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RWBY One Shot: The Voiceless Gift by Omnipotrent RWBY One Shot: The Voiceless Gift :iconomnipotrent:Omnipotrent 258 15
A Different Kind of Vacation (Anthro Bunny TF/TG)
Victor was up in the mountains on holiday from all of his responsibilities. It had only just begun, and boy was it something he needed. Victor had been feeling quite stressed out with a lot of things, so this was a nice weak break from it all. 
Feeling content and having unpacked all his luggage in the cabin, he went for a short walk around the exterior and get a better feel for his surroundings and just to get some fresh air. With his sweater on, Victor began his trek. 
There was snow surrounding the woods, Victor putting his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. Even though he had mittens on it didn't hurt to have some extra protection from the low weather! 
As Victor ventured deeper, the sun started to set and he figured it was time to turn around and start heading back. In his stroll something caught his eye just off the path. There was a strange, blue glow emitting out from deeper in the woods. Victor went to continue down the path back to the cabin, but there was
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 29 0
A Silken Usurper's Undoing
The astral winds blew hot and sticky like a midwestern day stuck naked to a naugahyde couch. She didn’t make any noise, though; Silk was more than adept at traipsing quietly through a dream, no matter how crazy the dreamer.
Nebula was probably the most dangerous victim she’d ever had to help. And Nebula was a victim, Silk kept reminding herself. Dozens upon dozens of transformed heroes, flicking in and out of distinct, parallel timelines. So hard to keep track. A humiliated hero here, a ballooned bombshell over there and even Silk was having a hard time remembering it wasn’t real. Overwhelmed by the sheer power of the terrible artifact, Nebula, the so-called Queen of the Aether, had wrapped herself so tightly in this protective dream chrysalis that the line was drawing ever thin. Soon all of Reality would be asleep. 
And then… ?
Like a spider navigating a web, Silk skittered across the pink and purple strands of unwoven dream-stuff, making her way over to
:icongnome-oo:gnome-oo 30 9
No Drink On the Train
(Contains: Tall girl, bloating and burps)
She stood on the platform casually sipping on a two liter of soda as she waited for the monorail to arrive. It was a hot day and sweating buckets beneath her hipster-inspired outfit called for a drink, taking large gulps to quickly move a sizable portion of the refreshment into her stomach. The feeling of chilling carbonation inside of her careless pot belly was welcome against the burning sun above.
After taking her first drags from the bottle an announcement rang for the approaching train she needed to catch. As it began to slow down to the platform, she caught sight of the sign on the window forbidding food or drink onboard. In a spark of inspired compromise, she brought the two liters to her lips and inhaled in massive gulps. The bottle bent and crumpled in her hand until it was an obscure hourglass shape from her suction. She opened her eyes, looking past her vibrant blue and violet bangs to see half of the soda was left and made use
:iconthedrifter91:TheDrifter91 60 7
MLP FiM: S8 E21: Rockhoof and a Hard Place Review by Cuddlepug MLP FiM: S8 E21: Rockhoof and a Hard Place Review :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 19 16
Godly Endeavors
Humans were the biggest mistake God had made. Uranus, for example, was an awful fella with a gambling addiction and a list of sins to which murder was the newest addition. Mark Mercury, who was the unfortunate victim of this man, bled to death next to a pile of poop. All the while god watched. No one appreciated help from a homeless woman anyway even if she was the creator of all that lived. 
She sighed and rubbed her hair. A white cat named Vanilla purred and rubbed itself against her legs. Regrettably, God had to admit she preferred Earth when humans didn’t exist, when creatures like dragons, griffins, fairies, werewolves, and others roamed it. Elves sounded a much better choice than humans for sentient civilization now that she thought about it. Maybe, she shouldn’t have caused the flood that wiped them.
On top of that, a downpour of rain began. Not wanting to get soaked, which would
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 24 10
The Mage Fair: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
There were a lot of tavern tales of valiant bands of adventurers heading into the wilds on noble quests or braving deep dungeons in search of treasure and glory. They defeat the monsters and overcome obstacles, succeeding where all others before them have failed. In the Flanaess these adventuring parties typically contain several people: a good number of fighters to battle monsters; a cleric to heal their wounds and ward off undead; a thief to deal with the dungeon’s locks and traps; and a wizard to handle the magic. Sometimes there’s a specialist such as a ranger or bard for a bit of variety.
    The adventuring parties never consist of just two mages and a cat.
