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Two lunatics and a puppet

(insert air ship noises here)

Sasha Smiles: Okay tell me what we are doing again?
Twinkle Sprinkle: We are going to catch a very person for a little project.
Sasha Smiles: and you brought me because?
Twinkle Sprinkle: You are the only person I know who can fly an airship.
Sasha Smiles: I don't.
Twinkle Sprinkle: You are the closest to knowing how. Proof in the fact we haven't crashed at all.
Sasha Smiles: Because its on autopilot. All I have been doing is staring at screens for the past hour.

A screen beeps.
Twinkle Sprinkle: Ah no time for small talk. Looks like we have found our prey.

Twinkle Sprinkle: According to the radar, She is about a mile away.
Sasha Smiles: How can you tell on this thing?
Twinkle Sprinkle: Its just my way of saying we are really close. I have no idea how to tell distance on this thing.
:icontechnopagan9:TechnoPagan9 24 14
EUF story: Graduation Ceremony
********New Message
********Sender : Unknown
Hi Cindy. You may wonder who is texting you. Well, somebody just sat in the audience in front of you. I know, there are lots of people: it’s graduation day after all!  So, you can try guessing. But the only clue I can give is that I am sat in front of you as you are waiting your turn. You know how the ceremony rules as several people have already been called in front of the stage. You are all sat in the background, dressed in your graduation robe, waiting as you are called one by one in alphabetical order. When somebody’s name is called, he walks to the edge of the stage, shake Principal’s hand, smile to the audience, grabs his diploma and goes away.
Many people you know have come to see you for this special day: relatives, close friends. They are all gathered to share with you one of the best days of your life.
And so am I, to live what would be one of the best days of MY life.
Wonder why? Well, see you soon in anothe
:iconlo0lo0:lo0lo0 9 6
Candeler's Smoochy Prank
Candeler: *is inside Candelot’s bedroom. He quickly puts the cardboard cut out male Candelot under the bed and lays on Candelot’s bed where the cutout is standing*
Candelot: *opens the door, wearing blindfold* Alright my love! Time for some quality time! *she begins to walk to the bed despite have some difficulties to see. She then hops on the bed* Here goes. *she begins to kiss Candeler on the lips, unaware that the cutout was replaced by Candeler until she takes out her blindfold while kissing. She becomes shocked to see Candeler kissing her as she lets go of his lips and faints*
Candeler: Ha! Got her! *zooms out of her room*
:iconsugar-creatorofsfdi:Sugar-CreatorOfSFDI 6 5
Have a Chat with Kai Azai - Episode 2

"Have a Chat with Kai Azai"
"Episode 2: Merrin and Ryuuji"
*Lilith, the stage manager, appears and gives an introduction of the show episode.*
Lilith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Merrin and Ryuuji!
*The audience gives applause and lights show up to reveal the host, Kai Azai, and guests, Merrin and Ryuuji, on the stage.*
Kai: Greetings everyone! And salutations! Welcome to the second episode of "Have a Chat with Kai Azai!" I am your host, Kai Azai, the Beacon of Hope!
*TV shows up and turns to show the logo for "Have a Chat with Kai Azai"*
Kai: And here with me today are these two individuals: Merrin and Ryuuji!
*The audience gives applause for Merrin and Ryuuji.*
Merrin: Oh, thank you, Mr. Kai Azai.
Ryuuji: Um, thank you for welcoming me as a guest for this show.
Kai: You're welcome, Mrs. Merrin and Mr. Ryuuji. I'm so glad that you would accept an opportunity to be with us on this show. Now, let us begin. A deviant by the name of LightSide-Lucree suggested me
:iconyugonaru:YugoNaru 5 7
[AA2] - Navidad by TheTrash-KingWolf [AA2] - Navidad :iconthetrash-kingwolf:TheTrash-KingWolf 3 0
Justice Squadron: Comicger Episode 24
Episode Title: "Going For Platinum"
*It started out as just another day at Crystal Comics, where William, Paul, Monica, and Katie were going about their normal routines, and browsing through the store as usual. However, there was one thing on their minds: the true identity of their newest ally, Comic Platinum. Who is she under the helmet? How did she find the Platinum Turner? And, why did she decide to help the Comicgers in the first place? It's been shaking them up for a while, but Stanley told them to just go about their day as normal. William was busy looking at the action figures, when Maple came up to him to ask him if he needs any help.*
Maple: Hi there, William. Need help looking for something? :)
William: (turning around to see Maple) Oh, hey Maple. No, thanks. I'm just lookin'.
