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Dramatic Intro-Jumping the Shadow
(Rouge drops the fourth Chaos Emerald into Shadow's hands)
Rouge: "I found that damn fourth Chaos Emerald for ya."
Shadow: "Thanks, but I don't have time for memes. Let's see if these four are enough to figure out how I have these powers...(Looks into the past)What...?"
Black Doom: "Yes, Shadow, you are made from my DNA..."
Shadow: "WHAT!?"
Rouge: "A twist like that, I bet ya wanna say da-"
Rouge: "Eh, close enough."
(The four Chaos Emeralds he has boost his power)
Black Doom: "You can't even go Super with only four."
Shadow: "No, but I still have enough power to wipe you and your army off the face of this planet!(Clenches his fist)Maria, this is for you...EARTH IS OFF-LIMITS, SO SAYS SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!"
:iconscreaming-sheldon:Screaming-Sheldon 3 2
Cinderella Dancing Feet
(As the short opens, we see the legs and feet of Cinderella wearing her blue dress barefoot wiggling her toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings stepping into her glass slippers)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings lacing up blue ballet shoes)
(We then cut to Cinderella zipping up blue knee-high boots)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings stepping into clear blue high heels with taps on the toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella in her glass slippers twirling on her heels)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing her ballet shoes doing ballet on her toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing the boots she was zipping up earlier doing a kick-style dance)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing the clear blue tap shoes doing a tap dance as click clack noises fill the scene)
(We then cut to a four square scene where Cinderella is wearing the different shoes dancing, the music stops as she stops dancing)
(We then cut to Cinderella barefoot standing next to a pile
:iconmermaidlovertyler:MermaidloverTyler 2 1
Onbound - Novel by Rach Samuel - Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5 - The Six of Us
I fled myself like I was a bird, but I'm just a canine who escaped the prison for disabilities with my remaining friends out there without controlling chips. CadmiaFuegohIlivanKangsa, and Eolipy, already walking to their directions. Wait, I was above them and saw both of my legs! And- oh, I just stuck with my umbrella; I was holding on as the Iron Rain stuck in the branches of the large tree. It was tall, and I don't dare to jump off or my hindquarters breaks. I wish I have a pair of wings so I could make this easier. I let go of my hand and I fall with myself "hugging the grass." My umbrella was landing slowly while it was expanded. The Dreamals stopped and look at me, confused.
ALEXIS: God, how long did I've fainted up there?
FUEGOH: Hmm...
CADMIA: Maybe like I was waking up?
EOLIPY: Actually, it was 6.2 minutes-
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BLOSC: TAB Transcript 1
Hi. Yes, this another transcript for anyone doing a fanmake of something in the Toy Story series to use. I was going to just start my version starring Tigger as Buzz, in the Pooh's Toy Story series, which I'm not sure if I'll be continuing or not, but I was thinking of a different original opening where Tigger gets found by an astronaut family, and is trained to become a space hero. With other stuff I have, I don't think I'd get it done in 2018, so, in the mean time and/or in the event I end up cancelling it all together, here is the base script of the actual film for Jus and Jules to use as base for their own versions. Keep in mind, I can't keep it here forever. They'd have to copy, paste and save the scripts to a document, and maybe to a flash drive, to be safe.
We go to a strange moon with purple smoke shooting from the craters, where the missing LGMs are supposed to be.
"Zeta Quadrant"
We get a view of a rocket that had just landed on top of a cliff.
"Uncharted Moon"
We then se
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 0
Lovers Quarrel Pg 2
Lovers Quarrel
Page 2:  6 Panels
Panel 1- Sally in the door frame with her back turned
Sally: Well… I’m going to bed… Make sure you…
Panel 2- Harvey settling back at the workbench and pulling his goggles over his eyes
Sally: …Nevermind…
Panel 3- Harvey’s face illuminated by the light of a spot welder
SFX: kzzzt
Panel 4- Darkness
Panel 5- A monster illuminated by a similar light
Panel 6- The Spellblade duo “tagging out” before the exhausted beaten monster
Blade: What’s wrong, old-timer? You used to beat the hell out of us when we were kids.
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Alpha vs Venjix
Venjix: Listen tomboy, these guys just trying to do something nice for you.
Give them a break.
Alpha: Oh, I'm sorry, did you just call my wife "tomboy"?
