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Erica runs out of the apartment building and into the courtyard chasing one last fleeting hope, but she skids to a halt at the sight of a strange dark woman whispering into Maddie's ear.
"What good is a life without friends?" the lady whispers, "You live every day hollow and empty, alone..."
Maddison whimpers.
The lady continues, "There is still a place for you...  Give in to your despair and join me as its lady..."

Maddie whispers, "Yes..." and is consumed by her inner darkness as Erica shouts, "No!"
The lady of despair looks knowingly at Erica and says, "There's no hope..."

The despairing lady that was Maddie sighs, "I feel terrible..."
The other responds, "You look terrible..."
Erica sniffs back sudden tears.

The two look at Erica and say in unison, "She still has hope...  Let's fix that."
Erica whimpers, "Huh?" but fi
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The Bound Book Act 6
Act 6 Cast
Scene 1
By sunrise, Griffin has arrived at his castle.
Felicia: Mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhh...
Griffin: Whoo! That easy? I should do it more often.
Theif: Why hello, there! You got some fine damsels.
Griffin: Why, yes I do.
Felicia: Mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhh...
Theif: Why I could be of assistance. If you hire me.
Griffin: You can sign on with me.
Theif: Really? I never had a long time job.
Griffin: You're hired!
Theif: I'll put them in their rooms.
Kagero, Flora, and Felicia are taken to their rooms.
Griffin: I would have more damsels, but I got spotted, so I had to go. I think I can go back.
Theif: Well let me help you.
Ruffian: What's going on here?
Theif: Oh, we were about to go on a small mission.
Ruffian: Well, maybe I can come.
Griffin: You're hired! For a long time.
Archer: Can I c
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Sugar Fables #1: The Emperor's New Clothes

