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Wanderer of Violet Skies
Beneath the dancing galaxies, he walked the path of forgotten worlds. The lingering mist sang their songs no longer heard by mortal ears. A simple traveler with a winged companion, they explored the universe’s planets, moons, and stars; retracing the steps of the lost civilizations. He could not bring them back, but he could preserve their deteriorating legacies.
The war had wiped out so many, and he couldn’t help but to feel responsible for the extinction of so many. He could’ve stopped it; ended the war and corruption, but the adrenaline of battle was intoxicating. He was created by the bloodshed, but meant for peace. In the aftermath, he sought redemption for his unholy actions in the only way he felt he could truly save his soul: defending what was left.
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December Diary (11.12.2018)
Tuesday 11.12.2018
I met up with Ingrid at Burgers&Bowling around 13:30, when we had agreed to meet, waiting outside of the building until her car arrived. When she got there, I watched as she assembled her wheelchair and lifted herself into it. It was already beginning to get dark outside, and it occurred to me that I had seen her car elsewhere. It was the same car that had been parked outside of the sports centre during my exam, but obviously, I didn't mention it. It would be a strange and possibly creepy thing tohave noticed when I didn't even know who she was at the time.
Anyway, I greeted her and she gave me a hug before we went inside. Following her, I noticed the way she moved, so confidently and elegantly in her wheelchair, and we took the elevator down to the bowling hall together. We paid for a lane, put on bowling shoes and got settled. She joked that she wore them for good luck. She can make jokes on her own expense, which is great, but I don't really know if and how to
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The Crackdown on Fiction content
I'm reuploading this with improves of spelling, grammar. This Time I'm re-uploading because I made a Space problem with the words. 
Why does matter if something is Fiction?  Fiction does not hurt or kill anyone. People should focus on real life because hurtful, and harmful to anyone.
1) Countries make up those laws, rules over posting fiction content. Waste of time, taxpayers money. Hearing about this ideas shocking. Almost like Government said: Health Care, School funding, other things. The real threat Fiction content.
You are telling are using the money, time to fight a war against Fiction. You know what the point Fiction exists in the first place. Not saying all country's but The countries are like this: How these helping people in the first place. The answer is no one.
2) Websites: Your Goal scary away members and new members congratulation doing the best job. Fiction is a threat then don't really care about safe your members or new members.
Hater's, A-holes are real and
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Erin O Malley: Bound for Danger (Epilogue)
Erin stirred from a heavy sleep to find a friendly face watching over her. 
“Mmm...hi Dad,” she murmured sleepily. 
Her father, Mike O’Malley, smiled through his bushy mustache. His brown eyes were tired and bleary, as if he’d been up all night. 
“Morning kitten,” he said softly, using his favorite pet name for her. 
Erin smiled and rubbed her eyes. Morning sunlight was peeking through the blinds. That’s right, she’d spent the night at her parents, sleeping in her old room. Erin could
scarcely recall the events of last night after Colin and Brian had brought her here. There had been a whole lot of crying and hugging, both with her parents, and with her friends...
Erin peeked over the side of her bed to see her blonde haired best friend dozing peacefully on the air mattress - an arrangement of Stef’s own insistence. Erin smiled, just glad to see that she was still okay. 
“How are you feeling?
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Shenmue I + II (PlayStation 4) Review
Sega’s Dreamcast would be the company’s final venture in the videogame console business before developing titles for other systems, with among the better-received titles on the system being developer Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue, ballyhooed as the most expensive game ever developed in its time to the point where even if every Dreamcast owner purchased a copy, it still wouldn’t have profited, some of the expense covering its first and thus-far only sequel, which would see an Xbox port before further entries fell into development hell. Over a decade later, both games would see mostly-untouched direct ports to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the collection Shenmue I & II. Though it has a few things going for it, the first game ultimately comes across as a rushed product, despite its alleged cost, and its successor doesn’t fare any better.
Both games follow the same protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, in a classic tale of revenge, Ryo yearning to avenge his deceas
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Denis und Mika, Kitzelstory 4 (f/m)
Die Engelsfeder
Es war ein wunderschöner Sonntag nachmittag und Denis und seine Freundin Mika, beschlossen einen spatziergang in den naheliegenden Wald zu machen. Die Eltern von Denis erlaubten es, aber erinnerten die beiden an die Regeln:
„Also ihr kennt die Regeln. Bis zum See und nicht weiter. Und vor 17:00 seid ihr zurück!“
„Jaaaaaa Mom“ kam es gelangweilt über die Lippen des Jungen. Natürlich kannte er die Regeln und hatte sie bestimmt schon 100 mal gehört.
