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Monster Club (Chapter 51)
“It’s taking too long.” Katie hissed, playing with her fingers. “The alarm should’ve sounded! We need to go!”
“Jus’ be a bit patient.” Alexander smirked. “Yer way too jumpy.”
“I was in that building! I know what it’s like in there! Of course I’m jumpy!”
“…Sorry. But give’m some time. If we don’t hear noth’n in a few minutes, we’ll go in.” Alexander sighed, not wanting to start an argument with her. Annie was on the ground, playing dice with Calypso and David, who were all trying to hide their anxiety. Jelly was sipping a bottle of water while watching them play. She had tried to play earlier, but she kept dirtying the dice with her slimy body.
“This is too nerve racking! How long have they been in there?”
“Five minutes.” David answered nonchalantly.
“…You don’t act worried at all.”
“If Christina was in
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 18 11
The Widow's Kiss
“Ugh, is this what dying feels like?” Widow hadn’t yet opened her eyes, in fact she almost felt like she couldn’t. The darkness was a comfort to her, at least that’s what she told herself. The  truth was the pain in her head felt dull right now but she knew from experience that when she would eventually force her eyes open the room around her would be spinning. After that, it wouldn’t be long until she threw up - she hated throwing up. She groaned, blindly lifting her hand to the throbbing pain in her forehead. Instinctively, Widow screwed up her face in disgust as she felt something sticky. It was hard to recall anything about the night before. From what she could tell, she was at least in a comfortable bed. Comfort wasn’t something she required, of course. Widow  was used to taking her rest where she could get it, such was her life since she’d become an assassin. The bed though told her that she had at least managed to retain
:icongawkinn:GawkInn 18 3
the bully's new hunting ground (gts rp)
You are a tall attractive girl fresh out of highschool and going into college, and just like in highschool you intend to rule the college. You learned in highschool that the more people fear you the larger your curves and overall body would grow. You were six feet tall and that was just from the 75 kids you went to school with in your tiny home town now you have an entire campus
Please provide a name age and brief physical description
:iconredgerman1:Redgerman1 4 0
Nee pour un p'tit pain
Courte histoire
de résignation
humour noir
épisode d’abandon…
C’est l’histoire de Sophie qui n’a jamais fait grand bruit. Qui pour un p’tit pain était née, du moins, c’est ce que ses parents lui ont toujours répété. Eux qui, afin de la faire grandir plus rapidement, la menaçait de coups de pied au derrière constamment.
Toute petite en s’amusant, diablotins et enfants lui cassaient des jouets sur la tête. En plus de ses proches qui pour elle n’avaient d’intérêt, au point où chaque année, sa fête, ceux-ci oubliaient.
À l’école primaire, dans la cour de récréation, malgré son talent et son ambition, dans les équipes de ballon-chasseur devant nombre de spectateurs, elle était toujours la dernière choisie, car effectivement Sophie n’avait pas d’amis.
À l’adolescence, elle avait tant de mal
:icondario-l-art:Dario-L-Art 5 2
                “You do know that we are never going to find him, right?” Granger asked. His eyes were focused on the tall long mane who walked in front of him and Curse. The that were following the leader were drug along by this female to track down Fenrir who had gone missing from his territory a few weeks ago. The male had a large bounty on his head which immediately peaked Cyne’s interest in the quest.
    The female shot a short glance back to him. “Well, if your legs weren’t so short and we could walk faster, we would have caught him by now.” She said, a small bite of impatience slipped as the last of her words came from her mouth.
    Cyne stopped in her tracks and a small smirk crossed her face. “We’re here boys. I can smell ‘em.” She said as she stared up at the large mountains before he. Granger and Curse exchanged a glance as the only th
:icontokoqueen:TokoQueen 3 4
Jeanette's Mistake - Inanimate
Jeanette's Mistake - IT
By: ThatGuy

“So, who’s this?”
Jeanette looked up from the ironing board to find her younger sister Caprice standing there, rifling through her laundry. Perfect. Just perfect.
“It’s a stocking.” She grunted, rudely snatching the stocking out of her sister’s hand. “And it’s brand new and part of a set, you little nuisance!” Hissing in irritation, she yanked the other stocking from the hamper and slapped them onto the ironing board.
“I know what it is now, but… you know…” Her sister looked to the left and right, like she was dipping into a big secret. “Who was it before?”
“Before?” Jeanette groaned, rolling her eyes. “Why do you always bug me with these stupid questions?”
