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Spider-Gear: Homecoming - Seven Jane moments
I don't know what I'm doing anymore...
Scene 1
*At the Cafeteria, Nepgear and Uni staring a popular boy*
Uni: We should stop staring at him before it gets creepy.
*Seven interrupts*
Seven: Too late *proceed to eat his snack* You guys are losers.
Uni: Then are you suppose-
Seven: Cuz I don't have any friends.
Scene 2
Seven: She already quit matching band and body club.
*The whole class look at him*
Seven: I'm not obsessed with her, I'm just very observant.
Scene 3
Seven: Can't believe you guys join to this lame party.
Uni: You sure too.
Seven: Am I? *Eats a pizza and leaves*
Scene 4
Seven: Can we go already? Cuz I was hoping to get some light protesting that I wanna embassize before dinner so...
Mr. Anthony: Protesting is Patriotic, Lets go on the bus *goes to the school bus*
Scene 5
Seven: *Press the button*
Ms. Kyo: Mister Jane?
Seven: Zero.
Ms. Kyo: That is correct.
Announcer: Congratulations!
*Seven and his team group hug that they win the contest*
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Two Superheroes Waiting For A Bus!
While The Avengers are in the middle of fighting Doctor Doom in the heart of New York city, their leader Captain America is waiting at the bus stop to join his team in battle when all of a sudden another superhero joins him in his mission to wait for a bus…sadly it is Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
                                                            Captain America
Oh crap…here he comes! SAY NOTHING! SAY NOTHING!
Hey dude! No waaaay, you’re Captain America, the guy with the shield.  I am a big fan bro, big fan! What bus are you waiting for?
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Pinocchio's Logic
(Inside Geppetto’s wood carving shop, The Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy and Geppetto rushes over to go hug Pinocchio)
He’s a real boy, thank you Blue Fairy! Finally I have a son! A beautiful baby boy!
                       THE BLUE FAIRY
Your wish has been granted Geppetto, after Pinocchio learned what it takes to be a real boy, he now has become one!
Blue Fairy, I’ve been thinking about something?
Oh boy, my littl
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Trix Rabbit Parody Sketch
Three kids are inside a grocery store walking towards the checkout line. In the checkout line is the Trix Rabbit.
KID #1
Hey, isn’t that the Trix Rabbit?
KID #2
And he’s buying Trix? Trix are for kids! Let’s stop him!
The three kids rush over and take the box of Trix from the Trix Rabbit.
Hey! Why did you steal my cereal? I paid good money for that?
KID #1
Silly Rabbit! Trix are kids!
But I paid fair and square for that box of Trix. It belongs to me!
The rabbit’s right, kids. You did steal from him.
KID #2
But he’s a silly rabbit. Trix are for kids.
Well, Trix can be for kids, but really anyone who can afford to buy Trix can have it. Including this rabbit.
KID #1
But Trix are for kids!
Just give me my Trix cereal I don’t want to call the police.
KID #2
Silly rabbit! Trix are for...
A police officer arresting the three kids as the Trix Rabbit eats his box of Trix watching th
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Frozen Brother Parody Sketch
Elsa and Anna are standing in a castle hallway having a conversation.
Thanks for unfreezing my frozen heart. Our sisterly love is strong.
Yes indeed our sisterly love is strong.
Don’t forget about brotherly love!
Greg walks in and interrupts the conversation Elsa and Anna are having.
Who the heck are you and how did you get passed security?
I’m Greg! Your little brother!
We don’t have a brother?
You guys remember those trolls. Yeah they erased your memories of me. Long story short, I’ve been locked up in the attic for 20 years and I really need to use the bathroom.
What proof do you have that you are related to us?
A servant Chris rushes into the room where Elsa, Anna and Greg are.
Dude! You escaped from the attic! Get your butt back up there!
You know this man?
Yes Queen Elsa. He’s your brother and he’s supposed to be locked up in the attic. Your parents’ orders.
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Sears Sketch
In a Sears store checkout line, we see Fred, an older male employee, behind the counter standing waiting for customers to come.
Really? No one wants to shop at Sears anymore?
Susie, a young woman in rags, walks over towards Fred at the checkout line.
I’ve never seen this place so empty before!
Who are you?
My name is Susie. I got lost in this place 19 years ago when I was a little girl. Have you seen my Mommy?
Wait, you’ve been here for 19 years? How come I haven’t seen you until just now?
Good question, Fred!
How do you know my name?
Your name tag, duh.
Oh yeah.
Again, have you seen my Mommy?
No, things have changed a lot. Your Mommy might not even be a Sears customer anymore.
Wait, this place is a Sears?
Yes, you had no idea you’ve been lost in a Sears for 19 years?
How is this place still in business?
Actually, we’re going out of business. So unless you’re going to b
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Kaiju zone: Short Plot synopsis
For centuries….
The earth was populated by a group of super sized organisms known as the Kaijus who lived in almost every continent on earth but during the K.T mass extinction they went into hiding for many centuries.
Now someone or something is awakening them. They are coming back to earth now living alongside the new creatures of earth. Mankind isn’t taking these creatures very well as their militaries are trying to wipe them out but they don’t know if which ones are gonna protect them….or which ones are going to kill them.
So after the resurgence of the kaijus, A school was made in Seoul South korea to end the fear that these kaijus were creating in the hearts of many. The most powerful warriors with abilities or not are now in war with these ancient animals and now they have to risk life and limb to protect the people all over the world. These warriors are called
Kaiju slayers
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A Gentle Dawn || GoM
Kestrelstar || Nobody 
WC - 598
Thistlefrost || Nobody 
WC - 862

