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The Accidental Tower: Pilot
The Ladies Pinnacle League team known as the Minolin Mares had a long history in the sport of women's basketball. Founded over fifty years ago they had won the Ladies Pinnacle League on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, those days had long passed them by, nowadays they were known for being the great team that were a shadow of their former selves.
Over the last twenty years they had only made it post-season four times and each time their luck would run out in the first round of the knock out stages. This past season had been no different for them as they had finished in the lower third of the league. This didn't make them the worst team in the league but it was far below what they had been all those years ago.
Many coaches, managers and scouts had come and gone from the team. Many of them claimed that they would restore the team to their former glory but so far none of them had been able to turn their fortunes around. Now a recently retired player was the head coach of the team. He
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Truth Will Set You Free.
I specifically hear a gunshot, and as the one and only true God, I am able to use my omnipresent awesomeness to arrive just as a witness flees the scene. William is the name of the victim, I watch in horror as one of my creations destroys another. Innocence, he had done nothing wrong, and now I watch as his lifeless body drops down on the rocky road. Life doesn’t hold the meaning it once had, humans kill for no other reason than to take a Mars candy bar.
Lucas witnessed the whole exchange; however, he doesn’t feel compelled to go to the police. Where did I go wrong when I created Earth? I destroyed the people of Saturn’s moon Titan and Venus because of their horrific nature. Not even the unicorn was as peaceful as I intended, running it’s horn through other creatures. The Chupacabra, now that was a mess, and the Yeti just tore things apart. H
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Request Shorts 10
A fearless pilot hailing from London who was the youngest candidate ever inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program, Lena Oxton's career as an Overwatch agent seemed cut short after an accident while testing an experimental teleporting fighter known as the "Slipstream" had desynchronized her molecules from the flow of time, rendering the quirky pilot a living-ghost unable to maintain a physical form whenever she was blinking into the future or the past. Thankfully, just when all hope seemed lost, a brilliant scientist by the name Winston was able to design the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping "Tracer" (a nickname Oxton had adopted for herself that had also served as her call sign back in flight academy) anchored in the present, as well as allowing her to perform some other neat tricks like speeding up and slowing down her perception of time.
With these newfound abilities, Oxton underwent training to become the greatest Overwa
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Seventh Letter: The Wakisaka Girl
Thank God for the seventh letter, and for my thoughts to not end on the sixth. Now let's continue.
Well, she sat next to me. This is very weird. Why is she doing this? She is an innocent-looking girl just blindly talking to a dubious has-been senator with a trustless personality, looking like someone people would be unnerved by when they walk alone in the streets. She doesn't know me. I don't know her. I could be a kidnapper, a murderer, or rapist, or some abusive person who will use her for my personal gain, for all you know. Did nobody tell her it's not wise to talk to strangers? 
Well, she's ploying with me. 
This girl just kept asking me that question. She had the typical high-pitched voice that annoyed me to no return. Sure, for some, it may sound...ehh...moé, but it was foreign and therefore annoying to my mind. She wanted to know where the bathroom is, and did not stop, no matter how many random people I pointed. She was convincing. She looked like she "reall
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Tickle feet game 2
Kevin is a redhead, a curly-haired 12 year old boy.
Kevin sat down on the bench. I took my sandal from my left leg. Emily ran her sharp nail around Kevin's left, gentle foot. From the heel to the fingers. The boy giggled. Smiley Kevin was sonorous and gentle. Emily began to take off her sandal from Kevin's right foot, tickling Kevin's left heel.
Hahahahahihihihohoshchehehehehkohohohhotchehehehehohohohtnohohohohahahihihii: speaking through laughter Kevin.
The boy held his legs with his hands, so that Emily scraped the heels more and faster. The yard was filled with Kevin's laughter. Emily was pointing fingers in the footsteps of Kevin. Circled circles. She thrust the index finger between the fingers of Kevin's legs with special tenderness. Emily took a feather from behind her ear, and started to drive them along the heel, the arch of the foot. Pushing a feather between the boy's fingers.
Hahahahahihihihihihihhahahehehohohbohohhlhihihihishehehehe: said Kevin.
Emily began licking, kissing
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Final judgement
Featuring: Matron Mother Nazira, Ky'Ro
Mentioning: Nobles of House Rhekar, rest of the Giza House
Year 105 after The Great Release, Summer
Giza House, Rhekar House
"Nobles of House Rhekar!" Nazira shouted over the arena. Flanked by her son and several soldiers, she stood on the throne that indicated the place of the Matron Mother. Right at the others side of the arena, just as on the right and left, were the other 3 Matrons of the High House. The rest of the arena, was filled with the remaining Matrons and any other Giza cat that wanted to see this judgement. The news of an 'execution', because this was just it, had spread like a running fire trough the dark tunnels, exiting everyone that loved sports and blood. So the next day, the arena had filled up with hundreds of cats, waiting for the spectacle to begin. 
