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This breath of life stormed through my cells,
made me aware again...
I could feel,
and I could care again.
Regained more than I ever had stolen before,
readily given...
into my throbbing hands,
I won’t waste through greed,
I won’t devour through need,
I’ll open my palms and watch as all I’ve ever cared to know...
is finally freed.
Through a portal to where I really am,
back there behind myself in the present,
I witnessed something to live for,
it changed me bringing hopeless despair,
deranged and twisted what was woven there,
all I could do was stare,
and fall into a place never to be found,
now with arms outstretched there is not a sound,
having lost all was to meet the sky with ground,
no more want,
only a flicker,
of realization,
that a flutter of life exists once again to beckon me toward consciousness,
and I want to know you,
and I want to be known,
and for the first time in forever I want a place to call home.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 3
Shantae and Hercules vs Porphyrion
In a cave.
Relic Hunter: i hope we can find good stuff.
Relic Hunter 2: yeah me too.
Relic Hunter: we're gonna be famous.
Relic Hunter 2: and handsome.
They see a seal.
Relic Hunter: this blocks the way where the treasure is.
Relic Hunter 2: we need to break it.
???: stop!
A guardian appears.
Guardian: do you have any idea who you're gonna set free?
Relic Hunter: nope. We must find out where the treasure is.
Guardian: this seal is used to keep the king of Giants sealed away.
Relic Hunter 2: pff giants? As in bigger humans. They're fairy tales old man.
Guardian: you must believe me. You're making a big mistake!
The Relic Hunters makes a hole in the seal. They hear a roar.
Relic Hunter: what is that.
The seal breaks as the giant named Porphyrion is freed.
Porphyrion: i'm free!!
Guardian: quick, we must stop him. (gets grabbed)
Relic Hunter 2: run!
They get grabbed.
Porphyrion: here's my grattitude. (throws them to a pit)
He leaves the cave. In the forest.
Hercules: no monsters left
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 158
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 51
As we got to the baths, the Heralds of Winter helped us to sneak the children into the shrine unnoticed. Cat was waiting for us, her anxiety dropping from her face as she saw us. The news about the dragon’s death had spread like fire, but I knew she wouldn't be happy until she saw us all back alive.
Though she would ask about the children later, at first Solveig only had eyes for Bella. The opera singer ran towards her and both joined in a passionate kiss. I felt really happy for them, but I couldn't but notice that Argentea seemed rather uncomfortable. Hadn't we both done more than kissing; what was so wrong about it? We hadn't done those things in public (though I suspected that we weren't discrete), but I really wished that Argentea would let me kiss her in public. I couldn't understand humans at times.
After she got back to reality, Solveig told us that we should wait a few hours so the Iron Guard had time to get the Winter Guard out of the Square Market. Th
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 3 4
FSCP199-123: A hybrid of Donkey Kong and Bowser that was created with a special remote that can change people into characters from games, tv shows and movies as well as combine two characters together to make a new character.  He has the attributes of both characters and is inhumanly strong, although he tends to be clumsy and isn't all that good at being a monster because he slips up and is more comedic than frightening.  He is a professional Monsters Inc type monster that is gentle despite his gruff and grizzly appearance.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 3 6
FT: Love you make me weak
Elfman stared oddly down at the small pink paper airplane resting in the small patch of flowers outside his sister’s diner. When he had first noticed it he thought it had just been a piece of trash someone tossed into Mira’s flowers, but upon further inspection he found it to be a carefully folder pink airplane. He reached down ever so gently as to not harm Mira’s precious daisies and plucked the item out. With a quick glance around to see if anyone was watching him the tall man opened to airplane.
“To my soulmate,
If you’re ever having a tough day remember it’s okay to just step back and take a deep breath! You can do this! <3
He smiled a bit at the message, it was manly to take a break when you full well deserved it after all! However it was still quite odd that he found this in Mira’s daisies. He can’t seem to wrap his mind around that one. How did this little airplane end up there, and who was R.P? He had so many questi
:iconthunclerdork:ThunclerDork 8 3
Blake Belladonna x Male!Reader Vol. 1 Ep. 1

Beacon Academy, one of the prestigious academies across all of Remnant. Many backgrounds and characters all gather at such Huntsmen academies for many reasons, all different depending on who you ask. Fame, glory, pursuit of strength, or a dream…these are not even the tip of the iceberg of reasons why people join at Huntsmen academies. Before our story goes as planned, why don’t we meet our cast of characters in this thread of fate?