    Cerathonil was very eager and excited but Garadun had his doubts. In any case they weren’t simply going to rush off into the Blue without a plan. When they returned to the Sleepy Dragon, they had a relaxing dinner and then took it easy before turning in for the night.
:icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 8 9
Naoya Todo pierces into DEATH BATTLE!
-Age: 17
-Height: Unknown
-Weight: Unknown
-Species: Human
-Arcana: The Emperor
-Secondary Arcana: Strength, The Moon, The World
-AKA: Yuya Narumi (Drama CD), Jay Suzakuin (Novel), the pierced boy
-Is the first persona user in the series
-Is one of two persona protags to interact with Philemon
--Recieved his persona directly from him
-Chosen by Philemon to fight against Nyarlathotep's forces
-Defended his town from the demons attacking it
-Defeated Takahisa Kandori
-Destroyed the SEBEC organization
-Prevented the Pandora system from destroying the universe
-Freed Saeko from Tomomi Fujimori's control
-Defeated the original Nyx, the personification of death
--The same who sent her avatar during the events of Persona 3
-Implied to be one of the survivors of the universal reset. Cause that was a thing
-Trades blows with all sorts of demons (later known as Shadow
:iconsoul-of-landale:Soul-of-Landale 7 3
Princess Bowsette
The plan was in motion, the letter had been sent
Bowser, King of the koopas regarded the two ?-Blocks that he held in his great claws. Trepidation shook him for the first time in ages, there were some philosophical aspects of this scheme that he’d rather not explore, mainly regarding the power-up in the first block, so he pushed them out of his mind and turned to the second one instead. The plumber, his eternal rival, wouldn’t suspect a damn thing with this disguise.
He squeezed the first block into scrap metal, revealing a double cherry, the king grabbed the four-eyed fruit and activated its effect, materializing a body double. Both of them already knew the plan of course, he was the double and the double was...stop thinking about that. Both of them nodded in shared understanding of what was about to happen before it left the room to take its position at the bridge.
The remaining king’s gaze turned to the second block, this would work, it had to work. A crown was spi
:iconearlyq-gaiden:EarlyQ-Gaiden 29 1
Link vs Sora Prelude! Part I

Bolt: Heroes of light and justice come in all shapes and forms. So hey! Let's go ahead and pit two of them in a fight to the death against each other. 
Rush: Link, the Hero of Hyrule.
Bolt: And Sora, the keyblade wielding hero. He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!  

AKA: Hero of Hyrule; Legendary Hero; The Hero; Hero of Time; Hero of the Essences of Time and Nature; Hero of the Winds; Waker of the Winds; Hero Chosen By The Gods; Hero's Shade; Hero Chosen By The Ocean; Hero of Twilight; Hylian Champion
Approximately 9-117 (varies between games)
First Appearance: Legend of Zelda (1987)

Rush: Forever defeating the demon king, Ganon, and saving the princess, Zelda, the eternally reincarnated hero, Link, is
:iconstrunton:Strunton 10 6
Testimony of a Supposed Villain
You. The innocent one, honoured high for your great hope.
You, with that gentle smile, more mild than any the world has ever known.
You. With eyes like stars, casting light upon all who travel through your grace.
You. The one whom everyone loves … for good reason.
You. Who would not dare touch a butterfly, nor dare pain a soul, nor dare speak a word in any kind of malice.
I. The dirty one, preceded by a path of sin.
I, with such a dour gaze that it brews darkness in the soul of anyone who deigns to look upon it.
I . With eyes like fire, a destructive light, decimating all in my way.
I . The one hated by the world, for my evil deed.
I . The apparent adulteress, the apparent assassin, the apparent hand of cruelty and cunning and manipulation.

I . The only one you would dare to call your enemy.
I am the world's enemy. The villain with an evil grin. The brooding antagonist, with darkness in my heart, to your shining protagonist. The cackling witch with a trick up her sleeve a
:iconquyakillaluna:QuyaKillaLuna 13 5
A Tale of Two...Maybe Three, Laras
Lara threw herself behind a fallen column, ducking bullets which ricocheted off the ancient stonework. She dragged herself along, beside it, using it for cover. She'd taken a hit though, bullet had winged her arm.
“Shit...shit, shit, shit...” She muttered, hurriedly tearing a strip from the bottom of her sleeveless top and wrapped it around her arm, over the wound, tying it in place.
