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The Deadly Paws of the Black Neko - Part 2

???: So, that renegade cyborg girl found out about the Nekolizer eh? If that's the case, we must act fast before she interferes with my plans.

???: Black Neko, do not fail me in this mission. I have high expects for my cyborgs like you.  You'll either do or lose your remaining lives.
Black Neko: Yessss Master. I shall finish off Bug-Girl even if it's the last thing I'll ever do!

Meanwhile, Hilda is still tracking down the possible whereabouts of Black Neko before she can strike.
Hilda: If that cat thinks she can get away from me that easily, she's definitely wrong about that.
???: Hilda! There you are!

Tom: Phew! Thank goodness I found you!
Hilda: Tom? What are you doing here?
Tom: You're so not gonna believe what I just saw. A bunch of girls somehow became catgirls an
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A possible Robomaid?

Azura: You wanted to see me?
Me: Yeah. I've got a friend who wants to meet you. Says she has something important.
Azura: I see... Give me a few minutes to get ready.
Me: Ok.
*After she leaves*

Me: Silly girl. She fell for that easily. Now then...

Me: Miss Yurena? Rubymaid here.
Yurena: What is it?
Me: The target has fallen for what I've said.
Yurena: Excellent Rubymaid. Meet me at the planned location.
Me: Will do Mistress...

Azura: Well? Are we going now?
Me: Yep. Let's go.
*A few minutes later*

Azura: Is this the place?
Me: Yep.
Azura: Where is this friend of yours?

Yurena: Hello.
Me: Here she is.
Yurena: This the girl?
Me: Yep.
Azura: Huh?

Yurena: You're coming with me.
Azura: What the?!
Me: Sorry Azura.
Yurena: Master will be s
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Unforgiven Nights Chapter 8
Danny and I didn't say anything to Lucas about what we saw. We acted normal as we could reaching and entering the hospital. I caught Henry down ways in a narrow peek hallway, not as crowded. Henry appears he's okay, but I am giving it time there, as we got closer. The doctor words being clearer in each step.
Dr. Edison: He's stable, Mr. Jones. But right now visiting is out of question.
Henry: It's just to let him know I'm here. You got to understand-
Dr. Edison: I understand that he left you in a minor state. Now please go sit down and rest that arm. I refuse to let those stitches come undone.
Henry: But-
Dr. Edison: I'm very close to have you escorted out for both your sake. Mouth me one more time, I swear.
It took a moment but I knew I heard that voice before.
Margo: Dr. Edison?
They stopped to turn to us when we reached them. A mixture of sadness and relief from Henry. The doctor was another story as a whole.
Dr. Edison: Well, the troublemakers of my past come to haunt me again. Sma
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daybreak: underwater twilight
the living seas are cool and calm and serene as the nighttime skies illuminate the water and by 6:00 am, daytime arrives.
this is the story of the beautiful girl who won the olympic gold swimming in the 600 meters, her name is kristina beverly. she is ready for an adventure of a lifetime and she was thinking ''okay, i am gonna get the gold, if i make it this far, i will search it'' then she saw a dolphin and she was happy to see such a creature as beautiful as a dolphin.
decked in a 2 piece swimsuit, she was ready as she dives into the blue water in the 6:00 am light.
to get the treasure, 2 full oxygen tanks were needed and she got the scuba mask just to protect her while breathing then came a mako shark. but then the shark was eaten by then mega shark.
as she swam away, she saw pretty lights in the water as she found, crystals of pink, blue, green and lavender.
then she collected the crystals and then got them in her bag as she went back to the boat, she finally found the tr
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Crazy Dream 4 Me~
“Huh?.. Where am I?” I awoke to a place filled with nothing but blackness. I can’t tell if this is reality or not. I wander helplessly only to find a familiar puppy in the distance. “Flo? Is that you?” I walked over to him, in which he greeted me. “Hewwo~! Fwo need to sho you sumting.” He said before running, as if it was a game of tag, or hide and seek. I followed the pup in hopes she can find a way out. It turns out that was not the case. Flo met with another puppy, as well as a bunny. Both I known all too well. “Lilac, Tommy-bun, what is going on? Where am I?”
“Dun worry. We wan tu hav fuhn~” The three said in unison, as more friends gathered. This time, 2 skunks and a boy joined in. Together, they surrounded me, and to my shock, I was flipped like a pancake and is being escorted to somewhere, like a crazy kidnapping. “Tommy-lime, what is this? Ozzie, please explain. Alden, long time no see? AND WHY ARE ALL OF Y
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ATA: Upon Further Reflection (Part 4)

I watched as Erica determinedly ran to the back of the storage room towards some old desks that were piled on top of each other.
"Man, She really has it out for Vincent, eh." I said to Arin who simply nodded before asking, "Well, you have to admit the guy is pretty scary, I-I mean, I definitely could take him, but You and Erica should definitely be scared of him!"

