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A Real VR Experience (Android 21 TF/TG/MC)
"Alright! I actually got to get one of these! Never thought I would!" Nafster excitedly signed for the large box. The snow leopard had recently won a giveaway for a new immersive VR machine. Unlike other popular ones, it was a pad that you connected to a computer or console that would quite literally make you feel like you were in the game. You would put these stickers on yourself that were wired to the hardware to make it feel like you were in the game. It was quite high tech, a simulated screen would appear on the front make it feel more immersive since it covered your vision of the outside world. 
The anthro was more than excited to set it up, wasting no time he tore open the box and began digging around. He quickly found the instructions and went to work. It would take a good while, but Nafster eventually saw it through! He took a step back putting his hands on his hips, admiring his handiwork. "I'm better at this than I thought I was!" he chuckled to himself. "Now let's get i
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 24 0
Rhetorical Crises
“Freud's ultimate mega hyper tactic!” 
“Nietzsche’s counter defense response technique!”
“Marx’s super convincing payment method!”
Alex groaned. The constant shouting had her ears ring. Her head throbbed and no amount of painkillers fixed it. The blonde woman had her cheek pressed against her desk. She anxiously watched the clock in front of her. Five minutes left then the torture will commence again. 
She hated the call center with a passion. Why she thought working here was a decent job was beyond her. No amount of coffee helped swallow the cringe-inducing voices of her coworkers. She was willing to find whoever thought this was a good idea and tie them up in her chair to endure the hellhole for a day. Her discarded headset taunted her.
The day had been off to an awful start. A bird pooped on her shoe. Someone dropped off monkeys in accounting. The HR department contracted poison ivy. The main system went offline countless tim
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 14 4
Princess Bowsette
The plan was in motion, the letter had been sent
Bowser, King of the koopas regarded the two ?-Blocks that he held in his great claws. Trepidation shook him for the first time in ages, there were some philosophical aspects of this scheme that he’d rather not explore, mainly regarding the power-up in the first block, so he pushed them out of his mind and turned to the second one instead. The plumber, his eternal rival, wouldn’t suspect a damn thing with this disguise.
He squeezed the first block into scrap metal, revealing a double cherry, the king grabbed the four-eyed fruit and activated its effect, materializing a body double. Both of them already knew the plan of course, he was the double and the double was...stop thinking about that. Both of them nodded in shared understanding of what was about to happen before it left the room to take its position at the bridge.
The remaining king’s gaze turned to the second block, this would work, it had to work. A crown was spi
:iconearlyq-gaiden:EarlyQ-Gaiden 29 1
Naoya Todo pierces into DEATH BATTLE!
-Age: 17
-Height: Unknown
-Weight: Unknown
-Species: Human
-Arcana: The Emperor
-Secondary Arcana: Strength, The Moon, The World
-AKA: Yuya Narumi (Drama CD), Jay Suzakuin (Novel), the pierced boy
-Is the first persona user in the series
-Is one of two persona protags to interact with Philemon
--Recieved his persona directly from him
-Chosen by Philemon to fight against Nyarlathotep's forces
-Defended his town from the demons attacking it
-Defeated Takahisa Kandori
-Destroyed the SEBEC organization
-Prevented the Pandora system from destroying the universe
-Freed Saeko from Tomomi Fujimori's control
-Defeated the original Nyx, the personification of death
--The same who sent her avatar during the events of Persona 3
-Implied to be one of the survivors of the universal reset. Cause that was a thing
-Trades blows with all sorts of demons (later known as Shadow
:iconsoul-of-landale:Soul-of-Landale 7 3
Black Widow of the Sea
A sloop sailed the open sea with the wind in its sails the sky as clear as the unbroken ocean beneath it. This small ten man crewed ship though was as feared as a ship of the line despite its smaller size and only 24 cannons. Armor made of giant spider webs that weaved over the sides and made up a parapet style defense on the sides,, and stretched between the two masts and the deck tracing around the cannons and to the bow. It was the Black Widow, a pirate ship all of those on the sea feared. This Golden Age of Exploration led to the Golden Age of Empire, which in turn led to the Golden Age of Piracy.  A Jolly Roger flew on the mast, black with a red hourglass like the ship’s namesake.
The unbroken horizon that lay before the ship was penetrated by distant plume of smoke. The crow’s nest spotted it, and he shouted down to First Mate Mr. Squid at the wheel. The tall, barrel chested man had a pale bald head like his namesake. Mr. Squid made for a good first mate settling
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 7 3
Neko Vore RP (revival)
You're a small neera living in a large house. This house is owned by two sister nekos. The first one, keiko, is the eldest. She's 18 and seems to be the kinder of the two. The second one, Jade is the youngest. She's 16 and is always running around, doing dangerous acts like jumping from table to table and swinging from the stairs. She seems to have a more aggressive nature than her sister. The two however do get along well. One night, when going to get good as normal, maybe some crumbs they let fall during dinner, you hear the lights flick on and a tired yawn. The yawn abruptly stopped. The silence was broken by a tired "who are you?".
A: Run as fast as you can
B: stand still. Don't make any sudden movements
C: Answer them. Dumb move but you have no other choice.
The neko who spotted you was
1: keiko
2: Jade
Have fun!
:iconkeikotheneko:KeikoTheNeko 6 211
Death Battle: Beauty and The Brute (THE FIGHT)