Maple: Okay. (notices that he has a troubled look on his face) However, I can't help but notice that something's on your mind.
William: Oh, it's nothing. ^^; I just had a long day at practice today. I'm
:icontuffagentshepherd:TUFFAgentShepherd 4 14
Pregnant statue curse tf Tg rp
Tg May be required...
Single species statue route: (You or I) discover a small statue resembling a pregnant Anthro (creature)  with most likely (1-6) (pups, cubs, etc) within the belly, and once we bring it back it turns (you or me) into a more lively version of the statue
Combined species route: you or I fall for a trap related to being between a statue of a (creature) and another statue resembling a (different creature) and become a pregnant (creature with mixed name)
Any other changes?
:iconderpyposter:derpyposter 3 119
MLP: The Perfect Pear (Colt Version)
[The scene opens where we see Apple Buck walking through town. Then a crowd of ponies surround a booth where a elderly mare is working sell jars of jams. Apple Buck walked up the booth, then the mare spread some jam on the slice of bread and she give it to Apple Buck.]
Apple Buck: Thank you. You must be new. I'm Apple Buck.
Elder Mare: I'm Nana Pear.
Apple Buck: Welcome to Ponyville!
Random Mare: You mean "welcome back to Ponyville!" Nana Pear was originally from here, before she open her famous pear jam store in Vanhoover!
Apple Buck: Really? Why did you move back?
Nana Pear: Well,... I needed a change a pace.
Apple Buck: Hmm? (Takes a bite of the bread with pear jam on it.) This is delicious! (Eats the rest of the bread.) I can't believe gone through my whole life without even having this!
Nana Pear: Glad you like it.
Apple Buck: (Points to one of the jars) How much?
Nana Pear: (Gives one of the jars to Apple Buck) Nah.
Apple Buck: Wow! Thanks miss Nana Pear ma'am. (Puts the jar of P
:iconday87756:Day87756 6 7
Venjix's Wedding Plan
*The Corrupted betas are towing the huge wedding cake*
Mailos: Your wedding plans are proceeding perfectly.
Venjix: Good work. I'm pleased to see that that the Corrupted Betas are so easily tamed.
Mailos: We have the best hypnotist in the country putting them in deep trances.
Venjix: Very well. But let down your guard. They may be docile under hypnosis, but they remain enemies of the Dark Betas.
Mailos: I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Venjix: By the way, how is my blushing 
:iconvenjix5:venjix5 3 5
Jennifer the Hedgehog's Mobigel Ad
(The ad starts with Jennifer the Hedgehog sitting on a bench and scratching her feet.)
Jennifer: I shouldn't have to describe what athlete's foot feels like.
(We cut to a shot of her feet, which are red, itchy, and infected as she scratches them.)
Jennifer: It's rather annoying.
(We cut to Jennifer holding a tube of Mobigel anti-fungal gel.)
Jennifer: That's why I use Mobigel.
(We cut a shot of her feet as she applies the product to them.)
Jennifer: Its prescription-strength formula is proven to relieve the symptoms of athlete's foot on contact and cure it in 7 days.
(We see Jennifer getting up off the bench.)
Jennifer: For fast relief from athlete's foot, use Mobigel.  Available in cream, gel, and spray.
