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Wanderer of Violet Skies
Beneath the dancing galaxies, he walked the path of forgotten worlds. The lingering mist sang their songs no longer heard by mortal ears. A simple traveler with a winged companion, they explored the universe’s planets, moons, and stars; retracing the steps of the lost civilizations. He could not bring them back, but he could preserve their deteriorating legacies.
The war had wiped out so many, and he couldn’t help but to feel responsible for their extinction. He could’ve stopped it; ended the war and corruption, but the adrenaline of battle was intoxicating. He was created by the bloodshed, but meant for peace. In the aftermath, he sought redemption for his unholy actions in the only way he felt he could truly save his soul: defending what was left.
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The Silent Observer
Nobody could see her, nor could they hear the sound of her pencil, scratching as she wrote in her notebook. Her hair was whiter than the snow, her eyes bluer than the sky; there was not a single piece of clothing on her, she had no material possessions beyond her notebook and pen. The notebook was colored white at first, but with every word she wrote, it became a deeper and deeper shade of red. By the time she had gone through every page, it was the same red as what she had seen spill and spatter time after time.
Deceit, corruption, greed. They were all responsible for lives being lost, and all acts of humankind. Whenever she witnessed a malicious act, be it in a dark alleyway or a smoky battlefield, she would record it. She spent one year observing, one year recording, and when she was finished, the cover of her notebook was dripping.
Midnight struck to end December 31st of one year and commence January 1st of the next. As the red dripped onto her bare feet, she turned the note
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Sophie's Salacious And Glamorous Magic Show Part 1
    The stage was small, the setting intimate, the club hushed with a throb of excitement as the audience eagerly awaited the main performer. The tickets had been expensive, and few in number, but it was all worth it to see this show. Many people had heard of it, yet few had ever seen it. Phones were always strictly forbidden in these shows, so there weren't any recordings available on-line, only excited conversations on message boards. And now, in the Aurora Club in New York City, the show was back after a prolonged absence. And within moments it was about to begin.
    The first act of the show had finished, and now it was on to the main performance with the enigmatic Sophie, the proclaimed Queen of Punk Rock Magic. She was glamorous and beautiful, her shows shocking and audacious, and strictly adults only. The latter was more than enough to get people to flock to her shows, but it wasn't what she had built her reputation on. Well, at least not entirely.
The spotl
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A dragon explains why he kidnapped the princess
"Your highness the king of humans, first of all I wish to inform you that I am sorry for my behavior. My actions were caused by a misunderstanding by myself, which costed me having an entire human army coming for me and lots of pain. So here I am, explaining what was this misunderstanding that made me kidnap your daughter from her tower and bring her with me.
Believe it or not, I did not mean to cause her suffering or eat her like many of your fellow humans have thought. I genuinely thought she was being kept in prison. Now hear me out, please! I didn't know much about your royalty and I had barely seen human houses as big as that one - you call it castle right? And well, I had seen that tower, the small window and her. I was flying freely in the sky, you know. I love so much flying just for the sake of it, I wish you could try it too. And then I saw this human, trapped in that tower, unable to move around. She was looking at the window...and yes, I know, it's been a very stupid thi
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Naughty but so Nice (TF, BE, Beautification)
Naughty but so Nice
(TF, BE, Beautification)

    “You can’t be serious.” 
    “Of course I am.  What’s wrong with it, Rayna?”
    The twenty-two year old gave the person an incredulous stare.  “Where do I start?  Honestly Akeno, when you asked to come over so you could show off what you were going to wear for the party I didn’t know what to expect.  But…this?” 
    Outfit in question was of barely legal red short shorts that was unbuttoned with a loose belt helping to keep it up and white fur trim at the leggings, gloves that were of the same color and fur trim that went up to just below the elbows and a red top that wrapped around the torso with it being tied in f
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The Mage Fair: Epilogue
Although it went against Garadun’s nature to stay in any place named after a unicorn, he had to admit that the Bronze Unicorn Inn knew what it was doing when it came to taking care of its guests. The rooms were spacious and comfortable; with big soft beds, window shutters which locked from the inside, fresh daily linen, a large bronze bathtub and wash basin, lamps that were magically lit, and there was even room service. The inn offered single, double and quad occupancy rooms, and he and Cerathonil had each taken a single because they both needed a bit of privacy.
