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Andrea walks down the sidewalk.  Sweaty, hot and miserable, she was nearly half way to the sandwich shop before she realized she hadn't put down the pry bar she was using to pull the storm boards off of the windows with.  Her old work boots clomp loudly and she grumbles to herself as she walks, "...can't do anything right...  ...can't even go to get sandwiches without screwing something up... wonder nobody wants me..." 

"Sir, calm down... I'm not going to rob you.  I forgot to leave this stupid thing at the job site and I just want a sandwich.  Yeah, a meatball sub."

"Ugh... Heartburn...  Why don't you just kill me now..."

Andrea stops her pity party and blushes, "John?  I thought you were out of town."

"I got back last night.  Are you bu
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The Meetup - part 3
“Oji appeared falling on the ground.”
Oji: “Stiiiil knocked out, though blood is dripping out of his head again”
Z: “picks him and makes the house appear again, bandages his wounds and put him in bed”
Oji: “moves a little”
Z: hm? “looks up from his book that he was reading again”
Oji: “opens one eye that was now white color, looking tired” dang it...
Z: ya have some crazy exes hun.
Oji: that was him? Gah.... He always gets like that... Worst of all, I'm still stuck here and he can be back any second
Z: eh dun worry about it.
Oji:...... Ok?
Z: so who was that?
Oji: my ex?
Z: yea.
Oji: there isn't much else to say
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My First day in Slimea

Dreka: UM HELLO? Is anyone here?

Christi: Umm hello bun. Are you okay bun?
Dreka: *In my mind* [Oh a Bunnygirl, I remember being turned into a bunny girl.] I was teleported here for some reason when I saw some weird pink mist in my home world. What is this place?
Christi: Hmm well you are Slimea bun. Well Neuisian to be specific bun.

Dreka: Neuisian? What's that?
Christi: The City we are in bun.

Dreka: Name's Dreka
Christi: Christi Rose Bun, I run a Cookie place and live with my bunstress.