Die beiden Kinder zogen ihre Sandalen an und wollten gerade raus, als sein Vater auch noch etwas hinzufügte:
„Und haltet euch vom Wasser fern!“
Denis verdrehte die Augen und atmete genervt auf: „jaaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaad!“
Die beiden waren nun draussen und überquerten die Strasse, auf dessen anderen Seite sich ein Park mit einer grossen Eiche befand. Das Wetter war noch besser als in den vergangenen Tagen und die Sonne brannte auf Mikas Haut,
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Reisser - I. Podroznik
I. Podróżnik
Stałem tuż przed ciemnozieloną tablicą, od której bił nieznośny zapach kredy, suchy i przypominający kurz. Drobinki pyłu unosiły się w powietrzu jak jakieś tajemnicze opary. W sali było duszno. Śnieg za oknem sprawił, że kaloryfery rozkręcono na najwyższą możliwą temperaturę, a zaparowanych okien nikt nie ważył się otwierać. Było mi słabo i gorąco, sam nie wiedziałem, czy się pocę, czy to tylko złudne wrażenie, efekt panującej wokół atmosfery. Linoleum na podłodze wydawało się kleić do moich butów, światło jarzeniówek padało zielonkawymi promieniami na szare ściany, ławki z jasnego drewna i twarze tych siedzących w nich. Dwadzieścia trzy osoby o szarych, pospolitych jak chwasty obliczach, zupełnie mi obcyc
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Nachtgard 11 - Kreuzungen im Traumland
Nachtgard 11
Kreuzungen im Traumland
Eine schwarz gekleidete Person mit Kapuze und Tuch über dem Mund eilte leise zu einem Zaun, übersprang ihn, indem er in der Luft noch einmal auf eine unsichtbare Stelle trat und sich so hochstieß. Er strich zügig und sachte wie ein Lufthauch in die Richtung eines großen Gebäudes. Es war ein Herrenhaus.
Die einbrechende Person ächzte kurz auf, die Stimme war zwar nicht übertrieben tief, aber eindeutig männlich. Der Mann war bewaffnet und seine Kleidung war stellenweise mit hartem Kunststoff verstärkt wie auch gepanzert.
Der schwarz gekleidete Krieger konzentrierte sich, ging in Hocke. Dann schloss er die Augen und suchte mit seinem Feingefühl, einem Empfindungsorgan seines Geistes, die Wachhunde. Da es ein Rudel war, schaffte er es, sie mit einem geistigen Impuls dazu zu bewegen, dass sie ausgelassen und freundschaftlich miteinander spielten, zahm wurden und sie alles vergaßen, wozu sie abge
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Endless Book 1 Scene Opinion
Okay! I've gotten 2 different opinions on this and so I'm curious what others think. I know what I think but I like input before I decide which one stays and which one goes. This is the dungeon scene between Sophia and Amoxious. These are the 2 versions for fine tuning I came up with in reworking what's in the original here on my DA found in Death Frame, Chapter 4 I believe. Either below leave your vote or follow the link to the poll to leave your input on if you prefer version 1, version 2, neither or both. Thank you ever so much!
Version 1:
Later that evening, a guard stepped out of the inn and made his way to the dungeons location just off the castle grounds. Once inside, the guard continued and stopped in front of the cell of a resting Sophia on the floor mat. “So beautiful. Too bad you must be left behind such metal constructs.”
    “Neh?” she rolled over and sat up, rubbing one eye with a yawn. “Wha?” Sophia blinked clear
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Their Story Ch 38- Interview
I had never been in a police office before, but I knew they were often crowded with officers, witnesses, and lawbreakers. When I stepped into the Detroit Police Department office, I was not expecting the silence.
I came to visit the android that had killed Jonathan. He was in a holding cell, guarded by an android from the hospital. As I approached them, I saw the android.
“Hey Tanner.” The android currently on guard turned. He smiled.
“Hello, Kiana.” He stood straight and faced me.
“Relax, soldier. I’m just visiting.”
With a small nod, Tanner relaxed and leaned against the wall.
I leaned against the wall next to him and watched the murderer android. He sat on a wall cot, his fingers fidgetting.
“What’s his name?” I whispered.
“Where’s he from?”
“Dunno. He’s only given his name.”
“Does he talk?”
“Not really. We don’t have anything to talk about, r
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Review of Hey Arnold Arnold's Christmas

So, Helga, Phoebe is talking about there favourite thing about Christmas. Helga more about the presents, buying things, other things. Phoebe More about giving, other things like that Helga spot boots she all-ways wants but one her fellow female classmates tell that the stores are out of the boots. Arnold asks Gerald what he got his dad, mom, little sister as presents. The Gerald reply is all then a tie. Arnold tells about how each gift should be special. I can agree with that.  So the boarding house as annual secret Santa. Arnold gets Mr. Hyunh and Arnold talk with Mr. Hyunh. So during the talk, Mr. Hyunh talk about how he used to have a daughter in a faraway country. But there was a war, and him, her daughter try to left the country. Mr. Hyunh was forced give-up his daughter to get her out of the country.  Arnold present to Mr. Hyunh found his daughter. So, Arnold, Gerald meets someone called Mr. Bailey. Mr. Baiely has the deal with then
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As I scanned the convention map I noticed a logo I had never seen before. The top of the logo was dominated by the top half of a human. The middle was a printing head, and the bottom was half a leaf. Of course, in biotech, there were always new companies springing up. However, what caught my eye was the fact that they had claimed an impressive amount of space, more appropriate for a major corporation than a small startup.