Venjix: Oh, okay, I get it, you gotta make a big show for the-- *Alpha suddenly punches Venjix in the face*
Alpha: Now, you're gonna get up and apolo-- *Venjix punches Alpha in the face*
*Alpha and Venjix beginning fighting each other*
Lili: Hit him, Dad!
:iconvenjix5:venjix5 1 0
Valerian and A Thousand Fuck-Ups.
I'm a Movie Critic.
Do I have to tell you this Review Has Spoilers?
Well it DOES,
and I don't wanna hear any Crying.
And Before anything I say is Construed to make me sound like a Feminist Radical, a "Menenist" Radical, Any kind of Radical,
Or that I have something against the French, I don't.  And I'm not those other things either.
Frickin' French.
I'm an Egalitarian.  No, That does not mean My Diet Consists of mainly Eagle Meat.
It means :

of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
So Begone with all the Judgment.
Oh, ......... God. Jesus.
I don't even know how to start tal
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Fang the Wolf's Mobigel Ad
(As the ad starts, Fang takes her boots off and her feet ignite in flames.)
Fang: Athlete's foot.  Once it flares up, it can be hard to put out.
(She tries pouring a bucket of water on her feet, but they ignite again.)
Fang: But not all anti-fungal treatments can cure it and prevent it from coming back.
(We see Fang holding a bottle of Mobigel anti-fungal foot spray.)
Fang: That's why I use Mobigel.
(We cut to a shot of Fang's feet as she applies the spray to them.)
Fang: Its prescription-strength formula is clinically proven to soothe athlete's foot symptoms and prevent them from returning.
(We see Fang holding the product.)
Fang: For fast relief from athlete's foot, use Mobigel.  Available at fine retailers everywhere.
:iconlouiseugeniojr:LouisEugenioJR 0 7
SOMETHING ABOUT,,- a harrison ford production
HAYDEN: No I don’t Like you...
GEORGE: That’s Fine.. what you
HAYDEN: I don’t, like you either, by now, or just then... you’re still talking?
GEORGE: You have to follow suit Hayden..
HAYDEN: Follow, what suits me? Hayden, me? That’s making sense, I have to go...
GEROGE: Hayden get back here,!
NATALIE: You’re sure, you want to be doing that? He looks dangerous Anakin...
HAYDEN: What him?
HAYDEN: I don’t think he beLongs here...
NATALIE: Maybe kill him then, if you’re so Bold...
HAYDEN: Superstitiously, or..?
NATALIE: Now you have something to Say about the matter?
HAYDEN: Will you quit starting at me pervert?
:iconblackrocklegacies:BlackrockLegacies 0 1
night in the woods headcannon voices
Anna Kendrick as Mae Borowski
Tara Strong's Raven voice as Bea Santello
Jacksepticeye as Gregg Lee
? as Angus Daleney
Tara Strong's Twilight voice as Selmers
? as Lori Meyers
Lewis McLeod as Mr. Chazokov
Dee Dee Magno as Pastor Kate
Larry the cable guy as Bruce
Teresa Gallagher as Candy Borowski/Mae's mom
? as Stan Borowski/Mae's Dad
? as officer Molly/Mae's aunt
Tom Scharpling as Mr Santello/Bea's Dad
Terrance and Philip's voices as Garbo and Molloy
? as the Janitor
Roz Ryan as Germ's mom
Khary Payton as Germ's dad
Wanda Sykes as Germ's grandma
? as Germ/Jeremy Warton
? as Dan the cat
Jacksepticeye as Cole the racoon 
Olivia Olson as Bombshell
? as Jackie the goat
Wallace Shawn as Mr. Twigmeyer
Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Penderson
:iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 1 2
Trainer and the Dragon Chp. 15
Chp. 15: The Endgame
When the Mob entered the castle and searched all right inside the halls to notices statues. They are actually the Dragons that blends in with their environments to handle the intruders.
as Master Little grabs a tiny Dragon revealed to be Mushu, who shouts "NOW!"
Then the dragons attacks the mob, they cause them to realize the rumors were true about the curse of the castle. As they fight Azula was killed by Man-Dragon for her betrayal. The death echoed across the castle, Man-Dragon vowed to mate with the Princess and kill anyone who gets in his way.
The Dragons battled until the Mob left and vanish into the mist.
The Man-Dragon saw an opportunity to kill Ash after realizing the Princess chose him.
