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Miss Lily smiles to her pint sized pupil, "Thank you for volunteering Amanda.  To show the class how children always know what is the right thing to do, we're going to play a simple game.  I'm going to ask you a question, and you're going to give me the answer I want to hear.  Does that sound like fun Amanda?"
Amanda smiles, "Oh yes!"  School is Amanda's favorite thing ever, and she's always doing her best to impress her teachers.
Miss Lily smiles, "Okay Amanda, what is one plus one?"
Amanda giggles, the question is so easy, "Two!"
Miss Lily nods, "And what color do red and yellow make?"

It's been several minutes.  Amanda has answered every question correctly, but she's starting to feel a little weird, like she has tunnel vision, and everything except for Miss Lily is fading away.  But just like the perfect student she is, Amanda keeps answering questions.
Miss Lily asks, "W
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Growing Around - Wish Washing
[This episode starts at the kitchen of Anna and Neven. Anna is standing there, holding the phone, looking incredibly shocked. The only sound at the beginning of the episode is the phone’s dial tone.]
Anna: What did I do? What did I do? What did I do?
[Neven walks by.]
Neven: You tried to talk to our cousin in Japanese, again.
[Anna rushes over to Neven and grabs him by the shoulders]
Anna: I KNOW that, but what did I DO?
Neven: You kind of said… our family should celebrate Wish Washing in Americandy this year.
Anna: (Uncomfortable giggling)
[Neven walks over to the refrigerator and pulls out a gallon of milk.]
Neven: You do know that Kuni’s English is much better than your Japanese, right?
[Anna angrily and full of stress put her hands on her hips]
Anna: And you do know that Kuni is constantly telling us that we should uphold our culture, and— did you say that I said that we were going to be celebrating Wish Washing Day here?
[Cut to Neven nonchala
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 15 5
Unconventional tap dance by furry girls
(As the short opens, we see the legs of Blaze the Cat in gold pointe toe tap shoes tap dancing on her tip toes).
(We then cut to a split screen scene which now shows the legs of Lola Bunny on the other side in white cheerleading tennis shoes with taps underneath tap dancing as well).
(We cut to a 3 square scene where the legs of Vanilla the Rabbit in jazz shoes scraping her feet on some sand while the other two girls tap dance).
(We cut to a 4 square scene where the legs of Kitty Katswell in black tap shoes tap dances while the other three girls continue their dances).
(We cut to a 5 square scene where the legs of Nicole Watterson in red high heels tap dances while the other four girls continue their dances).
(The girls continue to dance for a bit and then stop).
(We cut to a different 5 square scene where the girls do different dances).
(The girls dance for a few minutes and then Vanilla strikes a pose and the 5 square scene becomes a 4 square scene).
(Blaze the Cat strikes a pose sho
:icongokuketchum705:GokuKetchum705 3 4
My million dollar invention
Ok, so what’s something everyone loves to put in their mouth, something that we all want inside us, that’s right, cheese. With cheese everyone is happy and satisfied, but if only there was a way to make it taste even better, that’s why we are joined here today, to present to you, somewhat melted cheese in a cup. It’s a new age of eating cheese, a new age indeed, how it works is we take our state of the art, metallic cup with a handle used for liquid caffeine, and place as much cheese as desired, and throw it in our state of the art, small box that heats up food using radiation, for forty-five seconds, and now you have better tasting, somewhat melted cheese that’s crusty. That’s not all, there’s also toppings, like refried beans which is what I’m holding right now, we have cream that is sour, crushed up avocado, dead cow particles, and more cheese, the future is now, melted cheese in a cup, call 666-420-6969 to order your melted cheese in
:iconkooldude5005:kooldude5005 2 2
Black Butler: Book Of The Dead | OVA #1 by ArcaneEnforcer Black Butler: Book Of The Dead | OVA #1 :iconarcaneenforcer:ArcaneEnforcer 5 0 S03, E07: Jayuigi Time by TheDemolitionBros S03, E07: Jayuigi Time :iconthedemolitionbros:TheDemolitionBros 2 0
17 March 2018
S2s_True Love_S2s  [6:10 AM] :
thanks for yr gift
[6:15 AM] :
[6:15 AM] :
ty too
[6:18 AM] :
whats about
[6:22 AM] :
JoshuaPLRBietzMDNeurochemistry: What do you like?
