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Quinn in front of the cameras Part 2
"Thanks Tyler and now back to the east side and I hope Quinn has been made a little more comfortable...."
"Yes thanks Jackie, feeling a little more normal now.." 
The feed cut across to Quinn still in the empty theatre. She was smiling sheepishly, but back in one piece wrapped in a robe. 
"So you know I have to ask, how did he do it? It looked so much more real than we are used to seeing ? " 
"Jackie I don't know what to tell you. And I had the best seat in the house. All Matt will say is it's magic..."
The shot pulled back to show Matt who simply smiled enigmatically. 
"But you were in the trick, you must have some idea what happened. And the, er, parts , we er, could see, looked very real. Not like fake plastic at all..?
Quinn paused and smiled nervously again. "I really don't know what to tell you. It felt very strange, I could see my hand where it had no business being. Obviously you guys got a better view at home .." she shot a glance at her camera man..." but
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“It’s not my fault! You were clearly messing with me.” a voice insisted rather loudly while at the same time trying to remain calm.
“Not your…” a higher pitched voice trailed off as its owner glared daggers at her fellow debater/boyfriend, “You pulled my brand new panties over my head!”
Hailey sighed softly doing her best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the back seats just as she ignored the screams and stretch noises that had come from the back earlier. After all, she had the road to focus on and being a distracted driver would do no side of the argument any good. Still, even as she drove silently down the road away from the fairgrounds they had come from, her patience was beginning to wear thin.
“Do you two ever stop fighting?!” she shouted over the sounds of bickering and soft painful whimpers. “I mean, seriously. You guys freaking adore each other half the time and the other half you look like you wanna ki
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SV Reviews: Bram Stoker's Dracula
AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Greetings and salutations, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Ghouls, Vampires and Werewolves, Zombies and Mummies, Monsters and Mutants, Witches and Warlocks!!! October has arrived once again with its cold winds, so I bid thee welcome to the SithVamp Halloween SpecDracular of 2018!!! Like many times before, we’re going to dive once again into the darkest depths of the Horror Genre and Halloween Subgenre, in search of 7 terrifying, but entertaining movies!
And what better way to start off the Halloween Season, than looking at a movie starring one of the most iconic Monsters ever? Yes, that’s right: I’m talking about the King of the Vampires, the Prince of Darkness, Vlad the Impaler himself: COUNT DRACULA!!! We’ve seen many incarnations of the Count on film: Bela Lugosi in the 1931 Universal film, Christopher Lee in the Hammer movies, even Adam Sandler in the Hotel Transylvania series. But I won’t be looking at any of those movies. No
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A Stretchy Halloween, part 1: Witch and Cat
"C'mon, where is it?" The witch muttered franticly as she flipped through the pages of the brewing guide with her right hand, the arm attached to that hand wrapped around the cauldron's stirring rod several times. Her left hand, meanwhile, tried to hold onto the guide without dropping it into the bubbling cauldron below, as her torso was stretched around to cauldron into a makeshift shelf to hold various brewing ingredients. After landing on a page that seemed useful, the witch switched hands with the book and grabbed one of the ingredients resting on her elongated side. "Here goes..." she said quietly as she dropped it into the cauldron, and watched as it bubbled in the dark green water. After a few moments, the water suddenly turned a bright, cyan blue, to which the witch suddenly grew frustrated. "Goddammit!" she huffed loudly as she tossed the book to the growing pile next to her before dumping a cleaner into the cauldron, and watched as the water returned to its original opaque wh
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Dragon Heroes S3 Ep.10 (Chapters 5 - 6)
Chapter 5 – Confrontation with Caribot
Having been reported to keep watch for Sonic and his allies, Caribot, the fifth and last Robot Master, scouted the Amazon rainforest, hoping to locate any one of them. He was aware that they were on the trail for the shield generator and needed to be stopped before they could locate it and ruin Doctor Eggman’s plans. Suddenly, Caribot picked up a presence which felt like a party of animals, so he picked up the speed until he approached a remote bush far ahead. The robot reindeer stopped as soon as he was close to the bush, and then activated his infrared heat sensitive visors to see through it. Scanning the horizon, he finally detected what he picked up and as he had thought, the presence was Sonic and his friends.
