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"Can I ask you a favour?" You beg to your sister. She has an interest in photography and has plenty of lights and cameras and you desperately need your headshots taken for the acting audition you have later today and she is your best bet to get nice pictures cheap and quick. "You owe me." she responds, you thank her as she sets up bright lights and tinkers with her fanciest camera. "These bright lights will make the pictures look the best but you'll have to put on some makeup so the bright lights don't drown you out, and as a bonus you'll also look much better with a bit of makeup." You hesitate but she quickly sits you down in her makeup chair and bends down in front of you. "Your skin is the same shades as mine so this foundation should match" She spreads the foundation across your face with a soft large brush. It's cold but the feeling is nice. She dabs some concealer around your face in a few spots, making you look much more appealing for the photos. "Now for a bit of life in your
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Cheerleader Snoop Tg
"Come on man, this is heaven." My freind Jake tempts.
"Dude if we get caught I heard the cheerleaders where ruthless." I reply.
"But the risk Is worth it!" he counters. I fianlly agree with him and we wait until school is over. When everyone leaves for home, we meet up outside of the girl's locker room. When the cheerleaders come to get changed we quickly pull out ipods and turn them on. The girls go in without comment. Jake smiles and I stay silent, we couldn't screw this up.
"OH NO!" A voice yells. I fight my urge to burst into the washroom and insead listen hard. "Vanessa Quit? We need a new girl then!" It continued. The door opens and the girls pile out in there uniforms, bickering.
"We can hold try-outs." One girl suggests.
"We already tried that before." Tina snaps. "All the girls in the school except us have no talent." There fights faded away around a corner. Jake waited until we heard a door slam, then sprang into the locker room. I follow silently. Jake barges in and spots a
:iconslyguy315:slyguy315 93 5
The World's Greatest Actor
The World’s Greatest Actor, now a father, prepared lunch for his three children. Humming to himself happily, he slathered pieces of bread with peanut butter and jelly. He put them each into individual plastic containers, then the containers into brightly coloured cloth bags along with plums and juice boxes. He wanted to make sure they ate healthy but enjoyed what they ate. He was rewarded with their smiles when his three children came running in. An elder girl in grade two, followed by a twin boy and girl who were in kindergarten, greeted him. He said good morning and picked them all up in a bear hug, kissing them each on the forehead. They laughed and ran to eat their breakfasts, cereal which he had poured for them. When they were done, he followed them up the stairs to make sure each one of them brushed their teeth, washed their hands, and picked up their school bags. He watched them shove their carefully packed lunches into their bags and run out the front door. He stood with
:iconericambm:EricAMBM 172 104
Just A Dream - Abused!France X Reader
Just A Dream - Abused!France X Reader
Warning! And slight swearing.....
~*-Francis's POV-*~
'Only one person made him feel loved. But she was long gone.
Angleterre took her away. His hatred for me drove him to do the worst.
He burnt a 19 year old woman. Her whole life was ahead of her.'
Francis Bonnefoy was curled up in his magnificent bed, sobbing his heart out. Today was the anniversary of Jeanne's death, and he had to spend it at those damned world meetings! Shoulder length blonde hair messed up. His crisp white dress shirt crinkled up. Black jean clad legs hanging off the bed. The Frenchman was exhausted.
Maybe a power nap couldn't hurt.
'Its not fair! Why could the creator of this world be so cruel as to make personifications of countries!'
France walked along the beautiful beach. Its beauty seemed to go on forever...! The dull pain in his heart was gone, allowing him to think clearly. He was still dressed in his plain black and white dress clothes. However his blonde hair was tie
:iconayakaito:AyaKaito 38 17
Revenge [Sollux Captor]
Dying!readerXsollux Captor
It was there again, that horrible feeling of guilt that haunted me. Yes it was wrong what was happening, but it felt so good. He stared at me, his blue and red eye with a sad look in them. His eyes always enchanted me, they were beautiful. My [h/c] was being stroked by him, I could feel it, his warm touch on my head reminded me off the fact that I was still alive. It calmed me down to feel his hands going through my hair like that, yet it couldn't stop what was happening right now, it all went to fast, he could just watch as I slipped away, and left him forever. The thing was, that my health and body where always weak, and I was doomed to die anyway, but the fact that the end pulled me away from my love wasn't going to stop me from saving him, it was my own choice. I had loved his lisps and didn't want to lose him… not my Sollux, not after he confessed that he loved me, and asked me to be his matesprit. He stared into my [e/c] eyes and I saw tears in his
:iconrenren13:RenRen13 136 27
A Pocket Full of Sky
When I was young, my father would take me to the highest tower of Notre Dame precisely once a year. It would be cold. Freezing. But we'd stand there, and take deep breaths of air, and peer down, towards the tiny ants of people below. Down, towards the sprawling city beneath us. It was always winter, when we'd go. Always cold. Freezing, freezing. But however cold it was, and however dull and bleary the weather, my father would ask one thing, and one thing only: that we adhered to tradition.
