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Wildcards - Un service [Hors-Serie 7] (texte)
VII – Un service à demander
Hell-point, Mai 2517
Lenny marchait, mains dans les poches, en direction des niveaux inférieurs de la station. Il était fatigué. Et pas seulement par habitude : cela faisait plusieurs nuits qu’il dormait peu.
Les infos récupérées auprès du cadre de CelesTech avaient porté leurs fruits. Grâce à elles, l’ancien ghostrunner était parvenu – avec l’aide d’Ako – à remonter jusqu’à l’hôpital privé qui servait de couverture à la clinique de Dunn. Depuis, Lenny n’avait cessé de réfléchir à la meilleure approche pour mettre définitivement hors-jeu l’ancien fixer.
Il soupira. Localiser la clinique avait pris trop de temps. Les hommes de Dunn finiraient tôt ou tard par recharger l’Ame de leur patron dans un nouveau corps. Il fallait agir avant… Son plan n’était p
:icondaegann:Daegann 2 1
Tracking (LP): Rouge Moose
Radoslav eyed the moose as it dipped it's muzzle into the water. He hid among the thick underbrush lining the body of water and waited patiently for a moment as he psyched himself up to pounce. His prey was actually taller then him, though not by much, it still proved a challenge. He eyed the large racks nervously, wondering how much those would hurt if the moose were to charge him.
Two more pairs of eyes watched the moose eagerly, waiting for the right moments to strike. Yonda was thinking about the coolest way to finish the hunt, making the kill with style. She looked around for anything to leap from, anything to hide in, anything that would make her hunt far more interesting. No one may have been watching, but she wanted it to be creative and fascinating anyways.
Eryn stalked around the body of water, sticking to the thick underbrush that cluttered the forest floor. She was trying to decide how to move forward, how to strike most efficiently. The moose lifted its head and scanned ar
:iconnaranda1:naranda1 2 0
susurrus siss session
i'll choke every bit of
false life out of
your beautiful,
i hate that you
were right
to prompt
tears upon gripped
trachea - i hate
these ends, i love
this rended
i'm broken in every
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 7 0
The Mummy Years - Chapter Two
~ Settling In ~
Alison walked through the hospital corridors, back straight and head held high. Oh, not because she was brave or daring life to give it to her on the chin again, but because that was the only way her brace would let her walk. She missed being able to slouch comfortably in a chair, or to take a deep breath without having her ribs squeezed. She was also very afraid of what would happen to her next. She didn’t understand all the terms the doctor had used (neither had her parents, she thought), but he had definitely said that she would be put in a full body cast. In her mind’s eye, Alison envisioned herself wrapped up like a mummy, with only her eyes visible. No! Surely it wouldn’t be that bad!
“Here you go,” said Nurse Atkins, who in her cheerful chatter as we walked down the hall had already compared Alison to her own granddaughter. She definitely seemed like the grandmotherly sort. “You’ve got your own room for the time being, de
:icononeconfusedkid:OneConfusedKid 5 1
VS. Bio: Desiree
First Appearance: Danny Phantom Season 1 Episode 6 "What you want" (April 30th 2004)
Species: Ghost/Genie
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Harem Girl (Former), Genie
Likes: Granting wishes, Fortune and Power, scaring/intimidating people
Theme song: 

Back Story:
- Unlike most Ghosts that Danny Phantom fights, she's started life not in the ghost zone, but rather as a human
- Was once a harem girl who won the heart of a sultan
- He promised to grant her all her heart's desires and even a kingdom of her very own
- However, she was cast away from the palace by the sultan's jealous wife
- She died of a broken heart (and old age), but some how becoming a genie in the after life
-- How she got these powers is unexplained

- She wandered around a ghost, forever granting other's wishes
-- Albeit at great personal cost (The men she fancied who's wishes she granted ended up choo
:icondocmoobios:DocMooBios 7 3
My Heroine Academia Part 1 (Izuku and Ochaco tg).