[6:27 AM] :
[6:27 AM] :
[6:45 AM] :
[6:51 AM] :
too long
[6:51 AM] :
[6:53 AM] :
[6:53 AM] :
[6:55 AM] :
[6:56 AM] :
but u r too young to me
[6:56 AM] :
be friends
[6:57 AM] :
ty for interested me
[7:01 AM] :
[7:04 AM] :
whats pens pals
[7:09 AM] :
oh ok
[7:09 AM] :
[7:13 AM] :
im from viet nam
[7:14 AM] :
n u?
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Gladiator Voltron II: SOTD - movie treatment
written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)
Inspired by "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"
created for World Events Productions by
Peter Keefe, John Teichmann and Toei Animation
Based on "Lightspeed Electroid Albegas"
created for Toei Animation by
Saburo Yatsude (Kozo Morishita,
Akiyoshi Sakai, Shozo Uehara,
Hiroshi Okawa and Toyohiro Ando)
30 East Trillium Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77381
TREATMENT: 03-17-2018                                                                                                                             
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0
Tuff hunters bloodline s2 e15 neo mobians
( )
Sonic: you’ve gotten sloppy metal *punches metal sonic*
Metal sonic crashed into a building
Sonic: hehehe still got it
Then metal sonic flew back out drew his beam saber and swung but missed
Sonic: like I said metal sloppy! *draws his beam saber and slices metal sonic in two*
Daisy: wow that was fast work
Rick: yeah too fast somethings up
Dr eggman: how correct you are! *then s device appears from eggman flyer
Sonic: wait a second the keystone?!
Dr eggman: oh so you do remember this device but I modified it to summon as many metal Sonics as I can GET A LOAD OF THIS!
Then eggman slammed a button and portals opens and out from them came one metal sonic then another and another
Dr eggman: HOHOHOHOHOHO try to beat this you pincushion!
Sonic: he you think this can stop me mc nose hair think again * somic aims his G-BRD and fire taking out some metal Sonics but as he did more toke their place* oh come on!
Gusion: I don’t think we can *slices two m
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 5
Too cute yet so demonic tf rp
My (friend, girlfriend, of some other term) had a thing for spontaneously bursting into hellish flames and becoming a (creature). Yet never had I seen it happen when we’re in (area)
Skin change?
Skin pealing/melting?
:iconderpyposter:derpyposter 2 78
GS UT - Seven Deadly Souls: Behind Golden Eyes
*It starts at Remy's backyard. The team is having a brawling section to train for battling corrupted monsters, everyone waiting for their turn in a line with Chara up first against Remy. With the ring of a bell, the match starts. Chara darts towards and swipes her knife at Remy, he dodges instantly. Remy smacks Chara in the jaw, causing him to stagger back. Remy tries to strike him on the head, but Chara creates his mini force field which he hits. Remy pants lightly.*
Chara (A Fallen Human with a Red Soul/The Knifer/The Introspective One/Determination): You can't break that, I get it. But let's see how you handle THIS! *charges at Remy*
*Remy spins around and kicks Chara, launching him off the battlefield and ending his turn.*
Chara: *defeated* Spoke too soon...
*With another ring of the bell, Sam's turn begins. She tries to punch Remy with her gauntlet, but he blocks it with his hammer and tries to swing at her. Sam dodges and keeps nearly hitting Remy.*
Sam (A Fallen H
:icongigikiwiandco:gigikiwiandco 0 0
Cinderella X Aladdin pt.1 2/2
Titanic Two: I don't want to, I want to stay with you forever. I don't even think it's important to have a husband. Why should I? What's important about it?
Bruce Ismay: Try poking this in your ear. [What the!]
Titanic Two: What's this?
Bruce Ismay: Chicken feather. Once you poke it in your ear, you'll feel like wanting a husband.
