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Geoproteanthrope, Ecology of the life bringerEcology of the Life Bringer, Great Seeding of Many Terrestrial and Oceanic Worlds The fission pods are many fathoms deep under the gulf. Ecologically adept, each pod has thecapacity of spawning a plethora of highly advanced flora and fauna. Poised for delivering a copious assortment of rapidly integrative mimicries, all the while offering to advance and enrich a host of natural selection along with an interdependence among similar species akin to its nature. With a vast microcosm of explicitly correlative symbioses, these microecologies, are introductive of many species capable of metamorphic convergence between the matrixes of animal, vegetable, and even the dramatic transmutation of minerals utilizing highly adaptive synergistic microbes to transmute the prevalent soil compositions. Microbialization of the soil begins with the rapid reproduction and dispersion of organisms ideally purposed for the rapid deconstruction of a specific range of material, establishing a foundation, then dramatically mutating into cellular diversities, in preparation of enzymatic and chemical breakdown, while introducing an elemental, mineral, and nutrient diversity formerly unavailable. Furthermore, once a microhabitat is introduced, and becomes established, these life-forms will continuously evolve throughout the adaptive establishment, and rebirthing cycles. It is here at great depths, in the cold and oily murk, where they span the majority of the gestation period of an approximately 11-year solar propagation cycle. This lengthy spawning cycle is necessary to develop these specially advanced offspring, selectively engineered for the potentially rich and complex interdevelopmental blueprinting as greatly adaptive biodiversification, spawning many forms capable of advancing within and throughout an extensive myriad of astrobiological and terrestrial biomes. Purposely protecting them at great lengths from the depleting solar energy, serves to facilitate a unique characteristic within the gravitational and magnetic independence, sensitizing pods to solar, lunar, and terrestrial orbital, gravitational, geomagnetic, and tidal energies. Until charged with abysmal dark matter, these pods' enhanced structural densities have become navigationally honed to attract the farthest-reaching and most fecund itinerary thus derivate of the cosmos. The radiographic insignia of an abundance of life-forms, captivates of these informed systems, where surges of radon energy may emit as a pulse acting as a telemeter, gradually informing instincts most active, as informed Instinct, determining a course of seeding and migratory imprinting ideal for the offspring in developmentally transmutative phase determination and removed from the inhibitions of radiological interference due to solar disruption. Whilst all microbial particle affiliates rest in gestation, learning a heightened capacity for longevities and sustaining remarkable feats of regeneration from oxidation, and solar deterioration, they prepare to travel inland, eventually to rise at the swampy bog. Surfacing to solarize, and spawn via micro-sporing, whilst creating a dry energy field to repel the forces of internal humidity.Next, the heliotropic pods rotate several times throughout the circadian rhythmostasis, drawn toward the azimuth of the solar and lunar convexion. Then, after a complete lunar cycle, the collective pods, in a vast watery dispersion, while the parental units; zooidal medusoid hydra, as they become statically charged, begin expelling all fluids from the internal structure of their suspensoid bodies.Asteroidal in mass, these pods are possessed of an independence from normal gravity. As such, they are capable of interstellar travel. This happens when the lunar orbit pulls them into outer space. Then, they will exist in planetary orbit until bearing a new heading toward afertile and life inhabited planetary ocean, within the same galaxy, or as they have progressed, the flight path is clear to extend anywhere beyond their known existence, folding space/time as if by echolocation by the idyllic destinations pulling these sound objects (pods) toward their new homes. Multiple polyps within each pod endure such intense pressure ranges from within as their potential offspring (gametes) enigmatically forge, and are consciously arranging perceptual telemetries of awareness and influence. These biostructural relationships between the living polyps and the skeletal asteroidal masses are capable of great flexibilities of their relative dimensions of projective perspectives that transmute space and time, penetrating greater distances than ever before to fix onto a body of superior cosmic awareness within the desired destination. This Supreme Being, when lured by the perceiving probe, will move swimmingly so as to position themselves beneath each indaptive orb. Each will be drawn to its location. These orbs represent indaptive data from beyond, imprinted of positive systems. And the Supreme Being who responds to such prescience is being read by the dimensional probing. This reading is crucial to develop the empathic form that opens in deep space in the pathway of a wormhole. Now, a clear path has been chosen.Drawn inward from the life emanations of external origin, cosmic radiation transfers neutrinos synaptically. Living matter transfers freely through the ethereal plane materializing in a sort of ectoplasm. This ectoplasm subsists as a dense fog and accumulates around the indaptive orbs, which hover above the Quasindaptimuths. The ectoplasmic storm thickens and intensifies until achieving a pressurized well around each of the seven indaptive orbs.Reaching a pressure that is greater than water, the surface of the water beneath each swell becomes displaced by the greater pressure expanse. At the exact moment that the surface tension yields, the envelopments surge with circumvolutions of galactic light waves. The enveloped orbs are now ignited and primed to begin immersion. These are now calledPosimorphs. Now it is time for the Quasindaptimuths and the Posimorphs to converge as one. The immersion of the Posimorphs and the suspended Quasindaptimuths, must make aconnection at halfway between the water’s surface and the seafloor (approximately 7000 ft.). The baroclinicity between the partially hollow Quasindaptimuth and the super dense posimorphic fluids immediately create an exchange, filling completely the frontal lobe of theQuasindaptimuths and simultaneously expelling internal gasses through their anterior nodes. The Quasindaptimuths are soon completely fluidized. The next transformation comes to bear as the indaptive nebulae at the centers of the Posimorphs make contact with the statically charged Quasindaptimuths. The two must now undergo their “Vorpal Communion”. The indaptive orbs upon contact begin to enter and nucleate the Quasindaptimuths, pulsating throughout the pod’s asteroidal mass, until at last they have become as one. Now it is born as The Geoproteanthrope.
Remembered Eternity ch.2Upon a star : Remembered EternityChapter 2By Yurix------------------------------------------------Demyan had awoken early, his sleep lacking for some reason. It had been a week since he returned from Saberbia and ever since, his days were a barrage of meetings with people of all ages, classes and races. Dwarves from the Motherforge asking for compensation for the destruction of one of their forges due to the birth of Llaelyn - the late Planar of the Forge – and due to the orc invasion. Elves having difficulty accepting the increase in people since the plan to reunite the Waiting Ones with their souls. Humans wishing to claim the now empty orc encampment of Magrok. Bejemi not understanding where the dragons came from and why they returned to Bejem. Weyrs and humans of Gon’an hoping to find ships to return to their homes…Though he was not quite thirty, he was beginning to show signs of weariness. Having to rely on Tarl Ironwright’s caravans to supply in bare essentials – kehua having become a necessity to keep awake – was pushing the weakened Citadel’s finances. While Bejem and Gon’an had aided in the war effort, all of the main cities of Medierth were in need of repair. While he was glad that the time to wield a sword was behind him, the time to bury the dead, give housing and food to the people and providing everyone with the manpower and the coin was at hand.Having decided to take some time for himself, he sat near what remained of the musical fountain in Citadel’s square to eat a quick breakfast and breathe before another arduous day would begin. Though the waterways were undamaged, the statues no longer chimed – some of them had been smashed during the invasion.Grabbing the stuffed bread Jacob had brought him, he took a bite as he watched a group of people approach him. Of them, he only recognized two. The first was Baratus Strongmaul, the son of the leader of the nomad tribes of Frostreach. Of the group, his battle-tested physique and fiery hair were a clear giveaway of his identity. The second was Allision Emberheart, the half-elf priestess of Prolectae, the Planar of Womanhood who had – before the war began – borrowed the former’s body to speak on her behalf.The other individuals were not people he knew. One was a child with a freckled face in the earliest years of puberty, though his face betrayed weariness that did not match his age. Another was a lanky man dressed as a librarian, holding a book with one hand while adjusting his glasses with another. The third was a large man with dark skin wearing a dark-green leather ensemble, the color matching the intense glare in his eyes. The last was a ranger, though from the crest on his clothes and his half-military, half-roguish looks, made it clear that he was from Gon’an.Demyan got up and walked over to Baratus after wiping crumbs from his face, his free hand extended to shake. “Well now! It’s good to see you again, Baratus!”The moment he took the last step towards the barbarian, Demyan felt that something was off. Not only did Baratus not react, but he folded his arms just as two other individuals walked over to the group. The first was a dark-skinned elven man sporting spiky silver hair and an odd armor shaped from metal, bones and horns. He quickly recognized him as the Surrogate of Xelnos, the Planar of Destruction and ruler of the Underdeep – at least, the former holder of the title, as the Underdeep no longer existed. The other was another familiar face: Leara of Myst. The golden-haired, pale-skinned druid who had taught his daughters while they were away from the city.Demyan looked at the group before focusing his attention on Leara. “What’s going on?”