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Ordinary Girls - 054: Krysta's Night Off
Friday at Coastside Comic Con was a whirlwind. Though Alicia's scheduled events were not until Saturday, she made several surprise guest appearances throughout the day at panels, vendor booths, and cosplay meet-ups. Fully in her element, Alicia delivered a master class on celebrity. Her personality played well to her fans, particularly one-on-one. Jumping rapidly and excitedly from subject to subject, she'd squeeze five minutes worth of conversation into two while Krysta nudged her along to keep her on schedule. Their day finally concluded at 7:00 PM with the closing of the exhibitor hall. After an hour of managing foot traffic around Alicia's surprise appearance at the Arda wigs booth, an exhausted Krysta retired to the hotel room while Alicia joined her friend Mari for a late dinner.
The notes Krysta left for herself the last time she'd been Alicia's con handler recommended she stipulate an evening off. Citing cosplay and storage needs, Alicia had negotiated for a suite as well as a
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Organization XIII vs. Akatsuki Prelude pt 1/4

Ray: Acting in the shadows and keeping their plans secret from the world, these are two of the most infamous villain organizations in fictional history.
Steel: They both have their legions of obsessive fanboys and fangirls-
Mira: Especially fangirls, though, as a brief jaunt through Deviantart will prove to you.
Steel: Oh, hey, Mira. Haven't seen you since last season.
Mira: It's you guys' grand finale. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Ray: You see why I love my wife, people?
Steel: Yeah, yeah, warm and fuzzy feelings all around. The fans of these respective syndicates have been debating who'd win for years, so it's about time they duked it out!
Ray: Organization XIII, the harvesters of hearts from the world of Kingdom Hearts...
Steel: And Akatsuki, the hunters of Tailed Beasts from the world of Naruto.
Mira: Both groups have gained and lost a lot of members in their run, so we're going to limit our scope to the most iconic members of each organiza
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User: Elizabeth F. 
Date: June 18th 
Subject: "Adaptation" 

June 18 - Day 55 after transformation
Dr. Prezioso made a suggestion to me a couple of weeks ago. She said something like, 'if you're feeling a bit "too Lizzie" then do something you would have enjoyed as Brandon.' At first I was a bit upset at that. It was like telling a depressed person to just cheer up. I couldn't, and that was the exact problem. I barely last a half-hour with a controller before I start lizzing out and turn bored, dumb, horny, or some combination. Can barely look under the hood of my old car without her voice just teeheeing about how stupid I am and how complicated it is. In fact, I'm starting to feel that boredom and a little bit hot just writing this journal.
I can't get mad though. She's trying to help. After all, I'm the first...Trans-whatever something something syndrome victim she's ev
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The Munchies
“Hey dude, you ever smoked weed before?” Mint brushed her hair out of her face as she packed a bowl.
“Uh kinda, I had an edible once”
“Want this one? I'm already pretty high” she chuckled.
“Sure thing” Mint passed her the pipe. Ilene paused, then lit it and took a drag, (a pretty big one at that). She coughed and wheezed a little, but took another drag.
“Haha, nice!”
Ilene started feeling the effects shortly after and sank into the couch. She felt like everything around her, including herself and her thoughts were lagging, and she found that rather amusing.
Seraphina showed up a little while later. “Hi Ilene! Hi Mint!” She looked over at Ilene and noticed her eyes were a little discolored.
“What's wrong with your eyes?”
“I'm a liiiiiiiiittle high” she said, stifling a giggle.
“Yeah, it's what happens when you smoke weed”
Seraphina looked perplexed. “Weed
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The Grand Design - Synopsis Form - Part 5
Intro –  
Part 1 –  
Part 2 -
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This part may seem a little shorter than normal, but there’s a few parts of this particular part of the story that I was struggling a little bit to try and come up with for quite a while – the scene where Lars is discussing a logging job with a building contractor panel and a nature activist group about the pros and cons of his latest job, without making EITHER side look like a strawman – I’m trying to avoid making the activists an Anim
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Nobody ever thinks of Jake Lloyd
Nobody ever thinks about Jake Lloyd
So a week or so ago there was a news report about how Kelly Marie Tran the actress who played Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi had deleted her Instagram account  because apparently she was bullied online by some Alt Right guys or some toxic Star Wars fans?
The media had been reporting on this story along with another story of how Daisy Ridley was bullied online much the same way and deleted her online social media too?
The whole world seems to feel bad for these two Star Wars actresses and the cyberbullying they got from fans and all I got to say is.......
..........WHAT ABOUT JAKE LLOYD!!!!!!!!!
