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Two lunatics and a puppet

(insert air ship noises here)

Sasha Smiles: Okay tell me what we are doing again?
Twinkle Sprinkle: We are going to catch a very person for a little project.
Sasha Smiles: and you brought me because?
Twinkle Sprinkle: You are the only person I know who can fly an airship.
Sasha Smiles: I don't.
Twinkle Sprinkle: You are the closest to knowing how. Proof in the fact we haven't crashed at all.
Sasha Smiles: Because its on autopilot. All I have been doing is staring at screens for the past hour.

A screen beeps.
Twinkle Sprinkle: Ah no time for small talk. Looks like we have found our prey.

Twinkle Sprinkle: According to the radar, She is about a mile away.
Sasha Smiles: How can you tell on this thing?
Twinkle Sprinkle: Its just my way of saying we are really close. I have no idea how to tell distance on this thing.
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Candeler's Smoochy Prank
Candeler: *is inside Candelot’s bedroom. He quickly puts the cardboard cut out male Candelot under the bed and lays on Candelot’s bed where the cutout is standing*
Candelot: *opens the door, wearing blindfold* Alright my love! Time for some quality time! *she begins to walk to the bed despite have some difficulties to see. She then hops on the bed* Here goes. *she begins to kiss Candeler on the lips, unaware that the cutout was replaced by Candeler until she takes out her blindfold while kissing. She becomes shocked to see Candeler kissing her as she lets go of his lips and faints*
Candeler: Ha! Got her! *zooms out of her room*
:iconsugar-creatorofsfdi:Sugar-CreatorOfSFDI 6 5
Kleo of the Streets: Ch. 1 Script by JudgementGaveUp Kleo of the Streets: Ch. 1 Script :iconjudgementgaveup:JudgementGaveUp 2 0
Rogue Beta Trap
*The rogue beta gang encounters an eerie but inviting chalet*
SpeedRing: I don't see any lights on... Oh my, what a peculiar pad!
Chevron: Maybe it's someone's vacation retreat. And I think we're due for a vacation for ourselves. Let's see if we can rest here.
*The rogue beta gang comes to the front door, they didn't know that Venjix and the Dark beta crew are watching them in tv screen*
Tera: The fools! They fell for it!
Venjix: Hahaha! Mi casa es su casa! Make yourselves right at home, my unexpecting travelers. You'll be staying!
*SpeedRing knocks the door but no ones home*
SpeedRing: Hmm, it looks like no one's home.
Chevron: Then we'll have the place to ourselves. C'mon.
*They open the door creak
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CARTOON DIMENSIONS (Manuel Lobato Humanes Version)
Level 7: LIGHTS, CAMERA, MASH-UP for SmashGamer16.
(Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack and Bugs Bunny are riding in the Thunderquack and arriving at Hollywood from 1993 home of the Animaniacs).
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Any sign of Looney Tunes, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck yet?
DARKWING DUCK: I don’t think so we got lost in the different universes.
LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK: What’s this, a film studio? Look out below!!!
BUGS BUNNY: It´s going to crash!
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF:Cut!!!!! What are you doing in the studio, it’s a closed set!!! Where did you come from?
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Hey, are you incharge of this?
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF: Three ducks and a wabbit?
DARKWING DUCK: Noncence!!! We are trying to help, have you seen anything?
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF: Anything, surly not.
DARKWING DUCK: But let’s take a look around and get dangerous.
DR SCRATCHANSIFF: No buts, I mean it! Now
:icontimmybrisbyfan1925:timmybrisbyfan1925 3 1
OA forgotten realms - passing of power ( preview )
I remember that day like it was only yesterday , a mission that nearly cost me my life. I thought I was going to die and that will be the end of my clan. I did not mind that since it will bring honor to my name. The mission was to investigate an odd distubance near the edge of the country , but that turned out to be a trap. At the end of it I was left for dead. I do not remember the details of the attack , I was glad though that somehow someone found me , could it be the work of our ancestors ?