Still en route to Beacon was a bullhead bearing the Schnee family symbol. Not counting the bags of luggage and pilots, there were two people being flown to Beacon. One was a female and the other was a male, dressed in all white attire. The female had her long, white hair wrapped up in a ponytail with a bang protruding as a result of being tied up too quickly. She wore a jacket over her dress and boots up to her knees matching the same shade of white. The male wore a white suit jacket and snow leopard printed s
:iconpopdood:popdood 15 4
Spongebob Squarepants Movie TNSGiT final part 4
(Next morning at 9:30 AM, Spongebob and Kristina Patron arrived in Krusty Krab)
SpongeBob: Another day, another dollar.
Kristina: (worried) Spongebob, are you sure Mr. Krabs would let me work with you?
SpongeBob: I'm sure Mr. Krabs wouldn't mind. (they both enter the Krusty Krab)
Kristina: (look around these crowd who are eating their Krabby Patties and drinks. She looks pretty shy and nervous)
SpongeBob: Come on. (leads Kristina to Mr. Krabs' office door) Mr. Krabs? Can I come in?
Mr. Krabs: (from inside the office) 29, 30, 35--argh! Shiver me timbers, boy! You made me lose count! Come in.
Kristina: Hi, Mr. Krabs. I've been thinking...I just came in here to work here as your new employee.
Mr. Krabs: Employee? I'm not hiring.
Kristina: Why not?
Mr. Krabs: Well, it's nothing personal, lass. It's just SpongeBob and Squidward are the best crew I can afford.
SpongeBob: Come on, Mr. Krabs, she really needs this job. Uh... she can work the register!
Mr. Krabs: Squidward works the register.
:iconmagic-kristina-kw:Magic-Kristina-KW 3 4
untitled donkument
Madeline gasped as she caught herself against the wall, but the weight continued to push down on her. She struggled to push herself up from the wall, her back resisting her efforts to right herself. All the while a pressure in her hips continued to grow, before finally snapping. As her back leveled itself, her hands slid down the wall before finally reaching the fall. She bent her knees and tried to stand up on two legs, but failed. Every effort she made to stand on her own two feet again resulted in her kicking her legs out behind her. She would have continued the futile cycle of struggle to stand, and buck had her face not turned so war, as if someobdy had placed a hot towel straight from a sauna and onto her face, with the added sensation  of her ears feeling like clay, being molded by hot phantasmic hands. She tried in vain to reach for her ears, but couldn't lift her hands from the floor, even then her fingers felt numb and clumsy. She trotted down the hall to her bedroom, an
:iconnicolethedonk:NicoleTheDonk 6 2
Of Gods
Yet only
my words
are immortal
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 5 2
Marvel vs. RWBY - Yang Xiao Long
Name: Yang Xiao Long
Debut: "Yellow" Trailer (2013)
Voice: Barbara Dunkelman
Original: Her current outfit with robot arm
Alternate: Her "DGAS" outfit with again, the robot arm
Intro: Yang walks into the stage and gets in her fight stance as two of her teammates get ready.
Intro Quotes:
- I’m feeling pretty yang-xious about this fight.
- Let's heat this up, shall we?
- Better not go easy on me.
- (Vs. Any Marvel hero) With guys like you on our side, the Grimm are a piece of cake!
- (Vs. Ruby Rose) Don't hold back, sis!
- (Vs. Weiss Schnee) C'mon, Weiss, let's see if my bullets melt your ice.
- (Vs. Blake Belladonna) Ready for a little spar, Blake?
- (Vs. The Hulk) Looks like someone's in a rotten mood today.
- (Vs. Adam Taurus) Oh, I've been waiting for this a long time!
- (Vs. Captain America) You by any chance know a guy named Jaune?
- (Vs. Raven Branwen) Sorry it’s come to this, mom. But I don’t have a choice.
Special Moves:
Ember Shot: Yang fires a short-
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 4 7
The History of Trunks (Epilogo malo)
En ese preciso instante, ambos semi-saiyajines se vieron obligados a interrumpir su conversación, pues una fuerte explosión acababa de ocurrir no muy lejos de ellos, pudieron ver más explosiones que provenían de la ciudad, humo negro salía por entre los edificios… dioses, eso solo podía significar una cosa y nada bueno iba a venir de aquella situación.
-¡Los androides!-dijeron ambos semi-saiyajines al unísono mirándose fijamente el uno al otro.
-¡Maldición! Finalmente lograron llegar hasta aquí-exclamó Gohan molesto formando unos puños con ira, lanzó un fuerte grito y gracias a que su ira se incrementó, se convirtió en súper saiyajin, Trunks comenzó a preocuparse al ver que su sensei estaba dispuesto a ir a hacerle frente a los androides solo. No podía permitir que eso pasara ¡debía hacer algo! ¿qué le hacía creer que saldría con vida de aquella b
:iconfloppynoe:floppynoe 0 0
Gain 50pounds for a movieActress Weight Gain Story
This story contains weight gain and stuffing.