You know Jake Lloyd the little boy in 1999 who played the 9 year old Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace which like The Last Jedi was universally hated by Star Wars fans too in a time period way way before social media.
In my own personal opinion I think Jake Lloyd had it way way worse than either Daisy Ridley or Kelly Marie
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Bear Hunt
The art of hunting was much more precise than many Felvarg believed. The act of tracking down one’s prey. It may have seemed like a simple concept but these beasts knew better. Massive paws pushed into the wet soil as a skewed male with red eyes stalked in the underbrush. The recent rain had caused an influx of prey - so Ghar and his two companions, Monia and Marta were taking advantage of that fact. The three demons used the advantage of the thick bushes and vines to hide their forms as they looked for the bear. Ghar had not yet caught sight of the creature but he did have the scent tracked into his nose. As Monia perked her head - she looked to their surroundings finding nothing but the sound of chirping birds. She sneered slightly, annoyed and hungry as a growl gripped at the confines of her stomach walls.
   Marta raised his head - looking from tree to tree to see a sign of broken branches or other things. The stench of the bear was Ghar’s task to track - the
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Dulce: Quote the Ravens
“First… I want to speak to them.”
The trio was lead to the Raven’s roost. Nervousness hesitated Shy’s steps into the wide open room of the tower, walking in to the birds’ tower only a half step before Charlie and Graham, staying close to the apprentice and master praetors. She was grateful that Charlie agreed to come with her on this quest, even more grateful that Uncle Graham was with them. It was her quest to undertake and complete, but any extra help was more than fine with her. Not that she expected Graham to have to help, she trusted her Grandpa Aris to give her something that she was more than capable to do on her own.  At least she hoped.
Azeren was oddly silent during this whole affair, focused on finding the little blue speck that seemed to follow them up to the tower that had suddenly disappeared. The frog spirit clung to their wizards back steadfastly, whispering.
“Can’t we get this over with quickly? Your pillow is alread
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Prelude: Aigis VS. 2B
Zephyr: When technology gets to an advanced enough point, one of the first things scientists like to do is make machines that look just like humans!
Evan: Yes, from the Terminators to the Mimiozomes, we seem to have a particular fascination with creating humanoid robots to fulfill all of our needs.
Zephyr: But not all of them are for porn; Some of them are loaded up with weapons to save humanity! ...and porn!
Evan: Aigis, the Heartless Armed Angel from Persona.
Zephyr: and 2B, the YorHa Executioner from Nier!

Zephyr: In the year 1990, scientists from the Kirijo Group, a massive multinational company, began to perform research on shadows.
Evan: Not the kind one casts, but a race of beings from another world that feed on the minds of humans.
Zephyr: It went about as well as you'd expect. Somehow they managed to create a phenomenon known as the Dark Hour, an extra hour after midnight where shadows freely roam the world.
Evan: Aft
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Daily Deity #260 Nue
In honor of a long overdue Monster Monday, we are featuring the Nue, one of the many Japanese yokai that inhabit the earth. Just to refresh, yokai is somewhat of an umbrella term describing the many spirits and monster of Japanese mythology. Considering the prolific amount of creatures and beings that fall into the yokai category it really makes sense why one term covers the lot. However, being a yokai does not necessarily denote negativity. In fact, there are plenty of good-natured that are about, spreading luck and helping out. However, for today, we are dealing with a dangerous yokai. 
The Nue is considered to be one of the oldest yokai in existence and is often called the Japanese chimera. The chimera is a Classical monster, the main adversary of the hero Bellerophon, which possessed the body of a lion with a goat's head sticking out of its shoulder and a snake for a tail. The Japanese Nue aptly fits to its nickname. It is described as having the head of a monkey that is most
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Gooptacular Birthday Celebration - MP Payment
“Never, in all my years, did I think that we’d be able to pull something like this off,” Chauve said with an edge of awe to his silken voice.
The wide paddock was sprawling with party goods; from balloons, to streamers, to hats with sparkly pom-poms. There were troughs of sweet hay and buckets with good, mealy oats in them. It was work well-done, and also well-worth the tremendous effort.
A black, sparkly mare with a lush lion mane of half-curls trotted up to Chauve. Nouba smiled gleefully at the sprawling affair that stood before them. With an army of planners at their humble behest, Chauve and Nouba had planned a fabulous birthday bash for their daughter, Sabre, aka Goop. The October weather was a little chilly, but they had invited several guests that were savvy with fire magic to the party to help. It was an otherwise perfect day; the clouds were small and spritely, and the autumn sun felt good on the boucles’ withers.