“We need to speak with Reveen.” Baratus said in a voice that showed no sign of the Bolestran warmth that Demyan expected from the man. “Call him out.”Taking a second to feel the group’s presence, he understood that this was not a mere gathering. The voice coming from his friend was that of Raemu, the Planar of War and Justice. It did not take Demyan long to understand what this was: a meeting of Planars.Closing his eyes for a moment, Demyan attempted to speak to Reveen, but found no answer. Opening his eyes, the former shook his head. “Either he does not wish to speak, or he isn’t in the mood. Now, can any of you tell me why all of you are here and not in Skyreach?”“Too much blood has been spilt in the Divine Council’s chambers.” Allision answered, though her voice was different – a familiar voice, but one he had not heard in a very long time. That of Prolectae herself. “Also, Raemu and Scyens said that for now, it would be best if we Planars spent more time among mortals.”“I did not say such a thing…” the bespeckled man replied as he snapped his book shut. “It was Raemu that suggested that idea.”“Says the one who enjoys fishing.” Raemu replied as he gave an uncharacteristic smirk before looking back at Demyan, his expression becoming serious anew. “Now then. It would be best to sit down first, especially with Oerbus being so weary.”Each member of the Divine Council sat on the edge of the fountain save for Oerbus – the Planar of Dreams – who was resting his head against Leara’s hips. “As you can see, Oerbus has been overtaxed with the sudden apparition of new mortals. Even with the destroyed bodies that became Llaelyn’s grave, Medierth’s population has increased beyond our control.” The druidess explained, dropping her accent completely as a sign that things were dire.“What do you expect me to do? Cull them?” Demyan snapped back, not liking where all this was going. “There’s no Underdeep left to punish the wicked, and the Well of Souls –““- has dried out.” The dark-skinned man interrupted as he removed his boots, revealing a simulacrum of feet made of roots before dipping them into the fountain. “You do understand what this means?”Eligius. The Planar of Nature. The reclusive one who stayed away from the Council. Why was he with them now? “Let me put this in simple terms.” He continued. “There are no souls left to reanimate or resuscitate. In short, Medierth can no longer create new life.”“With the emphasis on ‘create’.” Xelnos said as he leaned on his elbows against his knees. “Progeny is gone, and so is Soner.”“Gone?” Demyan cocked an eyebrow. “Hadn’t they-““It’s more complicated than you think.” Leara explained. “Since Soner fused with Progeny, he nearly corrupted Creation in its entirety. Thanks to you and Lupa, the child’s power was spent to the point where it was easily contained.”He still remembered the events. Having to fight the angel-like being that was the combined power of these two. Seeing them grow in power yet revert in age the longer the battle went. Reveen denying the child as his own. The averted catastrophe was Karyana appeared and calmed the child down. To ensure that the boy was in good hands – and to study him to understand what had happened – he had given the child to Laurinya and Turalyon. With Kaina awaiting a child and his own taking much of his time, he believed that this was the safest option.“If this crisis was averted, then why are you all here?” Demyan asked, having finished his stuffed bread.“Because another may soon happen.” The librarian – or rather Scyens, the Planar of Knowledge – answered as he opened his book anew. “Panyus is still nowhere to be found. Even with Cunon and Eligius having returned to the Council-““Temporarily!” the dark-skinned man and the hunter spoke in unison, both irritated by Scyens’ words.“- We are left with at least six of the most important Planars no longer able to serve.” The bespeckled man concluded.Demyan scratched his head. Why six? Oerbus was definitely fast asleep, and with Progeny and Panyus – the elderly Planar of Time – now nowhere else, he had to recount. “Progeny, Panyus, Oerbus…”“The Nightwatcher, Llaelyn and myself.” Xelnos finished the count. “I’m no longer the Planar of Destruction. I…” The dark elf closed his eyes, his head held by his hands. “I threw the towel.”“More like you passed the baton to someone else.” Raemu coldly remarked. “From what I gathered, you sacrificed your powers to break Lupa’s curse on Volkram Niros –”“- Only to drop the Black Egg on top of him!” Xelnos stood up. “And I only gave him ‘some’ of my powers, not all of it!’”Demyan felt his blood run cold and his skin whiten at the mention of Volkram’s name. “You did WHAT?!?”“Let me at least explain-” Xelnos moved over to Demyan, only for the latter to press his right index against the dark elf’s shoulder.“Did you find his body?” Demyan drilled him, shock replaced by anger in his eyes. “Did the Black Egg hatch?”Xelnos tried his best to defend himself, though the glare of the other Planars was like daggers through his skin. “How do you expect anyone to survive a Black Egg?”Demyan was about to punch the former Planar of Destruction in his face only to shove him aside and start walking away from the group. “She did… so you better make sure that he’s dead… or else the next time I see you, I’ll make sure that you are.”-------Karyana ate slowly, doing her best to avoid Jacob after he had barged in her room. Though the man was in his rights to make sure that she was alright, his initiative almost ended with her slapping him. Normally, she would have had a lot more appetite, but her emotions were making it hard for her to swallow the scrambled eggs that was in her plate. The best she could do is go on her with her day and appear as normal as possible… if only to ask for help later on should this unusual cough return.As she wiped her mouth, examining her handkerchief for any signs of blood, she watched as Dawn and Asha walked down the stairs and sit at her table. “Hey mom!” said the first as she grabbed her fork. “What’s for breakfast?”“Eggs, honey bread, lard and…” she began answering before noticing something off. “Asha, are you alright?”The younger of the two twins looked absent-mindedly at her plate, having not said a word since she sat down. Contrasting to her sister’s brunette locks and her mother’s night-black cascade, Asha’s hair was yellow and her skin tone slightly paler than her sister’s. The height difference was also apparent by at least a few inches, but the oddity was that her eye color was different than everyone else in her family – a faded mauve instead of the dark brown on her father’s side or the crystalline blue of her mother’s.“I’m fine.” Asha said, her eyes locked onto her plate, as if she was trying not to have that conversation.The different became much more apparent when Karyana watched the girl turn away. “Why did you cut your hair-““I SAID I’M FINE!” the girl screamed before snatching the loaf of honey bread from the table and leaving the table. “I don’t want your help!”A brief moment of silence passed as Karyana and Dawn looked at each other. While the former wanted to get up and go after her, the latter raised her hand to speak. “It’s okay mom. Asha’s just got bullied again.”Karyana did not know whether to be confused, shocked or angry. “Bullied? Again? Why?”Dawn stabbed her fork in a slice of bread before talking. “Ever since we came back, you wanted us to go to school with all the other children, right? Welp… some of them were really, and I mean REALLY mean. I had to step in a couple of times already when they knocked her books out of her hands, made fun of her hair or… um… call her ‘adopted’.”Karyana slowly got up, bringing one hand to her mouth to stifle a cough. “I… I see. But why did she cut her hair? Or was it the other children?”“She did it.” Dawn clarified as she finished her eggs. “She didn’t want me to tell you because she knew you’d get angry. I had to promise not to say anything… but I guess Chime is out of the bag, huh?”It took a moment for Karyana to react. “I really should go see-““Mom, it’s okay.” Dawn replied as she got up, leaving her breakfast half-finished. “I used to tease her all the time, remember? She just needs some ‘me time’. Speaking of Chime, have you seen him lately? He’s been tired a lot as of late.”Karyana raised her hand to her forehead, taking a second to examine her palm. No blood. Good. She knew that Chime – her first and oldest familiar – was growing old. The feline-like creature – a former manticore turned into a fox-sized pet with wings and horns that remind everyone of its previous form – was reaching twenty-five years of age. She knew that familiars could live as long as their masters, but she was afraid that his time was coming to an end.Still, the best she could do at the moment was go see Asha and –“My lady, there’s a stranger outside who’s been causing a riot.” Jacob hurriedly said as he walked over.“Go take care of it mom.” Dawn said before her mother could say or do anything. “I’ll go check on Asha and tell her how worried you were.”As much as she appreciated that her older daughter had become less brash and more protective, Karyana knew that part of this was her fault. Being a mother, the wife of Citadel’s most important man and the Chosen was difficult, if not near impossible to deal with. The best she could do was take things one at a time… though she wished that her priorities were more family-focused.------Demyan arrived at his mansion and watched in stupor as half a dozen soldiers were encircling what appeared to be a tall man of dark skin, though from the number of boils and burns, it was hard to tell. The few clothes that had not been singed off showed intense signs of fire damage. The person in question was shaking and screaming in rage.“What in the bloody-?” Jacob shouted, not understanding what was going on as he and Karyana appeared from the doorway. “What’s a Waiting One doing here?”Noticing how the man was heaving for air, but was not fighting back as the soldiers encircled him, Demyan raised his hand as a sign to stand down. “I don’t think this is one of them.” He said before walking over to the burnt stranger. “Who are you and what happened to you?”“Markus… from Lhos.” The man answered, though from the look in his dark eyes and the acrid sound of his voice, the charred individual was furious. “And I know who you’re hiding!”As Demyan wondered what the man was talking about, he watched Karyana approach the man. “I don’t understand. Who are you speaking of?”“I travelled to Saberbia to find the man who murdered my father, and found him in the depths of the city's prison... only to end up half-mad by that infernal bell and left to burn in Saberbia’s prison!” Markus explained, swatting away Karyana’s hand as she attempted to heal him.