor Zhou sold his body to the Black Dragon in a deal to help him take over the world. Aided by his demonic nine-tailed fox queen and consort, he has already but taken over the world with one tribe left to defend the forces of good. A lone hero, an orphan of the Wing Tribe, goes on a quest with some unlikely allies to retrieve the only thing that can kill Emperor Zhou: THE SWORD OF LIGHT! Thoughts? This film was certainly epic in scale with fantastic set designs, costumes, make-up, and fight scenes. The acting was good, and the special effects ranged from decent to great to just bad; a mixed bagged. It felt very much like a Chinese Lord of the Rings at times with the number of characters and large-scale fight scenes, but it wasn't afraid to be its own thing with its sense of humor. Regardless of this praise, the film falls short of greatness due to classic mistakes found in similar Chinese epics. These include: The film acts as though the audience already knows what's going on without explaining much.Over-reliance on exposition and characters randomly knowing what to do. A forced love story that distracted from the main plot. Fart jokes and potty humor. And finally, the sequel-bait ending. Overall, this isn't a bad film. It was fun, exciting, the characters are good, but the story is a bit of a let-down. Total Score: 4.1 out of 5.0, SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE, BUT JUST BARELY!...
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Heaven's warriors 9. Drow assassin"This is a matter of faith and entrusting your body to the fire, Laodike," Thesmor told me right after having completed the prescribed rituals. He had sprinkled the ground with salt to consecrate the clearing, then he'd then parted the bonfire with a long stick to create a flattened, flaming walkway. Finally he had blessed me, wafting the curling smoke around me and rubbing it into my body, before he gave me a sombre nod of his head to indicate that all was ready. Around me the Parnassian students began to chant in that ancient language I'd heard earlier. I turned to face what felt to me like the ultimate challenge. Still several paces away, I could feel a scalding sheen of sweat prickling on my skin and how my heart thumped within my chest. My mouth felt parched with fear and I struggled even more to centre myself. The candle test may have proved that the act of magic shielding could overcome physical heat but this was no candle. It was a huge flaming pyre. I was going to be roasted alive.Taking a deep breath, I choked on the smoky air. Desperately I tried to calm my mind, emptying it of all thoughts, but a certain memory came to me, how Ieonnatos had tamed the flames in the mansion where he Salome and I had been hiding after Cyrsilus had tried to kill me. Had Ieonnatos too been put through this test and had he made it? Something with the way he'd acted around the fire that night told me he had, and I so wanted him here by now, wanted, needed his support. But he was not here, I was on my own and I had to pull this through somehow without his safe comfort to rely on. Patiently, Thesmor waited at the other end of the flaming path. I focused my eyes on his handsome and serene face as I swallowed and stepped closer, passing through a patch of salt to purify my feet before entering the fire. The circling words of the students' mantra droned in his ears while the crackle and pop of wood receded into the background. I kept walking, my body cloaked in a swirl of flames, my eyes never leaving Thesmor's face. I'd no idea how far I had gone as time seemed to melt away to nothing.Suddenly I stumbled on a branch. I caught myself, but lost eye contact with Thesmor. Concentration broken, I glanced down at my bare feet. The coals upon which I stood glowed a fierce red and now I could feel the blistering heat pressing all around me. My throat dried to dust and my lungs burned as I gasped in the scorching air. I thought I could smell the flesh searing on the soles of my feet, a sharp brilliant pain intensifying and I could feel panic rising in my chest like a ball of flame. The smell of smouldering hair filled my nostrils. I was going to burn to death."Laodike!" Thesmor called above the roaring blaze. I looked up, locking eyes with him once more. "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear!" His gaze was so intense I felt my mind being drawn back to its meditative state. I fought my fear and grappled for control of my senses. With the help of Thesmor, my mind was quickly emptied of sensation and the fire lost its ferocity. In that manner I resumed my steady pace through the furnace, the flames fanning me but not singeing my skin. Exiting the blaze, I felt my feet come to rest upon a cool green mat of wet cedar branches and I breathed an immense sigh of relief. I had walked The Vulcan Lord's Passage.