Due to DeviantArt being an absolute dick, I am deciding to upload it in a separate sta.ash link. So... here ya go.
:iconmrnate2015:MrNate2015 19 73
L.B.L UP #035 /The Snare/
Our locker room had a fairly typical layout with all four walls lined with crimson blocks of aluminum that they were pretending were large enough to be of any use. We also had two lines perpendicular of slightly larger blue lockers which were actually of use which meant that they were reserved so that only students from other schools come to compete got them. This meant under no circumstances would it have been difficult to find Pepper, but she had a way of making it even easier. Almost immediately upon walking in I had a pretty good theory of A) what part of the room she was in and B) why she had taken a break from playing life coach. The biggest hint was the crisp mechanical clicking that seemed to originate from one corner of the room.
As I did my best to stealthily round the edge of the line of blue lockers I had immediate confirmation. Pepper was standing in front of a locker with a small mirror in her left hand and Polaroid camera in the other. Though I couldn't confirm due
:iconzwieolf:Zwieolf 5 0
Silvery Shadows
Early winter winds swept across the late October night. Her sweater suddenly seemed too thin. She started walking faster. Leaving the streetlights behind she ducked under the fence and decided on a shortcut through the field. To her left was an elaborate maze of corn, three acres wide, the biggest in the state, the land running alongside her own family’s farm. It was dark now but she knew this path like the back of her hand. She was half way home when the sound of a bird startled her. It was a crow, squawking and shrieking with abandon as it tore into something very dead, and very fresh. She turned her head in disgust at the site and kept walking.  
Then she heard a dog barking -her dog. Oberon? What could he be doing all the way out here? She couldn’t help but seek him out, her pet of twelve years. Her walk turned into a jog toward the maze as she heard Oberon give a sharp yelp. Into the stalks she went, calling out his name. He wasn’t barking
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 6 2
100 Watchers Celebration!

Smith: Okay, we only have this theater for another hour. Let's get this over with. 
Riley: R-Right! Okay, Alice are you ready?
Alice: ...
Smith: We haven't started filming yet, you can talk and open your eyes, y'know?
Alice: ...
Smith: Ugh, whatever. And..... go!

Alice: Heeeeeellooooo DeviantArt! It is I! The great Alice Lease, adorable mascot of TFCandy and your host for tonight's little show!

Alice: Hehe, didn't expect me in this getup, did ya? I bet my booty's lookin' fine right now!
Smith: Alice! Focus!

Alice: Right, right. I am here to announce that the TFCandy account has recently reached 100 watchers!
*A fake applause and clapping can be heard*

Alice: Thank you, thank you. I know, I know. It's a big accomplishment.