“Who will be arriving first?
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Ghost Stories of the American South -1-
-Fred, the Lady on the Stairs, The Bedroom on the Left, and the Soldier- 
The following story is true. Names have been changed to protect those involved. 
When I was a child, I had multiple experiences that could be classified as 'paranormal'. However, as I was usually the only witness (I'll tell you about my Great Uncle Chuck some other time) I was never able to decide whether they were real, or the result of my own imagination. 
The experiences I will detail in the following story convinced me that, at least in some cases, there really is something going on that defies rational explanation. 

Back in 1998-1999 I was living and working on a farm down in North Georgia as trainer, barn manager, and nanny to the owner's child. The girl, Amy, was around 12 years old, so didn't require much in the way of supervision. I would have been 18 at the time.
I had been to the farm a few times before I moved in, including as an instructor for a three day horse camp (t
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Ellie 1
Ellie followed Darren around the gym quietly. He had his earbuds in, blasting loud enough for her to hear the lyrics, so he could focus on training while completely ignoring her. For every lift he performed, she would find a similar station nearby or wait for him to finish and move on and mimic the exact same routine with the lowest weight possible.
At first she did it begrudgingly, half-heartedly going through the motions, but when she caught several guys checking out her legs while she was leg pressing, she changed her tune. She looked down at what they were glancing at, and while her legs were far from muscular, when she pointed her toes at the top of the lift her calves showed a few lines of separation and bunched into small, but interesting, shapes. Ellie had always liked her legs for how slim they were and the gap between her thighs.
She discretely peeked back to her watchers to enjoy their admiration some more to find they had moved on. After a quick scan of the floor she found
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The Fae Godmother
Once upon a time, as these stories always begin, there lived a simple peasant girl with hair like gold. Though she was strikingly beautiful she was seldom seen as her stepmother forced her to do all the chores around their homestead while she and her nasty daughters went to the city and socialized.
When they returned from their romps in the city they forced the girl to do more chores while they slept. Beaten and tired she’d drag herself to bed and cry herself to sleep, dreams were the only reprieve she ever received and they never lasted long enough; when she awoke the cycle began again.
Her hands became rough from chores and her skin tanned, her eyes were always red from crying from the recent batch of insults from her abusive family. She wished things would end, she fantasized about being swept up in the arms of a noble man, a man who’d treat her with love and respect. But she knew that it was but fantasy. In reality her stepmother would eventually marry her off to someon
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   The possibility of a drop zone being overrun, particularly right after your butt rolled over the ground, was always a very real danger. Lolita Vega knew that was particularly true on this jump. In fact, she had not even really been sure what to expect. Despite having gone to jump training, at Fort Benning, then having been in airborne capable units from that time on, this was the first combat jump that Lolita had ever made. The one thing she would have never dreamed of though, was who overran them and why.
It was no sooner than Lolita had started cutting away the lines to her parachute when she found an army of hands grabbing at her. Then she was jerked back to the ground, by the lines she had not cut, before being dragged along a few feet. When the cords were finally cut, Lolita knew she was not the one who had sliced them. She almost panicked until she finally realized what was going on. They had been surrounded by a horde of civilians, mostly human, who were
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AC: Ciocia
Armaros miał siedemnaście lat, gdy stało się to, o czym wszyscy wiedzieli, że stanie się prędzej czy później: wdał się w bójkę i oberwał gorzej, niż był w stanie znieść.
Obudził się w obcym łóżku, jego prawa noga i lewa ręka były unieruchomione, a głowa owinięta grubą warstwą opatrunków. Bolało go całe ciało, pokryte wieloma stłuczeniami, otarciami i ranami, czuł się słabo, nie mógł się ruszyć, a do tego w zasięgu jego wzroku nie było nikogo znajomego. Jęknął, próbując rozejrzeć się po pomieszczeniu.
– Nie ruszaj się, skarbie, bo zrobisz sobie krzywdę.
Nie znał tego głosu, toteż wystraszył się. Nie potrafił sobie przypomnieć, co się wydarzyło i w jaki sposób znalaz
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Balto FanCharacter Jonathan Son of Steele

I'm redoing the info of my Balto Fan Character. I'm using a picture from K9RASArt. Who made this awesome picture of my Balto Fan Character Jonathan.
