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Having fun
Three friends are sitting down around a table looking at a small object lying on the table in front of them
First we have Lily  a fifteen year old girl who enjoys the great outdoors and hanging out with her friends
Second we have Sam  a young woman same age as Lily who enjoys music, exercise and school
And lastly we have Margot  the last one in the friend group, same age as the other, often ridiculed by her red hair but she never let that get her down and her interests includes, swimming, travels and a budding sense of fashion
They are all sitting on the sofa looking at the table in front of them where a small crystal lies glowing gently 
Margot found it in a small shop when she was traveling as it come with a small note as well 
-The crystal you have now acquired has the ability to perform magical arts, just speak into it and so the desire you have sh
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Worst Animated Fathers
1. Clay Puppington: Yes. This asshole of a dad. I admit that I had neglected to watch Moral Orel when it aired on Adult Swim, namely because it seemed to be a bad parody of clay-animated shows such as Davey and Goliath. I have since appreciated the series for delving into the darkness of organized religion as well as the utter hypocrisy of its believers. Clay to me is the epitome of all that a father should not be. He is a self-centered, cynical, pathetic excuse for a human being. Even when we have some semblance of sympathy for Clay, he immediately pitches that off of his shoulder and returns to being an ass. In season one, he was more of the parody of the upright patriarch who had his moments of being played for laughs. Come the finale for season two, however, and that all comes to a screeching stop. Clay decides to take Orel out to the woods to hunt, only to find himself growing increasingly annoyed by Orel's good nature. This climaxes to Clay shooting his son in the leg, rip
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you ever see the things people around you do just to try to avoid Nothing ?
Nothing can be just a choice of terms, a margin over which you might step
to unpredictably discover some other style of experiencing
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The Master of Mixes - Dedf1sh TF TG (Request)
Rickard was watching cartoons in his room while his father was at work. A commercial eventually came on advertising a product that got Rickard's attention.
"Do you wanna be a great DJ without spending lots of money?"
"Yes!" said Rickard.
"Hi, Milly Bays here for the Big City DJ Station, the fast and easy way to make great music anywhere!"
"Oooh, this looks interesting," said Rickard.
"Just put on up to four records and scratch! In no time, you'll be making those delicious club-style remixes everyone loves!"
Rickard stared at the screen as Milly Bays continued talking.
"The unique design allows you to create amazing DJ remixes with a large variety of effects! Use pop records, trap records, even rock records! Kids, you're gonna love it!"
Rickard continued to remain silent throughout the commercial.
"Amaze your friends and join the craze with me, Milly Bays! Order right now!"
"I NEED IT!!!" shouted Rickard.
Rickard quickly took out his phone and dialed the number on his screen.
"Hello?" a
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War-gaming 2020
2018 - The Midterms - The summer campaign season continues to heat up. Republicans are resisting the surge of energetic, first time Democratic candidates, but the wave of incumbent Republicans retiring or being unseated by Trump Republicans in ugly primary battles, the party knows they are facing an uphill battle to keep majorities in both houses of Congress. Robert Mueller's investigation continues to heat up and the President's campaign of opposition to the investigation and demanding its closure has spread like a cancer among Republicans in the House and the GOP base. Congressional Republicans spend almost every month attempting to throw the public off with wild accusations intended to discredit the FBI, Mueller, and the vary nature of Judicial procedure. The White House makes several attempts of their own to slow the investigation without actually firing Mueller, such as sending several hundred crates of documents of dubious usefulness to the Special Counsel's office, pressu
:iconynot1989:YNot1989 2 4
Tommy's Tribulations - Part Ten
When Tommy wakes up and no one comes to change him he wonders what is happening. Unfortunately when someone does come to sort him out his day only gets worse. This may be the start of his most trying day yet.
This update, like all my updates, has been available on my Patreon page for the past week before being posted publicly. I post an update every four days and you can get early access to my updates for just $5 a month. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that cane be found on my Patreon page.
A big thank you to all of my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, Darrell, C Dom, AJ, Mac M, Tabbi, Brandon M, Jack O, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S,P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S
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My Guardian Demon 3
"I don't believe it." I uttered as I watched the news the next morning.
Did I really not dream all that up?!
Because on the news, they were going on about a crazed man that said he witnessed a monster throw him out of a window of a house he was attempting to rob!
He even had a sketch done of the very creature that I saw last night!
The tall, lanky, black gooey creature with a creepy grin, white gloved hands with wicked looking claws, a white bowtie and a long devil's tail.