“Just as Doctor Eggman had predicted,” he buzzed to himself. “There’s the hedgehog and his dragon allies, and it seems as if they are having a picnic of some sorts. Now I’ll have to notif
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CoE '18 - 10/16/18 (Jumeau)

Appearance: Jumeau is supposed to be a naked doll, but is closer to a wooden artist model with stylish green hair; most notable is her lack of joints, with her body parts floating and under her control.
Scheme: Collection of the energy for Nephlite from the body of Mika Kayama, a young doll maker.
Abilities: Her main ability is limb control: any of the detachable limbs she controls can be fired at will by her through telekenisis.  She also can control any dolls created by her vessel Mika, turning them into small demonic servants.
Thoughts: I sort of wonder why Nephlite created so many overpowered Youma during his period as leader, with this one being another of the sort and even more ridiculous due to how it's weakness is utilized and what she can do.  One thing I notice that probably adds to how ridiculous Jumeau is involves her limbs; she not only can telekinetically control them but appears to jus
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Ghostly remains
The chill in the air made Nami shiver as she waited for Aeron and Ofolr to show up. She had wanted to explore some of the more haunted places of ulrheim since autumn started. With the sun beginning to dip beneath the horizon she saw her companions arrive with Aeron’s ear being talked off by Ofolr. The goofy brute gasping when he spotted Nami and took a dive for her. The short coated fellie making her go tumbling as she giggled at the impact. Forcing herself to shoot upwards as her skinny tail wagged back and forth.
   “Aeron are you ready?!” Nami asked as she waited for Aeron to catch up with them. The male smiled as Ofolr grinned from ear to ear as well.
   “Yes, but make sure you stay by one of us. The haunted well could be very dangerous.” He was the one who had suggested the location simply because he wanted to explore the abandoned settlement. Not even felvarg dared to enter such a place because of the rumors of a witch cursing the
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It's All Greek
“You drank too much. Just admit it.” Phoibe observed.
Kassandra set her face in as determined, focused, intense frown as she could muster, and turned to look at her companion, the girl Phoibe. A harder task than you would normally think, with the way her brain was swimming about in her skull, like a ship in a stormy sea.
“Ugh.” The Spartan put a hand to her mouth, feeling her stomach rebel. “I did not.” She gulped.
By the gods, that old dog Markos could put it away.
Phoibe slid her small hand into Kassandra's free palm, and almost imperceptibly started leading her along.
The two were wending their way home, through the Kephallonian hills, back from Markos' most recent purchase, the vineyard. Which to Kassandra was nothing more than an enormous way to goad the Cyclops into coming after them again. She'd have to be on alert, for a while. Someone had to watch out for Markos.
And Phoibe. Who despite Kassandra's best intentions, and efforts to get the gir
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Toukiden: Kiwami Review
Many videogame companies have a bad habit of releasing “enhanced” versions of titles they developed after their original versions’ releases, with Square-Enix coming to mind with so-called “International” incarnations that ironically and rarely leave Japan. Omega Force is another offender in this regard, having released expansions to its Dynasty Warriors series, although the company occasionally produced original content such as Toukiden: The Age of Demons for the PlayStation Portable and Vita, only the latter version receiving localization. Unsurprisingly, they followed the original release with an enhanced version, Toukiden: Kiwami, released exclusively on the Vita in North America, and while it’s easily the definitive release, it does have some niggling issues.
Kiwami features a methodical gameplay structure stemming from a hub town after the player has created their custom character, the player able to save their game in the v
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Strange and Neighsay Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I do not own "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" or "The Avengers." They are both properties of Hasbro Studios and Marvel Studios.
"Strange and Neighsay"
By TwilightSparkle3562
Chapter 1
"Abrupt Resignation"
It had only be a few weeks since the filly Cozy Glow attempted to gain friendship through power. A lot had happened and now, the head of Equestria's Educational Association had come to a decision. Taking a deep breath, he stood outside the private office of his kingdom's chief superior, flanked two night royal guard ponies.
"I've come to speak to Celestia," he said nervously, taking an enormous gulp. The guards looked at each other and allowed Neighsay to knock on the door.
"Yes?" called a female voice as the guard opened the door, peaking his head inside.
"Chancellor Neighsay wishes to speak with you," answered the guard.
"Send him in."
"Her highness says you can come in, Chancellor."
Slowly, Neighsay stepped into the office and looked at his superior sitting behind
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Veganism: the 'Replacement Religion', part 1

What follows is a mild departure from my normal presentation of my views on religion and those who practice it in any but the simplest personal manner yet I feel that after reading this you will see that it does in fact parallel that trend.
