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Birth of a New Queen Part 12

Gonzy: It’s your choice Gigi. I won’t attack you first…You can fight this…don’t let that demon get the better of you.
Gigi: …
Gonzy: I know you can…

Gonzy: Hnnnnnngh!!

Gonzy: Damn…she wasn’t kidding when she said she gave you a lot of power…
Gigi: Hmhmhm…
Gonzy: Looks like there’s no way around this.

Gonzy: HYA!!
Gigi: …

*Ftang* The magic missiles bounce in random directions as Gigi blocks them with a swift flick of her arm
Gonzy: damn…enough child’s play. Time for some real magic.
Gigi: giggles


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Silverhawke- sample script
Issue #2
'Under Watchful Eyes'
by J. Sowder
Panel one.  DAY.  Exterior shot of arid desert landscape under blue skies.
Panel two.  Interior view of the underground facility.  A woman dressed in business attire,
JANE WYDRYCK, walks through a labyrinth of Ivory-hued hallways.  By her side is a man named
3. JARON:             HOW IS SHE?  JULIE, I MEAN.  
Panel three. SILENT.  Jane continues to walk down walls that are bathed from the soft amber
lights above.  She stares ahead, unresponsive.  
Panel four.  Jarod speaks once again, tension and sorrow refl
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The VITH Movie - Part Four
Larry: *sighs*
Bob: What is it, buddy?
Larry: I wish we could figure out what the cooperation episode could be about.
Bob: Same here.
[Later that night, Bob and Larry are writing songs in their living room… okay, only Bob is succeeding.  Larry is having trouble.]
Larry: *quietly groans*
Bob: This is perfect.
Larry: What'cha talkin' 'bout, Bob?
Bob: I was able to get the song written for "Bob and Larry: Gettin' Angry".  How's it going with getting your songs written, Larry?
Larry: (disappointed) Eh. {looks at his own papers again}
Bob: You haven't written down anything, have you?
Larry: Nope.  Mainly because I can't think of anything. *pause* What's your song called?
Bob: It's a little long, but it's called "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger".
Larry: Is there a chance I can hear it?
Bob: Sure!
(The album version of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your An
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A Grand Pokemon Adventure: A Giant New Hope Pt. 10
It was many days later before our heroes felt like getting ready to head back to Happy Valley. During this time, Chrissie had been trying her best to live up to her promise to Alana, to always be happy. Machamp, Hariyama, Conkeldurr, Medicham, and Kommo-o had long since decided to go their separate ways, since their giantess friend wasn't around anymore. Ash's Pikachu, Serena's Eevee, and their friends each said their goodbyes to the five Fighting-type Pokémon as they left. Absol on the other hand decided to stay with them. He'd been rather lonely and was glad to have friends to be with.
Meanwhile, Claire was feeding baby Caren her milk.
Alvin: Y'know, when she's not crying her eyes out, Caren's pretty cute.
Brittany: She sure is. She's as pretty as her mom and her auntie. Isn't she, Chrissie?
Chrissie: (distracted) Huh? Oh...Oh yeah.
Claire: (concerned) Chrissie? Are you alright, sweetie?
Chrissie: Oh, Claire... I am happy to see you again. And I love Caren, too. But... I
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Candy Joke II
What kind of candy allows you to hear the ocean?
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Elemental Nation season 2 ch.9
Elemental Nation season 2 ch.9
Latias’ Pov
   “Everyone report to the computer room asap”, I angrily said into the microphone while the chirazrd carry me on it shoulder “What seem to be the plomblem”, Travis said well everyone ounse follow him into the room showing fortage of their latest battle “you guys did terribly against Lucario”, I said in a loud anger yelling voices to their faces “first off you didn’t wake me up to help you guys”, I said “like it a good idea to being a hurt pokemon into battle”, Danny said “a hurt pokemon that can defend itshelf also you should have brought along Juile”, I said “no I fine that they didn’t being me along”, she said “Juile”, I said in a loud voice “what I'll care more about my baby then the stupid battle”, she said “good point nevermide plomblem two”, I said “hey we did the best we could we just
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Vampire Kingdom 3
As the night passed on. Death woke up to a wolf howl close by and looked around paranoid with his dagger in his hand. As he looked around he spotted a white wolf and then calmed down, listening to Howler howl loudly at the moon. Howler stopped not long after and turned around to see Death awake. She turned human and rubbed her arm nervously “I-Im sorry.. I didn't mean to wake you up.” Death glared at her and kept quiet then nodded. The night went on as the two remained awake hearing a howl in the distance, around the cave area as Death giggled low at the terrible howl. Howler looked over confused “I thought you hated werewolves…” Howler stated quietly and Death replied back “That's my little brother whos howling. I love my siblings… Not others”. As the day rolled around Howler woke up and looked off in the distance to the ruins as her eyes started to tear up and curled up crying low. Howler eventually calms herself down fast then took out
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Gundam: How The Mobile Suit Evolves Chp 7
Meanwhile in Neo-Germany, Hein and Klaus observe the mobile suit named "Projekt G."Hein-so this is the final product?Engineer-yes and have given it a name, the Geara Zulu.Hein-Geara Zulu. Klaus, what do you think?Klaus looks the Geara Zulu up and down.Klaus-I love it, and I'm sure the führer will as well. Someone! Bring me a telepad! He must see this immediately!Hein and Klaus's aids scramble for a telepad, one holds up the pad in front of them and Klaus takes it. He punches in a number and the familiar face of Adolf Hitler appears on the screen.Adolf-what is it?Klaus-mein Führer, "Projekt G" is complete! You must see it.Adolf-well don't just show me your face! Point the camera at it!Klaus turns the pad around and points the camera at the machineAdolf-Oh mein! Es ist so schön wie unser liebes Vaterland!Klaus and Hein look at each other in joy as Adolf looks at the machine.Adolf-I want this thing on the frontlines at once!Hein-my thoughts exactly mein Führer!Klaus faces the camera back at them.Adolf-see to it that they reach the front by next month.Klaus & Hein-Ja, mein Anführer!They salute and the screen goes dark. Meanwhile in Japan, Korenaga watches another test run of his mobile suit.Korenaga-careful! Don't use the beam saber's power too much! That's how it exploded the last time.Pilot-yes sir!The mobile suit ducks and weaves around a few trees and swings the saber at a test dummy, slicing it in half.Engineer-the beam saber is staying at nominal temperatures!The group of people in the room start clapping and cheering. Korenaga turns to face the press and bows as cameras flash.Korenaga-and with this final test, we will be able to bring an end to the nuclear war that we had started years ago. This will bring a great victory to our country....
