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Chapter 1 Dreams
Before we start,  I said i was gonna upload tomorrow. Because, A- I didn't have it written (sorry it's bad), B-My mouse was broken and i had to throw it at the wall a few times before it started working again. So yeah. Sorry this is the worst, I'll probably re write it latter. Tell me if i spell anything wrong and my English isn't the best (coz i'm Asian). Well enjoy!
Axel grew up in a normal family, When he was 11, his family divorced, His dad never loved him. His mom really loved him so he went with her. Life is normal. Glitch growing up, was different. He was a VERY normal. He had a sister,and two parents. He had friends and some bullies. Kola was 14 when his mom died. He loved his family a lot. His dad loved him too. He was bullied a lot for being short. He became depressed. He grew up poor, so when he was old enough he found work. Axels, mom one day died 
And i gave up, I'll finish later. meh 
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Character Intro: Chris
    Name:  Christina Kay Harrison
    Nicknames:  Chris (pretty much everyone calls her this), Chrissy (private nickname)
    Gender:  Female
    Species:  Human
    Age:  22
    Birthday:  February 2nd
Height:  Five feet, six and a half inches
    Weight:  One hundred forty pounds, give or take a few
    Build:  An hourglass figure, with a bit of emphasis on her thighs
    Hairstyle:  Chris has light brown hair she usually parts to one side, and that curls towards her face.  It’s a little over shoulder length.  Sometimes, her hair will have blonde highlights in the summer.
    Eye color:  Brown
    Freckles?:  Seasonal ones, they become more prevalent in summ
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Seizing computer scamming opportunity after a man-made or natural disaster
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TGCT: Taking the Role
Andrew Royale is an 11th grade repeat at the Maryland High School of Creative Arts. Being 18 for a few weeks now, he sits outside the Drama Staff Room, waiting for Miss Heliar to come out. He was sent here for doing Graffiti outside the Girl’s Changerooms in the gym. He decided to create an artistic piece of his interpretation of what’s happening inside. The principal Mr Lawsan wasn’t impressed and sent him to see the Senior Advisor. The door opens and Miss Heliar – a twenty-four year-old woman with blonde hair and brown eyes – steps out.
“Mr Royale, come in, I got the phone call.”
Inside the staff room, Andrew takes a seat.
“Listen Andrew, there are two options this close to the end of the year, the first is suspend you and you have to repeat year 11 a third time or you do something to make up for it and you will move onto year 12.”
“It’s 12th grade Miss.” Andrew responds, fully annoyed with Miss Heliar’s Au
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Fortitude part 8
After walking for a solid twenty minutes, Amana and Warren broke through the tree line of the Poisonbottom Woods. Warren's bird, whose name Amana still didn't know, flew down to settle on his shoulder. It's intelligent eyes turn to Amana and gaze at her, almost knowingly.
"This way," Warren said, leading her to the right. A short distance away there was a group of men and horses loitering around a campfire, about five men and six horses. They didn't notice Amana and Warren as they approached. "Men!' Warren called from the edge of the camp, his voice suddenly deeper and gruffer. The men jumped to attention, those who had been sitting on the ground leaping to their feet. They all seemed to be a little older than Warren, but that may just be due to their weathered faces and rough-looking exteriors. They all stared at Amana, shamelessly wide-eyed. She suddenly felt awkward and self-conscious. After all, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt sporting a band logo across the front. The men,
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More Than Magic part-3
   Their lips began to touch and a knock came to the door “Let her get some rest so she can heal”
Her mother’s voice came. Eris froze then sighed remembering why she had tried to avoid that
situation in the first place. Darcy smiled shyly “I guess I better let you rest” Eris said. “Sorry
for all of the trouble” she said. Eris shook her head and just dropped back down on the pillow.
Darcy looked down at her for a moment “Then thank you for everything” She said. “You’re welcome”
Eris said.
   A few hours passed and Eris still hadn’t been able to get to sleep. She looked over at Darcy
who was fast asleep. {Knowing hunters like that they will just keep coming until she’s dead or they
are} She thought. She sat up and sighed then slid out of bed. {I guess I better do something about
that} She thought with a stretch. She closed the room quietly and made her way downstairs. She
found her mot
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A Night in Evermourn Forest (SSBBW) Part 14 (END)
As expected, morning came after the night in Evermourn Forest. The fog disappeared and the woods were basked in dawn’s light. Those who were searching for missing Ladies found a whole entourage of nobles, and the event led to everyone getting home safely.