Lindsey Walks was a famous actress. She was currently the actress that every man dreamed about. She was a curvy white goddess. She stood at around 5'4 and weighed in at 125 pounds. She was perfect with long red hair, baby blues eyes, and slightly tanned white skin. She had a thin face, thin arms, b cup breasts, and a decently sized butt and thighs. She was loved living the famous life. Everyday was like a party for the 26 year old. Acting was so easy for her and she seemed to have accomplished a lot. She had stared in the biggest blockbusters and even some artsy movies. She still dreamed about one thing, an Oscar. She was currently sitting in a room with her manager discussing how she could win an Oscar.
"How did I lose to that dumb movie. I acted like a perfect heroin addict and what do I get? Nothing just five nominations and no wins. Carl, what should I do?"
Her fifty year old manager was somewhat confused. It seemed that Lindsey really
:iconbobiscool18:bobiscool18 19 1
Artificial struggling of the mind never fends off the beatings of this place,
Primordial rage born of humanity enslaved is the only cure that can straighten one's face,
Burn beyond a tormented maze of sorrow and pain to build again but inside an iron case
The wall of dust crumbles down after ages of howling winds beating upon it's rust,
Speed past it one must on an insatiable run thirsty for victory's lust,
Burning the ancient desert while holding one's head as an unbreakable bust
It seems another side souls do not need but always stop to ask,
Bask in the glory of all that is won and all that will ever be a part of their task,
One sometimes forgets but will always remember alone in the rain,
One must sometimes take off the mask
:iconphnks:phnks 3 0
Castoff part 11
part 11
“It was him,” Raph growled. “That bastard murdered Shilo’s mother.”
“Raphael, language,” Master Splinter admonished.
“Go arrest him, Casey,” Mikey demanded, his blue eyes full of indignation.
“I wish it worked that way, Mikey. All we have right now is what we call circumstantial evidence,” Casey said. “There’s not even enough of that to pull him in for questioning. We have to connect that second phone to Colón in order to show that she and Guerra knew each other.”
“Can’t you suggest to your techs that they do what Donnie just did?” April asked.
“I could, but that only shows that there were three phones in the park at the same time of night,” Casey said. “It doesn’t put that second phone in Colón’s hands.”
“This is frustrating as hell,” Raph said.
“It would help if we could find the second ph
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 2
Age of Heroes: Shattered Time (Snippet #2)
A rushing sensation surging through her jolted Crona awake. Her breath caught itself in her throat as she shot straight up, eyes wide and darting around her chamber. For just a split-second, it felt like she couldn’t breathe.
It took a moment to register that she was not, in fact, waking up from enemies attacking, and several more to settle down, reminding herself that she was, for the most part, safe in her home.  
Most mornings had been the same since that horrific battle. Had she the ability, she would have expected to wake up in cold sweat with each recurring nightmare – just like the mammals, she had read about. Nights like the last had her wrestling in her sleep, kicking her bed-rocks about the room. Today though, only a few had fled to other places on the earth-packed floor.  
The polished stones shone in the beams of sunlight glinting through the cracks of the closed wooden shutters. The smell of burnt candles still hung heavily in the stale air. She had f
:iconvonpipkin:vonPipkin 2 0
Something Wicked - Multimedia by James-Polymer Something Wicked - Multimedia :iconjames-polymer:James-Polymer 2 2
Brass Rocket
"You dare, sir," snapped Livingstone of Team Brass, "to come here and seek to tell me my own duty?!"
The man before him seemed unfazed. He was younger than Livingstone, by a fair amount, but his face still showed the lines of middle age, on top of those of greed and other evil passions. His piercing green eyes fixed the older man from across the room with an almost contemptuous leer. One hand idly stroked down the back of the white-coated Persian on his lap, which was directing a similar mocking look at him.
"I dare, Joseph Livingstone" sneered Giovanni of Team Rocket. "And I dare because, from where I sit, your methods are deplorable and your goals are childish. I am aware I'm in little position to criticise-"
"As indeed you are!" Livingstone's voice was a harsh bark, as though a guard dog had smelt something unpleasant. "I've heard of your organization, Giovanni, and frankly I'm astounded you dare to criticise me!"