The spoon I was using to eat cereal with slipped out of my fingers and clattered into the bowl as I stared at the sketch on the screen.
The man had since been arrested for attempted burglary and sent to a mental hospital as he wouldn't stop going on about a demon.
Setting down my cereal bowl, I just sat there on the couch.
That happened? That actually happened?
My Bendy doll came to life and.....protected me from that man?
I don't really remember the burglars' face all too well as it was dark and the flashlight was p
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Graduation Wedgie
Just one more day until it finally happens!
   The day that finally starts Callahan on her big journey into the world, the day where her parents finally see her just as mature as her big sister, the day where she is finally seen as an adult.
   That’s right, it’s almost time for Callahan to graduate from high school.
   Ever since Callahan turned 18 she thought her parents and everyone else in her life would start treating her more like an adult, because that’s what she legally was, but that wasn’t how the world worked for her. Her parents still treated her like a kid because she still lived under their roof and her parents still paid her bills, and her sister definitely still tormented her like they were both still kids. Like when Callahan’s boyfriend was over at her house at the same time Jess was home from college, Jess pantsed Callahan, showing her boyfriend her pink panties with a white waistband, and commented “Don
:iconjccw:JCCW 6 1
Death Battle: Killmonger vs Black Manta Prelude
Stalin: The revolution is here, but not the one I had in mind.
Marx: These two warriors fight for their people, with intentions to make a better world despite their incredibly militaristic natures.
Stalin: Erik Killmonger, the usurper of the Wakandan throne.
Marx: And Black Manta, the thorn of Atlantis.
Stalin: We will be analyzing their weapons, armor, and abilities to see who will prevail, 
Marx: In a Death Battle.
( Killmonger will be using his 616 and Movie feats.)

Black Manta

Alias: David (no known last name), Devil Ray, Scourge of the Seven Seas
Height: 6'4
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: N/A

- One shot Deathstroke in a fight
- Defeated Kahina the Seer in one on one combat
- Constantly goes toe to toe with Aquaman
-- Has actually defeated Aquaman a number of times
-- Cut his hand clean off in one encounter
- Conquered the City of The Lost Tri
:iconvenomouscircusfreak:VenomousCircusFreak 1 5
FV | The mountains of the sea
The whispers had reached even the far southern regions of Ulfrheim where Freyja’s shrine was standing ever so vigilantly. At first they had been just idle gossip and not even that plausible. But when more and more of the same kind of rumors started coming even Kalve had to go and see for herself. It couldn’t possibly be true now, could it? There had always been just Ulfrheim and nothing else beyond the endless sea. How could something like that suddenly change? The very order of reality was shifting. There seemed to be something in the air, like an invisible fog that had started shifting around, breaking in places and letting new currents flow in. That was the closest Kalve could describe what she was feeling as she drew closer to the village of Hearth. Something was going to happen, something grand and new, something that would shift the very core meaning of reality of all felvargs across Ulfrheim.
    What could it possibly be? This is that
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My Sweet Budgie
Everybody who has had budgies has probably had a a budgie who was extra special.  I did, and his name was Rudy.  He was a sweet little hand-raised skyblue normal.
My Sweet Budgie, Rudy by actipton80
We had just moved to North Carolina from Indiana a few months before, and I was feeling lonely.  I also wanted a budgie again after not having any budgies for years.  My dad had gone on the internet and found hand raised ones for sale at a little mom and pop pet shop about an hour away, so my mom, brother, and I went up to this shop so I could buy one.  All the baby budgies were so cute that I couldn't pick one, so my mom showed me a little blue one sitting quietly second from the end of a row of budgies.  She told me to get the pretty turquoise one.  "He's the only one that color."  He also was the only one who still had a black tip on his beak.  So I bought him and carried him home in a little box.  
Ready for Takeoff by actipton80 Rudy Ce
:iconactipton80:actipton80 1 0
On wings of lightning.
 Year 3788 
    Laying there as stared at the sky with his bright blue eyes, a hole in his heart. He struggled to breath and gasped or gagged with every breath. His enhanced heart barely keeping him alive and causing him severe pain. "C-Cyrptor 1. T-his GAH FUCK! This is, Co-mmand-er Corona. I n-need help". He wheezed out as he sent out the call for help once more, his vision had been slowly fading for the past five minutes. All he got back was static in response. His enhancements could only dull so much pain. His armor attempting to repair both the hole in the armored chest plate and in his body. Blood pooled around him with some of it dried and most of it not. His green and black armor stained red in many places. He was in excruciating pain as he rolled onto his side making him groan. He tried to move more but found himself incapable. His legs were pinned beneath a large piece of concrete that in his weakened and fading state, he wouldn't be able to move. He
:iconlonelyguardian:LonelyGuardian 1 0
VT - Treasure Isle (Part 3)
[Scene switches to later in the day, as the Hispaniola sails across the sea. Cut to the bow of the ship, where Tim has
been appointed as the ship's cabin boy, swabbing the deck, and cleaning the walls. Captain Pulpit comes up to Tim.]
