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Elena's Ballooned Jog
Elena paced around her house figuring out what to do today. She thought about exercising like jogging as she felt like she needed to lose a bit of weight she put on recently after eating some cake last night.
"I think I will go jogging today," Elena said and changed out of her dress into her blue colored tracksuit and grey colored sneakers.
Elena left her house and walked a few miles until she started to jog at a moderate speed. She continued her way into town and saw a candy store giving her the opportunity to put her feet on the brakes and stopped making a skidding sound effect like a car is coming to a complete stop.
"Ooh a candy store," Elena gasped and pressed her hands and face against the window. "I know I shouldn't buy them at this time, but for today I'll buy some gum," she added with a giggle as she walked into the store.
Elena looked around the candy store and looked down at the glass container underneath the cash register and found some blue kitty gum. She became fascinated
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A Nice Hunt by Pheagle-Adler A Nice Hunt :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 16 2
The Blizzard (Shenandoah x Enzo)
Heavy footfalls left small canyons of dug out snow, an even more obvious sign than just footprints that someone had been travelling through the empty tundra. The dark form, looking like an ant in a field of sugar, trudged silently, head down and shoulders slumped. The image of hopelessness and fatigue. Enzo had lost all spark, all his fire. The kindling in his stomach was now ash, rising like bile in his throat, threatening to project from his mouth in a protest against travelling on.
His whole body was protesting, in fact. Every muscle held a dull, thumping ache, every bone creaked like an old, abandoned house. He had been walking, tumbling, and faltering for weeks on end. No rests, no food, besides small scraps he would find buried in the snow, just as he wished to be. But there was faces, those two smiling faces, that he continued to see on the horizon, that fueled him on.
In the silence, a sudden rumble cracked the thick, lingering air, and Enzo had no time to brace himself before
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Macys journal Pt 2 plus join the academy

Macy: Was getting ready for school at the St Elizabeth Academy for girls met up with Xia who says the same thing every year
Xia: I f***ing hate the uniforms why not let us wear what we want this is so stupid
Macy: Relax you same the same thing every year now just shut up and lets go in 
Xia: *Mumbles and heads in*