----"Slow down!" Estaro pleaded as he hobbled several paces behind me, Liia and Carolian as the class wound its way through the moonlit cemetery back to our dorms located within the main Parnassian village. About half the class had attempted The Vulcan Lord's Passage but not all had come unscathed out of it it. A few, like Estaro, were suffering bad blisters on the soles of their feet."That'll teach you to forget your meditation exercises," Carolian replied, shaking his fair head."I'm just glad it's over," Estaro groaned, grimacing with each painful step."I don't think it's over yet," Liia interrupted, glancing back over her shoulder. "There's still tomorrow and I heard the teachers talking about one more test.""But surely The Vulcan Lord's Passage was more than enough to prove our courage and magical aptitude as Parnassians?" I said."You never know with the teachers," Carolian huffed and glanced sideways at me. "You got good healing capabilities, Laodike, your feet are nearly mended, so rest assure they're going to find something challenging enough for you.""Hush!" Liia suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Something's not right," she whispered, her eyes darting around the shadowy forest. Carolian, Estaro and I came to a halt as we sensed it too, an unsettling stillness to the trees. Not quite a calmness, more a deadness. The misty track which we had followed suddenly seemed haunted with the spirits of a thousand dead Parnassian warriors."We are in a graveyard," Estaro pointed out the obvious as he was staggering on. "No wonder it feels creepy.""We should hurry," Liia said, a note of urgency in her voice."But why? I can hardly walk," Estaro complained."That's why," Liia pointed into the darkness.From behind a moss-covered tombs, a shadow were rising out of the mist. We huddled closer to one another, terrified by the nightmarish apparition. Suddenly a huge form, dressed head-to-toe almost materialized in front of us, weapons drawn. I realized that this wasn't a random attack. This being had been waiting for us, which meant only one thing, the Principati must have sent it. Those same who'd ordered Cyrsilus to kill me had somehow discovered that I had left the human realm and joined the Parnassian numbers. And beyond the protection of Parnassos' residual magic I was an easier target. Now would be the perfect time to attack.Before we could reach for our weapons, the black clad flung out their hand, a long chain with a heavy, sharp-spiked weight on its end whipping out. It struck Estaro in the gut, knocking him to the ground. Carolian, his sword now drawn, rushed forward to protect his injured friend. He sliced down at the black clad's head. The foe, retracting their chain with a flick of the wrist, spun its length round Carolian's blade. Wrenching the sword from his grasp, they pulled Carolian off-balance and side-kicked him in the chest. It happened so fast I could only watch as my friend hollered out loud and crumpled against a tombstone.Liia flung herself in front to defend Carolian and the black clad bore down on her. She threw up her guard as the assassin blasted her with a devastating combination of punches and kicks, yet she managed to defend herself against the onslaught, retaliating with a desperate roundhouse to the head. But the black-clad blocked it, capturing her leg with one hand and sweeping her to the ground.As she rolled away between two gravestones, the black clad wound up their chain for the killing blow, launching a weighted end at her. Without regard for my own safety, I jumped between he two fighters and cut down with my sword. The chain wrapped round the blade, causing the lethal weight to stop short of Liia's heart. Before the black clad could whip the sword out of my hands, I thrust it between the two graves, jamming the weapon into place. Caught off-guard by the move, the assassin struggled to untangle their chain. I seized the opportunity and launched a spinning hook kick at their head. Disorientated from the blow, the assassin fell to the ground, hit their head against stone with a horrid crack – and remained still."Dead?" Estaro whispered."I don't know," Carolian said and carefully moved forward. "Lend me some light, will you!"As a response, Liia lifted her hand and conjured up a small ball of bluish light, held it in the air in front of her as Carolian carefully knelt and wrapped the scarf off the head of the prone, black form in front of us. And as the almost bluish black face came in view, I heard him draw breath. "Drow," he hissed. "Should've known it.""But what are the Drow doing so far west?" Estaro asked. "Someone must have sent them, but who?" Carolian said."The Principati?" Estaro guessed."It's not their modus operandi," Carolian assessed. "Deploying supernatural races like the Drow is below their status. Something else must be at play here." Then he lifted his head and his eyes connected with mine. "Do you have certain enemies, Laodike? Because of your, eh, background?""None that I know of," I lied. "None that would send Drow at least," I added, which was more of the truth if it was true that the Principati didn't work this way. Which was very