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Gold Chains
The young lady, with a tall and well-shaped body and a sweet angelic face, Her eyes so attractive and kind, with that pearl-like sparkle in them was walking near the sea, the music of the sea waves and singing sea birds could be heard.
The wing was joyfully playing with her long and beautiful hair. Her puppy was running around playfully; Chasing the wind! When the puppy stopped, she stopped too. Suddenly the puppy started running to a bench. And she had to run also and was out of breath, When she got to the puppy, she found her sitting next to a handsome young man who had a smile on his bright face ad was petting the puppy, and the puppy was so happy. He was holding a newspaper on his left hand and was reading it and petting the puppy with his right hand very gently. There was a moment when he looked at her eyes, and they couldn’t easily break the lock between their eyes… and time stopped. Her body was filled with a strange heat. Suddenly she snapped out of that and found h
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How Males and Females should coexist
How Males and Females should coexist
I want to keep this as short and brief as possible of my views of how male and female   relations should be in today’s world.
I think we males should be equal to females but we should never dominate over females and I think females should be equal to us males but they should never dominate over us males.
Cause I got to say looking at the shit we males put females through in the past from our global histories is pretty fucked up and the way females are treating us males now in 2019 in the Western World is equally fucked and not true equality but just more trying to settle a score of past misdeeds of the remote past that should be long laid to rest.
To quote my former coworker Carol “It takes alot of energy to be angry”
Carol is right in her advice to me when I used to get angry at work all the time and now I give this same advice to all of you out there today in this politically unstable world......it takes alot of energy to be
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Spectral Message: A True Story
In the months after losing her husband, Margie Thatcher often drove to crowded places like the local town mall just to walk around. She could never explain why it comforted her so much, or at least took an edge off the pain that ebbed to a dull ache at the best of times.
Maybe it was the voices. The sounds of people speaking, laughing, and having fun together. They were much nicer than the emptiness that had filled the void her husband had left at home. They even felt nicer—sometimes—than the phone calls from concerned family members who lived in other states and kept checking on her, static against the emptiness.
Always, her relations would stress how sorry they were for her loss, offer to help with any final expenses and paperwork (numerous and confusing), and beg Margie to take care of herself.
The knowledge that she had loved ones who cared so much about her w
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Irgendwo zwischen dem Nirgendwo, und der Ewigkeit
Für einen Moment innezuhalten, still und etwas melancholisch, und sich vielleicht gerade deshalb so der Schönheit bewusst. Ihn irgendwo in ein unsichtbares Fach zu schieben, dort zu verstauen in der vagen Vermutung, dass es irgendwann einmal gut wäre ihn zu haben, diesen Moment. Eine flüchtige Erinnerung, Fragment davon wer man alles einmal gewesen ist.
Ich glaube das woran ich mich erinnere, das was bleibt, liegt dazwischen. Es liegt zwischen alledem. Wie lange ich gebraucht habe das zu sehen.
Ich reise nicht länger um an diesem oder jenem Ort zu sein; ich reise um zwischen dem einen und anderen zu sein. Orte, Menschen, mich, und Teile meines Inneren hinter mir zu lassen. Vage, und unbekannt zu sein. Ohne Vergangenheit. Nichts hinter mir, nichts vor mir; doch dazwischen alles (zu sein). Irgendwo zwischen dem Nirgendwo, und der Ewigkeit.
An Orten an denen ich mich zuhause fühlte
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Hebi - Chapter 2
Laila has known about me for longer than I knew about her. Sure, it does seem quite unfortunate for a spirit to find out that her soulmate is someone who has an actual body in the physical world unlike her. So maybe it's destiny that I got into the whole imaginary worlds thing, considering those worlds allowed her to make her first proper contact with me, despite those world's being imaginary by themselves, they worked almost like a bridge between the physical world and what can't be perceived by the usual five senses.