:iconlouiseugeniojr:LouisEugenioJR 3 5
Onbound - Novel by Rach Samuel - Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5 - The Six of Us
I fled myself like I was a bird, but I'm just a canine who escaped the prison for disabilities with my remaining friends out there without controlling chips. CadmiaFuegohIlivanKangsa, and Eolipy, already walking to their directions. Wait, I was above them and saw both of my legs! And- oh, I just stuck with my umbrella; I was holding on as the Iron Rain stuck in the branches of the large tree. It was tall, and I don't dare to jump off or my hindquarters breaks. I wish I have a pair of wings so I could make this easier. I let go of my hand and I fall with myself "hugging the grass." My umbrella was landing slowly while it was expanded. The Dreamals stopped and look at me, confused.
ALEXIS: God, how long did I've fainted up there?
FUEGOH: Hmm...
CADMIA: Maybe like I was waking up?
EOLIPY: Actually, it was 6.2 minutes-
:iconbleachforfirstperson:BleachForFirstPerson 1 0
Kleo of the Streets: Ch. 1 Script by JudgementGaveUp Kleo of the Streets: Ch. 1 Script :iconjudgementgaveup:JudgementGaveUp 2 0
Preview Unavailable
The Dementeds (Failed Pilot Part1) :iconeniminemoe:ENIMINEMOE 2 0
CARTOON DIMENSIONS (Manuel Lobato Humanes Version)
Level 7: LIGHTS, CAMERA, MASH-UP for SmashGamer16.
(Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack and Bugs Bunny are riding in the Thunderquack and arriving at Hollywood from 1993 home of the Animaniacs).
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Any sign of Looney Tunes, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck yet?
DARKWING DUCK: I don’t think so we got lost in the different universes.
LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK: What’s this, a film studio? Look out below!!!
BUGS BUNNY: It´s going to crash!
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF:Cut!!!!! What are you doing in the studio, it’s a closed set!!! Where did you come from?
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Hey, are you incharge of this?
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF: Three ducks and a wabbit?
DARKWING DUCK: Noncence!!! We are trying to help, have you seen anything?
DR. SCRATCHANSIFF: Anything, surly not.
DARKWING DUCK: But let’s take a look around and get dangerous.
DR SCRATCHANSIFF: No buts, I mean it! Now
:icontimmybrisbyfan1925:timmybrisbyfan1925 3 1
OA forgotten realms - passing of power ( preview )
I remember that day like it was only yesterday , a mission that nearly cost me my life. I thought I was going to die and that will be the end of my clan. I did not mind that since it will bring honor to my name. The mission was to investigate an odd distubance near the edge of the country , but that turned out to be a trap. At the end of it I was left for dead. I do not remember the details of the attack , I was glad though that somehow someone found me , could it be the work of our ancestors ?
" be still I mean you no harm , you need to rest " said a voice
" who are you ? "
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Cinderella Dancing Feet
(As the short opens, we see the legs and feet of Cinderella wearing her blue dress barefoot wiggling her toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings stepping into her glass slippers)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings lacing up blue ballet shoes)
(We then cut to Cinderella zipping up blue knee-high boots)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing white stockings stepping into clear blue high heels with taps on the toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella in her glass slippers twirling on her heels)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing her ballet shoes doing ballet on her toes)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing the boots she was zipping up earlier doing a kick-style dance)
(We then cut to Cinderella wearing the clear blue tap shoes doing a tap dance as click clack noises fill the scene)
(We then cut to a four square scene where Cinderella is wearing the different shoes dancing, the music stops as she stops dancing)
(We then cut to Cinderella barefoot standing next to a pile
:iconmermaidlovertyler:MermaidloverTyler 3 1
Imagine This Game: New inFAMOUS Game
As many o’ya already know, I absolutely love inFAMOUS series and it’s original protagonist Cole MacGrath still remains as my favourite video game character of all time. Though not as the favourite character in all of fiction, that title was taken by Barry Allen. Since Cole is now dead, the only plausible way to make a new game starring him would be a non-canon scenario where he brings the end of mankind as the new Beast or with a Conduit with the power to control time and space to enter alternate timelines. Actually, that latter one doesn’t sound half bad. But I’m now more focused to keep my ideas for the series as possible canon scenarios. We already got inFAMOUS: Second Son as one of PS4’s launch titles with the new protagonist Delsin Rowe, who has the unique Conduit ability to absorb powers from other Conduits. Though I haven’t played the game yet, I liked Delsin as the new protagonist and I think his st
:iconnifinland:nifinland 1 3
The Crystal Shapeshifter(Dragon's Ashes,Roughdraft
Kaleth: “They…as in the general and the other soldiers here. Not Anktra’s generals, but the general in charge of this part of Esnos for Queen Kanla…As for why not…I am not sure…but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I’m a dragon…”
Abiona: [raises an eyebrow] “what does that have to do with anything?” [Kaleth is about to answer, when suddenly a scream is heard from outside and both Kaleth and Abiona jump to their feet in shock.]
