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The Camera (Various TFs) [TF MONTH]
Jack was at home typing away at his computer. He was just going about his daily routine as he did, checking emails and his social media sites to see what was going on while he was away from them. That would be until he found himself unable to type much of...anything! As a matter of fact he didn't have fingers or hands, only hooves! Looking down he saw that he was covered in brown fur and looking up he saw antlers sticking out of the top of his head. He was suddenly a deer person. 
He had no idea how it happened and he looked around, spotting his best friend Debbie holding a camera with a devious smirk. "I know how smart you are so yes, I did do my hair~!" she commented with a small giggle. 
"Haha...but that camera did this to me? And can it turn me back?" Jack asked back more concerned about that.
"Eventually! But right now I'm just messing with the random setting! Turns someone into anything, food, animals, entirely different people! It's sweet!" 
"That...sounds borderl
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 23 9
" sleep!", Ruby snapped her fingers, but Weiss was not impressed.
"Give it up, Ruby. It's not going to happen." Weiss said dismissively, Ruby had seen a hypnosis act on TV and felt like trying it out for herself...clearly with no success.
"Aaargh, they made this so easy on tv!" Ruby pouted, feeling defeated. She set down the pocket watch she was waving in front of Weiss's face wondering what it was she messed up on.
"Weiss is right Ruby" Blake chimed in "that kind of thing is usually fake." Blake didn't want to crush Ruby's fun, but felt like it was necessary to show her reality.
"What's up, guys?" said Yang walking into the room.
"Ruby's trying to do this stupid magic trick she saw on TV" Weiss replied.
"It's not magic, it's hypnosis!" Ruby quickly defended herself. Yang took the pocket watch and looked at it, not entirely sure what to make of it.
"Okay, how does it work?" she asked her sister.
"Well you're supposed to wave it in front of someone and go all "you are getting
:iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 28 9
The Warlock
Juliette wasn't sure when she first decided she didn't like the path her life was taking. When she'd decided, as a result, things had to change, and could no longer be permitted to continue in the same way. When she'd first started to...plan, for her future. But certainly tonight, sat alone, bound and gagged, in the lavish, luxurious guest chambers of the Warlock's tower where she was held captive, Juliette had decided that enough was enough.
It all started, as it often did, with a kidnapping. Hers, to be exact. Juliette was a princess, after all. Princess Castravoris of the good, honourable and chivalric Kingdom of Chantalois, who still lived by the old ways, and traditions, and was well-renowned for it.
The specific circumstances often differed, but this night she had entered her own private chambers, to prepare for bed, when the Warlock had struck. Taken quite unawares, despite all prior experience, he'd overpowered her quickly. There was little she could do against his spells, conj
:iconbobalog123:Bobalog123 20 14
Humility vs PRIDE
In humility, we come to know and acknowledge God's doing in our life.
In PRIDE, we boastfully believe every achievement and  success, to be the fruit of our own labor.
:iconsaumiguel:SAUMIGUEL 8 1
Death Battle: Scorpion vs Akuma

Bringer of Darkness: Alright, the katanas are drawn and the souls are roaming the earth! Let’s settle this debate once and for all!
TheMHFan: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!
Random Mountain Temple
He had been close.
He had been so close.
He was one step closer to felling his greatest foe. He was one step closer to sinking his blade into the man’s throat. He was one step closer to striking down that damnable sorcerer. But then… this had to happen.
By some absurd twist of events, he had been transported here, in this secluded temple in God-knows-where. The damnable hands of Fate had denied him of his rightful vengeance. The sight of his would-be victim laughing heartily as he was dragged down the portal that took him here filled him to the brim with anger. Why must he be denied his great reward, after a long time of toil?
Clenching his fist in anger, the ninja of vengeance known as Hanzo Hasashi slamme
:iconnathanthemanthemhfan:NathanTheManTheMHFan 17 14
Every MLPFIM Episode Reviewed - In 10 Words
Since I've gotten a lot of positive reception for my Every Loud House Segment Reviewed In 10 Words thing, I decided to do some 10-word reviews on a show I haven't talked about a lot despite everyone else talking about it a lot, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm surprised I haven't gone in-depth with this show before. Better late then never, though, as the saying goes. So... here's my (so far incomplete) list of all my 10-word reviews on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
1 - Friendship is Magic Part 1
It all began with a unicorn visiting a little town... [B]
2 - Friendship is Magic Part 2
...who befriended five ponies who helped her save the day. [A-]
3 - T
he Ticket Master
Applejack has best reasons to go. Also, Celestia’s a troll. [B]
4 - Applebuck Season
A stampede of rabbits? That’s the most adorable thing ever! [B-]
5 - Griffon the Brush-Off
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 8 6
Diary of a social worker
Lately, I have been asking myself the same question over and over, ‘Why do I still want to be a social worker?’
