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Not my Curl Canada x Reader
(A/N: WHO WANTS LEMON? Guess I’m writing one. Please comment and I’ll give you lemon-)
‘Okay. I’m gonna confess to her. It’s now or never.’
Matthew encouraged to himself. As you can see he have a long time crush on you since you’re one of the people who could notice him. It’s getting him frustrated that he cannot admit his love for you. But you were so dense to notice it.
Matthew went to your house. He nervously knocked on the door.
He gulped as he was greeted by your cheerful voice. Oh how he love to hear your voice. You opened the door and smiled at him.
“Hello Mattie!”
You greeted as he greeted you back. You let him enter your house and made him seat in your couch.
“I have some left over pancakes in the fridge. Want some?”
“That would be great (y/n).”
You left to grab those pancakes. And smirk.
‘I’m so gonna know this today.’
~~~~~~~~~~~LAST WEEK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:iconcielsol:Cielsol 702 608
Making Utau Voice Sound Nice
Here's Directions how to make a male voicebank sound good in UTAU.  For female voices, just skip steps 2 and 3.
1)push Ctrl A on your keyboard (this will select everything and turn notes from blue to pink)
2)Click Menu (E)
3) Then Menu(N)
4) type in -12 and hit ok
5) right click any note
6) select bottom option on the menu
7) the second option down where you see a % sign type in 0 (next to word that says チジュレーション)
8) directly under that (in outline gray box area) press first button on the right (it says クリア)
9) click box next to BRE and hit space bar
10) click box next to Flags and hit space bar
11) click box next to STP and hit space bar
12) hit ok
13) click menu (T), then (U), then (C)
14) If you have never done this before, next to あ、い、う、え、お put a comma right after お and write a, e, i, o, u (with
:iconblankinspace:BlankInSpace 206 40
Tuesday Afternoon
Next, please.
Yes, hello again.
I'm sorry, my memory fails me. Which one are you?
Well, I was Martin Fry.
I'm sorry, those records are terminated. What's your number?
Eleven thirty-one.
No, no, not your queue number. Your executive number, the eight-digits.
You expect me to remember that?
Well, it is within the seven plus-minus two limit, which you should achieve if you've reached up to level one. Or, are you the reincarnation?
Yeah, that's right. That's what I wanted to discuss with you.
Did you miss your stop?
I only sent you off a few hours ago.
Yes, my point exactly. What's the deal with turning me into a sea turtle?
You said you liked swimming, and that you'd like a long life.
Yeah, but their life expectancy from hatching is only about four seconds, innit? I was eaten by a gull after two. You do realise that the odds of me becoming an old sea turtle are about one
:iconementhal:ementhal 1,154 303
Edward Elric's 'Short' Rants
"Who did you say was small like a grain of rice and doesn't show up in your eyes?!"
"Who did you say was a super-ultra short kid?!"
"Who did you call an ultra hyper midget?!"
"Who did you call miniature size?!"
"Who did you call a shorty who's so small that he's barely visible and hard to target?!"
"Who did you call a shorty that has to be looked through a magnifying glass to actually be seen?!"
"Who are you calling a bean?!"
"Who are you calling a super midget that makes you want to step on him?!"
"Who are you calling a tiny bug that escapes the wrath of a shoe because he's so small that he fits in the grooves and can't get squashed??!"
"Oh yes, I'm so small that you can't see me amongst the grains of sand, like always--!"
"Who're you calling small enough to fit in a microhematocrit tube?!"
"Who are you calling smaller than Endolimax nana??!"
"Who're you calling so small you have to use an oil immersion lens to see him??!"
"Hey!!! Who's calling me a short little shrimp you can't even
:iconluminainomi:LuminaInomi 358 235
Growing Around - Pilot
[Robert playing video games]
Sally: Uh, Robert why are you still playing that video game?
Robert: Because it's fun.
Sally: Why don't you go outside and do something else. Are you really going to spend all weekend doing this?
Robert: I don't see why not.
Sally: Well, maybe I want to play.
Robert: Ugh, can I please finish this level?
[Sally looks at the screen and sees Robert failing at beating a boss]
Sally: Up, left, perry, thrust.
Robert: I think I know what I'm doing.
[Loses a life. In frustration, Sally takes the controller]
Robert: Hey!
Sally: Come on, come on.
[Sally beats the boss, and sticks out her tongue at Robert]
Robert: Okay, fine. Can I have the controller back now?
Sally: Nope.
Robert: Why not?
Sally: It's my turn now.
[Doorbell ring]
Sally: Ugh. Alright, but if you die again I'm going to own you in multiplayer.