The mercenaries were catching up. She was outnumbered, outgunned.
It had taken too much to find this place, though. Time, effort, energy, research. She'd crossed miles of jungle, climbed cliffs and mountains, traversed rivers, falls, and rapids. She'd exhausted her supplies, pushed herself to the very limits, and, survived dangerous and deadly wildlife, and now...this.
Her ankle was sprained, she'd been shot in the arm, her body was covered in cuts, scars, burns and bruises. It would take weeks of rest, to recover from this. If she made it out of this, that is.
Lara Croft had put too much in to
:iconlady-distracto:Lady-Distracto 25 45
Death Battle: Beauty and The Brute (THE FIGHT)

Due to DeviantArt being an absolute dick, I am deciding to upload it in a separate sta.ash link. So... here ya go.
:iconmrnate2015:MrNate2015 19 73
The Circumstances of My Rebirth
I am born of death and destruction, and so death and destruction I shall be. My rains bring the floods that can drown the fire... but what else? What else has drowned beneath that rushing water? This is of my own making. Is this who I am? Is this what I must be? Must I destroy that which I love to save that which I love? Gentleness is not in the nature of my element. Perhaps it also does not dwell within me.
I remember the night of my rebirth as though it were yesterday. Back and back, in the days before men drove the buffalo upon my plains. In days when other creatures roamed, when my species was young and new to this land. As a fox I was small and lithe, and like most creatures of my kind my life was devoted to hunting, mating, defending my home. I knew hunger, I knew pain, but it was of a simple, sensible kind. Primitive, some might say, but oh, how I long for it. How I long for the days when I was "only" an animal.
It was deep and dark and dry, the stars bright and clear ove
:iconlyrak:Lyrak 4 4
Dear Diary (Part 5)
Dear Diary by K9Lupus (Part 5)
April 5th, 2017  
Dad said he's going to be out of town next week to follow up on a lead for the case. He wanted to know if I was all right changing by myself this time around. I must have looked pretty upset when he said that because he crouched down a bit and pressed his forehead to mine, much as he has done ever since I was little whenever the change would get too rough for me near the end. It was calming, and I instinctively pressed back, bringing back good memories and releasing a tension in my shoulders I didn't know I carried. He kissed my brow, messed up my hair, and gave me one of his much too big hugs to my groaning reluctance. He laughed and promised he'd make it up to me next time. Then he said to take it easy around Hannah and not do anything he wouldn't do. That ended that conversation promptly.
Dad can be so dumb sometimes.
April 6th, 2017
Terry and Norman have been keeping their distance
:iconcanine-lupus:Canine-Lupus 6 1
The Preventer, Part 16
The Preventer, Part 16
‘Stealing a bike, Mr Robertson, hm, hmm, hmmm?’
The theme of the question, which the imaginary Sister Mary Alice asked in the virtual world, made me think that she had to be a projection of my living conscience.
‘I am not a thief,’ I defended myself. ‘I don’t want to keep that bike forever. I’ll give it back to Naomi as soon as possible. Maybe, tomorrow. Of course, not personally. I’ll leave it in her garden.’
To award me for this reply, Sister Mary Alice presented a smile. I looked at her. She just stood by the other side of the empty bed, carrying a folder that had to be written about the next ‘target’. However, she held the file back so that she could talk to me. Maybe, my subconscious, which felt so ashamed, sent the nun here to teach me a lesson.
I had learnt Mary Alice last year when she had visited me almost every day when I had been in a full body cast. I had no reason to deny the fact that
:iconaliencaster:aliencaster 5 0
Black Widow of the Sea
A sloop sailed the open sea with the wind in its sails the sky as clear as the unbroken ocean beneath it. This small ten man crewed ship though was as feared as a ship of the line despite its smaller size and only 24 cannons. Armor made of giant spider webs that weaved over the sides and made up a parapet style defense on the sides,, and stretched between the two masts and the deck tracing around the cannons and to the bow. It was the Black Widow, a pirate ship all of those on the sea feared. This Golden Age of Exploration led to the Golden Age of Empire, which in turn led to the Golden Age of Piracy.  A Jolly Roger flew on the mast, black with a red hourglass like the ship’s namesake.