The flecked tom made his way down the ladder, his eyes focused upon the freshkill pile. His normally shiny coat was dull, clinging to his ribs. Clearly he hadn't eaten much lately... The dark rings beneath his eyes made it obvious that he hadn't slept much either. The tom just wasn't hungry, but he knew he had to force himself to eat, even if it was just something small. Tail flicking in clear agitation, he stopped by the pile and stared down at it intensely, debating what to take. He longed for a fat hare, but he knew that his stomach wouldn't be able to handle it...
A white, grey, and black pelted male feline sat silently within the darkened barn's clearing filled with some chattering felines though the number seemed to be lessening, though he wouldn't blame his clanmates, after everything that had
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Fated Heroes 2 - Chapter 5: The New Heroes
Fated Heroes 2
Chapter 5: The New Heroes
On Wis' house...
Someone knocks the door... and Arline was the one who opened it...
???: Arline...
Arline: Do I know you?...
Cassandra: I'm Cassandra, Samantha's older sister...
Arline: Oh...
Cassandra: Can I come in?....
Arline: Oh... yeah.... sure...
Then Arline lets Cassandra to come to inside.... Wis and Jade saw her...
Jade: Cassandra?... What brings you here?....
Wis: Yeah... and....
Cassandra: Let me explain... I've forgot one of my items and I can sense that it was here....
Wis: The magical blanket?...
Cassandra: Yeah...
Wis: It was on Arline's room...
Cassandra: I see.... Where is it?...
Wis: On the second floor... on the first room you will see...
Cassandra: Okay...
Then she went stairs but... Arline stop her....
Arline: That blanket was mine!!!
Wis: Arline... It was belong to her...
Arline: I want to be a hero!!... but I have no idea how I can activate the magical blanket's powers...
Cassandra: How can you tell it has a power?...
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Nazo is Forced to Escape Alone

Nazo turned around and noticed that five people were walking towards them.

And he was pretty happy to see who was coming towards them.

It was the rest of the Valiant Force. Nazo was sure that they came in as soon as they could. Nazo ignored the fact that they were wearing dark sunglasses, he was just glad that they were okay.

Nazo turned to the soldier and said, "It seems that the wrong kind of backup came, and you and 'The Master' are toast."

Techno-Girl then said, "Surrender or suffer the consequences."