“Come on, don’t you think it’s cool that you’re wearing, like, actual people?” Caprice said, giggling. “Tha
:iconthatguyinthatcorner:ThatGuyInThatCorner 8 0
A Message To Your Ghost
But not anymore, because I killed your ghost.
I emptied the skeleton of you from the back of my closet
and filled it with flowers that will never been pressed between
tearstained pages tattooed in broken poetry.
There is nothing left of you here.
Nothing but fluid memories and photographs from days
I barely recall having lived.
:iconluxwar:luxwar 2 2
Demon Critic Disconception: Ariel's Motives
Hey guys, this is Demon Critic here. This is a new thing I am starting...I Call it...
DIS-Conceptions. it's like's focused on one film studio Megapower in general;
You see, over the years, I've started to notice a lot of...trends in modern day to try and pick apart DIsney and their characters on Youtube and other sites;
Look, I get it; Disney is A HUGE company and not all business dealings are gonna be 100% agreed upon by the mass public and I perfectly get that. But can we accept the fact that their FICTION doesn't coenside with the stupid Fan-made stuff or any sort of 'Dark Edgy PArodies'?
First of these misconceptions I'm gonna take apart is one involving the princess who reinvigorated the DIsney Animated canon in the 1990s...
Now to be perfectly honest; While Ariel isn't my FAVORITE Disney Princess (That honor belongs to Mulan), she is still in my top 20 easily. She's peppy, got a lot of energy, is rather fiesty and seems to have an earnest curioustiy to t
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 4 6
Demon cub
Featuring: Nuka, Atiya (NPC)
Mentioning: ...
Year 106 after The Great release, Autumn
Kifani pride, Imuna Lake
You can imaging that once a cub is allowed to play for the first time outside, that it is an entire world that opens up. Well, it was the same for Nuka as well. When his eyes caught the first look on the blue sky and tawny grass of the fields, he was dazzled by the sigh. He could see new cat everyone, cats he had never seen before and under them, there were a few of his own size as well. Yet his mother had said that he had to stay close to her and when they walked over the fields, he was unaware of the stealthy glares other cats were giving them. Together with his sister, they walked to the lake, not noticing that his mother was trying her best to ignore all the different looks she got when she walked over the field with her two black colored cubs ...
"You can play, but stay around here. And don't g
:iconjian89:Jian89 2 1
Manon weight gain part 5 (french story)
 La pluie avait commencé à s’acharner, laissant quelques places aux rayons du soleil avant de reprendre. Trois semaines s’étaient écoulées, et la météo alternait entre fortes chaleurs et très nuageux. Aujourd’hui cependant, le temps semblait clément, inondant le petit salon de lumière. Celle-ci se réfléchit sur les quatre assiettes empilées sur la table basse, près de quelques paquets vides et d’une large collection de pilier de plastique, dont la plupart étaient renversés. Anciennement bouteilles de sodas, ils faisaient partis des vestiges du deuxième repas de la nuit passée. Il fut intéressant de constater comment ses repas ont évolué, tel une civilisation disparus. Comment les assiettes s’étaient multipliées, les paquets et sachets les entourant comme des sujets l’auraient fait avec leur roi, puis comment de simples cannettes ont
:iconpacecara:pacecara 3 0
Did Kasumi Leave DEATH BATTLE Dead or Alive?

AKA: The Kunoichi of Destiny; Female Ninja in Captivity; A Kunoichi's Destiny; Super Hot Ninja
Age: 19
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 106 lbs.
First Appearance: Dead or Alive

Born the daughter of Shiden and Ayame, Kasumi was born into the Mugen Tenshin's head family, making her second-in-line to the title of clan leader, after her older brother Hayate. Things were looking pretty good, until the day the rouge ninja, Raidou, returned to the village and obtained a powerful nippo spell. Raidou left Hayate in a death-like coma, which caused Kasumi to leave her village, becoming a nukenin, and entered the first Dead or Alive Tournament to take down Raidou.
Weapons and Abilities:

Shrouded Moon: 
-Kasumi's main weapon 
-An elegant wakizashi, imbued with the mysti
:iconstrunton:Strunton 13 0
Fate RPG Report - The Dark Star Prince
At a convention called Megaplex I ran a Fate Accelerated (FAE) RPG session with a lot of players, around 6. A few people were already familiar with the system. I used "It's Not My Fault!", a system of cards for rapidly generating FAE characters... and adventure setups. I gave the party several cards each from three decks, to pick one or two from each, to decide what was going on. They decided they had woken up bound to some sort of evil altar, being harangued by the dark priest, and were about to have the Cage of Blood descend on them.
