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OW || Heartbreak Friends
Selene: -The witch's tired, still beaten and bruised body sat in her office, her dark blue eyes staring almost lifelessly out in front of her. She was alone for once, neither the dragon or Uzzaxol was near her, nor was Dex or Basil. All had their own duties to attend to, and she could not blame them. So she gave them all a reassuring smile that she was alright, and they went on their way. None of her students had suspected anything was wrong with her, except perhaps she had a sore throat by the scarf she now wore around her bruised neck, and that was how she wanted it to be. She was okay. Yet, she was not alright and both her and her familiar knew that. A hand gripped the front of her dress, over her heart as her breaths were shallow and weak. It felt hard to breathe, when she was seemingly trapped in these memories. She needed to do something so she would stop thinking of this, throwing herself into another panic once more. She pushed herself up off of her desk, yet she gripped it tig
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Jace's Digital Journal: Entry May 19, 2018
May 19, 2018
I’m not sure what to think at this point. It’s morning now, yet he still hasn’t woken up. There’s something about him that strikes me as odd as he lies there in bed. He is a necromancer, correct? Then how did I never know about him? All necromancers used to be known but I guess a few slipped through my sights at this point. After Hades eradicated pretty much all of them… I thought I was the only one left but it is a pleasant surprise I’m not. I really should of known otherwise but after scouring this city for days and not finding a trace of one… At least if any were still around they weren’t sticking around this area. Which, in their best interest, is the better plan than anything else.
So why was he here? Where did he come from? His clothes are Victorian. So he’s older than me. He also has these black, leather-like arms from about the forearm to his finger tips. I’ve never seen such a thing on a necromancer. They
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TSW Chapter 25: The Second Revelation
        Stella was quickly growing suspicious.  Faradeigh was headed in the same general direction as she had seen him ride off in when he was new to the castle.  And it also happened to be the same direction as where she had seen that large figure flying in.  She was suspicious and drawing conclusions, but whatever the case, he had a definite destination and she was curious of what lay there. 
        By that point in her journey, she had already changed into her Black Rose outfit.  As complicated as it would be to explain if he would see her while wearing that outfit, it was still much simpler than explaining why the Princess was following one of the warriors.  But so far, she had remained undetected, and eventually Faradeigh had left his horse behind before entering a clearing.  Stella glanced into the clearing, and was immediately met with the gargantuan form of a black dragon.&
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DotW: In the Water's Wake
It was the last thing Hemlock expected to do, wading through murky brown-tinged water up to his chest. The Steward loathed to get wet. Swimming was not something he would ever do voluntarily. If it was ordered of him to cross a river or pond, he would do so only if he could find no other way around. Today, though, he had a task to fulfil and there was no avoiding the water that covered everything. What had been a lush and verdant hunting ground the other day was now a swampy mass of splintered wood and muck. Highvalley's lower forests were all but unrecognizable.
Every wolf had heard the flood, even from the safety of the mountains, the terrible crack of the ice dam giving out like a thousand trees falling all at once, the wall of frigid water surging forward to swallow half of Highvalley in a matter of moments. Hemlock had been lucky. He was straightening his master's den at the time, and when the disaster hit he stood with his packmates gawking down the cliffside at the water below,
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La interesante vida magica de Liza Marina. Cap. 14
—¿¡Qué está pasando!? —aunque el viento me pegaba con fuerza en los oídos, aun podía escuchar mi voz chillona en medio de toda la conmoción.
    —¡Estamos cayendo! —responde Liza igual de histérica que yo. Pero por alguna razón entre las lágrimas y sus palabras aún mantenía una extraña sonrisa en su boca.
    —¡Eso ya lo sé!, ¿¡pero por qué!?
    —¡Por el efecto que la gravedad de la tierra tiene sobre la masa de nuestros cuerpos!
    Decidí tirara la toalla en mi interrogatorio improvisado y comencé a hacer lo más coherente que mi mente de 13 años podía pensar. Entrar en pánico.
    —¡Qué alguien nos salve! —comencé a gritar.
    —¡Yo tampoco quiero morir, aún t
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He Was Beautiful
She would always remember the way the light played at his disheveled brown hair, picking up subtle hints of red, the occasional silver strand illuminated in the sunlight streaming through the window.
He was hardly handsome.  Gangly and scruffy, with long, bony fingers wrapped around his piece of charcoal, his quill, a block of beeswax – pretty much anything he could draw his runes and circles with – like a man possessed.  She could still recall the way he only barely stuck the very tip of his tongue out from between his lips in concentration, his eyebrows furrowed.  The playful dust motes floated above his head as he hunched over the table, his arms flowing in exaggerated movements as he drew his large spell.
