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Rich Girl Or Poor Boy

The day started off like most days in California, Sunny and hot, Michelle decided to take her husbands car to the mall because it was a convertible, it was big, black and powerful, but she had no idea how bad things were about to take a turn for the worse. 
It was a great day for a drive and Michelle decided to take the long way round to her favourite mall, along the coast road, yes it was winding and yes it had steep drops to the canyon below but she had taken that road so many times before, she felt comfortable, but this wasnt her car, this was her husbands faster more powerful car, as the edge of the road into the canyon came closer and closer she became more and more scared, she took her foot off the pedal allowing her more control of the powerful V12, she was wearing her highest heels, not great for driving such a powerful car but she loved her shoes, she thought she could handle the power, but as she turned the corner she came face to fac
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Fun Fact #296
Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd "nimrod" was meant to be ironic, as Nimrod is a Biblical king who was known for being a mighty hunter. Nowadays, the word was come to be a synonym for "idiot", purely because of Looney Tunes.
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How Black History Month is Racist
Writemon: Why haven’t you posted anything this year yet?
DCN: No clue. Time to change that!
Hello, I’m your demonic culture nut, and today, I’m going to talk about, no matter how you slice it, Black History Month is a racist concept. This’ll make some people mad. No clue whether it will be towards this widely-accepted celebration for what I’m going to bring up or me for doing a bit of thinking into it. Probably a mixture of both.
Now, my first point of racism is superficial: it lifts certain people up because of the color of their skin. Because it focuses on black people exclusively, it ignores anyone of a different race that may have made history along side who’s celebrated. There isn’t much to discuss here because it falls within the dictionary definition of racism.
Now time to deal with the whole “power+privilege” crowd who aren’t convinced with the dictionary, but will cite the dictionary when it suits them. Don’t th
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Are You Listening, Ch. 7, 1-800 BERRY
I wanted Rachel to have the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy House for Christmas.
Denise wanted Rachel to have the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy House.
Rachel wanted Rachel to have the freaking Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy House.
Not that Rachel actually said freaking, or the rest of it. She was an amazingly articulate three-year-old, but she’d not yet gotten to the stage where she could tell us, “Mother? Father? See that beautiful concoction of red, pink and green plastic magnificence on the television screen? I would truly appreciate finding it tucked under the tree this coming holiday. Thank you for your attention. I will now retire to my room to pick up my toys, don my pajamas, and read myself to sleep with a selection from The Pokey Little Puppy. That will be all. You are dismissed.”
But close.
My daughter already had the doll and its pet cat, both steeped in the sweet aroma of polymer-coated strawberries. (She gave them a sniff every night before falling
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Fitting Room Wedgie
Here is another true story from my life, but this is one that I was not directly involved in. 
One day, I was walking around the local mall with the girl that I was dating at the time (have a few wedgie stories involving her that I am waiting to share). 
My girlfriend loved shopping for clothes, so as the good boyfriend that I was, I often accompanied her through all the clothing stores in the mall. This wasn't all that bad, as I found that women's closing stores are the perfect place to spot peeping panties and whale tails. 
I was sitting on a chair outside the fitting room while my girlfriend was trying on different clothes. As I was waiting, I noticed a door down the hall had opened into one of the rooms. Where I was sitting, I had the perfect angle where I could see the mirror through the open door, and thus I could see the entire room. It was two girls, clearly friends. One was trying on a shirt and showing it to her friend, but for some reason she did not have any
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Hitchhikers Guide to Creepy Crawlies
Butterflies and Moths: 
Common Buckeye