" be still I mean you no harm , you need to rest " said a voice
" who are you ? "
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Lackadaisical Daydream Scene #1 Draft #1
It’s 1968. Two friends, Sammy, and anthro cat, and Elliot, an anthro raccoon, are walking along a sidewalk on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sammy is eating a hotdog wrapped slightly in a napkin. They’re both walking and admiring the view, not really talking or paying attention to each other, before Elliot speaks up.
You know, something I’ve always wanted to do is somehow setup like a hanging tent on the underside of this.
Sammy looks at Elliot with a confused expression.
A hanging tent?
Yeah! You ever heard of those rock climbers that do that?
Can’t say I have.
Well, rock climbers will sometimes setup like, tents onto the sides of rock faces, and they’ll sleep in them during the night, and continue climbing the next day.
That sounds incredibly dangerous.
Well yeah, I want to do that, but underneath here.
And how do you plan on doing that? Last time I checked, you weren’t a master rock climber, or
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Kira Deco Retold - Jewel of Fate Deco!
[It was a normal, sunshiny day in Jewel Town, and all Jewelpets were having fun at the local park; roommates Alex and Brownie were tossing rocks at a lake, Topaz and Garnet are having their fur groomed by Dian, and endearing couple Ruby and Tour (as well as Sapphie) are still on the hunt for the next Decostone]
Dian: Lady Garnet, your fur is glossy and silky... fit for a princess, even.
Garnet: Nyaaa~! That's because you're grooming us~!
Topaz: Uh, hello? Another lady needs her fur groomed too, you know~!
Dian: You ladies always make my day, but that doesn't mean I don't care for my friends, too.
Topaz/Garnet: Awww~!
Tour: H-Hey, you guys! Did you forget why we're out here at the local park? We're here to look for Decostones!
Sapphie: Exactly~! So let's not waste any time, and-
Ruby: Decostone seaaaaarch~! [Using her ears to dig up a trail while searching for the next shiny Decostone] Decostone master... is that how you call it? Will search far and wide for you~!
Sapphie: Decostone...
:iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 2 9
Big Date - Claire Reviews
Episode 4 - Big Date
Alright, we're here! The last episode of the Rayman animated series. This was the episode that got this weird ass series cancelled, but is this episode really that bad? Or even this entire show? Well, let's find out...
This episode starts off with a beautiful new day in the gang's apartment. And here we have Cookie actually doing something useful and is making breakfast. But he seems to be low on ingredients, so he asks Rayman if Grub has left for work (So he wasn't fired! Well good for him!). Rayman says that his CAAH is gone so it's probably safe to leave to go get groceries, preferably from Mister Dark's Groceries (You bet your butt I'm running these running jokes into the ground!). So Rayman asks Betina if she can take Cookie to get some fo-! Wait... DID THEY CHANGE THE VOICE ACTRESS FOR BETINA AGAIN!? You just changed her voice actress last episode! Now she has a new one?! What? Can these guys make up their mind on what voice this damn chick gets? Or di
:iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 2 10
Madou Galaxy (2002)
Title: Madou Galaxy
Developer: McGold Productions Software Cologne, SEGA.
Date: August 27 2002
Genre: Platformer, Puzzle
Theme: Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Alternative Titles:
Madou Monogatari 4 (Working Title)
The game fallows the sixteen-year old girl named Arle Nadja and bunny-like creature Carbuncle finding the mysterious invasion capsule that leads into the big invasion of the strange robotic beings by Magnetus XII around the planet, whoose their goal is to create the intergalactic park by destroying other planets in the progress. The Duo they were captured into the cages and they meet the distant elder Kayama who convinces Arle, Carbucle and others to help them became the rebels and free the homeworld from the attacks of the Magnetus XII's mechanical beasts.
More Soon!
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The Door Scene from Death of Tristan Taylor
Door: Emeraaaaaaald!
Emerald:That door knows my name.
Door: Open me!