“Guards!” Jacob let out, his arm at the ready to give the order to restrain and arrest the burnt man.The Toll of Demise. Demyan clenched a fist at the thought. Having not seen the weapon, he still knew of its devilish power. One strike of this gong-like artifact could drive any who hear it – save for the user – to complete madness; another strike could cause minds and skulls to shatter.“I barely made it back to the surface, only to hear your wife scream out that she was Melothios... and then saw her rip through those abominations!” Markus added, pointing angrily at Karyana.Karyana took a step back. “What are you-?”“Don't play dumb with me!” Markus raged on. “The Khalifa and that woman had the same voices! Because of that white-haired witch, I nearly burned to death... and your wife is treated as a hero? She's nothing but destruction incarnate!”Demyan stepped between his wife and the man, hand gripping the ceremonial sword on his side – a weapon he had to carry with him as he no longer had his staff due to sacrificing it for Llaelyn’s birth. “I won't let you insult her nor anyone in my presence!”Markus pushed against Demyan defiantly. “You're the one housing a monster within your walls! She deserves to hang for what she has done! Mark my words, the Planars themselves will judge that witch, if they aren't whimpering pups at the sight of the devastation she-“Before any soldier could unsheathe their weapons or knock the man down, a blast of lightning crashed down from above. Giving that there were no clouds overhead, those who had not been blown off their feet by the discharge looked at the now smoldering remains of Markus and then at the source of the man’s demise.Wings spread out, golden skin crackling with power and golden armor shimmering, clothes of white and eyes of fire. The being remained aloft, its wings kicking off dust and ash.Karyana looked on with incomprehension as the angel – the messenger of Raemu – gazed down upon the group without any signs of remorse for striking a wounded man down. “I will not accept such blasphemy.”
Remembered Eternity: Ch.1Upon a Star: Remembered EternityBy Yurix------------------------------------------------Too many things were stirring in Volkram’s mind after what felt like days after this latest defeat. Everything had been so meticulously calculated, yet the result was the same as the previous attempts.Another defeat.Playing the role of Melothios’ disciple to gain its power was a calculated risk that paid off, if only for short-term results. The Magrok orcs and the Minotaurs of the Shimmering Sands had provided enough muscle and fodder to drive Citadel away from the main objective - destroying Queen Josephine and the wolf-Planar Lupa - and using the Nightwatcher’s sacrifice to contaminate the Queen of Gon’an had been successful. Yet, none of that was enough to bring him victory.Using those same forces to distract Citadel did lead him ever closer to destroying Magelord Demyan, but the result was another failure. Even with Karyana’s infected body, her sisters’ capture and the death of one of her children was not enough to break her. It came so close, but alas, to no avail.Even his peons were inches away from victory… only for that to be snatched from him. General Thomas - no, Tiger’s Eye - was too full of himself. He had schemed and manipulated his way to the top, but did not kill the Queen when he had the chance. In hindsight, Volkram should have had the Gonanese regent murdered rather than deposed. Thanks to that mistake, now all of Medierth knew of Bejem’s dragons. Such a powerful force that it turned the tide against the Waiting Ones, even when Melothios had Karyana within her grasp. Had the latter slipped from the former’s grasp? Or had something else happened? He dared not think of it.What was he left with? All of his previous powers stripped by Xelnos in exchange for that of the Planar’s, and the arrival of Melody to save him from the “hatching” of the Black Egg, which now remained frozen in mid-air, while his lair had been reduced to scrap by Karyana, Demyan and their children.The issue now was actually gauging the powers he had received. But that would have to wait. He did not know how long the Black Egg - the contraption of the past age that had fueled his lair - would remain afloat before crashing down on top of him… and her.If this was truly Melothios - Melody, he had to remind himself -, then why did everything feel off about it all? The woman before him looked so much like Karyana - too much - yet there was something about her that did not click. She was shorter than her - perhaps by an inch or two - and sported the same night-black hair, but in a much shorter cut. Her locks stopped at the bridge of her neck, and body did not show the same strength as the one he had wanted so much as his apprentice. Charming, perhaps, but not as battle-tested. And her eyes… instead of a deep, crystalline blue, they were reddish orbs filled with rage.As much as he tried to picture her in his mind, he could not. He seemed unable to even fathom of her existence. Delving into memories only led him into a dark fog. He knew her… didn’t he?“You’re staring again.” she said, her arms folded over her chest.It was hard for him not to. He had little clothes to offer her. Not that what she wore did not suit her. The fact that even her clothes looked like the same outfit that Karyana had worn time and again was making it hard to look at her without feeling... His feelings felt completely wrong. This woman saved him from annihilation, but he knew her as Melothios, the First Evil, and not as… this. Was he attracted to her? No. He did not feel that fire in his loins, even when she removed what clothes she had to wear the rags taken from the pile of remaining clothes from what was left of Aerona. He did not feel the heart-pounding warmth of love of a man towards a woman, either… Then what was it?He did not feel the anger or rage from his latest defeat. Nor did he feel sadness from losing all of his Homunculi - the very women and children he had created from the growth chambers he had stolen from Citadel. The very beings he raised as best as he could as a father. The lifeforms he had dedicated seven years and all of his efforts into making into his agents of retribution…It took a moment for him to realize what was happening. Volkram Niros, former taskmaster of the Order, former usurper of the Arch and self-proclaimed Exarch, the one man who briefly had Medierth in his grasp… had nothing to show for all of his efforts. This is what he felt.Nothing.“Are you alright? You haven’t said anything for the past hour.” she said, her eyes squinting in his direction.Was it the darkness? Perhaps she was blind? Or merely had poor sight? Still, he had to keep his thoughts to himself. For now.“I’m trying to grasp Xelnos' power,” he replied. Good. A believable excuse. “I don’t understand why he did it, but even now… I don’t feel any different.”Melody - just thinking of the name somehow rubbed him the wrong way - pointed upward. “Then why don’t you try destroying that thing before it flattens us?”The Black Egg. An ancient weapon that could erase living beings with one detonation. The Nightwatcher had used its power to speed up Karyana’s corruption, but in vain. Had Queen Josephine - Lupa’s Surrogate and Gon’an’s ruler - not stepped forward to save her, his plans would have come to fruition. He had to break her - far more than he did before.Looking towards the immobile explosive, he channeled his will to destroy her into destroying it, going as far as to mentally picture the woman - her pale skin, blue eyes and golden hair - as a focal point. He will it to be crushed, flattened, for it to implode. He even yelled out in rage at it, willing the Black Egg to be erased from existence.Nothing.“Why?” he groaned, looking at his hands after he had extended them to target the object. He could not feel the power of mana run through his body at all. He knew how to do it - for him, casting spells should be as easy as breathing… Yet nothing happened. For an entire minute, he looked up, concentrated, focused all of his energy from his mind and heart into his arms and through his fingers… but nothing happened. “Why can’t I destroy it?!?”Melody sat against the ground as there was nothing else she could sit on that would not hurt her in the vicinity. “So much for the Exarch. If you can’t destroy anything then what good are you as the next Planar of Destruction?”Volkram grit his teeth, trying again, using every possible emotion he could fathom. “I will master it… The powers of a Planar exceed those of a Chosen! I can exceed them! I will claim this world!”The woman let out a sigh, shook her head, then turned around. “Let’s at least leave this place before this giant metal scrap heap drops on us!”-------Crisp warm air, sunshine that not even stars in the night sky could match in illumination. Field after field in the endless expanse of green, The bright reds, golden yellows, ripe greens of apple trees surrounding all of that which the eye could see.The sky is blue and bright, shapes of white overhead and endless in that faraway realm of air and freedom. The grass lightly brushing and prickling against pale pure skin and breaking off into a starless sky black of river strands.Karyana looked around, legs folded and held between her arms. “Oerbus, you’re trying too hard…” she said with a smirk. Even with the breeze in her black hair, her eyes gazing at the horizon, her skin feeling the warmth of the sun, she knew she had simply fallen asleep.But who could blame her? Karyana Destine - the All-Chosen, Magelady of Citadel, wife of Magelord Demyan and hero of Medierth - had lived through a year of torment. Her illness, the corruption and suffering of her family and friends, the war against Melothios, Volkram and the Waiting Ones… She needed that moment of respite.Yet, this representation of Warmcreek felt too much like the mimicry that Melothios created. There was something in the air that felt off. Subtle, but it was there. She knew Warmcreek - she had spent her young years in that farm town before her path led her through the trials and tribulations of the hero’s life.There was no warmth from the springs, nor the faint smell of sulfur. The color of the apples was not quite right. Even the length of grass was off. Normally, she could brush her hand against its tips. Now, it was too short and too dry.Getting up, she shrugged. “Maybe Oerbus is around.” she tells herself as she begins walking. She knew how the Planars were always watching and could speak to her in her dreams whenever she was needed. Ever