much possible when it came to those haughty beings. "Anyhow, he's dead all right," Carolian said and stood, sheathing his blade. "No doubt cracking his scull against the tomb stone took care of that trouble for us." "Let's go!" Liia urged, her face pale with shock. "Before more of them appear." She grabbed the winded Estaro and with the help of Carolian, began hauling him up the path towards the Parnassian village."Thank you," Estaro gasped."Thank me when it's over," Liia deadpanned.Quickly, I unwound the the heavy chain from my sword and hurled it into the bushes. Then we set off. However, we didn't make it far. That strange, black chain weapon shot out of the darkness once again and this time it wrapped itself round my throat. Another Drow? Letting out a strangled cry, I was yanked off my feet and dragged into the depths of the graveyard. Liia, hearing my cry, came running to save me. Half choking to death, I saw her leap into the air, cartwheeling over my body to land a front kick in the second attacker's chest. The assassin dropped their weapon and was forced into close combat with Liia.Meanwhile, I pulled the chain from my neck and staggered to my feet, watching the two combatants. For a moment the Parnassian girl seemed to be overpowering her attacker, then the Drow thrust a spear-hand strike into a nerve-point beneath her shoulder. Liia's entire left arm went slack and her eyes widened in panic. With her arm useless, she was unable to defend herself properly and she fell against a kick in her chest.Once again, the Drow moved up to strike against my fallen friend. I had only seconds to react and I spun the Drow's chain above my head and released it. The chain sailed through the air, wrapping round the Drow and binding their arms to their sides. With the assassin immobilized, I knocked them to the ground and pulled free the rope they wore tied around their waist. With a few deft twists of the cord and a self-tightening gunner's knot, I soon had the Drow's wrists bound behind their back."That should hold the bastard," I said, running over to Liia who was rubbing her paralysed arm. "Are you all right?""I'm fine. Under the circumstances," she exhaled. "I'm just enjoying the ground, it was kind enough to catch me when I fell."With my attention focused on Liia, the Drow silently flipped to their feet. By letting out all their breath and relaxing their muscles, they'd shrugged off the slackened cords. "Watch out!" Liia cried and I looked back over her shoulder. "Don't worry. The Drow can't do much harm with their hands tied behind their back."The Drow laughed, a heckling, raspy sound. Jumping into the air, they brought their feet up and back through their arms. They landed neatly, their bound hands now in front. Liia and I exchanged a look of amazement, then realizing the danger we were back in and sprinted away."Hurry!" Liia shouted as we caught up with the others. "Another Drow. Right behind us.""Not that way!" warned Carolian, as a third Drow dropped from the trees to block our escape.This assassin, a blade glinting in one hand, headed directly for me. Through the slit in their hood, I could see a single emerald-green eye glaring at me. "Run, young Parnassians. Run!" the woman hissed and my blood ran cold as I recognised that voice. It was Atagartis."Run, young Parnassians, Run!" Atagartis urged once more, her voice laden with scorn. No one moved."It's the Titan I want," she added, pointing her knife at me. "The rest of you little mice I couldn't care less about." Now, with her wings hidden, it was easy to mistake her for another Drow, but I knew better. This woman was crème de la crème of the Principati, and she was pulling threads to make people like Cyrsilus trying to kill me. And when he failed, she'd apparently deployed this age old race of hidden warriors and expert killers."No!" Liia screamed, kicking out to knock the knife from Atagartis' grasp. But the Principati easily evaded the attack, slashing the Parnassian's thigh with her knife. Liia screamed as she dropped to the ground, grasping her bleeding leg."Any other heroes?" Atagartis enquired while placing the tip of her blade under Liia's chin. "It would be a shame to ruin such a pretty face."I knew there was only one way to save my friends. "If you want me, Atagartis, then come and get me," I challenged, turning and running off into the forest. I weaved between gravestones, the undergrowth whipping at my legs as I went deeper and deeper into the darkness, in the still of the night. Switching right, up a small rise, I then cut down a slope, jumped over a small creek, slid between two thick tree trunks and dashed across a clearing where the moon shone down on dew-strewn grass. Then I was back in the woods again and dived behind a large lichen-covered boulder. My heart thudded in my chest and I could hear the blood rushing through my ears. How had Atagartis found me? She was like an evil shadow never leaving my side.After what felt like an eternity, I poked my head above the boulder. The