[Doorbell ring]
Sally: I'm coming! I'm coming!
[Sally trips over one of Linda's possessions while Robert is playing a video game in the background]
Linda: Sally,
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 135 263
Tough girls are always ticklish
"Hahahahaha! Stop! Stohohohohohop! Kyle! Aaaaahahahahaha!" giggled Lilly Thompson hysterically as her sensitive ribcage was teased and tickled mercilessly.
   "Sorry Lil, too much fun to stop," grinned Kyle James as he expertly tickled his best friend, showing her absolutely no mercy at all. He knew that Lilly didn't mind the tickling. If she wanted to, then she would put an end to it herself. Lilly wasn't a helpless victim, if Kyle tickled her and she wasn't in the mood for it, then he would end up missing a few teeth. 
   "Hahahahaha! Well at leheheheheheast t-tihihihihihihickle mehehehehehehehe somewhere ehehehehelse! P-plehehehehehehease! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Eeep! Not the rihihihihihihihihihihihihihihibs!" Lilly giggled in reply. She tried to escape by wiggling around in the bus seat, but it was no use. Kyle was an expert at this, after all. Just as he was
:icondragneelfire:DragneelFire 195 95
Burnout, a Friendship is Magic Play in One Act by Cuddlepug Burnout, a Friendship is Magic Play in One Act :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 351 47
"I could tell you that I do this because I'm insane, because God is in my head, because I go about my business with a thousand avenging angels conducting a symphony of holy amorality, directing my every move. Because organized crime killed my father, raped my mother, and tortured my sister, and that they had all this coming to them. That I do this because I like it; because I like to kill, and that I'm no more alive than when I stand there looking down on them, willing the light to go out of their life, staring down at their eyes so that I can watch--so that I can feel them die. Because I revel in it. Because I'm lost. Because I wasn't breast-fed or because society wouldn't have me or that I was abused, scorned and hated. That life was cruel and God disowned me.
That I never watched a violent movie in my life and that my parents protected me and nurtured me too much, and when I saw
Bambi's mom get murdered in cold blood, it unhinged my mind. That Disney walked away with my soul and tha
:iconbeyondsalvage:beyondsalvage 283 73
Confessions of NaLu
"Hey, Lucy let's go for an adventure now!!" Natsu ran into the classroom and slammed her table.
"But I'm still eating!!"
"We have to go NOOWWW. There's rumors about these weird creatures running about and I heard one of them is running around somewhere near the school now!!!" Natsu grabbed Lucy's arm and ran out.
"M-my lunch!! ;_;"
"Hehe. Once I catch it I'll be the first to discover what it really is!! I'll be super famous!! And RICH!!"
"Oh don't be silly, Natsu. There's no such thing!"
They stopped at the entrance of the school panting.
"Is it okay for us to leave just like that? Won't principal Happy be looking for us?"
"Don't worry, I bribed him into letting us go!" He took out some Tuna biscuits from his pocket.
"Oh bother" Lucy face palmed.
They heard a noise in the bushes.
"That must be it!!" Natsu ran towards the bushes.
"W-wait Natsu!!"
Someone came out of the bushes and Natsu was knocked to the ground.
"H-hey!!" Natsu cried.
"Who are you??" Lucy was staring at a handsome blon
:iconlyritembrium:LyritEmbrium 457 90
Pinkie PiePants: EQG Edition: Chocolate With Nuts

‘Bright and sunny.’

    ‘Bright and sunny’ described the atmosphere of a beautiful Friday in Equestria’s alternate realm simply known as the human world, and the students enrolled at Canterlot High had received a day off due to the teachers holding their professional day as well as cleaning things up after the defeat of The Dazzlings. Pinkie Pie having been notified of the school closing immediately became bored after finding nothing to do around her house. She even thought of spending time with her sister Maud but found her too busy taking care of her pet rock, Boulder. Soon however, Pinkie Pie got the idea to call up Sonata Dusk, asking the siren to meet at her house. After feeling sympathy for Sonata after facing slander and denunciation from her fellow bandmates, Pinkie had took it upon herself to strike up a sort of friendship with Sonata, much to the d
:iconsupersonic331:supersonic331 105 50
Put the Misty suit on
Because Misty's clothes were still normal he undressed the suit to prevent ripping them as soon as he get inside the suit. Ash didn't why but he suddenly want's to enter Misty without clothes. So be it. Ash also undressed and put both clothes in order to put on. Then, while in his full glory, he grabbed Misty by her tail and put his both side in each corner of her mouth. He slightly pulled them sidewards to create some room for Ash his feets. For some strange reason the inside of Misty has the body temperature of Ash. So Ash barely could notice he was entering the suit. He stick his legs until his knees into Misty mouth. To enter the rest Ash need to put his toes into the place of Misty her toes. So Ash pulled the whole lower body until his groin on like a normal swimsuit. Strange enough Ash fitted in Misty just perfectly. Without knowing it the suit settled itself to Ash his skin. Ash unaware of the settlement continues putting on Misty. Now he pulled the suit til his armpits. Again t
:iconlol3745:lol3745 93 5
NIGHT WOLF #1 (Comic Book Script)
NIGHT WOLF #1 (Script Only)
24 Pages
By Robert A. Multari & Lone Wolf Comics ( © 2007 - 2015
Page 1
PANEL 1: This is a long shot of Rod standing on the edge of a cliff at the opening of a dark forest.  In the background is a canopy of trees and a mountain with a castle on it.  The scene is dark, but being lit by a flash of lightning.  Rod looks confused.