Alice: Even though as of making this celeb
:icontfcandy:TFCandy 5 8
A Sweet Snack - Rumor Honeybottoms TF MC (Request)
Koumori was flying around a large flower field, hoping to find something to eat.
"I feel like having some honey right now," said Koumori.
Koumori landed on the ground and began strolling through the field. She smelled some of the flowers until she stumbled across a tree. Koumori looked up and saw a large beehive.
"Maybe there could be some honey in that hive," said Koumori. "I hope there are no bees in there!"
Koumori jumped up and hit the beehive, causing it to fall to the ground and break. She bent down and picked up some of the honey with her finger. Koumori ate some of the honey and when she was about to have more, she started feeling different.
Koumori's fangs slowly turned into normal teeth as her red shoes became yellow high heels. The webbing on her wings slowly vanished as a pair of clear bee wings grew on her back.
"Aaah, I don't feel good," said Koumori as her voice changed completely.
Koumori started feeling a headache that began to replace her memories. She closed her eyes
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 5 1
My way to work after chapter 2
My way to work after chapter 2.
After chapter 2, I'm gonna change radically my way to work. This will begins by only show final result frames. Then I will continu my many tests, in minding to become better, and always show something better. I'll stop to display everything and scan everything to show everything. That will makes me win time to go faster or time to review my English grammar lollllllll.
:iconartsinblood:ArtsInBlood 4 0
Gigantic Little Luna
One late summer night, while Jennie and Luna's family were busy preparing dinner, the two sisters were getting ready to take a short nap with each other. Jennie stood there, as Luna laid down on her big sisters bed and began growing bigger and bigger, until her feet were pressed up against the wall, her head was touching the ceiling and her back was resting up against the wall that was directly behind her. She looked over at Jennie, as she gave her big sister a smile.
Jennie: Awwwwww... How sweet of you, BIG little sister. ^^
Smiling at each other, Jennie then climbed up onto Luna's body, as her little sister laid on the bed. She was looking forward to having a little nap, so that her, Luna and the Angelena twins could play together for a little while longer, after dinner.
Once Jennie was safely resting on Luna's chest, her little sister then gently covered up Jennie with her 6 huge, lovely wi
:iconjennie-zilla:Jennie-zilla 12 3
A Potion to Bind a Lover's Heart
Well, it’s my help you want, and it’s my help you’ll get; helping people is what I do. There’s the question of payment, of course – keep your coins, child: that’s not what I want. Give me a lock of your hair, seven of your breaths, your favourite memory of a summer day. Yes, thank you; that will do nicely. Of course I’ll help you. But if you want to bind his heart to yours, you must brew the potion yourself.
Begin with something he loves. A friend, a brother, a thing he keeps with him for comfort; a favourite scent, perhaps, a favourite song; something, however sweet or ugly, that brings him joy. Take it, and burn it, and grind it up into ash. Mix in bitterness and iron rust: that’ll make a chink in his cold shoulder, sure enough.
Spit three times into the ashes and blend it all into a paste. Leave it to simmer while you feed in the rest: his tears, his fears, a memory for each of his failures. What – you think it will taste bitter,
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 4 8
IV.1 : Devaste by K-naille IV.1 : Devaste :iconk-naille:K-naille 2 2
Deer hunting [Tokotas]
The pack had headed out in the early morning on the hunt for deer, leaving the warmth of their home to track down the mysterious white deer Winter had allegedly spotted one an exploration some days before. Winter had come back to the ranch out of breath and with a gleam in her eyes that could only mean this was going to be good, Abigail knew. It had turned out to be better than good, the promise of bringing home a white stag something none of the Tokotas could turn down – things like that didn’t come along every day. So, they’d set out for the forest, the morning so fresh that they could see their breaths forming little clouds. Daisy laughed to see them, clapping her paws excitedly only to be silenced by a look from Capricornus and a rapid, “Shush, we don’t want it to know we’re coming.”
“Are we going to have to be silent the whole way there?” Arnold asked, curiously.
There was a hint of humour in his voice which made Abigail chuckl
:iconshenan-the-cat:Shenan-the-cat 2 1
My Favorite Cryptids
1) The Loch Ness Monster: Probably one of the most famous examples of a cryptid in cryptozoology. Believed to be an ancient creature such as a plesiosaur, the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is believed to inhabit Loch Ness. Described as having a long neck, flippers, and endless humps, accounts of the creature date far back to the time of Saint Columbia. Interest in the creature continued until in the 1930s, an alleged photograph of the monster dubbed the Surgeon's Photograph goes down in history as one of the best cases for the existence of Nessie. Even though the photograph was a hoax, many others had given their accounts of the Loch Ness Monster through the use of sonar and photography.