The Pokémon games Black and White were going to be released soon, the starters already revealed (as you can tell by Oshawott being among the Pokémon I imagined). I already knew right from the beginning that I'd choose Snivy and so naturally I'd occassionally look for fanart of it online. Well, to get right to the point, that's how one night I ended up finding out about the existence of Pokémon porn. Seeing Snivy, a Pokémon, something I'd love for its
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Both my religious love and his masculine partner with me now as we just made beautiful succulent beautiful soft sensual feminine love... just amazing out of body experience ever my religious love on top of me soft kisses carress all over me and their masculine partner over my face psy releasing on my face as I psy released just a few moments ago... my religious love soft sensual feminine energy stands correct as when they sang I adore mi amor during soundcheck on my birthday they took my hand as they sang that song then asked me telepathically cause I felt their beautiful soft sensual feminine energy soar thru me as I said YES to them wanting to make love with me that evening they then were next to me massaging my back and neck softly gently with deep penetrating massage with their hands it was if they wanted to make me feel more relaxed like any lover would when they are going to make love to their love foreplay? It go me wet excited so hot my JAPY cotton panies d
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Siete preguntas
¿Cómo pretender no pretender?¿Cómo amar sin poseer?
¿Cómo madurar sin envejecer?
¿Los sueños rotos, a qué recicladora van?
¿Un destino cierto, cómo es que ha terminado incierto?
¿Cómo resucitar el cadaver de un amor muerto?
¿O es que nunca fue ni amor, ni destino, solo un sueño que pretendí realidad?
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If only
I like Rex X Emmet.
Many people do, many people don’t. I find it cute but it has also made me realise something.
I want there to be another version of me, I want there to be two of me only one may look and act just that little bit different. I want to fall in love with myself because there’s no one I can trust but me.
If I could just get that...if I could somehow be with another me then I will have no fear.
No fear of them finding out my dark secrets because they already know, no fear of them making fun of me because they have been there, no fear of them being a criminal because I know me, no fear of them harming any of the things I love because they like the same things as me, no fear of them laughing at my mistakes, no fear of them calling me pathetic, no fear of them disagreeing with me, no fear of them turning against me.
A relationship with no fear. A relationship where no dramas happen. A relationship where you feel safe.
If only...I could have that. Maybe that could
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My Mission As an Artist
So I wanted to thank you all for your support. I feel I need to put this here, to give you a better understanding of me.
What drives me to be better is to support and inspire as many artists as I can. I like to help other artist be inspired to grow and improve or even get ideas.
This is a very hard industry to make a living on and I know from experience...I've been doing this for about 30 years now.
So when I fav your artwork, try and look at my favs as my way of saying you deserve more support, cause you do. A lot of us artist don't get the support they need to grow and improve.
I personally don't care about your skill level. I was once to a noob at drawing and worked my butt off to where I am now. So I just encourage you to not give up and keep drawing.
I draw with my emotions. I don't draw to be popular. I draw to help others and vent my feelings.
So I guess you could say that's what makes me different from the average artist.
Anyway, that's my goals. I hope I am making a difference
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Happy New Year
I rang in the New Year stoned and drunk, though less drunk then stoned, because I was so stoned I couldn't be bothered to drink. I remember wondering if I should be upset, sitting alone on the couch while everyone cheered and hugged each other and the next thing I knew I was answering her phone call at 12:49am.
She sounded so happy and loose, our favorite version of her because she's just so free with her smiles, her body language relaxes, she is twirling and beautiful and I swear I wasn't this in love with her when I lived with her.
Loving her when I was with her was crushing, burdensome, and so necessary, just this pounding, incessant, inherent heartbeat of mine, but now the love I feel for her is thin and choking, the catch in my throat, this sweet serenade of sharp fingernails down my back, more fantastic and implausible than anything I had within five feet of her.
But she called me and told me two things: that when she got drunk, all she did was tell people stories about me
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A Step Into My Life
This was something I've wanted to make for a long time. My name is Johnny, and I'm a writer here on DevientArt. Just to be clear; I'm not going to make this a life story. If that was the case, I'd be venting for 500 pages straight. However, I have more bad luck than you could possibly imagine. I keep asking myself time and time again, not "why" but "how?". How did my luck get this bad? 
