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Pregnant statue curse tf Tg rp
Tg May be required...
Single species statue route: (You or I) discover a small statue resembling a pregnant Anthro (creature)  with most likely (1-6) (pups, cubs, etc) within the belly, and once we bring it back it turns (you or me) into a more lively version of the statue
Combined species route: you or I fall for a trap related to being between a statue of a (creature) and another statue resembling a (different creature) and become a pregnant (creature with mixed name)
Any other changes?
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Poisonious ChoColate | Roleplay with whole person
Griffin skidded to a stop in his flight, he let out an exasperated sigh looking around nervously, he was a bit tenser than his usual stupid, happy go lucky self. Walking to a bench he planted a hand on it letting out a soft sigh before collapsing on it.
Sparrow had finished collecting most of her metals for the day. The sun had been beating hard on her. She noticed an angel fly down and collapse on a bench. Concerned, she ran over. "Are you okay?"
Griffin flinched frantically throwing his wings about until he was up straight, "Uh yeah.." he winked at her and tried to relax.
Riley wandered around and noticed Griffin talking to an angel she didn't recognize. Naturally she was concerned for the other angel and stayed nearby to make sure she didn't get hurt.
"Are you sure?" Sparrow asked "You don't look all that okay..." She studied Griffin, finding nothing familiar.  She tugged at the hem of her gloves.
Griffin shivered sitting up r
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CARTOON DIMENSIONS (Manuel Lobato Humanes Version)
Level 10: Meet the Secret Agent in the World of London for SmashGamer16.
THE NARRATOR (DANGER MOUSE): London, England! Home of the World Secret Agent in the World and his named Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold!
(Zooms to The pillar box the home of Danger Mouse and Penfold)
(In the interior of the Pillar Box shows Danger Mouse and Penfold are having doing activities (such as Danger Mouse is playing a ball and Penfold is watching Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime on television)
Danger Mouse: Hey, Penfold! Can i watch Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime on TV?
Penfold: Sure, Danger Mouse. It´s my favorite series from Cosgrove Hall.
Danger Mouse: OK, Penfold!
(Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck and Bugs Bunny are arriving in the pillar box to meet Danger Mouse and Penfold)
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Hello, Danger Mouse and Penfold!
DANGER MOUSE and PENFOLD: Well hello there, Uncle
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the fall of the base
???: log date 30 monitoring has shown me that this has coused some strange changes HAB has told me 2222 died from old age but 2222 was only 30 HAB is working on finding the problem.
???: log date 31 HAB told me the 2222 died because of old age but HAB hisbtold me it was a major DNA change and 35242 has stared to grow leaves on his arm.
???: log date 32 lost contact with HAB iris has been helping me with this she said that we should ask where they were and work from there and it showed 59% of the trooper who are infected with the virus where at the forbiton woods blasting droids.
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holly the heavy metal queen: death machine
this is gonna be the final time in which the character fights WWE wrestlers and this is also the final tale for the metal queen.
rated R for bloodshed, bullets, beat downs and bits of sensual love.
let's begin
7:00 pm
word on the house there is trouble as holly anderson wakes up to find matt missing.
sensing fear she called the phone and a sickening voice uttered "if you want you husband back be here now"
''fuckers. how dare they steal my man and get away with it?"
she gets her blue jacket and puts on the sexy shorts and then puts on the tank top and in her chamber she still has her 53 guns and puts them all in her backpack. and then wears her shades and looking like a hardcore, sexy assassin.
she rides the bike later on and then she entered a lair of death traps.
land mines, tacks, dogs, lasers and ballistic missiles has holly sweating "how in the hell am i gonna get my man back with all these traps?" she raced anyway and she then shoots the bloodthirsty dogs and the raced to find tac
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Unfaithful! Unfaithful! Unfaithful!..

It was November  3rd, 2003, 04:48 AM, when inspector Fenton went back into police division to have a rest. However, Casper Boys took Drill Sergeant to hospital for treatment. Danny still doesn't know what's happening around the city. He decides to go to poll station to learn about the situation.
                          Danny: Ah... Finally home sweet home! I dunno about this story, I should keep my peacefulness and go to the poll station. But first...(sniffs to his shirt) Ewwwwwww! gross! I...I can't handle for this.