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#C2c #Challenge
***#THE*** #Art #Of #Broken #Bells
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Resistance S5 / E25: The Apocalypse
*Introduction*(In the shrine where Barbatos was risen, something else rises as their hand reaches out from a coffin with Taiga and his comrades baring witness to the rise of their Lord)Taiga: Yes! The Lord has arisen! Long live Darkzgul! (Darkzgul's body gets to his feet, he was shrouded in shadow so you couldn't see his body, except his glowing amber eyes)Darkzgul: I am...cold. Is this...truly the Earth? Or another illusion? I have been gone for eons.Taiga: No. Many months. Not eons, Darkzgul. You need to recover. Barbatos, will he heal?Barbatos: In time. (Taiga turns to him)Taiga: Restore him! Now! I do not want an excuse to keep you here! (He turns back to the coffin as Darkzgul takes his first steps out, and he approaches his former family of monsters... his body decomposed, showing decaying flesh, worms on crawling against his body, bones sticking out, and he limps towards them like a zombie)Darkzgul: Barbatos stays with us, Taiga. (Taiga backs away as his comrades are even terrified with Rhinoram hugging onto Foxtrot, Spike's ears droop, and Fliploch refuses to look) Soon this pitiful world...will be ours.*Resistance HQ*(Caleb is seen in the living room with Jesse as they both gear up)Caleb: You're missing another classic Star Trek The Next Generation, guys!Andrew: We gotta get ready for the recon mission like you should be doing. (Passing him)Sami: I gotta collect more data on Barbatos. Now that Taiga has all the pieces that could resurrect Darkzgul, we don't have much time. (Passing him)Jesse: You realize Kamryn's gonna be super pissed that you're watching Star Trek over preparing for the mission.Caleb: Where is Kamryn anyway?Dani: Where else? She's in the office moping. I feel so bad for her. The weight of the world is now on her shoulders. (Inside the office, Kamryn is seen in the office having her hand on her face, then pounds the desk in anger)Kamryn: Rrgh! I can't do this anymore! It's too much! (A familiar voice rings in her head)Cruger: I felt the same way many times in life, my daughter. (She looks up fast to see Cruger's spirit) But we always endure.Kamryn: Cruger, why can't you appear more often? Why do you have to leave?Cruger: I have come to tell you, Kamryn, that you must be spiritually prepared for what is to come.Kamryn: We're getting ready, Cruger. But it's not the Rogues I'm worried about. It's the Devil, he's even more powerful than The Inheritor.Cruger: Yes. And if he roams free, the Earth will forever be cast to shadow. (Kamryn looks down, placing her hand on her forehead hiding the welling tears)Kamryn: I've made mistakes. I've done bad things...even after Darkzgul. I don't what to do, father. I don't know what to do.Cruger: Kamryn, remember what I told you before. In Nil, look towards the Legend.Kamryn: What does that even mean!? How can we stop him, Cruger!? (She looks up as the tears fall, and he was gone... meanwhile, it shifts back to the living room with everyone geared up)Sami: All right. I need to get one last reading from Barbatos to recalibrate my new invention. (Kamryn enters the living room, and they all look towards her)Kamryn: Team, it's time to go.*Catacombs*(The Resistance finds their way towards the secret shrine entrance in the tunnels, and they enter the dark stairway)Caleb: So far, so good, guys. No fucked up Rogue Cultists anywhere. (He turns towards his friends, and many amber eyes glow in the darkness behind him)Sami: *Gasp* (Caleb looks back towards the eyes)Caleb: Shit! (The Cultists come out, and begin to attack)Kamryn: Rrgh! (They dial their morphers, and Kamryn strikes a Cultist behind her)Thetys: GRAH!! (The Cultist collides against the wall, and it's hood falls off... unveiling a Rogue that looks almost like The Inheritor) They look like...Inheritors! (They all climb down the walls in the darkness, surrounding them)Shannara: There's too many! (A Cultist leaps down to attack...but an unlikely rescuer comes to their aid as he kicks the Cultist away holding a lantern)Fliploch: Back you wretched, stinky, Darkzgul beasts! (The Cultists immediately flee as the light scares them off, and the Resistance reverts back)Kamryn: They have a weakness after No. Bright light of any kind.Andrew: All right, Fliploch, why did you help us? You got three seconds to explain yourself!Jesse: I'll give him two before I open up a can of sardines! (Getting in Fliploch's face)Dani: Take it easy! (They look to Dani who is shocked, with her hand on her head) He means well...for once. I don't think it's a trick.Kamryn: All right, Fliploch. Talk.Fliploch: You want to know the truth about The Inheritor Cultists? Well, prepare yourselves for a wild tale. Remember when Darkzgul fought Cruger? Some of Darkzgul's experimental elementium blood spilled into the soil. Well, not long after, a man roaming the tunnels found the glowing substance. For some reason, and I do not care to know why, he touched it. He transformed into the first of these horrible monsters. He captured more people from the streets, transforming a small army. All possessing random thoughts, and memories of Darkzgul. These clones built an underground shrine to Darkzgul. And that is when Taiga, hunting for the Resistance, found them. He used their power and dedication to build a monster army.Andrew: Man, that is the craziest story I've ever heard.Kamryn: Thanks, Fliploch...for helping us.Dani: So, are you gonna help us take Barbatos down?Fliploch: Hell no! Haha! This is beginning to get too much for a talking fish. Darkzgul is back, and he's so gross, and undead, and disgusting.All: *Gasp*Kamryn: They already brought Darkzgul back!?Fliploch: *Sigh* Yes. I want to go back to a nice life of crime. Stealing stuff, romancing the ladies. That kind of thing. (He picks up his lantern) Later, Resistance. (He waves his hand as he walks away)Kamryn: But, Fliploch--Jesse: Aw, who needs that robo-guppy anyways? Let's do this!*Shrine*(The Resistance drops down into the shrine, no one inside as they make their way up the shrine stairs in the center of the pentagram...and Dani's mind begins to ache)Dani: They're here. They're close.Barbatos: Hahahahahaha! (They all look up as Barbatos lands behind them) Welcome, my enemies. (They all face him ready to dial their morphers)Foxtrot: Hee hee! (Foxtrot appears)Spike: *Growl* (Spike crawls up)Rhinoram: *Snort* (Pounding his fist)Darkzgul: How many millennia have I waited? (The Resistance grows goosebumps at the sound of that cursed voice, and they turn towards the voice limping down the stairs towards them) I will send you to Hell, to take my place.Andrew: *Gasp*Darkzgul: Now I...shall revenge! (He steps into the light, the Resistance gazing upon the Undead Darkzgul)Kamryn: Darkzgul...! (Caleb dials his morpher, and leaps at him)Ingvar: You son of a bitch! (He goes to strike, but Darkzgul holds out his hand... halting Caleb midair) *Gasp* (He gets forced back, tumbling into Jesse)Ingvar & Jesse: Ugh!Kamryn: Get him! (They all morph, and Dani charges first only to get smacked away)Shannara: AGH!! (Kamryn attempts, then gets hit)Thetys: UGH!! (Andrew tries, then gets kicked down)Nishant: AW!! (Sami leaps for him, but gets halted by the unknown magic he possesses, and gets launched down)Holter: AH!!Thetys: RAH!! (Kamryn uses her spear and slices Darkzgul's hand, then his neck... and both his arm and head fall off, the head rolling towards Sami)Holter: *Gasp* (The head's eyes glow)Darkzgul: RAH!! (Then the hand starts crawling using his fingers)Thetys: Ah! (The hand crawls back towards Darkzgul as Jesse, Andrew, and Dani get knocked back by Darkzgul)Uria, Nishant, Shannara: UGH!! (The hand makes its way up Darkzgul as he backhands Kamryn)Thetys: UNF!! (As the fight continues, Taiga holding the seal...has it swiped from behind)Taiga: Huh!? No!Caleb: Thanks, Taiga! (Barbatos flying above, spews fire down at him) *Gasp* (He holds out the seal...and the flames go around him)Kamryn: Caleb! (As Barbatos stops, Caleb opens his eyes to notice the purple flames haven't touched him)Caleb: Aha! All right, Barbatos! Attack Undead Darkzgul! (Barbatos' grin suddenly fades, as his body forces himself to tackle down Darkzgul)Barbatos: RAH!! (He stands over Darkzgul, his fist twitching as he is forced to attack his son) Cannot...disobey! (He starts clawing, and kicking him...and Caleb grins)Caleb: I can't fucking believe this shit! (He aims the seal at Rhinoram, and Barbatos attacks him next) Haha! (He aims it at Spike, and Spike dodges Barbatos' flames) Yes! I'm controlling the fucking Devil! (Foxtrot uncloaks behind him)Foxtrot: Nice try, kid! (He snatches the seal, then punches him)Caleb: Unf!Foxtrot: Heads up, TG! (He tosses it back to Taiga, and he catches it, and Barbatos lands beside him)Taiga: You will obey only me! Your Lord! (Sami holds out her phone and smiles)Sami: Yes! I got the readings I need! Caleb, we need an exit! (They look to Caleb who got knocked out)Caleb: Ngh...Dani: Guys...! (Spike licks his lips)Rhinoram: No more lights show now! I hates when he does that! (They begin to close in on them)Kamryn: Fuck! (Darkzgul goes to grab them)???: *Whistle* (They all turn towards the whistle, and a flaming scythe strikes inside the back of Darkzgul)Darkzgul: NGH!!Taiga: What!? (They look up to where the scythe was thrown)Rador: Hey there! Remember me!? (The Resistance looks up to Rador)Dani: Rador!?Rador: Got that right, sweetheart! *Whistle* (Suddenly, his motorcycle zooms inside leaving a trail of fire, and leaps off the cliff edge above down towards them all)Taiga: Move! (His comrades move, and Barbatos flies up towards him, and has a saddened look)Barbatos: Son, don't hurt your family like this.Rador: Who said I was hurting my family? (He grins) I'm helping them. (He snaps his fingers, and the scythe in Darkzgul's back exits his back, and twirls back up towards Barbatos' back)Barbatos: Traitorous vermin. (Barbatos disperses into flames, dodging the scythe, and Rador catches it)Rador: Time to go. (Taiga looks around, the Resistance was gone)Taiga: *Growl* (He looks back up to Rador, he was gone too... Taiga looks to Barbatos beside him) How easily you and your children turn on us. What is your game!?Barbatos: Only to serve the one who holds the seal, my Lord. (Kneeling before him)Taiga: Darkzgul, what will you have me do? Banish the Devil back to the depths of Nugatory in Hell?Darkzgul: No. Barbatos is a powerful ally. He will remain on Earth with my second-in-command.Taiga: *Gasp* (Barbatos grins behind Taiga)Barbatos: Hehe.