Once upon a time, there was this king emperor dude guy or whatever, and he be walking around like, “Hey! Look at my new clothes I got! These are amazing new clothes!”
Suddenly some guy appeared and said, “I can make you better clothes you know.”
“Alright, lemme see em”
“Okay, take everything off first”, said the man. The king be like, “Alright” as he did so. “Did that”
The man said, “Alright, now put on these invisible clothes I got you so that everybody thinks you’re so well dressed, only the stupid people won’t see your clothes!”
The emperor be like, “That’s a great idea!” So he puts on the invisible clothes and begins strutting down the street while beatboxing. All the women, men, and even dogs at that point are apparently screaming like “AAAAAAAGH!” and began running around due to the point that it is so disgu
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S03, E15: The Return of Jayuigi by TheDemolitionBros S03, E15: The Return of Jayuigi :iconthedemolitionbros:TheDemolitionBros 2 0
H.P. Lovecraft
What was H.P.Lovecraft's nick name?
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Team Nexus' Motto
Guno: Listen, is that a voice I hear?
Nobo: It's speaking to me loud and clear.
Guno: On the wind!
Nobo: Past the stars!
Nano: In your ear!
Guno: Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace.
Nobo: Dashing hope, putting fear in its place.
Guno: A rose by any other name is just as sweet.
Nobo: When everything's worse, our work is complete.
Guno: Guno!
Nobo: Nobo!
Nano: And Nano, now that's a name!
Guno: Putting the do-gooders in their place...
Nobo: ...we're Team Nexus...
All: your face!
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NSMM3: The Platinum Way Extended Cut Chapter 10
Chapter 10- The Perspective Of Team Beta
Outside in the streets, Superman, Raiden, Mario, Sonic, Blaze, Silver, Pinkie, Woody, Buzz, Judy and Nick walked in search of the UFO that Tempest Shadow is in. “Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop, Doo wop a doo wop..” Sonic said, as he is humming the beginning of the song ‘Katchi’. “Sonic, please.” said Superman. “I understand that the lack of noise makes this journey boring, but we need to focus to search Tempest Shadow.” “Fine..” sighed Sonic. “This force is unstoppable..” said Blaze. “If we don’t get to them soon enough, every single world including ours will will lose hope and fall into despair.” “Despair is a luxury that we don’t have.” said Silver. “I may be an optimist, but I’m also a realist. If we fail this mission, then we must accept the fact that they’re powerful than us, and we’re not gonna let th
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Scp experiment rp
You’re told to take care of and study the side effects of raising a select (SCP creature) for a whole (time span)
Is it caged?
Is it friendly?
Other details?
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Donnervern et al Script by Metalead Donnervern et al Script :iconmetalead:Metalead 0 0
If I had a DeviantShart episode
(title theme: Floral Shoppe 420)
Leofan93: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of deviantShart. Today, I will do another female artist. Her name is hmcvirgo92, and judging by her user name, she's one year older than me. If that's the case, then why was she requested? Well, let's go through her gallery...
Well, she has 725 (and counting) images, so let's begin with her first few pages. Oh, God! No! It's MS Paint Hell!
(MS Paint Hell theme plays)
Hmmm... it seems that most of her first pictures have to do with video games. She even made a fan child for one of her favorite couples: Tails and Amy Rose. Speaking of which, she seems to love doing strange crossover shipping.
(sees a few images of Yamato Ishida and Phoebe Terese)
Wait a second... Who ships Phoebe from Magic School Bus with Matt from Digimon?! NO ONE! Oh, and she made children for that couple as well. (sees mspapaya's comment) Wait a second... Maia Filar?! MAIA FILAR LIKED YOUR PICTURE?!
Oh, and Pho
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Guardian Elves 11: Gems of Destiny part 3
the friends arrive at the water kingdom 
Thorn: it is as wet as usual 
Sireno: but where is that creator 
Maya: can't see it, i don't even know what it is 
Sireno: legends told that it is a leviathan, but no one ever seen one 
Daniel: so, that makes it a legend 
Sireno: if you like to see it that way 
Maya: so wear is that beasty
Sireno: it is not just a beasty, it is the biggest creature of the whole water kingdom 
Maya: big beasty 
Sireno: no it is..... you know what, never mind 
then they hear a roar coming from the dephts of the lake
Zira: guess it is awakened now 
Thorn: it doesn't sound happy 
Sireno: we have to go 
Daniel: eh i dont want to trouble the fun but you are the only one who can breath under water 
Sireno: you can as well, just come with me 
they walked to the lake, Sireno used a spell to make a barrier around them 
Zira: smart thinking 
Sireno: you know me 
they walked to the bot
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How To Save A Life: Part 1/2
Part 1
Mr. and Miss. McKinley: *Walks into Dr. Darren Taylor’s office*
Darren:  Mr. and Miss. McKinley, please have a seat.
Mr. McKinley: *Sits down next to his wife* so h-how is she? Is our daughter going to be okay?
Darren: Well… your daughter Abby is no dubitably very sick and we were lucky to even get her stabilized enough to give her antibiotics, but in order to assure she’ll even make it through the night, we’ll need to operate on her as soon as possible.
Mr. McKinley: What? Operate? You mean cut into her body??
Darren: Yes Mr. McKinley. You see, your daughter has an infection growing inside of her abdomen and in order to get rid of it we’ll need to open her up and surgically cleans her out. It’s a very risky procedure given her already fragile state, but the sooner we do this the better she’ll be. I’ll just need both your signature right here to authorize the procedure. *slides the for
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(I’m making this script feel like an actual MLP episode. Don’t ask, i just want to)
*The Tree of Harmony, Nightfall. All was quiet, until a spark slowly grew into a swirling lavender gate before the entry to the radiating Tree. A shadowy titan emerges from the hypnotic portal, soon changing into a beastly alicorn, with alien metal as his body, dark crimson claws as his hooves, and a scorching fire as his wings.*
???: _Fascinating… It still holds its determination…_ *approaches the Tree.* _Stygian has failed to complete my promise… This universe is wounded and corrupted by the hatred of its inhabitants… He has become one of them… a traitor's spear…_ *His laughter is shown by his sorrow as few lavender tears is shed from his cold eyes.* _But it matters not… if no one will take the ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize… then I, Sollicitus, will claim that goal…_
*With his magic, Sollicitus lifted the 6
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Grimmwoods Vol. II 03 rough draft
The following is a work made by me and my friends with hopes of making it an actual audio series. We're trying to make the best product possible, so please leave feedback. If you want involvement in some way, please send me a note.