Seven disappeared during the commotion, and the boy took with him the distorted heart he stole. The cursed relic ended up in the possession of the entity who wanted it.
With the rescue over, Red cracked a smile and joked with the former hostages. They asked what he planned to do now, and the robot said he was going to bathe in a lake before getting back to his mailman route.
“Ha! Well the mail has to be delivered rain or shine, right folks?” Red asked. “Wouldn’t you be upset if your order arrived late?
{-Epilogue: Segment 1-}
(One Week Later)

The melancholy sky was blackened with smog bellowing from the factories. Candlewerth was one of the districts within a gothic labyrinth known as Au
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A Night in Evermourn Forest (SSBBW) Part 13
[Chapter 25: Red and Bloody Rosemary]
Thunder boomed like the roar of a mighty dragon. The macabre sky was a swirling, blood-colored nightmare, that loomed over the courtyard of Orchid Castle.
The surreal tainted the atmosphere. Lightning clashed in the clouds as Red bolted through the area with Rosemary flying in pursuit. Her screech pierced the air, violent and ear-splitting. She aimed her palms and bloody torrents sprayed out—no different than water from an aquamancer.
Red lunged to evade and blood destroyed a statue. He flipped during his dodge and was soon running again. “The city,” he thought. He knew the city was where they could truly fight. No hostages, no reason to hold back.
Red lured Rosemary as he sped up. “Come on, ace. Feeling slow?”
He dashed out the castle gates and entered a road. Red led her through a maze of grungy Victorian streets. Deeper and deeper they went into the slums. As he reached a boulevard, Red whipped aro
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A Night in Evermourn Forest (SSBBW) Part 12
[Chapter 24: The Nobles, Red, and Rosemary]
The scent of blood grew stronger and stronger as the group traversed the dark hallway. Pandora trudged to the final door, and the entrance creaked opened as she drew close. Blood soaked the floor and was spreading like an enormous puddle.
Inside the throne room—a place that seemed impossibly massive—there were monster-girls bloated to extreme sizes. Together they made a chorus of begging, crying, screaming, and cursing. Everyone seemed engorged with blood and could barely move. The hostages weren’t injured, but gore drenched their fat bodies.
“You were all blessed with the power to bleed and bear offspring,” the witch said, pressing her hand into the colossal belly of Caroline.
“To bleed for bloodcraft is to honor said blessing,” she added. “Femininefolk who refuse the needle, and horde precious blood in their veins, are nothing more than vampwretches. Bloated and engorged. Fat with i
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Thick with Smoke
“You, miss thing , can wait your turn.” The white stag huffed as he trotted about and hurriedly mixed herbs in his work table of a fallen log. His hooves were stained an earthy green from mixing, and his pristine coat was muddied with dry blood from helping both of the new patients back to his sanctuary… which had grown more impressive over the seasons.
His glade was a tranquil one, with a fire pit in the center, a small, flourishing garden off to the side, and a Workstation composed of a fallen log and stump in which he mixed and held various herbs and medicines. Dens were hidden behind foliage off to the left, and a beautiful, idyllic stream ran along the edge of the glade before it gave way to the Silverwood once again.
With a crude brush made of dry bush, Pyry pasted a salve onto a large frond from some leafy plant or another and placed the poultice on Mads’ wound. A wrapping of vine and twine made sure that it would stay in place, and the white
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Phil was an… adventurous fellow. He was also short on money. Long story short, he would do anything (within reason) that his friend Darrell says for 5 dollars. One cold winter day, Darrell asked Phil to lick a street sign. “Sure!” Said Phil as he grabbed a street sign. Phil then got real close to the sign, and more specifically, the pole the sign was on, and prepared to lick it. But then a strange feeling came over him. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to pole dance, so he did. He wiggled his butt and pressed his (currently flat) chest up against the pole, and danced. "No," Darrel started, “your supposed to lick the pole, not dance!” By now, Phil would've let go of the pole and licked it, but he couldn't. His arms and legs were stuck to the pole. First, two small tits materialized out of Phil’s chest. Phil touched them to the pole. Immediately, he got an erection and his tits grew to c cups while he lost all of his fat, muscle and body hair. &
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Mision gremial -parteuno-
Misión Gremial
¡Entrena con Daniel!