Danny goes into bathroom and turns on the radio. He doesn't know, that someone will turn off the radio:

                          Danny: Dictator! Dictator! Why are you so traitoooooooooooorrrrr... Heyheyheyhey! HEY! HEY! HEY
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one of my favorite mangas
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VRF: FW 2 v 2 Team Dialogue Collection Part 1
Variation Force: Fighters World 2 v 2 Team Dialogue Collection Part 1:
[Sasuke Uchiha] (Naruto)
CV: Noriaki Sugiyama
VA: Yuri Lowenthal
[Zell Dincht] (Final Fantasy 8)
CV: Noriaki Sugiyama
VA: Wayne Grayson
Zell D.:
Yo-shi~! Ore ni tetsudai na no kai?
(Al-right~! You gonna be helping me out?)
Sasuke U.:
Fu'n....joutou. Okureruna, omae. Chikara wo misete yarou, hoka no tonkachi.
(Hmph.....very well. Don't lag behind, you. Show them your power, other knucklehead.)
Zell D.:
He he... Mondai ja'ne ze! So're wa ore no tokui da ze!
(He he... That's no problem! That's a forte of mine!)
Zell D.:
Yatta! Saikou da ze, omae!
(Did it! You're the very best, man!)
Sasuke U.:
Sou da na.
(Is that so.)
Sasuke U.:
Omae wa amari ni'mo omae no ryou wa tadashii da.
(You're overly lively...but your spirit is honest.)
Zell D.:
Omae wa Sukooru to onaji'mo so're wa yoi tokusei da ze.
(You're the same as Squall....but that's a good trait of yo
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Pokemon RP starter
Zoura! Herolyn: *stuck in a tree*
Gladion: *trying to climb the tree Herolyn is stuck in*
Derek and OC: *watching* ...
Z. Herolyn: *whimpers*
Gladion: Hold on, Hero! *begins to climb but his foot slips a few times*
OC: be careful!
Gladion: *continues climbing until he reaches the top* *carefully swings a leg around a branch so he can sit on it*
Z. Herolyn: *slowly walks to him* ...
-Cracking noises can be heard-
Derek: oh.. Shit..
OC: what?
Derek: that tree is pretty much dead. It can't really support a treehouse. Much less a human.
OC: !! *looks over at the tree* GLADION! GET HEROLYN AND GET DOWN FROM THERE!
Gladion: *puts Herolyn in his hoodie and begins to climb down*
-More cracking noise-
Gladion: *foot slips and he falls* AHH!! *lands on the ground, hard and blacks out*
Derek: oh crap! *runs over*
OC: *runs over too*
Z. Herolyn: *turns into her human form* GLADION!! *shakes him*
Gladion: *groans*
Herolyn: *looks at Derek and OC with tears in her eyes* DON'T JUST STAND THERE!!
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The Crystal Shapeshifter(Dragon's Ashes,Roughdraft
[Chibil screams as the spell hits them, and the spell causes them severe burns. Seeing this, the general and Abiona attack the Zonevorian together, but…The alien being vanishes before their very eyes.]
Abiona: “What the!? Where’d they go!?” [Clearly beyond angry]
The general: [Doesn’t seem surprised] “This isn’t the first time they’ve pulled something like this. As for you-“ [He turns to glare at Abiona and so does everyone else, Sierra mentally goes ‘oh no’ and disappears into her house. Kaleth speaks up just then however.]
Kaleth: “General! Sir! This isn’t what it looks like! Miss Abiona clearly isn’t what we thought she was!”
The General: [dismissively] “Oh, what do you know? Not only are you a DRAGON of all things, your best friend is the daughter of the poorest person in the village and can’t be taken seriously on any topic.” [glares down at Kaleth, who looks ashamed and bac
:iconmysticduskdragon:MysticDuskDragon 2 0
The Maguku Show - Script Ep1
E1 S1 "Rain of Maguku"
[Establishing shot of school yard]
(Soccer Game) @ Yard @
[Separate shot follow soccer ball]
-5 seconds-
[Far shot of Kynan on wooden stairs] @ School Fronts @
-1 second- 
[Behind head of Kynan]
(Magukus pod on fire and falling) @ Sky @
Kynan "What the-"
[Far shot of Kynan on wooden stairs]
(Kynan runs down stairs and off screen)
[Follow Kynan] @ Forest @
(Walk then slide down hill)
[Shot of broken pod] @ Stream @
(Walk over to pod)
[Inside pod]
(Maguku Exists)
-1 second-
(Kynan picks up Maguku)
Kynan "Whats your name?"