Macy: Ready for this year the others look ready too!
Marion: Hi girls!
(If you want to join note me your OC code and their personality on how they would be here )
(MUST be a girl as it is a girls only school males can be a teacher though)
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Cynthia - Introduction to her variants.
Introduction to Cynthia's multiple universe incarnations
Classic/Shadowknight Cynthia
Name - Cynthia "Angel" Heart
Very serene, caring and gentle. Cynthia's main difference is her immensely prudent ways, she takes the time to keep herself clean, neat and tidy at all times in respect of everyone she meets otherwise she can get quite embarrassed over it.
Being a highly trained ninjutsu master she has incredible fighting skills but due to her pacifist ways she also has trained in the art's of Aikido and Hapkido for various counters, grapples and strikes to take her opponents down, this also includes weapons training in multiple types.
Cynthia is mainly a teacher to various students within the Shadowknight clan, her track record of producing skilled members is well known and documented. This has made her a target for other clans. Cynthia also gives personal training to her close pupil Enzo who idolizes his master and always tries to make her proud.
Ability - Angel
Cynthia is in real
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[Steven Universe] 'Jungle Moon' Review
"Jungle Moon" is the 140th episode of Steven Universe, the 12th episode of Season 5, and the other half of "Stranded". Seriously I never understood why they decide to make a special event out of a 2-parter. This episode aired two and a half months ago, and is STILL currently the latest episode, because the scheduling team are a load of thundercunts.
In those last two and a half months I still haven't found myself a girlfriend, but I've been friendzoned three times.
MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Seriously. This one's actually worth watching!
And that spoiler tag wasn't kidding. I will say this right now. This is the best episode since "Mindful Education", hands down. I have come to realise just how... STALE Steven Universe got. Although I often consider season 3 the best, season 2 I feel was technically the best, from a writing standpoint. Back in season 2, everything was moving forward with so much momentum, so much purpose. Everything seemed like such a big threat and a tickin
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Reign of Winter CHAPTER 39
We traveled all day without rest to regain the time we had lost when we visited the sacred forest. There was less than a hour of daylight left when we decided to look for a good place to set up camp. It was already getting dark when we found the abandoned village. Back in its time, it must have been much smaller than Waldsby, with no more than a few small houses surrounding a bigger structure that could have been a court or a temple. Now, just a few snow-covered stones remained where the houses had been and only the bigger building was still standing.
-This place must be centuries old.- Said Argentea, examining one of the weathered stones.
-We could set up camp here- Nadya suggested-. If this place is safe, that is.
-Stay here with the kids and watch out for anyone approaching our position- Argentea commanded Nadya-. We are going to check that building out.
We were in the middle of a frozen plain and it hadn't started snowing yet so we had perfect visibility. It was u
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Hunting 12-2018
    The farmhouse squatted on the edge of a sluggish river like a decrepit old bird. At first glance, it appeared utterly abandoned—shutters swung from rusty nails; shingles covered in moss that did little to protect the aged and rotten roof. Cracks ran the length of the foundation, which was shored up by large river rocks. It had one been painted white, but the only evidence of that color was under the cluttered eves. The lone door lay cracked open, yawning wide across the rotten porch.
    Grass grew in spurts, struggling to survive on the barren land. A broken-down fence, with a cracked and swinging gate, curved half-way around the property. Save for the water flowing around the moldy legs of a dock, there was nary a sound to be heard. No trees grew within the boundaries of the farm, no animals pecked futilely at the dry, dusty ground.
    Three Tokota males approached the derelict farmhouse cautiously. One was pale t
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The Restaurant (Weight Gain/ Stuffing Story)
"Hey Annie, are you ready? It's already been two hours."
Michelle asked her petite roommate, as she patiently waited for her to finish getting ready. Annie always took way too long when she had to dress up. Michele tried to be nice about, but that girl was just a perfectionist in every way.
"Give me 2 more minutes, sorry."
Michelle heard Annie's voice through the door of her room. Michelle audibly sighed as her belly rumbled. They made plans to eat out and this new restaurant that just opened. Apparently, the food was amazing according to her friend Jenna. Jenna knew her food well, as she was well over 300 pounds of pure fat. Michelle, the 24 year old, had honestly been indulging a little to much this past year. It showed, as she gone from a small 120 to a curvy 141 in only a year. Michele would still be considered pretty by almost everyone. Standing at 5'6 and having long blonde hair. She was almost perfect with her slim facial features and baby blue eyes. She had normal sized arms, r
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Death Battle Tag Battle: Bucky O'Hare and Zitz