*New Tech City*(The Resistance sits at an abandoned playground waiting, and finally the sound of Rador's motorcycle is heard as he arrives at the playground, and he parks his bike as he reverts back to human, and lights a cigarette)Andrew: I can't believe I'm saying this, but... Thanks, Rador.Rador: Listen, I know I didn't explain myself very well yesterday. I've been through a lot the past few years. It's been hard, but I'm realizing I had to go through all those things to learn the truth. I thought I had lost myself, and somehow my father could return it to me. But now I know that no one can give you your destiny. It's something you earn for yourself by choosing to do what's right. All I want now is to play my part in ending this war, and I know my destiny is to help you bring balance to the world. I'm sorry for what I did to all of you, Andrew, and your commander. My family can be dangerous, and as a son of Barbatos, I have to be more I don't hurt people unintentionally. (Kamryn is surprised by that, and looks down)Kamryn: I think you are supposed to help us against Barbatos. (Everyone looks up shocked) When I first met the group...I attacked Tristan and these people. And after that...I never wanted to be around people ever again. But now I know you understand how easy it is to hurt the people you love. (Kamryn approaches Rador) I'd like you to join the Resistance Fighters. (Rador's eyes widen, and he smiles)Rador: Thank you. I'm so happy you've accepted me into your group.Kamryn: Not so fast. (Rador's smile fades) I still have to ask the team if it's okay with them. Andrew, you're the one that Rador cursed. What do you think? (Andrew looks to Rador, and shrugs)Andrew: Go ahead and let him join. It'll give me plenty of time to get him back for that. (Pounding his palm, and Kamryn nods)Kamryn: Jesse? (Jesse looks down)Jesse: Hey, all I want is to beat Barbatos. He'll give us the edge we need on taking him I can let bygones be bygones. (Kamryn smiles)Kamryn: Caleb?Caleb: We are one member short. If you think this is the way, I'm all for it.Kamryn: Sami?Sami: I think we could make this work. Took us awhile to get used to you, to Melina, to Jesse, to Caleb. This team has a knack of bringing in lowlives...that turn out to be something much greater. (Kamryn then turns to Dani...who has to say yes, and they all know exactly how she feels)Kamryn: Dani? (Dani gives an angry glare to Rador, and he begins to sweat due to it...and she clenches her eyes shut)Dani: I'll go along with whatever you think is right. (Kamryn smiles, and Rador is overjoyed)Rador: I won't let you down! I promise! (The Resistance all starts heading back to HQ, with Rador grabbing his bike and following with a relieved smile)*Resistance HQ*(With Rador's bike parked in the garage, Caleb leads Rador to his new room)Caleb: So, here you go. Home sweet home. I guess, you know, for now. (The door opens, and Rador enters with his stuff on his back) Unpack... Lunch soon. Uh... Welcome aboard. (Rador looks back and nods with a slight smile) Yeah. (Caleb leaves with that awkward welcome, and passes Kamryn) Okay, this is really, really weird. (They both begin to walk off as Rador sits on his bed unpacking his bag, and he ends up pulling out a photo of his baby brother, and he smiles)Rador: Thank you...Uncle Oghma. (His smile fades when he notices a presence outside his door... it was Dani standing there, and Rador gets to his feet)Dani: You might have everyone else buying your...transformation. But you and I both know you've struggled with doing the right thing in the past. (She gets in his face) So, let me tell you something right now. You make one step backward, one slip up, one reason to think you might hurt my friends...and you won't have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I'll make sure your destiny ends...right then and there. Permanently. (Rador blinks, surprised at her approach, and she leaves his quarters slamming the door shut... meanwhile, inside the lab, part of the team is discussing their next approach with Rador entering)Sami: There, finished. Based on this new data, our DNAnalyzers should be good to go against the Barbatos. Our weapons should be specially designed to take down supernatural enemies.Caleb: Whoa.Jesse: That's the coolest thing ever.Sami: I know. Our DNAnalyzers are ready to take on anything.Rador: That's pretty sick, Sami. So, when do I get my DNAnalyzer?Sami: Except Rador, because he's not getting one.Rador: I'm sorry, what!?Kamryn: We just don't trust you something like that just yet.Andrew: That, and we don't have any to give. Palmer's got lost during the Noctum attack. Sorry, Rador.Rador: *Groan*Caleb: You know, Rador. I know something you could do for us. (Rador raises an eyebrow, and after awhile, the team is geared up. Dani wearing her jumpsuit, Sami wearing her modfied space gear, Jesse wearing his Street Phantom getup, Caleb wearing his Slayer battlesuit, Andrew wearing his Night Rider armor, and Kamryn wearing her assassin's equipment)Dani: All right! Let's do this! (Rador shows up on his motorcycle with Melina riding behind him)Caleb: Melina! I called for some backup, guys!Rador: You're welcome, by the way.Kamryn: Melina, I thought I told you to heal up. We can take care of this.Melina: Like I was really going to listen to your advice, Kamryn? Come on.Andrew: Well, we got the tools, we got the talent. Let's kick some Undead Darkzgul ass, and take Barbatos down once and for all!*Shrine*(With Darkzgul back, he sits upon the throne in the shrine with Barbatos on his right tending to him, and Spike lying at his left side)Taiga: *Growl* (He clenches the seal in his metal paw below the stairs, speaking to Foxtrot & Rhinoram who have his back) I question whether Darkzgul is alive at all, or simply the puppet of Barbatos.Foxtrot: I feel you, TG. What are you gonna do? Go on monster strike?Darkzgul: Taiga. Now that Barbatos is my second-in-command. You will relinquish the Seal of the Ancients to him...right now. (Barbatos glances to Taiga grinning)Barbatos: Hehehe.Taiga: *Gasp* No. Never! It is too dangerous, Darkzgul! I will not allow it!Darkzgul: If you will not obey me, then you shall be executed! (Spike's eyes glow amber, and he rises)Spike: GRAH!! (Spike leaps at Taiga, and tackles him down)Taiga: UNF!! (They tumble across the ground as he drops the seal, and Spike attempting to claw at him is kicked away by Taiga) *Pant* *Pant* (He runs for the seal, but the heavy weight of Darkzgul's undead foot...crushes it into three shards)Barbatos: Yes! Finally! It is done!Taiga: What...what is done!?Barbatos: I had to achieve three deeds to end this world. First, kill a great warrior, Baltasar. Next, resurrect an evil warrior, Darkzgul, my son. And finally, destroy the seal that binds me. And now... (He summons a demonic black trident) I can unleash the spirits of Nugatory onto the Earth and control both worlds!Taiga: Lord Darkzgul, we must stop him!Darkzgul: Don't you understand, Taiga? You were right. my Lord now. (Foxtrot & Rhinoram back away from Barbatos, and Taiga looks up in shock)Barbatos: Hahahaha! the world ends!! (He raises his staff as it glows in a purple aura... then the entire cavern glows purple)*New Tech City*(As night falls upon the city, it begins to rain as a figure walks the streets in a black cloak with the hood over their face, the figure keeps walking as they bump into a pedestrian not paying attention to their surroundings)Civilian: Hey, watch it! (The figure in the cloak stops to turn to the guy, and the guy not being able to see their face feels uneasy) Uh, sorry...about that. (The guy continues to walk the streets, and they come across a TV stand behind the glass with Barbatos attacking the Resistance at the High Night Hotel from last night, and the figure watches the action of Barbatos beating them all terribly)???: What's keeping you from going back? (The figure turns to a girl in a black cloak herself, hooded)???: It's not that easy.???: I think it is.???: *Sigh* The truth about the Resistance has just been revealed. (The figure takes off his hood... Tristan was human again)Tristan: And I honestly don't know if my team is ready to handle that kind of truth.???: They're going to have to be. (She puts her hand on his shoulder)Tristan: I never got to ask you. You vanish after a good while, some of us tried to find you, but you were never found. Why is it you're back now????: Rador found me. Said it wasn't your place to find was mine to find you. Especially after the state you were in. You helped me, and it was my turn to help you.Tristan: I never asked you to help. Especially if I would've known what you would sacrifice.???: I made my choice. You couldn't control that.Tristan: I was cursed in that moment. I wouldn't have let you.???: You trying to tell me you didn't want to have sex with me? (Tristan chuckles)Tristan: I'm engaged, remember????: Hey, if I hadn't, you would've still been Tyros' meat suit. Maybe even his dinner. And if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even get to see her again. I volunteered to save your ass.Tristan: Yeah, but at what cost!????: Come on, Tristan. Rador told me you once had the hots for me at a younger age. (The girl takes off her hood)Robyn: Don't lie.Tristan: Don't talk like you actually knew her.Robyn: She is my sister.Tristan: I meant don't talk like you know Robyn. (Robyn looks to the side) You know, that's even the worst part about this, it's that... after you agreed to give yourself up to save my life, which meant for you to invite yourself for sex, you lost your body and your soul. You're lucky Rador even scrounged up your soul within Tyros' gullet just so he could give you this body to live in. Her's of all people.Robyn: Tyros was vulnerable since he hasn't had single soul in your body. You and I both know Robyn's vessel was the only thing that could sustain me.Tristan: *Sigh* You said you have Robyn's memories?Robyn: Some fragments. It's like...I lived a life I never had. Almost