Nazo thought that Techno-Girl was telling it to the Armored Trooper on the ground, as he was focused on the Trooper next to him; however, that was when Nazo's world came crumbling.
As Nazo was focused on the Trooper, he started to slowly feel a bit of heat towar
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War Hound script (part 13)
We cut to a very weary-looking Philomena still digging and looking around in a panic. Adrian's voice is suddenly heard.
Adrian: Philomena!
Philomena gasps and ducks as several of Adrian's minions show up and start surrounding her, before Adrian himself appears.
Adrian: How much longer?
Philomena: Be patient, Adrian. I cannot rush something made in honor of my deceased family member.
Adrian: ENOUGH EXCUSES! You've kept me waiting for far too long for just one small mound of dirt! 
Philomena: I-
Random dog #1: I'm starting to think you've been deliberately stalling. 
Random dog #2: Yeah... almost like... someone's a little reluctant to please Adrian... 
Adrian: This trick has gone far enough, Philomena. You haven't much time before your children become MY prey... 
The dogs surround her even closer than before, but she still refuses to flinch.
Adrian: Well, how much longer, Philomena? A
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Lance: Scene two
Scene 2
(The scene opens with Lance running into an open grassy field with a few homes far in the distance. One other man (Centule) stands waiting. He is in silver shining armor and hold a sword in hand. He stands next to the only other object in the field, a rusted metal post sticking up from the ground with an apple on top.)
Centule- “I thought you’d never show up.”
Lance- *Panting* “I’m sorry Centule, I got caught up with Dymas.”
Centule- “You say that as if i'm supposed to know who Dymas is.”
(He starts walking forward towards Lance.)
Lance- “But you do know him! Maybe not by name, but I know you bought that apple from him.”
(Centule stops)
Centule- “And how would you know that?”
Lance- “He's the only person left in life who sells apples that red… and he told me.
(Centule laughs.)
Centule- “He snitched on me eh?”
Lance- “Yup.”
Centule- “I'll have to get back at him late
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The Chicken Refugees (script form) - Part 4
We then fade to the chickens at a picnic area panting and catching their breaths.
Lucy: looks like we lost that fox.
Henry: I could've taken him on if you'd just given me a chance.
Lily: I think right now we should worry about asking around and seeing if anyone knows how to get to the farm with the giants. Come on. Let's split up and see if we can find someone.
The chickens go in different directions. We see Henry talking to a life-sized plastic chicken statue.
Henry: Hey miss. You know where the giants are? (pause) Don't worry. Take your time.
Some blackbirds are sitting in a tree and chirping. Lucy goes over beneath the tree.
Lucy: Excuse me....blackbirds? any of you know how to get to the farm with the giants?
The birds are unable to hear her under their own chirping. We then see Lily sitting on a tree branch with a large gray squirrel.
Lily: Hey, mister? I heard about a farm where chicken
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Luna's Yellow Mama (12-13-43)
"Follow me Shadow", Luna said. Shadow followed, usure of what she was going to see. Angel loomed over her, (he was a foot taller than her) and whispered "I know where she's taking ya, and I suggest that ya stay next to me."
Shadow started to look confused. "Why?" she asked. Angel put one of his hands on her shoulder. He said two words. "Yellow Mama". Shadow raised an eyebrow. "Who the fuck is Yellow Mama?" Angel started to smile. "Not "who" Shadow, Yellow Mama is an object." Shadow still looked confused. "What's Yellow Mama ?" Angel simply shook his head. "You'll figure it out toots, but just trust me when I say, stay by my side."
Luna continued to smile as she directed them to keep following her. She had them stop and and opened a door with the Crescent moon on it. The door was so scarred and torn up that Shadow shuttered looking at it. Luna opened the door and flicked on the lights. Shadow looked around the room, which was mostly empty and mostly destroyed except for one object.
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Gundam: How The Mobile Suit Evolves Chp 6