Dreka: Y-You make C-cook-Cookies?
Christi: Yeah bun. I am opening a cookie store bun
Christi: Are you okay with being transformed into animal girls and or maids on temporary basis bun?
Dreka: Sure, I don't mind
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Have a Chat with Kai Azai Episode 3
"Have a Chat with Kai Azai"
"Episode 3: Yang Xiao Long"
*Lilith, the stage manager, appears and gives an introduction of the show episode.*
Lilith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Yang Xiao Long from RWBY!
*The audience gives applause and lights show up to reveal the host, Kai Azai, and the guest, Yang Xiao Long, on the stage.*
Kai: Greetings everyone! And salutations! Welcome to the third real episode of "Have a Chat with Kai Azai!" I am your host, Kai Azai, the Beacon of Hope!
*TV shows up and turns to show the logo for "Have a Chat with Kai Azai"*
Kai: And here with me today is Yang Xiao Long of Team RWBY!
*The audience gives applause for Yang Xiao Long.*
Yang: Thank you for inviting to your show, Kai. I never thought I would get a chance to be on TV!
Kai: You're welcome, Yang. I'm glad that you accepted this opportunity. Now, let us begin. Yang, I got a suggestion from Yugo-Naru to ask you this.
*TV shows Yugo-Naru giving out a suggestion.*
Yugo-Naru: Kai, ask Y
:iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 5 1
Top 10 Most Wanted Shows/Movies Based on Games
TV-shows and movies based on video games. They can be hit or miss when it comes to quality. However, guys like me wanna see some specific game series to get a TV-show or movie of their own. So I’m here to countdown 10 game series or games I’d LOVE to see turned into a show or movie. Few rules though: only video game series that DOESN’T have a show or movie done, yet. So don’t expect anime based on BlazBlue Chronophantasma and Central Fiction to be in here. As much as I’d like that. Also, no game series that already have shows or movies announced for certain, like Sly Cooper, Minecraft and Dragon’s Lair. Before we begin, here are few honourable mentions:
Resistance(live action movie)
Mighty Switch Force!(anime-style TV-show)
Crash Bandicoot(animated TV-show)
Star Fox(TV-show and/or movie)
Splatterhouse(live action movie)
Jet Set Radio(animated movie)
Cuphead(animated TV-show)
Jak & Daxter(animated TV-show)
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Black Butler: Book Of The Bat | Episode 7 by ArcaneEnforcer Black Butler: Book Of The Bat | Episode 7 :iconarcaneenforcer:ArcaneEnforcer 5 3
Mickey Vs. Star Wars 'Fans'
(In the Battle Royale, Mickey is approached by some fans dressed as Stormtroopers)
Mickey: "Um, hi?"
Idiot 1: "You'll pay for raping our childhoods!"
Mickey: "Oh good grief, you're one of those guys.(Takes a deep breath)Okay, tell me what's wrong."
Idiot 2: "The new Star Wars films are ruining our childhood memories!"
Idiot 3: "Yeah, you're just ruining them for money, Mouse!"
Mickey: "Okay, maybe it's time I gave you my opinion on the matter. For starters, I'm not the one making the movies, I just run the park. I have no say in what the studio makes, and when you think I'm the one to blame for them, then it looks kinda tacky. You don't see people making MegaMan the evil CEO of Capcom! Then there's the fact that you apparently think that anything outside of that original trilogy is an instant betrayal, because EVERYTHING outside of it is bad, right? Oh, except the Clone Wars cartoon, but aside from that? EVERYTHING MUST BE SHUNNED
:iconscreaming-sheldon:Screaming-Sheldon 3 0
S03, E15: The Return of Jayuigi by TheDemolitionBros S03, E15: The Return of Jayuigi :iconthedemolitionbros:TheDemolitionBros 2 0
Justice Squadron: Comicger Episode 38
Episode Title: "Putting For Rangers"
*One Sunday afternoon, David was in his backyard with a golf club, practicing his swing. The reason for it was because last school year, he and Gerald faced off against each other in a golf match, and he was pretty bad at it. Since then, David's been practicing really hard to get better at it, and he thinks he has what it takes to beat Gerald this time.*
David: (muttering to himself) Okay, Chippendale. Head down, arms straight, and try not to think about it too much. (lifts up his golf club, and swings at the ground)
*Then, Stanley comes outside looking for one of his golf clubs. It turns out that David was using one of his dad's own clubs to practice his swing, but he forgot to tell Stanley before hand.*
Stanley: (seeing David practicing with one of his clubs) Oh, there it is! (walks over to David) David, what are you doing with one of my clubs?
David: (looking up to see Stanley) Oh, hey Dad! Sorry, I was borrowing it to practice my golf swing. I
:icontuffagentshepherd:TUFFAgentShepherd 4 6
Kathy and Fire's Mobigel Ad
(The ad starts with Kathy the Cheetah and Fire the Fox wearing swimsuits while relaxing in beach chairs at a swimming pool.  When we cut to a shot of both girls' feet, Kathy's foot is okay while Fire's is red and itchy.)
Kathy's foot: Athlete's foot, huh?
Fire's foot: Yeah, and a very severe case of it.
(Flames appear on Fire's foot.)
Kathy's foot: Yikes! Try Mobigel.
Fire's foot: Mobigel?
(We cut to Fire applying the product to her infected foot.)
Kathy's foot: It's clinically proven to treat athlete's foot fast.
(We cut back to the feet of Kathy and Fire.)
Fire's foot: How do you know?
Kathy's foot: Kathy used it on me.
(We cut to the product.)
Kathy's foot(voice over): Got athlete's foot? Cure it with Mobigel.  Available in spray, cream, and gel.
:iconlouiseugeniojr:LouisEugenioJR 5 3
NSMM3: The Platinum Way Extended Cut Chapter 8
Chapter 8- The Flight To The Platinum Universe
The heroes may have stopped the Grand Masters’ invasion, but the damage has been done. CitySquareVille’s 100 Years Festival has been ruined. A party to celebrate the years of a city has descended to chaos, all because of the Mother Box that King Olympus and King Erich have discovered. “Great Krypton.. what a mess!” said Superman, as he and the rest of the citizens of Hogan Street looked at the scene of destruction. “I can’t believe those party poopers just ruined everything!” Pinkie lamented. “A great historical event has fallen into darkness.” said Spiderman. “Those sons of-a bitches will-a pay for-a ruining my spaghetti!” Mario complained. “Why would they do this to our city?” said Blaze. “No one dares to invade and smash up my city and get away with it.” said King Olympus. “I had high hopes for this party, I really did. And I’ve never s
:icondv7the2ndcoming:DV7The2ndComing 2 0
Test 2
Scene 1
(This scene begins with two of the three main characters in the second main character's house, the first main character stands around while the second main character informs them of what they are about to do)