PANEL 2: This is a close-up of Rod’s confused face.
ROD – Where the hell am I?
PANEL 3: Medium shot of Rod reacting to Jen’s scream.
PANEL 4: This is a shot looking over Rod’s s
:iconram-horn:RAM-Horn 76 52
New Divide - .Genocide Sans X Genocide Reader.
Warning!! The following reader contains spoilers for Undertale. If you have not played this game, or done the Genocide route then do not continue. You have been warned.
A painful sound you had long forgotten. It seemed like only yesterday this place echoed with joy. The sound of little monsters playing in the snow, villagers gathered around the town's Christmas tree exchanging gifts; even that childish flamboyant skeleton continuously shouting all the time. But that had all vanished, leaving the entire Underground empty with only a few scattered remains to be seen. Including the tattered crimson cloak of the said skeleton, too stubborn to follow his own instincts like the rest of them. But even before you carelessly sliced that sharp blade through his "hero" suit, he still believed things could change, that you'd realize continuing down the path you were going would lead to a dead end. That you'
:iconbrunettegiraffe:BrunetteGiraffe 377 162
Fire Emblem- Support Confections

    Just talk to her, give her the gift, and then run away. It's fine, Sakura... it's fine. Stop sweating. She's right there, under the tree. You need a friend. She's your age. She's small and cute, like you... get out there!         Less than stone's throw away. *DEEP BREATH* OK HERE WE GOOOOOOO"
padda padda padda
    Um, hello!
    Oh! Thank you! I wish I had something to give in return...
    Y-you are currently a guest in Hoshido. It would be rude of me to accept it anyway. It's my duty to provide the hospitality.
    Oh? Well, I've got not
:iconbutter-cups:Butter-Cups 206 13
A desert road.
A body lies on the road.  
SAM is sitting on it.  It is his corpse.  He gets up.  Looks at the body, and looks at himself.  He feels himself for fat.  He goes stage LEFT. As he reaches the end, he stops.  He then goes stage RIGHT.   He stops.  He looks out toward the audience.  He goes upstage.  He goes downstage.  Finally, he glumly takes a seat on his body again and sighs heavily with his chin in both hands, elbows on his knees.  He stares at the ground and takes no notice of his surroundings.
CHARON, stage RIGHT. He is wearing simple brown robes and a walking staff.  Middle-aged and balding.  He drags his feet, hunched over and head down, like someone who has been on his feet for a long time.  Noticing SAM, he straightens himself.  He takes a scrol
:iconbarnabus:barnabus 337 187
HetaOni Script - 1
HetaOni - 1
- This is a horror game made by noprops. It is a Hetalia RPG based on "Aooni". The objective is to escape from the horror, but it has many differences from the original work.
- Since it is a RPG, it contains many elements of the genre, such as battles, collection of items, etc. No inconvenience is intended to the creator of Aooni.
- And that is the explanation of "HetaOni". Would you still like to continue?
- A deserted house in a mountain about three hours on foot from the world meeting place.
- No one knows how long it has been there or who used to live in it. Rumours had it that it was haunted.
Italy: Ve~ It's really here~
Japan: I thought it was just a rumour... I never thought we would actually find it...
Prussia: It has such a desolate feel... Not bad.
Germany: I don't think it's very interesting, though.
Japan: Me neither... Can't we just look at it from outside and then go back?
Italy: Aw
:iconhetaoniscripts:HetaoniScripts 260 37
Sister Armor
An MLPFIM Fan-script written by Julian Yeo
Twitter: @judacris

SCENE: The Crystal Empire, near the Crystal Palace
Twilight and Spike arrive at The Crystal Empire, and make their way towards The Crystal Palace.
Twilight: (breathes in the air) "It's always great to come back to The Crystal Empire."