mist swirled between the thick trunks of the tall cypress trees, that were reaching up into the moonlit sky like the outstretched arms of the dead. The world was eerily silent, not even the crickets sang their eternal song. "Looking for me?" a voice whispered in my ear. I spun round to be confronted by Atagartis, whose jade-green eyes and the glint of her knife were all that could be seen in the encroaching darkness. I had only one choice. Clambering to my feet, I drew my sword and prepared to fight. Calmly, the Principati put away her knife, reached over her back and unsheathed a large, curved scimitar of the kind her kind deployed, not at all alike the rod-straight swords the Parnassians carried. The steel caught the moonlight as she brought it in line with my own sword.I didn't wait for her to attack though. I knocked her scimitar aside, thrusting my sword at Atagartis' throat. Her eyes flared in surprise at the speed of the strike. Twisting to one side, the tip barely missed her neck. Atagartis retaliated at once, cutting her blade across my gut. I managed to block the strike, but she pressed forward with her attack, red sparks of hot iron flying everywhere with each blow I deflected. Atagartis then aimed for my head. The razor-sharp sword sliced through the air. I ducked, holding my own sword high to protect myself. The steel scimitar cut straight down upon my blade, knocking it out of my hand and my enemy gave a shrill laughter.Realizing my skills were no match for the Principati, I swirled around and ran for my life once again. I broke from the forest into a clearing, almost careering headlong into the swamp. Stumbling round its edge, I lost one of my boots in the mud."You can't run forever, Laodike!" Atagartis shouted, hot on my heels.I knew she was right and stopped running. Taking a deep breath and calming my mind, I turned to face my enemy once again. Atagartis stopped too, her head cocked to one side, surprised to see that I had actually followed her command."So, finally you understand there can be no escape." she chided, raising her sword and placing the tip to my heart.I didn't answer, but continued to focus on her face. "Why don't you ask yourself the very same thing?" I shot back steadily."What do you mean?" Atagartis said just as the still burning hot embers of The Vulcan Lord's Passage caused her leather shoes to burst into flame.I had felt the hot coals as soon as I had stepped upon the patch of blackened earth and immediately had I stopped and cleared my mind in readiness for the heat. But Atagartis, so intent on pursuing me, hadn't given the ground a second look. Now, the Principati howled in shock and pain as the flames licked up her legs. However, she was a fully trained Principati and better than letting flames of mere fire getting to her and I knew he only had moments before she recovered. Lashing out, I kicked her as hard as he could in her chest. She stumbled backwards, teetering on the edge of the swamp. I struck again, hitting them with a double flying front kick. Atagartis toppled into the marshy waters and disappeared beneath the surface. I didn't wait around to see if she would resurface, but fled back through the forest in search of the other Parnassians.
The Alpha's Heirs - IntroductionThe Alpha’s HeirsWillow Valley ChroniclesBook One Nothing, not even snow, could discourage the families of willow Valley from venturing out of their warm dens and burrows on this dark, freezing night. In the tiny village of Hare Hall, patrons and their families filled the brightly lit dining hall of the Horn and Flagon Inn to the rafters. Drawn out of the cold like moths to a flame, they braved the weather to come for stories told by the traveling bard on one of his rare visits. A night of entertainment by White Fox the bard, and his vixen, Rosie the magician, was a treat not to be missed. A fire on the huge open hearth brought welcome warmth to chilled bones. The acrid odor of wood smoke competed with the sweet aroma of apples and vegetables roasting on spits, warm, fresh baked oat bread with butter, and the scent of a bubbling cauldron of stew. Joyous laughter and chatter rang out from every corner, accompanied by the clatter of bowls and ale steins on wooden trestle tables. Tiny ones, kits and cubs, slept at their mothers’ breasts. Rosie held young ones in her lap and performed magic tricks for them. “Why do you store acorns in your ears?” She asked one surprised he-fox kit. “But I don’t-” “Where did this one come from?” And she produced an acorn, to the delightful giggles of his friends. “If you don’t wash your ears, soon trees will grow from them.” Older youngsters moved closer to the bard’s seat to ensure they didn’t miss a word. They squirmed, twitched their tails, and tried their best to be patient, as they waited for the stories to begin. So far, the brawny wolverine barkeep had not been called upon to break up a fight. With the bard in the house, all patrons remained on their best behavior. No one wanted to be