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Last Minute Replacement

Vinyl Scratch: Thanks for buying me ice cream Octy, Would you like some?
Octavia Melody: No thank you, you know I am on a diet.
Vinyl Scratch: Come on, a single lick isn't going to do much.
Octavia Melody: Don't tempt me.

As they approach the circus tent, Vinyl noticed something on a part of the tent.
Vinyl Scratch: Wonder whats behind here *gives ice cream to Octavia* lets open it.
Octavia Melody: Vinyl no, you will get into trouble if someone catches you.
Vinyl Scratch: Notice the word 'IF'.
Octavia Melody: ......fine, just make sure you get back before the show starts okay.
Vinyl Scratch: Okay.

Vinyl Scratch: I wonder if I can nick a prop as a souvenir while I am here.

?????: I am sorry Pinkie but your partner is ill
Vinyl Scratch: Huh whats going on over there?

Pinkie Pie: But surely I can do it on m
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HWDYKYM part 2 number 3
Sam: Guys ready? 
Nissan: I don't want to be here. 
Sam: Aww but it's a love game
Nissan: It's hell when she's around 
Peach: :P
Crissy: Since Sephiroth is dead...who's my mate? 
Sam: Oh it's Dante
Dante: (walks in) How you doing baby? 
Crissy: Ugh 
Dante: Dang Daisy you look good ;) 
Daisy: F^ck off
Sam: Alright here's a question 
Sam: Does your mate have health problems? 
Daisy: Yes because he's too retarded to take care of himself.
Loz: Yes because I want this whore to die
Loz: Try me :P 
Daisy: Grrrrrr
Nissan: I'll say yes because of what Loz said but with this thing
Peach: Yes because he's mentally sick
Nissan: You filthy liar
Rosalina: I don't know and I don't care
Reno: I hope my baby doesn't 
Rosalina: I'm not your baby nor will I ever be. 
Reno: Kiss me
Rosalina: No gross!! 
Crissy: I dunno 
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Meat Fighter Chapter 12
Meat fighter
Chapter 12
Gyo is carrying Tina on his back while he's chasing after the beerus beetle.
Tina: Gyo slow down!
Gyo: THAT BEETLE STOLE OUR CHERRY SAPPHIRES! I'M GETTING THEM BACK! And the beetle will lead us to the queen!
Tina: you sure you're on the right trail?
Tina: Take your time. (it doesn't matter to me if we get there, I'm in heaven now. Gyo's back is so muscular.)
Tina drools. Drool drops on Nadine. Nadine pulls Tina's face.
Tina: Ouch
Nadine: Ba!
Tina: sorry
Gyo sniffs while jumping over the trees heading toward the beerus beetle nest. some flying monsters try to attack gyo, but they see Nadine and flies away.
Tina: I'll never understand how these creatures are afraid of this little baby.
Gyo: not important! we need those cherry sapphires
Gyo jumps over the trees. giant centipede sprouts out of the ground. gyo kicks it out of the way.
Tina: WOW!!
Another creature appear in front of them. Gyo kicks it out of the
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Dimensions GR Season 4 Ep 18
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Dimensions - Generation Rivals
Season 4, Episode 18: "The Origin Formation of Team Halo"
Written by Christian Flow
Inspired by "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" by Kazuki Takahashi and Toei Entertainment
Ever since the dimensions had been split and brought together into one planet, the remains of Team halo - Halo Divinity and Shadow Piru - were on their own doing their best in the world whilst also keeping information regarding certain Duelists. "To think, it's been so long since Duel Academy, huh Halo?" Shadow asks. "It has... and quite a lot has happened since. Going across dimensions with Furo... engaging in many battles... losing Magma..." Halo muttered.
"Hey, what happened to Magma wasn't our fault. What's done is done. We was a formidable ally... Heh, it was quite amusing to watch him school Chazz Princeton that one duel, wasn't it?" Shadow asks. "I'm surprised you still remember that after all this time. Yeah I must agree. We sure had our moments. Plus most of those duels
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The Iris Experiment: Chapter 1/Abduction
When people nowadays think of the Iris corporation, they think shining tech and fancy mechanics. But all of that is a lie. You may be asking, "who am I to say?" My name is Samuel Dylan Koren and this is my story.
December 12th, 2032
As I finished writing my prompt, I put my pencil down and smiled. Turning it in, the bell rang shortly after. After hearing this, I packed up my backpack and headed towards the door. Before I walked out, I turned to the class and waved goodbye.
Sam: See you all soon!
They all replied with a unanimous "so long." When I walked out of my class, however, I saw a group of jocks all wearing the same sports uniform yelling and laughing at a girl with black hair, blue eyes and wore a white jacket, black jeans and black shoes.
Jock 1: What's the matter, Siri? Can't see the color of your own blood?!
With that statement, he punched the girl in the face. My green eyes widened and I clenched my fist.
Sam: Hey asswagons, leave my sister alone!
They looked at me and laugh
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Doom tf rp
You (Or I) finally get the original DOOM using...questionable methods, however what you (or I) didn't know was that it was created by demons to lure those unfortunate enough to get this copy into the game itself, slowly turning them into servants of hell
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Meat Fighter Chapter 11
Meat fighter
Chapter 11
Gyo, Nadine, and Tina are on a boat heading toward the Bion Archipelago
Tina: I can't believe I'm on an expedition, and with Gyo!
Tina giggles
Tina: oh gyo, would you like some tea?
Gyo eating
Gyo: sure
Tina giggles
Gyo: so when are we gonna get to this forest?
Tina: it shouldn't be long now.
Gyo: I'm pretty excited to see this place. it'll be pretty fun to see new creatures i haven't eaten it
Tina: yeah, just remember we just need a sample not a body
Gyo: ok I'll try
Nadine sleeping
Captain: we are entering the Bion Archipelago!
Gyo: Alright!
Tina: So gyo, how has it been? you look a lot more stronger (and handsome)
Gyo: pretty good, I ate some Colossal gator, ate some jewel fruit, delivered some really stinky cheese, fished for some Nitro Tuna, and ate some Devilconda meat.
Tina: that's amazing! So you have any hobbies, family, favorite music or movies? Of course you don't have to if you don't want to , I'm just making conversation It's not like I'm trying to
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