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If I had a DeviantShart episode
(title theme: Floral Shoppe 420)
Leofan93: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of deviantShart. Today, I will do another female artist. Her name is hmcvirgo92, and judging by her user name, she's one year older than me. If that's the case, then why was she requested? Well, let's go through her gallery...
Well, she has 725 (and counting) images, so let's begin with her first few pages. Oh, God! No! It's MS Paint Hell!
(MS Paint Hell theme plays)
Hmmm... it seems that most of her first pictures have to do with video games. She even made a fan child for one of her favorite couples: Tails and Amy Rose. Speaking of which, she seems to love doing strange crossover shipping.
(sees a few images of Yamato Ishida and Phoebe Terese)
Wait a second... Who ships Phoebe from Magic School Bus with Matt from Digimon?! NO ONE! Oh, and she made children for that couple as well. (sees mspapaya's comment) Wait a second... Maia Filar?! MAIA FILAR LIKED YOUR PICTURE?!
Oh, and Pho
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(I’m making this script feel like an actual MLP episode. Don’t ask, i just want to)
*The Tree of Harmony, Nightfall. All was quiet, until a spark slowly grew into a swirling lavender gate before the entry to the radiating Tree. A shadowy titan emerges from the hypnotic portal, soon changing into a beastly alicorn, with alien metal as his body, dark crimson claws as his hooves, and a scorching fire as his wings.*
???: _Fascinating… It still holds its determination…_ *approaches the Tree.* _Stygian has failed to complete my promise… This universe is wounded and corrupted by the hatred of its inhabitants… He has become one of them… a traitor's spear…_ *His laughter is shown by his sorrow as few lavender tears is shed from his cold eyes.* _But it matters not… if no one will take the ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize… then I, Sollicitus, will claim that goal…_
*With his magic, Sollicitus lifted the 6
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Being a Dunkin' Donuts (Roblox) MR: Part 2.
So 2 days after being promoted to Assistant Supervisor I met the horrible, horrible side of Dunkin' Donuts...The drama within the group. This may not seem critical but trust me, it's REALLY BAD. So there was this MR called "crankyluke". He is a former General Manager and was a Manager back when I was promoted to AS. He was a drama queen, he liked to take every single subject SERIOUSLY. The opinions he always gave were destructive and  that is not good for someone representing the group.
And so I was an spectator of the many pieces of drama surrounding my time as an AS, until one day Luke came up to me and assumed I was trolling in the cafe...WHAT!? I made sure my account wasn't hacked and it actually wasn't. But why!? Why blame me for something as stupid as that! It's still frustrating me up to this date! Why would you promote someone like Luke back to Manager? After that whole conversation I ended up winning and Luke was demoted to Assistant Manager due to his behavior, which is
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Episode 2 (slide 4)
RMS Titanic: Koh-Ben, I will count up to 3, then I'll throw the drive to you, and you let go the man!
Koh-Ben: I will. Just quickly do whatever you want, I'm hungry for some lollipops now.
RMS Titanic: Ready? One, two, hold on. To let me throw at 3, or to throw after I said 3? Or I can count up to 6.
Koh-Ben: Then I'll shoot at 1!
RMS Titanic: Hold on! You're not so easily tricked. Ready? One, two, three! (threw the drive)
Koh-ben was about to catch the drive, but Bruce Ismay caught it in time. Koh-Ben then shot the man and ran away. Jack Dawson ran after him. Titanic came over to the man.
RMS Titanic: He's dead.
Titanic Two: If Koh-Ben escaped, it's already a free dead! We even got nothing?
Bruce Ismay: We didn't got nothing. I just snatched the drive from Koh-Ben.
Titanic Two: Perfect!
Bruce Ismay: (farting) Then I'll give the drive to Titanic Two, I need to continue my business, I'm not done yet! (ran into the restroom)
RMS Titanic: Now we'll get to know what happened that night.
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