Sweetie Belle: (Behind Scootaloo) just think of all the publicity we can get with this new invention of mine Scootaloo, not only can we gain publicity, but we can also earn the money we need to pay for college later on, we'll be rich within months. . .
Scootaloo: What are you giving me here, laundry shoots?
Sweetie Belle: Very observant Scootaloo! But . . . look a bit closer (she points at the laundry shoots). One is father's shoot, one is mother's shoot, and last but not least, MY shoot. (Puts hand on Scootaloo's shoulder) You see Scootaloo, my shoot has been altered from its original design to be the fastest slide, to any basement, anywhere!
Scootaloo: (smiles in amazement) you serious!?
Sweetie Belle: Now there are some precautions you migh
:iconcarneliancharmeleon:CarnelianCharmeleon 3 0
Power Rangers Lyoko Force Season 1 Ep 5
10 Network's and Saban's "Power Rangers Lyoko Force"
Season 1, Episode 5: "The World of Lost Lyokum"
Written by Christian Flow
Based on "Code Lyoko" created by Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain, and "Power Rangers" created by Saban Entertainment.
A couple days after the Odd clone incident, Jeremie was browsing the Factory's SuperComputer for any useful information regarding the Lyokum. He thought if what Cyran said was true about Lyoko being a world like Liuko, then Franz Hopper surely would have known about it. Jeremie then glossed over Franz's diary again to re-read what he could have missed. Yes, Franz WAS the creator of Lyoko and Xana, but he hadn't checked the diary of how or why he made them.
That was then Jeremie found there WAS an entry he overlooked. It was located somewhere in the middle and Jeremie opened the file stashed away in its contents. "Cyran, look at this," Jeremie alerted. Cyran got up from his seat to join the alerted computer genius.
"June 6th, 1994, Day 32... This
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Sailor Moon Lamisil Advert
Sailor Moon: Okay, as a Sailor Guardian, I cannot begin to tell you about the misery of athlete’s foot...
(We then cut to Sailor Moon’s legs and feet wearing her trademark red boots, she is feverishly scratching her left foot.)
Sailor Moon: The itching...
(We then cut to Sailor Moon in her school uniform, she begins hopping on one foot and starts rubbing her right foot.)
Sailor Moon: The painful stinging...
(We then cut to Sailor Moon in her red boots, she then runs over to the freezer, grabs some ice and begins rubbing the ice on her feet.)
Sailor Moon: The burning...
(We then cut to a tube of Lamisil.)
Sailor Moon: Then, I discovered Lamisil! It cures most cases of athlete’s foot and kills the fungus on contact!
(We then cut to Sailor Moon rubbing Lamisil cream on her foot.)
Sailor Moon: In the name of the Moon, Athlete’s Foot has been punished!
(We then cut to Sailor Moon’s legs as she strikes a pose.)
Sailor Moon: Lamisil; a go-to cure for Athlete
:iconmermaidlovertyler:MermaidloverTyler 1 1
How To Save A Life: Part 1/2
Part 1
Mr. and Miss. McKinley: *Walks into Dr. Darren Taylor’s office*
Darren:  Mr. and Miss. McKinley, please have a seat.
Mr. McKinley: *Sits down next to his wife* so h-how is she? Is our daughter going to be okay?
Darren: Well… your daughter Abby is no dubitably very sick and we were lucky to even get her stabilized enough to give her antibiotics, but in order to assure she’ll even make it through the night, we’ll need to operate on her as soon as possible.
Mr. McKinley: What? Operate? You mean cut into her body??
Darren: Yes Mr. McKinley. You see, your daughter has an infection growing inside of her abdomen and in order to get rid of it we’ll need to open her up and surgically cleans her out. It’s a very risky procedure given her already fragile state, but the sooner we do this the better she’ll be. I’ll just need both your signature right here to authorize the procedure. *slides the for
:iconvirmont89:Virmont89 0 1
Elvis Experience Fail (Transcript)
Rarity: Anything From You, Wheatley? What Are You Doing Anyway?
Wheatley: *Holding Three Tickets* We're Going To The Concert.
Rarity: Really? Who's Concert Is It?
Wheatley: I Mean... We're Going To The Elvis Concert And I'll Give This Extra Ticket To Radiant So He Can Come With Us.
Rarity: Ooh! You Mean Our Favorite Rockstar Since The 80s And 90s?
Wheatley: Yup!
Rarity: Wow, Darling! I Wish Elvis Requested Us To Go To The Stage And Sing With Him!
Wheatley: I Wished That Too! We're Gonna Be Best Lovebirds Forever!