since she had returned to Citadel - how long had it been now? -, there was nothing. No congratulations from them, nor warnings… The silence was more deafening than the battles she had faced.Walking the enclosed space made to appear infinite she finds a pillar of light shining brightly, the glow of it is pulsating. Upon her approach a glowing hand appears from it slowly along with a leg. “We’ve been waiting for you to reward you for your efforts in keeping the great loom.” The voice is booming but not assertive. “Starborn warrior.”The form that comes forth from the light is featureless, light drapes him slightly stinging her eyes and only his hand is able to look at due to it being dim in comparison with his features. “I was sent to guide you to a compensation worthy of your efforts.”Karyana took a moment to look away from the oddity. This was not something she had seen before, nor heard its voice. Moreover, of all the titles the Planars had given her, none of them called her ‘Starborn’. She had found the title ‘Fate-Weaver’ to already be strange and a bit off-putting, and being the All-Chosen also sounded far-fetched - she was certain that not all Planars held her with high regards, and could name at least two who did not like her. A hand over one eye, she took a step back. “Who… or what are you?”The being spread out wings that were just as bright as the light that he stepped out of.. “An angel, come.”Karyana would have normally grabbed for her sword, but given that it was no longer a weapon - having been forged into Llaelyn, the Planar of Craft and Forges, who then gave up her life to free her from Melothios’ grasp - she simply clenched her fists. “The only angel I know tried to kill me once, and left me without any blessing at Bolestra. Whoever you are, you’re not Luriah. Who are you? And whom do you serve?”“Luriah was a shameful display and he shall repent in earnest or fall as he already has.” With a shrug the angel placed his hands behind him in a dignified stance. “Whom do I serve? Myself.” his feet place themselves one foot directly in front of the other in a pace. “As for I? You may call me Merit.” He reextends his hand. “I strive for more than this world has, for more than the Planars. For you.” “You could be...more.” He approached her but the rumble of the ground and space made him lose footing. “Damn it!” Merit’s form tensed as he grasped her arm and leapt from the ground, wings spread out. “Hold on!”Karyana quickly notices the tremor, but rather than accept the newcomer’s hand, she starts struggling against the creature’s grip. Whatever that was, there was something definitely wrong with it. The way it was condescending towards Raemu’s messenger - and against the Planars, of all things - was blasphemous. “Oerbus! Wherever you are, stop this dream and wake me up already!” she let out, not in the mood to follow the presumptuous winged being.The sound of soil being wretched up from the earth in mass filled the dreamscape - which now began to take on eldritch traits, the area where Merit was as he pulls against her is replaced by a gargantuan obelisk-like black mass, the top of it not visible. “Damn you!” Merit shouted as he held Karyana by the arm as he flew into the sky. The view of the dream was now ablaze, trees leaves fallen and apples rotting. The obelisk now looked like a long massive clawed finger from afar with several more appearing from the expanse as Merit tried his hardest to escape, though Karyana had decided to attempt swerving the being’s flight towards one of the pillars so she could land somewhere safe.A bellowing roar, deep, echoing, full of hatred echoes out, causing the panicking woman to grit her teeth. “The divine image ends here.” it spoke in her mind in a voice more akin to a whisper. The dreamscape was soon swallowed by the crushing obelisk-like fingers of the beast as it thrashed in their direction.“The Nightwatcher… No! I destroyed it… What in blazes are you doing, Merit?” Karyana lashed out in anger, trying her best to break the so-called angel’s grasp to force it to land. “Let go, or we'll both be in danger!”It was Merit’s turn to panic, even if he was hiding it through bravado and a misplaced sense of authority.“You know nothing of what that is, he isn’t even supposed to be to enter this world and certainly no-”“I will...find you...Annihilate you...destroy you..until nothing but fragments remain.” The voice said bitterly as the hand shot after them open and ready to snap shut. “You will envy the ash and dust and know truly what chaos does.” Merit makes a sound of panic and lets go of Karyana to raise his arms to channel energy.“WHO ARE YOU TO DEFY ME! PERISH INTO OBLIVION YOU DEVIL!” The once low voice is full of anger and judgmental tone. Rays of light encircle his form.For Karyana everything might as well have been frozen in time, the hand close around her, the claws like fangs in her vision and darkness snuffing out the light of Merit’s form. Her body felt like she was trapped in jelly and frozen solid, struggling to move as the world moved on without her. The last thing she heard as a warped scream and the snap of a clenched hand fills her ears and blackness takes her sight once more is one simple word that for whatever reason causes a chill to run deep through her soul. “Mel…”-------Another breathless awakening from a nightmare. Karyana shot up from her bed, her chest heaving for air as cold sweat wet her face.Looking slowly around the room as she caught her breath, she recognized the woven baskets on the ground where her familiars Chime, Bell and Whistle - a trio of fox-sized, winged and horned felines - slept without a care in the world. Her bedsheets, covered with a brushed bear pelt, felt recomforting in their heaviness. From the windows came the brief flicker of morning’s first light.Ever since her return from the Shimmering Sands, time seemed to pass too quickly with little rest. Helping with the census and relocation of the people who survived the war against the Waiting Ones was one thing, but having to deal with the people’s shaken morale as every city of Medierth outside of those of Frostreach had to be rebuilt after the war meant was another. Adding the nightmares, dealing with her role as mother and Magelady… It was taking a toll on everyone.A tap at the door caught her attention as she got up, forcing her to hide her chest with the pelt. “Who is it?”“It’s Jacob, my lady. Lord Demyan was wondering if you were alright.” the voice of her husband’s main chancellor echoed from behind the door. “Should I have breakfast brought to your room?”“I’m fine, and please do.” she politely answered, skipping the honorifics and elegance of the language of nobility, preferring the simple frankness of Warmcreek’s rural speech. “I’ll be up and ready in-”A burning cough tightened her chest, as if the fumes from her nightmare’s flames were pouring out. She had not whiffed her hair for any traces of them, but the cough was loud enough for Jacob to hear. “My lady? Are you alright? I’m coming in!”She wanted to reply that she was alright. That it was nothing to worry about, but the words would not come out as she coughed, her lungs heaving for air as she hacked one last time as she felt something wet her left hand - the one she had brought to her lips.It was too late to hide it or herself as Jacob burst into the room, watching the woman stare nervously at her hand, the other clutching a sheet to cover her womanly assets. Panic was visible on her face as she kept her eyes locked on her shaky hand… a splatter of crimson marking her palm.
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History of Gon'anHistory of Gon'anby Yurix--------------------Here are the broad strokes of Gon'an's history.It begins before the events that led to Medierth's creation, with the family of the one who would later become Gon'an's founder, Lupa. Her birthname (according to the certificate) is Elizabeth Evans Olsen, daughter of Melody Olsen and Roger Evans, and is the twin sister of Anna Victoria, who would later become Asuna.According to Elizabeth's own words, the family environment was toxic, with Melody having anger issues and Roger often working late. What Elizabeth later learned was that Roger was attempting to find and cure Melody's psychological issues, which ended up with Elizabeth calling the split personality created by Melody 'his experiment'. Given this environment, the two spent more time at school and in extracurricular activities than anything. This is also where Elizabeth befriended Josephine - her archery teacher.Late in their school years, Elizabeth left the family nest with Anna to live on their own. Given that Melody's anger issues led to physical violence, Elizabeth traded her bow for a rifle to protect herself and her sister.At the moment of the events that led to the Old World's destruction, Roger had called his daughters to the local hospital where a physically and mentally broken Melody had been checked in. While Elizabeth refused to even be close to her estranged mother, Anna forced her sister to meet with their parents one last time.The hospital became the only remaining building after the ongoing devastation. Having little choice but to survive, the remaining occupants - which included the family - had to put their hardships aside for the time being. However, the moment they stepped out of the hospital for supplies, they found themselves not in a ruined city, but in an unnaturally lush environment that was nowhere close to the city of Manchester they were from.After an unspecified amount of time, Melody recovered with no trace of her former trauma. While Anna was relieved, Elizabeth remained skeptical and kept her distance. During a later exploration, Melody stumbled upon a single apple tree and picked the fruit to give them to the survivors, unknowing that the fruit in question were not normal. After each survivor consumed the fruit, they began to show unnatural abilities... though some also had visible side effects. In Anna's case, this triggered her dormant genes to bring about a case of albinism, a trait neither parents had.When Roger noticed what was happening, he attempted to find the tree and use the fruit in hopes of cancelling the effects without any positive result. This also led to Elizabeth breaking ties with Roger as she believed that he was 'experimenting' on them.The complete breaking point came at Melody's death and the birth of her son, Alex. After learning of possible survivors, Elizabeth left the family to meet them, hoping to gather enough followers to take revenge on her father for everything that had happened, including the previous world's destruction.After an unspecified amount of time, Elizabeth brought her forces to attack