"You are found guilty by the crime of fornicating with slaves!" These words alone already made the other cast crazy, cal
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Rust of the Soul - Introduction
(art by princessofDisney27)
I've written highlight journals, commissioned artists to draw the characters and discussed it with friends and other D&D players, but this is my first foray into running a Dungeons and Dragons game. I’ve played in other games, but back in early 2018, I found myself in a dry spell of not able to participate in many other games that was being played, whether it was in the real world or on Discord. In the case of the former, games that were running did not fit my schedule for availability and for the latter, any games that were being run were full up with players and I felt unnecessary (this has changed lately, but during that time, it was easy to feel alienated when everyone else was having fun and you were just sitting on the sidelines hoping to join in on the fun).
It was during that time while I was still involved with “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” that I started to begin writing down ideas for my own home brew game. By March, the i
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Godly Endeavours
Humans were the biggest mistake God had made. Uranus, for example, was an awful fella with a gambling addiction and a list of sins to which murder was the newest addition. Mark Mercury, who was the unfortunate victim of this man, bled to death next to a pile of poop. All the while god watched. No one appreciated help from a homeless woman anyway even if she was the creator of all that lived. 
She sighed and rubbed her hair. A white cat named Vanilla purred and rubbed itself against her legs. Regrettably, God had to admit she preferred Earth when humans didn’t exist when creatures like dragons, griffins, fairies, werewolves, and others roamed it. Elves sounded a much better choice than humans for sentient civilization now that she thought about it. Maybe, she shouldn’t have caused the flood that wiped them.
On top of that, a downpour of rain began. Not wanting to get soaked, which would
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La Caceria de Fuego-Volumen Cinco-Capitulo 4-Final
Volumen Cinco — Capítulo 4
Los rugidos furibundos del druida inundaron el campo de batalla, haciendo eco entre los muros de roca y bloqueando cualquier otro sonido.
            —¡¡Cuno acabará pronto al necromante!! —gritó la cazadora—. ¡¡Sostengamos al ejército!!
            —¡¡¿Qué?!! —respondió el demonio desde el otro lado de la batalla, escuchando apenas su propia voz.
Los paladines, Sir Louis el Calvo y Sir Lance el Segundón, ni siquiera intentaron hablar. Cargaron cada uno por su cuenta, pero en perfecta coordinación, abriendo caminos entre los cadáveres. Tal como resplandecían la espada y los ojos del mayor, cada vez más envuelto por luz blanca, también de pronto brilló la cabeza de la lanza del más jove
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Time Out 2
A police detective investigates a suspicious preschool. An age regression story. 4 min read.
Erik’s heart rose as his watch vibrated, but then the screen abruptly went dead, the dark glass reflecting the baffled look on his face. Had he forgotten to charge the batteries? The newly-minted preschooler squeezed the power button over and over again with increasing desperation, before a soft fusion of childish voices and high-pitched giggles approached from around the corner. Trying to stuff the watch into non-existent pockets, he finally dropped it into his undies and scampered back into his classroom as a column of kids surged by.
The teacher was hunched over her tablet in a Facebook coma, oblivious to his absence. Erik slid under a table and tried to revive his watch. Outside, someone fired up a rotary mower. He glanced through the window – there was a woodchip-paved playground with canary-yellow slides, ketchup-red climbing structures, a hodgepodge of monkey bars, swings and
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Das Tal der Traenen 02
Die Parablase
Lara nahm eine der kleinen silbernen Kugeln in die Hand ... und fand sich in einem untergegangenen Schiff wieder. Mehr als 8000 m unter dem Meeres Spiegel, eingebettet in vollkommene Dunkelheit.
Es schien dort eine Luftblase zu geben. Die Umgebung, die sie sehen konnte, war völlig trocken. Sie befand sich in einem Appartement mit einer Küchenzeile und einem weiteren Raum als Schlafzimmer.
Die Tür stand offen. Sie schaute in den Raum dahinter .... und sah ein etwa 10 jähriges Mädchen auf dem Bett sitzen. Es schaute sie an.
"Bitte hilf mir, bitte hilf mir hier raus zu kommen."
Lara schaute sie ... das Mädchen sah so lebendig aus. Es umgab sie nicht dieser Hauch des Todes, den sie in den anderen Kugeln gespürt hatte.