The unbroken horizon that lay before the ship was penetrated by distant plume of smoke. The crow’s nest spotted it, and he shouted down to First Mate Mr. Squid at the wheel. The tall, barrel chested man had a pale bald head like his namesake. Mr. Squid made for a good first mate settling
:iconmanymasksmanyfaces:manymasksmanyfaces 7 3
The white dress.
i walk trough the streets looking down at my phone as im texting my friends on my way to school for the day
its a lovely autumn day, the sun is shining but you can feel the cold breeze in the wind that the winter is coming soon 
i reply to the text as i yawn and wanders into the nearby kiosk on the way to school and look for a quick pick me up 
i pick up a small chocolate bar and some energy drink and walk over to the cashier to pay for it as i notice something behind her in the backroom room
it's a white summer dress
''huh...'' i think to myself thinking someone just lost it or if its the cashier's dress
i shrug it off and pay for my stuff as i head over to the school 
As i walk over still replying to texts and listening to music i walk by a clothing store
a typical clothing store for women and kids that sells pretty much anything except clothes for men...which is again..typical
as i walk past it i spot a mannequin in the window wearing something 
i look at it and
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 42 3
Time Out 2
A police detective investigates a suspicious preschool. An age regression story. 4 min read.
Erik’s heart rose as his watch vibrated, but then the screen abruptly went dead, the dark glass reflecting the baffled look on his face. Had he forgotten to charge the batteries? The newly-minted preschooler squeezed the power button over and over again with increasing desperation, before a soft fusion of childish voices and high-pitched giggles approached from around the corner. Trying to stuff the watch into non-existent pockets, he finally dropped it into his undies and scampered back into his classroom as a column of kids surged by.
The teacher was hunched over her tablet in a Facebook coma, oblivious to his absence. Erik slid under a table and tried to revive his watch. Outside, someone fired up a rotary mower. He glanced through the window – there was a woodchip-paved playground with canary-yellow slides, ketchup-red climbing structures, a hodgepodge of monkey bars, swings and
:iconarstories:ARstories 25 24
Marron and the Hypnosis Club
"Marron............... *Haah* *Haah*..................... Wait up!"
"Hmm, hmm, hmm~................. Hmm?"
One evening, Marron was walking home from her school, Orange Star Elementary School, when she heard a voice calling out to her, prompting the blonde child to turn around and spot a girl around her age with curly-brown hair across the street running towards her in a rush, the uniform she wore indicating that she went to the same school as Marron.
"Oh, hi~." Marron smiled at the girl as she joined her on her side of the street. "Say, you're that girl from my class, aren't you? You're............... umm................."
"*Haah* *Haah*................... Molly............... Molly Luna..............." the girl introduced herself to Marron while she stood trying to catch her breath for a few seconds before regaining her composure. "*Haah*................... Look, Marron, I know we don't really know each other that well, but I really need your help. You see, Marron
:iconsentrykid105:Sentrykid105 10 5
The night of the cows
It is 11:30 p.m and Julien had just come out of his job, he had just finished the file he had to return for the next day. When he was on his way back, Julien thought that the city was rather quiet and he had not seen anyone for the moment. Always on the way back, Julien came across a cow walking in the alley, he was surprised to find a cow who wandered in the city and he approached the cow.
 - Hey, my dear, we're going for a walk in town.
Julien caressed the cow a little, and the cow licked Julien's face as a sign of affection.
-Hey gently but it's not all that, I have to go home.
Julien went on his way home and the cow on his side resumed his walk in the city. While he was halfway to the house, Julien had a strange sensation on his feet and especially he had the strange feeling of hearing hoofbeats. Julien stopped walking and looked at his feet and he saw that his feet had become hooves. Shocked to see that, Julien wondered how it was possible? Was it cow or just tired? So he was
:iconkatosiris:katosiris 6 0
Neko Vore RP (revival)
You're a small neera living in a large house. This house is owned by two sister nekos. The first one, keiko, is the eldest. She's 18 and seems to be the kinder of the two. The second one, Jade is the youngest. She's 16 and is always running around, doing dangerous acts like jumping from table to table and swinging from the stairs. She seems to have a more aggressive nature than her sister. The two however do get along well. One night, when going to get good as normal, maybe some crumbs they let fall during dinner, you hear the lights flick on and a tired yawn. The yawn abruptly stopped. The silence was broken by a tired "who are you?".
A: Run as fast as you can
B: stand still. Don't make any sudden movements
C: Answer them. Dumb move but you have no other choice.
The neko who spotted you was
1: keiko
2: Jade
Have fun!
:iconkeikotheneko:KeikoTheNeko 6 215