Man-Dragon snarled "Where are you, I was gonna kill you, but Draco intervened, Azula betrayed me to kill her, You should've never let your fool parents leave the house, that selfish witch who cursed her used the insult as an excuse, she was killed immediately by the Chief
:icontragould:Tragould 1 0
Sudden parenthood tf rp
Egg route: you find a mysterious egg and decide to take it to me to check it out, when it hatches, inside comes out a (bird or reptile) that was clearly in need of a parent. And it makes you an older version of it as well as make you its mother
Any other effects?
Pregnant creature encounter: you discover a (mammal) with a large belly, and was about to give birth, you choose to help only to become her handsome mate
Tg to male?
Any other effects?
:iconderpyposter:derpyposter 2 4
Jon talbain song shine
🎵uh, ooh ooh, when the moon shine the sky that’s the view,🎵
🎵When you are out own your own in the middle of the woods,🎵
🎵I met a boy who has autism and where becoming good friends🎵
🎵I don’t care that he’s different, he takes me to great🎵
🎵adventures it was amazing so don’t you want to shine, shine, shine, 🎵
🎵together we will shine, shine, shine, be stronger then you will shine, 🎵
🎵shine, shine, shine on, sometime life is tough, seems like no one cares🎵
🎵about you anymore well as hard as you thought nothing is out of reach🎵
🎵all it’s possible yeah, yeah, say no matter that you’re different, believe in yourself🎵
🎵and keep your head up my friend, don’t you want to shine, shine, shine, together we will🎵
🎵shine, shine, shine, be strong and you will shine, shine, shine, shine on,
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Legina's Blog - Movie Anti-Preservation Society
Dear Interwebs,
Yuka, Zax and I are doing a little something called MAPS, Movie Anti-Preservation Society. We are dedicated to giving horrible movies a well-deserved death and have them fade to obscurity. Got some stinkers? We will find some use for the damaged film reels and discs. Only you can prevent Dogma Pictures from showing The Emoticon Movie in Mayflow countries. Together, we can squash Owe Bull's abysmal adaptations from ruining our souls. If you got a sh*tty movie, we'll gladly take it off of you and turn them into mush and/or turn them into christmas ornaments.
Legina (Who just watched The Superbs 2)
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MLP Webcast Shorts: Season Two: Episode Four.
 Princess Celestia: *She runs into Luna's bedroom frantically, and she charges into the room while Twilight is following behind her* Luna! *She runs over to Luna with Twilight, following behind her*.
Nurse Redheart: Oh Princess Celestia, it's about time that you got here. *She's placing bandages around Luna's chest, which has four slash marks across it*.
Twilight: What happened is she going to be alright? *She asks this with concern as she glances at Princess Luna*.
Princess Celestia: How is she doing Nurse Redheart? *She asks with concern as she glances at Nurse Redheart*.
Nurse Redheart: She's going to be alright, but right now she just needs lots, of rest. *She says this with a calm tone in her voice as she glances at Princess Celestia*.
Princess Celestia: Oh thank goodness! *She sighs in relief*.
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FMA - Golden Song - Ch 3
FMA - Golden Song
Chapter 3 - The Autumn Dance
After two weeks, there's an Autumn Dance at 8:00 - 10:00 PM. There's only one problem: Ed is nervous to see Eliana. He is starting to like her based on everything about her, her playing piano like a professional, singing like an angel, everything. The dance starts, and the cellists and violinists start playing classical music. Everyone is having a conversation. Ed is trying to find Eliana, but is having a hard time since there are a lot of people here.
Damn it... there's so many people in here... I just want to find her...
Then he spots Eliana all by herself. She is looking at the night sky, and she closes her eyes, feeling the cool, autumn breeze touching her gently. Then Ed walks toward her and gently grabs her shoulder.
Hm? *sees Ed, exclaims softly, smiles* Ed! It's good to see you again!
Uh, yeah! It's good to see you too! How are you?
I'm good, you?
I'm... doing okay! *nervous
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Mulan X SSBU Parody
Let's get down to business, to compete in Smash Bros!
Did they send me amateurs, when I asked for pros?
You're the saddest bunch I ever met
But you can bet before we're through
fighters, I'll make a Smash fighter out of you!
Tranquil as a Hyrulen forest but on fire within
Once you find your Final Smash, you are sure to win!
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue!
Somehow I'll make a Smash fighter out of you!
Wario: I'm never gonna catch my breath!
Pit: Say goodbye to those who knew me!