"I could say the same thing," growled the other man. He did no
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 4 7
MK Mythologies: Had'ra'den: Sneak Peak
    Nitara sat atop a bed that was so many layers of silk that to buy it must have made a prince into a pauper. She turned on it and her sharp and ever aware eyes opened from a dead sleep to perfect awareness as she heard loud footsteps echoing down the hall and growing even more as they approached. Of course, they might not have been so loud to a human or an edenian, but her sharp senses meant they were clearly even when they were still so distant yet that she could rise, a raging fire in the open hearth of her chamber with a mental spell and then make herself presentable for her coming messenger. Who was it walking down the hall this time. She did love to try and guess. Judging by the steady gate and the footsteps, they way they cared themselves, the sureness meant it was her agent, Nightspirit. The shapeshifter was a good spy and a cunning thief and she occasionally made use of his services when she needed someone with a little patience and skill whose discretion coul
:iconmcbridepublishing:McbridePublishing 2 1
Bloodied feathers chapter 1
At early morning at dawn CJ was climbing on the tree until he saw a bird's nest. He suddenly gets close to it and sees the mother bird coming back to it's nest and looks at him, CJ gets even close to it and mews curiously and suddenly the mother bird attacked him and bit his arm because she thought he was a cat and CJ fell of the tree in pain
After he gets bitten by a bird he went to Alphys' lab as soon as possible and explained that he got bitten by a bird
Alphys warned that those who get bitten by an angry female bird will turn into a harpy by the time night came making CJ very scared
At night he got lost in the deep,dark forest looking for his pet tiger after he ran off chasing a bunny. CJ called his name many times but no reply until he realized his body is shaking and his heart beats faster and realized something
He forgot about alphys' advice and suddenly felt strong pain to his arms and fell on his knees
Both of his arms grew feathers and turned into large,bulky wings. He watche
:iconxxneonnightskyxx:xXNeonNightSkyXx 5 3
Hunt: Hisssss
The trio trotted through the park, looking around. The lakeside park had recently attracted flocks of Canadian geese. As much as they were beautiful, they were also causing all sorts of problems for park-goers. Parents had stopped bringing their children and were sending complaints of all kinds to those in charge of the park maintenance. The ads went out and they were searching for help to stabilize the number of geese at the park.
They stopped a little ways away and watched the geese that seemed to blanket the shore. Many of them were quiet, just laying around or sleeping in the shade of the trees as the afternoon sun shone overhead. It was a warm day and they did not seem too active, but the tokotas knew better then that. Elkay and Saeros joined Norori, sitting down next to him as they made their plan of attack. The aggressive birds seemed quite tame and Saeros tilted her head as she watched them. Elkay seemed to be counting them as he waited for the other two, trying to figure out a
:iconnaranda1:naranda1 0 0
Marvel vs. Capcom 4: Unlimited
Street Fighter:
Ken Masters
M. Bison
Cammy White
Charlie Nash
Dan Hibiki
Sakura Kasugano
Crimson Viper
Juri Han
Captain Commando:
Captain Commando
Jin Saotome
Mega Man:
Mega Man
Tron Bonne
Morrigan Aensland
B.B. Hood
Jedah Dohma
Donovan Baine
Strider Hiryu
Star Gladiator:
Hayato Kanzaki
Resident Evil:
Jill Valentine
Albert Wesker
Chris Redfield
Nemesis T-Type
Ghosts 'n Goblins:
Devil May Cry:
Viewtiful Joe:
Viewtiful Joe
Final Fight:
Mike Haggar
Bionic Commando:
Nathan Spencer
Dead Rising:
Frank West
Ace Attorney:
Phoenix Wright
Monster Hunter:
Monster Hunter
Rival Schools:
Batsu Ichimonji
Asura's Wrath:
Power Stone:
Edward Falcon
Dino Crisis:
Captain America
Winter Soldier
Doctor Doom
Iron Man
Doctor Strange
:iconmaku3shin:Maku3Shin 3 11
FE Julius and Ishtar to Taltiu and Azel tg tf
it had been a rough day for the order of heroes as they had almost been taken over by a coup lead by Julius one of the ´´Heroes´´ recruited by the summoner in battle.
the summoner had already sent most of the people who were part of the coup back to their original worlds with only Julius and Ishtar being left althought as the summoner used his legendary weapon something odd happened as one red orb and a blue orb had gone inside the light when both were sent home.
After being sent back to a castle Both were suddenly attacked by the red and blue orbs as their bodies seemed to absorb them, Julius checked on ishtar to see if she was okay because even after becoming the reincarnation of Loptous he still cared about her.
She seemed to be fine until she felt a sudden tingling sensation as her Curves suddenly dissapeared and she grew some new muscles .
Julius watched powerless to stop the changes as Ishtar s breasts Dissolved becoming flat , her face changed while she grew
:iconspecialistkaiden:Specialistkaiden 7 0