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Wait- Let me try that again
Featuring Nai’a
Late Spring, Year 1999
Tangaroa Island - Et’s Shrine, Hihiri Territory

Nai’a could not lie, from how the air smelled now, she kind of regretted not having her grandmother cook the jelly up for her. Although, just as she would get a big whiff of the delicious morsel, an equally big whiff of the gross volcanic air would creep in just behind it. Right.. It probably was not best to linger here too long. Either she’d surely pass out, or be fried alive just like that little bit of jelly.
As she turned to make the trek back down to the shore, a gentle ‘clinking’ stopped her in her tracks. Behind her rested a.. Stone bowl? Was that there before? No - of course it couldn’t have been! Nai’a would have totally seen that right? The mare was a bit airheaded, but she wasn’t blind, after all! It was just, nobody mentioned a bowl to her before!
Carefully, the paint mare inched back closer t
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Toon NFL Week 3: Dolphins vs. Raiders
We're in sunny Miami at newly-renovated Hard Rock Stadium for this one as Hank Venture leads his Dolphins into battle against the winless Oakland Raiders! Before we begin, I have a little note about week 6:
The Chiefs/Patriots matchup has been flexed to 4:05 PM and air on CBS. Taking its place as the Sunday night matchup will be the Rams/Broncos matchup in Denver, originally scheduled for 4:05 PM. That game will now have an 8:20 kickoff and be aired on NBC.
With that out of the way, here are our starting lineups:
QB: Hank Venture (13)
RB: Ashley Armbruster (27)
WR: Triana Orpheus (81)
WR: Robert Caudell (17)
OL: Pete Prickly (65)
OL: Mikey Blumberg (74)
OL: TJ Detweiler (61)
OL: Nick Mallory (70)
LB: Corey Riffin (91)
LB: Ashley Spinelli (55)
LB: Dean Venture (94)
LB: Trina Riffin (59)
S: Milo Kamalani (19)
S: Trinket St. Blair (33)
CB: Ashley Quinlan (24) 
CB: Gus Griswald (11)
Kicker: Laney Penn (2)
Punter: Pete White (9)
Head Coach: Adam Gase
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I Was Certain pt 2
Thousands of days have passed since, and there is no end. Always aware, never even close to that certainty.
  My reflection is still wrong, but the children provide a piece of the puzzle I was searching for. Three reasons to never feel certain again. Three lives to live for. While searching for myself, I was given three reasons to never let us stop spinning.
The days drag on longer than an impossible test. The mirror has never been my friend, but these days, we are enemies. A battle for the truth, pleading to the constant intruder to grant even one glimpse.
 I find myself in the words I scribble, overflowing with emotion. Forgotten dreams come to reality in the endless artworks flowing from my mind like an extra dimensional sieve.
The pieces of myself found through creation, place themselves in an incomplete but telling self portrait. Before my current reality quits spinning around me, The portrait will complete itself. The reflection will finally reflect correctly, it won
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Promise of Life - [TWWM OP: Losing Their Way]
“Come on, Vaico!” Tuco laughs, bounding alongside me.
“Keep up, snail!” I tease, scampering over a log and pausing to stick my tongue at Vaico.
“I’m not a snail,” she returns, but she’s grinning. “I’ll prove it! First one to the river wins!” She takes off, and Tuco and I scurry after her, all of us laughing.
Tomorrow, Mama wants us to start looking at our options for mates; we won’t be young forever, and the sooner we find a mate, the better. I don’t particularly care, but Tuco is eager to find a mate, and even Vaico seems ready to start settling down, and without them, going on adventures won’t be as fun, so I’ll look for a mate too.
We reach the bank of the river all at once, too close to tell whose whiskers stretched out over the water first.
“I win!” Vaico claims, breathless.
“Did not!” I pant.
“Yeah, I won!” Tuco huffs.
