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'Stars and Spies' S1E3 PART 2/2 Scene 3 (Draft 1)

'Stars and Spies' Script 

Season 1
Episode 3, PART 1/2
Episode Title: Meeting Alex Again
Draft 2
Written by Elaine Taylor - Lewis




{As Annabel and Alejandro are walking back to her house, she is greeted with her sisters, folding their arms looking rather annoyed. Annabel is taken back by their reactions, rather fearfully. Alejandro was also surprised.}

Tessa? Marsha? Oh... I am so sorry.
For wondering off again by yourself?
Yes, how come we weren't invited?
But you two were asleep though. So I didn't want to disturb you....
(Upset) ....Just when I was just about to forgive you for running off in the forest 4 years ago because I rea
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Lillian isn't Ready

Lillian walks into the classroom that Maddison's book club meets in on Thursdays.  She waves to everyone and blushes, "Sorry I'm late..."
Maddison smiles, "It's okay Lillian, have a seat.  These are my friends Justine, Rennae, and Danielle."
Lillian smiles and waves, "Hi..."

As soon as Lillian sits down the questions start.
"So, Lillian, where are you from?"
"Where did you go to school?"
"Are you seeing anyone?"
Lillian struggles to come up with answers, but the questions come too fast and all she gets out is, "Uhh..."

Lillian mutters, "I can't handle this right now." and zaps the women with her magic.
Maddison frowns, "Lillian?"