I'll give you an example. 
This last Saturday, I was getting ready to take a plane from Sacramento California to Seattle Washington. I got through the baggage check-in and started the process of TSA's security bullshit. To be clear, I don't due traveling very often; but I had to do this trip for a family matter. Anyways, I have nothing against TSA; I just hate how long their process is. Being a scene kid, I tend to wear a lot of metal such as, metal necklaces, bracelets, choker, chains... You can see where this is going can't you? However, I made sure all of this extra metal was off before I w
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The custard slice
I don't remember you well anymore. I can't remember the sound of your voice or the way you were when I was younger. All I can remember are memories that are the rarest, often, sentences that were often and some glimpse of you from before.
I do remember custard slice with the chocolate on the top. It was your favorite. It's my favorite now. I celebrate your day somewhere deep inside and I'm not talking about it anymore as I used to before. I don't want to talk about it, how it broke my heart. And I can feel it, it's hard to understand. There is no need to expect something unreal. We are all just humans. This is all for humans. You would have said that.
I can feel one more thing. Time slipping through my fingers, like running water. I can feel you all slipping through my fingers. All of you. People who haven't had experience yet, they are not aware of how lucky, very lucky they are. I'm not jealous. It was always supposed to be like that for me, it just took me some extra time to accept
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How Can I Express My Appreciation?
How can I express my appreciation to my Lord?
For he sees the good in all his broken people
The broken masterpiece He carefully designed since the beginning of time
Crushed into millions of pieces by the devil’s hands and his followers
Even the godly are contaminated and guilty of this wrong
We love you Lord but we have destroyed everything precious to you
What can I do for my Lord?
What can I do to ever repay you back for what you have done?
There is nothing I can ever do to ever measure up
There’s no amount of love you can ever receive back from what you give
I am in constant awe of your interest in the likes of us
Over millenniums of time you never get bored
You could create new worlds but you decide to finish what you started with
No matter how many pieces scattered across the emptiness of space
Still you find joy and a satisfaction in restoring little bits and pieces
When I look at the world I find no use in it
But what keeps you so interested my God?  
What is it
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For David
You took me in, took us in
You were her father, her Larger-Than-Life guidepost of how to
properly grow into a responsible adult.
You filled in all the areas where her mom fell short.  Where I fall short.
 ~you complement me~
Selflessly you offered a bit of respite from the chaos, a much needed Stability
I never once acknowledged.  
 ~if only I could say thank you and know the words do justice to the intensity of the gratitude~
You accepted my flaws, the enormous Weight from the “bag of stones” I carried with me.  
For so long I winged that you never did.
~why did I do that~
I watched you do and be and try and achieve, day in and day out.  I took You for granted,
complaining of the lack, rather than recognizing the true Wealth
right in front of me.  
As this new “life” washes over me, unyielding are the Recurring thoughts of how much I have let you
Down, let us all down, for a mission that failed.
Because in what at the t
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Crush, if your reading this, please read it carefully and take it into consideration. Thanks.
Crush, I have always looked up to you. I don’t know your age, but you seem much more mature than me. You also can draw far better than me. Some days I’m jealous of you, some days I love you, and some days I hate you. But deep down inside I still love you.
we have not had many interactions, but one of the best ones was you relating to me on one of my posts about an experience that you had that was similar to mine. I felt that sort of connection, like we had similarities, which I wish I can find more of in the future, through the internet, or course. Because I live on the other side of world, far, far, away from you,
Now, I am not really attracted to you sexually, because it would be wrong if you were like 18, because I’m still not old enough to have sex. I follow you on this website, and I hope you could follow me too. I would get a “The student has become the master
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Lost letter #2
Dear *****,
I owe you a hell of an apology.