as if my memories, and her memories connected. So in a way... I am her, but I'm not, because she died.Tristan: You're not Robyn. (He continues to walk down the streets, and Robyn follows with a smirk)Robyn: Okay, even if I'm not. I chose this, Tristan. Do you seriously hate me for saving your life? So you could be with our family?Tristan: My family.Robyn: Right, right! Ugh, I keep forgetting the memory merge. (She places her hand on her head, and Tristan looks down)Tristan: I don't hate you. I just... wanted things to turn out differently.Robyn: Well--Tristan: And I get it. Something I just gotta live with, I know.Robyn: What I was gonna say is that, you have every right to be mad. I'm running around looking like your friend after all. But I want to help still.Tristan: You're doing this for Taiga too, aren't you? (Robyn doesn't respond) It's okay if you still care about him.Robyn: Of course I do...but he's just another pawn in the Null's sick game.Tristan: Do you actually believe what Rador said?Robyn: About The Apocalypse? About Andrew? And about this Oghma guy? Something about eras of war between Null and Legends? Not to mention the rest of the unbelievable shit we heard?Tristan: Yeah.Robyn: Is Andrew's origin still bothering you?Tristan: What do you think?Robyn: You gonna tell him?Tristan: How can I tell any of them? Especially Kamryn and Andrew?Robyn: It's just what's bound to happen. I think not telling them could-- (All of a sudden, with civilians living their normal lives up on the streets, that all changed as the streets begin to city started to shake from underneath them, they look up as purple clouds shrouded the sky, purple lightning crackling high above and striking the city, creating blasts of purple fire...and the streets started to crack from underneath them and open up, earthquakes were being created, and the ground below glowed with a purple aura, cars were falling into the chasms below, and what came next... was the beginning of the end. New creatures started clawing up into the city from underground, from Nugatory, the deepest reaches of Hell far worse than a demon as one would suspect. They looked like wolves, they were black-skinned, their skeletal frame partially sticking out of their bodies, the lining in their skulls ran purple, and their eyes were amber. Some even were created in the dark clouds above as they were bird-like monsters, and hundreds upon hundreds of these creatures stormed the city... for The Apocalypse. Police start escorting civilians to safety, but not even them could withstand against these new creatures as some of the bird types would drag them off, and the wolves would tackle them down... and begin feeding on people alive)Tristan: No...!Robyn: Tristan...!Tristan: It's started!Robyn: Okay then! We have our assignments! You still got your allies on speed dial?Tristan: Let's hope Sami's invention works!Robyn: You gonna be okay!?Tristan: Gotta be!Robyn: Hey! (She grabs his arm before he could split) See you around!?Tristan: Will do. Just do me a favor, do not let my friends see you! (Robyn nods, and they split running in different directions) Oh... Mercury! (Robyn turns at response to her name) If I don't see you, thank you... you did help me!Mercury: Hey, I look good now! It's a win, win! (Mercury, the fox monster who helped the Resistance against Taiga was in control of Robyn's body... and she takes off)Dani: You gotta be kidding me! (Tristan finds his friends afar, who didn't spot him, and he puts on his hood... and sprints in the opposite direction)Jesse: I don't play with dead things, guys!Melina: What are they!?Rador: They're called Null. (They all look to Rador) Abominations from Nugatory. The Apocalypse... it's already begun.Andrew: You knew about this!? Rador, what haven't you told us!? I thought Taiga's goal was to resurrect Darkzgul! Rador: I--Kamryn: Now isn't the time! Caleb, Melina, and Rador, you're with me! We're going after Barbatos! The rest of you, take out these things! (Kamryn & Melina jump into the cracks below, and Rador calls his motorcycle as he hops on with Caleb riding in the back)Rador: You ready, boy!?Caleb: Let's go! (Rador with Caleb holding onto his back follows after Kamryn & Melina to deal with Barbatos)Dani: Are we ready!? (Jesse dials his morpher as the Null snarl at them)Jesse: This is gonna be freaking epic. (Andrew, Jesse, Sami, and Dani charge into the flaming city after their new adversaries)All: HAAAA!!!!*Shrine*Barbatos: Fight, my undead minions! (Taiga blocks against Spike's teeth with his sword)Taiga: Ngh!Spike: RAH!! (Clawing him back with Foxtrot & Rhinoram freaking out behind Barbatos)Foxtrot: This is getting too freaky for me, dog!Rhinoram: Let us make like tree and run! (Foxtrot & Rhinoram flee to save their own lives)Barbatos: Hahahahaha! AGH!! (Suddenly, Kamryn's spear struck through his back and out his stomach from behind, and Kamryn lands beside him and pulls it out, but he just turns to her with a grin) Hehe!Thetys: Rrgh! (She notices Darkzgul come up from behind her)Darkzgul: HA!! (He backhands Kamryn down)Thetys: AGH!! (She tumbles down the shrine and readies her spear to fight him)Barbatos: In a dimension of suffering, in an age of pain, I rule on a throne of bone! (He raises his hand creating a purple flame... and the shrine interior starts caving in with parts of the ground rising as well causing everyone to try and keep balance)All: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!Barbatos: I, Barbatos swore one day I would rule all dimensions! The time has come! (The ground around the shrine completely caves down into the pit below creating pillars scattered across the area)Taiga: Umph! (He jumps to a pillar followed by Spike clinging to his)Spike: *Growl*Taiga: HA!! (He kicks Spike off)Spike: AGH!! (Spike falls into the glowing purple pit below... to his final death) AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!*New Tech City*(The Null keep attacking the fleeing civilians, and Dani & Sami start hitting them from a distance with their guns and magic, but it doesn't kill them, only dazing and angering them... plus more keep spawning)Holter: They just keep coming! (The ground starts to shake from another earthquake)All: AAAAHHHH!!!! (They all glance around, then another earthquake) AAAAHHHH!!!!Shannara: What's happening!? (Jesse glances up, and for the first time ever... he was scared)Uria: AAAAHHHH!!!! (They all look up at what he was screaming at... and they lowered their weapons in shock as they came across a godzilla-sized Null glancing down at them)Null: ROOOOOAAAARRRR!!!! (They all cover their ears from the horrific sound, it's giant shadow looming over them all, and then... it went to grab Jesse)Uria: Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! (He starts running) Oh crap!!!! (He gets grabbed by the giant hand, reverting back)Jesse: AGH!! Getting...crushed!???: Why don't you pick on someone your own size, creature!?Shannara: *Gasp*Nishant: Huh? (The Resistance looks up towards the voice, and they're even more find Mercury on top of a building look up at the Null, and they're all extremely confused as Mercury is in Robyn's body)Shannara: Robyn!!??Holter: How in the...?Nishant: Sister...?Mercury: I'll send you back to Nugatory from where you came, Null! (The giant Null raises Jesse up towards its mouth)Jesse: Help!!Mercury: HA!! (Mercury leaps after the Null's humungous frame)*Shrine*(Caleb & Rador still on the motorcycle are riding up against the pillar)Rador: Go! (Caleb nods, and leaps up to the top)Caleb: *Pant* (Rador still riding up looks to Barbatos flying around the area)Barbatos: Now is the season of evil! Humanity's last cry! (He spews fire at Rador, but he dodges the flame)Rador: Never! (He leaps off with his bike towards another pillar)*New Tech City*(Mercury starts running up it's knees towards Jesse, dodging it's other swinging hand and jumps towards Jesse in its grip)Jesse: Who are you!?Mercury: No time to talk! (She gets out two familiar blades that Jesse recognizes, and sticks them in its hand, and pries him loose)Jesse: *Pant* *Pant* (Jesse looks up at Robyn and then her weapons) Mercury? (Mercury looks to him and nods)Mercury: Come on! We gotta jump down!Jesse: Don't have to tell me twi--AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (He suddenly gets carried away by a flying Null)Mercury: Jesse! (The giant Null's mouth breathes right over her, and she looks up to it to find the Null about to breathe fire) Shit! (She jumps down, the Null breathing fire right through a building, and Dani blasting a Null back with magic is losing effect)Shannara: These things are just eating what I dish out!Holter: Same here! (They go back-to-back as even more Null start climbing up from the pits of Nugatory under the city)Nishant: It's endless!Mercury: No kidding! (She lands next to Andrew)Andrew: Robyn, how is it you're...?Robyn: Not Robyn! It's me, Mercury!Andrew: Huh?Robyn: I'll explain later! So are you really going to start asking questions, or are you going to fight!? (She charges into the fight, and Andrew nods accepting what's happening, and helps)Jesse: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (Jesse starts getting carried away by his leg from the flying Null) The next one that grabs me is going to get shot! (He dials his morpher and uses his whip to lasso the Null's neck, and pull it down, letting him go)Uria: Ah! (He starts skydiving towards the city, but instead decides to land on one of these flying Null creatures and collide into its brethren) I still hate dead things!