*The Two Screaming Like Fangirls With Excitement*
*But Applejack Showed Up*
Applejack: Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah! What The Hay Are You Two Doing?
Rarity: Um... Nothing. *Giggled*
Applejack: Did You Love Wheatley Instead Of Me Again? Tell Me Honestly.
Wheatley: Look, Mate. Leave Us Alone. We're Busy Here For The Concert Tonight.
Applejack: You Mean Elvis? *Showed The Concert Poster To Rarity And Wheatley*
Rarity: *Gasp* How Did You Know?
Applejack: I Just Got This From A Lampos
:iconjustinmella777:JustinMella777 2 1
Honesty-Not the Best Policy?
    The room was full of stuck up , prying, self important people. The young woman tried to reign in her temper as the reporter zeroed in on her, like a shark smelling blood in the water.
    "Oh come on! Everybody has something to hide. Secrets in the attic-skeletons in their closet." He said with a smirk.
    "I don't have any skeletons in my closet." She told him earnestly. "All my dead bodies are buried in my exe's back yard..."
    The sudden, horrified silence was deafening, and the young woman's eye widened in dismay as she realized what she'd just said.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 4 8
Athena and Thirteen Support C-S
*Sigh*… Okay... one at a time. Ouch... ouch... ouch... ARGH! I think that was a nerve!
Thirteen? What are you doing in here all alone? And... *EEEP!* Why are you all scratched up like this?!
Athena? Aw, shoot!
Are you picking spikes out of your skin?! How did this happen?!
Ouch... Jethro wanted to set up a prank... and I was helping him... and one bad suggestion led to another...
Here, let me help.
Thank you. OUCH! Oh, man... if my sister knew what I was doing out here, she'd KILL me! Or... more accurately, she'd force me out of the band.
Thirteen, you know you don't have to do EVERYTHING Jethro says. He's perfectly capable of setting up his pranks on his own.
Hey, it's all in good fun. (Ouch!) And he was seeking my help. Just my big mouth had to go and suggest using live animals.
I can't let this stand..
:iconguitarsword15:guitarsword15 1 0
// Scene:   Geek-guy hunches over keyboard in cramped cubicle.
                  Mumbles into blue tooth headset over Skype Business
                  while Call-Center noises echo in the background.
                  ((sounds)):  dingringy… operfartz… clackitymouse…
IT:  “FNORD! Tech Support. How may I help you?”
                   CEO:  “FLABBERGLUP! Email Deleted!!!”
IT: “PLUGWHOMP! Does your PC have power?”
                   ((sounds)):  scramble-blat… fuddle-gibit...
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Harpy to Anthro harpy tf rp
My harpy (relationship with friend)’s (protective or loving) personality starts to look more (animal personality)-like in behavior as their otherwise human side becomes that of a (creature)
Fluffy? (If female)
Describe the bird half in how much fluff the feathers have and how big the wings are.
Any other effects or details?
:iconderpyposter:derpyposter 2 2
The Wandering Blue Star
Page 1:
Panel 1 (Horizontal): Tall grass waves in the wind in the golden hour.
Panel 2 (Horizontal): The grass is blown harder...
Panel 3 (Horizontal): By a high speed bullet train.
Panel 4 (Left Square): A window on the train is closed in.
Panel 5 (Right Square): Behind the window is a preadolescent girl wearing dark blue sunglasses, her legs lifted upwards, and holding an umbrella at her side.
Page 2:
Panel 1 (Square): Sunlight shines on part of the girl's long hair, revealing a midnight blue color.
Panel 2 (Horizontal): The girl sits motionless in the shade as the other black haired and dark eyed passengers go about.
Panel 3: A sound is heard as the passengers get their belongings from the overhead.
Panel 4: In the girl's mind... She is a young child playing with a young woman with the girl's same hairstyle during the blue hour.
Panel 5 (Vertical panel): The train stops...
Panel 6 (Square): waking the girl up.
Page 3:
Panel 1 (Horizontal): As the passengers get off the train,
:iconfracadactyl:Fracadactyl 0 0
Dark Beta's Motto
Clops: To create chaos is are duty!
Tera: Those who oppose us mustn't be moody!
Kilobyte: Dark Betas blasts off at the speed of light!
Delete: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
Venjix: Ha ha ha! That's right!
Delete: (Wobbuffet noise) Wait, why'd I just say that?
:iconvenjix5:venjix5 1 0
Thomas And The Hurricane Draft 5 by n64ization Thomas And The Hurricane Draft 5 :iconn64ization:n64ization 1 0