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Goofy Fusion

Twilight?: Okay we are out of sight.
Debra: You ready?
Twilight: Yes lets do it.

The girls start changing.

Twilight?: It always feels good when my red nose comes back.
Debra?: Its a lot more fun too.

Twilight?: Do you think we should do this in front of people just to see how they react?
Debra?: As fun as that would be, I think that would lead to some problems.

Twilight?: Hey why do you want us to come here?
Debra?: You will see.

Twinkle Sprinkle: Finally back in my true body. I get bored being my old self.
Rainbow Seabreeze: I find it fun to trick others into thinking I am just a normal girl.

Twinkle Sprinkle: So what did you want to do?
Rainbow Seabreeze: A little thing called fusion.
Twinkle Sprinkle: You mean you and me should
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Fated Heroes 2: Chapter 1 - The Beginning
It's been 2 years since Vivi, Andy and Wis had their power from a magical alien named Celina.... Celina had a right hand and a trustful person on her side named Cris Wolf... A very mysterious human wolf from Wolfederia.... They fight villians with Celestia... An only child of Celina... She and the others had a great journey and had only one goal it's to defeat... Dusk Dark Emerald... Since... It's a long time ago... they help others using their power... though they know... Evil will rise again.....
Fated Heroes 2
Chapter 1: The beginning
They are getting ready for their first day of school...
On Andy's house...
Andy wake up and clean up her bed...
Nicky: Andy... Breakfast is ready...
Andy: Coming Mother...
Andy went to the kitchen.... she went up to her Mom and hugs her...
Andy: Thank you Mother...
Nicky: Okay... You're welcome my little child... Take a bath and prepare yourself to school...
Andy stop hugging her Mom...
Andy: Yes.. Mother....
Andy start preparing herself....
On Wis hou
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Arturetta Dancing Feet
(As the short opens up, we see the legs and feet of Arturetta barefoot with black nail polish wiggling her toes.)
(We then cut to Arturetta zipping up black knee-high boots.)
(We then cut to Arturetta stepping into black glittery tap shoes.)
(We then cut to Arturetta wearing white frilly socks lacing up black sneakers.)
(We then cut to Arturetta stepping into black ballet flats.)
(We then cut to Arturetta wearing her boots doing a side to side dance.)
(We then cut to Arturetta wearing her tap shoes doing a tap dance as click clack noises fill the scene.)
(We then cut to Arturetta wearing her sneakers grooving.)
(We then cut to Arturetta wearing her ballet flats doing ballet on her tiptoes.)
(We then cut to a four square scene where Arturetta is wearing her different shoes doing her dances, the music stops as she jumps.)
(We then cut to a pile of shoes with Arturetta barefoot, she brings her left foot up to the camera and wiggles her toes.)
End of short
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The Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em Episode 18
*It was the holiday season over at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort. The park was decked out in various holiday decorations such as garlands, Christmas lights, wreaths, candy canes, and Christmas trees. And, it was no different over at the New Nickelodeon Studios, and on the set of the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em, where it was decorated with a lot of the same kind of decorations. The Qittaswell Sisters themselves were also decked out in holiday versions of their harem outfits, which have been modeled after Santa Claus' outfit, complete with Santa caps on their heads. The reason they were doing is because they were doing a holiday episode of their game show, and they had plenty of holiday-themed surprises in store for this episode.*
Qittaswell Sisters: (each holding portable microphones) Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! We're the Qittaswell Sisters!
Kiara: And, this is the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em Holiday Special! ;)
Audience: (cheering and applauding)
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Tales of Saddletown: Pilot Episode part 1
                                                                  “Saddletown” part 1
                                                                     by Jess Foxx Quinn

Starring : Jess Quinn, with Harry Morgan as Judge Lore, Ben Johnson as Sam Beston, Fritz Bergold as Otto Denzinger, Wyatt Orr as Bruno Denzinger,  Kevin Hagen as Doctor Masson
Guest Starring: Claude Jarman as Casey, Jack Beutel as Jack and Shaun Cassidy as Shauny
:iconsagebrush-n-saddles:Sagebrush-N-Saddles 4 6
Ruby's Christmas Sandwich

