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Persona Fantasy Chapter 27
Persona Fantasy Chapter 27
Once the elevator doors opened, Magnus made his way off and out the Lighthouse where he saw Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto waiting for him with Gladiolus holding a black silk pouch that he had to guess held the 20 Mythril Ore that he and Cid needed to repair the ship's engine which he accepted the pouch from Gladiolus.
Magnus: *smile* You guys did good. We've already finished refurnishing the Ship with new parts so it can actually float on the sea, now we just need to repair the Engine and our father's vessel is ready to set sail.
Prompto: But we won't be able to sail until morning the day after tomorrow right? So, what are we going to do until then?
Magnus and the others saw the reason with in Prompto's words as they pondered over on what to do when Ignis was the one to voice something.
Ignis: Now that I remember, while I was busy sowing that Elderly man's garden with fresh seeds I over heard some of the villagers stating how Daemons have taken residen
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My Favorite Cryptids
1) The Loch Ness Monster: Probably one of the most famous examples of a cryptid in cryptozoology. Believed to be an ancient creature such as a plesiosaur, the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is believed to inhabit Loch Ness. Described as having a long neck, flippers, and endless humps, accounts of the creature date far back to the time of Saint Columbia. Interest in the creature continued until in the 1930s, an alleged photograph of the monster dubbed the Surgeon's Photograph goes down in history as one of the best cases for the existence of Nessie. Even though the photograph was a hoax, many others had given their accounts of the Loch Ness Monster through the use of sonar and photography.
2) Grey aliens: They are stock characters for ufology, often the first thing that people would think of when contemplating the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many theories have arisen as efforts of figuring out what these beings are. Some range from the Greys being time travelers goi
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[Breeding] - A Pretty View
Anyone would grin at the current sight on the shore: a large, dark, looming Dire took carefully slow steps so that its companion could keep up. The small, tundra toki that took extra-long steps craned her neck up towards the black, pied female as she spoke ceaselessly. The Dire female nodded compliantly, holding back a laugh or two as the little story-teller wove another one of her likely tall tales.
Anyone would grin. But it made Basilisk grimace.
The lilac Akota watched the pair from his perch on the side of the mountain, hunched over a rock as if it were his steed and he might ride it down the slope. It surely wasn’t going anywhere, even under his massive weight, but it was the only boulder large enough to contain all of him, so there he rested after a long morning of fishing. His breath plumed as he exhaled deep breaths between sniffs, testing the air, testing the intruders. He considered what might have brought them--probably the choice fishing spots along the water’s
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Mafiatale - [P10] [Frans] [Sequel]
The main ship of this story is Sans x Frisk. If you don't like that, this isn't the story for you.
Sans is a MONSTER and not a HUMAN, so he doesn't follow HUMAN biology like a HUMAN skeleton. Same with Gaster and Papyrus.  
Ever since that whole incident with that other boy, Leo really hadn't enjoyed going to kindergarten. He had just had a little outburst, that was all, but he got the feeling, (even for only being a 6 year old), that everyone was scared of him now. Even when he was minding his own business, drawing, or playing with someone, there was never really a time when he couldn't feel someone's eyes on him, and when he would turn to look, anyone he might have caught staring at him would just quickly look away. The only person who wasn't really avoiding him like the plague was his sister. At least she wasn't afraid of him.
"Leo, can we join you to draw?" He heard his sister's voice ask him, as he was sitting at a small table in the room where he was doing his own drawing. L
:iconxxdarkness--insidexx:xXDarkness--InsidexX 5 0
Digimon Frontier Reboot Prologue
Flurmimon Presents:
A Digimon Frontier Reboot Idea
Digimon Frontier may be my favorite season, it has a nice system with the Hybrid Digimon and the 10 Elements, the character interactions are nice and smoothly, the story is cool and has a mysterious tune, the Digital World is a nice place to explore with its culture, but... Here's the big BUT: Many things are unexplained and are either unfairly treated or just left behind the dark. There's also the highly problematic Royal Knights arc along with the Zeta Hybrids and some other missed opportunities.
When I finished watching Frontier for the first time a desire rose up about learning more about the Digital World and it's ancient history along about to understanding the Hybrid Digimon and how it ties though the whole season and beyond. Mostly about its ancient history in the time of the Human/Beast war, Lucemon's reign and fall and the rise of the Ancient Warriors.
These entries cover mostly the differences between
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Stranger Things
I've forgotten already,
why I'm so scared.
don't make me love again,
I'm not really here.
something inside
tells me run and hide.
you hold my hand
and tell me I'm fine
Freaked out, Insecure, Nervous, Emotional.
I'm fine being here with you.
Yet again you assure me with sweetness in your voice,
and leave in your eyes.