    It had taken them a week to arrive at the city of Verbobonc; once they’d managed to find the proper road after getting directions from a party of gnomes who were making their way south to Hommlet. The only encounter of note (in addition to the giants) was when they were attacked by a spirit naga. They’d made camp for the night in the ruins of an old manor home, when the creatur
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Re-Awaken the Ultimate Fight!: Smash Ultimate TG
It was launch day for Smash Ultimate, and Grey couldn't have been more excited. He had been waiting for months to get the game, mainly because so many of his favorite Nintendo girls were in it! He preferred Peach out of all the girls in the game however, having loved her since he first saw her in a Mario title. He couldn't wait to see her in the updated graphics of the Switch! Before he could drive home, however, he got a phone call. It was from his friend Jackson, who was also excited for the game but unfortunately didn't have a Nintendo Switch. He asked him to bring his Switch over so they could play it together, also mentioning something about a special bonus gift he'd gotten for them. That piqued Grey's curiosity immensely, so he drove to Jackson's house immediately.
"Heya Grey! You brought the game right?"
"Of course I did! You did ask me to after all." Grey set up the Switch to the TV, launching Smash Ultimate from the menu screen. Hearing the intro music caused both of them to n
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Real Life Stories: How I Got My Facesitting Fetish
This story takes place a few years after the first one. My cousin Milly and I were hanging around at her house, her brother being in his dad's custody as her parents were divorced. We were alone because my parents brought her mom out for dinner to help her figure everything out. "Wanna do something weird?" She suggested as she was the one with ideas. "Eh, why not?" I said, now a bit more mature than the first story being 14 at the time. She was excited I said yes as she wanted to do this since I was 9. She took no time tackling me and forcing my face into her skinny jean clad butt. She sat down with my face underneath her. I struggled as I didn't know she had this in mind, but started to slow down as I understood her plan. I sniffed at her buttcrack, trying to get the smell. I now knew that this was a fetish of mine now. She wiggled her thick booty on my face, trying to smother me. I kept sniffing at her musk. She left to grab an old, sweaty pair of underwear from the hamper. She came
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Centauress Changed Part 3
“Hello,” said Roberta into the phone receiver.  Standing in her stall that she’s called home for the past ten years.  The stall was actually 4 stalls combined into one to accommodate Roberta’s human-like needs to feel accepted like her two-legged counterparts and to give her enough space to call her space in the Horse stable a small studio.  
“Hello,’ said a male voice on the other side of the line.  ‘Is this Roberta?”
“Yes,’ responded Roberta.  ‘Who is this?”
“It’s John.  John Malcolm.  I hope you remember me, and giving my daughter Mary riding lessons about 6 years ago,’ said the male voice on the line.  ‘She was 10 and I was able to bring you to our home next to the ocean.”
“In California?’ asked Roberta, more as a statement to herself than a question.  ‘I remember.  Mary was so adorable. Clamoring on and on for the
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Chapter 4 | Moments In Time

The following is a preview. Moments In Time is set to release January 15th, 2019, and there is still some work to be done. There are going to be art frames interlaced into the story, and any and all grammatical errors are to be corrected by the time the full book is released. Bare that in mind, don’t worry, I’m on it.
That said... Please enjoy.


“…then he took me out to this even better spot so we could feel them even more! The Stars were so amazing! I don’t think I’ve felt them like that in so long! I never wanted it to end! But-But, that’s not even the best part! Something happened! Something… wonderful! I
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Death Battle: Jungle Revolution! (Prelude)
UL: There are many adversaries to a King, that dare challenge his might. Whether it be from greedy kings trying to take over the land or violent revolutionaries who will stop at nothing to overthrow him.
Mettaton: And we have two of these kinds of enemies, that defile the very laws of the Jungle!~
:iconmrnate2015:MrNate2015 11 24
[Traveling] The Black Pearls
The sea was glimmering brightly under the morning sun. The horizon was clear and white and only the sound of waves was mixing up with the calls of seagulls, creating perfect harmony. Water rushing against smooth rocks crowning the shores was inviting, foaming slightly on its way to land. Kyynsointu was standing besides the rocks, watching down to the surface that was too restless to form a mirror for her. She breathed in the sea breeze, tasting salt in her mouth and closing her eyes for a moment. Wide smile grew on her face, revealing a row of deadly, triangle-shaped shark teeth and she looked back to the water. Today was the perfect day for treasure hunting!