*Shrine*Darkzgul: AGH!! AGH!! (Darkzgul gets blasted by Taiga's fire and ice arrows) HA!! (He holds out his hand to him, and blasts him off the shrine)Taiga: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (He lands on a pillar down) Ngh... (Darkzgul lands before Kamryn next)Darkzgul: HA!! (He goes to attack)Alces: HA!! (Melina however landed on top of Darkzgul's back, sticking an arrow in him...and kicking him into the pit below, defeated)Darkzgul: AAAAHHHH!!!! (Meanwhile, Barbatos faces Rador)Rador: Father, don't do-- (Barbatos spews fire at his son) AAHH!! (Rador steps back from the dark flames, stronger than Rador's own fire, and falls on his back) AGH!!Caleb: No! Rador! (Barbatos looks up to Caleb on another pillar, and Barbatos spews fireballs at him) AAHH!! (He falls back hiding from the fire) *Pant* *Pant* Huh? (He glances down to a pillar, and finds the three broken pieces of the seal) Aha! (Caleb gets to his feet, and dials his morpher with a grin)Ingvar: Yeah! (He begins leaping from pillar to pillar with Barbatos on his tail as he soars around)Barbatos: Rrgh! (He shoots fire pellets from his trident, but Caleb dodges the fire as he keeps running for the pieces)Rador: Ngh... (He sits up rubbing his head, and a hand reaches down to him) Huh? (He looks up to who offers their hand)Tristan: You okay? (Rador grins and takes his hand)Rador: Seems Mercury came through for you after all.Tristan: Yeah. Try not to remind me.Rador: Man, there's no way your friends are going to last long. Not like this.Tristan: No, they're not. Although...Rador: Hm? (Tristan gets out his phone, and has his finger over his screen, showing a big button on the screen, and taps it) What's that?Tristan: Call your motorcycle. We gotta make a stop very soon. (Rador grins with a whistle... meanwhile, Barbatos soars for a leaping Caleb, who actually made it to the broken seal pieces, and he dives for them, and grabs them)Barbatos: What are you doing!? (Caleb picks up the pieces, and tries to reconnect them) NOO!!Ingvar: Come on...! (He shuts his eyes...and the Legend element glows around him, and he merges the pieces back together) STOP!! (He holds out the seal...and Barbatos soaring for him stops directly in front of Caleb)Barbatos: Impossible! The seal cannot be fixed! How... How is it working!? (He cowers back)Ingvar: Because I'm a Legend, asshole! Okay, Barbatos! You're going to stop the Null invasion, and make everything normal again! You're new boss, Caleb, commands you! (Barbatos clings to his trident, cowering) I must...obey! (He drops the trident, and raises his hands...and the cavern starts to shake, and Kamryn, Melina, and Taiga are at the pentagram...and Kamryn remembers something Cruger once said)Cruger: In Nil, look towards the Legend. (Kamryn glances at the pentagram)Kamryn: I get it now. Caleb! Force Barbatos to open up a portal back to Nugatory! Hurry!Caleb: You heard her, Devil! Open up that portal now!Barbatos: my Lord! (Struggling to disobey, and Barbatos floats up and aims his trident at the pentagram, and the others notice a portal open up into the pentagram...and Barbatos starts getting pulled in) Ngh! Ngh! Agh! (He grabs onto the sides of the portal, trying to pull himself back up...but then Darkzgul jumps onto him) Son!?Darkzgul: We do not belong here, Devil!Barbatos: You too...? (Barbatos' eyes glow purple with a dark rage, and they fall into the portal) AAAGGGHHH!!! (The portal to Nugatory begins to close with Kamryn, Caleb, Melina, and Taiga watching... and the shrine goes back to normal with the pentagram as its portal shuts)*Resistance HQ*(Rador rides into the garage with Tristan riding behind him, and they park as Rador follows Tristan into the HQ, and into his office)Rador: What the hell!? We came here so we could just hide!?Tristan: No. Give me a second. (Tristan starts rummaging through some drawers) Come on, where did I put it?Rador: Put what? What is it you're so concerned about here when your whole city is under attack!? (Tristan gets out a briefcase, and puts it on the desk)Tristan: All right. (He opens the briefcase, and looks at it with a sigh) *Sigh*Rador: Well, what's so important here? Don't tell me it was all for not--huh? (He catches something Tristan tossed to him, and Tristan goes to leave, but glances at him first)Tristan: You wanna help so bad? (He pats his shoulder) Then get ready. (He leaves, and Rador looks at what Tristan handed him)Rador: You for real? (Tristan was already heading back towards the garage) Bro, this is going to rock... literally.*Shrine*All: Phew...Taiga: It is done.Melina: Yeah.Caleb: I thought the Devil had a little more in him than that. (Kamryn's phone goes off, and she answers)Kamryn: Dani?Dani: Kamryn!!Kamryn: Dani! What's wrong!?*New Tech City*(The Null didn't stop invading, in fact...their numbers grew, and more ferocious types started attacking the flaming city)Dani: AGH!! (Dani falls on her back as a Null attempts to bite her, and she tries to push it off) We can't hold them off any longer!Sami: AH!! (Sami reverts back as she collides into a brick wall) Ngh...Andrew: Come on! I'll take you all out! (He backs up to a boarded window, as he grabs a lead pipe) I'm not gonna give up!Jesse: Crap! (Jesse in the sky gets knocked down to a building, and the bird Null start flying down and striking, and pecking at him) AW!! AW!!Mercury: UNF!! (Mercury fighting one of the godzilla Nulls gets palmed onto a building, and is held there) *Pant* *Pant*Dani: Kamryn...! We're...we're not gonna-- (All of a sudden, the Null gets knocked off of Dani) *Pant* *Pant* *Gasp* (She looks up to who helped her)Delirious: Oh, hey!Dani: D-Delirious!? What are you...? (Vanoss lands beside him with a grin)Vanoss: Hey, Dani! So, we happened to be playing video games earlier, but now we're here to save the world! You mind if we all help?Dani: We all...? (A spotlight shines down from a massive helicarrier, and out the side is Bishop & Fampira)Fampira: So, glad we could use an army to help for once!Bishop: I'm here because I swore an oath to protect the galaxy...Earth is part of that galaxy.Fampira: Let's fuck shit up. (She jumps out as a swarm of bats)Bishop: Pan Galactic Alliance...move out!! (The helicarrier lands, and the doors open as species from all around the universe are here from the P.G.A. army to assist, and they all come out in tanks, walkers, and choppers)Jesse: Need...some help...! (Jesse getting attacked by the birds, notices a figure slash through them fast, killing them) Wha...? (He looks up, to find a Wolfkami sliced through them, and turns to them with a smile)Rokku: We heard you needed some assistance, Jesse-san!???: GRAH!! (Jesse watches as a giant hammer clubs down a Null)Octimus: And we could not decline the invitation to fight.Jesse: Rokku, Octimus!? Y-You're here!????: And others too! (Jesse looks up, and Kassi floats out of a time window)Kassi: I brought some more friends! (She conjures up two more windows, and they appear down to Sami being dragged around by the Null's teeth)Sami: AH!! AH!! (Out one of the windows comes a monstrous hand that grabs one of the Null who drops Sami) Unf!???: Sami...must help! (Sami looks up as Frank enters from the window)Frank: Friends!Sami: Frank!????: ROAR!! (w'Olf leaps out from the window and attacks a Null creeping behind Sami)Sami: w'Olf, too!? (w'Olf grins)w'Olf: Rezisto...Mercury: Huh? (She looks up to a notice a star blink in the fiery sky, and a space ship zooms straight for the behemoth holding her) Who...? (The ship fires down at the behemoth, and the behemoth getting hit drops Mercury, and she falls) *Gasp* AAAAAHHH--Umph! (She lands on the flying ship, and Mercury glances inside as it flies)Flynn: It is an honor to fight alongside the Resistance once again! (Quorra looks up to Mercury with a fist over her chest where her heart is)Quorra: We live to fight with our allies! (Mercury smiles as she leaps to another building, and Quorra & Flynn continue to attack the giant beast)Andrew: Shit! (A Null bites off a chunk of the pipe, then headlights suddenly start appearing from the side) Huh!? (The sound of a car honking its horn is heard, and Andrew finds a familiar Impala zooming right into the Null surrounding him) Reinforcements! YES!! (The car stops beside Andrew, and a Winchester rolls down the window with a cocky grin)Dean: Can't leave you kids alone for a minute! (Castiel & Crowley exit the Impala and Null charge for them)Crowley: Ello, boys. (Crowley's mouth opens up, and his smoke carries some Null away)Castiel: Null...some nasty abominations for sure. (He grabs the Null's face, and smites it) Hmph! (He drops it)Andrew: The hell are you all doing here!? (Sam on the passenger side pokes out through the window with a shotgun, and shoots the Null above Andrew)Sam: Your very persuasive. (He taps the roof of the car, and Dean drives as Sam shoots the Null)Andrew: Brother? (The sound of a motorcyle can be heard, and Andrew, Jesse, Sami, Dani, and Mercury are together as they watch Rador ride in with a grin...and the Resistance Commander riding behind him leaps off the bike, morphing midair, and using his chainblades as he twirls upside down, slicing down the Null, landing up on a hill of debris and looking down to his friends)Darmith: Need some help? (They all look up to him with extreme joy)Sami: *Gasp*Dani: Tristan!!Jesse: Haha!!Andrew: Brother!! (Tristan slides down to them reverting back, and Dani was the first to leap onto him in tears)Dani: *Sob* *Sob*Jesse: It's good to see you! (Patting his back)Sami: You just had to make an entrance! (Punching his arm)Mercury: Way to go. (Putting her hand on his shoulder)Andrew: Tristan, I... (He shakes his head, and Tristan drops Dani...and Andrew hides back tears) I'm sorry. I messed up... I--Tristan: Another time. (He holds out his hand, and Andrew looks to him, and nods)Andrew: Right. (He grabs his hand as they shake as brothers)Tristan: Where are the others?Sami: They're underground. That's where they're facing--Tristan: Barbatos, I know about the situation.Dani: You do? How? (Tristan looks back to Rador, skidding to a stop in front of them)Tristan: He helped me. Rador found me, and...Mercury. (They all glance to Robyn, who nods nervously)Jesse, Sami, Dani: Mercury!?Mercury: It's a long story.Tristan: And there's more to tell, but first we gotta go help the others.Andrew: What about the Null?Tristan: I think our other Resistance Fighters can take care of that. (Sami looks towards the city noticing all their friends)Sami: Resistance worked!Tristan: It did. Now that our friends are by our side, we can finish our business with the Devil down below while they cover for us.Jesse: Sounds good to me. (He elbows Tristan already heading for the shrine) Let's go give the Devil a warm welcome.Sami: It's good to have you back...Commander. (She follows Jesse)Dani: *Sigh* (Looking to all their friends fighting, and follows) Let's not let their courage be for nothing. (She follows Sami)Rador: My father and I were going to watch the world change together... I always imagined he'd picture Hell on Earth. Now, I'm going to make sure the world