Your works, your words have been said before.
I'm terrified of you.
I'm terrified of me.
What I can do and what I can be.
What I'm doing, why can't I see.
What I'm doing here is a mirror
so I look at myself in fear
and begin to steer away.
Off road off track.
No looking back
I lack the heart
yet feel the attack.
I'm panicked
I'm distraught
because just when I thought
Stop and breathe
I'm caught just breathe,
I drop can't breathe,
we've fought just leave,
hearts on our sleeve,
look up can't see,
just go I plead,
don’t hurt, no need
these fake hearts don't bleed
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Sugar Fables #1: The Emperor's New Clothes

Once upon a time, there was this king emperor dude guy or whatever, and he be walking around like, “Hey! Look at my new clothes I got! These are amazing new clothes!”
Suddenly some guy appeared and said, “I can make you better clothes you know.”
“Alright, lemme see em”
“Okay, take everything off first”, said the man. The king be like, “Alright” as he did so. “Did that”
The man said, “Alright, now put on these invisible clothes I got you so that everybody thinks you’re so well dressed, only the stupid people won’t see your clothes!”
The emperor be like, “That’s a great idea!” So he puts on the invisible clothes and begins strutting down the street while beatboxing. All the women, men, and even dogs at that point are apparently screaming like “AAAAAAAGH!” and began running around due to the point that it is so disgu
:iconsugar-creatorofsfdi:Sugar-CreatorOfSFDI 7 19
10 - les funerailles assassines - Session 10
Hel – *On les avait fait patienter dans une petite salle d'attente à l'entrée du cabinet. La décoration était sommaire, tristement banale et professionnelle, et la seule plante présente était en plastique réaliste. L'attente dura presque une demi-heure et on s'excusa de ce retard en leur offrant un café à chacun.*
Zlo – *Les deux frères discutaient tranquillement dans la pièce impersonnelle. Un peu anxieux, un peu au-dessus de tout. Andrew touillait sa boisson avec des gestes aussi lents qu'élégants alors que son cadet avait déjà vidé sa tasse au risque de se brûler tout le palais. "Tu crois que père va nous offrir une petite surprise ?" "À toi sûrement... mais à moi, j'en doute, ou alors elle sera mauvaise". Les yeux rivés sur la pendule épurée dont le cadran design ne comportait aucun chiffre, ils constatèrent qu'il y avait pas moins d
:iconzlovelly:Zlovelly 0 0
Quirkless, Not Powerless | Combat Training Part 6
Hey guys, Issac here. Welcome to the wonderful school U.A! Our students each have unique quirks of their own and personalities. We teachers hope that you enjoy reading their story as much as we enjoyed writing it. And now! Without further or do, this is the story of a quirkless girl just trying to be a hero. Enjoy!

The purple dragon girl looked up at the ceiling, trying to look for All Might, “W-We lost? Yume and I lost…?” She flinched a bit, startled by the fact her team lost. Kaida snapped out of it, “Yume!” She shouted and ran off, down the stairs, leaving Terunori to run after her.
He called out to her, “What are you doing? Training’s over, we need to get back so All Might can start the ne-” The girl cut him off.
“Shut up! I need to go help my friend!” She sprinted faster and jumped into flight. When she found the other girl, standing over her is Akira, a fe
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[NnNRPG] Motivation
[Bob] - "So, why are you doing this?"
"We all are excited to be on this trip, but as weird as it might sound, not everyone is in it for the same reasons. I know that Lynne is quite fed up about something, so she volunteered- and that the Marauder's leader probably hopes to find riches. But we all know that this doesn't have to be the case for everyone. What is your motivation to be here? Why did you apply for this mission? I'm curious!
[Tuhinga] - "Ehm..well...."
*looks to the ground and fidgets with his fingers at the hem of his west*
"I...Im not sure if I have this one good reason or motivation...there are so many little and not so little reasons why I applied for this mission. As you know, since you found me, Im a NebDusty...I dont know if I was thrown away,got lost or if my parents were maybe attacked and had to hide me or maybe I want to use this mission to maybe find something out about them, what happened to them or maybe one day I migh
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Street Fighter X RWBY - Jin Kazama
Guest Character from Tekken
Original: His Tekken 6 Player 1 outfit
Alternate 1: Jin as he appears in Tekken 7
Alternate 2: His Player 2 outfit in Tekken 5
Voice: Brad Swaile
Intro: Jin will look away from the opponent while looking at his hand. He then closes his hand into a fist and says, “You shall not succumb to my fate!” while getting into his fighting stance.
Round Win Quotes:
- Don’t stand in my way!
- Pitiful!
- I’ll end the Mishima curse… no matter the cost.