Maddison's book club friends, who are now dummies, clatter as their wooden arms fall to their sides.  Maddison glares at Lillian, "Hey!  What was that for?!"
Lillian blushes, "Too many quest
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what do you do?
You can Go to hell, and when you get there, leave me out of it. “I’m..” this, sucks, to try? “I’m..” She’s looking at me, “you’re okay?” asks, her dad, my mom’s dad, sure,
but uhm, “I don’t know..” “What did you need to tell us?” “It sounds stupid..” “However long it, I mean, how so son?” “what sounds stupid?” said my mom, “I’m gay,?” What’d you think I should do? I fucked my brother last night, yeah he’s totally fucked he’ll never not get pussy again. “What the Fauk?” “you’re
“gay, Mom..”
“you’re a..” grandfather, alright, clinical aspects, alive, “where?” “all over the place, at school, alive, praubably,” “why do you wanna be gay?” asked mom, “fucking, prObably..” “probablyy? oh, probably fucking, O
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Contest of Champions-Intro
(The Doctor confronts Badmella and the Grandmaster)
Doctor: "You want us to do what!?"
Grandmaster: "Participate in the Contest of Champions, an battle tournament for the best of the best!"
Badmella: "It'd be fun...for me at least."
Doctor: "Why would I agree to that!?"
Badmella: "What if I offered you cash?"
Doctor: "How about you take that cash, and-(Gets beamed into a waiting room)-right up your-Where am I?"
Doctor: "Oh dear mercy, get me off this planet..."
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The Announcement Show
Say a lot
But say little
Master of hour long dribble
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Game night 2
 Ike steps outside only to get shot with a dart that makes you sleep. 
Sonic tries to rush towards the back of the crowd but fails and meets the same fate as Ike. 
Everyone else? They all got shot as well. 
It took them a while to wake up (around 2 hours later). Once they wake up, they're in a dark room lined in circles tied to a chair. Four TVs were also in circles for everyone to see. 
Ike: Where...are we? 
Sonic: (cries) We're dead!! 
Luigi: (struggles) I'm..we're trapped!! 
Daisy: At this moment you know we're all F^CKED
Loz: I don't care as long as Slutsy dies first
Loz: :P
Rosalina: Does anyone have anything sharp? 
Link: Nope
Rosalina: (sighs) 
Suddenly the TV turns itself on, causing attention to the crew. The person is no other than Jigsaw from the Saw movies (if you hate gory stuff then I wouldn't recommend this to you guys. I myself like the m-Okay I'm going bac
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New Cell Games-Introduction
(Homer Simpson is watching 'Sonic X')
Homer: "Hmm, this 'Kingdom Hearts' anime isn't what I expected. Maybe I'll check the news."
(He changes the channel)
Reporter: "In other news, a recent drop in the-(Perfect Cell bursts in)WHAT THE BALLS!?"
(Cell choke-holds the reporter as millions of viewers watch in horror)
Cell: "The following contains violence not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised."
(Bendy, Alice, and Boris watch)
Bendy: (Smiles nervously)"He's bluffing."(Reporter screams in agony as Bendy's smile slowly turns into a grimace)
Cell: "Hello, I'm Perfect Cell, the Devil sent me here to raise heck and whatnot, so I figured I'd give another go at the Cell Games. The rules are simple. The only way to end the games is to destroy me, and much like t
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Peach and Rosalina - Space Together
The story now begins that in the Mushroom Kingdom, the home of the royal princess named Princess Peach or Toadstool, that they are starting to see the two brave princesses, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Rosalina of the Comet Observatory, getting ready for launch into space, and walk on the moon.
It is now becoming a memorable day that Peach and Rosalina will be going to space this time to see the universe of a great view, that Peach and Rosalina came out of Princess Peach’s castle, all geared in spacesuits, Princess Peach is still wearing her pink colored spacesuit as well as Rosalina wearing her light-blue spacesuit, holding their bubble helmets in their arms and waved at the cheering audience, knowing that this very day that their royal princess Peach, and Rosalina will go to space together.
Now that Peach made her announcement that she and Rosalina will go into space, we our two astronauts, Peach and Rosalina getting on board to their rocket, as well as putting t
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Pokemon RP starter
Zoura! Herolyn: *snuggled next to a sick Gladion* 
Gladion: *holding her close* ... *slowly falls asleep*
Z. Herolyn: *just stares at him for a while before falling asleep*
Derek: *watching* ...she must really care about him. 
OC: yea. Poor guy has been like this since he woke up too.. 
Derek: *looks at OC* really?
OC: you haven't noticed? 
Derek: no.. 
OC: he hasn't eaten since breakfast.
Derek: That's it. I'm going to go get some medicine. *starts walking to the door* *stops and turns to OC* take care of Herolyn and Gladion while I'm gone. Alright? 
(What does OC say?)
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Azrael: Lone Warrior
Azrael: Lone Warrior:
The story of Jean Paul Valley as Azrael, before and after he met Batman
Episode 1: The Origins of Azrael part 1
First appearances: Azrael, Order of St. Dumas
Jean Paul Valley begins his training as Azrael
Villains: (none)
Episode 2: The Origins of Azrael part 2
First appearances: Carlton Lehah
Second appearance of Order of St. Dumas
As Azrael, Valley is sent to confront a member of the order that’s stealing funds
Villains: Carlton Lehah
Episode 3: The Origins of Azrael part 3
First appearances: Lord Death Man
Third appearance of Order of St. Dumas
Azrael is given the task of killing a man who claims to be immortal
Villains: Lord Death Man
Episode 4: The Dark Cult
First appearances: Deacon Blackfire