"Lucie," he would say, with the fond smile and kind eyes I always remember. "Lucie, my peach. Whatever you become, and wherever your heart and mind leads you, you must always do for me one small, beautiful thing – take a handful of the sky, and place it in your pocket. Take a handful of the sky, and remember, always, that your feet need not always be imprisoned to the ground. Anything you could ever wish for, Lucie, can be yours – but only if you study hard, and always feel the freedom of t
:iconiridiana:iridiana 289 68
PokeGrowth Part 1: Ash Growing
"Aww, do we have to do this again?!"
Ash, Brock and Dawn were doing work for charity. They were cleaning Lake Valor, as it had become polluted by Team Galactic's last attempt at capturing Azelf. The water had turned a nasty brownish green colour because of the billious gunge Team Galactic's machine had spilled when it exploded.
"Aww, do we have to do this again?!" moaned Ash again.
"I hate to say this, but I agree with Ash." said Dawn
"C'mon guys," said Brock "It's for the good of the lake, and Azelf."
"More like the good of the lake, and Jaquelin Kelp!" whispered Ash to Dawn.
The two of them giggled. Brock came over to them. He had pink lipstick on his cheek. Ash and Dawn giggled again. Brock wiped the lipstick off his face.
"You two should start helping," said Brock "The valve over there is leaking, go and tighten it Ash. Dawn, go and help Dr. Kelp, she needs your help to fish that Magikarp out of the dirty water and into clean water."
Ash and Dawn went off to do their seperate thing
:icondarkarcher4:DarkArcher4 71 2
Hope Will Never Die: Lucina TG
Sam had a bleak outlook on life. He was poor, homeless, and sick living off the streets. In this particular night, it was pouring wet, thunder rolling in the near hills, causing the storm drains he lived under to start to flood, spraying him with freezing cold droplets of rain, beating down on him like the shame and pain he had felt up til this point, it's climax. He knew he couldn't go on like this. So, he just sat there, the cold drops of rain pelting his freezing body. A woman with a oddly colored green hair walked by and seemed to take pity on the young man, as she asked him to follow her. He did as he was told, and walked to a small house, about two blocks away. When he entered the house, he noticed that when he entered, it felt like a warmth he had never experienced before, like his very soul was warmed. The woman told him to sit down after taking his coat off. He did, and quietly sat down. The woman told him," Look, I'm going to get to the point here, I've seen how miserable you
:icontrollskydoesminecraf:TrollSkyDoesMinecraf 36 9
One morning a black pillar appeared in the center of town, within the boundaries of the park and right outside of the library.  It stood at least thirteen feet tall and was as wide as a mature oak.  They deduced it was made out of some kind of polished stone.  Some guessed it was obsidian; others argued it was too strong to be such a fragile stone.  It could have been granite, but when was the last time you saw black granite in that quantity, and in that shape?
"We should knock it down and drag it away!" someone shouted.
But they were too afraid to touch it.
"Why not just leave it here?" another suggested.
But they wondered what would happen if they didn't do anything at all.
Whoever put it there didn't do it alone.  They'd need a truck to transport the thing, and they'd need some way to get it off the flatbed and stand it up straight.  But why go to all of that trouble for a pillar of rock?  Or was it part of someth
:iconlaurotica:laurotica 131 76
AT- ConnorxReader A Walk in the Forest
This is my first Canonxreader, believe me I was quite scare this wouldn’t work. We have to look on how I do, I’m quite a bit scare to be honest with ya! XDD
A Walk in the Forest

You loved nature, but with so many trees, your eyes would widen with amazement and awe. It was nothing you ever seen before. Nothing like Boston or New York you visited. The Davenport Homestead had wildlife and jumped in front of you that wouldn’t care if you stood there and stare. The deer gave you a blank stare and continues to jump through the forest and bushes.
When a butterfly came to your finger, you raise your point finger and it landed on your finger. You were amazed by the color of the wings that you never seen up close before. “Why do you have to be such a pretty butterfly? I don’t understand why the colonist wants to destroy wildlife, this is amazing.” You said as you watch the butterfly depart from your finger and fly through the calm a
:iconberrybreezer:BerryBreezer 48 79
Dewgong Anthro TF TG
Dewgong Anthro TF TG + Hypnosis Trigger
Welcome. This is a hypnosis Literature piece. Before we begin, let's go over a few rules:
• First and foremost, this is only a TG if you are male. If you are female, it will just be an Anthro TF
• Next, remember that if at anytime you are disrupted, your hypnotism will end and you will have to start over.