I couldn't help but give Arin a flat "No you couldn't" sort of look. "Yea, I wouldn't bet on that. Vincent would bulldoze right through you."
"Kukuku! Not If I use my dragon scale technique."
"I'm serious, you know Vincent has a reputation of being a bit of a delinquent."
Suddenly Erica's voice rang through the room. "Allegedly!"  
"Thanks, Erica!"
"No problem! Just remember that it's allegedly until I find proof!"
Erika quickly went back to searching the desks.

"Hmmm, Now that you mention it, It is a little strang
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Episode 12 - Race on Water Surfaces
Race on Water Surfaces
A car arrives. JET THE HAWK gets down from the car.
Come on guys, time to go down! We have arrived!
WAVE THE SWALLOW and STORM THE ALBATROSS follow. They prepare their surfboards.
VECTOR THE CROCODILE gets out of the car as well. The rest of the Chaotix follows, each with their own surfboards.
The Freedom Fighters sit down in row of seats. Sonic's parents come. Meet KING JULES THE HEDGEHOG and his wife QUEEN ALEENA HEDGEHOG
Mr. Jules! Mrs. Aleena!
Dad! Mum!
Hello there, everyone. Finally you come too. We will soon be sailing exercises. Who wants it?
Yes, it's us!
Right. And here are your mentors!
An Italian woman and a Brazilian man enter. Meet ALESSANDRA SENSINI and TORBEN GRAEL. Accompanying the
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The Chicken Refugees (script form) - Part 7
The chickens continue to walk through the farmland with Henry and Lucy up front and Billy in the back. Henry is talking to Lucy with his eyes closed.
Henry: And so, we should name one chick after me, another after you, two after my parents, two after YOUR parents, and... (bumps into another fence) Hey! What's this doing here?
Lily runs over to the fence and peeks through. She sees other chickens, along with ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, and a peacock.
Lily: Look! Other fowl! I think this is the place!
Lucy: We should go in and check to make sure this isn't another false alarm.
The chickens duck beneath the fence and walk out into the middle of the farm. 
Lucy: I see other fowl...but where are the giants?
Wendy: (offscreen) New arrivals? NEW ARRIVALS!
The young emu runs over to the four chickens excitedly.
Wendy: Oh boy! I have soooo many questions to ask you guys! What's your names? Where are
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Guardian Elves 13: Enemy Within part 6
the elves were making a plan to strike their new enemy down 
Daniel: anyone having a plan 
Thorn; normally Sireno would come with a plan
Zira: but we can't count on him now, so someone else has to do 
they all think 
Eclipsa: we fight a foe that knows our powers, using something we don't know 
they looked at eachother, Zira looked down 
Maya: hey, what is wrong 
Zira: he froze his heart 
Maya: dont worry we will thawn it again 
Zira: he froze it to shut out feelings, what if he doesn't feel love to me anymore 
Maya: hey, don't say that 
Zira: then why is he like this 
Maya: we don't know, but there must be more to this 
Zira; like what 
Maya: Zira, listen, this is getting too much for you, lets just sit down somewhere 
the two left 
Daniel: there is one option that keeps me thinging 
Eclipsa: what is it 
Daniel: what if that meteor wasn't completely gone
Thorn: that is something out of this planet
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Mas detalles de Lucy Kill You -Obra Literaria-
¿Qué es una Membrana Espiritual? Es un tejido orgánico espiritual que permite al quien lo pose la facultad de crear extremidades invisibles ante el ojo humano tomando forma de brazos, piernas, ojos, nariz y oídos, hay casos en que las membranas pueden tomar otras formas materiales como un cuchillo, un martillo y armas dependiendo de la creatividad del individuo son muy flexibles y resistentes tienen un alcance 6 metros pero pueden llegar a  más si se sacrifica una de ellas.
¿Qué es  una armadura espiritual? Esta habilidad se gana a base de entrenamiento  y esfuerzo  solamente la posen los seres ya muertos como almas o seres corrompidos, ya que no pueden tener su mismo cuerpo físico en el reino mortal, estos usan esta armadura lo cual embulle ciertas partes de su cuerpo para hacerlas tangibles dependiendo si el alma no está corrompida toma un color blanco el cual se va haciendo más grisáceo con un uso más co
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SVAJONE | Closure by Is-Mene SVAJONE | Closure :iconis-mene:Is-Mene 0 0
Guardian Elves 13: Enemy Within part 4
Sireno walked trough his castle, his soul filled with darkness
Sireno: make yourself ready, next kingdom we gonna attack is the Earth Kingdom