Captain Pulpit: You're doing a great job, Tim. The one thing that I like is a ship that is spic and span.
Tim: *sighs* I guess so, Captain. This isn't really what I had in mind.
Captain Pulpit: Well, when you're done swabbing the deck, I want you to go down into the galley and clean the counters.
Tim: Whatever you say, Captain.
[Scene switches to later in the day, where Tim goes down into the galley. When he goes down into the galley, he hears
someone singing.]
???: (singing) Fifteen men on an old man's chest, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of milk!
Tim: That sounds familiar. Where have I heard that song before?
[Tim enters the galley in time to see the source of who is singing. It is a zucchini chef by the name of Long John
Sliver (played by Mr. Nezzer). The ins
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Mortal Kombat Kanonical Deaths

MKA - Left arm severed, upper body vertically split by Kung Lao's hat.MKX - Heart removed and skull impaled by D'Vorah.
MK1 - Immolated by Scorpion.MKA - Impaled with a sword.MK9MK1 - Immolated by Scorpion.MK3 - Kicked into the Soulnado by Nightwolf.
MKA - Killed by Shao Kahn.
Bo' Rai Cho
MKA - Killed on the pyramid steps.
Cassie Cage
MKA - Killed on the pyramid steps.MKXC - Self-destructs to destroy Sektor's base.
MKAMKXC - Reduced to bones by Quan Chi.
:iconthe4thsnake:The4thSnake 2 0
Hasbro's Future Acquisitions...
The Hasbro Future Acquisitions & The Walt Disney Company's Future Acquisition of Hasbro Timeline (Finalized/Official/Real Version 3.0.):
2018: Acquisition of Power Rangers & 5 Other Seban Assets Which Are Popples, My Pet Monster, Luna Petunia, Julius Jr., and Treehouse Detectives by Hasbro for Half a Billion Dollars which was done in order to save the power rangers franchise and bring it back to it’s full Potential as well as Incorporate Power Rangers Into The Hasbro Cinematic Universe...
2020: Acquisition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & 5 Other Nickelodeon Assets which are Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, Paw Patrol, Invader Zim, and My Life as a Teenage Robot By Hasbro in order to Regain the IP-rights to Saban's Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation & The Power Rangers: In Space/Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Crossover Special to go along with The Power Rangers IP-Rights as well as to further expand their IP Rights as a whole as well as well as most of all to Incorporate 3 of The
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Perfect Machine Part 5: A New Dawn
Months Later…
She woke up, opening her glassy blue eyes.  "Good morning."
“Good morning.” A red-haired scientist said, fixing his glasses. This was Andrew Cylus.
"Where... am I?" She was completely confused, having barely any idea who she was.
“You, are in your charging station,” Andrew answered, bringing out a clipboard. “You are Maid Bot Model 2.0, codenamed: Olivia.”
"Olivia." She smiled, taking a liking to the name.  "And who are you?"
“I’m Andrew Cylus, your creator.” Andrew answered. “But, please, call me Andrew.  You were made to help around the house, or crib, however you call it.  Not exactly a robotics engineer towards big ambitions, but I have a good feeling about you.”
She stood up.  "Okay, Andrew. What shall I do first?"
“...Alright, so, uh...” Andrew pointed to the rest of the room, which as it was revealed, was HIS room.  There was the bed, clothes eve
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The End of The Forest of Old [CH6]
‘’Ye’re looking for a boat, are ya?’’ she laughed. Eveline felt the condescending tone of the mole. ‘’I wouldn’t bet on finding an affordable one, let alone one that still has room for another traveller. I’d advise ya to just keep out of it while ya still got a chance. It’s all bollocks anyway. There ain’t no island out there, sweetie.’’ she said while flipping through her notepad. ‘’You are certain that you don’t have any open seats on any boat? I can pay the price.’’ ‘’look, honey. Maybe it’s time ya stop running from the fire, no? It ain’t doing ya any good, I tell ya. It’s all the natural process; nature gets burnt and then the abyss reclaims it. It ain’t wise to try to escape fate. Who knows? When the flames subside and the cliffs become the only path to take, perhaps ye’ll find that the deep wasn’t as bad as ya tho
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Trade: [E] Building Wind Storm
If it had not been for the piebald markings on the alpha of the four-tokota pack Khalfani would have missed them. Now he doubled back, swooping lower to the treetops and scanning the ground underneath the boughs.