Victory Animation: Jin looks at his fist which sparkles with lightning-like energy before walking away.
Special Step: Jin zips towards his opponent and does either one of these follow-ups.
- Thrusting Uppercut: He’ll uppercut his opponent.
- Right Roundhouse Punch: Jin right punches his opponent.
- Spinning Flare: Jin will spin kick downward.
- Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick: Jin kicks his opponent and then moves onto the Spinning Flare Kick.
Spinning Flare: Jin spin kicks his oppo
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Videl's path to pudge pt.2 (commissioned story)
You have been watching over Videl's growth for a while now, acting as both her moral support and her dependable feeder. You tried your best to be there at her side whenever possible, though it wasn't always the easiest thing to do. Even though you two were very close and both students in the same class, you weren't always able to spend time together, which seemed to be something that Videl found to be rather annoying and intrusive to her 'plans' on gaining weight. She would call you out to hang out with her after school, before school, and even on days off where neither of you had to go and meet up at the same building. Still, you were as dependable as you could possibly be. Barring certain events and obligations, you tried to spend as much time with Videl as you possibly could. You really did like her, you thought she was beautiful and only getting more so as her stomach became softer and more distended, so you wanted to see just what she could truly become if she was continually fed
:icondefectivedetective95:DefectiveDetective95 5 1
"Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.”
Wine lay in bed, her covers draped over her waist. She wished Cael was beside her, her fingers brushing along the necklace he had given her. It had barely been a week since they had left the Atmora, but her mind was wandering further back. It had been nearly four months since she had escaped the camp, and two and a half years since her family had died. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. She had come a long way, but there was still much to do. She stared at the ceiling, replaying their conversation with Ingrid. She never would have guessed Samsara was the Samsara, and she felt indignant at not being told all this time - especially after being attacked like they were!
Her mind wandered over the conversation further, wondering what it meant that they had all been visited by the same woman - or so Ingrid believed - before landing on his reaction to Wine’s story about the Lady. She frowned at the
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 3 1
Und mit Kornblumenblau
zeichnet Seelenträne
Bilder der Erinnerung
in Nebelatmen
des Morgenrot.
Und Rosenblütenblatt
reist mit Schmetterling
auf Seelenträne
in Nebelatmen
des Morgenrot.
Und Schwarz der Nacht
liebkost sterbend Stern
zeichnet mit Kornblumenblau
dein und mein Gesicht
in verschwindend
blutend Morgenrot.
:iconoldstreetblues:oldstreetblues 3 0
You signed the letters
In lettered signs
And I sighed to find
Your tears have stained
The torn up white
I lie awake to stitch the lies
And line the lines to keep you out
And write the wrongs I
Thought were right
When I was lost and left behind
The loss of you is one of a kind
A wilted rose before it's time
It grew in feilds and rose in kind
To bury all the blurry lines
I used to live a life unloved
A heart unlived in nor a mind
But life breathed life in all still things
Yet still I thought I bruised my wings
And sat alone in a lonely place
Remembered how I fell from grace
You graced me once
Then left a space
A hole in me as big as space
I once was whole but now I'm not
A rope unmade without a knot.
:iconjimmiebee:JimmieBee 4 2
The Light of Dawn Part 1 Chapter 7
The Light of Dawn
Part 1 Chapter 7
The meaning of Jim's Letter
I did get to sleep on my bunk bed, but the snoring almost made me stay up. I was hoping to see Kairi again, but for some reason, I ended up on the RLS Endurance, Jim's Warsloop. I looked around as I got closer to hear Jim talking to Mr. Onyx, who is Mr. Arrow's nephew. I have to agree, he does resemble Mr Arrow a lot. When I got a little closer I got to hear what Jim said to his crew.
"Congratulations, men! I've been informed that we have been given a Warsloop. Between it and this Torpedo Boat, we're an actual patrol squadron now! Mr. Onyx, plot us a course to Crescentia. We have a hold full of prisoners to deliver to the Royal Courts." Jim said to his crew.
I had to admit, he does look handsome in a uniform as Lieutenant Hawkins. I looked to see the Torpedo Boat he was talking about, the RLS Comet, and smiled at how he's commandi
:iconrm-keyblade-mistress:RM-Keyblade-Mistress 3 8
Faith Meets Chrissie: Chapter 02
     Faith is sitting close to the fire, watching Remy cook a boar that he had successfully hunted and skinned. She can't help but wonder why neither he nor Chrissie have ever heard of spellcasting. Even though lighting the fire was such a simple spell, they both stared at her like she had performed an amazing feat.
      "I guess that I could ould relate in a sense," Faith says to herself, unaware that she has started thinking out loud. "Giants are supposed to be myths," she turns to look at Chrissie, who is holding her puppy up to her face. She is giggling as Remy Jr. is licking her nose since it is tickling her a bit. "Yet there she is right in front of me."