Allow me set the record straight by saying that I do eat meat and I make every possible effort to buy from non-factory farms whenever possible. I did hunt in my youth but never for sport or trophies and stopped after service in the Marines that included combat as the psychological impression that left on me was ‘hard’ to get over and hunting was not a conducive activity to that process.
My apologies for the length of this editorial but the issue at hand is not one which can be covered in detail or anything approaching completeness in a few short words. Therefore I have cut this into smaller more easily digestible segments if that does not sound altogether too self-serving.
Some vegans, th
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TG Tea by JuR-esque TG Tea :iconjur-esque:JuR-esque 10 0
Diego's Report part 2 ( spanish )
Una pequeña griffon hembra de un tamaño un tanto pequeño y perteneciente a la raza de los búhos sorbía tranquilamente una bebida similar al cafe de una tasa que muchos creerían que era simplemente muy grande para ella, su plumaje era blanco con motas negras y vestía una coraza ligera de color azul, tipico de un oficial de navío del SNE.... su nombre era Nina.
-Ya emos llegado ? estoy comenzando a hacerme vieja aquí ...- ella decía mientras se acomodaba en una extraña silla que le otorgaba una vista de panorama del puente de su nave.
-segun nuestra computadora llegaremos al punto de salida en dos minutos señora - le respondió su primer oficial , una criatura similar a un dragon , mucho mas grande que ella , con escamas negras , ojos celestes y vistiendo un uniforme similar.. su nombre era Erko.
-No te parece extraño  que nos mandaran a nosotros ? a una mission de la cual no nos dieron información ? a nosotro
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    I am four years old.
I send my capable Barbie dolls on spy missions while the Power Rangers hold down the fort.
Classmates trace the outline of my body on construction paper,
and in the area of my privates, I draw pretty flowers.
My mother asks why. “Because I feel like a girl inside.”
She smiles.
I’m still a boy.
            I am eight years old.
I find out my dad did ballet once, and I’m jealous.
The girls in my games are my favorite characters.
The girls in my class have the prettiest clothes.
And I’m jealous.
The boys in my class say I’m a wuss.
I play baseball. And I hate it.
I’m still a boy.
            I am twelve years old.
I like having my hair long.
I get bullied for being girly.
My parents tell me that being “girly” doesn’t make me less of a boy.
I still get picked on.
When I tell the
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[T-RoM|K-F]Tattle, Turtle|Koichi
The day was surprisingly warm as the end of the year approached, and Koichi didn’t want to waste the nice weather. It seemed a perfect day for some fishing before the days grew too cold, which would serve a perfect opportunity for Turtle and Tattle. As they, Senad, and Kangee headed towards the nearby river the pair would be catching as much fish as they could in a very short span of time.
The pair didn’t waste any time however as they rushed ahead of the rest of the group, racing each other towards the waters ahead. They finally reached it with a loud splash and a cascade of falling water. “You’re going to scare off all the fish!” Koichi barked at them, his own fishing pole resting on his shoulder as he made his way to the river’s edge. He set their buckets down far enough from the water to not risk them falling in before moving a bit further upstream from the pair as they waded noisily through the shallows. He wondered if they would even be able to
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DarChronicles Excerpt # 2 - Schoolgirl's Escape
Myra sat in class. She stared at the ticking clock on the wall above the teacher, dressed in traditional monk robes. He wrote math problems on the chalkboard.
    Myra’s cheeks were puffed up as she leaned on her hand, resting her elbow on her desk. She swore the clock ticked backward. She heard humming from the lights as electricity poured through them, and noticed the wires going up the walls and hanging from the ceiling. She looked through the window and saw monks practicing martial arts in the courtyard.
    Stupid Daddy making me come to stupid school with stupid CJ and having to stay in stupid Fei’s City instead of going to the awesome Lotan Islands because of stupid Bermuda. Ooh, I’m so scared of the big bad Bermuda, let me tell you. She looked at the clock as it ticked backwards yet again, after shaking her head, she realized the clock went forward. His ship leaves at two in the afternoon. I can make it there, I know I c
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(Inktober) AILLEURS 13. Garde
Un réveil sonna dans un appartement. Aussitôt la lumière s’alluma, laissant découvrir des murs blancs aux lignes horizontales bleus. Sur un mur, des nombres s’affichaient. Ils ne brillaient pas. C’était comme s’ils avaient été peints sur le mur, mais en changeant constamment. C’était une horloge.