Bio: Captain Bucky O'Hare had been through quite a harrowing journey over the past week or so. He had been battling some of Complex's strongest forces, and was now taking a small break since Complex' activities seemed to slow down. He and his crew were restocking their ship, the righteous indignation, on a refueling planet of sorts for galactic ships, but just as they finished up, a portal opened up in front of them, and on the other side was a blue and green planet. Wondering if this had anything to do with Complex, they flew into the portal, getting ready to send Bucky to the planet's surface in a one-man pod. When Bucky arrived on the planet, he saw creatures not unlike his friend Willy, but further grown. What Bucky didn't expect to see was a toad. Bucky took a shot at the toad in front, who got blasted, but quickly retaliated by charging him. The two would've kept clashing, but they soon realized where they were and decided that they would have
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PCC - Way to ruin a nice day
It’s easily been a week since the picnic, since then Gala had been taking Tyto out of the vault more frequently. Very short trips out to allow her to break free of the agoraphobia chaining her to Gala’s bedroom. Each time lasts a little longer and the go a little further leaves her exhausted and twitchy, but she can feel herself getting better…
“Maybe we can go out for half an hour this time…” she asks Gala, already dressed and waiting for her fianceé to finish doing the same. It's a huge leap from the 15 minutes they managed last time, but she’s feeling rather confident today...itching to get out for once
“Sure!” Gala smiles brightly at the other woman, playing a little with her new earring as she talks “If you’re feeling up to it I’m not going to stop you, Love~”
She sighs contently and gathers her pokeballs, hooking them to her belt as well as her gun- she doesn't think they’ll find any
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Regardless of your belief, my thoughts, his assumptions, her mentality, their mindset and even our psychological decisions (which may have already been predetermined by ourselves, depending on which side of fate's spectrum you're supposedly aligned towards) there's only one damning, frozen, stone-hearted truth pill that all must allow themselves whatever honor and privilege of taking know that too few care enough about to truly see -- that your mere existence, even mine, is engulfed entirely of suffering some special detriment that also masquerades as being beneficial to all living beings' long-term and short-term survival. Your ancestors needed to endure suffering to guarantee their subsequent glories; their ancestors were required similarly to undergo great amounts of pain for their blessings to fully realize themselves, consequently; even their great-ancestors needed to force themselves into some special slavery and punishment for their rewards to make themselves inevitably real. No
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Naughty Boy Files Case 2
Name: Billy
Age: 14
Reason For Punishment: Not Washing Feet
Punishment: 1 hour of tickle torture applied to bare feet followed by rigorous scrubbing.
“Now you had yer chance Billy, it’s the cow shed fer you” said Billy's dad as he carried his struggling child under his arm.
Billy lived on a farm with his dad. He never liked being clean, especially on his feet. Every week, Billy’s dad would have to take matters into his own hands by washing the boy's stinky feet for him...but not before having some ticklish fun with the scamp. Billy was being carried under his dad’s right arm while his own arms were tied to his sides.
“NOOOOOO, PLEASE PA. I'M SORRY, JUST DON’T TICKLE MY FEET” cried Billy as they neared the cow shed.  
“Too late fer that son, these stinky feet of yers need to learn a ticklish lesson” Billy’s dad told him.
All of the cows were out
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Icare 21 - Verite
     S'installe, dure, touche à sa fin
     Sthéno et Euryale avaient quitté la grotte au matin. L'une montait la garde et l'autre nous trouvait de quoi manger – parmi élevages et forêt, jardins et buissons. Méduse ne peut s'approcher des animaux sans les changer en pierre et l'aveuglant Soleil me faisait frissonner. Alors nous restions à la maison.
     Le mystère ne durerait plus pour longtemps mais qu'en savais-je ?
     Et tandis que nous sommes seuls, chantonnant chansons de notre enfance, Méduse me prend soudain la main. Ses yeux sublimes dans les miens, elle parle, décide de lever le voile. Me dit qu'elle aurait dû me le dire il y avait déjà longtemps. Qu'elle n'avait su comment. Qu'elle haïssait les dieux.
     Maudite à la naissance, elle devait vivre comblée de beauté.
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A Biblical Case for Race and IQ?
I have been reading the Old Testament over recently and in Genesis, the passage where God said that He would make the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a blessing to the nations of the Earth. Truly I can testify to this as Eric Greitens has truly been a blessing to the state of Missouri and has defended the lives of the unborn and that is one of my highest values. Plus today the nations that have allied with Israel, America most of all, have greatly benefited even from trade and business with Israel. Then it came to me that since the Ashkenazi Jews have on average, the highest IQ among all ethnicities and God said that He would greatly bless the descendants of Abraham, it came to me that there is a case that the Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ because of God's blessing upon the descendants of Abraham, and many of the good and decent people among those of Jewish ethnicity have been a real asset to our economy as well as our technological development. Also, those who made enemi
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Prisoner of Midnight, Part Fourteen
A few hours later Rolas was riding the velocipede down the narrow gauge track leading from the Blackpool manor house to the little town of Spring River. The gearing mechanism was easy enough to use, once he got his paws and feet coordinated. As the little yellow mechanism slipped into the woods, it began moving down the gradient on its own, only requiring input from Rolas when he pulled the handbrake to reduce speed.
Though the track was overgrown with weeds, the rails were intact and not badly rusted, despite four years of disuse. Three times he had to stop and remove deadwood that had fallen across the tracks, and was too large to just chop through with the velocipede's heavy iron wheels. Rolas, being in no hurry, enjoyed both the ride and the chance to pause occasionally to enjoy the light coming down through tunnel formed by the trees, and listen to the bird songs.
Two hours of leisurely travel brought him to Spring River, made up of a few blocks of well constructed brick buildings
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Broken (A Dragon Dreams short story)
“Go on, little spark, you can do it!”
Stolvir looked back at me nervously, eyes wide. His tail, tipped with ivory nubs that I knew would grow into fine-looking spikes, made anxious little movements. I flashed him an encouraging smile. On the inside, though, there were some nerves as well, mixed in with my bubbly pride. “It’s here,” I thought. “This day I’ve been waiting for. My son is finally learning to fly!”
“Are you sure, Dad?” he said. “It just looks pretty high from up here.” We stood on a rocky outcrop overlooking a lush, green meadow. I had selected a modest height from which he could safely crash-land if anything were to go wrong. The young dragon’s bright green wings, slightly lighter in color than the deep emerald of his body scales, were hesitantly half-spread and swaying in the breeze. The valley below was ver
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Zephyr: It's time.