The party rapidly got their way out of their bonds by lockpicking and by bribing the nearest guard, while fast-talking the priest about the reason they were there: another card saying "The princeling you were supposed to protect has wandered off." The priest agreed to let the PCs go for now if they could find the lost prince within a day.
So, the party was released into the city, whose name I made up on the spot as something like Mireport. They soon deci
:iconkschnee:KSchnee 1 1
The New Weasel In Town Ch. 6
Sonic and his friends (except Amy), plus Lazlo and Candy, were running towards the hospital when they heard a pained moan escaping Natasha's lips, so they had to stop and take a look at her. Much to their horror, the poor weasel looked horrible; she was covered in bruises and cuts everywhere from head to toe and her fur (and hair too) was messed up too. She was also sporting a huge black eye and even her outfit was covered in some blood. Plus, her lips were bleeding and so was her mouth.
"Natasha, are you okay?" Sonic asked.
"Please," Natasha moaned once more prior to pulling out her PokeBall with her Incineroar inside, "when you take me to the hospital, please take my Incineroar, can heal him too..."
Afterwards, she immediately passed out in Sonic's arms, much to everyone's sadness. Sonic then proceeded to hand the PokeBall in question to Knuckles and instructed him to hold on to it until they would reach the hospital.
"I'd hate to see Drake again now," Candy admitted.
"I kno
:iconchristinahawk:christinahawk 1 0
TrothKeeper Sample: Of Salt and Iron:(Rough Draft)
Ripples appeared within the stream with the piercing wail of the abandoned babe.  Swiftly the stream’s ripples merged and coalesced into the form of a very beautiful woman consisted entirely out of the water with various strands of goby and minnows still swimming circles within her transparent body. Several droplets fell upon the crying babe as she leaned over the princeling, and pressed a cold, wet finger against his mouth, “Sssshhhh. Hush little one, you are quite safe.”  
Several female elfs emerged from the ancient boughs, trunks and roots of the trees drawn by the crying of the young babe, and had soon gathered in an almost protective circle around their queen.  Their queen allowed each of the elfs to weave in and out about her as each one gentle brushed or caressed at the small bundle within her arms.  A faint smile shone at the corner of the watery Wäenir’s mouth as a Schwärzenelf she recognized as her handmaiden, Grimhildr,
:iconrudh:Rudh 1 0
Croyez en vous !
Croyez en vous
Encore aujourd’hui, j’entends de nombreuses personnes déprimer à propos de leurs rêves, qui se brisent malgré tout le travail qu’ils font par passion comme par objectif. Il y a des centaines de personnes dans ce cas, désespéré et perdu. Peut-être suis-je mal placé pour tenter de porter conseil, au moins je vais essayer de porter mon opinion en connaissance de cause.
Nous avons tous des hauts et des bas. Nous faisons tous des erreurs, nous avons tous des désirs et des rêves. Si on se mettait tous à abandonné dès la première difficulté, jamais personnes n’aurait accomplis quoi que ce soit. Certains d’entre-vous sont dans ce cas, et méritent d’obtenir ce qu’ils recherchent. Puisque ces personnes font ça par amour de l’art et de création. Pas par amour d’un univers pour en faire
:iconirevani:IRevanI 0 0
Memories of The XenoGirl #1
The girl sprinted as fast as she was capable on her own two legs. Her pursuer however, being taller, was astride a pair of legs that were longer than her own.
For every six of the girl’s swift and frantic steps, the character on her tail could close the same distance in four, or even three if they were actually trying.
The girl was well aware that this was all a game, and that her pursuer was toying with her. Enjoying every second that she was held in the clutches of her own hellish suspense.
Eventually, the girl found herself cornered between a chain link fence, and a small greenhouse.
“Oh crap!” she panted.
Turning around, the girl clutched the fence in her fingers and leaned into it.
The looming figure squeezed its way into the alcove that she had cornered herself in.
Its gaze locked onto the girl, it began to slowly stalk up to her.
Each step produced the sound of wood chips crunching as it relished each movement, until finally.....
:iconeldlynch-tristan:EldLynch-Tristan 4 0
Blue Night
Now this cooling night
Rhythm sounding under mist
Blue moon color gaze
Heartbeat katydid
Rhythm song I dream to hear
Blue reflected wings
Never see your wings
Song of summer breeze and wave
Sleep of feather soft
But I hear your dream
Sleep beneath a velvet sky
Be there in my wake
'til this cooling night
Rhythm sounds into my dream
Blue moon fading dream
Calming touch, you said,
"Remember all you hold dear"
I turned to look back
Blue reflected wings
Heartbeat rhythm in the light
Under the new moon.