[Inside Pod]
(Remove glass piece)
Kynan "This is property of-" # Mumbling #
Kynan "Maguku!"
[Follow Kynan] @ Basketball Quart @
[Group of people]
(Kynan presents with maguku)
[Grass] @ Field @
^Wipe with foot^
(Kick grass)
(Water appear on lense)
[Far shot]
(Enthusiastic playing)
(Kynan sitting on sideline)
Kynan "Maguku believes in you!"
[Follow Player] @ Hopscotch @
(Play hopscotch)
[Farshot] @ Yard @
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Theatrical Ravings of an Artist at Her Day Job
Working in fast food is like theatre. I know it sounds crazy, but just imagine how ritualistic theatre used to be, and still is today. You have an actor, the cashier, the stage, the front counter, and the audience, the customer. There is even a script,
“Hi, welcome to KFC, what can I get for you today?”
What is said and how it is said make a difference to the customer. Even when Its been a long shift, there needs to be the same amount of enthusiasm. The customer is not just buying food, they are buying the experience. On the note of it being ritualistic, which has seen to be thrown to the wayside in our secular culture, most restaurants have regulars. We have some who come in every week, and some, every day. Some are probably more loyal to here than they are to a church, not that they would see it that way. Granted we do have the Tuesday special, and there are often lines of elderly, with their hands full of clinking change waiting in line for the same meal each week. Some
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To Triage an Alpha
Featuring Valiant-I's Inculta and my Annika.
Set following the arrival of an injured Alpha Koda upon Stonecreek's shores.
The sun had set on another day and rumours sparked about around the pack and you'd have to be deaf to not be interested in the arrival of Koda. Inculta knew little about the machinations of other packs but still, a refugee Alpha had searched for solace in the Stonecreek wolves was a curiosity. Approaching the scene, Inculta was surprised how open everyone behaved, how she could analyse all the detail and damage on the Alpha, the iron smell of blood did nothing to soothe her concerns: the stranger was dying. Inculta looked towards one of the healers that she knew she could talk to, Annika.
    "There's a dying stranger here," Inculta announced quite obviously to Annika, hopefully far enough not to interfere with the discussions of others, "Any reason why we are helping him?"

:iconis-mene:Is-Mene 1 1
WitchAU! Lucy Carlyle

Powers: Heat Control and Necromancy
(made in discord and then had to make it because it became too good not to)
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Daily Logs 6-9-18
I. Anora and Kelsey take a field trip [Prose]
Anora sat on the transporter platform, resting against the back wall and humming something cheery. Jammed between her knees was a standard issue Romulan disruptor rifle, well-worn, and clearly not borrowed from the armory. Two large metal containers on inactive antigrav cradles sat on either side of her, but neither whistled or held rifles. She'd gotten to the transporter room a bit earlier: Kelsey was hopefully on her way
Kelsey was indeed on her way; stopping by the armory to check out a phaser, and borrowing some last-minute equipment ideas from Comms. She was coming fully prepared, and hoping to get her hands on the facility's computer. She raised an eyebrow at Anora as she walked into the transporter room. "You look comfortable. I am sorry if I kept you waiting."
Anora didn't get up, but saluted cheerily from the floor. "Ensign. You're not late, I'm early." She rolled forward into a crouch, and shouldered the rifle, ch
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Chris Thorndyke joins the Team of Cloud - Part 8-3
[We see a background, full of life, grass, filled with absolute green beauty, as we see the castle of the Shu army, and then the magic portal appeared, which Sonic, Donkey Kong, and the Extreme Dinosaurs, T-Bone, Stegz, and Spike came out of the portal, in search of a general who is probably identified as the “Man of Benevolence”.]
STEGZ: Well, we’re here. As we have thought.
SPIKE: Look at the grass. It’s so greener than the last time as the war began.
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Then we should be lucky that Xu Zhu grows the crops, even as to help Cao Cao that Xu Zhu’s clan will get fed after the war was over.