Captain Smith: That's good, when I was at your age, I also did the same. My mom let me poke a chicken feather in my ear. The next morning the chicken don't have any feather. Because at night I sneak to take the feather to poke in my ear! [Really, Captain Smith?]
Titanic Two: Really? Is it really like that!
Team: Try.
Titanic Two shivered when she tried to poke the feather in her ear.
Jack Dawson: (smack Titanic Two) It didn't even went in yet!
Captain Smith: Don't ask if having a husband is great. It WILL be.
Titanic Two: (poke the feather in her ear and shiver) Jack, I got goosebumps! And my feet, they stood on tiptoes! (she's excited)
Jack Dawson: Like you'
:iconteendollie380:TeenDollie380 0 0
McCormick EP 3
Episode 3: it's complicated
Josh woke up in his not knowing how he end back into his bed, he walk into his kitchen making self a cup of coffee
Connie: mooring sleepy head  
Josh: ahh! Connie you scared me, what time is it?
Connie:  9:00h
Josh taking a sip of coffee and spit it out: oh crap I’m late for work
Connie: wait Josh, I need show you something
Josh:  later need to go (Josh run out his home) I need take short cut
(parodying Ferris Bueller's Day Off running since, but if haven’t seen it, Josh jump over then neighbours fence and start running thru the backyards of his neighbourhood, run by two girls enjoying the sun, run back to them saying "Hi I'm Josh McCormick, nice to meet you" and shake the both girls hands, he continue running has man open the door of his house Josh running threw his house, telling his wife that her cooking smells nice, runs out the back door telling the two kids breakfast is ready, she jump on trampoline over the fence e
:iconrockyrock76:RockyRock76 0 0
Starlight Glimmer's Seapony Adventure part 2
The next day it was an ordinary day. Starlight was just reading a book minding her own business when all at once, a blue glowing orb floats in the air.
It floats forward. Starlight puts down her book and follows it. It took her to a cave that was once a treasure hold. It shows her an old treasure chest. She uses her horn to levitate a key. She unlocks the chest.
Glowing Orb: Put on the necklace. It will make you look amazing.
Starlight: Okay?
She puts on a necklace with a seashell. She goes into the water.
Glowing Orb: Now repeat after me, "I wish to become a mermaid".
Starlight: I wish to become a mermaid.
A bubble forms around Starlight. She flashes. Swirls spin around her. Her hooves had transformed into the most beautiful mermaid tail. She goes back into the water and bursts from the bubble. She was a seapony.
She looked at her own tail.
Starlight: Wow! A tail. A real mermaid tail! I'm a mermaid! *giggles*
She dives and swims with her tails. She took a deep breath.
Starlight: I can
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 1 0
Justice Squadron: Comicger Episode 11
Episode Title: "A Sight For Saur Eyes"
*One night at Darkanos' fortress, Infafre was patrolling through the dungeon looking for some very specific monsters for Darkanos' next scheme.*
Infafre: (voiceover) I present to you, my master, the Jurassic Jerks. A trio of terrifying dinosaur monsters that I can assure you can help you conquer the city, and put an end to the Comicgers once and for all.
*The first Jurassic Jerk to appear is the leader, a Tyrannosaurus Rex monster with green and white skin, red eyes, and grey armor. He has the ability to shoot blasts resembling meteors from his own hands.*
Infafre: Rexnar, the Tyrannosaurus! He has the power to summon meteor blasts from his own hands, and he can throw them at his foes, making them burn up to 120 degrees!
Rexnar: (throwing his meteor blasts at a couple of targets, and roars in celebration) RAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! >: )
*Next was a big, red Triceratops monster wearing a dark blue body suit with a light green belt, a ma
:icontuffagentshepherd:TUFFAgentShepherd 4 12
download one on one
Maybe we were built on happier endings...and some truth ...!
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Prisoner 441-Breach
The tires screeched as we rounded a corner, Winchester firing back at a van following us.
"That's it! We're not taking this sitting down!" Winchester shouted.
"The hell you mean, Winchester?!"
"Hold on!"