Roger - now Reveen -, finding him and the other survivors - now known as the Planars - in location far to the north-west of their previous shelter - now the burgeoning town of Citadel. Elizabeth stormed their 'palace' - which would become the foundation of Skyreach - and attacked Reveen who tried to de-escalate the situation and did not fight back. This led to Elizabeth murdering Reveen by piercing him with her sword in front of all the other Planars who, unable to save Reveen, condemned Elizabeth to take the form of the very monster she had become. While she blamed Progeny - the "ruler of the Planars" - for condemning her to this form, it was actually Asuna who had cursed her due to Elizabeth's obsession with revenge and Melody's death having emotionally broken Reveen beforehand.Elizabeth - now Lupa - fled back to her land, only to find out that while she was away, a part of Alex's essence had been sealed within the mountains of an archipelago to the south. Hoping to amend in some way, she went there and attempted to free him, only to notice that the mountains were filled with dragons. Unknowing that these creatures had been created by Alex - now Xelnos - she used her power in an effort to unseal the boy from the mountain, but ended up unleashing the dragons instead.Unsure what to do, Lupa returned to Gon'an to rebuild her forces and kept an eye on the dragons for any sign of threat... though seemingly found none. When she did notice Reveen interacting with someone else on the island and the creation of the Houses, she decided to reassemble her forces to take him out for good. By that time, she had become the nation's goddess and her worship became the only allowed religion in Gon'an, with the High Lords ruling in her stead, yet serving as her mouthpiece.Hoping to find a safe route to the island - now known as Bejem - , Lupa kept an eye on the island until she noticed another human being arriving on the island via a shipwrecked life boat. Biding her time, she waited until the human returned to the main continent to learn of the safest route and led some of her forces to investigate... but by then, the humans had become greedy and defected from her, attacking the dragons to steal their wealth. In a moment of fury, Xelnos appeared on the island as a monstrous titan and cursed the humans - now known as the 'merchants of death' - to bare the shame of their greed on their bodies, with their souls wrenched from their bodies and placed in gemstones made from the scales and blood of fallen dragons.During the events, several dragons fled Bejem and reached other lands. One was Azuria who crash-landed in Gon'an. The current High King, Henri, located the fallen dragon who had transformed into a humanoid form and, being smitten by her beauty, brought her to the castle to mend her wounds. During the following years, Henri and Azuria married and had a single daughter, Jasper.However, at Azuria's death, High King Henri became so heart-broken that his mind shattered, turning him into a heartless tyrant - Henri the Mad. Lupa, fearing for her nation's safety, was forced to end Henri's reign and placed Jasper as High Queen, using the woman as a Surrogate to ensure that the newly-crowned ruler would live long and aid in rebuilding the nation.By that time, however, Azuria's blood and the inate magic of the nation began to contaminate some of the population, leading to the first cases of lycanthropy. Lupa hoped to use this as a military asset, only to find out that there were those who would lose their humanity entirely and remain as beasts - wolves or half-human wolves. These unfortunate souls were kept away from the population in the northern forests of Gon'an in a location kept secret to all but Lupa's priestesses.The era of the High Queens would continue for generations with Lupa's power extending the rulers' life force. The previous High Queen, Jasmine, would later bear a child - Josephine - but the girl ended up kidnapped by a couple of thieves - a man disguised as a merchant and a woman who was masterminding the events - , using dark magic to hide her from the High Queen and Lupa's eyes.Had it not been for a chance meeting of a frail Josephine with High Queen Jasmine, the former would have died of malnutrition and trauma-induced injuries. Josephine became Lupa's Surrogate in an effort to save her, which continued the line of High Queens.Unable to fully leave behind her grievances, Lupa - through Josephine - left Gon'an to travel the world, finding companionship in Cunon - the Planar of the Hunt. Though she and Josephine grew closer to him, she let Josephine take the front in this relationship, which led to the birth of their daughter, Sarah.Given the rules of the Planars on relationships between Planars and humans, Cunon decided to spearhead Sarah's education while Josephine continued her role as High Queen to avoid any more conflict with the rest of the Planars. Some time after Sarah's birth, Lupa would find a beached man on the northern coast of Gon'an and tend to his wounds. The man - suffering from amnesia - was given the name Thomas.For some time, Lupa and Thomas would continue to travel the world, going so far as to become the first explorers to reach the Southern Unknowns only to describe the area as an "endless swamp as far as the eye can see" and stopping their trek after Thomas grew ill, forcing Lupa to return to Gon'an with him.Thomas would later on join the military and work his way up to Lieutenant until the events that lead the Hunter's Guild to turn against Gon'an, reveal Josephine as Lupa's Surrogate and take over Gon'an for a time until the queendom was reclaimed by Josephine, with aid from the Magelady, Josephine.The unfortunate events led to Lupa becoming a recluse after the wolf spirit that was granted to Karyana - Ruby - which had been passed on to one of Volkram's homunculi - Naksha - was killed in an attempt to protect both Lupa and Karyana from Volkram and the other homunculi. When Lupa deliberately left Josephine, the former Surrogate's health quickly deteriorated, with Karyana's magic being unable to stop it - going so far as to making it worse. Lupa returned at the last moment to save Josephine, but only for Volkram - aided by Melothios, the corrupted Minotaurs of the Levan Savannah and the brainwashed Orcs from Magrok to begin their attack. However, Thomas - revealed to be the former pirate and mercenary Cat's Eye - turned against Gon'an and captured Josephine on Volkram's behest.The war led to the creation (and death) of the Planar of the Forge - Llaelyn -, Josephine (and later, Karyana) being captured by Volkram and corrupted using the Nightwatcher's essence and Melothios' magic, and a temporary fusion of Lupa and Josephine - the angel-like Luna - to save Josephine from losing herself to hatred towards the Planars for her ill fate. This newly-created being helped save Bejem from the corrupted Cat's Eye, now turned into a monster through Melothios' power, and helped bring the fallen Lady Xera back to life.Lupa's forces - sealed within the Well of Souls - as well as the dragons of Bejem, the Weyrs of Gon'an and the remaining elf, dwarf and human forces of the continent fought against Melothios and her empowered 'Waiting Ones', with the latter side surrendering after Melothios was seemingly 'purified' through Luna and Karyana's efforts.Currently, Gon'an is the least damaged city of Medierth, with Lupa's forces aiding in the repairs to both Saberbia and Citadel. However, the future events will lead Gon'an down a horrible spiral that will trap the island beyond time - leaving the queendom to become 'The Ghost City of Gon'an'.
An odd bedtime storyAn odd bedtime storyby Yurix--------------------Alex: Merka, can you tell me a bedtime story?Merka: Well, I don't really know any...Monica: I might know one, but it's a bit... unusual.Merka: How so?Monica: Well... it's one of the few things I remember of my childhood.Alex: So your mom or dad told you?Monica: I think so. Let's see now...Once upon a time, there was a young hero who was believed to be the most powerful person alive. Not only was that hero a kind soul, but was also clever. Though the people knew of the hero's greatness, this young one did not accept the rule of the Divines.One day, while that hero was dreaming, the Bearer of the Old World came to the hero and challenged his beliefs. This Divine One declared that should the hero defeat Him in a battle within dreams, he would let him go and that should he lose, he would never awaken.Merka: Are you sure this is a good bedtime story? That doesn't seem right.Alex: Shh! I wanna hear!Monica: So the hero and the Divine One began their battle, but a battle of words:-Divine One: I am the ram, hooved climber, horn-charging.- Hero: I am the hunter, bow-wielding, horse-riding.- Divine One: I am the fly, horse-stinging, hunter-dismounting.- Hero: I am the frog, tongue-lashing, fly-devourer.- Divine One: I am the snake, poison-toothed, frog-eater.- Hero: I am the mongoose, thick-furred, snake-eater.- Divine One: I am the eagle, talons sharp, flying hunter.The hero knew he could not repeat the same thing, according to the laws of the battle, so he thought deeply.- Hero: I am the scorpion, stealthy assassin, poison-tailed.- Divine One: I am the bat, nightly terror, poison-resistant.- Hero: I am the owl, guardian of nights, terror-ward.- Divine One: I am lightning, great flash, striker of birds.The hero knew that the battle could last forever, and wanted to end this, so he had to change his approach.- Hero: I am the land, grand nurturer, ever fertile.- Divine One: I am the locust, unending swarm, devourer of fields.- Hero: I am fungus, spore-spewing, insect-poison.- Divine One: I am the boar, thick-skinned, fungus-eater.- Hero: I am the bear, teeth-and-claws sharp, immense beast.- Divine One: I am humanity, apex predator, world's decay.Alex: That last one was really NOT nice.Merka: So, how did the Hero take it?(Monica shakes her head) The hero was growing angry, but knew that he had to win, or else he would never wake up.- Hero: I am Wisdom, bearer of truths, enlightning to life.- Divine One: I am Corruption, maddening realization that spurs anarchy, lies, war... destruction. The Divine One grinned, believing his victory absolute. "Now, young hero, what are you?"The Hero simply smiled. "I am Hope."- Merka: Then what happened?- Monica: The Divine One could not find a reply, as Hope lives beyond eternity. In the end, the young Hero was able to awaken, knowing that his greatest battle was one no one would ever hear of. The end.- Alex: Aww... I don't get it.- Monica: I'm sure you'll understand one day. Good night, you two.- Alex: G'night...- Merka: "Hope lives beyond eternity", huh...