changes...for the better. (He follows Dani)Mercury: I'm going to stay here, and do what I can to help your allies. It's what Robyn would've wanted. (Mercury turns the opposite direction and runs into the city)Andrew: Tristan? (Tristan turns to Andrew)Tristan: Hm?Andrew: You need to know...about what happened while you were away.Tristan: I already know. (Andrew looks up shocked)Andrew: You do?Tristan: Rador didn't have to be around to see what was happening...and I didn't either.Andrew: I... (He looks down)Tristan: I've made mistakes too, brother. I've made a sacrifice just to be here with you all now.Andrew: Hm?Tristan: Something I could never do to hurt the one I love. But I learned, I had to hurt her just to be with her once more. But, let me ask you something. How many times is it now that you've hurt me just to please yourself? (Andrew shuts his eyes)Andrew: Let me make this right. I...I'm still trying to find my place in this world. And...I want to find it in a world where I'm done screwing up my family's lives. I promise...I will make this right.Tristan: Yeah... How many times have I heard that story? (Andrew looks shocked, and Tristan walks away from his brother...and Andrew reaches out for him, but looks down, and follows far behind)*Shrine*(Kamryn, Caleb, Melina, and Taiga glance at each other as Kamryn tries calling her friends)Kamryn: Come on, pick up!Melina: They're not gonna pick up, Kam. Look, Barbatos is back where he belongs. Now, let's go put the Null back where they belong. (Kamryn looks back at the pentagram, it was not opening)Kamryn: Okay.Caleb: Come on. Let's go help the others. (Caleb starts to leave, and the others follow as they walk down the stairs)Taiga: Why didn't Barbatos cease the Null invasion, Caleb? I thought you ordered him to do so! (Angered at him as they walk down the stairs)Caleb: Hold on, tiger-brain! I just ordered the damn Devil himself back to Hell within Nugatory! If you hadn't summoned him in the first place, we wouldn't be here at all! So, either you're going to help us, or we're gonna make sure you join Spike down that pit. Got it!? (Taiga gets in his face)Taiga: Want to give that a try, boy?Melina: Enough! (Separating the two) We all want to stop the Devil's schemes, don't we? So how about we don't argue about it, and get a move on! (She continues ahead, and they agree to have a temporary truce)Caleb: I still don't think we should work with the cult leader himself.Kamryn: All right. We get back to the surface, find the others, and then we-- (Suddenly, a flame sprouts out from behind them, from the pentagram)All: AAAAHHHH!!!! (They all shield themselves from the heat wave it gives off, and they glance back towards the pentagram...and a hand erupts from the pentagram)Taiga: Oh no...Caleb: Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding!! (They all Barbatos steps back out of the pentagram, enraged)Barbatos: Did you really believe you could stop me!?Kamryn: Caleb...! (Caleb looks at the seal in his hand, and holds it out)Caleb: I command you to stop! (Barbatos...doesn't break stride as he furiously walks towards them) Uh, I command you...? (Barbatos stands over them all) stop...please? (Barbatos grabs the seal from his hand) *Gasp* (Barbatos then ignites it into ash, and drops it over his feet) Oh shit...Barbatos: I have laid waste to thousands of Legends, hundreds of vessels, and yet out of all of them... (The Resistance & Taiga back away afraid) I have never wanted to see children suffer such as you! (He raises his staff, and taps the ground with it, causing flames to surround the cavern) And now...Oghma is going to watch another pair of Legends fall. (The Resistance looks confused)Kamryn: Oghma?Caleb: Who?Barbatos: Rrgh...???: Hey! (Barbatos looks up, and a familiar rock hammer is hurled at him, but Barbatos smacks the heaving weapon away)Barbatos: Son...? (Barbatos looks up to a morphed Rador, a form that has been long forgotten)Atum: Like the new look? A little earthy for my taste...but it was the only DNAnalyzer open for purchase at the shop!Barbatos: *Growl*Tristan: Barbatos! (Barbatos finds the other half of the team above) Stop this! You're finished! (Kamryn, Caleb, and Melina look up to Tristan)Caleb: Bro!!Melina: About time!! (The half that showed up, jump down from the nook and land beside their friends)Kamryn: T-Tristan...? (Tristan approaches Kamryn, and Kamryn stutters, not believing her eyes)Tristan: You okay? (Kamryn reaches for him)Kamryn: Is it really you? (Tristan grabs her hand) *Gasp* (She clenches his hand, and tears stream) *Sob* *Sob*Barbatos: brother has finally arrived. Oghma, I see you wish to hide your face in another leader. Come out, and face me once again...before I have to make you watch your children bleed after I'm finished with them.Andrew: Don't know who or what you're talking about, prick!Jesse: So how about we cut to the part where we fight, and I'll make sure those horns of yours go someplace where they shouldn't! (Barbatos grins)Barbatos: You haven't told them, brother. So much like you to hide, and let the children face me as always. I see how this will end, just like the many children before these.Taiga: *Growl* I will send you back to Nugatory myself, Devil! (Barbatos takes some steps back)Barbatos: Come, Legends! (He spreads his arms) There'll be no rest, there'll be no love! (Andrew grits his teeth) There'll be no Legend in the end who will rise above! (Jesse clenches his fist) And when it ends, the good will crawl! (Dani shakes violently) The shining light will sink in darkness! (Melina pants in a rage) Victory for hate incarnate! (Kamryn's heart beats intensely) Misery and pain for all...when you fall! (The Resistance morphs, stands for a good second, then charges together alongside Taiga to fight for what they love...then they narrate as it shifts up to the city, then up to the fiery sky)Resistance: And on that night, the Null prevailed...and the Legend expired.*The Apocalypse*
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broken crown i guess
Polaris arc
•    Beginning: damon is a new apprentice/alice dies
• Middle:
o Scar
o End chapter 1
o Rift, sam’s death
o Fantasy chicken little
o Lightning strike/explosion
o End chapter 2
o Dream damon portion
 Basically him in the in-between
 Talking about death as a concept
 Searching for the cosmic realm
 A lot of dialogue basically
 Ends with him breaking into the cosmic realm
 Maybe flashes of past dream squad/ they
 Maybe steven universe pink diamond mirror break thing for final page
o End chapter 3
o Everyone is freaking out
o The sky is fixed for some reason
o Damon kills damon
 Literally serana and john are talking
 Damon doesn’t feel well
 panic
o Dream damon reveal
o Fight thing
 damon is an asshole
 serana and john both get really hurt
 serana possibly loses an arm
 we going to be pulling some fighting cats starclan shit
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Magical Memories||Chapter Six (DantexPlusSize!OC)
A/N: Eyyy the next chapter of this story! I'm actually enjoying this story very much and I hope y'all are too! Also, trigger warnings for this chapter: choking, stabbing, arms getting chopped off, and also a wolf is in this chapter. Sadly no waffles were made, but maybe next chapter they'll have waffles so enjoy, y'all! Dante flopped on the bed, making her laugh again as he rolled on his side, propping his head on his head. “Come on,” he said, patting her side of the bed. “Get in. I’m watching you all night, so you won’t escape me.” He watched her as she sat down and got comfortable on the bed, stretching her legs before he wrapped his arms around her, making her squeak. “You really must want your payment of waffles,” Brittany said with a chuckle as she curled up next to him, resting her head on his chest as she opened the book. “You’re really gonna watch me all night while I sleep?”“Isn’t that what you hired me for?” She opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it and nodded. “But I like waking up and seeing you sleep like a cute little baby.” “I’m not a cute baby when I sleep.”“Yes you are,” Brittany cooed as she pecked his lips. “Now shush and do your job. Unless you wanna help me, Ron and Hermoine go through the Chamber of Secrets to save Ginny?” she offered, picking up the book. “Oh, and also help-“ but anything else she was going to say was cut off when Dante leaned down and kissed her gently, slipping a hand behind her head. The book slipped from her hand as she kissed him back, pulling him on top of her. Brittany pushed his jacket off, and he helped her, tossing it on the ground before he went back to kissing her again. Their breaths started to hitch as she helped him take off his shirt and vest, throwing it on the floor next to his coat. Her fingers slipped in his hair and gripped it, making him softly hiss. “We-babe, we can’t,” Dante pulled back, shaking his head. God knows he wanted to, but the full moon and the ritual to get her memories back kept dancing in his head. “I don’t want to make love to you like this, not when you don’t remember everything about us. I’m sorry.”Brittany nodded slowly, understanding. “It’s okay,” she told him softly, hating that they couldn’t go further. “How about we just sit here, I’ll read till I go to sleep?” she told him, picking up the book again. “But don’t…don’t put your shirt back on. Please?” she asked. “I like it when you…hold me. Shirtless.” Her cheeks flushed red as she said it, making him chuckle as Dante nodded and rolled back to his side and pulled her into his arms. “Okay, now I’m back on the job-no distractions,” he said with a chuckle as she smiled at him and kissed him on his cheek before she started to read. It was around one in the morning when she finally fell asleep in his arms, the book nearly falling out of her hands again. Chuckling, he took the book from her hand and slipped the bookmark in it. He placed it on the nightstand and shut off the lamplight so he could watch her sleep. Her lips were pursed, and her chest was moving, her hands twitching every once in a while. She looked so peaceful as she slept in his arms, and he wanted to keep her like that, a sleeping, peaceful, angel, protecting her from every single thing that wanted to harm her. Just seeing her sleep and leaving him alone, Dante let his mind wonder to the annoying demon