“Oh yeah?” I tackle him,
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    It’s strange how soft a heated and hateful argument becomes from one floor up. To Victoria, the sounds were all too familiar. It seemed like every other night for the past year they’d come, drifting up from the kitchen, through the ceiling, and into her little room. If she focused on the muffled voices, she could make out what they said. So instead she focused on other things. The barking of the neighbor’s dog, the smell of a laundry hamper she needed to attend to but dared not take down to the machines before the kitchen went quiet, the humidity weighing on her like a damp blanket.
    Then, a new sound, footfalls just down the hall from her door. She stood from her bed, putting down the Batwoman comic she’d long since lost focus on. She walked to the bedroom door and waited, knowing that the knock would come. When it did, soft and timid, she opened the door to find her sister there, as usual. She was dressed for bed in oversized flannel
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They're Coming, They're Coming!
Altaïr watched, silent as a hunting cat with eyes just as intense, as his mares left the herd one by one. First it was Piper, then it was Luna which struck Altaïr as odd for as far as he knew, she wasn’t with foal. Maybe she just wanted to follow her friend. That mare did strange things for strange reasons.
              Next went Zelena, as confident as the bear she was. And finally, Regina wandered away just as the new day was dawning.
              He longed to go after all of them. He longed to protect them, but he knew better now. They needed this time away from him. No matter how vulnerable it made them.
              So Altaïr contented himself with merely watching and waiting for their arrival in silence.
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High on creativity but low on writing ability or willpower? Engrossed on a story or pairing but the canon content just won’t do it for you? That is where I come in! For a reasonable fee I will bring whatever is going through your mind into paper. Send me an e-mail or note.
What I WILL do:
Give absolutely every idea a try;
Provide creative support to your ideas
Do proofreading for your story;
What I WON’T do:
Judge you or your ideas.
1¢ per word.
25.000 words = $250
10.000 words = $100
5.000 words = $50
2.500 words = $25
1.000 words = $10
100 words = $1
Payment by PayPal only.
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HL: Breaking Walls and Building Bonds
With the seasons beginning to shift, Raoul found himself outside more and more often. There was something about the chill in the air that inspired him to walk, really explore Raccolto like he hadn't in the months before. His loyal Purugly trotted beside him, pawing a few leaves aside as he let out a happy purr. "Y-yeah. It's really nice today." He rolled his neck, grimacing slightly. "Wonder if Alstro's o-okay? I m-mean, Winnie's there if, um, trouble happens, but..." His brisk walk turned into a slow stop, staring at the dismembered remains of a wooden fence. Raoul looked at Remmy, who looked back with a familiar look in his eye. "S-someone bought a, uh, new farm." Something inside him pulled Raoul towards the front of the fence, leading down a path to what seemed to be a small-sized barn house. "H-hello? Is, anyone here?"
There's a loud crashing noise, a huge cloud of dust and some coughing to greet the voice's question. "Uhuhhhh." A hack-hack. "Yeah! I'm here. Sorry, sorry.
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[Souls-Between] Voyage of the Wardens, Stage 2 #10
Keju felt decaying plant matter crumble beneath her claws feet, a feeling that she found to be quite frankly a little disgusting. However, there wasn’t really a way for her to get around all of the decaying life that the Dead Lands had pretty much everywhere. The Dead Lands itself wasn’t at all glamorous to say the least either. However, the forest that Keju found herself in was particularly ugly and horrid.
“I hate this stupid place.” Mason, a yellow and brown stalker wyvern, said as he lifted up his large foot. Decaying plant matter stuck to his paw pads, looking and smelling absolutely atrocious.
“I know… I feel like the further and further we get into the forest the more disgusting it gets.” Keju sighed as she continued on through the forest.
“Yeah… Not to mention how creepy this entire place seems.”
“It’s something straight out of a horror book that’s for sure.” Keju said with agreement. Mason fell
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FIP - Todkins Training - 1-3
So I was having trouble actually drawing my ideas for the todkins training entries. I could not get any posing or shapes right and that was getting me frustrated. Pan graciously said written entries are allowed so here are my three entries for the todkins training levels.
