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Princess Unity watches as Kimberly looks at the two pink pompoms. 
The Mayor of Suburbia watches them swish around as she rubs them together, "I haven't had a pair of these since High School..."
Princess Unity smiles, "They're yours, but you know what you have to do."

Kimberly nods and giggles, "Simplicity Princess Power!"

Suddenly, a dazzling pink light erupts from the pompoms, engulfing Kimberly as music begins to play.  Kimberly immediately begins to dance energetically along with 'Hey Mickey' by Toni Basil.  As she does her boring suit disappears and a more exciting outfit appears on her now much bustier body.  After a few minutes the song and the light fade.

Princess Unity giggles at the spectacle, "How do you feel Princess Simplicity?"
Princess Simplicity giggles, and her breasts jiggle, "I feel, like, so good!"
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Svajone: Tell Me A Ghost Story
“Tell me a story little dove..”
His voice was deep and gorgonizing, rolling like the soft thunder of a river right before the rapids. It was soothing to Rayla though as she heard it. Her green eyes flitted to the shadows of the towering trees around her, the moon at its highest in the sky. She wasn’t entirely sure how she had gotten to the clearing, but she was ok with it. Despite the cool breeze, she felt warm inside beside her companion.
“I don’t know one.. I don’t think..” Ray’ murmured gently, “Am I sleeping?”
“Sure you do..” He replied, his words warming her from the inside. “Do you think you are asleep?”
“I’m not sure..” Rayla drawled, green eyes shifting to look at him but her head turning back towards the trees instead. “I do know one, I think.. My mother used to tell it to me.”
“Tell me,” he
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Airalin stole my wii u
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FOTNS+CH - Kenshiro Smashes Those Food Fans
[This screenplay is set in the forest in Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S. in 2019. Kenshiro spots some smoke not that far away, somebody has started a fire. The characters are the ones responsible as they've cooked some food and are enjoying a good feast.]
Kenshiro: Are you the one that killed that man and his lunch bag?
Mugman: [he and Cuphead are seen eating their croissants] Yeah, I killed him...with one blow.
Cuphead: It was easy.
Mugman: We can make a big profit by selling some food.
Cuphead: He was a stupid guy. [he and Mugman laugh]
Kenshiro: Does it taste good?
Mugman: [his mouth holds his croissant] Of course, man!
Kenshiro: [holds Mugman's head to make him look at him, then pushes Mugman's croissant to his mouth shut, causing his neck to be open] That man's livelihood depended on those food... You trash aren't fit to eat it. You'll pay with your lif
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Pony napped
You can make up the story, choose your oc or make your own and choose the gender and species for the pony who's kidnapping you.
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RoA :: Her first trip to the fair grounds
Being new to the lands, Turinqui, and Bentley tried their hardest to fit in with the others. A travelling fair? Thats something only a lolely wood elf could ever dream of, and hear of from legends that the elder high elfs would pass down from generations. Her eyes almost drained of their liquids as she refused to shut them for even a moment to miss what could be a glorious sight. Not long after she entered the fair grounds, her and Bentley noticed a stand for goods, and treats. Particularily, Turinqui took interest in the fried pigs meat with breading (that we know as corndogs), and Bentley took interest in the deep fried carrot sticks that could be bought in small bags of 5. Though the treats were costly, she coughed up the gold pieces, and threw the carrot sticks in her satchel beside her fluffy albino companion. His eagerness to taste them was very vibrant, and noticeable, though he knew not to dig in when his trainer was spending hard earned gold for it. Her hand, rising up for her
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Plantasia, Master of the Greens - Episode 1
On Earth in the year 3000, there was once a human plant biologist who went by the name of Austin Greenthumb, he was a happy man who loved plants and flora life in general as it brought him peace.
But one day however, a terrible accident had occurred where he lost both of his legs during a car driving accident. He was depressed for a while at the loss of his legs, but his spirit and determination to keep with his job never died.
As being a plant biologist helped him eased the pain of loss as working on the plants made him happy and calm.
*2 Months Later*
In the 2 month span of time, Austin Connors was still in his lab where he was working on growing tomatoes using a new type of formula to make them grow faster, but also to help keep them alive and fresh all the time.
It worked as the tomatoes were bright, plump, and juicy.
And he smiled, seeing that the formula worked on the tomatoes and was getting ready to experiment it on the other plants like corn, eggplant, watermelon and so on. Bu
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AR sickness rp
I catch a strange illness that causes me to get younger every time I sneeze, do you take advantage of it or try to help me?
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NOM: Smiley face chapter [Comic Script]
Title: First meeting Daray.
Setting: Rick (Smiley face) is walking in Professor Vy woods in the middle of the day he’s gazing up at sky before looking ahead to see a boulder and a pile of rocks in a shady part in the forest that in his way. There he noticed a creepy looking boy (Daray) sitting on the boulder or on the boulder in a odd position that seductive. The boy rise up from the boulder and introduces himself to Rick.
Daray lines: “Hello. I believe this is the first time we’ve meet face-to-face. I’m Daray, Daray Vex.”
Scene: Creepy little boy, Daray, is smiling a greeting smile. Rick Looks confuse and is taking a back. Rick doesn’t respond to the boy and instead stares at him. The boy does not approach him and takes notice of Rick’s reaction. Daray talks again.
Daray lines: “Ah of course, Just glimpses of me roaming around the professors’ residence. I’m an ally. A friend of Mrs. V and friend of Jack. So, let me re-introdu
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What Is This! (slide 4)
HMHS Britannic: (having a snack)
Thomas Andrews: Britney, may I have some? They look tasty.
HMHS Britannic: (shook her head)
Thomas Andrews: (in a sweet voice) Please, please, please?
HMHS Britannic: Then, you have to answer me this.
Thomas Andrews: Why?
HMHS Britannic: You have to trade something with me for it.
Thomas Andrews: Okay ask me.
HMHS Britannic: The question is,
Thomas Andrews: Uh-huh.
HMHS Britannic: The distance from this dock to Chiang Mai, then to Rayong, then to up north. How much kilometers are there together? Oh ho!
Thomas Andrews: Such an easy question. (now seriously) Fine I don't have to eat!
HMHS Britannic: Why not?
Thomas Andrews: It sounds easy but it's actually harder than I thought!
HMHS Britannic: Oh c'mon, you can have some.
Captain Smith arrived with RMS Olympic.
RMS Titanic: So, have you figure out why Captain Smith can't control his hands?
RMS Olympic: Not quite yet. He seems to be going insane. But for his case is, he wants to spin every sticks h
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Princesses of Unity (OC Exports)

From the left:
Princess Simplicity:
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Pokemon for auction
You are either a male or female Pokémon who finds their selves tied to a pole wearing (select a revealing clothing) being bid by other Pokémon.
But another Pokémon won you:
1. Male Gallade
2. Female Gardevoir
3. Male Ariados
4. Female Ariados
5. Female Lurantis
6. Male Lucario
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