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Mature Content

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Benevolent DictatorsTongues rehearsed all sitting lightly with nothing to explain, let the bare face remain.The announcer has announced and bequeathed you the kings and queens; hail martyrdom.The saints dressed in silk and perfumed queens, velvet words, what an oralist in steep heels, looking below to reach yet out of touch stillSwift boxers in crisp white linen suits, what better qualifications?But, if sir must and he would, insist, let them swear an oath and take their seatPublic office is public trust but let it be recalled, thus: the future is promised to no one.Let men eat what they throw up, and throw up what they eat: rust, copper, and coins; Always malleable like rocks, unmistakably repressed, without the strength to digress Hear us thee, we are sending, herewith, our plea. Make a false guaranty; Fools need to witness perjury. Fools by choice always elect to suffer, and suffrage is a joke when nobody's looking. Did you hear the voice of the people?You are thus forgiven your crimes, and you shall make laws allowing you to make laws, and laws which make you break laws, and laws that shall make you lawless. Oh what law-makers! What slim freedom to be born in this century!What tears of joy when we heard you speak through the microphone,Tongue rehearsed, all sitting lightly with nothing to explain, let the bare face remainOne more time, please tell us that we are not going to be alone, no not now and not for long.Kiss the sunlight whilst you repeat, tongues rehearsed, all sitting lightly with nothing to explain, let the bare face remainEven in that, fools find salvation...
Here Is The You That Loves You TooYou get four hours of sleep and you think it is normal, or at its least sinister, a thing that happens. Your eyes are red and your brain development slows and you tell yourself if you have the necessary skills to move your feet one in front of the other, it doesn’t matter too much, you can probably survive as long as you reasonably expect you will, given that you are you and the world is what it is and you’ve never been particularly attached to the idea of growing old anyhow.Life is a series of choices and obstacles. Some are determined to climb tall mountains, and calculate how a shuttle can make it to the moon. You’re mostly just trying to find reasons to get up in the morning, which isn’t necessarily bad and isn’t necessarily good. These are just your hurdles, and this is the place where you happen to be in life. Someone says “life is subjective”; you find you say that a lot now too.You have a friend named Sarah who is adamant you sleep over often. Instead of moral quandaries spouted half delirious to one another well past midnight, she sets you up in her bed and gives you decaf tea and honey and by 10 you are out cold as a cutlet. It is the best sleep you have ever had. Perhaps people worry in their own ways, you think as Sarah snores softly beside you.Perhaps all those times you thought people - your sister, your mother - were hounding you when life was already so gray and difficult, it wasn’t hounding at all. Brush your teeth, do your homework, get home at 10, I love you, I love you, I love you.And who can blame you for not noticing the fresh air in the fog of life; they never did. That strikes you like lightning and here you are, and here they are with you.So you wake up, you wake up, you keep waking up, and it is hard every. single. time.But, you tell yourself, eyes adjusting to the filtered sun through the blinds to your right, catching bits of dust and the wispy hairs of the cat curled beside you, here’s the you that loves them too.