     Chrissie looks down at Faith, smiling at her, her attention now drawn to her new friend's arm. She can't help but stare at the glowing symbols, their soft glow a nice contrast to the fire's warm light. "You're arm is very pretty,"
     "Thank you," Faith responds w
:iconrenulen:Renulen 5 8
The Elk Totem
Place: Chandor - Healers' Den
Time: late summer
It had been a few days since Balduin had been brought to Chandor. He had thought originally once he had kept off his leg and rested that the pain would go away, but so far he had no such luck. He didn't necessarily want to take advantage of Chandors hospitality, but if he was going to repay their kindness he needed to be back on his feet.
He was directed towards one of the packs healers - Elk Totems - a white and black female. Balduin hobbled over one afternoon, wanting to make sure that he didn't come too early and disturb them. He didn't want to be any more of a nuisance than he already was.
He cleared his throat as he approached her from behind, standing a few paces away. "Hello? Sorry to bother you but I was told to see you about my leg. You are one of the Elk Totems, right? A healer?" He asked.
Tieru's ear twitched, catching the footsteps sound. The Elk Totem was busy mixing herbs and minerals into ready-t
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Neko Vore RP (revival)
You're a small neera living in a large house. This house is owned by two sister nekos. The first one, keiko, is the eldest. She's 18 and seems to be the kinder of the two. The second one, Jade is the youngest. She's 16 and is always running around, doing dangerous acts like jumping from table to table and swinging from the stairs. She seems to have a more aggressive nature than her sister. The two however do get along well. One night, when going to get good as normal, maybe some crumbs they let fall during dinner, you hear the lights flick on and a tired yawn. The yawn abruptly stopped. The silence was broken by a tired "who are you?".
A: Run as fast as you can
B: stand still. Don't make any sudden movements
C: Answer them. Dumb move but you have no other choice.
The neko who spotted you was
1: keiko
2: Jade
Have fun!
:iconkeikotheneko:KeikoTheNeko 3 75
The Trooper, a PVZ Show Story
The Trooper
“You’ll take my life, but I’ll be sure to take yours too. I am the foundation that holds a mighty castle, I am not disposable, I am a man of freedom and liberty. I will never bend to your whim!”
Many of his kind perish, treated by foes as the hounds of duty. He was the sole survivor of a mission gone wrong, and is on the verge of death lying under starlit night beaten into a corner and too weak to move. All fell quiet under night at the town hall’s alley.
Dawn surfaces on the plant base as our two Heroes Craig the cactus and Pulse the power flower emerge from their beds to do the morning chores Pops, their plausibly legal guardian pops corn had assigned. They first made their beds, Pulse picked off the blankets stuck to Craig, and head to the main base for their next job. When they entered, they saw pops sitting in the easy chair sipping some Ice-T and watching his gardener smother out some weeds walking into the walls of the base. “Ah! K
:iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 4 2
You Are My Dream (Hani and Lawson)
It's no use!” Hani had felt the words leave her mouth, but she feared wind had whisked them far past listening ears. The violent flurry of air roared at her her head-on, sapping the strength in her legs as she trudged forward through snow drifts that nearly reached her chest. Flakes of ice, that, not even two hours before, had been falling so gently, now cut through the protective warmth of her pelt and pricked at her skin. Her head was kept low as she moved, the cold stinging her eyes and blurring her vision, leaving a raging sheet of white as the only thing visible before her.
A particularly strong gust got the best of her numb paws and knocked her off balance, but the solid form of Lawson pressed against her side and kept her standing. He trekked alongside her step for step, though his size gave him advantage moving through the snow. Their fur mingled close together, never even a millimeter apart.
The two of them had been scouting goats at the edge of the Hi
:iconswitt:switt 6 23
ARMS Women's Champion
Twintelle sat backstage at a Hyrule-based arena with MinMin, looking at her championship belt in the mirror.  "I do hope my training is enough to retain that belt, MinMin." said Twintelle.  After her training, she was even bigger than before, her body now over 500 pounds of fat and muscle.  Her stomach was still large, a distended, tan midriff that hid rock-hard abs two and a half feet wide and sticking out about two feet, hanging down to her knees.  Each of her breasts were bigger than her head.  Her regular arms had gained definition, her biceps were noticeable and she had a layer of fat that left them smooth.  Of course, as always, Twintelle's rear and thighs were the most impressive parts of her.  Queen Peach was famous all over the world for having a butt as wide as she was tall.  Twintelle's was now of a comparable size, the thighs proportionate and the butt jutting out a fair distance behind her, making her sit up a foot higher than when s
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