When he finally found them again he dropped from the sky like a stone.
Proc stopped to scent the wind. At her shoulder, Munchkin swiveled his small ears and looked around. At his signal the other two behind him stopped and looked around as well.
“I don’t hear anything,” Serenity said.
“Sssh!” Starlet cautioned. “If there is something out there we should be careful! We know we’re wandering in monster territory.”
“We’re not wandering,” Serenity said, “we’re meandering.”
“We are doing neither of those things,” came the gruff correction of Munchkin in front of them. “Do you detect anything?”
“Well,” Starlet leaned into another gust of wind, “i
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Solarius-Nargoth Things Change Part 6
Solarius-Nargoth Things Change Part 6
               (Athens Greece/Temple of Queen Hecate)
(Rayleigh Malachite and Mr. Bones ready to confront a large group of Witches)
(Princess Circe Mumbiya stands in the background then turns around)
Circe Mumbiya, Deal with them.
(They turn their attention towards them)
Mr. Bones, Finally some action. Both of you stand back.
Malachite, What are you going to do?
Mr. Bones, Time to rock! (He summons Hellfire in their hands that turns into)
                        (Demonic Double Gatling Gun in both his hands/Smoking a cigar)
(The Witches back up/Circe looks with surprise expression)
Mr. Bones, Boom. (Rapid Gunfire/Demonic Hell Bullet at them/The Witches getting raddled)
                (with bullets/Circe using her own power blocking the bullets at her)
(Gunfire continues/He moves back and forth spraying a hail
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Fara Titlu
Un om visător a alunecat pe un șarpe. În cădere, acesta și-a rupt o coastă. Deloc deranjată de situație, reptila amabilă i-a lipit-o la loc cu saliva ei. Curând, din rană a-nceput să crească un alt om. Nu trecu mult, până ce vlăstarul ajunse să-i facă umbrelă de apă și lumină plantei mamă cu coroana lui avidă, să-i calce pe inimă cu rădăcinile desculțe, să se agațe de toată seva din casă cu degetele lor lipicioase.
Simtindu-și sfârșitul aproape, primul om se rugă de al doilea să-i dea cu împrumut un fruct, un bănuț din averea sa. Însă acesta, în loc să se aplece spre creanga uscată, sfârșită de zăduf, cu un dar de alinare, se înălță și mai vârtos, vrând să-și completeze cununa cu cel mai mare giu
:iconoussama:oussama 2 5
404 Page not Found Part 1
TW: Computer errors and stuff!
Pencilpaper: I am so booored. I wish that I had something to! *lightbulb appears over her head* Oh, I know! Ima gonna go on DA!
Pencilpaper: *has a ‘kill me now’ look on her face as she looks at cringey Pokémon and Undertale art and fanfiction* Ima sooo weirded out.
Computer Error: Heya! My names 404! What is yours?
Pencilpaper: *anime sweatdrops* Uhh... why am I talking to a computer error?
Computer Error: Idiot! My name is not 4O4, fool! I’m Mewtwo! I’m the descendent of of Mew, the one that you ate. I am here to get revenge!
Pencilpaper: Geez! I’m already familiar with you! I’m a major Pokefan. Well... I was before I turned into a demon/ghost hybrid.
Mewtwo: The reign of Mewtwo has begun. Vengeance is mine! *materializes a knife made out of psychic energy and aims it towards Pencilpaper.
Pencilpaper: I’m sorry! I’m sorry for eating your mother! *sobs a river of salty tears of guilt* Waaaah
:iconpencilpaper10:Pencilpaper10 1 0
Brain injuries, Diabolik Lovers, attraction...

March 7, 2017. Brain injuries, Diabolik Lovers, attraction to what men. Novel comfort.
JR 9. Conversation with God.
               Good morning, Jesus; thank you, for helping me work on the novel and bring some rest to me at night. King Jesus, this past Sunday I received a glimpse of revelation. As I was speaking to one of the mothers, I came to specific understanding why I have to work with puzzles in spiritual perspective most of the time when I hear callings to do something. My older sister had told me that our mother had brought physical damage to my skull when I was very young, and because of this result I have struggled many ways mentally with material things of life; as well, spiritual. I am sure other things had affected me when I was in the womb growing, and now, I live with the r
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