Winchester stepped on the gas before crashing into a building, the van following us drifted into a stopped position, more agents piling out of it. I pulled out my revolvers and unloaded into the van, time seemingly slowing down. I hopped out of the back of the truck, following Winchester into the building.
"We're taking down this piece of shit CEO!" Winchester shouted
"Wait, is this the company?!" I shouted back, sprinting up the stairs that Winchester ascended.
"Yeah, and we're taking this place down!"
"Sir, they've reached the office floors!"
"Call in agent L. They need a performance test."
"But Sir, the morality inhibitors-"
"Keep them off, Smiths!"
Winchester executed another agent as we kept moving up the floors.
"Jesus, these guys are pushovers!" Winches
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Tom Sawyer (TV Series) 2001-2003
The New Adventures of TOM SAWYER (TV Series)
Based on the Characters by MARK TWAIN
Voice cast
Tom Sawyer (Cat) - Rhett Akins
Huckleberry Finn (Fox) - Mark Wills
Becky Thatcher (Cat) - Hayden Walch
Amy Lawrence (Cat) - Noelle North
Aunt Polly (Cat) - Betty White (Season 1) Tress MacNeille (Season 2 and 3)
Sid (Cat) - Charlie Adler
Mutt Potter (Dog) - Rob Paulsen
Mr Dobbins (Chicken) - Richard Kind
Judge Thatcher (Cat) - Waylon Jennings (Season 1) Peter Cullen (Season 2 and 3)
Reverend Sprague (Pig) - David Ogden Stiers
??? - Tony Jay
??? - Ken Sansom
??? - Tom Kenny
??? - Kath Souice
Injurin Joe (Bear) - Jim Cummings
Season 1 (2001)
Tom's next adventure
The Tales of Huckleberry Finn Part 1
The Tales of Huckleberry Finn Part 2
To fish or not to fish
My hat will go on
White Sawyer
Season 2 (2002)
Tea for too many
Independence day for Tom Sawyer
Somewhere over there
Becky's love letter
Huck's birthday
Barbecue day
Season 3 (2003)
It's a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad world
The Return of Injurin J
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Teaser for TDWT Rewrite
Chris: And the contestant leaving with three votes against him is Noah! (Owen and Noah gasp as Alejandro smirks in victory)
Owen (falling to his knees and crying): Noooo!!! (Gasps in realization) Wait, take me instead! (Everyone else except for Chris gasps)
Chris (deadpan): Sure, whatever. As long as someone screams for me. (Tosses Owen a parachute)
Noah (in disbelief as Owen straps on his parachute): Wait, what?! Owen, what're you doing?!
Owen: Buddy, there's no one else in this world who I'd travel with, but it's YOUR time to shine! I'm willing to go if it means you get to stay!
Noah (saddened): Gee, big guy... I dunno what to say. (Owen smiles gently as Tyler and Duncan walk up)
Duncan: Shoot, man. I just got back and now I'm losing ya?
Tyler: I'm gonna miss ya, dude. (Owen smiles to each of them)
Noah: You're gonna hug us, aren't you? (Owen nods and wraps them all in a bear hug, Noah, Tyler and Duncan all gasp for breath)
Owen: Hey, Al! Why don't you join us?!
Alejandro (simply): I
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Demon of the Night: Chapter 1: Betrayal
I remember when I first saw my personal demon. Not saw as in felt their presence, but saw them personally. No, I didn’t see the creature with my own eyes, but rather saw it in a dream. It was just after my girlfriend, Silka, of over two years had broken up with me, and right before my 19th birthday at that.
           It didn’t feel fair. I travelled halfway across the country to see the girl whom I had given over two years of my life to. Who had given me two years of her life. But in an unpredictable move, decided to terminate the relationship and didn’t even have the common courtesy to at least inform me before making the long trip from Texas to New York. I couldn’t stay at her house anymore, I refused to, and I spent what time was left of my trip with my Uncle.
           I didn’t get any sleep that night. I couldn’t. I wasn’t even looking to celebrating my birthday. She wouldn
:iconjharmenta19:jharmenta19 0 0
A Tall Tale  by SalemLeBlanc A Tall Tale :iconsalemleblanc:SalemLeBlanc 0 0