Abiona: “What the hell was that?!”
Kaleth: “I have no idea…but I think I better go find out. Miss Abiona, you should stay here…” [Runs out of the room, leaving Abiona alone.]
Set Scene: The Desert of Shimmering Sand, Notoix, The Marketplace, Sierra’s Market Stall
Time of Day: 9:15 A.M.
[Sierra is still at her stall, listening to music again since the general had left, waiting for any other customers to come up to her stall, and occasionall
:iconmysticduskdragon:MysticDuskDragon 5 2
Xotiathon Round Three: Page 8 Epilogue
Staring up at the blinding ceiling lights of the medical ward he wished his mind would let him sleep or, at the very least, rest. A million thoughts crowded every inch of his brain but he didn't know what to do with them. One at a time. I'll process them one at a time. That's what the doctor had told him once he'd spoken to him about the sleepless nights and headaches. Okay, one at a time...
Round Three was finally over. He was grateful he'd gotten back in time to see the last pair go at it, even if it were only on a hologram screen in the medical center. Sael's round. That was by far the most nightmarish.  It was funny now looking around at everyone. Almost all of them were actually at the medical ward. No injuries were that serious but it seemed that this had been the one to really get everyone. He knew a few of them had been here already from previous rounds but this was his first time. The technology was incredible, who was sponsoring this event again? Who ever it was they had
:iconninpisn:Ninpisn 4 0
Plant Joke
What do you call a plant who always wants a high five?
:iconjeffreyrebowlski:JeffreyRebowlski 2 0
WildeHopps Alternative
QUICK REMINDER : This WildeHopps story will be non-canon because my Ocs are the daughters of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. This story I will adding my Ocs into Pace-Maker Zootopia World. I am a huge fan of his work, I do love the WildeHopps artwork and comics, it has so much suspense, drama, and funny moments. I will try to make a short or long story depending on how far I can go with this. Anyways, let go.

Zootopia-WildeHopps Alternative Story
The scene will be taking place in Zootopia Police Department in the Savanna District. It was daytime as sun shine on Z.P.D.. The police department runs a firm system of having tough animals on the force, both heavy-weight mammals and predators such as b
:icondb1993:db1993 4 5
holly the heavy metal queen: death machine
this is gonna be the final time in which the character fights WWE wrestlers and this is also the final tale for the metal queen.
rated R for bloodshed, bullets, beat downs and bits of sensual love.
let's begin
7:00 pm
word on the house there is trouble as holly anderson wakes up to find matt missing.
sensing fear she called the phone and a sickening voice uttered "if you want you husband back be here now"
''fuckers. how dare they steal my man and get away with it?"
she gets her blue jacket and puts on the sexy shorts and then puts on the tank top and in her chamber she still has her 53 guns and puts them all in her backpack. and then wears her shades and looking like a hardcore, sexy assassin.
she rides the bike later on and then she entered a lair of death traps.
land mines, tacks, dogs, lasers and ballistic missiles has holly sweating "how in the hell am i gonna get my man back with all these traps?" she raced anyway and she then shoots the bloodthirsty dogs and the raced to find tac
:icondavidandino:davidandino 1 0