• If you are not confortable with the title, skim over the selection before reading it thoroughly, that way, you know what to expect.
• You don't need any items to go through these hypnoses, you only need to read and press the down key at regular intervals.
• Finally, please remember what makes you transform back to your natural human form as well as any disruptions!
Now that you know the rules, let's begin!
The first thing I want you to do is to remove any eyewear at this time. It will be distracting for the hypnotism you are about to receive!
After removing your eyewear, make sure you're not wearing anything but a slee
:iconkingclass101:Kingclass101 74 13
on old sanzu - absolutely true fiction
last fall i stole my friend down by the tama river. we sang. we danced. we skipped dead fish like rocks and watched them get swallowed by the undertow. we got sick off of bad chinese food and went skinny-dipping and then a week later she drowned herself.
her uncle was a yakuza, i think, but he really just wanted to be al pacino or something. anyway, she loved him a lot. maybe that’s why she went down the way she went down; cement shoes. not real cement, but it was the same idea. she had two cloth bags with yellow-painted cinderblocks inside, and they were tied to her ankles like the prisoners’ chains from o brother where art thou.
in my mind’s eye i can see her, limping dreadfully close to the edge of the current, her left hand gripping at her breasts through a loose t-shirt. kneeling by the wastelands, elbows in the gravel, crawling forward out into the water. angry like a dermis under wool, all teeth and salt and sand. sleepy, submissive, sublimated.
and then
:iconmindlessthinker:MindlessThinker 96 31
Pudding Them In Their Place - Part 3
“Marmalmaide! Marmalmaide!!” an all-too-familiar voice rang out through the halls. The Princess had been calling on her more and more recently, and she simply couldn’t bring herself to turn her down, especially since the Princess had become so reliant on her service. Marmalmaide had been busy sweeping when the Princess called her name, and as soon as she heard it, she dropped her broom and walked briskly through the halls, following the sound of her master’s voice.
When she finally found Puddingcess, she was greeted with a sight that was becoming increasingly common. Due in no small part to Marmalmaide’s inability to say no, the Princess had bulked up quite a lot since she’d first given her that little boost of encouragement, and her thighs in particular had fattened up tremendously from the increasing number of sweets that she consumed on a daily basis. As a result, she found the doors of their chateau incapable of handling the sheer width of her le
:iconbubberoni:bubberoni 35 1
How To Willingly Feed A Human Predator
Start by placing one hand on top of the other, and then placing them on top of your predator's tongue. Slowly, and gently, start sliding them into, and down your predator's esophagus, taking steps forward as necessary, until you have slid your hands, and your arms down her throat, and you're in up to your shoulders. At this point, she needs to open her mouth wider, so you can stick your head inside her mouth. Once you've done this, start pushing your head into her esophagus. This should allow your shoulders to go inside of her mouth as well. Once you're in this far, you should be able to see down her throat, and you might even see the inside of her stomach.
At this point, all you can do is to help propel yourself deeper inside; she needs to start helping you inside now. There are several ways, and not every single predator is going to use the same method, whether it be simultaneous shoving and swallowing, turning your body and her body vertical so as to either have you slide right down
:iconsweetladyamy:sweetladyamy 48 38
What does it take to break?
His lips were on mine suddenly and I had to fight the urge to retch. Even the sight of his eyebrows repulsed me now. Reminders of a tormented past I was trying desperately to get away from. I pushed him off and wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my shirt. "I told you, no more of this. I'm done Arthur."
The smirk on his face grew painfully apparent, he grabbed the collar of my shirt, "Don't you ever forget who helped make you my little moose." His teeth were bared and his laugh was sharp, I cringed beneath it.  This side of Arthur, even Alfred didn't know. "I can't let you do this!"
"Who's gonna stop me? You think just because someone else can see you makes you loved. You're nothing more then an invisible little sex toy."
Feeling defeated, I bowed my head. Maybe Arthur was right. Maybe that's all I was. He bit my neck, unbuttoning my shirt and wrapping a hand in my hair. My body went limp, just as it always did when he was like this.

"He called me his little moose... it was awful.
:iconcountesspruben:CountessPruben 73 9
Equation of Love
The taller, more irritated blonde snapped his innocent pencil in half at the sound of the all too familiar voice. A head covered in inky black tresses popped out from behind the door and into the nearly empty classroom. It's only occupants were an irritated Shizuo Heiwajima and now the head of, in Shizuo's mind, a pesky flea.
"What the fuck do you want? Isn't it a bit early for you even?" The blonde made a good point. School wasn't supposed to start for another 2 hours or so, but yet here the two sat, awake and already at their usual antics.