I have seen people suffer.
In schools, where children are meant to learn, grow, and have fun… I see children get badly bullied because of their disabilities. Some of these children should be in specialised schools where they can receive proper support and enjoy school… But no, they are stuck in normal classes where they lose interest in learning, day after day. There are kids who even beg to stay with me, wanting me to take them away from school because they dread it so much.
In homes, where children are supposed to be loved and cared for... there are some who are being raped by their relatives, while others are being beaten up and neglected by their parents. Meanwhile, there are also children who are taken away from their families and children with such low-self esteem that they end up having morbid thoughts. This really isn’t the sort of
:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 7 4
My Sister's Breakfast (Vore)
It was like any other morning when I got up. However, I didn't like having to go through the same thing over and over again. To be completely honest, I find such a thing very boring. Well, who doesn't? I was never really the kind of guy that stuck out. I was just a normal guy that lived with his mother and his older sister.
My sister was only a year older than me and I've heard a lot of people say that she's a beautiful girl. Megan's about my height and has blonde hair that she usually has in a ponytail. We get along pretty well too, so that's nice. Our mother also happens to be very kind to both of us. As soon as I got up, I left my room and found my sister, Megan.
"Good morning, Sam." she said.
"Morning." I responded, "Have you had breakfast?"
"Not yet." Megan answered, "I was going to."
"Would you like to have... me?" I asked.
"I don't know..." she said, "go ask Mom if it's okay."
"Okay." I responded.
I headed for the kitchen, knowing that's where my mom usually was in the morning.
:iconzikik:Zikik 14 4
A Game of Hearts (RP Excerpt)
When: Late April, 1894
Where: Lake Thalassa
Marron | Tristine
A pair of ember eyes peered up from the surface of the water. They watched her. A watching game. He was getting good at those.
Then, as the minutes dragged by and it was very clear that he had won, Marron paddled closer in the shallows, submerged up to his nose with his limbs splayed out behind him. A frog with hooves.
He touched her knees.
Tris jolted upright with a shock of surprise, a reflexive golden pulse pushing a great ripple across the water in all directions. She stared down at the red eyes in front of her, the runes splayed out like a rug, and for another few seconds she just held her startled posture.
Her antennae flicked upright and she feigned nonchalance. “Took you long en
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 8 14
TrinityCross Capitulo 1 - Un encuentro inesperado by Sahuaro TrinityCross Capitulo 1 - Un encuentro inesperado :iconsahuaro:Sahuaro 3 0 Bodyguard: The Force of Fire Chpt. 1 and 2 by Berende Bodyguard: The Force of Fire Chpt. 1 and 2 :iconberende:Berende 6 6
Seras Victoria Shoots Down DEATH BATTLE!

Seras Victoria
AKA: Police Girl; Draculina; Mignonette; Ms. Victoria ; Hellsing's new trump card; Kitten
Age: 19 | 49 (End of Series)
First Appearance: Hellsing (Volume 1)
-Became an agent for Hellsing
-Took down an army of ghouls by herself
-Assisted Walter C. Dornez in taking down one of the Valentine Brothers
-Assisted Alucard by being a distraction to Dandy Man
-Played a key role in protecting the Mansion from an air assault
-Defeated an army of vampire nazis 
-Killed a vampire 5600 meters away with a single shot

-After drinking Bernadotte's blood, stomped Zorin
-Fought against the Captain

-Jumped through a steel floor

:iconstrunton:Strunton 29 7
Reunited-the Siamese twins
  They were born to an unwed 17 year old, one whose body was unfit for the rigors of pregnancy, especially being pregnant with conjoined twins. She died giving birth to her daughters, who were born joined at the torso, by a band of flesh, from the base of the sternum to the navel. Because they shared nothing but skin and muscle, and they shared no vital organs aside from the fact their livers were conjoined, it was relatively easy to surgically separate them. Hours after birth, they were surgically separated, both survived the procedure. The twins were put up for adoption, one twin was adopted by Warren and Yvonne Kenner, from outside Denver, Colorado, and was named Jill, while her sister was adopted by Dennis and Veronica Shaw, from Providence, Rhode Island, and named Emma. Jill and Emma had both grown up unaware that each not only had a sister, but was born a conjoined twin.