What took the average magician hours took him only minutes – with the flourish of the wrist and swift strokes, it was like a marvelous dance that only he could hear the music to, and she was lucky enough to witness the spectacle.  A dark stran
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I don't know where I am, and I dont know how I even got here. All I know is that It’s dark, too dark, so dark the only thing that assures me i’m even conscious at all is the constant pain of a migraine throbbing away inside my head. And it’s insufferably hot. Ugh… It’s cramped too, my arms are pinned to my sides and my legs are stuck together as if they’re bound. But they’re not, I can’t feel a binding of any sort. Instead all of the pressure is coming from either and all sides of me. I must be inside of… something, but what? … Is this some sort of sack? Am I being kidnapped!? The thought alone sends a cold sweat across my body and I begin to hyperventilate. Partly due to the claustrophobia, partly due to the heat, although mainly due to the idea of someone simply stealing me away from the world, never to be heard of again. I want out. I want out NOW! I quickly raise my arms to my chest, a task I thought would be much more dif
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Best Friend For Hire, Entry 344
 After sneaking into Dani’s room, Alma and I crept up to her bed and started to sing Happy Birthday to You for her.  We woke her every year like this since we had adopted her ― though she didn't initially understand the lyrics ― and might continue into her adulthood.
 Dani’s eyes blinked open shortly into the song, and the smile she gave us as she stretched, a thing of pure joy and obvious affection, warmed my heart each time.  If she ever asked us to stop, we would, but this incredible sight still greeted us this year.
 By my planet's calendar, Dani would be born five years from today.  Her biological parents weren't even acquainted yet, and they had over a decade before they would die during the attack on their new world.  Traveling through time and space certainly made birthdays interesting.  In galaxies which lacked a galactic calendar, those who tracked age typically went by planet of origin.  Dani was you
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Take Heed Chapter 5: Bible Blackmail
D quoted the Bible primarily to blackmail me into submission to his whims. If there was not a Bible verse that specifically said “Thou shalt drive six hours to attend D’s church in Wisconsin,” he would claim the Holy Spirit had told him I would come or that he had peace in his spirit about me coming. But he started his elaborate blackmailing scheme by convincing me that Eric Ludy was a false teacher. This was by no means an easy feat, as I had personally met Eric and had full assurance that he genuinely cared about me. He, however, accomplished it through mind-numbing repetition of certain Scriptures and accusatory phrases.
He quoted: 1 Corinthians 2:1 “And so it was with me, brothers and sisters. When I came to you, I did not come with eloquence or human wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God.” 2 Peter 2:3 “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not,
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ATN S01E07: Hide and Seek
    In the park, the three Polygan kids were wandering around, looking for something to do. It was a boring Sunday afternoon, so there weren't that many options.
    "There's the wishing fountain." Nick said, pointing towards the fountain. "I wonder if it can actually grant wishes."
    "Maybe that can be done in a later season." Arnold said.
    "There's a statue of a town hero." Travis said, pointing to a statue of a man holding onto a sword and document paper.
    "Why is it that these town heroes are so overexaggerated? That can't be what he looks like." Arnold said. "I guess it's my turn to point at something. There's a roundabout." He pointed towards a roundabout in the playground area of the park. "Something tells me we'll be visiting that soon."
    The three kept on walking in the park, trying to think of something to do. Arnold almost wished that Madison and some Scrappers would come and try and attack
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Death's Testament
Testament 8
   Hello and yes, I’m still here and writing from Siberian Russia but I feel that there is very little places for me to myself and to be away from some of the chaos for a moment. I was walking at night a few nights ago and stopped by a woman and asked who I was as I told her who I was and I noticed she didn’t believed me so her and I walk and talked. She did start to believe in me and asked me if I am lonely now at first I didn’t know what she meant then it hit me and my heart was filled with sorrow. All of the memories that I’ve seen people be taking by me and others all hit me even the ones I cared most some I haven’t seen in over hundreds of years and it still torments me to this day.
That night was a wakeup call for myself and honestly I have been slipping lately when it comes to work and if you think I can’t make mistakes your wrong. There is times wish I can take a day off but imagine what would happen if I did even if it
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The Final Stand: Ludwig's Reign Chapter 27
 I’m not religious, but Jesus fucking Christ, not this shit again.
 “What do you want, Ludwig?” I rolled my eyes. I was a little surprised to see several broken bones, a ton of bruises and scratches, blood spewing out of his nose and a few teeth missing.
 What the fuck’s this kid into? Never mind, that’s my son. I don’t wanna know…
 “I want Marilyn Wizardheimer executed immediately! LOOK AT WHAT SHE DID TO ME!!!” He screamed.
 I think this is where his sister gets it from.
 “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go to the medical wing and shut up. We’re patrolling the border of the kingdom tomorrow night, so I can’t have you looking like that.” I stood up from the couch in my bedroom. I have it because my wife loved to read when she wasn’t taking care of our brats, and I couldn’t bring myself to sell
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Predator and Prey Chapter 2
By the time I fly back to my flock's nest, night has already fallen. I look out across the familiar, sharp peaks of rock that protect the cave where we live. It was a challenge to navigate the flight pattern between the jutting rocks when I was younger, but after years of practice I can replicate the path with ease.
I watch as the guard at the mouth of the cave stands at attention as I go to land. I look up at him as my feet hit the ground, and smile at the familiar face.
"Quill." I say in greeting, dipping my head at him. His white hair practically glows in the moonlight, and the gleam on his eyes makes them look almost as pale as his hair.
He smiles back at me, spreading his massive wings out in greeting. "Accaq. What have you been up to today?"
I stretch my own wings, grinning. "Just flying about, as I usually do."
"Aren't you supposed to be practicing your dives? Father will be very cross with you if you don't have good enough form by your next lesson." I roll my eyes at his
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