🎵Someone’s in the kitchen with Santa! Someone’s in the kitchen I know-ow-ow-ow! Someone’s in the kitchen with Santaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Pencil: Hey! Whatcha doing Ruby?
Ruby: Making a “Meatball-Furball-Hairball-ButterBall Sandwich.” It’s the holiday season!
Pencil: ....... You’re weird..... *walks away*
Ruby: But my imaginary friend named Billy Billy Tom Tom doesn’t seem to think so!
*Four suddenly appears disguised with a white Santa beard and grey Santa clothing*
Billy Billy Tom Tom?: You know I don’t, buddy. Make me another one of those sandwiches and merry Christmas!
Ruby: You got it buddy! *they both laugh and soon descends into evil laughing and screaming to the point where Billy Billy look a like seemingly strangles Ruby*
:iconsugar-creatorofsfdi:Sugar-CreatorOfSFDI 6 3
Jason and Amelia - The Great Escape (Part 4)
Jason and Amelia were wandering through the halls of Zyonn's base. They were struggling to find Melody and Kamil. They were opening every door looking for their beloved parents, but alas, they had no luck.
Jason: Anything?
Amelia: No.
They seemed to be somewhat lost, until coming across a large door at the end of the hallway. They had nowhere else to go, so the two pushed it open. Then what they saw interested them a little.
Jason and Amelia: Whoa...
Dragons. Dragons as far as the eye could see. A whole massive room dedicated to dragon themed objects. The walls were lined with dragon paintings. Dragon tapestries hung from the ceiling. Dragon statues and dragon vases were placed onto the ground. Various things like dragon scales, teeth, bones, claws, and other parts were displayed around the room. It looked like some sort of dragon museum. And at the end of the museum were two staircases leading to a door. And above that door was a painted mural of a m
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Universal distress: spongebob script part 2
Sorry I haven't gotten back to writing down this script earlier, It's been too long since I posted the last part, but still, I am interested in voice talents and artists who would be willing to join me in writing out my vision of this show... I'll pay when I get my paycheck, I mean after I pay my contest winners first of course. An entire one of my checks is going to the winners, so I'd have to get another check after that lol... eh... I don't think anyone's even reading this, but you know... just in case....
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The Lion King II Simba's Pride Reimagined
The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Reimagined
The Cast of characters:
Prince Kopa should be played by a 21-30 year old man.
Zira should be played by a 40-55 year old woman.
Timon and Pumbaa should be played by two 30-39 year old men.
Scar should be played by a 40-55 year old man.
Nuka should be played by a 30-35 year old man.
Vitani should be played by a 21-30 year old woman.
Kovu should be played by a 21-26 year old man.
Rafiki should be played by a 40-55 year old man.
Simba should be played by a 39-45 year old man.
Nala should be played by a 39-45 year old woman.
The others can be various people.
I don't own the lion king or a christmas carol. Now on with the show...
(The Scene starts out with four lions walking in the pridelands.  Then along come four hyenas.  The Lions and hyenas glare and growl at each other.  Then they start to fight.  The fight lasts about one minute, then a lion gets in between them and stops the fight.)
Prince Kopa (The lion stopping the fight.)
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TechnoVoid - Misfit by voidaslan TechnoVoid - Misfit :iconvoidaslan:voidaslan 0 0 Jaws 5 Draft 3 by n64ization Jaws 5 Draft 3 :iconn64ization:n64ization 0 0
No puedo olvidarte ni quiero perderte. No otra vez
Siempre me imagine toda las noches antes de cerrar los ojos, un futuro donde poder estar contigo y abrazarte para poder por fin hablarte por mucho tiempo con mi propia voz... Pero ha pasado algo por todo este tiempo... Y es que crecimos y la evolución nos ha pasado factura... Veo las fotografías que nos hemos compartido con mucho cariño y siempre he visto ese rostro tan inofensivo que esta ahí esperándome sin descanso por mucho tiempo... Pero no es lo mismo... Quiero verte... Quiero estar contigo... Quiero poder hablarte...
Me hubiera encantado poder verte crecer a mi lado... Poder amarte todo este tiempo estando tan cerca de ti, pero el destino quiso que nos conociéramos estando tan lejos y mezclando nuestro esfuerzo para poder estar cerca de ti... Mi corazón no deja de amarte... No deja de golpearme y de apuñalarme con fuerza pidiendo de rodillas quererte aunque mi mente este en otro lado... 
:iconpaulvega:PaulVega 2 0
Summerbolt (manga script) Volume 13, chapter 121
We see Graid and Zoran on the cover, climbing a mountain, Saya and Rose waiting for them at the summit and cheering on for both of them with wide smiles, the climbers looking at each other with simultaneously savage and exhausted faces.