Lundi Matin. C’était une nouvelle semaine qui commençait pour Gérald.
Les emplois du temps des gardes fonctionnaient suivant un système de rotation durant la semaine. Trois jours ouvrés, deux de repos, deux réservés aux entraînements, aux formations et aux réunions. C’était la règle ici. Gérald s’étira, et laissa la machine faire son café pour lui. Il appuya sur un bouton, et les informations commencèrent à retentir dans tout l’appartement, tandis que le vieux garde se dirigea vers la douche.
— Flash info :
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Chunky Charlene's Commitment
BBW and Weight Gain Story
Dear Charles,
I know it’s been about six months since our split, but I wanted open up the lines of communication again. I feel bad that things had to end between us, but I know now more than ever that it was for the best. Neither of us were truly happy, and I know it’s because of actions that I’m responsible for. I hope that through all of this both of us will end up our happiest selves, and that’s why I’m writing you.
I want to start by thank you for telling me how you really felt, I’m sure it couldn’t have been easy. I knew how much weight I had gained, but I never fully knew how you felt about it until the end. But I'm glad you came forward like you did, because we both deserve to be happy, and it wasn’t my intention to put you in that position.
After our break up I reached out to Michael, you should remember meeting him in college before we started dating. I knew he liked fat chicks and I really needed
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Giantess university
Giantess University is a school meant to bring out the best in it's students. Any female attending is injected with a steroid known as hypo-Engorium a totally not made up substance (best I could do name wise). Once in a girls blood stream HE makes the girls bodies grow according to their natural skills or what their body is conditioned for. An athletic girl would grow larger by upwards of three times their normal size, most ending up between fifteen and twenty five feet tall, their muscles become hyper condensed packing the equivalent of 16 years of weight training into one days workout. Meanwhile those more academically gifted would still grow in size like their athletic counterparts but their minds would be heightened to degrees beyond any normal human. An academic even on the lower end of the IQ range would end up with a picture perfect memory, and minor forms of telepathy and telekinesis. Finally come the art and engineering students who also increase in size but gain remarkable fi
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Clash of Hell Creek: The Enemy's Den
Celeste puffs air through her nose as she emerges from the ravine in the night time. She has never seen the Great Floodplain before. As she explores, she comes across telltale scent markers from Vitali. Yet he is not the only one she should be wary of.
She makes it all the way to the Narrow River. She drinks from it and moves on. The air here smells more lively than the air in the North. The more she explores, the more Celeste finds this to be a suitable territory.
She has to bring her mate back here. She smells animals she is familiar with. Anzus, harcobeasts, and she can even smell ghosthawks here.
Celeste can smell Kronos. He smells mean.
She spends the next hours of night wandering. At dawn she heads in the direction of Styx Peak, the Northeast mountain. Celeste glances around when she hears a loud roar in the distance. That roar sounds startled more than anything. Something just happened, but Celeste has no way of knowing what.
Kronos watches Razorback leave Vitali's cave. He stay
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Collision Course
    “Face it – we’re doomed.”
    Helorum groaned and thunked his head against the wall, sending a shudder through the control room.
    Cactus glared at him, then at me. “No, we’re not.”
    A hopeful look from Helorum.
    “We’re just going to crash into a planet.”
    Groan. Thunk. Shudder.
    “Oh yeah,” I said. “Crashing. Totally not doomed… We’re just all going to die.”
    Thunk. Shudder.
    A powercell rattled off its charging rack and crashed to the floor.
    Groan. Thunk.
    “Will you stop that?!” Cactus snapped. “Look,” he continued, moderating his tone. “There’s never been a spaceship build on this scale before, right?”
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To create is love.
To create is love.
You are a smith of sorts-of words, of paintbrush, of song.  Your mind is a beautiful thing, you know.  It holds within it all the secrets of the world.  It is the source of life and emotion and beauty.  Anything you create is love.  Even your darkest thoughts are beautiful in their twisted way.  It is like an opera within you.  Heightened, spectacle, drama.  The world can consume you or you can consume the world.  It is up to you.  
Love, love, love.
Not romance, not necessarily.  Just that burning hot coal in your nose and your throat that drives you to jealousy, to exasperation, to overwhelming and abundant joy.  It is the thing bursting at your seams and threatening to expose you to the room as human.  Love will drive you mad if you’re not careful.  It will eat you alive and yet keep you alive.
Life is cruel but love is forgiving, and you must never forget that.
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