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Chronicles of Gabrador: Burning Attitude
    Colin paid no attention to the door, instead he went back to looking for the bed in his closet. It wasn't until the door slammed open that he stopped, "Did you hear that?" Colin asked. Freia nodded and carefully stepped over the mess on the floor to peek out into the hallway
    "There are men shouting down the hall." Freia whispered.
    Colin moved back to his desk and opened the drawer, fishing out a black handled knife. He drew the blade from it's sheath,and flipped it in his hand, "stay here" he said, stepping out of his room and down the hall quietly. he peeked over intime to see the legs of the table sticking out of either side of the entry into the kitchen
    "Don't ever come into my kitchen, and expect not to feel the heat!" Yelled a voice.
    "Mom?" Colin whispered, peeking over the wall in time to see an armored female storm out of the kitchen on a piece of the kitchen table, and vaporize a man on the left, and shifting
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"Are you done?" the man in a black suit, complete with a black tie and black leather loafers asked the taller. The past twenty minutes they had been floating on a boat, the liquid below them reflecting a shade of red. And in that twenty minutes the taller boy had been talking non-stop. About his family, his friends, his life. He was not satisfied with anything. Everything he had was not enough. People had never thought of his feelings while he had always thought of others. He complained and complained and mentioned umpteen times on how he had kept everything to himself selflessly.
"Excuse me?" the boy asked, not very happy he was interrupted. But the man had not spoke at all throughout. He only nodded and kept looking out at the red skies, as if waiting for something to happen. Now their boat had floated itself onto an island, where the sand was vacant and the only thing that could lead to anything was a wooden staircase. It went up to a wall, which the trees had covered over the rest
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Curious and Trying to be Helpful
Jonathan listened intently at his boss' story. He didn't rightly believe anything about a human/bear hybrid as it was physically impossible. He's a veterinarian; the young man would know these things very, very well. In course of action, he just shrugged Demeter's story off his shoulders before walking toward the very back of the circus. Leaning against a pole, he pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. Not thinking much about his health, he lit the cigarette after placing it in his mouth and blowing out smoke. The secondary ring leader just sighed in relief before noticing movement from his peripheral vision. One of Demeter's dolls was wondering around like it was lost. The animal caretaker just huffed before walking over to deal with it. He only stopped when he noticed claw marks going up the back of it. His eyes narrowed as he grabbed the doll before taking it back to his tent. Of course, he managed to have it 'shut' off before he took it back.
"These do not look like bear claws no ma
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Death in Smoke
The sky is as dreary as it is grey. The dull monochrome brings back memories. Aching memories that still wound and twist cruelly even though years have flown by. I can't help but wonder, on a melancholic day like this, where rain patters gently against the stained windows. If you had never taken that first breath.. Would you have gone under so soon? If you had never taken that first breath.. Would I still be lying here today?
How pitiful! I look across the room at the white strokes painted mechanically onto the slab of wood. It is small, and it lies almost unnoticeable on a table. Is this what you wanted? No one remembers. Everyone is gone. And the only thing left is memories, which fade with startling speed.
Sadness can be addictive. It descends like a beloved friend, and envelops like cold fur. And addicted, so you were. Perhaps I should have tried harder to stop you. After all, what was a bruise or two? What were a few wounds to the heart, when it was burnt black and broken now?
I r
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There is an unrelenting plague upon my fragile mind; a fear of the dark and the obscure secrets it conceals. The consuming shadows whisper empty promises, beckoning to my weary consciousness with their malignant tongues. I challenge the coercing temptations of my damnable hallucinations, keeping them at bay with pure inhuman will. Their words are enticing, laced with venomous needles to prick my subconscious thoughts; awaiting the moment that I succumb to their luring poison. With deliberate purpose, they attack my tender psyche and leave behind the toxic sting of their ruthless attacks. I am at the mercy of their double-edged swords; lost within the battle for my suppressed memories, I can no longer sustain my defenses against them. They attack with the remnants of my battered past; those tortuous experiences are their entry into my fragile mind. I am no match to their overwhelming numbers; the swarm of demons who know my every weakness.
Their swift penetration silences my murderous s
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Mrs. Colins was a lonely lady who lived in a small house. Having all her daughters married and left, she found herself obliged to do everything by herself, no matter how difficult it might be. Well, the most difficult ordeal was to go to the market for shopping.
  That day she got up at seven o’clock to prepare herself for the task. After having a tasteless breakfast (the egg was burnt, for her mind was fully occupied with the mission ahead), she went to her room and started looking at her dresses to decide which one to wear, “The white one with big flowers all over is nice, but … it makes old Nancy laugh the moment I turn my back.” Searching again she found another, “The green one is good …but it makes my face look like some kind of a big over-ripped fruit,” sighing she added, “this is what Dora thinks.” She put it down. Then, “My red dress which I wore in the wedding of my second daughter is too much for the ma
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The Children of Summer
    Summer is just around the corner, and nature seems to come to life.  For many children, their backyard's beauty finally returned, not witnessing the beauty of nature since winter's first snowfall.  Imagination was at an annual high, with kids unable to build snowmen or make cakes, pies, and soup with mud.
    Plays and stories within their imaginations were acted out, not realizing how many writers would kill to have such a spontaneous creativity again.  One day, the young boys and girls would run around, playing house.  The next day, they could be in a Medieval kingdom, fighting dragons as knights.  Each day was a different story and a different persona.
    Laughter and shouting filled the summer air.  The sounds of night were filled with wonder as they chased the lightning bugs around.  They lived in their backyards, big and small.  Whether the yard was measured in lots of acres or very little square footage, the kids of summer always found a way to play outside.  They didn't ne
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For Our Sovereign Land
We march in her defence!
On cours-battaile pour sa defense!
Towards the chaos,
We unite to face our attacker.
Our views be many,
We fight together to protect our home.
We fight for our land!
On battaile pour notre terre-même!
The Red and Blue united,
Yet reds and blues fight.
With hubris they march,
With determination we stand.
Dishonour beyond reason!
La merde!
Our courts lie in ruins
Burned to the ground.
Like dragon's breath is the eagle's cry.
Our homes burn under black smoke.
The fork has blasted a shout.
A warning of what is to come.
I command the sea!
La mers aux moi!
Shannon's cries demand yield.
Her opponent will give it.
She will not be denied,
She will not be beaten.
Our hero beaten, our cause made deep as his grave.
Notre seigneur décédé, notre cause plus fort.
Brock lies dead on the Heights.
We will continue our valiant march.
Our upper and lower state will remain one,
Our cause will remain true.
To the white mansion we march.
To our aggressor we bring to justice.
Long liv
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The Poetry Pot
First we start with some words that rhyme,
And add an amount of alliterations.
Then we set the cooking time,
Add ingredients of different rations.
Now we personify,
The pencil dances across the page.
Bam! Onamonapia identified,
Words of emotion like rage.
And then the haiku,
The first line, five syllables,
And so is this one.
Internal rhymes such as this are hard to miss,
The skill to rhyme gracefully is added with bliss.
Stir the words together with a wooden spoon,
Then let the stew sit in the light of the moon.
Imagery is added, so picture it now,
The sweat gleaming on the chef's brow.
Words, like ingredients for the mix,
The poem is almost ready, one more stanza for kicks.
Then that special something is added,
What makes every poem unique.
[Insert your own lines of ballad]
The poetry stew is ready now, let's eat.
:iconsilosson:Silosson 7 11
Save The Animals
The pain in their eyes
The pain in their heart
A reason they die
All for our fashion art
Can't you see their cry
When you batter them to shreds
They don't ever deserve
To be set in death beds
Why would we use animals
To test our cosmetics?
If we want to save them now
We've got to get active
Shame on man kind
For tearing the world apart
We're now number one
On their enemy chart
Why poach for the wild ones?
Who live wild and free
Don't shoot you're large rifle
Please just let them be!
:iconkhloealyssa:KhloeAlyssa 11 13
Welcome To The Internet
Welcome To The Internet
Welcome to the internet, young one
The place where it’s normal for “trolls” to roam,
And where an internet thug will “bust a cap in ya’,”
For disagreeing with him on the debate of Russell Westbrook vs. Derrick Rose,
Where we have pseudo-politicians spewing their nonsensical rhetoric,
And if you dare even disagree with THEM?
You’re a “dumbass;” or you’re goin’ to Hell and are a fake (insert-nationality-here, my friend)
And how if they knew you in real life, they’d bring your life to an end,
The place where it’s okay to call someone “retarded,”
Because this isn’t real life, no, this is the internet and they’ll get over it!
One of the greatest creations known to man, most certainly,
But also one that could be used as a weapon,
To the talk of deaths over cyber-bullying, to rumors of the “Illuminati,”
With the internet, we can put a m
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 44 61
Salton Sea.
You have made my mind into a Salton sea created quite accidentally.
With a rushing flood of foolish emotion from the river of my own creation.
Just enough to fill my basin created by your constant erosion.
Waters receding I did not have time to build my damn.
I hear you still like a saxophone trill, sad and searching for more.
But now I know to block the door and quickly shut my eyes.
Salinity now on the rise with the salty tears I cant help but cry.
Now nothing here will ever survive. Endorheic, the poisons become blocked in.
Will you replenish with the sweet drip, drip of your clear ,clean voice? I hear your words again.
With a shoreline growing and silt encroaching I feel I don't have much of a chance.
I know it changes nothing but the water levels in my lake of lost romance.
When you have the choice of a rolling swell or becoming just a dried up well....
 which would you rather be?
:iconsinnomangirl:Sinnomangirl 4 5
Homosexuality Bites
They found me slumped over in the school showers
With a towel loosely wrapped around my waist
Scalding hot water was blistering my skin
As I bled from an unspeakable place
A hard-handed teacher dragged me to my feet
With little or no sign of sympathy
For the bruising to my feeble framed ribcage
And the fractures to my identity
I think they all thought that I had it coming
As no one was willing to testify
That the sodomy inflicted upon me
Was something to which I hadn’t complied
Boisterous boys laughing in the corridors
As I shamefully limped throughout the day
Not a thought for the pain that was inflicted
Just worried for what my parents would say
I couldn’t bear it if I saw in their eyes
That I deserved everything that I got
As they are the ones who created my heart
Whether they care for whom it beats or not
So I will take a discriminate beating
If my resolve will help people to see
That I can not be anything more or less
Than the person that I was born to be
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 578 458
Remember Me
Though seasons may pass and trials change,
Though winds may rise up and zephyrs fade,
Though coastlines may morph and mountains degrade,
Remember me.
Though life rise from ashes and ashes return,
Though forests mature and the cedarwood burn,
Though tides grow from oceans and then downward churn,
Remember me.
Though masonry fails and cities are lost,
Though inventions are formed and then forgot,
Though empires sweep through and then die for naught,
Remember me.
Though friendships are formed and then torn apart,
Though companions step in but so swiftly depart,
Though enemies are made from past friends of one heart,
Remember me.
Though nothing is stable, a cycle is seen,
Each event that occurs is like one prior been,
And though continents split, they surge back to meet,
So for that reason, remember me.
:iconshasta-rose:Shasta-Rose 12 9
It never ends
Dark are the days of the living
No light shed to the sins of my brothers
The people around me have kept me from death
An arm around me holding me tight
They smile at me every day that I draw breath
Thinking that they are helping me to live
It doesn’t matter much anymore
I wake up every day wishing for darkness
It is kept from me just out of reach
When I close my eyes I can almost feel it
I am alive so it seems
But I hold the truth locked away inside me
A secret kept only for myself
Telling no one lest they take it from me
The ones that follow me can never know this thing
The twisted so severe of my heart
I smile and they think everything is ok once more
But it is just a mask for them and nothing else
They don’t know though that even though I still draw breath
That inside I have already committed suicide
I have finally claimed that darkness I so craved
I revel in my find
Numb is my life now
Because the dead do not feel
So when they ask why I do not cry for the dead
I simply
:iconxredwritinghood:xRedWritingHood 2 1
Where Is This American Dream? by CrumbledWings Where Is This American Dream? :iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 48 9