Returning back to the beach-side bar, Kyynsointu noticed Vainoharha laying down on cracked wall separating a way up to town from the beach. As soon as the mermaid stepped on the tiled floor, the kukuri opened her venom-green eyes and lifted her head, ears perked like always. She let out a slight growl when Kyynsointu brought her h
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Silent Night 2018 - 15
Seven sisters – what on earth did those who decide these things think when it was decreed I would be the only boy in a family of eight?  And what’s worse, I’m slap in the middle – three older sisters, three younger sisters, and one twin sister.
But I had a challenge I felt all of them would do – starting with my twin sister Amy.  When I made my way into the room, she was sitting with our younger sister Claire – both of them with Christmas headbands on. Clare’s had ears, Amy’s reindeer horns.  Little sis was wearing a red top with striped sleeves, and a Christmas picture with “Oh What Fun” printed on the front, as well as her jeans, while Amy wore a red top with her jeans.
“Oh great,” Amy said as I walked in, “what do you want?”
“Mom and Dad want a picture of all seven of you, and me – but I want it done in silence, and I bet you I can do without any of you saying a word.
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A Lion's Pride ~Part 3.1~

“Wait, who am I fighting this time?”
Georgia stared blankly at Spike. They were discussing Georgia’s next fight. The pint-sized pugilist's next fight was very soon, so she decided to learn more about her opponent over lunch.
“A Japanese lass, her name is Hoshiko Saitou. She’s a celebrity by the sound of it. (At least in Japan)” Spike repeated the name to his student as he explained. .“Hoshiko Saitou. She’s one of those...idols that ya hear about. Those dancing and singing types.”
“Oh, so just another prissy showboat, then. I can’t see this being that difficult, really.” Georgia was much more self-assured this time. She had somewhat recovered from the miserable end of her last fight.
She had never resolved the despondent feelings Iris had left her with, but she was eager to move on to the next challenge and the next opponent.
Georgia greedily pulled her plate towards her while Sp
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DotW: Meeting at Misthelm Watch
DotW: Meeting at Misthelm Watch
Featuring: as Tadita as Shiantara
Shiantara took a rest and inhaled the fresh, cool air of late fall that already carried the breath of winter. Her paws ached from the long way she had travelled today, but now, she felt, she was finally close to the end of her journey. The wind carried the scent of another pack close by, and this time, it seemed more welcoming to her than the last one.
A few days ago, she had closely passed the territory of yet another pack… but she didn´t like the swampy landscape they seemed to call their home, and the scent marks of the resident pack had something about them that unsettled her, so she had continued her journey northwards.
But here, it was different. Here, there were lush, deep forests, with high, old trees hung with moss. It felt almost mystic to Shiantara, and it made her fur bristle with joy. This territory seemed more wel
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A Lotus Reborn in Fire - Avatar TG
    Iroh inhaled deeply as he gazed at the palace of Ba Sing Se before him, adorned for the first time in his nation's colors. All around he could hear the sounds of battle as his fellow members of the Order of the White Lotus fought with the occupying fire nation forces.
    Ahead, a mighty banner cloaked the palace, unmistakably marking it as spoils of this senseless war. Raising a solemn finger, he fired a single fireball at the banner and the twisted ideals that it stood for.
    Only for something to knock it from the air.
    With an acrobatic spin, a figure jumped from the rooftop and landed in a combat-ready pose between Iroh and the palace. It was an old woman, rail thin and dressed in a fire nation uniform poorly tailored to her gaunt frame.
    "Not so fast!" she screeched, "You old fool! Did you really think the fire lord would leave this city so unprotected? If you want to t
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If you haven't read the prelude yet, go do that now!

Lina: The galaxy is under attack and the seal has been broken! We've reached a conclusion!
Dramech: The arena is prepared, the combatants are ready...
Saki: The cameras are set, and the curtain is rising!