DONKEY KONG: And this natural state after the war was done, the “Man of Benevolence” has outdone it himself to help the Coal
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Terms of Service
So, I haven't written them out here's my ToS
I give partial refunds! Since you are buying my time and effort...for example, if someone ordered a drawing of two character halfbodies ($25) and the drawing is that one character is fully color/shaded and the other has flat colors on it, they'll be getting 30% of the amount paid back. The amount of the drawing done will determine the refund (if applicable). Any drawings 55% - 100% done will not be getting refunds. No exceptions.
:bulletred: You are not allowed to use finished art for commercial use, personal use only. Like, if you want the art as your phone background, that's fine. Or if you want to make it as phone case (that's totally on you), that's fine also. Re-selling it or any form of distributing (aka repost / re-uploading / re-selling) are strictly prohibited. There is a SHARE button on most social medias for a reason.
:bulletred: You are not allowed to re-upload / repost art
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CCIN Chibi (Episode one)
Skit one:
    It's midnight, it's loud, and the party isn't stopping as long as Calypso is the DJ. Team CCIN and part of RWBY were hanging out at Junior's club, and by hanging out I, of course, mean Calypso was DJing, Cello and Yang were having a drinking contest, and Blake, Nathan and, Ivy were watching the two from a corner of the room, making sure nobody died.
    In the end, Cello won the contest.
    "How did you win?!" Yang asked, the alcohol not quite affecting her yet.
    "I'm from Vacuo. Everything there is like eight times stronger than everywhere else, alcohol included." Cello said, wiping off some alcohol from his chin.
    "Damn it..." Yang said.
    "Ay, no cursing, this is a children's show."
    "SCREW THE CHILDREN!" Yang cried, punching the wall with her fist in anger. Meanwhile, Ivy decided the music needed to be changed. 
    "Can't you change the music?!" She yelled
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icy tew
The day was just like a normal day I got home and here was a knock at the door my dad whent to see who it was only to find.
Droid: "ts142 you are under arrest."
Sam (ts142): " now why is that?"
Droid: " if you don't comply I will fire."
Sam: "yea right." Pulls out blaster pistal
Droid: "you made me do this." Kills Sam.
alla: "ICY RUN." As alla picks up a blaster and starts shoting the droids.
So I ran but I got about half a yard when I fell over a tree stump and saw a eevee just looking at me then it ran off I turned around and saw why there was a droid Chasing me I had a blaster pistal with me and shot it and got up and ran again but this time i saw 2 droids out side of a house talking about ts142 they did not see me I walked up and tryed to tuch one and it was fake it was just a hollowgram I saw the eevee again and it ran away I looked around but no droids be sides the fake ones so I followed it.
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(Blank) are real now!? (Possible tf) rp
Tf route: my friend becomes a(Pokémon, Anthro, mythical creature, etc) right next to me like most people in the world, which confirmed the new existence of (creature type)
Pure chance route: I’m on my home from (location) when I hear something (noise) nearby, when I investigate the source I find a (Pokémon, Anthro, mythical creature, etc) and it asks me for help (verbally or with words)
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the last trooper
It is 5 years after the fall and star was the only one who survived the bite of the flareon that bit her she was running from a jolteon that she scared due to the fact she made camp close to a cave and when she woke up an eevee was eating some of her food she shot up in the air to scare it off but that was not I good plan
Wich lead to now as she got farer from were she set camp the woods were getting ticker like walls and rooms she lost the jolteon she moved threw the place she had found carfuly she was the only one who knew how it happened and she knew that if she was killed high command would not know about what happened here.
But she heared a voice yelling "GET BACK GET BACK" and then blaster fire she ran tord it and saw a locareo shoting a glaceon as star shot the glaceon the locareo looked at star
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Leave me alone, Idiots!!!

On 5:07 AM, Nov. 3, 2003. Inspector Fenton went to polling station to learn about the situation. He turned on the mobile phone quietly. Suddenly someone screamed:
                                    Jeremy: Leave me alone, Idiots!!! I need some cola tins!
Danny saw, that Candace and Stacy captured Jeremy and Jazz after rushing the polling station.
                                    Candace: Jeremy, why you're screaming NOW?
                                    Jeremy: WHAT?! I was calmed down in my house, but the Casper Boys rushed to me and they tried to punched me - AS GAMER TEENAGER!
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