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A Shame that I Deserved
My girlfriend and I got into a huge fight once and I guess I lost control of my mouth because I called her the b word. Jamie started crying, because she loved me so much and she knew I loved her so much. I begged her not to break up with me and she agreed she would stay if she could publicly humiliate me. I thankfully accepted.
So we held this party and Jamie invited all her girl friends, saying we had a big surprise. Unknown to me, once the party had started, Jamie told the girls that she was going to sneak up behind Ronnie and depants him right in front of them. The girls encouraged her to do it and said they would call me over to them so her job would be easy. The cruel thing was that Jamie wanted to do it when I was facing her girl friends so they could get a good frontal view.
So anyway, I was flirting with a girl I knew awhile back when Jamie's cute friends called me over. They were all sitting around a table, and they started chatting with me. The girls tried to keep strait face
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Une initiation en miroir
Je suis une intellectuelle qui a besoin de comprendre le sens, voire de trouver un sens à ce qui m’arrive. Il s’agit de faire entrer le jeu dans une relation nouvelle dont la destinée peut être plus surprenante qu’elle n’en a l’air au départ.
#initiation #shibari #bdsm #miroir #sexploration #ladyerell
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A message to Procar
Procar, this is just a supportive notice from me, that Lord Shen is with you always! And that when they attack again, (I know they will) that you read this and remember it.Lord Shen is on YOUR side. They are traitors to him. They can throw their "Traditions" and "Culture" at us, but we must not give up yet.So if you follow Shen, should we start a religion about Shen of our own? What should we call it? Procarian-Shenism? Proshenism? Procism?We can create a religion and culture of our own to combat theirs, and end this war once and for all! HAIL SHEN!...
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