‘It doesn’t matter how tired you are or who your opponent is! When there’s a prize waiting for you at the end of the race, you just have to give it your all to win!!!’
Hikaru and Pulse both drop to the ground as Lord Bodyhammer’s technique is dispelled, Summerbolt pulling his hand out of the enemy’s chest, covered in blood and smoke, electric charges still swirling around it, the boy clenching its fist as it raises that arm.
Hikaru: ‘-LONG LIVE DECKSTORU!!!!!!!!!!’
‘Our hero finally earns his victory after an unbelievable battle!! Once again managing to trample all logic and reason, Hikaru triumphs over the gravitational monstrosity!!!’
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Ninja Steel's Second Christmas Special Review
*KKD and Hinata sat at a table, both with a deck of cards in hand, and each looking at each other’s eyes*
KKD: I now play the Magic Card, Polyermization. I’ll fuse the Neos on my field with the Absolute Crusader in my hand. Now, appear, Elemental Hero Neos Knight! With that, I’ll set a facedown and end my turn.
Hinata: Ok. I’ll draw and play my Trap Card, Magical Girl Appears! With this, I can special summon any Spellcaster monster with the word ‘girl’ in its title, and I summon Apple Magician Girl in Attack Mode.
KKD: Huh, ok. That’s to be expected so far. So now what are you gonna do?
Hinata: Now, I’ll Normal Summon the Tuner Monster Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron!
KKD: Where did you get that?
Hinata: It was in the deck of cards you got me last year for Christmas. With this, I’ll do a Synchro Summon and finally beat you!
KKD: You’ve never beaten me the past 85 times we’ve played and you won’t beat me now.
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A Malayan Journey (script form) - Part 6
We fade back to the gang in their respective cages. Mahukan is still stuffed into his birdcage, and he struggles to pull apart two of the bars before wincing.
Mahukan: My hands are still numb. (looks down at Pengecut's cage and sees the scratches on the tapir's side) What happened to you?
Pengecut: Huh? Oh, these. I was released into the ring with a pack of starving dogs. I barely made it out alive.
Mahukan: What can we do to escape this awful place? 
Pengecut: Right now, I think the only think we can do is make the best of our new lives.
Mahukan: Make the best...are you serious? You want us to make the best out of being ripped apart, electrocuted, drowned, starved, and whatever else this circus consists of? Pemarah, what do you think? Pemarah?
Pemarah is simply curled up in his cage, thinking about his encounter with Malam and his attempts at making her talk. All of a sudden, he hears Malam singing from her cage. This whole sequ
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(OPEN RP) Feeding the King
A strange mesmerizing aura has been pulsing, spreading across the entire world. The phenomenon causes all life to become eternal slaves that only knows one thing: Feed the king. You were caught under this trance, marching along with the other workers as they journey to their king, feeding them by any means nessecary, even if it means that they are willing to become food.
This RP will contain Hypnosis, Mind Control, Oral Vore or Anal vore, Farting, overfeeding, Scat, Urination, possible digestion, possible diapers
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Ooh! Lookie! A dead meme!
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high
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Becca Stone Reflects and Blaze Strikes Again

Elizabeth reached the swamp that was in the description on the receipt, and she did not like it. After putting down the order she said to herself, "Why did they send me to this place to deliver this order? This is an odd choice, and there is no house anywhere; other than the military base in the distance, the only thing I see is that long oddly-shaped hatch."

Just then, a siren went off. Elizabeth looked to the other side and said, "What's going on? Did someone steal something from the base?"
However, as she was looking away from the base; the hatch opened up and a platform rose up, on it was Nazo and Abby. Both of them gave a sly smirk, mostly knowing that they were secretly having a laugh with Elizabeth's situation.
Nazo said to Elizabeth, "You here with our order?"
Elizabeth turned around to see Nazo and Abby appear before her, and she was shocked by it.

Elizabeth said, cle
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Svajone: Dios Del Caos [RP] by tisea Svajone: Dios Del Caos [RP] :icontisea:tisea 3 2
Formidron hive TF RP
You/I/Both of us are walking home at night when you hear a hiss...
1) No mature or fetish
2) Pick a form from the description (Updates when new drones are made)
3) Only side effect is MC and is required
4) Color of new eyes and form before we start
5) Say, "Formidron," and when I say, "Hive," we can talk
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