Cloudless Sulphur 
Painted Lady
Pearl Crescent
Grizzled Skipper

Horace's Duskywing Skipper

Lacewing Skipper

Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes Vialis- Roadside Skipper- 2 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Roadside Skipper on Kudzu by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio Glaucus- Tiger Swallowtail-2 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Papilio Glaucus- Tiger Swallowtail 1 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Papilio Glaucus- Tiger Swallowtail-3 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Luna Moth
Actias Luna- Luna Moth- 5 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Actias Luna-Luna Moth-6 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Variegated Fritillary
Euptoieta Claudia- Variegated Fritillary -6 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Skiff Moth:
Isa textula- Skiff Moth (caterpillar) -7 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Gulf Fritillary
Agraulis Vanillae- Gulf Fritillary- caterpillar-7 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Rabid Wolf Spider 
Rabidosa Rabida- Rabid Wolf Spider w/ babies-10 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Rabidosa Rabida- Rabid Wolf Spider-3 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Red Femured Orbweaver
Neoscona domiciliorum- Redfemured Orbweaver-6 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Neoscona domiciliorum- Redfemured Orbweaver-15 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
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My Boredom and Frustration: An Unfocused Analysis
[A/N: Hi. You may be interested to know that the following text contains swear words. So, uh, yeah, be aware of that.]
    I've been pretty bored today, just sitting around listening to music, played some of the games linked on There's this one called 'spot the difference', where you have to (unsurprisingly) find the differences between two pictures or sets of things, they get progressively harder as you clear more. And if you do them fast you get a gold rating. Slower than that is silver, slower still is bronze, you know, the usual rating stuff. I was able to do the first several levels all gold, had to retry a few though. The panels you gotta compare start moving around a bit too after the first few levels, enough to mess with eyes a bit, and of course the pictures and what-not get harder too, harder to spot the differences. They add in sets of dominoes and Sudoku grids, and small passages of text, which ones have spelling errors and repeated words
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GCD Reviews presents Harley's Little Black Book
Great Comics Debaters Presents:
Harley's Little Black Book
Review with GearsX
Dedicated to the memory of Stanley Martin "Stan Lee" Lieber
December 28th, 1922-November 12th, 2018.
Hello, fellow nerds and Happy belated Valentine's Day. I was pretty lazy throughout 2018 with sporadic reviews and rants put forth, but I'll try to be more active for this year. Let's start this new year off with a review on a miniseries starring DC's insanely adorable and cute supervillain, Harley Quinn. Who is Harley Quinn? An ex-psychologist turned street criminal. She was the Joker's main squeeze and frequent punching bag. She was originally an exclusive character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for Batman: TAS, but became wildly popular among Batman fans and comic fans. Harley was so popular, she was placed into the main DC Universe and gained her own comic book series in the late 90s. In the years since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, she appeared in other DC animated shows and m
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Freddy Kruger Takes over Television (My POV)
Monday, October 8th, 2018
8:23 PM.
I was feeling squeamish lately because i was ambushed on the way to the corner store 2 months ago. that had left me crazy with fear. i was so afraid that every i left the house, i carried a kitchen utensil and my tall flashlight with me for protective use.
Since every night to me personally was old movie night, i popped in Volume 2 of The World's Scariest Police Chases into the VCR as i have achieve this minor accomplishment of collecting the entire set of the Television special that aired back in 1997. always at the beginning or middle of the tape i somehow fall asleep.
Minutes later, i woke up but everything was different.
The bedroom was blood red from the illumination of the street lights or from vision impairments. The television was off but sound is still running and i was in another house.
The sound from the TV still was still playing the tape but everything went wrong much to my anxiety and dis-satisfaction.
Usually when someth
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No self, no freewill, permanent.
sdoeijbljeojskldjc.vjoeasojlfkvbb8r54t987rudfg,.xc.bbjvorajsdlf7b9oi45jtjgjvbirhuafajljodcgt598tyujhsfjdas9vbuvbkb,f vycvhkbhsdfy75u9djlkjbkvu95is,fvhiocvlshdshioyb85hksgfkv,bhbk49ya8ehk3j49guy98gb5uwtwe[gdgpf[pbi09u5968546uo32u98t79u19ou090fgbvpobjlrbj,fvn,nc9c7h6kyoyug89fi56jtsedius[fjslvj,cnbvdbh94y6kr89gsdfkshdlaudhjbjvcn54kw9e8sdufdsjaknbkh95h6u789auskfjbbrapgjfdljlbjckj49uodsj,bhkghaklsdfifhkasv89u5i67ihfasknv,ncuyl4paqj.sdc,vhjioghi4kadhjf,hvbyi4hlkakshyibhv,h45i57tajlk1jou09dfugoi5jt0ueosjalj09vnc,sl'a.
asioujbj39jasdljxvbiur8ry659893qs,dvbjhcih458w9ete9gjk65.ysug9sduo23q02902ou439856u7uyr0-gds-2io=01p1u89u34i54676kf,nxcb,jb9hj56k7,.4.,sdjh9vkbfngrjgpfgbus[]iewpfjsougf8yui45h346789jkgfan,.cvxov9hdkge3n4,5,eg89yvcib k5htk.wet.,ejhfi8bvyih56u89t79e3j21o1o988fgusjgdu[gdb]cbikclj5gfd.,nc,.bjhcoiu54657rdhg,cnv,xcn,kanlaj'dsgj.sdjgltwtedjc,vby89i5uhjk6tesajhfkbhbkj596l78et9a432-0e90-t[20-120oi1-jedohbknf.lrnt.,gujdfp9gudhjy6i[ergi[dg][asdjkgcln,vxc78yr6u9usdajhdfiouyvlkevihv,mxnv,hvi
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Thursday Reviews: Carmen Sandiego (2019)