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Many many congratulations to all these deviants who got their wonderful works included in 'Deviations of the Week' by LiteratureDomain  The group selects top ten deviations per week from the group as deviations of the week. The top three deviants will be awarded with;
The winner:  :+devwatch: 10:+fav:  3 honest-comments
First runner-up: 8:+fav:  3 honest-comments  
Second runner-up: 5:+fav:   2 honest-comments
Please consider their works once. They deserve a lot of favorites and comments.

InvisibleShe’s invisible.
But she has yet to accept it, even as the sands of time begin to slip from her mind, into the palms of her hands where they continue to escape from her, lost to the ground below her, she can not accept it.
She’ll never accept it.
Nobody knows the girl with green eyes. Green eyes that reflected the Earth in two bright orbs, attempts to be hidden only failing as the girl watches her ‘friends’. Nobody knows the girl with raven black hair that her mother used to comb everyday while she sat by the window, watching the crow’s and ravens pause to look at her. Nobody knows the girl who saved her little brother from the gang that decided they wanted to play. Nobody knows.
Yet she still presses on, still wonders the street whether it’s day or night for she has no care for sleep. At first it scared her, confused her and she would walk up to passer-by’s and scream, never quite knowing how far away she was when she was so clos

Invisible by ~The-Feather-Quill

NineShuffling alone in an alley off some dark city street
With clothes that are dirty and no shoes for his feet
He digs in a dumpster hoping for something to eat
Shooing away rats hiding from the sweltering heat
A small grateful smile crosses his dirt-covered face
(How unbearably pathetic in this dark dreary place!)
He grabs moldy bread and sinks down in his space
Between rank wet boxes and a trash-covered embrace
After only one bite he tiredly drifts off to sleep
And even in soft slumber he does quietly weep
In this place where life is nothing but cheap
And any comfort comes at a cost way too steep
Small hands tremble weakly with his body’s decline
This boy who should be playing in the sweet sunshine
But life is not fair devouring without reason or rhyme
Even for a boy who has only just now turned nine

Nine by *InsanityAdjuster

Perception.Our existence is a mere perception.
We are nothing, and everything simultaneously.
We stroke our egos, to sustain our self containers.
We hope endlessly across the universe, subdued.
Call me crazy, but aren't we all waiting for something... Seeking truth?
My now, is eternal; my this second, is forever.
Our reality is interchangeable, our truth is negotiable.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez  

Perception. by *yours----truly

Guardian AngelsThere are always trials we must face
Whether stumbled upon or taken with grace
It seems that after one, there comes another
Until we must ask for the help of a brother
Guardian angels always stand near
Your cries something they readily hear
Never seeking acknowledgement or praise,
They carefully brighten your dark pathways
Emptiness is theirs to fill
Their embrace will warm the chill
Though you search for help, you cannot see
The guardian angels that know your plea
Someday we will see them clearly
The ones that loved us so sincerely
Enough to give without receiving
Even to the unbelieving

Guardian Angels by ~ErubescentFey

Paper Boats *TheChemistryofGrief


A Bird in the Rain by ~Eo-wyn

TricksterSoft rain pattered the roof, disrupting the peace while two brown eyes stared out the window with growing apprehension.  Jacob would be coming over after work, and he promised that he wouldn't be late this time, the liar.  They were supposed to be having movie night together since last week's plans had been horribly pushed back by her boyfriend deciding that he'd be better off by canceling, but he promised that he'd be here at exactly 8 o'clock this time. There had to be a viable reason for why he was two minutes late, right? It was raining, so traffic could have become extremely nasty out there.
Searching for her phone, Lauren backtracked to the coffee table, snatching it up with further irritation.  She proceeded to call Jacob, wanting to tell him off for not holding up to his end of the bargain like he had promised her. "Jacob, you better pick up or I swear-."
"What's up?"
"Don't you what's up me. Where the hell are you? You said that you would actually be here on tim

An Unexpected Revelation by *falconess22

The JourneyBeneath my skin, my veins pulse with desire
To know why I am here.
As I journey to find the answers to life,
I sail through the monotonous seas
That stretch forever beyond the horizon.
As my ship sails towards the dry land,
Mountains tower before me,
Filling me with both awe and intimidation.
But the mountains are eroding as time passes by,
Into merely fragments of what they once were.
I move my eyes and watch the glaciers
Melt slowly into rivers.
But even though they disappear,
They melt to provide water for all life on this planet.
You could say rivers are created by glaciers for a purpose.
I ponder those mountains and glaciers as the scenery
Changes to a monotonous desert.
Hot sand spreads around my feet,
And the heat drains away my energy.
I travel onward, searching for answers in the heavens above.
I look on as the starry sky stretches before me
Like a blanket concealing what lies beyond
The world as I know it.
The stars merely pins on a map
Beckon me to explore them.
But there is

The Journey by ~Manigran

Love and a Latte.When you work at a café, you meet a lot of people every day. Those who are busy, those who take it slow, those who just come for lunch, and those who takes everything to go. You learn to recognize them, and put faces, and sometimes names, with the orders. A black coffee for the man with the blue tie, a tea with four sugars for the tired mother with her two kids hanging on her coat, A tuna sandwich and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for the student who's always reading, and  cappuccino for the men in suits with their leather briefcases and fancy Italian shoes. Maria from the corner store always orders a pastrami sandwich for lunch, and Peter who works at a nearby office always orders a salad with noodles and cheese cubes. It becomes a closed little world where everyone knows everyone, even if they are strangers on the streets. I've worked here since High-school, and one should think I'd get tired of it, but fact is, I love it. I love to be recognized by the regulars, and to be
Love and a Latte. by ~Ridderkvinden

Theme 21- VacationTheme 21: Vacation
"I can't believe we're actually in India!" Eleanor kept repeating, her eyes bright with curiosity, as the plane touched down in New Delhi. As per usual, she had bagged the seat next to the window, with Florence in the middle and Torah on the aisle. Torah was asleep, but awoke abruptly when the plane landed. Florence spent most of the long flight reading, or also trying to sleep. Eleanor, who found it close to impossible to sleep against the thundering roar of the four engines of the Boeing 747, spent most of the flight wide awake doing codeword puzzles and listening to ex-Eurovision entries on her MP3 player.
Amit leaned in the gap between the seats. "You'd better believe it!" he grinned, eyes burning with excitement. Beside him was Ayşe, who though looked tired, still gave off a lively aura. Next to Ayşe was an unswervingly irritated, and impossibly tired, Yume Tsumuki, who had been kept awake for almost the entire ten-hour long flight by the hyperactive c

Theme 21- Vacationby ~ellymango
All the members of LiteratureDomain, you might obviously have heard of Goodreads :reading:  It is a majestic website for book lovers like us :library:  I too just created an account there. It's wonderful! :excited:  How nice it'd be if all the members in LiteratureDomain family are Goodreads friends of each other! So, lets do it!! You can expand you Goodreads family. Just make your Goodreads link visible by typing it in the comment box. Okay, keep reading, writing, and for sure, keep loving the group.
Here's my link:…
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