I began making my way towards them, stopping to look at the nanobots being showcased next to my company's booth. They were cool, but far from practical.
I worked in advanced organ printing, working out how to grow personalized organs at industrial scale. Our showcase was printing beating hearts in a matter of minutes. Of course, I wasn't here to man our booth, I was here to talk to all of the other people. Just because you have a job doesn't mean you'll keep it. Contacts are always important.
The booth I was approaching ended up being larger than expected. Half the sp
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SM3: Through The Clouds - Story
SM3:  Through The Clouds
Two hikers, Bob and Jack, hike up Mt. Colcone to go play in the snow on top.  In the middle of their hike, they encounter a large cloud that surrounds the mountain.  The cloud is also covering the hiking trail.  So, they take their chances and go through it.
Chapter 1:  Up the slopes.
On a fine, sunny day, near the town of Mt. Colcone, is a mountain that is covered with snow on top.  And hiking up its slopes are Bob and Jack on the way to the top to go play in the snow.
Bob is a 25 year old aquan man of the redan race.  He is wearing a green jacket with a green t-shirt underneath and grayish-blue pants.  On his back is a yellow backpack that he travels with whenever he goes hiking.
Jack is a 21 year old human man of the sandi race.  He is wearing a blue jacket with a red cap on his head.  Underneath his jacket is a red t-shirt with gray pants.  On his back is a g
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2040: The Great Sage (Parts 1-2)
1. Privacy
2040, Talespace
A magical island had fallen from the heavens, and Phoenix couldn't wipe the grin off his face while explaining it to Mom. "The rumors say Old Man Sunset got the place when he went to China and he beat this evil AI dragon. Me and the gang are gonna conquer it from him."
He was sitting in his cool tent on Island East-12 North-30, with Mom. She was really in Texas and using a VR rig to visit his world. "Will it be educational?" she asked.
Phoenix scratched one of his wing-arms with the other. He had a human-like face these days and had ditched the beak, but liked having feathers. "Duh. Miss Alma wouldn't have agreed to help unless there was, um, a curriculum she could wedge into it. She had us fight a real criminal a little while ago, and made us study enough physics and chemistry to know how cannons work."
Mom hugged him; she was always doing that and it was getting annoying. "It's tough to tell how much of your adventures are real. You should come to di
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The Nebula's Tide ch 14
Tactic Betrayal 
The double doors to Treta’s office opened, welcoming the captain and the doctor back to the dimly lit quarters and the small party of pirates that awaited them there. Kala’s hand remained in the crook of Treta’s arm, held in place by his paw in a somewhat reassuring, somewhat controlling way. As they approached the Captain’s desk, Kala scanned the faces in the room. Only one was familiar to her.
The Calian’s head followed her movements as they approached, his eyes obscured by the thick blond hair that hung around his snout and long sloping neck. She could hear him sniffing the air as he studied her scent. Kala thought back to her xenology studies and what she had read about the impossible speed of the Calian’s deadly strike. The way he was watching her now, she couldn’t help but hold onto Treta’s arm a little tighter. Cono, if she was remembering his name correctly, gave them a sleepy smile.
Kala could not identify t
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The Walkers - Chapter 13
Chapter 13
When the mist lifted, I was able to see how Christen was disappearing! What the hell is happening here! Her eyes were slowly closing and a smile crept onto her face as if she had been given the eternal bliss of redemption. The towering reptile was glaring daggers towards me, but I could care less. My friend, the one that I had met like three hours ago, was vanishing! What kind of insane joke was this!
“CHRISTEN!” I called to her, but she just smiled even wider. I noticed how she moved her hand and waved at me. No. Don’t say goodbye! I am going to cry, you know!
My eyes were fixed on the figure of the female adventurer. She was becoming a black mist that was dispersing with the wind. My fists were clenched and my teary eyes were spilling water like fountains. Was I always a crybaby? I don’t care! Give me back my Christen! My hands ached on how hard I was pressuring my fingers, almost digging into my skin, as I made the fi
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Shadow's Christmas Tradition
In my family, Christmas has always been the biggest holiday celebration, though, we start celebrating the day of Thanksgiving. That day is when we start setting up the trees and garlands, and we also decorate at least one tree with tons of ornaments until it is chock full. Sometimes one of our cats likes to play hide and seek in it. I always help by wrapping the garlands around the tree or just simply putting up a few ornaments here and there.