Ultra Garrison Prison Planet
At the edge of the M78 Nebula on a remote planet, a dangerous super-organism had successfully been captured and incapacitated by the Ultra Garrison. He lay asleep, strapped to a wall inside a cell by cuffs harder than diamond
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Reisser - I. Podroznik
I. Podróżnik
Stałem tuż przed ciemnozieloną tablicą, od której bił nieznośny zapach kredy, suchy i przypominający kurz. Drobinki pyłu unosiły się w powietrzu jak jakieś tajemnicze opary. W sali było duszno. Śnieg za oknem sprawił, że kaloryfery rozkręcono na najwyższą możliwą temperaturę, a zaparowanych okien nikt nie ważył się otwierać. Było mi słabo i gorąco, sam nie wiedziałem, czy się pocę, czy to tylko złudne wrażenie, efekt panującej wokół atmosfery. Linoleum na podłodze wydawało się kleić do moich butów, światło jarzeniówek padało zielonkawymi promieniami na szare ściany, ławki z jasnego drewna i twarze tych siedzących w nich. Dwadzieścia trzy osoby o szarych, pospolitych jak chwasty obliczach, zupełnie mi obcyc
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Animated Films of 2018
You know, it seems like ever since 2013, there's been a pattern when it comes to animated films where the odd numbered years range from okay to just good while the even numbered years range from great to fantastic.  And while 2018 wasn't quite as strong as 2014 and 2016, it still managed to keep up that trend.  At the very least, this is one of those rare instances of a year where I didn't dislike a single animated film that came out, and considering how many we got, that's impressive.  Even this year's weakest entries I still liked to a certain degree.  Plus it also helps that much like last year, this year did give us a good number of foreign films here in Edmonton.
Anyway, as per usual, it's time to start my annual fake animation awards.  As always, this is all opinion-based.  If I wasn't posting these on the Internet, I wouldn't repeat that every time.
Best Animated Film of 2018- Big Fish and Begonia
I am so glad this came to Edmonton this year, otherw
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Forest Fang
    The ball given by the oligarchs of Fribourg in honor of the daughter of the Bürgermeister of Lucerne was magnificent.  She was returning from a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela with her entourage, and in that season, with the year’s good harvest, good wine and good spirits flowed.  Valdemar remembered the girl’s exquisitely lovely dress, rare and imported blue and white silk, as he watched the feasting from the periphery.  As Captain of the Guard in Fribourg, Valdemar was of sufficient importance to be invited to the ball, but not to be seated at the table for the distinguished guests, though he cut a dashing image in his black and blue uniform as he celebrated the occasion with one of the ladies-in-waiting.  A night to remember, he thought the next morning as he watched from a viewpoint high on the ramparts as he paused on his inspection of the daywatch.  He saw the group cross the river Sarine on their way to Bern, the
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It's All in the Jeans (Jeans TF)
“No Ben! Just no!”
“Aww, come on Alex, I rarely get to spend time with you.”
“This is not my idea of spending time,” Alex said pacing around the hotel room. He was in town for a convention with his friend Ben who was heading back to Canada for school. Alex, a bit of a freelancer, still had a few weeks of vacation and wanted to spend more time with his friend. However, Ben’s newest idea was not what he had in mind.
“What? I think you would make for a cute pair,” Ben spoke in a singing like tone, “plus I spent a week as your chair when yours broke, the least you can do is return the favor.”
This was true, when Alex was in the need of a chair, Ben willingly volunteered for a week. As a chair, by the end of the week Alex was already treating him no different than a normal chair. It was only when Alex remembered the chair was his find did he turn Ben back, a few days longer than he volunteered for.
“Also Alex,” Be
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As I scanned the convention map I noticed a logo I had never seen before. The top of the logo was dominated by the top half of a human. The middle was a printing head, and the bottom was half a leaf. Of course, in biotech, there were always new companies springing up. However, what caught my eye was the fact that they had claimed an impressive amount of space, more appropriate for a major corporation than a small startup.
I began making my way towards them, stopping to look at the nanobots being showcased next to my company's booth. They were cool, but far from practical.
I worked in advanced organ printing, working out how to grow personalized organs at industrial scale. Our showcase was printing beating hearts in a matter of minutes. Of course, I wasn't here to man our booth, I was here to talk to all of the other people. Just because you have a job doesn't mean you'll keep it. Contacts are always important.
The booth I was approaching ended up being larger than expected. Half the sp
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