Jessabel stares at a picture of Tom and her on their wedding day, tears falling to the floor.Jessabel-oh babe... *sniff* why were you taken away from me...?The doorbell rings, she gets up and grabs a tissue and wipes the tears from her eyes and heads to the door, she opens it and sees two men in suits and sunglasses standing on the porch.Man 1-Jessabel Emery?Jessabel-yes? How can I help you?Man 1-we know where your husband is, if you come with us, we'll take you to him.Jessabel-really? Oh thank you!Man 2-come, there isn't a moment to waste.They lead her to a black SUV parked on the street. Meanwhile in Venezuela, Tom is lead by a soldier down a hallway.Tom-where are we going?Soldier-your new work space.Tom-what about Jon?Soldier-he'll be here shortlyHe stops at a door and opens it for Tom. Tom walks in and admires the space.Tom-wow, my own place to think.Valsquez walks in.Valsquez-I see you like your new corner officeTom-yeah. But, where am I gonna live? Surely you're not gonna keep me in that prison cell.Valsquez-we're in the process of looking for a place for you and your wife to live while you're here. How goes the mobile suit development?Tom-well I don't have much to work with.Valsquez-we'll try and procure some materials for you.Valsquez shakes Tom's hand.Valsquez-welcome to the cause, partnerSuddenly there is a yell from down the hall.???-hands off you lowlife! I know where I'm going you tupoy ublyudok!A strange man walks into the room. He glances at Tom.???-don't tell me I'm sharing an office with a zapadnik.Tom-who is this?Minovsky-I'm the famous Doctor Vladimir Minovsky! And who the hell are you?Tom-Tom Emery. Owner of American Weapons and Electronics Limited. I take it you're here for the same reason I'm here?Minovsky-weapons development?Tom-yeah. I was in the process of making a mobile suit for the American Empire when these guys kidnapped me.Minovsky-I was finishing a project on a new engine when they took me.They both look at Valsquez.Minovsky-so why am I here? And why have you paired me with someone who has no knowledge of my engine?Valsquez-well looking at both of the projects you two were working on, they seemed to fit together.Minovsky looks at Tom.Minovsky-I see what's going on here. You want my engine to power his machine? Well it'll take some time.Tom-yeah. Plus my current blueprint uses a better nuclear reactor than the Hunchback did.Valsquez-well I'll let you two decide on how to get everything to work together. 'til then, I'm off to save my country.Valsquez leaves the room and the door closes.
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War Hound script (part 12)
We see another short montage of Tiberius wandering his way back to Teaki alone. No humans, no army, no friends. The dog walks by the side of the road, eyeing a pickup truck driving by. Tiberius chases after it and jumps into the carrier, letting it take him to wherever. Sometime later, Eustace is seen flying in the sky, and looks down to see a surprisingly familiar dog lying in the back of the pickup truck. He flies down to perch himself over Tiberius, reading the name on his collar. 
Eustace: You can't be...
Tiberius begins to stir awake. He lifts his head to see the bird and jolts his head up in surprise. Both the bird and the dog let out a shocked yelp. 
Tiberius: Get lost, stupid bird!
He swats the back of his paw at Eustace, but Eustace does not fly off. 
Eustace: Oh wait wait wait! I-I'm sorry! Please, do allow me to introduce myself formally. My name is Eustace. (gives a respectful bow similar to the way he did with Ph
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early 70's
something about how
the memory wounds
looked like OLD drone footage
something about how
inthe partofthe brainthat
regards taxidermy and teddy bears
respect and warm approval
yeah the boredom
it only lasted bout half a second
but its area
it was so wide
plussly too
it smelt like wun of them dejavu influenzas
or wun of them wet sparks
vape burn
do you ever get a craving for fresh snow
to eat some nice fresh snow
....................................................................osmium gumbo reflected in hardpan profiles - zact same difference everytime
they sealed the worm holes
rubber bragnal
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The Mars Rover - (1) - Surprising Event
Author Notes (2/16/2019): Hello again, guys! I’d like to let you know that as of now, I will not only be including my FFN stories to here, but my Wattpad work as well. My work on the stories I post in that site aren’t as big yet, but let’s see what you think of this. And remember, you can look at the info of the characters through "THE GANG THEMSELVES." The (first chapter to the) first story to THE GANG STORIES.

    Garrett’s Log:
    My name is Garrett Ese (pronounced "S"), and to whoever may be reading this now, know that you are about to read what are or were my first journal entries to what some people remember as The Gang Stories: Series Collection. The adventures of infinite tales of friendship, quests, heroes, and so much more from a multiverse of creativity.
    My entries are just one part of it all. The beginning of this one series, and it began with the
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Growing Around (Redrafted) - Detention Hoppers by TeamRocketRockin Growing Around (Redrafted) - Detention Hoppers :iconteamrocketrockin:TeamRocketRockin 0 3