Lebendig? In der Domain des Todes? Das musste eine Sinnestäuschung sein.
"Wie bitte ist Dein Name?"
"Ich heiße Elena."
"Bist Du ganz allein hier?"
"Ja, alle anderen sind hinter der schwarzen Wand.
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[PotA] || Need More Sleep
Qahnaarin was offended as she made her way to the Iluq Forest. When she had brought up the idea of training an heir, she had been looking at the possibility of having her own pups, toying with the idea of finally being a parent and imparting all her wisdom and knowledge into the new generation she’d be bringing into the world. Qahnaarin had not, however, thought Rainwater and the deer would suggest she adopt a pup out of nowhere, some child that didn’t really belong to her. The idea of training a pup that wasn’t her own made her both angry and horribly sad. She had no pups of her own, and the tawny dam wasn’t likely to change that anytime soon. Draft, however, was the solution to all her problems - according to Rainwater and the deer. He was new to the Iluq Forest, apparently abandoned, and he needed some guidance. Rainwater and the deer thought Qahnaarin could be the one to give that pup the guidance he needed.
“You need an heir, and he needs someone to s
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Amberwoods Station - Part 5
"Hello Minerva," Anila says with a wary smile, greeting the massive dragon with a slight bow. "No they're not. Those visitors seem to have been sent elsewhere and we got these."
"Oh dear," Minerva says with a sigh. "Who's in charge of arranging visits these days?"
"I don't know," Anila says. "I got pressed into being the welcoming committee about ten minutes before they arrived." Her form begins to waver. "Again?" A few moments later the petite elf's body solidifies again. "At least this time it's not as bad." Her voice holds a much colder note and her eyes are now the color of the sea - and just as cold. Her body is thin, hard, and now she's dressed in soft leather armor. Bow guards cover both forearms. "Hm, I'm not his Bladedancer now. I wonder what she's doing."
"You know the core," Minerva says. "When she gets an idea she runs with it until she either gets bored with it or until she finalizes it."
"Speaking of finalizing things, did she ever figure out what she's doing with that ot
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Gryphonheart: Aquilis
Florian ran down the road leading away from his school like the devil was on his heels; his heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Thalmaier!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken like Charlie was?” Marc’s cackle rang in Florian’s ears, as did Marc’s friends’ laughter.
He only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc, just like Charlie was through!!” Florian shouted over his shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, he noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Aquila, the Eagle, just above the northern horizon.
Florian only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
His legs and lungs both burned, as his heart pounded.
The back lane leading to his home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, Florian spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to cat
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The Cross of Saint Thomas lll.
June 3, 2017. The Cross of Saint Thomas lll.
JR 9. Conversation with God.
Part 2.
Hi, Thomas lll,
              That's good you kept yourself in a productive mood. It is essential to work on your dwelling as it is your heart. I remembered years ago; I would get very quickly angry and extremely overwhelmed when I would see no order in a house, and it looked like a pile of trash. But over time, God healed the root of my reactions; and cleaning, organizing became not as bad in my mind. (But I also, pray to often on this topic. And always try to do my best.) Keep organizing and cleaning your room, and make compromises to let certain things go that you haven't used for years. God can always bless you with new ideas, stuff, and updated versions if you allow him.  (you witnessed it through me) I had to learn this in my personal life. 
             You carry allot of yoke phys
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The monsters would be coming soon, but theirs have been here since morning.
She didn't cry, and truth be told, neither had he; their faces were blank and their bodies limp, but their minds were empty and full, filled with everything and nothing at the same time, like rain. Rain- no, a storm, loud and harsh. It was present, it was everywhere, but it was nothing at the same time. It didn't fill anything, it wasn't solid.
Empty and full. Noisy, but at the same time, not.
That's what it was: The noise of silence.
They could fight the monsters, but they've already tried that before, and they always came back. Sometimes the hordes were smaller than the last; other times, they were resembled an apocalypse waiting to happen. They could try fighting, but it took too much energy, and by the end of the battle, they would be more lost and tired and numb than they were before.
Acknowledging it would be enough.
Acknowledging it would be enough.
There were monsters. There were always monsters,
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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Godzilla Part 1
In the far reaches of space above the planet Tau'e a ship called the Aratrum was orbiting over it inside the ship the alarm was sounded of and troops surrounded a landing ship and pointing they're guns at whoever's inside, inside the landing ship was a boy around 18 sitting in the cockpit when a image showed sound only came on.
"Captain Turnbull please respond, we need to ask you to leave the shuttle."