Sakuya: Uhhhh, what'll happen if we open you?
Door: You'll enter a world of deep, unending pain and torment. Oh, and uh, ponies.
Sakuya: We don't care about your pon—
Zapzap: Ponies! I love ponies!
Sakuya: Zapzap, no—
ZUUL:ZUUL, MOTHER *censored*! ZU—
(ZapZap shuts the door)
Shadow: That didn't sound like no pony!
Door: You must have startled it.
Sakuya: Yah, I'm not buying it.
Door: Open me!
Emerald: Can we ride the pony?
Door: ...sure.
Sakuya: Emerald, it's going to kill us!
Emerald: But Sakuya! Free pony ride!
Sakuya: There isn't even a pon—
ZapZap: Ponies! I love ponies!
Sakuya: Zapzap, no—
:iconasksakayuizayoi:AskSakayuIzayoi 1 0
The Bard
The Bard
One often finds destiny on the path taken to avoid it.
The arts. They have shaped us as much as we have shaped them. The same could be said of the spirit realm. We created it. It is made up of our souls, filled with our beliefs, hopes, dreams, and thought. Most humans do not understand the depth of influence we have on it or that it has on us. Only the Gifted truly understand. They have lived alongside us since our beginning. For generations they have, in secret, guarded the gateways between this realm and the realms of the spirits, each with control over a certain type of spirit. However, every few thousand years, three souls are reincarnated who's destiny it is to restore the many realms to balance. These souls do not have power over a certain type of spirit, but rather the entirety of the spiritual realms. They wield their powers through each of the three major artforms. They are the Artist, the Writer, and the Bard. And it is time for them to return to our world. A young m
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The Crystal Shapeshifter(Dragon's Ashes,Roughdraft
[She continues to the town square, eyes scanning for someone. She’s looking for the general Nathan Sam Charls, she came here to kill him to disturb the human’s power structure, and hopefully drive them out of this area of Esnos. In truth, she is Chibil in disguise, and killed a messenger of the Queen of Esnos to get the wooden chain of beads that only a royal messenger would have. She sees the general heading home, and a smirk crosses her face before she screeches.]
Chibil: “GENERAL NATHAN SAM CHARLS!” [When she screeches his name, everyone in the town square, including the general, stops and turns to look at her. She snickers and reveals her true form, which results in the scream Sierra, Kaleth, and Abiona heard. Kaleth and Sierra run to the town square, while Abiona is considering what to do.]
Abiona: “Hm…I COULD sit here and do nothing, but…I don’t want to. I want to help, and besides, I want to see what this place is like and what
:iconmysticduskdragon:MysticDuskDragon 4 0
Xotiathon Round Three: Page 8 Epilogue
Staring up at the blinding ceiling lights of the medical ward he wished his mind would let him sleep or, at the very least, rest. A million thoughts crowded every inch of his brain but he didn't know what to do with them. One at a time. I'll process them one at a time. That's what the doctor had told him once he'd spoken to him about the sleepless nights and headaches. Okay, one at a time...
Round Three was finally over. He was grateful he'd gotten back in time to see the last pair go at it, even if it were only on a hologram screen in the medical center. Sael's round. That was by far the most nightmarish.  It was funny now looking around at everyone. Almost all of them were actually at the medical ward. No injuries were that serious but it seemed that this had been the one to really get everyone. He knew a few of them had been here already from previous rounds but this was his first time. The technology was incredible, who was sponsoring this event again? Who ever it was they had
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Superhero Joke
Why did the superhero get arrested?
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The Picnic
(Location. Exterior. Woods)
(Establishing shot of man and woman walking out in the woods, fields, along railroad tracks. Etc. carrying a picnic basket. The couple comes across a Scarecrow. Scarecrow is out of focus, or almost out of frame. They look at it.)
Well that’s weird.
What? It’s just a scarecrow.
I know it’s a scarecrow. What’s it for?
To scare crows silly.
From what? Don’t they put these up in gardens or whatever?