thrown out into the cold. At last, the young ones could wait no longer. “A story, Bard. Please! A story-” “No. A lay. Sing us a lay-” “Yes, please, before my little brother falls asleep.” “Very well,” said the bard. “Would you like a story with a lay nested within?” “Yes!” “You are patient, little ones. Sit back and listen. I’ll tell a story of beginnings, and of a horrible and bloody war. Some fighting took place right here where we sit. Such a terrible time of bloodshed, the conflict came within a hare’s hair of destroying our world.” “Ooh!” The youngsters gasped. “The battle involved all creatures. Men fought alongside badgers, wolves, big cats, and bears for the forces of good. They battled evil men from the north, strange, jumping creatures with pockets from across the Endless Sea, and hyena mercenaries from far off lands in the East. A conflict which would have no victors. “Are you listening?” “Yes!” “The great wizard, Thurin the Good, spun our world into existence. He brought his dream to life, bountiful and idyllic, and sustained it by incantations. Then an evil necromancer, Darius the Dark, entered the world, his heart full of bitterness and cruelty. Darius hated all the beauty and innocence and set about to destroy it. “The Dark One filled the hearts and minds of Thurin’s creatures with greed, envy, jealousy, and hatred. He needed no magical incantations, only half-truths, lies, and fantasies whispered into willing ears. “Creatures, Man and Animal, grew ungrateful and unsatisfied with the simple life their creator gave them. They began to kill each other for gold, power, or another’s home or mate. Soon, vicious wars broke out across the world, battles so great many, many warriors were killed or wounded. Those who survived fled from the battlefields. Some would return from war to find their homes destroyed and their families dead or enslaved. “In the final battle, Thurin faced Darius one-on-one in a fierce wizards’ duel. They turned each other and themselves into all sorts of animals and phantoms, dragons, snakes, elephants, mice, birds, insects, ogres, giants, whales, sea serpents, celestial things above and unspeakable things from below. In one last perfect incantation, the good wizard defeated the necromancer. Victorious, he imprisoned Darius and his evil minions in caverns deep beneath the Endless Sea.” “Hooray!” “But- the wars did unbelievable damage. The violence of the conflicts destroyed most of Thurin’s beloved creatures. The wizard mourned over them all. Because he didn’t want to live alone, he rebuilt his world and started over. This is called the Time of Change. “Though imprisoned, Darius never sleeps. With a long reach from his prison, he remains on the lookout for opportunities to take revenge. “Soon after the necromancer’s confinement, a bard sang this prophecy:‘With the aging of the stars,Evil tests his prison bars.Greed and avarice return.Across the world, fires burn.Tales of battles far and nearFill all creatures’ hearts with fear.Though animals and men unite,This war will not be won by might.In those days, small heroes riseTo rob the Evil of his prize.Thurin’s creatures, great and smallMust all prepare to heed the call.’ “The battle continues, young ones. For fifteen-hundred years, longer than you can imagine, Darius has tested his prison walls. The Evil One constantly reaches out to touch those who are open to accept and believe his lies. Any who yield to him become his prisoners forever. So beware of your thoughts, little ones. “He may try to touch and capture- you!”
Skits for Asha's story (sp?)Skits for Asha's storyby Yurix------------------------Asha: Hmm...Aphrah: You seem pensive.Asha: I'm just wondering. You were the one who woke me up, right?Aphrah: If you mean your awakening to Neheleis, then yes, I have.Asha: So, who awakened you?Aphrah: I... don't know.Asha: Well someone must've told you where to find me and how to wake me, right?Aphrah: Perhaps, but... I cannot remember whom.Asha: Not to mention why you're taking me... wherever it is.Aphrah: I suppose.Asha: Speaking of which, how DID you wake me?Aphrah: You're asking too many questions. We should be on our way.Asha: But how do you know where to-Aphrah: I DON'T KNOW! I wish I knew, but I don't! Just... stop asking!Asha: Whoa... Aphrah, did you just... get angry?Aphrah: !-----------Asha: You know, maybe you could use a nicer name.Aphrah: Why?Asha: Well, you said that your name means 'dust'. Isn't that kinda lame?Aphrah: The one who created me told me that 'all will turn to dust' and named me for that.Asha: So you're remembering things?Aphrah: !-----------Asha: 'All will turn to dust...' You know, there's something that's bugging me about that.Aphrah: What about it?Asha: Sure it sounds all doom and gloomy, but what if the one who made you got it wrong?Aphrah: Wrong? What do you mean?Asha: 'All will with turn to dust...' If your name is Aphrah, and that means dust, doesn't that mean that 'All with turn to'... you?Aphrah: You mean all would become me?Asha: No. I mean... what if all will look to you for help? Doesn't that sound nicer? You could be a hero!Aphrah: But I was born of your darkest emotions. How could I be a hero to anybody?Asha: You saved me. Doesn't that count?Aphrah: !