The boy is named Jarred Turnbull he has brown hair and was wearing a suit with a retractable helmet was sitting in the cockpit holding a small gun and wore explosives around him.
"My condition is for us to leave planet Tau;e immediately and abandon the emigration project until that happen i'm not going anywhere." Jarred said strictly.
"The decision to emigrat to Tau'e came directly form the central committee. Attempting to over turn their decision by force is a criminal act."
"The planet is uninhabitable, and if i'm a criminal then the committee members are murderers!" Jarred sa
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Jill's Little Boy Pet (A Giantess Story) Ch2
“Please, you’ve held me, now can you just let me go home?” Robert pleaded.
But Jill carried him directly in front of her chest, giving him a great view of her cleavage jiggling with each trotting step, so part of him wondered why he was complaining.
No, he thought, I won’t let her make me her pet! He was a person, after all.
“You are going home, your new home,” she said, smiling affectionately down at him. “With me.”
Her forefinger from her free hand swooped in and petted his head. He grunted and tried to evade her touch, but couldn’t escape it.
“But I have a family!” he shouted.
She laughed. “You said you turn eighteen soon. You’re almost fully grown! It’s not like I’m stealing you from kindergarten or something.”
“But, but...” he stammered, caught off guard by her reasoning.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take excellent care of you,” she assured him, continuing to p
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The Heart of a Child

The ticking of the clock, the fans whirling throwing out more chill than the six year brunette child would normally wish for, the ticking of the clock and whirling of fan, wasn’t what was keeping young Aria awake at this dreaded hour, no. It was the fact that her daddy had a birthday coming up and didn’t want to celebrate it, their first birthday together and he didn’t want to celebrate it. The thoughts of him not enjoying her company enough to want to do these things with her corrupted her mind, more than she would have liked. Her adopted father loved her and never failed to show his love for her, but he never told her bedtime stories, but he always did tuck her in giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead, normally the child would be deep in dreams shortly after her daddy had walked out of the room but tonight, she sighed and looked around the moonlit room of the tall structure she now called home. Her plush dolls made large eerie
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[Hunt] Rabbit Jungle
As the littlest toko in the pack, nobody really took Sprout very seriously. She was a tiny dwarf tokota, with stubby legs and a simple, incredibly short coat. She was in that awkward stage between puppy and adult, her toki legs made her even more clumsy than a typical adolescent tokota, and because of her short coat she had to wear a sweater in the winter to be able to play with the other tokotas in the snow. When summer finally rolled around, she was relived to ditch the dorky sweater and join the others as a fully fledged toko, but they were still skeptical of her abilities.
Maybe it was because she had asked to tag along on a hunt with a bunch of dire tokotas, ten times as tall and strong as she was. Maybe it was because she was so gosh darn cute. Ollie, Snowbird, and Rosie were not convinced by her pitch, but they were too nice to reject her. They simply changed the plans that day from hunting caribou to hunting rabbits – something a tiny tokota would be able to keep up at. T
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So what does a director do after making one of the most rage-inducing films of the decade? Well, apparently you go for something completely different ... kind of.

A Simple Favor is a mystery/thriller/comedy hybrid from Paul Fieg, who is primarily known for his comedy films like Bridesmaids, Spy, and the universally-loved Ghostbusters 2016. The film follows single mother Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick), whose best friend Emily mysteriously vanishes after asking Stephanie to watch over her son Nicky (Ian Ho) for a little while. The resulting pandemonium includes Stephanie trying to figure out what happened to Emily and what kind of life she's really been leading, all the while trying to deal with the home life left behind, including watching Nicky and building a connection with Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding).
This was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, primaril
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SS: Thoughts by OtaPotato SS: Thoughts :iconotapotato:OtaPotato 1 0
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
(girl to ballerina doll)
"Hah... Hah.. Hah..." Panted a 10 year old girl. She was out of breath, but she couldn't stop. She was dressed in a pure white tutu and snow white tights. The light of the full moon shined through the hallway giving her costume a twinkle. Her satin pink toe shoes made a light tapping noise as she ran.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
She continued to pant. The hall seemed to go on forever. Her hair was tied into a bun. Above her feather decoration was a tiara. While it glittered in the moonlight, the girl glanced out the window. 'She' wasn't there, but 'she' was always usually there.
"Ok..." Her painted rouge lips curved into a slight smile. "Tonight is the night I'm going to leave this place, and go back home."
Her toe shoes continued to tap on the floor. Soon enough the little ballerina reached the large entrance hall.
"Just a little more..." She thought as the large glass doors entered her view. But as she was about to soon have the knob in her hand, a large blac
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