  Come fall 2016, Jill Kenner and Emma
:iconsiamesetwinsfan:Siamesetwinsfan 9 1
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 32
I couldn't sleep. After executing the prisoners and putting Valstoi's head on a pike, we had been searching the tower for anything that could help us in  the hard times to come. Then we took  a bath in the hall, though Argentea refused to take a bath with the rest of us and insisted it on doing it after we were done, because apparently human nobles shouldn't bathe with other people. Later we had some dinner and went to bed. I was doing fine, finally enjoying some rest and not thinking about tyrant witches and dead people at all. Until I had the brilliant idea of sleeping alone. Cat and Nadya chose to sleep in the main hall and the barracks respectively, which were the two warmest places in the whole tower. But I wanted to see the starry sky and insisted on staying in the aerie. What was I trying to prove? That I was already a big girl who could sleep alone? Well, I apparently wasn't. Everytime I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed by all that had happened durin
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 5
A Deer's Valentine - Exploration
I completely forgot I made this. Uploading it now okay?!

[1,313 WORDS]
    The sun was shining and the birds were singing, love was in the air and everyone knew it except for an albino deer that was laying next to a large dire, his antlers working as a perch for bird couples to land on and hang for a few seconds before flying away as Royce was watching each bird up close. The deer sighed with a sad look on his eyes; he clearly didn't have an herd to come to, but he did have his friend next to him so that's a plus. "Hey buddy... cheer up!" Royce said with a smile as he pushed a basket filled with blueberries towards the deer's side. "Why are you so happy...? You have no one to spend this day with, and all you're doing it trying to make me feel nice about myself." The deer said with quite a sad get frustrated look on his face. "I mean I do enjoy hanging with ya, plus why would I leave my best friend alone?" Royce responded with a big smile on him and tail mo
:iconnecroamarpg:NecroamARPG 3 0
The Family Wants to Meet You Episode 3B
    Lola didn't expect to see the older brother of her lover at work. Upon seeing him, the mother to be donning the maid costume requested for a break so she may strike a conversation with the guy. Lola waddled back to Patrick's older brother and suggested that they take their business somewhere private. What could have possibly brought him here? Was this the work of gods or fate itself that conspired them to meet? She'll have her answer soon enough once settled into the private booths. One of the challenges of being so outstandingly gravid Lola experience was getting comfortable. Despite picking out the one spot with large amounts of space for a large woman like her to sit in, the uniform didn't function the same way. Every attempt at sitting resulted in the helm of the attire slowly hiking up and eventually revealing a good portion of her beautiful bronze belly. This embarrassed Lola to no end as not only was her belly visible but her thighs and dark garter belts with stock
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 9 0
We're all hypocrites
We are all hypocrites
Born to die
Despite our will to live forever; searching for the secret to defeating death
No self-esteem
Yet having overly-inflated egos; judging others, even over the little things
Complaining about time wasting
Despite the fact that we fall asleep; and we sleep for a third of our lives
Wanting freedom of speech
Yet that time, remember? You took offence to something that was said to you
The feeling of ecstasy
Despite when he proposed to you, didn't you burst into tears that very second?
Socialising in a room full people
Yet you still feel lonely; as if nobody was there, you feel exactly the opposite
Keeping them close
Despite finding that, you're actually pushing them away, so they won't get hurt
Finding comfort in consistency
Yet, the only thing we that we know that remains constant happens to be change
Feeling petrified
Despite we are forever being told to face our fears in order to be less afraid
Pitying the less fortunate
Yet we do not want to do anything abo
:iconeve-jennifer:Eve-Jennifer 11 2
A Swift Moo
(Taylor Swift into Cow)
The evening was fast approaching in California. The streets of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood were starting to fill up with fans and media companies all preparing for the night of the Vanity Fair Awards.
“Come on Karlie, we need to find…” began a slender female as she played with her dark brown locks.
“A necklace fitted for a queen.” sighed Karlie, “Why do we run around for her Lily?”
“Because we’re Taylor’s high-class model friends and we support her.” Lily smiled.
“I understand that but surely she could have come out to get her own necklace?” Karlie quizzed.
“No silly.” chuckled Lily, “She has to prepare herself for the awards show tonight.”
Karlie rolled her eyes, unlike Lily she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.
“Excuse me, ladies. I couldn’t help overhearing that you were looking for a necklace for the delightful MIss Swift.
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 22 0
The Doll's Smile (Ch. 0)
"Well... looks like its gonna be another busy day, huh...?"