----------------Aphrah: You know... maybe that idea of yours could work.Asha: Which one?Aphrah: Changing my name. Aphrah... doesn't that sound a bit like 'afraid'?Asha: A little... Hmm... do you have any ideas?Aphrah: I can't really think of any. I only know as much as what you, your sister, and my creator knew.Asha: Do you remember your creator's name?Aphrah: He called himself Volkram Niros.Asha: Oh, him... Yeah, you DEFINITELY deserve a better dad than him.Aphrah: Asha... if I was born from the darkness of both you and your sister, doesn't that make me... your daughter?Asha: !--------------Asha: What is this place?Aphrah: One we should've linger at. I can sense danger everywhere...Voice 1: I know that scent...Voice 2: Must be one of her brats.Voice 3: But who's with her? One of us?Voice 2: Who cares! Let's get back at her by killing them all!Voice 4: Don't you dare!Asha: Huh? Is that-(Asha looks around the broken wall, only to see Aerona, Anthra, Apocyne and Naksha arguing.)Asha: *gasp* Aerona! Ruby!(Naksha turns around): Little mistress!Aerona: Asherah? Well, I'll be... you look a little shorter than I remember.Anthra: Who cares? She's the reason you ended up here, Aerona! You should kill her off!(Aerona and Naksha turn to guard Asha): We care!--------------Asha: Aphrah! Where did you go?Aphrah: I'm here...Asha: *gasp* What happened to you?Aphrah: When you nearly lost yourself to despair... and became a monster... I took your pain into myself. I was trying to suppress it... but it changed me. It didn't just awakened my emotions... it did this...Asha: Goodness... you look-Aphrah: I'm a monster. I know-Asha: You look amazing! My goodness, look at you! I bet Alex would flip!
An odd bedtime storyAn odd bedtime storyby Yurix--------------------Alex: Merka, can you tell me a bedtime story?Merka: Well, I don't really know any...Monica: I might know one, but it's a bit... unusual.Merka: How so?Monica: Well... it's one of the few things I remember of my childhood.Alex: So your mom or dad told you?Monica: I think so. Let's see now...Once upon a time, there was a young hero who was believed to be the most powerful person alive. Not only was that hero a kind soul, but was also clever. Though the people knew of the hero's greatness, this young one did not accept the rule of the Divines.One day, while that hero was dreaming, the Bearer of the Old World came to the hero and challenged his beliefs. This Divine One declared that should the hero defeat Him in a battle within dreams, he would let him go and that should he lose, he would never awaken.Merka: Are you sure this is a good bedtime story? That doesn't seem right.Alex: Shh! I wanna hear!Monica: So the hero and the Divine One began their battle, but a battle of words:-Divine One: I am the ram, hooved climber, horn-charging.- Hero: I am the hunter, bow-wielding, horse-riding.- Divine One: I am the fly, horse-stinging, hunter-dismounting.- Hero: I am the frog, tongue-lashing, fly-devourer.- Divine One: I am the snake, poison-toothed, frog-eater.- Hero: I am the mongoose, thick-furred, snake-eater.- Divine One: I am the eagle, talons sharp, flying hunter.The hero knew he could not repeat the same thing, according to the laws of the battle, so he thought deeply.- Hero: I am the scorpion, stealthy assassin, poison-tailed.- Divine One: I am the bat, nightly terror, poison-resistant.- Hero: I am the owl, guardian of nights, terror-ward.- Divine One: I am lightning, great flash, striker of birds.The hero knew that the battle could last forever, and wanted to end this, so he had to change his approach.- Hero: I am the land, grand nurturer, ever fertile.- Divine One: I am the locust, unending swarm, devourer of fields.- Hero: I am fungus, spore-spewing, insect-poison.- Divine One: I am the boar, thick-skinned, fungus-eater.- Hero: I am the bear, teeth-and-claws sharp, immense beast.- Divine One: I am humanity, apex predator, world's decay.Alex: That last one was really NOT nice.Merka: So, how did the Hero take it?(Monica shakes her head) The hero was growing angry, but knew that he had to win, or else he would never wake up.- Hero: I am Wisdom, bearer of truths, enlightning to life.- Divine One: I am Corruption, maddening realization that spurs anarchy, lies, war... destruction. The Divine One grinned, believing his victory absolute. "Now, young hero, what are you?"The Hero simply smiled. "I am Hope."- Merka: Then what happened?- Monica: The Divine One could not find a reply, as Hope lives beyond eternity. In the end, the young Hero was able to awaken, knowing that his greatest battle was one no one would ever hear of. The end.- Alex: Aww... I don't get it.- Monica: I'm sure you'll understand one day. Good night, you two.- Alex: G'night...- Merka: "Hope lives beyond eternity", huh...
