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Losing Language-Speech, then Trying To Speak...
If a person loses the ability to speak through any language, but tries to speak in either case, assuming that they can still vocalize sound (regardless of what that sound is), the rhythm of whatever sound they'd make will always be within the same rhythm of what they intended to say. What's more, whatever they'd vocalize will always carry, through the nuance of intent, whatever meanings that would've existed within their sounds, should they had been spoken language, to begin with.
This applies to realism things like damaged voice boxes or gags over mouth, and it applies to fantasy things such as transformations; a human-turned-dog's barks would behave through this manner, and a human-turned-cat's meows would do so, as well, etc.
Anyone who shows vocalization differently than what's been described here are using what amounts to narration devices. Narrative devices count as tells of something being different than the actual thing. Therefore, care must be taken to make sure narrative devi
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Conduct yourself with dignity, humor, and poise - for though our lives are darkened by necessity and circumstance in our eternal drive for progress and survival - we must never forget our humanity.
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Sink or Swim
Frankly, our national discourse has reached a boiling point - we're in a place where everyone screams and no one cares to listen. Left, right, moderate, does it *really* matter? We should be bailing water as a tight-knit team, but instead we're beating each other over the heads with our buckets while the ship sinks a little more each day. Remember folks: If we go down, we go down as one.
Each of us point at the glaring holes and subtle flaws of our society, obsessing over those nearest and dearest to us, while ignoring the shotgun-blast pattern writ large across our hull. People are angry. People are afraid. People are tired of watching as nothing changes. For worse or better, common people take to the streets when gov't proves insufficient or unwilling to enact change, stability, and progress.
Remember the Boston Tea Party? Remember the Founding Fathers and the Constitution... When a gov't's inability to provide and sustain stability reaches melting-point, otherwise common people seek
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Dreamer's dream: The kingdom of Food part I
“Let’s organize all your notes and then go to our cooking class.” Mrs. Melissa, who is one of the teachers who teaches culinary art in Titan’s high school, she knocked at the desk slightly after turning off class computers.
It was another gloomy morning for Elisa, she wandered around a little bit and then she walked straight into room 4o2 of Titan’s high school’s cooking class carrying the cat “transformer” and her recipe notes as usual.
Elisa sensed other one’s strange sights once again; she knew that she was being stared due to the cat “Transformer,” instead of her long ponytails or normal uniforms.
It had already become my daily routine. Elisa sighed and started to wash all given ingredients.
“Elisa, What are you doing? Hurry up! You are not going to finish the plate at this pace!” Shouted Mrs. Melissa
“Yes! Mrs...” Murmured Elisa, then she washed those ingredients in a rush as she possibly cou
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