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A Spell - TG Preg
Who knew magic was even real? Honestly. Some cute blonde with nice tits gave me this little slip of paper at the bar the other night. I vaguely remember it besides a few drunken selfies.
Not to go off on a tangent, but it wasn’t a number, it was… a spell? God, that sounds ridiculous but so is suddenly growing a pair of jugs on your chest. That was a few hours ago? Shit I don’t even know to be honest.
Wanna know what’s worse? My cock’s gone. Yep. Friggin’ thing is gone and I have a woman’s pussy. I know, I sound really calm but trust me when I say I’ve been freaking the fuck out all morning.
The tip of this whole shitty situation is, well besides now being a woman, no offense ladies, but I look like I’m pregnant! Yeah. You heard me. P R E G N A N T.
I just need to wake up… I’m in some lucid/drunk fueled dream and… I need to run to Target and get diapers. Haha what? What the fuck?
Fuck. What’s happening
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Strange World- Beach Vacation
Amber languished on her beach towel, soaking in the final rays of the day. Waves swooshed and churned in front of her accompanied by the occasional cry of a seagull. The chorus of people around her had diminished as the day approached its end. Now at the end of the day, their ruckus had faded into only the slight murmurs as the last beach-goers packed up their things and headed for their homes. The bikini-clad woman enjoyed these final few moments the most, a fitting end to her vacation.
Two buzzes against the small of her back jolted her out of her relaxed state. She sighed as she opened her eyes. She was greeted with a muted-view of the world through her sunglasses, the puffy clouds above her shadows crossing a bronze sky. Her world brightened slightly once she removed them, but it was clear the day was receding. Pushing herself up, she looked out across the deep blue ocean before her. Gentle waves licked the coastline, rolling and receding rhythmically. A bittersweet smile c
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DWOAH: Augus vs Vegeta
Deadliest warriors of all history
Augus vs Vegeta
Fight for it is in your blood!
Augus info:
Height: 7 foot 8
Weight: 900lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Wailing Dark
Strengths: Is one of the most powerful of the Seven Deity’s in the Asura’s Wrath universe, Is ageless, Trained both Asura and Yasha, Godlike strength (Able to match Asura’s, His fight with Asura tore the moon apart with the force of their blows), Godlike durability (Can toe to toe with Asura near effortlessly tanking every blow given), Godlike speed in both movement and combat (Can keep up with the likes of Asura effortlessly and was able to block a barrage of six armed punches from his former student with only his two arms), Can survive the vacuum of space, Wailing Dark can extend thousands of miles in length and is powerful enough to pierce planets, Has mastered hand to hand combat to the point that he will only ever draw Wailing Dark on opponents that he deems truly worthy.
Weaknesses: Despite his actions and
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Untitled (Title Pending) - Part 4
Luciana had used the excuse of holing herself up in her wagon to study spells for the past few months in order to hide the fact that she had been meeting Agnolo, a guard from the city. She could hear the chanting of the evening prayer as she raced out of the boundaries of the encampment.
“We thank Gaia, mother of all mortal creatures, for her protection this day, for the magic she blesses us with as her chosen children. We thank Dante, judge of all, for the stay of his judgment for another day. We thank Valentina and Sergio for their gift of love, and also the gifts of sunrise and sunset from  Aelius and Luna. We ask the Gods and Goddesses to grant us all another day of their blessings.”
As the chants faded, she felt a tightening in her chest that she knew was different from the effect of running. But before she could give it anymore thought, she came upon the meeting place and sighted Agnolo, who was sitting slumped against a large tree. She slowed down as she came ne
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FILE 28:-A Calm before Inevitable Disaster 01
(Fukahina saigai no mae no seion-不可避な災害の前の静穏)
(The Island of Silha; somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on Planet Earth, dotting around the island are a combination of Mountain-Colonel PMC, Forest Ogre PMC, Chronos Combatant Soldiers & criminal goons all patrolling sections while at a vast golden temple; Vinny Marlone, Dr Julius Mengles, Commander Sterns along with Jaune & Dr Jibes, the Mountain-Colonel & Bogumen approach the huge steps to the Temple where reclining on the stairs is The Mauler who is fast asleep with a huge sleep-bubble inflating & deflating as he snores...... Vinny raises an eyebrow as The Mauler sniggers, rubs his belly, belches & farts)
VINNY: This supposed to be Earth-Government's best weapon!? [He stops to The Mauler's left] Seams quite a different asshole from the one I busted out from that Penal Colony all those 2 years back & who bu
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F/GO: Saints and Angels can't get fat
    Chaldea was a collection of the greatest heroes and villains from all of human history, gathered together to fight against the entropy of time and space. Yet, for all of the monsters summoned from the Throne of Heroes, there was none worse than Brynhildr. 