(Disclaimer: My Hero Academia and its characters are owned by Kohei Horikoshi. This story features elements of tg. Characters may be OOC. The story is set sometime between episodes 31 and 33.)
The school bell had already rung after another day at U.A. High School, one of Japan's best schools for nurturing pro heroes. Many of the students were already slipping their way out of the giant H-shaped building. Some had plans of hanging out with friends, or were desperate to start their studies with the Hero exams looming on the horizon.
However, a young boy with bushy green hair and freckles was still sitting at his desk at class 1-A. He was mumbling to himself whilst squeezing a pair of hand grips under his desk with his partially scarred hand. He was still contemplating his recent progress with his newly acquired quirk (or super-power to others), One-For-All. After his intense and dangerous fight with the Hero Killer Stain however, he still had a long way to go and with the injuries he'd s
:iconapsm:apsm 8 0
Mina Ashido X Male Reader: Twice The Alien Part 1
(A/N: Y'all would probably notice this when you read but da reader is basically gonna be Ben 10,don't ask questions. Just read.)
You were currently sitting inside your home watching some T.V.
(Y/N): I wonder when my exam at U.A is?
The pen on the table in front of you the shifts form into your mother.
Mom: In 10 minutes.
Mom: Look behind you!
You look behind yourself to see your dad in his alien form with a blade in hand.
(Y/N): You aren't as scary anymore dad,i got use to you with your Quirk. You're an alien who can make swords. Mom is unpredictable.
Your father then makes his sword disappear and he crosses his arms.
Dad: And i suppose your aliens are better?
(Y/N): Well yeah i can turn into so many i lost count.
Mom: You better get going to U.A. you wouldn't wanna disappo
:iconmatttherowlet:MattTheRowlet 14 9
The Hulk Wolf of the Night, Chapter 3
Three big male furs sat around a table in a bar...they and the bar tender were the only three in there...for now at least.  "Come fur is that The Hulk?"  The bar tender nodded and answered the question by one of the three brutes, "That's what I heard...strong too, but you three are the toughest in the one big bad wolf should not scare you right?"  The three shook their heads and flexed their huge arms.
Just then the front door flew open and a skinny male ferret ran in holding a bag.  "It was easy guys...I took the stuff from the cops as you told me to."  One of the big furs frowned, "Then why did you run back here like that?"  "Because...there was something...following me...I felt like there was anyhow.  Something a shadow of a fur was coming through the lights...I heard footsteps behind me...heavy ones, but could not make out who it was freaky, so I ran."
The skinny fur opened the bag and dumped the co
:iconmightymousefan78:MightyMouseFan78 4 1
Shantae vs Rock Trolls
In a rock cave.
Rock Troll: its time to show our superior strength.
Rock Troll 2: and we’ll triumph over the weaklings!
Rock Trolls: for victory!!!
In Scuttle Town.
Shantae: what a great day.
Bolo: that's right. There is peace and love.
Shantae: yeah! I bet i can do magical deeds.
Rock Trolls appears.
Shantae: what are they?
Bolo: no idea. But they'll get a beating.
Shantae: Bolo, be careful!
Rock Troll: this town will be smashed!
Bolo: not so fast rock idiots!
Rock General: and who are you?
Bolo: the name's Bolo. The man who will defeat you as a hero!
The Rock Trolls laughs.
Rock Troll: what a joke.
Bolo: take this! (slams them with his flail but no effect) hehe.
Rock General: you're a weakling! (flicks him to a store)
Bolo: ow! Not cool! I hope nothing can get any worse than this. (gets hit by an anvill) me and my big mouth.
Shantae: nobody hurts my friend, dumb brutes!