By the time December rolls around, things start getting chaotic. We all have our separate traditions, like hiding the Christmas pickle on the tree, or making chocolate covered pretzels, buckeyes, and various other candies, or decorating the house and the front yard until it looks like Griswold’s house from Christmas Vacation.
My favorite tradition that I try to accomplish every year is making twenty-five cookies for the twenty-five days of Christmas. Granit, they’re not the official traditional Christmas cookies, they’re all of
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Home for the Holidays
Alice strolled slowly down the street, pulling her coat close to herself to try and keep out the cold.  As the snowflakes fell in the dusky evening, kids giggled and scurried about their beleaguered parents, young couples held hands, and more than a few clutches of good friends wandered into pubs and bars together, laughing as they tried to squeeze indoors before the cold hit their exposed skin.
Suddenly she was taken back to that fun night with Nina.  They had the best evening, drinking, dancing, loving life together.  It finally seemed like she'd managed to connect with someone.  A friend.  Someone to share her life with, even if only the parts she dared to share with anyone.  But Nina had vanished on her, and wasn't returning her calls lately.  Alice had stopped trying to text her back.  It was hopeless.  Each time she'd send out a new, clever little text, always bubbly and bright no matter how hard it was to fake, all her hopes went with
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The Boy With No Voice (chapter 1-3
Chapter 1
Something’s in my head
The year was the year of the snakes venom. My father had just come home from a yearlong trading route through the brack sea. He had the biggest smile on his face,( I could swear it were from ear to ear) he held up a box of gold and starshards.
“I got us a ship Jason. We can go travel the pearl azule as we wanted. The whole world is in are view and we can stride alongst it.” I was excited, but you see I was a mute, so there was not a word I could shout for my excitement. Yet my face had the largest smile I could produce.
My dad hired men that he trusted to help with the ship's voyage and development. We worked on the boat day in day out. The sun was beating down on are necks which we caked in mud and grass to block out its rays. We hacked and hammered against the wood as we built upon the large ship. Buying and trading whatever we could make money off of, especially crabs as we took short breaks to dive for them in the clear waters. We
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Crazy Girl part 54
Saying nothing, the blonde giantess turned away and beckoned her father to join her.  Foster watched her stride away until the rain swallowed up the two of them.  Doubt pricked at him relentlessly.  Did she understand what he told her?  Would her fierce pride push her to deviate from the plan?  Did the plan have the faintest hope of working?  Inside his soul, his spirit threatened to shrivel down to a nub.  Somehow this didn’t seem real.  It couldn’t be happening.  The throbbing wound on his shoulder pointedly reminded him that it was.  This was no movie or video game.  His life and the lives of others hung in the balance.
Fat raindrops pattered onto the waxy leaves surrounding him.  Even the insides of his boots were waterlogged.  His thoughts wandered.  This was not the way he wanted to die.  He was still young.  He had too much to live for.  From deep inside a voice told him to use that
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Crabbing About Winter
The surface of the water reflected the sky back to it like a mirror. Pinkish white clouds drifted lazily over its surface like tufts of cotton, varying from large clumps to small wisps. There was nary a breath of wind as the sun began to set. There was no snow on the ground yet, but it was cold. Each exhale brought a puff of smoke into existence before dying almost as quickly as it was born. Four large bodies lined the lake - and one small. One was human, dressed in an overly large coat and at least four differently colored, clashing scarves. His hair was long and black, coming out from a gray bandanna wrapped tight to his head. He sat with his knees to his chest, huddled up next to a particularly poofy tyto. The bird's feathers were nearly long enough to engulf the man.
Bravi - the tyto he was pressed up against - paid the human no mind. They was far too focused on his own misery to acknowledge anyone else's. The bird shivered and shuddered, air coming from their nostrils in wispy sha
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Welcome to Hell!
   “Let's take a look at your profile, Mr. Sherman,” the grey-skinned woman with grey hair and a grey suit flipped open an equally grey folder. The man across from her seemed to be the only non-grey thing in the room. Even the modest houseplant that sat behind her had a grey tint.
   “Aright,” Mr. Sherman shuffled his hands together nervously.
   The woman tilted her spectacles to properly graze the paper with her grey eyes, “In your childhood, you proceeded to steal bikes and get into several fights with the neighboring children.”
   “They used to bully me,” he protested.
   “According to section 1, paragraph 2, they used to exclude you and make fun of your height,” she told him.
   He scoffed, “Exactly.”
   “While you were ten, your response was to punch a five year old in the face and steal his tricycle. Stealing is against the 8th Comma
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