Azrael comes across a deadly cult led by a charismatic, yet psychotic leader
Villains: Deacon Blackfire
Episode 5: Beware the Scorpion
First appearances: Scorpion
Fourth appearance of Order of St. Dumas
Azrael faces a ninja opponent from another dimension wi
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bored and lonely
Please, please, please! Anyone, send me a note so we can r.p or something..╥﹏╥
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Ridonculous Race Deluxe Episode 18 Ring Toss
Ridonculous Race Deluxe
Episode 18 Lord of the Ring Toss
Don (voiceover, clips of the last episode play): Last time on the Ridonculous Race, teams were split up and forced to cooperate with each other in the old halls of London's Windsor Castle. Noah and Emma finally forgave each other, and Rylee and Sabrina had some heart-to-heart, while Jo and Josee had some heartwarming fist-to-face moments. Aren't they adorable? In the end, the Victors were tricked into last place, and were eliminated and arrested in possibly the most violent Ridonculous Race elimination yet! (Cut to Don at the Chill Zone in the castle's garden) Who will be eliminated today? Will they leave with their head held high, or the moral down low? Keep watching the show! This is (zoom in on his face) the Ridonculous Race!
Don (at the starting line): We're back at the Windsor Castle in London, and yesterday's winners, Jekyll and Hyde and Brother and Sister, will grab today's first tips! (The four run past Don and to the Don
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Multiverse Debate-Pandora's Case
(Pandora is brought to the stand)
Jedah: "Pandora, the harbinger of madness..."
Palutena: "I trust you know why you're here?"
Pandora: "You got bored?"
Doctor: "Yes, but that's not what matters. You've enthralled millions of mortal souls, turning them into mindless drones of madness. Care to explain why?"
Pandora: "Have you heard of the Unreachable Spectators?"
Doctor: "The U.S.'s? Of course, but what does that-?"
Pandora: "Turns out, they really enjoy watching weird stuff like that."
Palutena: "They enjoy seeing the Sailor Scouts turning into circus performers!?"
Pandora: "Might as well make things more fun for them to watch, and more fun for us to experience."
Jedah: "Palutena, Pandora is your problem! How do you intend to deal with her!?"
Palutena: "I have too much on my plate to deal with her! I have entire societies to protect, why don't you deal with he!r?"
Jedah: "I have just as much to ha
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Roteiro Video Vestibular Puc Sao Gabriel by bmp1996 Roteiro Video Vestibular Puc Sao Gabriel :iconbmp1996:bmp1996 0 0
Skull's Favorite Song
Good ol’ Lockwood fought the ghosts, E-I-E-I-O
And with him fighting he had a George, E-I-E-I-O
Researching here and researching there, RE-SEARCHING everywhere
Good ol’ Lockwood fought the ghosts, E-I-E-I-O
Good ol’ Lockwood fought the ghosts, E-I-EI-O
And with him fighting he had Lucy, E-I-E-I-O
Raging with him and raging with George, RA-GING with Holly and Flo
Good ol’ Lockwood fought the ghosts, E-I-E-I-O
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Divined Chapter 1: New Arrival
                                                    Page 1
   Through blurred vision she sees it. Amongst the burning rubble, a lone figure with glowing white eye's staring directly at her. Anko ,an orange haired teenage girl, woke up from her nightmare with a gasp and covered in sweat. "Again?" She thought. Her hand wiping the sweat from her forehead. She notices the time on her white cat shaped alarm clock. "6:10am" She woke up more than an hour before the time the alarm was set for.
   She sighed. "Might as well make breakfast"
   In the kitchen of her home where she lives quietly alone Anko prepares her meal as she listens to the news on the television.
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Help can arrive in many forms. My goal wasn't to be the better man in most cases that's just how it turned out. I have been told by the human race that the possibilities are endless. Ashes excuse me, We used to drift minds all the time, Psychonaut and I. It happened against my will at first and without my knowledge before. Afterwards even made the Mars always nightly news. We established contact with the last remaining death star and have been battling Kaiju ever since. Our ship is fueled by emotions of crew and enemy energy alike, captained by pure belief and sound logic.
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Suicide Hero King Leo
I'll speak with the constellation king. The grey by my side and the beautiful prophet sings.
Leon, please come in. I've found my faith and understand my sin.
Chris, it's been a while since we spoke. ... .
I said " there has been a change of plans, I've asked them to stay"
He said " I knew this all along, they wouldn't have left you any way. Now on to the topic which you seek. I have a hunch, but I'll let you speak"
Leo, I want to be the stars, to live with you in Zion. I can get there tonight with Phi Life's ship to ride on.
Chris , you have come a long way and the tree would be proud. Two kings in Zion, however, is simply not allowed!
So here I live on my planetary home. Over and over, the king without his throne.
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Dimension Jack
And I asked of Jack, "What's this life for?" He said " One thing..Is to be diligent when finding out what you believe in..No matter what the belief is, it will guide you better than I can". In this I took responsibility and learned The first man's death prior to old natural cause, oar to young to sea, a sharpened branch from a broken tree. When the weight was heavy, not a sword. When you fall, fall forward. Or was it a push while pursuing a meal? When the Devil enters the deal. Give up the hunt and become the victor, return home and three man teams were stricter.
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