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User: Elizabeth F. 
Date: June 18th 
Subject: "Adaptation" 

June 18 - Day 55 after transformation
Dr. Prezioso made a suggestion to me a couple of weeks ago. She said something like, 'if you're feeling a bit "too Lizzie" then do something you would have enjoyed as Brandon.' At first I was a bit upset at that. It was like telling a depressed person to just cheer up. I couldn't, and that was the exact problem. I barely last a half-hour with a controller before I start lizzing out and turn bored, dumb, horny, or some combination. Can barely look under the hood of my old car without her voice just teeheeing about how stupid I am and how complicated it is. In fact, I'm starting to feel that boredom and a little bit hot just writing this journal.
I can't get mad though. She's trying to help. After all, I'm the first...Trans-whatever something something syndrome victim she's ev
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Welcome to the Amagi Inn!: Yukiko Mass Twinning
It was nighttime, and the Investigation Team was celebrating their defeat of the manipulative goddess Izanami just hours before. The team had fought long and hard against the goddess and came out victorious in the end. Of course, this battle meant that all of them were exhausted, and the partying that followed it didn’t help that condition in the slightest. At the moment, most of them were just wallowing in their pain.
“I think I pulled a muscle in that arms feel all messed up…”
“You’re the one who feels messed up? I feel like my legs are about to fall off…”
“Geez...remind me to find a lighter weapon in the future…swinging that desk around is hell on my back.”
“We’re definitely all beary exhausted…”
“That is correct. I feel it’s best that we should all should get some rest. Don’t you agree Yu?”
“That sounds very good right now Naoto...but I don’t thin
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The Chains of Samsara: Introduction

Sometimes, I think I can get a little too ambitious for my own good.
I'm juggling, as of this writing, two major campaigns, a series of short games running on the "Powered by the Apocalypse" system, and now I'm attempting to get this beast off the ground. Those two campaigns, both unfinished, are massive undertakings: one is a multi-crossover epic wherein my friends and I valiantly attempt to turn the Disney Canon into a Lord of the Rings-esque high fantasy drama, with varying degrees of success, while the other is a two-party narrative set on separate locations–on two separate continents–relying largely on home-brewed classes.
Yeah. The smarter play would be to simply stick to one game, get one finished, be focused from point a to point b and–once completed–then move onto The Next Big Game™. Right? That'd be the sensible thing. None of this scatterbrained flittering to and
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Shadow the Hedgehog vs Proto Man Prelude!

Rush: Lone wolves. No matter how powerful the threat is, these type of characters don't need the help of others and would rather take care of things themselves.
Bolt: Like Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform.
Rush: And Proto Man, Dr. Light's first Robot Master.
Bolt: He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Shadow the Hedgehog 
AKA: The Ultimate Lifeform, The Ultimate Hedgehog, Fake Hedgehog, Black Wind, Project Shadow, The Black Hedgehog, The Black Blur, Faker
Age: 50+
Height: 3' 3"
Weight: 77 lbs.
First Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2
-Defeated Sonic the Hedgehog in their first encounter
-Battled Sonic the Hedgehog on multiple occasions
-Along with Sonic, def
:iconstrunton:Strunton 14 7
you ever see the things people around you do just to try to avoid Nothing ?
Nothing can be just a choice of terms, a margin over which you might step
to unpredictably discover some other style of experiencing
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War-gaming 2020
2018 - The Midterms - The summer campaign season continues to heat up. Republicans are resisting the surge of energetic, first time Democratic candidates, but the wave of incumbent Republicans retiring or being unseated by Trump Republicans in ugly primary battles, the party knows they are facing an uphill battle to keep majorities in both houses of Congress. Robert Mueller's investigation continues to heat up and the President's campaign of opposition to the investigation and demanding its closure has spread like a cancer among Republicans in the House and the GOP base. Congressional Republicans spend almost every month attempting to throw the public off with wild accusations intended to discredit the FBI, Mueller, and the vary nature of Judicial procedure. The White House makes several attempts of their own to slow the investigation without actually firing Mueller, such as sending several hundred crates of documents of dubious usefulness to the Special Counsel's office, pressu
:iconynot1989:YNot1989 7 8
Dolled Up: Teddy Bear
Dolled Up: Teddy Bear
Themes: TG, TF, AR
Written by NineTailWyndfox
Click. Click. Click.
A man in his mid-thirties was feverishly typing away at his keyboard connected to a large monitor. His work wasn’t really anything noteworthy. Just a bunch of technical documents that talks about company policies and other boring stuff. While all this was boring, it does pay decently enough for the bills and other necessities.
After finally signing the last page with the name, Walter Newman, he pushed away from his desk on his roller chair and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well, that’s it for Monday’s deadline,” sighed Walter. “Now to get started for on the next set for new Monday.”
Before he could begin, however, the door to his home office burst open. Startled, the man turned towards the culprit of that shock. Running towards him was a young girl around the age of 10. She had a Teddy bear hugged against her light blue dress, which seemed to highlight t
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Tommy's Tribulations - Part Ten
When Tommy wakes up and no one comes to change him he wonders what is happening. Unfortunately when someone does come to sort him out his day only gets worse. This may be the start of his most trying day yet.
This update, like all my updates, has been available on my Patreon page for the past week before being posted publicly. I post an update every four days and you can get early access to my updates for just $5 a month. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that cane be found on my Patreon page.
A big thank you to all of my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, Darrell, C Dom, AJ, Mac M, Tabbi, Brandon M, Jack O, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S,P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S
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Death Battle: Killmonger vs Black Manta Prelude
Stalin: The revolution is here, but not the one I had in mind.
Marx: These two warriors fight for their people, with intentions to make a better world despite their incredibly militaristic natures.
Stalin: Erik Killmonger, the usurper of the Wakandan throne.
Marx: And Black Manta, the thorn of Atlantis.
Stalin: We will be analyzing their weapons, armor, and abilities to see who will prevail, 
Marx: In a Death Battle.
( Killmonger will be using his 616 and Movie feats.)