2) Grey aliens: They are stock characters for ufology, often the first thing that people would think of when contemplating the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many theories have arisen as efforts of figuring out what these beings are. Some range from the Greys being time travelers goi
:iconaustindr:AustinDR 5 2
Everyday Life with Raptors (Part 6)
“I’m so very sorry for the trouble we’ve caused.” Owen apologized to the camp councilor. The two were seated in his office, in a large cabin near the entrance to the camp. The two had mugs of coffee in front of them and had been seated for only five minutes…but in that time, Owen had apologized no less than ten times. The councilor, named Garth Hill, just waved it aside with a polite smile. The room was dark, but light was beginning to slowly eb its way in as the sun was rising. The crisp feel of morning stirred the tired souls.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s alright. If anything, the surprise was enough to make the kids happy.” Garth chuckled. “To be honest, most of these kids have never seen an extra species person before. To have four just burst out and surprise us like that? It’s a rush to say the least.”
“They were in attack mode…they smelled the pig you were cooking and thought they’d caught th
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 6 2
A Way To Use Powder Incense
As an alternative to burning it over smoldering charcoal - this is what I use, ( for times when I don’t have an cauldron or another incense holder that is safe for that sort). Instead of burning the incense, I fill a small saucepan with water, boil the water until steaming,  and then place a teaspoon or two of the powder incense into the water and stir. Then I let it continue to steam on the heat for a few minutes, and let the incense scent rise with the steam. When the water boils or begins to, turn off your stove. 
*NOTE: You can let let it sit on the hot burner and steam up till it cools. Also, the liquid mix afterwards can then be placed in jars, or a small bowl or cup, and used as an offering on your altar or elsewhere. (Just dispose of it after a few days ) 
SIDE NOTE: You can also seal the bottle/jar with wax, to make it a longer lasting offering -  or make spell jars this way with the water/incense. 
:iconmoonbeesuntea:MoonBeeSunTea 2 0
Grunvale, Ch. 8.2
"What do you guys have against James Taylor's music?" Randy asked. "Does it make your head hurt, or your stomach sick?"
"No, Randy," Chandler replied, reaching over to his radio to turn its volume down a few notches. "We just find him insufferably bland. The worst thing ever to happen to popular music. Well, except maybe Anne Murray."
"Ugh, don't even mention that name," Gretchen replied, as she walked into the kitchen. "Anne Murray. She's the feces of pretentiousness eating stupidity-flavored blandness."
"Gobdamn, mom -- oof!" Gilda exclaimed. She hissed as she rubbed her brow, feeling another sudden pain strike her head from the inside. "My head... dammit! Why does my head hurt?"
"Yeah, that's why we needed to talk to you, Gilda," Gretchen said, sitting herself down at the table.
"We have a few things we need to clear up to you," Chandler added.
"A few things?" Gilda remarked, scowling. She pushed her tissues away from her mouth as she continued speaking. "A few t
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Marron and the Hypnosis Club
"Marron............... *Haah* *Haah*..................... Wait up!"
"Hmm, hmm, hmm~................. Hmm?"
One evening, Marron was walking home from her school, Orange Star Elementary School, when she heard a voice calling out to her, prompting the blonde child to turn around and spot a girl around her age with curly-brown hair across the street running towards her in a rush, the uniform she wore indicating that she went to the same school as Marron.
"Oh, hi~." Marron smiled at the girl as she joined her on her side of the street. "Say, you're that girl from my class, aren't you? You're............... umm................."
"*Haah* *Haah*................... Molly............... Molly Luna..............." the girl introduced herself to Marron while she stood trying to catch her breath for a few seconds before regaining her composure. "*Haah*................... Look, Marron, I know we don't really know each other that well, but I really need your help. You see, Marron
:iconsentrykid105:Sentrykid105 9 5
EOTW: Molefoot's Loss: Chapter Five
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 6: Molefoot's Loss
Chapter Five
     Molepaw dropped the vole in front of the gray queen. “Here,” he said in a soft mew. “Jayfeather told me to bring you this.”
     Cinderheart blinked dully at the tom. “Thank you,” she rasped, but she made no move to start eating the vole. Her eyes were glazed over with grief.
     Two tiny bundles of fur lay suckling at Cinderheart’s belly. Blazekit had a pale ginger coat similar to Sandstorm’s, while Silentkit was black with a white stripe running from her nose to her forehead. Neither kit had inherited the thick pelts of their parents, but Molepaw thought he could already see Lionblaze’s strength in Silentkit, and Cinderheart’s sleek build in Blazekit.
     His heart twisted with grief at the memory of the kit who should have been suckling with them. Little Lichenkit has always been
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 4 3