visual writing
Upon a Star, Prologue Page 2,By DaisyToddDraws by YurixTheWanderer
Portrait by aneagle

Mature Content

We all MatterWhy must familyhurt one anotherwith dreadful wordsbuilding up angerand resentmentas each day goes by.Breaking down each otherstill they can no longerfeel any lovein fear of itbeing squashedand thrown asidemet with onlyhateful remarksbye and bye.Yet these peopleare told to hide awayin order not to inflictpain on the personwho caused themthe endless torment.For they are familyand so they geta free passas many would saybut they have gone astrayfor what the family dooften hurt moreeven without a blow.Even childrenwho are oftencast asideexperience this painand they can not getawayfor what're they to dowith the parentsalways lurkingaround the corner?If it's only verbalthey're often belittledchildren and adults alikefor words don't hurtas much as stonessome fools would saywhen in realitywords can cut deeperthen any woundand last much longer.Even when people of powerbother to careoften timesthe options are fewsome would justshoo you awayto therapywhich even thoughit's often neededand if use correctlyis a great helpif you're a kida parent can take controland take it awayfrom those who need it most.However if the situationis considered direone might find relieffrom their parents holdbut then holdsanother dilemma for the systemisn't always goodat choosingthe best home for youfor some take injust to usethe money sentwithout a care for you.But we must not despairfor we have the powerdepending where you call hometo demand reformationon the system thatofttimes fails.We can speak outand let our storiesbe heard across the worldshowing them allthat we won't be ignored.We can improve the educationof soon to be parentsworldwideso they can properly seewhat affects their actions will bring to their offspring.We can learn to lend an earto children voicesnever pushing them aside making sure they knowwithout a doubt that their opinions matterjust as much as any otherand give them more rightsover the parentslike other countries donot in everything mind youbut when it comes to therapyand the kid's wellbeingno one shouldbe able to take that awayespecially the closes of kin.We can try our bestto make people seethat abuse is abuseno matter what degreeand all formsshould be treated with careand should not be pushed asidedue to onebeing subjectively worse than the othertreat the more severe firstas is fair and justbut don't forget the othersin the muck.If we do all thisslowly over timethe situation of othersworldwidewill improve and we'll seemore smiles than we thoughtcould possibly be.



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Vvulf Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2019  Student Writer

It looks like this group is inactive. I'm trying to kickstart a few new writing groups. Check them out if you're interested. :) 
This is a writing critique group. It works off of a give-one get-one basis. Folders are routinely emptied to ensure critique requests are from active members.
A Fantasy Literature showcase! Find fantasy writers or display your work. This group is organized by subgenre and offers dedicated folders for members' chaptered works.
New writing prompts every month!

***If this group is still active, sorry, and feel free to hide this comment 
Leafy2BeProsperous Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2019  Student General Artist
November 7, 2019

Dear LiteratureJunkies,

I am Leafy2BeProsperous which is my username but, my real name is Kachina Zahara. I am a beginner in writing Poetries about Nature, Love, and General Topics about Humanity. I wonder if it is okey to join your group because I have 3 great works of poetry I made to submit to you over the course of a month. I wonder if it is okey to join your group. Please respond to me at any time.

Sincerely, Leafy2BeProsperous or Kachina Zahara
SalyaDarken Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Looking for writers to join my forum. only PG stories are allowed, sorry.
galateabellator Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Fanfics folder is full, where can I submit? 
Agent36496 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017   Writer
I need help. A story of mine that's been in progress for over a year now: I need someone to criticize me now more than ever. I'll never know if I'm a bad writer if I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I looked for Beta-readers when starting out--don't make promises you can't keep. I want to know if anyone in this group has time to read chapters through and suggest changes, not just in grammar.
Michel-le-fou Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Professional Writer
I can.
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016   Artist
Thank you
CiCi-Arts Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh nooo, the poetry folder is full. D=
Michel-le-fou Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Professional Writer
I will inform them. Sorry!
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Would I be able to post literature that is in the artist comment's of a drawing?
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