that seemed to be hellbent of making his life a living hell. What did the little turd wanted when he stole her powers to open the Demon World? If he wanted to make Brittany suffer, he did a helluva job doing it, stealing her memories and magic so she wouldn’t remember, rendering her a human. Once she was a badass witch-hell, she nearly melted Vergil’s brain when he brought back that stupid tower, and when Trish betrayed them both. She just grabbed her head and then blood started pouring out of her eyes, eyes so cold that she didn’t even finish, just dropped them both when Dante told her to stop. He knew she was that damned powerful, so why did he want her magic so much? Even Dennis said it-demons are afraid of her and what she could do. Was the demon that afraid of her that he wanted to eliminate her that much? Just kill her one day and leave him-“No.”Her whisper snapped him out of his thoughts as she stirred once and turned on her side, falling back into a deep sleep. Dante smirked as he stroked her shoulder gently with his knuckles, watching her lips twitch for a moment. “What’s goin’ on in that beautiful mind of yours…” he whispered as he watched her small hand slip into his, lacing them together. “Don’t let me go, Dante.” She whispered again before sighing again. “Just don’t…let me go…”Dante sighed at her words, reaching up and pulling her hair back so his breath can tickle her ear. “I’ll tell you a thousand times, babe, if you want me too. I’ll never let you go-not in a million years.” He whispered before kissing her cheek and closing his eyes. The next morning, he opened his eyes and looked down to see Brittany’s sleeping face. She looked like she went through a couple world wars, a lion, and then Hell, but she looked beautiful nonetheless. He gently kissed her lips and watched her stir, twitching once and eyes furrowing before she sleepily blinked. “Good morning, babe,” Dante said, leaning down and gently kissing her. She kissed him back, her body instantly reacting as she turned to him, placing her small hands on his face, holding him there. Dante hmmmed in the kiss as he explored her mouth, finding himself back in the position they were in last night. “Please?” she whimpered softly against his lips, moving her hands along his back. “Touch me, Dante…”He broke the kiss and placed soft kisses along her neck, gently nipping her neck while slowly licking her neck. Dante heard her moan softly as he felt her wrap her legs around him, and he stopped. “I can’t,” he said softly, pulling back. “I want to touch you, and hold you, and make you feel fantastic, but not until I get all of your memories back.” Brittany pouted, but nodded again, understanding. “I know,” she said quietly with a soft smile before she heard glass breaking downstairs. She froze in place as a wash of fear took over her. “Dan-“ she started to say before she saw him break away from her, grabbing his weapons and reaching for the door. “Stay right here,” he told her as he opened the door. “I’ll be right back, okay?” “O…okay…” she said softly as he walked out the door. Dante walked towards the edge of the steps to find three ice demons tearing up the shop, mumbling in a weird language that he really couldn’t understand. He caught some of the words they were saying in Infernal, the language Brittany oddly picked up years ago. Dante caught the words “book of shadows”, “that damned witch” and his personal favorite, “that half-breed bastard”. What would three demons want with her Book of Shadows? She’d hidden it very well-not even he knew where it was. “Y’Know, if you’re looking for me, you’re looking in the wrong spot.” Dante said, finally coming out of his hiding spot, pointing his guns at them, a devilish grin on his face.The three ice demons turned around when they heard his voice, pulling back their teeth to reveal their shark-like fangs. They had light blue horns on their heads, along with leathery wings, and sinewy tails that swished on the ground when they looked at him. They let out a screech and started flapping their wings, drawing their weapons, talking in that weird language of theirs. “What was that?” Dante asked playfully, preparing himself. “You’re all gonna die? That’s what you said?” ***Brittany laid there in the bed, covering her mouth so no one could hear her. She could hear the fighting downstairs, the gunshots and the demons screaming floating up the stairs. Do demons always crash their home like that? Why didn’t he have a security system? She was so scared that she prayed to all the gods that she knew that Dante was going to be okay. “Please be okay, my love,” she whispered before she heard someone chuckling. She sat up and saw Sid perched on the edge of the bed. Her hand started to shake as she stared at him, her eyes going to the door, thinking about running. “Now I can finally kill you,” he cooed as she started to feel herself go into a fight or flight mode, deciding if she wanted to either try and fight him, or listen to Dante and stay in bed and wait for him. Sid watched her eyes go to the door, grinning as she tried to make a decision. To run to Dante, her savior, or try to fight him off. “What’s wrong, witch?” he asked, chuckling again. “You want to scream for him, don’t you? To tell him to come get the poor, weak little human that’s going to die soon? He won’t come for you-the demon Lord Mephistopheles sent them here to steal your spell book so you can finally feel useless.” Brittany’s eyes widened at the mention of the demon lord, but before she could even scream, he was sitting on her chest, his clawed hands around her neck, choking her. She gasped as she started to struggle, her eyes flickering to the door again, reaching for it. “Dante-“ Brittany squeaked out. The door felt inches away, and her vision started to fade. “Dante…come get-“ she started to choke out, the only thing she could get out as she struggled to breathe as she heard Sid’s laughter in her ears. ***Cutting down the first ice demon in front of him, he stopped once when heard that irritating demon’s laughter. “Shit,” he said, cursing as he blocked a jabbing spear and sliced the demon’s arm off. The ice demon howled in pain as he grabbed the now stump on his arm, backing up. He really didn’t have time to do both, so he sliced down the demon easily, hearing it scream in agony while going upstairs to check on Brittany. ***Sid kept laughing as he felt her life draining away from her, squeaking out Dante’s name as she tried to fight him off. “That’s it…” he cooed before he was blasted off of her. He fell on his ass and shook his head, looking up to a pair of golden eyes…that was on a huge black wolf, who was snarling and growling at him. “She was almost dead…why did you stop me?’ he asked weakly while he heard her coughing and catching her breath. The wolf snapped his teeth at him as a response, taking one step towards him. His teeth pulled back to reveal sharp teeth, and he lunged at him before Brittany screamed at him to stop. “Please…d-don’t hurt him yet…” she said, slowly reaching for the black wolf. There was something about that wolf that was nagging at her, telling her that she knew this wolf, knew that it was here, protecting her. “He’ll get his…I swear…but don’t hurt him yet…he has it…he has my magic…”Confused, the wolf shook his head before turning back to Sid…but he was gone. “You can keep your miserable life this time, girl,” Sid’s voice snarled as he disappeared. Her stomach started twisting in knots as she reached out and petted the huge wolf-for comfort or what she didn’t know. “Next time, I will kill you.”Hearing the threat made her gasp softly, her hand twitching on the wolf’s fur. Brittany closed her eyes as she felt a panic attack starting-her heart racing, her hands going numb, getting difficult to breathe-and she didn’t want to think about that-not when she felt the wolf licked her hand before disappearing, and Dante appeared in the doorway. “I didn’t move…I promise…” she whispered as she looked down and noticed that the black wolf was gone. “He came in somehow…and tried to-“ Brittany looked up at Dante, fear in her eyes as she tried to finish the statement, but was cut off when a spear was shoved through his chest, screaming fearfully as he sank down to his knees in front of her, falling down flat on his face. “, no, no, no, no please, not again…” she whispered as she reached for the spear and tried to yank it out of him. “Please wake up,” she whispered, not seeing the ice demon coming towards her, grabbing her by the neck and hoisting her up. “I found the witch!” it said in Infernal. “I found her, I found her! Lord Mephistopheles would be pleased when I bring her back!” His clawed hand dug into her neck, making Brittany gasp in pain as she struggled in the demon’s grasp. She reached for the hilt of the spear, her fingertips grazing it as the demon chuckled. Brittany gasped in pain again when the sharp claws dug into her neck, her hand slacking. “Wake up,” she softly begged. “Wake up, Dante..please wake-“ The black wolf came back again, digging it’s jaws into the demon’s arm. The demon screamed in agony as he dropped her on the floor. Brittany coughed and took a deep breath before crawling up to the spear sticking out of Dante’s back. She didn’t want to see the fighting the wolf was having with the demon, but she could hear it as the demon and the wolf tumbled out of the room. She gripped it and started to wiggle it out of him. She tugged and tugged, tears burning in her eyes as she felt it loosen for a moment before it started to move on it’s own. She snatched her hand back as she saw her husband get up slowly, cursing softly as he reached back and pulled the demonic spear out of his back. “Wha…how…you’re hurt!” Brittany looked down at his chest and gasped when the wound started to heal on it’s own. “How are you…”“Babe…you don’t remember what I am, do you?” Dante asked slowly, reaching for her. He waited for her to pull back from him, to flinch. But she didn’t as she kept touching the now healed-up wound, her eyes lit up in wonder. “The wolf,” she whispered softly. “Don’t hurt the wolf, please? It was protecting me like it knew me somehow.” He nodded and kissed her forehead. “I won’t hurt the wolf,” Dante promised her. “And I’ll be right back, okay?”“Okay,” she said with a nod as she watched him run back downstairs.