Shantae turns in elephant form and charges at some Rock Trolls, breaking them in pieces. She reverts to
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 6 168
Geo Wave Changes for a Death Battle

First Appearance: Megaman Starforce 
Age: 11 (Presumably 12 or older by the end of Megaman Starforce 3)
Species: Human/EM Being (Only when transformed)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Before the events of Megaman Starforce when Geo Stelar was only 8 years old. He was a simple happy-go-lucky kid who was part of a loving family. He also idolized his father, who was a scientist astronaut. One day, Geo came home from school to learn that his father. Along with many other scientist/astronauts aboard the space station "PEACE". Had mysterious had an accident, exploding in space and crash landing into the ocean. The loss devastated Geo, to the point where he had became self-isolated and had stopped going to school altogether. 

Then one night, while star gazing out at his usual spot at he Vista Po
:iconblackace70:Blackace70 9 0
Hyper Neptunia: Uni's Trip
"Poor Nepgear, it seems Neptune has all these tantrums of late she must really be stressed to no ends, I hope I can comfort her," Uni muttered as she had just gotten Noire's permission to visit them which she hurried towards Planeptune as fast as her transformed state allowed. "Although, it troubles me that Noire let me go just so she could play in her ultra-secret Cosplay closet that she believes no one knows about," Uni muttered with a slight giggle before realizing something and stopped.
"Oh, that's right! Last time Neptune went wild like this we had to sedate her, I wonder if I should pick up some sedatives to save us the trouble?" Uni muttered as she took out her device and scanned the area, soon a drug store popped up onto her screen which was isolated in the nearby hilly area. "Perfect!" she said hurrying towards it which she soon landed outside and detransformed.
"Hello?" Uni called out walking into the small store, small as it was she expected someone to greet her however ther
:iconed3765:ED3765 31 0
Freedom Censored by DamageDRider Freedom Censored :icondamagedrider:DamageDRider 7 0
I stabbed her,
Stabbed her more than twice
That terrible color
Soaked the wood
And dried in the light.
Oh what did I do
To deserve someone like you?
What did I say
For you to betray me this way?
I thought you left,
You were suppose to leave.
Why did we do this again?
You said you wouldn't hurt me,
Not ever again
Aren't you a part of me?
Don't you care?
It's become difficult,
I'm rather insane,
There are two,
There is me,
There is you.
We both own this body,
If you give in
I'll not hesitate
To attack you,
And put you there again.
That cage,
A prison,
A place to die.
Suffer on your own,
Don't drag me along.
I will fucking kill you
There is no need
Or any use
In either of us being weak now!
Stand up!
Stand the fuck up Amira!
Take my hand,
And don't you dare let go again!
Next time,
I promise you this,
It's your fucking throat.
Your life will be truly worthless.
Get off the floor,
Look to the sky,
And run!
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 7 14
MK vs. RWBY - Kain
A guest character from Legacy of Kain
Original Costume: His Legacy of Kain Defiance costume
Alternate Costume: His Blood Omen 2 costume
Voice: Simon Templeman
Special Moves:
Mist teleport: Kain turns into mist and can move towards or away from the opponent.
Dimension Rush: Using the power of dimension, Kain teleports and reappears in front of the opponent and strikes them with a upwards strike with the Soul Reaver.
Soul Reaver Slash: Kain slashes his opponent with his soul reaver upward, downward, and then upward.
Misty Fate: Kain does a Mist Teleport and then reappears Kain behind the opponent and with both hands around his opponent's head, he breaks the neck so hard that the opponent face is facing Kain. The opponent's body then falls to the ground and Kain says "Vae Victis."
Blood Drain: Kain uses his clawd hands to slit the opponent's throat. As the opponent begins to choke, Kain kicks them to the ground. Kain then raises his free hand and opens his mouth. A stream of t
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 5 0
The Bloodwarming

Ebony dragons
Sneezing salt instead of flames
Basking in the light
Swimming in the cold waters
Warmed by the sky's furnace
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 3 0
Majorix F. 'S1/Ep1' The magic of the earth [ENG] by starfirerencarnacion Majorix F. 'S1/Ep1' The magic of the earth [ENG] :iconstarfirerencarnacion:starfirerencarnacion 6 1
Transformers: Burning Fury (S3) - Episode 9
Episode 9: Legend of the Headmaster - Part 1
Cybertron, 5 million years ago... Upon the outskirts of Iacon, a lone silver Autobot was crawling amongst a fiery wreckage all around him. Nearby, ahead of him, were several dead Autobots, along with a dying yellow fembot.