How should I know? I’m not Farmer Fred.
It’s creepy.
Nah. (picks up a rock and throws it at the figure)
Stop it.
What are you afraid of?
(walking away. Man follows)
So where was this witch supposed to live?
I don’t know, somewhere around here.
I thought you’d been here before.
I have. This whole wood is supposed to be haunted, but she was supposed to live in a cave or something.
Sounds legit.
It was. They say O
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Two Sides To Every Story
Sc. 1
*Two little kids, Fatiha and Aeron  (eight years old) are playing outside. The sky is a clear blue, and a light breeze blows by.*
Aeron: Hey.....Fatiha?
*Aeron voice cracks, she seems to be trembling. Fatiha tilts her head.*
Fatiha: yeah?
Aeron: Do you think that we'll be friends in the future?
Fatiha: *giggles* of course! We'll be best friends for a long time!
Aeron: Really? Do you promise?
Fatiha: Yep!
Aeron: Pinky promise.....
*Aeron holds out her pinky, after awhile Fatiha wraps her pinky around her's. Fatiha smiles.*
Fatiha: I promise.
Sc. 2
*Two years pass by in a blink of an eye. Fatiha and Aeron are now ten, however darkness hovers over Fatiha. Her family is murdered in front of her, her mother's throat was slit, along with her wrists. Her father was decapitated, his head in front of her, his hands were tied behind his back. She manages to escape however her younger brother is captured by the unknown attackers. She's running, covered in blood, h
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EUF story: Graduation Ceremony
********New Message
********Sender : Unknown
Hi Cindy. You may wonder who is texting you. Well, somebody just sat in the audience in front of you. I know, there are lots of people: it’s graduation day after all!  So, you can try guessing. But the only clue I can give is that I am sat in front of you as you are waiting your turn. You know how the ceremony rules as several people have already been called in front of the stage. You are all sat in the background, dressed in your graduation robe, waiting as you are called one by one in alphabetical order. When somebody’s name is called, he walks to the edge of the stage, shake Principal’s hand, smile to the audience, grabs his diploma and goes away.
Many people you know have come to see you for this special day: relatives, close friends. They are all gathered to share with you one of the best days of your life.
And so am I, to live what would be one of the best days of MY life.
Wonder why? Well, see you soon in anothe
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the fall of the base
??? : log date 1 results have rilly gone down the drain a mutation happend in room 63536 now 63536 is now only saying roe continuing to monitor.
???: log date 5 monitoring has shown that the mutation has affected voice box he still can understand me but I cant understand him continuing to monitor.
???:log date 15 monitoring has shown me that this has coused some strange changes to the voice patens of 21634 just like 63536 but she is saying evja I think I'm seeing a pattern in the mutation as 22222 has stared to grow yellow hair don't know what's that is about but I'll keep monitoring
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Yu-Gi-Oh! The VuTale Series EP 9 Part 1/2
Danny looked at the man that sounded like Chris but a bit deeper as he forced Danny to duel him as Danny didn't have a choice "Your taking the first move" The man said as Danny draws
"I summon Red eyes baby dragon in atk mode" A baby version of the red eyes black dragon appears
Red Eyes Baby Dragon
ATK: 500
DEF: 1000
"I set a card and end my turn"
The man draws "I use supreme king gate zero and supreme king gate infinite to set the pendulum scale" Two monsters appear on the scale one was a zero and the other was a infinite sign as Danny looked confused "Pendulum scale?" Danny said as he never heard of the pendulum scale before "I pendulum summon Supreme King Servant Darkvum's and Supreme King Servant Odd-Eyes" Two Grey and green dragons appear and so did a red and green dragon
SKS Darkvum
ATK: 1600
DEF: 1800
SKS Odd-Eyes
ATK: 2500
DEF: 2100
"I activate Darkvum's effect now when i summon a darkvum via pendulum summoning i can draw cards by that amount i summoned so i draw two cards next
:iconddlcpro:DDLCPro 2 18