    At least, she was if you asked Jalter.
    Ever since she'd forged a duplicate of the Lancer, some of that version's tendencies had bled over into the original. At first it had been funny to find the silver haired girl chasing after her like a lost puppy, but the Dragon Witch had found it a lot less humorous to find her looking over her bed as she slept. From there it had only gotten worse and worse, as the Valkyrie found more interesting ways to show off her love and affection to her lover, and all of Jeanne's attempts to beat it out of her only seemed to make her want it more. For once, the pale Avenger's sadism had met its match.
     Hugging the corner of the wall, pe
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.:Grimm Adventures:.
A heavy sigh escaped the raven silken prairie rook as his tusked face looked about as grim as it twisted his face into a permanent frown. The kukuri, appropriately named Grimm was accompanied by two other kukuri - a sassy azure rook with a large black spade on his back and an amber spotted rook with a darker amber tail along with eyes as black as coals. Grimm sighed as the two rooks tried to see who was the manlier of the two. Ace of Spades and Gustav were two rooks of a feather so to speak even if neither sported the same feathery accents that Grimm himself had. Both Ace and Gustav were puffing out their chests at anything with a tail that walked by before turning to growl at one another competitively. Grimm couldn’t help but roll his eyes as a heavy sigh escaped him as they continued on their way.
Strapped to the silken tailed raven prairie’s back were four travelling bags for putting the things they collected into the basket. Their handler, Jacqueline, had sent them out
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Archipielago # 3
Archipiélago, parte 3
Vigo se acercó a la puerta de la cabaña de almacenaje y notó que tenía un candado, cuestión que resolvió en un pestañeo cortando la puerta en varios trozos con su espada.
—No está mal —dijo Vigo al entrar al oscuro almacén y ver las cajas que estaban dentro—. Vamos a abrirlas.
Méndez desenvainó su espada y cortó la tapa de una caja con fuerza, revelando el contenido de ésta.
—Esto servirá por unas semanas.
Vigo a su vez revelaba el contenido de las cajas de la misma manera en la que Méndez lo había hecho.
—¿Y las especias? —intrigó Vigo mientras sacaba fruta de una de las cajas con impaciencia.
—Bueno. —Tomó Méndez una toronja de la caja que había abierto y le dio una mordida—. Creo que no era el premio mayor después de todo.
Vigo gruñó y empezó a husmear en las demás cajas, enc
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Life of a Fairy (PDF version) by Zerukin-literature Life of a Fairy (PDF version) :iconzerukin-literature:Zerukin-literature 3 0
MerMay 25th
"First one to that floating object in the distance wins, deal?"  The merman with red scales and spikey hair pumped his guns and flexed his fins.  
"Fine," the merman with dark blue fins nodded confidently.  "Cordel, count us off."
"You boys are so foolish.  That floating thing is a human ship, and not only do you NOT want to approach it-"
"Cordel?" Red asked.  "Less talky, more countdowny."
"Fine," she sighed before raising her hand.  "Three?  Two?  One?"  
The two mermen reared up and readied themselves.
Cordel threw down her hand.  "Go!"  
The two mermen sped off like they had been shot through a cannon.
"You'll regret it, dumb dumbs," she muttered to herself as she watched.
The two mermen created slipstreams behind each other as they furiously flapped their fins agressively.  As long at they continued to race, though, their destination never did seem to get any closer.
"Give up, Thorax," Red called from just ah
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Slave Prince of Samarkand 1.5 The few
A writer's game: See
Game setup: (kinda spoiler) See Below the main text
The few, the precious few
The few, the precious few that remained after the battle had gathered together under the command of Thousander1 Aristeia. Shreds of the 12th Regiment of Lancers, 123 soldiers of the Glorious Guard and a hodgepodge of men and women. Together they were not quite a thousand, badly armed and worse supplied. This was the last fighting force of the Imperial First Army, the rest were fleeing, walking in chains to a barbarian land or lay dead on the fields.
The Thousander had dispatched a rider to palace, but she knew that she might not expect help from the capital. The garrison included but the youngest and oldest of
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Weekly Prompt #2: The Storm Caller
Rain drizzled on the docks as a dozen horse-drawn cargo carriages waited nearby. Each horse was draped with a black rain sheet with a gold emblem of a flying swallow etched into their corners, the symbol of The Black Swallow Trading Company. Waiting on two of these carriages, unknown to the rest of the group, were two members of the Charlatans of the Crow- a thieves guild.