At another part of Carroll's Brooke, A man was sitting down in front of the door of a room while a young girl was running around, giggling as she was followed by a small bird as Rapunzel led the group over to the building. The building itself seemed rather modest in size, with a woven hay-covered roof and a brick-laid out home and a base made out of wood.
This your place, Rapunzel?
Since I got out of that tower, it sure has!
Huh, looks nice.
The girl ran over, happily, as Rapunzel leaned down to her before hoisting her into her arms.
I swear, you’ve gotten bigger since the last time I saw you! Have you been go
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Athena and Thirteen Support C-S
*Sigh*… Okay... one at a time. Ouch... ouch... ouch... ARGH! I think that was a nerve!
Thirteen? What are you doing in here all alone? And... *EEEP!* Why are you all scratched up like this?!
Athena? Aw, shoot!
Are you picking spikes out of your skin?! How did this happen?!
Ouch... Jethro wanted to set up a prank... and I was helping him... and one bad suggestion led to another...
Here, let me help.
Thank you. OUCH! Oh, man... if my sister knew what I was doing out here, she'd KILL me! Or... more accurately, she'd force me out of the band.
Thirteen, you know you don't have to do EVERYTHING Jethro says. He's perfectly capable of setting up his pranks on his own.
Hey, it's all in good fun. (Ouch!) And he was seeking my help. Just my big mouth had to go and suggest using live animals.
I can't let this stand..
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Stolen Innocence Part 9
Chapter 9
‘You are going to kill me? Go head, flip that coin brat’ Tiger shouted.
Calva responded with a snarl and split his staff in two, catching Tiger off guard with a second strike to the head. Calva and Tiger exchanged blows until Tiger was knocked to the floor.
‘How did you get so strong brat, you are just a kid, a worthless, weak, useless little twerp’ Tiger said, terrified that Calva just knocked him on his ass.
‘You killed my sister, you are the reason why I am stronger, you got your wish asshole and you broke me.’  Calva said wiping his eyes. Calva reattached the two staff pieces into one again and raised it above his head and began to bludgeon Tiger viciously and mercilessly. Tiger lay bloody and broken on the ground. Calva raised the staff to finish Tiger off when a voice called out to him.
‘Calva, don’t do it, he is not worth it’ Emma shouted. ‘You beat him and that’s enough, killing him won’t mak
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[AA2]Actividad Criador+Coordinador[Dante/Alex]
Ni bien las clases de coordinadores y criadores se juntaron para una actividad, cierto castaño de ojos rojos busco con su mirada rápidamente a un rubio de ojos bicolor. Ni bien ver a ese rubio de espaldas viendo a su Growlithe, Alex decidió ir lentamente a donde estaba. Ya cuando estuvo lo suficientemente cerca, Alex le dio una palmada en la espalda, aunque no hubo resultado ya que el rubio no se asusto, solo salto un poco producto del golpe, pero al mismo tiempo soltó por error la piedra fuego que había sacado de su mochila para mostrársela a su pokemon.  
- ¡HEY! ¡Con cuidado! -
- Eso te gusto y lo sabes. -
- Calla tonto. Mas encima me hiciste tirar mi piedra fuego... - Dijo Dante mientras buscaba con la mirada la dicha piedra evolutiva, hasta ver como su Growlithe la agarro con la boca. - ¡FUOCO ESPERA! - 
Pero ya era demasiado tarde, el Growlithe, al estar en contacto con la piedra fuego, evoluciono justo antes de la activ
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I hope I can make this into a comic one day
Animalalypse in the future nuclear war as devastated the world and all of 95 present of females have been kill off by a virus and the same virus made all of the men muscular and gain large amounts of testosterone and extreme amounts of muscle and every man is very extremely buff and extremely hunky and hunkified and all of the males have Square jaws and all men and 5 present of women still remain on earth muted into animals and all of the male animals on earth muted into animal races lions bears tigers birds canines apes you name it all of them have been muted and they are all getting very muscular slowly by eating or drinking the story’s follow a muscular extremely hunky skunk who was once a police officer in a small town now turned into the warrior of the roads hunting down criminals and killing them and he packed his own tear gas that can not only knock someone out put also kill them when they smell it and he is also a skill fighter and he is also good at a gun he is the best
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Comic script: Growth spurt?
*In Tails's workshop, Sonic wakes up and stretches out after a nap on the couch. He looks down and lets out a yelp upon finding that he's gotten taller*
Tails: *from under his blanket* What the?!
*Sure enough, Tails peeks out from underneath, looking around out of panic. Once he finds Sonic behind him, the hedgehog yawns and falls back onto his pillow*
Tails: Oops...
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List of Nintendo Slice-of-Life Episode Ideas
Author’s Note: I’ve just thought of this idea on making a list of episode ideas for my Nintendo Slice-of-Life AU.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Nintendo. I just own Kira, Rose, and the slice-of-life AU.
List of Episodes
Episode 1:
Kira and her family has moved to Tokyo.
She finds it being so difficult with these new surroundings.
When she was wandering in the new city, she met a familiar face.
That, being her childhood friend.
Episode 2:
It was Kira’s first day of school. Rose decided to give her childhood friend a tour of the place.
While there, Kira started to gain flashbacks about her previous school.
But things took a turn when she realised how different it is, especially with the students there.
Episode 3:
After a whole day of school, Kira decided to catch up with her relationship with Rose.
Things go smooth at first, but seeing how Rose is reacting, Kira believes that her childhood friend is hiding something.
Something about her feelings.
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Episode 2 (slide 2)
Captain Smith: Finally arrived. It's been a long and tiring voyage. (stretching before turning to Qatar A380) Oh ho! Qatar, did you fart! So stink!
Qatar A380: (sniffing) It wasn't me. (turned to Bruce Ismay) It must be you, Bruce Ismay. Dead for how many days!
Bruce Ismay: This Saturday is already the 100th day, hey! Ha ha! Not that! Just farted a little bit.
Jack Dawson: This isn't just little bit. Just a bit it won't be this much.
Bruce Ismay: You shut the heck up! Just to get me with that fishy tone of yours! I told you that I have bad stomach and you didn't believe me!
Titanic Two: Then go to the restroom. This is like torture.
Bruce Ismay: I think I might lose concentration.
RMS Titanic: With you farting like this, we will lose air to breathe. Go to the restroom. We'll just message you, nothing serious.
Bruce Ismay: (did a salute) Aye aye, sir! (farted!) Ha ha! (About to leave)
Jack Dawson: How could you! So stinky!
Bruce Ismay: (came back) What did you ju
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