This decade has certainly become a definite year for reboots. And with the addition of this, it's no exception! (While of course, they have yet to look into my suggestion for a Street Sharks reboot if I ever submit it...) Before I begin, let's do some comparisons between this and the original 1994 version done by Dic. In the 1994 version, Carmen was a villainess who has a legion of henchmen, and was tracked down by two agents of ACME named Zack and Ivy, who were hired by Player. In this version, it's a total 180. Carmen's an independent thief with Player being her guide, and is taking down VILE. That's a lot of major changes to the original concept, but no aggravating nerfs or dumb-downs whatsoever. (And once again, I'm late to the new series party)
Now that that's settled, let's get on with this: If you wanna know where in the world this franchise has been, look no further. As a kid, Carmen had no name. She was simply known as "Black Sheep" in her
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PSA: Stay Away From The Tangled The Series Discord
Hello, I think it's finally time to bring this to light. I was recently banned from this server for no solid reasoning, which means now I don't have to be silent anymore.
To all fans of the Disney Channel cartoon Tangled The Series: Please, do not join or interact with this server, the mods are notorious for ill treatment of it's users and are abusing their staff positions.

What did they do?
Many things. Let's start off with the small stuff, shall we? The mods have downright toxic personalities, being hypocritical and childishly arguing with users about petty topics wether it be fan-theories or getting upset over something as simple as a user talking about a character they like to the user's liking.

Rule Bending/Breaking

The mods consistently break their own rules, never abiding by them. They specifically have a "three strikes" and "think-before-act" rule specifically set for them as moderators. The three strikes rule basically means if you get kicke
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Follow The Jewel Rules draft 2
Emerald was seemingly what seemed to be your regular old shopping type who was engrossed with, well, probably every single merchandise type! But her personality and aspirations would turn into what would be a new life addition, she would face many awfully complex decisions! But if you knew Emerald, deep inside she was a leader with passion, always ready to lead and letting her true colors bleed. Emerald happened to be venturing through the mall's store galore when she spotted something out of place in her go-to favorite store, it was a treasure chest for only the unrivaled. The treasure chest spoke a few words to her that were easily heard, and she concluded to unlock it she needed to search out hidden mall areas in doubt. From this moment on, she was on commission as a gem scout, but she didn't realize what this mission was truly about. Every time Emerald followed the robust rules of the jewels, she'd spot the true color of the jewel and take it back to keep as a tool. The gem dazzle
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Google+ is An Important Source of Info
On the Petition called Don't Shut Down Google Plus. Someone posted this comment: Google+ is an important source of Information on Chromebooks, Google Cloud Services, Android, etc. With good technical people, a much better S/N ratio than Facebook. It's less Privacy-invading. Here are my comments: Why in the World is Google deleting something that is important source information on Chromebooks, Google Cloud Services, Android? I'm asking Google is not thinking of the impact over deleting Google+ at all. Google always think of the Customer and the answer is this:

That is the huge problem of Shutting Down Google+ in the first place. A lot of things have a connection with it. As the person says: Google+ is an important source of information on Chromebooks, Google Cloud services, Android, etc. I want to bring up someone comment on Google+ saying this: Shutting down g+ can hurt billions of its users. While it will pain you alone as google inc.!So be generou
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Back From the Movies #28- Lego Movie 2/Alita
Guys, lately it’s just been impossible to get out of my house with how erratic and shitty the weather has been. I hate having to do these at literally the end of every single month, but rest assured I’m working on it. I can’t thank you guys enough for being far too understand with my random schedule—I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for those longtime and new fans that I just have no reviews for weeks at a time. Now, last thing: going to the movies on a Wednesday early afternoon is THE BEST!!!! Nothing but seats!
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second One- I’m honestly not alone when I say that people thought The Lego Movie seemed like the dumbest idea possible, and was absolutely blown away by how hysterical and amazing it was! Set 5 years after the first, the original Lego city and all its inhabitants have been ravaged by an invasion by the “Sis-star System”, which leads to Lucy getting kidnapped and Emmet to undergo a quest alongside
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Nyet Druga, Ishi a Nashel, Beregi
Nyet Druga, Ishi a Nashel, Beregi
Oleh: onebyone01
    Aku bereskan bangkuku, kukemas pula buku-bukuku. Segera, kuletakkan di luar kelas seperti biasanya. Toh daripada mengganggu petugas kebersihan yang ingin beres-beres. Kutinggalkan semua keramaian dan basa-basi di kelas sore itu. Aku benar-benar lelah dengan ini. Mereka asyik berbincang, sedangkan aku? Tidak melakukan apa-apa. Aku mulai berhati-hati dengan mereka, aku mulai menyeleksi mereka, termasuk guru-guru yang awalnya kujadikan beliau-beliau sebagai teladan.
    Dasar, mereka semua hampir bermuka dua. Aku agak menyesal menjadikan beberapa guru sebagai teladanku. Sekarang aku sangat amat menyesal. Karena sikapku yang mendadak berubah, tatapan mataku kepada teman-teman maupun guru-guru menjadi dingin. Aku tak sadar aku melakukan hal sedemikian rupa, namun aku berkilah kalau itu caraku memproteksi diri sendiri.
    Suhu di luar hampir menunjukkan angka nol. Tetap
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My Favourite Cutest and Cool Pokemon
I’m going to pick my favourite Cutest and most Coolest (On a scale of Oxygen to Rad) looking Pokemon. And this is going to be a top 10, but I will add the honorable mentions for additional Pokemon. All images from Bulbapedia. The one rule is I’m not allowed to use Shiny Pokemon to prove my point. But I may make mention of their cool shiny sprites. And I will split this into two lists, starting with the easiest, the Cutest. Also, I will allow the same Pokemon twice, if it's like, Alolan or can transform. 
Image sources: BULBAPEDIA
The Cutest Pokemon:
10. Fennekin.

How dare the Japanese call it 'Fokko'. Fennekin is a cute little floof who turns into a sexy floof later on, but it's still cute, because it just looks so fluffy and cute. It also as a cool Shiny Sprite. It spells fire type. 
9. Rockruff.