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Renladdin Part 14
Part 14
Ren: *outside the palace* Sultan? They want me to be Sultan? *removes his hat*
Ace: *comes out of the lamp* Kooky! You’re gonna be in charge of this place? And it’s all thanks to my marvelous, magic makeover? Oh yeah! I am good! Can you feel it? Who’s the greatest genie? I’m the greatest genie! *becomes a one-man band and plays music*
Ren: *walks away sadly*
Ace: *sees him, stops playing* *zips in front of him* Ren Hoek! *holds his hands up like a camera* You’ve just won the heart of the princess, what are you gonna do next?
Ren: *ignores him, collapses on a pillow* *sighs*
Spike: *watching through the window with the carpet*
Ace: *holding a script* *whispering* Psst! Your line is “I’m going to free Ace Ventura, the genie!” …Anytime.
Ren: Ace…I can’t…
Ace: Sure you can! All you gotta do is move your lips and say: *moves Ren’s lips* “Ace old pal, I wish you free!”
Ren: *shoves him off* I
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ZBattles - Mario VS Sonic by Zees-Library ZBattles - Mario VS Sonic :iconzees-library:Zees-Library 0 0
Don't read this
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NCH: Drunk and Disorderly [RP] by tisea NCH: Drunk and Disorderly [RP] :icontisea:tisea 2 1
Retelling Goldilocks and the three bears
Goldilocks is not the harmless little girl you think, she's actually a straight up thieve. She been breaking into houses for years stealing things of value and selling them for cash. In a cave three bears are eating a breakfast of porridge, after they are finished mama bear suggest they go get some blue berries and honey for dessert. Papa bear agrees and they go to get some he pushes a large boulder in front of the entrance so no one can get in and they go to get some berries and honey. Goldilocks watches from the bushes as the bears leave and decides to break in, she tries to move the boulder but it won't budge so she looks for another way in. She finds a window and breaks through it, she begins to ransack the place to find anything of value. She looks all over the cave but couldn't find anything and begins to get frustrated. The three bears are on there way home and Goldilocks hears noises outside. Papa bear moves the boulder away from the entrance, she sees them arrive and she goes
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Tales of the LMS: Part I
Tales of the LMS: Part I
Character Basis’s:
Gasket (British Rail Class 11)
Fizzy (LMS 3F "Jinty" Class)
Thunder (LMS Jubilee Class 5690 Leander)
Rotor (LMS Pioneer Diesel No.10,000)
And maybe some other engines might appear in this part… idk :|
It was an early morning at the LMS Sheds, and the engines were still asleep… except one.
“Rise and shine Gasket!” yelled a driver. “I’m up!” replied Gasket. “Geez, I’ve been doing that for a while now and you still get all scared and surprised…” said his driver. “Yeah, whatever… now what do I need to do this morning?” asked Gasket. “We’ve gotta shunt Thunder’s coaches to the station, seems like we aren’t going to be shunting trucks today.” replied his driver.
“I still don’t understand why that arrogant steam engine can’t get his own coaches, after all… they’re HIS coaches!” said Gasket, very
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The Magic Inside the Balloon: Two Acaras Soar
(Roo Island.)
WILLIAM the Striped Shoyru was giving away balloons to the children on the island. He was humming “Nowhere to Go But Up” as he gave away balloons.)
William: And what color balloon would you like?
Usul Child: Purple, please!
William: One purple balloon, coming right up! (He picks out a purple balloon from the bunch of balloons and hands it to the child.) Here you go, dear!
Usul Child: Thank you!
(Enter TANYA the Baby Acara and FRANCINE the Blue Acara.)
Tanya: Look, Francine! It’s the balloon man!
Francine: Wanna get a balloon?
Tanya: Yeah!
(The two Acaras walk up to the balloon cart.)
William: And what color balloon would you like?
Tanya: Yellow, please!
William: Coming right up, young miss! (He picks out a yellow balloon while whistling “Nowhere to Go But Up” and hands it to TANYA.) Here you go!
Tanya: T
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Contagion Angels- sample script
Issue #1
By J. Sowder
PAGE ONE (two panels)
Panel one.  EXTERIOR.  NIGHT. Establishing shot -we      see a dilapidated two-story house located in a heavily wooded area.  
The house has fallen into a state of disrepair.  Vines form a twisted maze along both sides of the structure, reaching like tentacles towards a demolished roof.  
Graffiti covers the lower facade of the derelict.  A large, bright red seal or sigil has been drawn near the center of the house.  The seal stands out from the rest of the graffiti and will appear elsewhere in our story later. It is a symbol to protect individuals against magical attacks.  
The shadowy form of a man can be seen peering out an open window from the second floor.  His name is NICK.  He is a sorcerer. We see him more clearly in the next panel.
1. NICK:    It's too quiet out there.    
Panel two.  INTERIOR.  A sliver of moonlight illumi
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Vampire Kingdom 2
They would walk up to the glowing pool of white water that sparkled as Howler walked closer her power energy grew and they sat down, Howler sat in the water not getting soaking wet. Ace sat behind his sister smiling and having his visor over his eyes as he usually did so. As they sat in silence they heard footsteps coming to the tunell they were in and walked through the entrance was Comet, the middle brother. Hed smile at his sister brightly happy to see his siblings once again. Howler stood out of the water and got out walking over to Comet. He flinched as she hugged him tightly. Shed let go and look back at Ace and sigh “why did you two leave me alone for so long…” shed speak out to them and her eyes filling up with tears remembering how scared she was when she awoke and found both of them were gone “I thought mother and father were alive and caught you or someone took you both!” Ace looked at her not showing any emotion as he always did and Comet tried
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Vampire Kingdom 1
Howler looks around seeing a boy with white and black hair in the room she's never been allowed to go inside of. Her parents have a gun pointed at the 10 year olds head. Shed leap out of the door in her wolf form taking the shot. As the gunshot is heard in her head and gasps waking up by the campfire with Death and Chelly panting hard. Chelly would tilt her head up and look over “Howler you ok…?” shed ask softly to not disturb her friend whos sleeping, Howler nodded “yes im ok.. Just a nightmare.” shed say low with a bit of fear in her voice. Chelly still looked at her friend concerned for her and laid her head back down in the grass trying to head back to sleep. Death awoke and looked over adjusting his bandana around his mouth. “Yeaaa I don't think you're honestly fine” Hed look at her with a glare “Like I said… it was just a nightmare.. Nothing more.” He'd still have the glare at Howler not completely trusting her since his
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