Evan: Indeed it is. Today we have the most powerful combatants we've ever had on Kami Clash OR death battle. These two warriors started from powerful beginnings, and while one is a pure-hearted warrior, the other is a royal egotist.

Zephyr: But never let it be said that they aren't powerhouses. Through their sheer strength, martial arts, and mystic power, they've obtained the strength to surpass even the gods themselves.

Evan: Laharl Krichevskoy, the Overlord.

Zephyr: And Son Goku, the Super Saiyan. 

Evan: He's Evan and I'm Zephyr, and welcome...

Both: To Kami Clash! 

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Celui du poeme
« Sébastien ?
- Pas vraiment. Mais tu peux m'appeler comme ça, si tu veux.
- Tu lui ressembles beaucoup.
- Parce-que tu m'imagines comme lui.
- T'es celui du poème.
- Exactement. « L'Homme En Noir, celui que tu enfermes dans ton art. » C'est flatteur pour moi, quand je vois comme tu adules cet Homme En Noir !
- C'est vrai. T'es mon Homme En Noir. Sébastien était mon Homme En Noir. Tu n'as pas la même coupe de cheveux. Ça te va bien, cela dit. Ça fait... métalleux et hipster à la fois. Court sur les côtés et longs au dessus, haha.
- La preuve que c'est toi qui me façonne. J'ai jamais accepté cette coupe de cheveux. Ou alors je ne m'en souviens pas. Et dire que je suis à moitié hipster heurte mon petit coeur !
- Haha, ouais, tu lui ressembles vraiment. Jusqu'aux intonations, jusqu'au sourire, jusqu'aux gestes, tu te tiens la poitrine, doigts écartés...
- Tu te rappelles bien de
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Chapter 3: Attack Of The Grey Mann's Robots
The next day, in the RED base, Lev was cleaning his gun with a white towel, while thinking to himself and then, all of the sudden, the intercoms turned on and the administrator's said through the speakers of the RED base, in a female's voice, “Attention, machines will come in thirty seconds!” Lev felt curious and confused about robots. First, he has to kill the BLU team, now, they have to fight robots? This is confusing to him. So, he sighed and got up from the chair and placed the now dirty white towel, covered with black grease, and picked up his gun and walked out of his room, into the hallway of the RED base and into the entrance of the RED base. He was talking to the Engineer of the RED team, until the speakers turned on again and the administrator's voice spoke through the microphone in her room, through them, saying, "Three, two, one, begin!" The metal door opened and everyone rushed outside and to their shocks, robots were everywhere and coming out of
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Lunatic Fringe - 033/200 (SM33)
(The episode begins with a shot of the house as a familar pigtail flies in the wind.  We don't see who it is but she stares at the house as she speaks with a soft voice)
"Voice": This is where I belong.
033/200 - "The Last Sailor Senshi! Sailor Venus Appears"

(The camera comes on a top-hat male blue Lemure flying through the air on a trampoline as Scar and Peropero watch with excitedness)
Caption: S.E. 148 - acrobate de la reine/TOBIHANERU (LEMURE)
Tobihaneru: Watch carefully, s'il vous plait!  This is how a professional handles the trampoline!
(He does a massive flip that spins through the air.  Kyurene and Giwaku watch from an upper window with scorn)
Kyurene: Doesn't he realize some of us can fly?
Giwaku: Eh, it's probably some sort of jealousy thing that Lemure do.
Scar: (excited) THIS IS AMAZING!
Peropero: I know, right?  And whenever I go on, Tobi claims I steal the
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Clouds and Roses
Rosethorn glanced about as they made their way through the forest. Jaws parted to draw in air. Hopefully they found something soon.. With Leaf-bare nearly over and New-leaf on its way, at least prey was getting easier to come by. Slowly the clan was going to start looing and feeling better despite the slight chill that still seemed to cling to the forest. Her amber gaze turned to the tom she was currently hunting with. Since she stuck to herself mostly she didnt know him very well.. Admittedly she was curious about him but she wasnt about to be the one to start a conversation.. And besides.. They had other things to worry about.. Like the mouse she had just spotted. It was scuffling around at the base of a tree. Seeming to look for something to eat. She angled her ears towards it to let him know before she lowered herself down into a hunters crouch. Slowly working her way towards it. It didnt seem to notice her at all. Too busy in its search for food. With one g
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