Mom: Amy German Shepherd and Wolf
(Fan Character)
Dad: Steele from Balto 1 Alaska Malamute  
Siblings: Half-Sisters Katie, Kristen. Half-Brothers Chase, Alan, Roderick, Alan
(Fan Characters)
Breed: German Shepherd/Alaska Malamute/Wolf  
Uncle: Kaltag, and others
Aunts: Storm (Fan Character and others)
Cousin: Delilah (Fan Character)
Friends: Kodi, Kirby, Dusty, Ralph, Balto, Jenna, Aleu, Star, Nikki, characters or fan-characters friends or best friends.
Mated: Lacey (Fan Character)
Enemies: Johnny, Tom, Pete (Fan Characters, others)
Personality: He is a Good-Heart, Friendly, Nice, Kind but Depressed-Problems. He has the same personality as Steele and voice of him. He sees himself his Destiny becomes just like Steele. He has nightmares, dreams about being Steele or acting like him.
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    The boy looked Yuki over with mild hesitance before sparing a glance back toward Mao. “Pyre, she told me you might know someone I need to find.” He spoke low and could barely be heard over the downpour outside the, now broken, door. The crack and hiss of thunder, the heavy thudding of thick droplets on the ground and building.
    “First we should probably help calm her stomach,” He said with a brief nod to Mao and the dirty Lic.
    “Hudson, bring Mao over here to me and then get Touka. Have her clean up Lic, then I want you to see if we have some wood big enough to put over the door,” Yuki said and then gestured to Pyre. “Please have a seat Pyre,” Yuki said as Hudson brought him Mao. “Silly cat, you should know pressure points by now, your mother is quite adept in them,” he chided and then pressed a
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How to Tell Original Stories
The world of story-writing generally follows systematic patterns that current readers will be most familiar with; many of the great turning points in literary history are when a writer will do something both familiar and new, such as telling a familiar story in a new and innovative way or changing the system completely.  While it is usually historical preservation that secures a writer's notoriety in history, there have been many authors who changed the course of literature through the way they wrote their works; some of the most recents ones, like J. K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins, may quickly be swallowed in the mass-goods-generating culture the modern world is building up, but their methods have impacted how stories are written within the decades their work was published.  The problem is the growing lack of originality; there are many gifted writers who truly love writing and desire to continue it, but who are far more dedicated to writing simple fanfictions of their favor
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Try 1
    Chapitre 1
Alors que les deux lunes commençaient leur ascension dans un ciel étoilé, le jeune Try les ignora royalement, continuant inlassablement de jouer de son harpe, dont la musique envoutait toujours autant ses parents, qui ne cessaient de l’admirer, oubliant même leurs obligations sociales.
Du coin de l’œil, Try eut toutefois une pointe d’insatisfaction, lorsqu’il vit Drez, bras croisés, soupirer en silence derrière sa famille.
Constatant le changement de regard de leur fils, les Cishin se retournèrent comme un seul être, pour voir la jeune servante sourire de manière forcée et hocher la tête comme pour montrer son admiration envers le « fils prodigue ». Satisfaits, les deux nobles se félicitèrent silencieusement et se retournèrent pour continuer à écouter leur jeune et unique héritier.
La harpe que ce dernier tenait dans les mains et maniait a
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Spirit of the Wolf Chapter 1 (warning: unedited)
    The night was cold, and the sky was dark.  There was a light rain pouring down over the small farming village.  It was quiet, most of the townsfolk having already gone in for the night.  What few souls remained were that of the animals, and the occasional guard.  And also, there was a single man running down an alleyway. He was young, and already he finds himself running for his life.  It was a normal occurrence, the running. He could feel his heart beat faster as he pushed himself further and further. His goal was to reach the end of the alleyway, away from the... thing... that was chasing him.
    He could see his goal, approaching nearer and nearer.  His night vision having been arduously trained over the years of survival.  Despite his young age, he had been living on the streets most of his life. He did what he had to do.  To him, he was a survivor. To everyone else, he was a no-good criminal. But he was not
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The Serial Killer and the Jaywalker
There is a trap in thinking that many people — thoughtful, usually educated people — sometimes fall into.  Spending time contemplating the foundations of human thought, of ethics, and of truth, can tempt some to slide into relativism (objective truth doesn't exist) or even solipsism (only one's mind can be sure to exist).  It can lead some to regard all beliefs, ideas, ideologies, or worldviews as being little different, because at bottom, they are all fictions, assumptions, and human-made lies. 
It is one of the many ironies one finds among the intelligent and the educated, that their thoughtfulness and logical rigor sometimes navigates them to absurd dead ends that ordinary people — albeit for entirely different reasons and motivations — rarely fall victim to.  It's true that when we drill down to the bedrock of ideas and concepts, even of science, what we find at its uttermost foundations are axiomatic assumptions.  Our awakening as a
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