Knight: yes sir
the kights walk away 
"your power grows stronger, how does it feel"
Sireno: it feels amazing 
"good, now go on with your plan"
Sireno walks to his thrown, created out of ice 
Sireno: it feels so boring, alone here on my throne, time i will take some action 
he walks to a window 
in the mean time were the other elves in the old libary of the Galaxy Kingdom
Eclipsa: anybody found something already 
Thorn: not yet
Daniel: all the villains we have read about are already defeated or turned good 
Maya: and object i have read about are not as strong to do this kind of things
Zira is looking quick trough diffrent books 
Maya: Zira, what are you doing 
Zira: there need to be an answer
Eclipsa: Zira, calm down 
Zira: i can't calm down, we always get trough this kind of things but this
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Pagina 4 de Madoka Love (Obra Literaria)
Hotaka Kimura : Deja tus perversiones para después querido
Katsuo Kimura: Solo le enseño  a ser hombre eso es todo
Hotaka Kimura: Claro Claro
Hotaka Kimura: hay que dormir
Katsuo Kimura: (Abraza a Hotaka)
Katsuo Kimura: Y no habrá nada interesante para esta noche
Hotaka Kimura: No lo creo
Hotaka Kimura: (Agarra con su mano la cara de su esposo y lo empuja)
 Katsuo Kimura: pero pero
Hotaka Kimura: Tú sabrás por que
(A la mañana siguiente)
Daichi  Kimura: (Suena el despertador)
Hotaka Kimura: Daichi se te hace tarde
Hotaka Kimura: Pero que
Hotaka Kimura: Donde se encuentra ese chico
Daichi Kimura: Ya me voy ma
Hotaka Kimura: Espera que
Daichi Kimura: Y tu almuerzo
Daichi Kimura: Ya llevas dinero
Hotaka Kimura: Si
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Pagina 3 de Madoka Love (Obra literaria)
Daichi kimura: Lo se
Hotaka Kimura: además podrás hacer nuevos amigos
Katsuo Kimura: Esta es la última vez que nos mudamos
Daichi Kimura: Eso espero
Hotaka Kimura: Siempre te la pasas muy solo
Daichi Kimura: (Y como no siempre nos cambiamos de casa)
Daichi Kimura: Pero cambiando de tema
Katsuo Kimura: Dime campeón
Daichi Kimura: Que técnicas usaste para conocer a mama
Katsuo Kimura: ¡COMO! Espera ya sé que estas algo grande
Katsuo Kimura: Pero ten un poco cuidado con lo que pides
Daichi Kimura: No eso
Katsuo Kimura: A bueno
Daichi Kimura: Sabes mejor olvídalo
Hotaka Kimura: Hablas de como ligar a una chica  me equivoco
Daichi Kimura: No quien dijo eso
Hotaka Kimura: Solo simplemente debes estar seguro de ti  
Hotaka Kimura: Y nunca tienes que dudar
Daichi Kimura: Lo tendré en cuenta
Katsuo Kimura: Pensé que habla de esas cosas
Daichi Kimura: Bueno me iré a dormir
Hotaka Kimura: Sale descansa
Daichi Kimura : (Levante mi p
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Pagina 6 de Madoka Love (Obra Literaria)
Daichi Kimura: Perdón se mi hiso algo tarde
Maestra: Puedes presentarte con la clase si deseas
Daichi Kimura: Es un placer conocerlos mi nombre es Kimura Daichi
Daichi Kimura: Se escribe de esta manera 大地
Maestra: Escoge tu asiento te parece
Daichi Kimura: Claro
Daichi Kimura: (Parece que no viene a esta clase aunque ya chafeo tomare el asiento junto a la ventana)
Ichiro  Hashimoto: Es un placer conocerte Daichi
Daichi Kimura: O a mí también, cómo te llamas  
Ichiro  Hashimoto: Mi nombre Hashimoto Ichiro el mejor informante de la zona
Daichi Kimura: Que tipo de información me puedes proporcionarme
Ichiro  Hashimoto: Mira ya que es tu primer día cualquier informe te saldrá gratis
Ichiro  Hashimoto: Puedo conseguirte medidas de las chicas de natación, fotos o muchas más cosas jejeje
  Daichi Kimura: Información de una persona
Ichiro  Hashimoto: Oye viejo si es del presidente pues busca mejo
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Pagina 5 de Madoka Love (Obra Literaria)
Daichi Kimura: (Salí corriendo con todas la esperanza para encontrarla pero el destino estuvo en mi contra)
Daichi Kimura: Mierda aaaaaa (se tropezó el sujeto)
Daichi Kimura: Se encuentra bien señorrrrrriiiiitaaaa no me digas  :V .
Izanagi kita : Podrías dejarme de tocar el busto
Daichi Kimura: (Y lo peor es que justo se me quedo mirando esa chica)
Madoka  Nakahara: Ya ni la calle es segura hoy en día
Izanagi kita: Oye oye oye te podrías levantar
Daichi Kimura: (Se encuentra paralizado)
Izanagi Kita: Te encuentras bien
Daichi Kimura: Demonios, donde nos encontramos
Izanagi Kita: Por el logo de tu camisa supuse que ibas al mismo instituto que yo
Izanagi Kita: Así que te traje cargando todo el camino
Daichi Kimura: (Por favor que este vato no  me haiga hecho cosas raras mientras anda inconsciente)
Daichi Kimura: A sí que estamos en la enfermería de la escuela
Izanagi Kita: Y es
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