"I was about to ask you the same thing, Shizu-Chan~" Izaya purred in his smooth voice, a voice which sent a shiver down the taller male's spine. That nickname always made anger start sparking even more in Shizuo's mind.
"Don't call me that! Can't you go find something better to do? I'm sure some other people are here for you to bother. I'm busy." Shizuo growled and turned his attention back to the paper sitting in front of him
:iconclockworkumbrella:ClockWorkUmbrella 62 26
   Just having someone made things nicer. It wasn't really anything different from the usual, just nicer. Things were the same around, but over time there was always some kind of change.
  I like making sure he's safe. Just because it would be a shame if he were gone from this world. Nothing would change really, but my life personally would be much more mundane. I dont really understand the loyalty he poses...whether its truely real or not. Perhaps something his trainning instilled with him over time, but as it is directed towards me personally it has been one of the little factors about John that has confused me slightly. Not that I dont appreciate it, I quite enjoy it to be honest. It is nice to have him above anyone else around. From his character he will surely find a decent enough woman though, someone to spend his life with to its intiretity. Why he inists on staying here is strange, something I find myself pondering in later hours of the night, or when I
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Auto do'
James: -wakes up from a deep sleep and yawn loudly- I had the weirdest dream! -I get up and enter the family autocloset, punching in my code and saying my name- Hello Auto-closet! my name is James! Get me dressed please! -I enter into the closet-
Auto Closet:*sparks spread out of the command panel*
ERROR Reboot in progress
*the interior of the auto-closet became dark as the door shuts quickly behind him*
James: Crap, stupid machines. Auto Closet hurry up! I'm going to be late to my business meeting
Auto Closet: *some letters appear on the command panel on the auto-closet*
program loading -> Sharon custom 2
*the light in the auto-closet come back to life*
Hello Sharon, did you had a good night?
James: No No autocloset, this is James! J A M E S. Activate Business 1 for James!
Auto Closet: Calm down Sharon, or I’ll have to restrain you to avoid hurting you.
*a mechanical arm shoots out of the wall of the closet*
Beginning undressing proce
:iconrouskof:Rouskof 24 5
Tossed Aside
Mom, Dad…I have something to tell you, something that I've been keeping from you for years.  Please promise me that you'll love me no matter what I say, and that you'll support me to the end.
Mom, Dad…I'm bisexual.  There's a girl at school that I like, and her name is _____.  She's really pretty, with her long dark hair that fills your nostrils with the aroma of strawberries with every swish, and her warm honey-brown eyes.  Mom, you'll like her because she can cook and strike up great conversation; Dad, you'll like her because she's a sports nut and knows how to fix cars.  She can protect your precious baby girl.  We're in love and would like to have your blessing to date one another.
Mom, Dad…where are you going? I'm right here in front of you.  Mom, go ahead and slap me all you want, show me just how much I anger you.  Dad, yell at me to your heart's content and say how I disgust you with
:iconravestar15:ravestar15 56 28
Wicked Shiny Vore RP [CLOSED FOR NOW]
You’re walking alone in the woods when you feel something grab you from behind. You try to fight it but it knocks you out.
When you wake up the world around you is huge. You’re looking up at a giant shiny Sylveon, who’s smiling down at you with a small friendly smile.
“Hey little guy!” The giant says with a cute female voice and a sweet smile.
Do you:
a. Respond with friendliness.
b. Keep cautious and silent.
c. Run!
:iconcu-vore:CU-Vore 27 13,824
Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls: Birthday game
Just compare your Birthday with these to see what you will do on your next birthday
January- Take over the Tri-state area with....
Febuary- Name a Platapus....
March- Solve a mystery with....
April- Get hit by a deathinator by...
May- Have backyard beach party with....
June- Spend the night at the mystery shack with...
July- Get punch in the face by...
August- Fell in love with...
September- Build a wax figure of...
October- Get Rejected by
November- Star a TV show with
December- Get kidnapped by gnomes with...
1st.  Baljeet
2nd.  Ferb
3rd.  Waddles
4th.  Jeremy
5th.  Mabel
6th.  Stacy
7th.  Rumble McSkirmish
8th.  Grenda
9th.  Major Monogram
10th. Paperjam Dipper
11th. Candace
12th. Pacifica
13th. Shmebulock
14th. Doofensmirtz
15th. Dipper
16th. Manly Dan
17th. Ducky Momo
18th. Stan
19th. Giant floating Baby head
20th. Candy
21st. Perry
22nd. Isabella
23rd. Carl
24th. Vanessa
25th. Buford
26th. S
:iconspellcaster4:spellcaster4 31 155
Six Words, Six Wives
S evered.
S lut.
:iconepicsherlockian6678:epicsherlockian6678 30 22