Entry #1 - Out Of The Pot
    Koschei crooned gently to his little Punkin as he attempted to get out of his pot on his own. It was clear the little dear was very nervous about actually coming out of its cozy little home. Softly he nuzzled Gordon and put his paws on either side of the pot to steady it for him.
    "Come on dear, you can do it." 
    Gordon looked back at him with a soft whimpering sound, remaining still once more. The spooked Punkin was, of course, a nervous one. He needed a lot of encouragement. Koschei had already been trying to coax him out of the pot for thirty minutes. With a sigh he slightly tilted the pot, causing Gordon to let out a nervo
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[Souls-Between] Voyage of the Wardens, Stage 2 #9
Aragon felt a slight, devious smile spread across his face as he once again found himself in the Dead Land’s glorious arena. The dragon had been there once before to challenge the Warden warriors that trained in the arena. The warriors appeared to practice all day long with little breaks and seemed to go all out in every practice fight that they were placed in. Many of them wore beautiful, strong, protective armor against their scales to protect them from the blows of their comrades. The stalker wyvern could feel a burst of heat as one dragon let out a breath of fire that made a small portion of the arena glow.
Beside him stood two other dragons who had been joining him in his adventures across the Dead Lands. One of the dragons, Selene, was a red and black warrior who looked intrigued by the sparring of the dragons. Perseus stood next to Selene, silently observing how exactly the Wardens fought and their strategies for victory.
“Come back for more have you now?” A bl
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[Souls-Between] Voyage of the Wardens, Stage 2 #8
“What is it?!” Diylan questioned as he walked towards the suddenly excited dragon. Aragon was silent as he began to pull books from the shelf, certainly creating quite a mess of books at his large feet. Perseus pulled one final book off of the shelf that he had been investigating and walked over to the large stalker wyvern, unsure about what he was so excited about.
“These books are all about magic and the Aether!” Aragon said as he began to flip through the pages of one of the many books.
“What?” Diylan questioned as he glanced across the titles of the books, recognizing the words of locations in the Aether and certain magical attributes.
“These books of tons of information about the Aether.” Aragon replied as he began to skim through another book.
“Yeah but what does it have that’s so interesting?” Perseus questioned as he picked up a book.
“There’s lots of things in here that I’ve never heard about b
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I Was Certain
That is the product of my childhood. The number of days spent questioning whether THAT was the day everything stops.
There is no particular reason for such morbid wonderment, but every hour, I became increasingly certain I would never celebrate my 18th year.
    Have you ever looked in the mirror but the reflection was wrong? I try to find myself behind this obvious intruder, to no avail, she moves in synchronicity. Who am I, if this is me?
    I grow onward and upward, and still the dreams of release from a misery I am not yet aware of, spin on like Charlotte in her web.
Day 6,571.
This skin feels weird. I’m still breathing, and seeing, and feeling, but I know it must not be real. I was certain.
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Crystal meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ch.4
[Scene: Dwarves' bedroom. The room is dark, until the door slowly swings open. Just like with the front door, Doc pokes his head inside, and the others pile up around him with Dopey peeking out from Sleepy's beard. They tiptoe into the room, but only get five steps before another strange sound {again, Snow White's yawning and T.E.'s sleep talking} makes them stop short. The strange shape then vanishes into the covers]
Sneezy: Jiminy Crickets!
Bashful: Gosh!
Happy: Gee!
Sneezy: Ten monsters!
Bashful: Covers all the beds.
Doc: Let's kill 'em before they wake up.
Happy: Which one do we kill first? And which end?
All: Shhh!!
(The dwarves sneak over to the beds and surround them, weapons raised. Doc motions for the others to wait until he lifts the covers. But the minute he does so, they all stop in surprise at what's *really* underneath: Snow White and T.E., sleeping peacefully)
Doc: Well...uh, uh...
Happy: Wh-what are they?
Doc: Why, i-i-it-it's a girl! And she has friends with her, too!
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[SPENCER/PERCY] Introductions
“I thought you said we were visiting your friend.”