Sitting on the carriage seat was a fire devil wearing a raincoat over his shoulders and a rain hat with holes punctured in the rim for his horns. He jumped at every raindrop that penetrated the defenses and struck him on the nose. He turned his glowing yellow eyes to his companion, a heavily freckled redhead human, who was bare of any rain gear and was getting increasingly soaked as he stood in the rain. The human was too busy fawning over his honey colored Havenfaire cob to notice just about anything else. The devil gave a small, involuntary smile over the actions of his close friend before turning his eyes back to
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The Knight and the Unicorn - Chapter X (Finale)
The Knight and the Unicorn – Chapter X
Illyndria found itself in a festival mood.  Music was playing throughout the streets, feasts were held in major halls, and vendors sold wares among the people.  The town was decked in brightly-colored streamers, and everyone had put on their finest clothing for days and nights out on the town.  A unique occurrence had happened recently.  A party of men from the town of Herron had passed through the forests bringing gifts.  The people of Illyndria had scarce heard of the town of Herron but found the visitors to be quite amicable and good people.
They paid visits to three locations in particular.  They went mayor’s house extending an olive branch of friendship and trade which is what had kicked off the festival to begin with.  Next they went to the church and parsonage of Friar Jacobs for worship and meeting for the potential construction of a church in their own town.  They then visited a r
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The Master of Mankind: A Review
Warhammer has always told a story of failure. Under the Judge Dredd inspired, heavy metal steeped, bombastic cover art there is something deeper at work. Warhammer in any form is the story of the light ending. It is the story of the war being lost and the story of humans at war with their own hearts. Nowhere can this be more clearly seen than the novel Master of Mankind. Bringing the usual gore, slaughter and larger than life battles, the book stands out for being the first time in the series thirty year history that they've delved into the background and mind of one of its most important characters. 
The God Emperor of Mankind is arguably the most important character in Warhammer 40, 000. More than Sigmar in Warhammer Fantasy or Karl Franz, the God Emperor is the main driver of action in the grim, dark, gothic science fiction setting that many of us have come to know and love. Yet for the most part he's largely been a figure of mystery. His life history is either left vague by va
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Her eyes closed upon leaning in to kiss him. Not because he was horrible to look at (quite the opposite) but because it was a moment worth savoring.
   Celeste delighted in the kiss and her position as his girlfriend in a world woefully full of changes. When time permitted a date, she was glad of it – especially in these changing times. She knew him in the best ways of his humor, his charm, and his plain kindness. She had fancied not so very long ago about being married to him. If that had been possible.
   She met his pale-blue eyes. They were such a beautiful pairing to his flawless silver paint. She was lucky to know him in many ways, which made this task difficult, although that alone didn’t permit it to be procrastinated forever.
   “Harlan,” she began, her grille inches from his. “I want to talk to you about something.” His even and faultlessly gentle gaze spoke the answer but either way he said it.
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Apsm anime review: Great Teacher Onizuka (dub).
AKA, That time a high school let a ex-gang member become a teacher.

RELEASE DATE: 1999-2000
STUDIO: Studio Pierrot (Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tokyo Ghoul)
DIRECTOR: Noriyuki Abe (Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach)
Eikichi Onizuka is 22 years of age, a virgin, and a former gang member, biker and delinquent who chases skirts, can kick your ass in karate from here to Tienanmen Square, and constantly smokes and drinks. One look at him and his bleach blonde hair, and you immediately would stay away from him.
And yet, he's aiming to be the greatest teacher in history. Sure, it's really because he wants some high school nookie, and he barely has the qualifications to teach. However, he doesn't give a shit what others think. He's Eikichi Onizuka dammit, and if he's going to be a great teacher, then he's going to be one or die trying!  
Through a series of circumstances, he manages to get a teachi
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Turbo Speed: Turbo Rangers Group TF/TG/AP/MC

One time, Dylan, Black, Emma, Gray, and Timmy (their male dylanus friend), were all in Dylan, Black, and Emma's home looking for movies that were interesting to watch, but couldn't find any interesting movies. That was, until they saw a DVD of Power Rangers Turbo the Movie on one of the shelves. Dylan decided to put the movie into the DVD player and Dylan had pressed play movie on his remote, but then the five dylanuses felt a tingly feeling throughout their bodies and they started to change. Their clothes all changed into jumpsuits consisting of black, white, and the main colors to match who they were turning into, with Dylan's being red, Emma's being blue, Black's being pink, Gray's being green, and Timmy's being yellow. Their shoes all grew taller and turned into white boots with black soles and tops. Their hands were all suddenly covered by white gloves with black tips that appeared out of nowhere. The white belts with flashlight-like buckles an
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Anna's New Boyfriend - Chapter 3
(The following story contains diapers/ABDL content and tickling. If you are uncomfortable with either of these topics, click off this page immediately. Otherwise, read on.)