Black Manta

Alias: David (no known last name), Devil Ray, Scourge of the Seven Seas
Height: 6'4
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: N/A

- One shot Deathstroke in a fight
- Defeated Kahina the Seer in one on one combat
- Constantly goes toe to toe with Aquaman
-- Has actually defeated Aquaman a number of times
-- Cut his hand clean off in one encounter
- Conquered the City of The Lost Tri
:iconvenomouscircusfreak:VenomousCircusFreak 15 10
Graduation Wedgie
Just one more day until it finally happens!
   The day that finally starts Callahan on her big journey into the world, the day where her parents finally see her just as mature as her big sister, the day where she is finally seen as an adult.
   That’s right, it’s almost time for Callahan to graduate from high school.
   Ever since Callahan turned 18 she thought her parents and everyone else in her life would start treating her more like an adult, because that’s what she legally was, but that wasn’t how the world worked for her. Her parents still treated her like a kid because she still lived under their roof and her parents still paid her bills, and her sister definitely still tormented her like they were both still kids. Like when Callahan’s boyfriend was over at her house at the same time Jess was home from college, Jess pantsed Callahan, showing her boyfriend her pink panties with a white waistband, and commented “Don
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PDF Exposition Of Honesty As Otherkin by Labatryth PDF Exposition Of Honesty As Otherkin :iconlabatryth:Labatryth 4 5
EOTW: Sasha's Calling: Chapter Nine
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 5: Sasha's Calling
Chapter Nine
     They're in danger!
     Sasha wasted no time. She spun around, pointing herself in the direction of Shrewtooth's patrol, then launched herself onto a branch of a tree in front of her. The loner bounded from tree to tree, no longer allowing herself to hesitate as she had before. She had to get to Shrewtooth's patrol now, before the dog got to them first.
     Her flight through the snowy trees nearly made her slip more than once, but it finally brought her to where she needed to be. The hazy shape of five cats trudging through the snow finally appeared beneath the branches. “Shrewtooth!” she yowled. Before the tom could react to his name being called, Sasha hopped down to a lower branch, then hurtled down to the ground, landing clumsily in the snow in front of the patrol. She meant to land on her paws, but slipped onto her shoulder in
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 8 3
Back with a Bark 2
Back With A Bark 2
The cold air was starting to set in as the day began to turn to night. A young dark brown haired girl casually walked through the busy high street, making her way home.
She stopped and raised an eyebrow, a faint sobbing drifted through the air. Her turned to face down an alleyway, to see a girl doubled over by a large green refuse bin
“You ok?” she called, “My name is Maddy. Do you need some help?”
Maddy cautiously walked down towards the girl, the sight of her balding head came into viewing range.
“Is that a prop?” Maddy muttered, seeing a large blonde brush sticking out of the girl’s jeans.
“It’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you.” Maddy stated, kneeling down behind the girl.
“Leave me alone. I don’t want to hurt you.” the girl grunted.
“No chance. You upset and I never leave anyone when they need comfort.” Maddy said, trying to sound reassuring.
She reached a hand up and be
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 14 2
The Grand Design - Synopsis Form - Part 5
Intro –  
Part 1 –  
Part 2 -
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This part may seem a little shorter than normal, but there’s a few parts of this particular part of the story that I was struggling a little bit to try and come up with for quite a while – the scene where Lars is discussing a logging job with a building contractor panel and a nature activist group about the pros and cons of his latest job, without making EITHER side look like a strawman – I’m trying to avoid making the activists an Anim
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The Unconventional Winner - Spectre's Rise by Krysis07 The Unconventional Winner - Spectre's Rise :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 5 0
The Master of Mixes - Dedf1sh TF TG (Request)
Rickard was watching cartoons in his room while his father was at work. A commercial eventually came on advertising a product that got Rickard's attention.
"Do you wanna be a great DJ without spending lots of money?"
"Yes!" said Rickard.
"Hi, Milly Bays here for the Big City DJ Station, the fast and easy way to make great music anywhere!"
"Oooh, this looks interesting," said Rickard.
"Just put on up to four records and scratch! In no time, you'll be making those delicious club-style remixes everyone loves!"
Rickard stared at the screen as Milly Bays continued talking.
"The unique design allows you to create amazing DJ remixes with a large variety of effects! Use pop records, trap records, even rock records! Kids, you're gonna love it!"
Rickard continued to remain silent throughout the commercial.
"Amaze your friends and join the craze with me, Milly Bays! Order right now!"
"I NEED IT!!!" shouted Rickard.
Rickard quickly took out his phone and dialed the number on his screen.
"Hello?" a
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 6 1
RoK-Distaster Day
Matt woke to the sound of yelling outside of the Pendragon Stable Training Quarters. “Come back here!” Artemis, the local Handler yelled. Beside Matt, Athena and Glory stirred awake at the ruckus as well. “We should go check if we can help with whatever is happening.” Athena suggested. Matt nodded. “Sounds like someone or something is running somewhere it’s not supposed to if you ask me.” The yeti male added. As Glory nudged the Doors to the Stables open, they instantly spotted what had happened: the doors of the Puppy Stable Building were wide open puppies scattering everywhere. “Goddamnit! Crow, come back here!” Artemis yelled, in panic. “Thor, Nala, Amber, stay there, oh gods, Kaniq! Kaniq stop chewing on that! Grant, don’t encourage her by the gods!  Rainwater, Lillith, Lucifer leave that door alone! Crow! I said come BACK!” Artemis yells could be heard all over the Stables. Kesuk Bay was not far and many
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Wildcards - Un service [Hors-Serie 7] (texte)
VII – Un service à demander
Hell-point, Mai 2517
Lenny marchait, mains dans les poches, en direction des niveaux inférieurs de la station. Il était fatigué. Et pas seulement par habitude : cela faisait plusieurs nuits qu’il dormait peu.
Les infos récupérées auprès du cadre de CelesTech avaient porté leurs fruits. Grâce à elles, l’ancien ghostrunner était parvenu – avec l’aide d’Ako – à remonter jusqu’à l’hôpital privé qui servait de couverture à la clinique de Dunn. Depuis, Lenny n’avait cessé de réfléchir à la meilleure approche pour mettre définitivement hors-jeu l’ancien fixer.
Il soupira. Localiser la clinique avait pris trop de temps. Les hommes de Dunn finiraient tôt ou tard par recharger l’Ame de leur patron dans un nouveau corps. Il fallait agir avant… Son plan n’était p
:icondaegann:Daegann 2 1
Organization XIII vs. Akatsuki Prelude pt 1/4