Katydid rhythm
Cooling night
Under the blue light.
:iconrashavarak:Rashavarak 1 0
The Parasite Dragon (Dragon Anthro/Full Dragon TF
"Come on guys!" Yelled Darius, "were almost there" "slow down Darius" replied Amy who was trailing behind him and Jack 'boys never cared for others' she thought to herself.
As they walked through the dense forest, they found an opening in the side of a nearby hill. "We're here," said Darius dramatically "what's so special about this cave that you had to bring us this deep into the forest to see it" said Jack "I agree it is sorta creepy here" added Amy, "You guys need to get some spirit about you it's going to be fun" replied Darius.
Amy never thought of herself as one of the silly girls at school who only cared about how they looked and how other people thought of them, in fact, she hated those girls. But she had her limits when it comes to climbing into caves.
"Guys I don't think this is a good idea," she said worriedly "come on it's going to be fine" replied Darius "I don't know why I am agreeing to this but alright," said Amy "good what about you Jack," said Darius "alright fine" Ja
:icontom55555:Tom55555 1 0
Let's Point the Finger at Ourselves First
My friends and family believe and trust in a lot of different things, and that’s alright as far as I’m concerned. I do have my own leanings of course, but I think it’s a good thing that we have several points of view. Nobody and no side of anything is perfect. If they were, then it would be a lot harder to have all these disputes. I feel like we need people to question our ideas because not everything can readily be called right or wrong, and many things are neither.
I want to talk about political debate and thought, and I’m going to try to do it as neutrally as I can. If I say anything that sounds biased, feel free to call me out on it. We have a tendency to trust in certain sources of information. They can be family members and friends. They can also be news outlets, pundits, politicians, entertainers, experts, researchers, philosophers, and clergy. Despite our trust in them, I want to emphasize that all of these sources are either human beings or are organiza
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Report Underage User
It has come to my attention that an Underage User that goes by the username :iconSnowflakeTapest: is 11 years old, thus underage. I learned about this via a post made by :iconintrovert115: Snowflake introvert because introvert ignored the memes and videos that Snowflake sends to him. When I came to ask him about it by first asking his age and telling him to leave guess what he did? HE BLOCKED ME when he thought I was a fanboy of Introvert and he even hid my and other's comments concerning the matter that involves introvert.
Please Report him. Snowflake if you're reading this then you brought this upon yourself. This is your punishment kid
Screenshots:   and 
:iconmegaer:Megaer 2 14
aretha franklin: the queen of soul: a tribute
when i think about R&B music, i think of motown and stax and all those cool record labels in the 60's they got soul, they have grit and they got power and talent.
when i hear aretha, i think of the clearest voice in the world and how she inspired singers like christina aguilera and the late amy winehouse, and that she is the greatest female singers of all time, i say god bless the talent and her voice.
although i do rock tributes, i figure i should do those for blues and soul artists too.
aretha was the daughter of a gospel preacher and she sings clearly and for a 14-17 year old she can flat out sing!.
she recorded some albums for early on but neither of them is a hit. back to what i said before, she was from the city of detroit and was singing gospel songs at a young age.
then she signed with atlantic records and boom! she was in. the muscle shoals band is the cream of the crop in session musicians that play blues, gospel and gritty earthy soul.
for the civil rights movement and t
:icondavidandino:davidandino 2 0
Las gigantas gemelas parte 2.
En el episodio anterior, unas gigantas gemelas, que habían vivido encerradas durante toda su vida en una isla, habían conseguido escapar secuestrando un barco. Se habían citado con unos chicos por internet (que no sabían que eran gigantas), y habían concertado una cita a ciegas.
Ahora navegaban hacia su destino.
Juan, el capitán del barco, estaba muy pensativo desde que las gemelas gigantes subieron a su barco.
En realidad, ya las conocía desde hace muchos años. Su barco era el que traía los suministros a la isla para mantener a las gigantas, y al servicio (de personas de tamaño normal) que las mantenía.
Las había visto algunas veces. Muy pocas, porque ellas solían esconderse. Pero alguna vez, las vio de lejos, asombrado por su enorme tamaño (y, por qué no decirlo, también por su belleza). El capitán, como toda su tripulación,
:iconjuanvega36:juanvega36 2 0