"M-Maxwell! What are doing?!" she asked, incredibly nervous.
"I... I thought this was your sister's room. You mentioned a sister the other day at the store... but the diapers threw me off..." Anna looked down at her waist and frowned. "I guess you're incontinent or..."
"No, I..." Anna began. She didn't want to admit it, but seeing as there weren't any other options, she had to. "I... I'm not. I just like diapers..." She buried her face in her hands and cried.
"So where's your sister?" Maxwell asked.
"I don't have one..." Anna admitted. "This is just my room... and my lifestyle..."
Maxwell glanced around the room again. The teen-sized diapers, the giant crib, the stuffed animals... all of it clicked together now. "Sorry for getting into your room... I really didn't think it was yours. You must think I'm just a perver
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And Thus, I Watched The Last Jedi . . . and TFA
I remember watching clone troopers attack confederate mechanical soldiers on the sandy plains of Geonoisis when I was about ten years old. I was too young to realize how much time I had lost on Anakin and Padme's less than intriguing romance for half the movie. I was too young to hear the controversy nor vastly different opinions between fans, old and new. Every Star Wars movie was awesome to me, and I couldn't care less what adults said. I just kept wanting to watch the next one, and the fact that Episode III would be coming out was all the more thrilling. I was young, happy, and totally oblivious to most of the criticism surrounding the first two prequel trilogy movies. . . and I cannot say I would go back in time and change that.
Today, I am older. The more media you consume, the more refined your own tastes become. If a trope is too common, and it's too important in the main movie, you may reject it entirely. I do not watch many movies myself, but I enjoy watching them from time to
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Forbidden - Final Part - Soul: The Forbidden Book
The Great Library of the Fourth City was truly magnificent. It was an archive of books and scrolls; ancient and rare artefacts; art pieces; musical instruments and related materials. The tower was open to all Fourth City citizens and visitors, all but the very top floor.
The city was once a simple place, its people average in every way possible. The library had been created in order to give the people a purpose, an education. Many citizens became scholars, exploring the depths of their chosen area of expertise, made possible by the expansive archive. The archive itself was made possible due to the large population of researchers, collectors and explorers who provided the material for the library. These contributors travelled the world to document new or rare knowledge, find incomplete series of books or scrolls, or trade for rare or educational items and artefacts. All were brought back to the tower, catalogued, and then stored on the appropriate floors.
Kilian was the quiet curator of
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The Incubus Chronicles: Chicken Shack Attack
The Incubus Chronicles
Chapter 2: Chicken Shack Attack
Rob Carcetti once again found himself stuck in a poorly air conditioned classroom. His Second period Literature class had become an awkward part of his day, now that he was forced to stare at that empty desk every day. The desk was Anna Price’s. Had been, anyway. It now served as a constant reminder of the strange events that had taken place nearly one week ago, when the two of them had entered the janitor’s closet but only Rob had left. He had been able to think of little else that past week.
He had spent hours searching the web for answers about what had happened to him, but was unable to find any real leads, other than some weird fetish websites. He must have cleared his browser history a hundred times after some of those absurd google searches. He had almost given up entirely, when suddenly he remembered the “horns” that had appeared during his transformation. He tried doing searches for demons and the o
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The Fox King 1 Read-Along
Next cancelled Disney spoof read-along is one based on The Lion King, featuring foxes.
This is the cast:
Simba - Tod
Nala - Vixey
Timon - Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel
Pumbaa - Bullwinkle J. Moose
Mufasa - Robin Hood (Disney version)
Sarabi - Maid Marian (Disney version)
Scar - Farley (Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure)
Shenzi, Banzai and Ed - themselves
Rafiki - Miles (Barnyard)
Zazu - Lofty Thaddeus Worthington Pigeon (Valiant)
Sarafina - Mrs. Felicity Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)
If I would have kept doing this as a YouTube recast spoof, I would have featured clips of Tod (as a kit) and Rita (from the Jungledyret Hugo films) in the parts where cub Simba and Nala are. One of the reasons for cancelling it though is because Scar was scared and worried in some parts of the film, and as great a choice Farley is for Scar, he's never scared or worried in the sequel to Charlotte's Web. So, I'm just summarizing this whole reenactment instead. Enjoy. I do not own the chara
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