Koji was just your run of the mill, seventeen year-old boy. He was neither lean or chubby, but leaned towards a slightly thin frame. Five foot five--quite short for a boy his age--brown-eyed, straight black hair that had ceased along the bottom of his neck, and a face that shouted masculine beauty...
Living on his own, he doesn't have much of a social life outside of school and his job, which is working at a popular cafe by his place, the Doll's Smile Cafe. Its clientele was numerous, the drinks and sweets served were delightful and delicious, the environment warm and inviting...! Surely that meant a lot of work would be given to him by his manager. Good pay, tips are perfect, suitable for a young man living on his own in this arrangement. But the only thing he didn't take into account at first was the condition he had to follow before working:
He had to be a woman.
But at the very least, he was glad that there wasn't anything
:iconthewrightway:TheWrightWay 9 1
[Steven Universe] 'Lars of the Stars' Review
"Lars of the Stars" is the 139th episode of Steven Universe, the 11th episode of Season 5, the first episode of "Stranded", and my 59th episode reviewing. This was also one of the most anticipated episodes since the SDCC clip came as a single water droplet in the biggest Steven Universe drought in history.
Major spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution!
It should be known that I was not really all that hyped for this episode. I saw the SDCC clip, and I wasn't too impressed. It was just too comedic and Lars suddenly did an off-screen 180 in the space of what... two weeks passing in-universe? It makes no sense, and it's never bloody explained in this episode. Sooo in just two weeks after Lars' resurrection he's suddenly become a massive infamous intergalactic criminal? HOW?!?! We don't get to see this transformation of course because THIS SHOW IS LOCKED ONTO STEVEN'S PERSPECTIVE!!! Seriously, I believe that the Steven's-perspective rule may have been really beneficial in season 1, but
:iconguacola772:Guacola772 3 3
Mermaid kiss (in English and Spanish)
MERMAID KISS (English version)
By Edo. F
After a tough race in which he only got a second place, a young guy riding his bicycle to his home near a beach in South Korea, Hyun was a young athlete of 18 years old whose passion is swimming, although apparently lately he demanded a lot, because in spite of his hard training, he lost in the national competition, he was disappointed of himself, since he comes from a family of swimmers, divers and navigators, that's why the family home was near the sea, over the years they started working in the city, but the passion for water was not lost as they continue to practice sports related to water, dive in the sea or simply sail on their boats.
Hyun decided to be an athlete when he was 8 years old, since then he has trained for some day, to be able to represent his country in the Olympic Games or in some international competition, but with his last failure his dreams came down, he could not stop thinking that there was Been so close to winning,
:iconchicokawaii94:ChicoKawaii94 3 0
BubbleTech: Azolm RubberLily
Bubbletech Report
Operation: Azolm Swamp Exploration
Subject Matter: Discover- RubberLilly
Team: <Redacted>
  in the depth of the swamp, the team had discovered fresh water lake with large rubbery lilies, and all fish them selves seemed to have been rubber creatures as well. <redacted> was startled by one such fish and had jumped and fell back into a lily and it closed around her. the team heard a hissing of air and muffled moans from inside.
when it opened <Redacted> stood on the flower wobbling, however her skin had turned into vinyl  with a air plug replacing her belly button,  when crew went to help her steady herself they would find she was not only light but... her interior body had... disappeared.  <Redacted> recovered from her daze and standard medical test were preformed aside the transformation of her body, she seemed to function normally even needing of food and water...and she despite her form was able to consume rations as normal
:icongoldlinaric:GoldLinaric 5 7
The Redemption of Tempest Shadow Chapter 51
Chapter 51
"Tulip's Rage"
Trying her best to keep up with Tulip, Scootaloo did everything in her power to try and convince Tulip to not do anything rash. In her mind, she had to keep Tulip from doing anything rash or foolish not just for Tempest's sake, but for her own. "Tulip! Wait!" Scootaloo cried, catching up to the angry white mare. "Let's just take a deep breath and talk about this! Think about what you're implying."
"There's no chance to talk about this!" Tulip snarled, ignoring Scootaloo. "That monster needs to be given a piece of my mind whether she likes it or not! Now, where is she?!"
Following the trail of guards, Tulip and Scootaloo found themselves walking towards Canterlot General Hospital, which was under heavy guard. A guardspony noticed the angry Tulip storming towards the guards, and stopped her and Scootaloo from advancing any further by blocking the entrance with his wing. "Halt!" He barked. "State your business!"
"Is Tempest Shadow here?" Tulip demanded.
"She is,
:icontwilightsparkle3562:twilightsparkle3562 4 0