Spike: "Yeah. (hesitating) Why are we here again? What did Princess Cadance say?"
Twilight: "It wasn't clear. The letter was short. She needed us urgently back in the Crystal Empire for something. I guess we'll find out when we meet her."
Spike: "This won't involve me falling from a great height again, will it?"
Twilight: "(giggles) I don't think so, Spike."
(cut to the two heading towards the palace. They arrive at the Crystal Hall.)
SCENE: The Crystal Palace, Crystal Hall
Twilight: "Cadance!"
Cadance: "Twilight!"
(The two princesses approach in the usual fashion)
Twilight: "'Sunshi
:icondm29:dm29 156 25
One of Ours (Complete Script) by TOMCAVANAUGH One of Ours (Complete Script) :icontomcavanaugh:TOMCAVANAUGH 149 87
Robot Hypnosis
You only need to relax and read.
There is a relaxing sensation in your feet. It relaxes every muscle as you breathe and relax.
Relax, breathe in and out.
Your feet relaxing so completely.
Breathing in and out.
Everything so calm and peaceful
So relaxed, breathing in and out.
Nothing distracts you.
As your feet relax, the sensation climbs upward, relaxing your legs.
Breathing in and out.
Relaxing deeper and deeper.
Every muscle in your legs and feet relaxing.
Nothing but my words and your peaceful place.
Your legs and feet so relaxed.
Breathing in and out.
Each breath relaxing you further and further.
As your legs completely relax, the sensation moves upward to your chest.
Every muscle completely deeply relaxed.
The more you focus on my words, the deeper you go.
The deeper you go, the more you focus on my words.
Breathing in and out.
So calm and peaceful.
My words guide you like gentle whispers.
Scrolling becomes automatic.
So deeply relaxed.
Every muscle so completely relaxed
As your c
:iconsennou-tantei:Sennou-Tantei 41 20
On Seeing without Sight
PATIENT 1 - a young boy of ten-twelve years; was discharged from hospital one week after operation. He is in his bedroom, surrounded by wooden objects and shapes on paper.
BOY: Depth? What is depth?
DOCTOR: Depth is the third dimension, other than length and width. (motions with hands)
BOY (bemused): Dimension?
DOCTOR (holds drawing of square and a wooden cube): This drawing has two dimensions: length and width. This wooden cube has three, including height.
BOY (struggles to reach wooden sphere): This is depth? (holds sphere with both hands, ogling)
DOCTOR: No, that is roundness. The sphere has depth, though.
BOY: I don't understand.
PATIENT 2 - a young male slightly older than Patient 1. He is in a hospital bed, preoperative.
DOCTOR (presses wooden cube and sphere into patient's hands): Can you tell what these shapes are?
:iconaerode:Aerode 211 110
[Deidara x Reader] Ice Cream one-shot
The Akatsuki were taking a vacation at the beach, and so that means, swimming, eating barbeque or snacks, volleyball, sun tanning and sand castles!
"Waii~[name]-chan! Let's build a sand castle!" A young man with an orange lollipop mask in black trunks and a hyper voice called out to a calm [hair color] haired girl in a [color] swimsuit.
Glancing at her senpai, [name] smiled softly and called back, "I'm going to get some ice cream, so I won't build a sand castle yet! Maybe later!"
She could see the disappointment in Tobi's actions, but he brightened again when he decided to jump in the ocean. Oh boy....
Getting ice cream for herself to have after feeling famished and thirsty, she gets her favorite [flavor] ice cream and walks while licking away at it. [name] almost walked into another person, but luckily, she didn't.
Looking up, [name] saw Deidara who looked at her, kind of glad to see her.
"Getting ice cream? Un." He asked.
"Yeah. You getting food, too?" [name] r
:iconnatalielobsters:natalielobsters 235 66
Pop That Belly!
"And we're back, Ladies and Gentlemen! To...
Everybody chanted and cheered as the game show host, John Burton, dressed in his flashy suit, sporting a wide, bright smile, walked in, waving at his audience, positioning himself in the center of the cone of light shinning from above. Everyone was excited for another new episode of their favorite game show. The audience  were stomping their feet and fist pumping the air and the fans at home were at the edge of their seats, grabbing onto their coal and chips in sheer anticipation. Everyone knew was this game show was about and they were all giddy for a reason.
"If you're just tuning in, allow me to catch you up to speed. We've had three contestants try their hand at trying to eat beyond their limit in an attempt to pop their bellies. Our last contestant, Margaret, got close but something in her head prevented her from eating that last bite." the host looked down in disappointment, the audience nodding along, "But
:iconawesomesir:awesomesir 187 49