Lucas: Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym
Luigi: Master Hand's got 'em scared to death
Inkling Girl: Hope they don't run right through me
Sonic: Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!
Super Smash!
We must be swift as Jungle Jape's river!
Super Smash!
With all the force of Kyoger's typhoon!
Super Smash!
With all the strength of Mario's fire!
Mysterious as Majora's eerie moon!
Time is racing toward us till Ultimate arrive!
Heed my every order and you might survive!
:iconmrloony96:Mrloony96 1 0
Chapter four
When Mark came home to the front door, Both Felix and Max looked at him.
"Are you ok? how'd it go?" Said felix.
"Im sure it went ok right?" Mark nodded. "Well alright, no one beat you up right?" Asked Max.
"What? it can happen you know," But Mark Shook his head.
"Ok ok, my bad." He said. "You hungry? We made a fruit salad."
Mark went over to the table and picked up the bowl and took it to his room. Inside his room is rather empty and silent, but not entirely. A desk and a Dresser is in there. His bed is Pink and mostly fit for girls, with it saying "Lil' Princess." But for the most part, his floor is scattered with Drawn pictures and Crayons.
He sat down in the middle of the room and placed the fruit bowl next to him, He picked up a Crayon and Began to Doodle a picture.
Meanwhile, over at The Scaleharts Home, Gloria is already boiling Noodles and chopping ingredients while humming.
"What are we having Mum?" Said Christina.
"Vegatable noodle soup with tomatoes and Basil."
"Will i
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November 3rd, 2003. 5:18 AM - Inspector Fenton sits on sidewalk and notices a flag.
    Danny: Is the five-crossed flag? It seems Isabella raised that... Oh, hi dear reader! how are you?
Danny noticed newspaper stand and he bought one newspaper to find clue:
Danny: Youth and Politics...Nah! Why George Bush isn't leaving Iraq...Nah! President Shevar...! (drops to trash) Chinese Massage - not bad. The correcting of bulletins...WHAT! - This is a light!
Suddenly Phineas and Buford appeared:
                                  Phineas: I remembered the bulletins in ballot box!
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Pokemon RP starter
Herolyn: *sitting on the floor, colouring a picture she drew on a piece of paper*
Gladion: *watching* ...
Herolyn: *colouring the dress*
Gladion: that anime??
Herolyn: *looks at him with a pissed off expression* take a wild guess. 
Gladion: that a yes?
Herolyn: *grabs a mechanical pencil and gets up* 
Gladion: *gulps* 
Herolyn: *starts chasing him around the house*
OC: *was watching the entire thing* ....why am I friends with them... 
Gladion: *hides behind OC* 
Derek: *restraining Herolyn* 
Herolyn: LEMME AT HIM!! *swings fists*
(What does OC do?)
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Onbound - Novel by Rach Samuel - Chapter 5 Part 2

And her experience begins. After Ilivan told both Cadmia and Fuegoh to get someone for useful purposes, they started wandering through the deep woods that blocked the sunlight above. The trail of yellow light shines through leaves as Cadmia glancing around herself and feels the discomfort of being with "Hot-dog" as she calls him. Fuegoh walking happily, smiles a confident face while walking in front of Cadmia. Soon, they would start a conversation during the journey from back and forth. Cadmia raises her pupils to the tall canine in ripped black suit as he turns to her.
FUEGOH: Come on, Cadmia. Don't you feel excited that I don't have to be useless anymore?
CADMIA: I am, but I don't wanna talk to you.
CADMIA: Well, you know, the relationship between... you and Kangsa are still together, isn't? If I did somet
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Jennifer the Hedgehog's Mobigel Ad
(The ad starts with Jennifer the Hedgehog sitting on a bench and scratching her feet.)
Jennifer: I shouldn't have to describe what athlete's foot feels like.
(We cut to a shot of her feet, which are red, itchy, and infected as she scratches them.)
Jennifer: It's rather annoying.
(We cut to Jennifer holding a tube of Mobigel anti-fungal gel.)
Jennifer: That's why I use Mobigel.
(We cut a shot of her feet as she applies the product to them.)
Jennifer: Its prescription-strength formula is proven to relieve the symptoms of athlete's foot on contact and cure it in 7 days.
(We see Jennifer getting up off the bench.)
Jennifer: For fast relief from athlete's foot, use Mobigel.  Available in cream, gel, and spray.
:iconlouiseugeniojr:LouisEugenioJR 1 5