Duración: Continua / Tipo: Normal / Solicitante: Daniel Paladino
► Rango y Experiencia dependiendo del trabajo entregado.
► Guantelete

► Daniel: ¿Qué pasa, colega? ¿Cómo te tratan los entrenamientos? Sabes, a mí me parecieron poca cosa las secciones de esta mañana pfffff ¡Somos caballeros rudos y podemos con más! ¡¿Ah que sí?! ¡Esa es la actitud! Ven, ¡vamos a dar todo nuestro potencial en una sección de entrenamiento aparte!

La albina de doble personalidad tenía días sin hacer algo, rondaba por el pueblo, se ocupaba de su cafetería y a veces solía ir al pasillo de la Orden buscando algo de entretención o entrenar un poco, solo para no perder el ritmo de una vida más activa (?)
Ese día por la mañana había tenido entrenamiento, no se sent&
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A Night in Evermourn Forest (SSBBW) Part 11
[Chapter 21: Red, Jekyll, and the Witch]
The doors flew open and Red sprinted into a decrepit chamber filled with magic equipment. A rotten stench permeated the air: something that reeked of dungeons. This place seemed fit for sorcerers to perform horrific experiments. CRASH. A brawny demon roared while bashing relics. The foe was similar to a gargoyle.
“Sorry, ace! But I need you gone.”
Red flipped away as the foe shot lightning from its palm. The brute lunged in a beastly nature, and pursued Red through the chamber at breakneck speed. It snarled while plowing through tables and bookshelves. Blood-colored streaks cut the air, Red’s swiftness, and he moved from place to place like a shinobi.
Fireballs surged from his gun. Bullets of flame battered the foe as it rampaged and thrashed. But Red grew hasty as he thought about the time limit. A quick kill was what he craved. Damage at close-range. Safety at mid-range. Risk and Reward.
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A Night in Evermourn Forest (SSBBW) Part 10
[Chapter 19: Red, Pandora, Alexandria, and Crimson.]
After inspecting Red in her grip, Mist deemed him nothing more than a doll and placed him on the floor. She then departed from Crimson’s bedchamber. But while the villainess was gone, Pandora made a bitter quip that she’d sit on Red and kill him.
“Reckless fossil,” she said. “Maybe I should just crush you myself and save my nerves the trouble.”
The kitsune used her tails to point at her immense rear. Pandora loomed like a giant over the small robot facing her. Crimson and Alexandria towered over Red from behind, and the droid hesitated while surrounded by the trio.
Apologetically, Red rubbed his shoulder. “Sorry about that, folks. But I felt that flash stepping was the right thing to do. I didn’t mean to make you kids worry so much.”
While gazing at him, Pandora began to understand her frustration. It was extremely obvious that Red loved them. His actions spoke f
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It was a weightless that I first remembered… a weightlessness, and a strange sense of non-existence. It was as if I was dreaming… but aware. It was like I was floating in an endless void, absent from reality, as if reality, to me, was a mere distant distant fantasy.
Then, there was a sound. A soft sound, that was familiar, as if I had heard it before, even prior to the weightlessness and the sense of being nothing.
The sound was… a voice: “Wake up,” it called. “Wake up. Wake up.”
A light poured down over me, and the weightlessness parted from me. Instead, the weight of the world and ever more, it seemed like, took its place and began to press down upon me.
Wake up. Wake up!
Reality began to seep through, following the light, and it started to take form. At first, it was all blurry, distorted, just a simplistic colour: pale. Then, it started to clear, as if a heavy fog was being lifted, so I could see the truth.
The truth? Well, the first truth
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Untitled N.1
Fingers gripped the hilt of the pocket knife tightly. Knuckles were practically white from how strong the hold was. The dim lighting made the sharp blade glint evilly and it made the point of it seem even more deadly. Muscles in the man’s forearm flexed and tensed. He let his fingers adjust themselves. He took in a deep breath that caused his chest to visibly rise, and as he released it, his chest fell. A light sound came from him when he let the breath he held be released past his lips. For a moment, he stood still. He then let his eyes move to his right hand where the pocket knife was held. As he licked his lips slowly, he raised his eyes and he gazed at the door that was in front of him.
There was no turning back.
His left hand reached for the doorknob and his fingers tentatively wrapped around it. He waited a moment. A few seconds passed by and he kept his eyes only on the knob he was holding. A couple more seconds ticked by. His jaw tightened, causing the muscle to shift und
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