Spencer tightened his grip around Percy’s wrist and tugged the taller, older cat through the forest. “We are,” Spencer insisted. “He’s in here.”
“Weird place for a friend to live,” Percy mumbled. Spencer glanced up at his friend. He didn’t look happy, but then again, he hardly ever did. Eighteen years old and six feet tall, the green-eyed calico cat had been all torn jeans and stained white tank tops and shaggy hair and gold and silver earrings when Spencer had first met him. Not to say he wasn’t any of those things anymore, but Spencer had long grown accustomed to it.
Spencer deftly stepped over a jutting tree root, which Percy promptly tripped over, electing a jumble of mixed swearwords, aimed at himself, at Spencer, at the tree root, and at plants in general. “I’m assuming you do this often,” Percy snapped as he picked twigs and blades o
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Blue Pearls
"Where is it we're going?" Old Man asked as he followed the sound of Rose's wings. He could make her white fur and wings out against the night sky easily despite his failing sight, but Old Man's hearing was a better tool for finding his way.
Rosie glanced back over her shoulder at the question, she kept an ear on the elder tyto at all times to ensure she didn't leave him behind. "The mage's school on Serenity Island. There's supposed to be a good healer there that may be able to help your eyes."
Old Man clicked his beak in amusement, "I don't mind my eyes. I can still hear and teach you hatchlings a thing or two." He teased in reply. 
"Still," Rose replied, dropping back so she was a bit closer, "If she can help..." She trailed off. Rosie wanted to help if she could.
He appreciated her efforts really Old Man did, but he didn't mind growing old. It was part of it. He was adapting just fine, "I do believe we're getting close..."
Rose Petals shot him a surprised look, "How did...?"
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Mountain Reign: Part 1
Part 1
    The tension was high and without a reason why Darren packed up and took off; leaving town and the state all together, but not without Virmont as he too went with him only because he wanted to find out what his deal was and why he left his parents’ house so angry. All he knew was that back when Darren was a little boy his father, Dennis; never liked him and therefore abused him growing up, which affected Darren in ways that darkened his heart toward his father and tainted his mind from thinking clearly in times like this. But didn’t they make amends?
    Virmont wondered this since he thought Darren and his father were finally getting along because at one time Darren even admitted things were going well between them. So what happened? Why did things suddenly fall apart? Did his father say or do something that pissed Darren off? Virmont wanted to ask him, but he was too afraid to since Darren already made it clear that he didn’t want to ta
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[Souls-Between] Voyage of the Wardens, Stage 2 #7
Aragon’s long, black claws clicked against the paved streets that created a maze in the Dead Land’s largest city. The streets, composed of mainly cobble,  were in quite horrid shape, especially when compared to those in the Radiant Empire. Most of the stones either had cracks or were missing all together. The rest of the buildings that surrounded the street didn’t appear to be in much better shape than the pavement. Aragon snorted a little, slightly disgusted by the shape that the Dead Lands was in.
Beside the dragon walked two other stalker wyverns, also from his homeland. One of them was a dark brown stalker wyvern with a pattern of black patches across his body.The other was a black wyvern with gold and brown accents who was known as Diylan. They both looked very intrigued by the city around them, and weren’t at all disgusted like Aragon.
“There has to be a lot of interesting things in this city.” Mason commented as his eyes scanned the build
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Not Playing Correctly
    Altair’s head shot up looking around frantically for the source of the panic.
    Nakia came running up and slid to a stop next to Triton, hiding behind his bulk.
    “Nakia, what—?”
    Before Altair could finish Valentine limped up, breathing harshly.
    “Human here…it had a Wolf thing…bit me…its…coming…”
    Altair looked up. Sure enough he saw a human chasing after a wolf-like thing.
    All of a sudden Triton started laughing.
    “It’s a dog,” He informed them calmly, “And it just wants to play.”
    “Then why did it bite Val?!” Nakia asked frantically.
    “Cause you didn’t play with it correctly,” he replied simply.
    “Then go de
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