Ray: Acting in the shadows and keeping their plans secret from the world, these are two of the most infamous villain organizations in fictional history.
Steel: They both have their legions of obsessive fanboys and fangirls-
Mira: Especially fangirls, though, as a brief jaunt through Deviantart will prove to you.
Steel: Oh, hey, Mira. Haven't seen you since last season.
Mira: It's you guys' grand finale. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Ray: You see why I love my wife, people?
Steel: Yeah, yeah, warm and fuzzy feelings all around. The fans of these respective syndicates have been debating who'd win for years, so it's about time they duked it out!
Ray: Organization XIII, the harvesters of hearts from the world of Kingdom Hearts...
Steel: And Akatsuki, the hunters of Tailed Beasts from the world of Naruto.
Mira: Both groups have gained and lost a lot of members in their run, so we're going to limit our scope to the most iconic members of each organiza
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Ordinary Girls - 054: Krysta's Night Off
Friday at Coastside Comic Con was a whirlwind. Though Alicia's scheduled events were not until Saturday, she made several surprise guest appearances throughout the day at panels, vendor booths, and cosplay meet-ups. Fully in her element, Alicia delivered a master class on celebrity. Her personality played well to her fans, particularly one-on-one. Jumping rapidly and excitedly from subject to subject, she'd squeeze five minutes worth of conversation into two while Krysta nudged her along to keep her on schedule. Their day finally concluded at 7:00 PM with the closing of the exhibitor hall. After an hour of managing foot traffic around Alicia's surprise appearance at the Arda wigs booth, an exhausted Krysta retired to the hotel room while Alicia joined her friend Mari for a late dinner.
The notes Krysta left for herself the last time she'd been Alicia's con handler recommended she stipulate an evening off. Citing cosplay and storage needs, Alicia had negotiated for a suite as well as a
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Charlotte's Awakening, part 1
Charlotte's Awakening, part 1 (2018) (ongoing)
(omnipotence, shapeshifting, mind control, corruption)
“Do you have an ibuprofen?”
“Sure, hang on.”
Pat fumbled in her purse, pulled out a small bottle of pills and handed it to Charlotte.
“Thanks.” Charlotte took two and swallowed them without water. They were sitting at a picnic table in the park near their apartment, studying.
“You ok?” Pat asked
“Yeah. I’ve just been getting headaches lately.”
“You stressed?”
“No. Maybe?  I dunno.” She shook her head. “I’m pretty on top of the coursework. It’s not that. It just feels like…” she paused, searching for words. Pat waited. Eventually she put her hands up. “I don’t know, I… can’t describe it. I just feel weird.”
“Everything ok between you and Rich?”
“Yeah! Oh yeah, Rich is great. He’s… I mean, there’re l
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