Puppy! Honestly, it's one of the cutest Pokemon of Gen 7, because god damn does it spell cute. And its Pokedex entry is ador
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The moment when Elise kisses Sonic on Sonic 06
Okay...*sighs* I gonna be honest here people I seee thet there are people who hate elise cause of the kiss and they say it is bestiality....Ok I have it and it's about to tell you haters of Elise two things ok. One the kiss was normal I mean why you guys overeacted to this kiss I mean if Elise dint kiss sonic then sonic will be dead she revived him and save him because use the chaols emeralds to grant her wise to revied him and save the world from solari.Two This was no bestiality and you know why cause Sonic is a anthro hedgehog and Anthro are animal humanois so there bestiality is about a human have sex with a animal and human x anthro is not bestiality okay Im sorr is just im tired of this bestiality thought about elise kissing sonic so there Elise Haters get used to it!
I apologies for this is just everyone needs to know that the kiss from Sonic 06 is not bestiality yeah get used it Elise haters!
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Empowerment and Design
Anyone who approaches the design of anything from an empowerment perspective is showing a dishonest practice. Yeah, sure, making people feel great about themselves, to make them feel personally pleased, may seem entertaining, but in the end, they don't matter; the person's still going to have to use the item in question.
Indeed, things like this carry the risk of distracting them, rather than helping them.
The point is not to get obtrusive in regards to the way that a user uses something. To create designs that inherently creates reactions like this is going to cause distractions, as reactions are also thoughts. Thoughts count as one of the two means that a person can get distracted, alongside the person's own state of mind. The more intense the distraction, the more they'd struggle to properly focus and keep their heads within the project.
This sort of bad design practice stems from the misconception of art being subjective; people only say that due to them tending to react to things
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Ghost of the Past
I saw a question that intrigued me today. "Would the ghosts of who you used to be be proud of who you are today?" Meaning, would the past you appreciate who you came to be?
Let's rewind the clock a decade, to when I was seventeen years old, a junior in high school. I was similar yet not the same as who I am today. Just becoming who I was attempting to be. Figuring myself out.
We'll get back to him in a moment though. Let's talk about me now. A twenty seven year old carpenter-in-training. A homebody that is perpetually single and absolutely sober. An amateur writer, a collector of all things geek.
I'm going to be as honest about myself as I can here. First of all I am far more artistic than I once was. I always wanted to achieve that, and although I have not succeeded in a traditional sense as far as writing goes, I have published my work on various sites. And people read it. That was a goal I always wished for, for someone, anyone, to read my writing.
I have built things I never though
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The Bernie Sanders
To anyone who is familiar with TJ "The Amazing Atheist" Kirk and his friend, Paul's Ego -- I was a little surprised at their reactions to Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign announcement.
TJ believes in Bernie fervently, and posted some cringey memes that depicted him as Thor and a giant meteor that would obliterate the rest of the Democratic candidates.  He seems to indicate that, just like in 2016, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate pure enough to earn his precious vote.
Paul, on the other, hand, used to feel that way, but lost all faith in Bernie when he endorsed Hillary Clinton.  That, to me, is... somewhat insane.  Of course Bernie endorsed Hillary against Trump, why wouldn't you?  Bernie, like all intelligent and sane people, knew then, as now, that Hillary Clinton would have been a fine president -- maybe not liberal enough for some, but easily far better than the corrupt, reprehensible, treasonous disaster that is Trump.
Although their reactions seem
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Super Gargoyle Staten Stonehart!: S5E7
Super Gargoyle Staten Stonehart!: S5E7: The Hunt
  Staten came to, he lay battered and broken, but not dead, he was in for a long recovery though, and he knew he wasn’t getting home by himself, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, he called Wolfgang from his contacts. “Hey man, you ready to pick up the gun?” Wolfgang asked. “Not exactly. Hey, can you bring that that trolley you use to move heavy stuff around the forge to the location I text you?” Staten said through laboured breaths. “Wait what? Why?” Wolfgang asked. “I’m in deep shit and I can’t dig myself out, just bring the thing!” Staten said. “Okay man, on the way.” Wolfgang said before hanging up. Staten put his phone away and lay back, all he could do was hope Wolfgang would arrive in time.
Wolfgang arrived in the alley, pushing the trolley. “Oh shit!” He blurted out as he
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