???: *Holding the fembot in his arms as the light fades from her optics* I'm sorry, Sovita. I'm so sorry...
Just then, standing nearby the silver Autobot, was a green/purple Decepticon with claws, in the form of Scorponok.
Scorponok: So, how does it feel, Commander 'Cogman', to know that you are the very cause of the demise of these young Autobots under your command?
Cogman: -glares- You... You destroyed my team, general Scorponok. They were only rookies!
Scorponok: Bah, you typical Autobots and your sentiment, it's never ending! I warned you, Cogman, that leading others only leads to their execution. *Brandishing his claws* And I am the executioner! *His tail zooms ahead from behind him, pinning Cogman down by the chest*
:iconkrytenmarkgen-0:KrytenMarkGen-0 4 1
on his brow
a coronet
of fireflies
a walk at twilight
with my son
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 4 0
Magic Show Gone Wrong
(Women to Various)
Diana Matthews hummed, looking to herself in the mirror. “Today’s another day in paradise.” She said with a smile, winking at her reflection. The brunette sashayed her hips as she turned back towards the door of her dressing room, a familiar anxiety in her chest.
Somehow, no matter how many shows she did, the woman never got over that sensation of stage fright. Even though she was a popular magician, and even though she was actually magical-as opposed to the countless illusionists she’d encountered in her life-Diana always worried if people would like her act.
She opened the door with a flourish, an old habit she used to calm her nerves. Somehow acting in-character when off-stage helped her. Unfortunately, it also made her look ridiculous to any passerby. This normally wasn’t a problem, since people didn’t tend to wander backstage. Today, however, she came face-to-face with a man.
He seemed amused by her actions, and especia
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 26 1
Detainment Centers and Internment Camps
Barbed wires
Or chain link fences
Stolen families
Lost children
Single file
Row on row
Hispanic, Native
Japanese, Jew
Robbed possessions
Sheared hair
And the same
Watch yourself
:icon16woodsequ:16woodsequ 3 0
Once upon a time, there was a bunny girl who was a moon bunny that lived in a bright colorful yet run down old castle on the moon.
She is a writer and storyteller, yet one who works tirelessly on her ideas, and is quick to lose interest in old ones, leaving her place full of incomplete old projects.
She enjoyed color and making fairy things as well, things that just sort of caught her interest for beauty and color were everywhere...
She, however, was alone, and had shut herself off from the world for a long, long time. The world, you see, was unkind to her, so she cared little for it.
...And she would stay that way, until the day she discovered a book of imagination, a book that allowed her to create projections of her imagination as reality.
Now, she could surround herself with all the friends she could ever desire...or so it would seem. If they weren't...not real, you know?
...I guess in the end, she deluded himself...? Probably.
In the cold, lonely nights as she looked upon the Eart
:iconlightarcindumati:LightArcIndumati 3 0
End of the line (Steve x Reader) Part 2
At the old Avengers headquarters in New York
On your way to the captain’s old home, you had all introduced yourself properly. You still felt the lingering pressure of Wanda’s body against yours from where she had hugged you fiercely. The others hadn’t made you tell anything more than your name and where you were from, but with Wanda acting like she found something precious she had lost despite the situation, you assumed they had already formed an opinion about who you might be.
    Wanda, of course, did want to know everything that had happened. Instead of confronting you in front of everyone, however, she had simply laid her hand on your shoulder and she had closed her eyes. You had felt her energy slipping into your mind even before her voice in your head told you to calm down and show her everything.
    And so you had. From the day you had escaped the facility in Sokovia, to the day Hydra had f
:iconsavrom:savrom 7 1