You were here when I was afraid. You were here when I was lonely, and when I struggled. You spoke with me and you cheered me up. As time went on and entropy snared both of us, you tried to help me; but you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.
"You have to rise as high as this table," you told me, but I didn't understand. Too blind to see I was crawling on the ground, too addled to realise I hardly ever looked up anymore.
Even so, I admired you. The way you placed faith in ancient words, and drew them in the air. The shields you conjured up. The way you changed your world. The drawing you made; I hate that it never came true. I hate that I chose my doom over your friendship. Regret is a bitter thing, but then, I had to reach a point of no return or I could not have broken free.
Know what? That dreadful evening when I learnt something I shouldn't have, I felt guilty despite not having done anything wrong. I blamed myself so harshly
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[VENT] Loneliness
You know loneliness...
The fact that only old people love you, when you know they're a string length near death, is the worst manigable friendship you can have.
No one loves me...
They're there only to use you.
I even went to bisexuality...and failed.
I'd rather die of loneliness...than stay alive...
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inner workings
i. dear past self
   you must learn the difference between love of a
      person and love of attention. do not fool
          yourself into thinking you love somebody
             when what you truly love is being noticed.
               you will not believe me
                  but you are deserving of love, and not
                     from people who don't know how to
                       give it. put all of your effort into
                          loving yourself, so that you will be
                            willing to let others do the same.
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on a drive
The car radio mumbled, drowned out by the hum of the engine as we exchanged idle conversation. He glanced at me, troubled yet thoughtful. What are you thinking about?
I asked him about where we were, identical roads over hills, surrounded by fields. I could see the mountains through the window, I could just make out the coast we were just a couple miles from. The outline of the sea was so clear, as opposed to the last time I saw it. I thought to myself how the sea and the sky are barely discernible from one another when it's night, if you jumped off the edge, it seemed like you would fall through endless black. It looked so different now...
He told me that different types of roads have different letters assigned to them, so this is a C-road? I never knew.
The clouds are dancing, my favorite song came on. I turned up the music, and stared out the window in silence. A gentle ballad played, with barely audible lyrics that still somehow meant something. I felt the car rumble as he drove th
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IRIS: HEART OF AN ARTIST (my take on it)
Descend Into The Iris: I go deep inside my mind.
S.O.S: I'm trapped inside my own prison.
Draw The Line: I just snap and lose it.
As The Lights Go Out: People see for who I really am.
Kings & Queens: I form my own group.
Why Do We Hold: I doubt myself at times.
Lost Now Found: Lost someone but found someone.
Too Dangerous: I don't make good choices and give up on life.
Castle That Never Dies: I try to learn and get better.
You're Just Making Us Stronger: I make good choices and don't give up on life.
Heart Of An Artist: I am who I am and no one can stop me.
Ascend From The Iris: I leave from deep inside my mind.
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My Introduction
So I’m Sarah and I’m 21, going on 22, I guess a bit has changed about me through the years and I wanted to bring those things up before anyone decides on being my friend so they know what they’ll be getting into, no I’m not going to go into my entire life story but I do suffer from depression for reasons in my life and my therapist has been getting me to open up a bit more, sometimes I like to talk big online and act like I have no fear but really I’m just a sensitive human in real life. It’s kinda hard to explain but I get afraid of losing friends and I keep my distance from others because of that, even though this is the internet I want to cherish everyone. But if someone doesn’t like me then I won’t change that opinion, yes I’ve made mistakes but who hasn’t, if someone doesn’t like me then that’s alright, people come and go and I’m more focused on friends I have then friends I lost
I guess my hobbies would
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Coming out
I've spent most of my life thinking I was lesbian. I was misinformed about sexuality, I thought that it wasn't who you loved, but who you dated. Since I've only dated girls, I thought I was a lesbian. after much thinking, I finally know what I am, a lesbian with a preference towards girls. I guess I you could consider me lesbian, pan, homoflexable, ect. I don't really care. I'm just happy that I finally somewhat understand myself.
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