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E-Venn Now
Maggie sat up on her bed as her husband of 28 years came in with a tray.  The smell of fresh biscuits, scrambled eggs, ham, and coffee greeted her as John, “Happy birthday, Honey.”
“Why do I never hear you get up when you do this?” she asked as he set the tray in front of her.
“Because you’re too tired from staying up so late, and you’re not used to getting up in the morning anymore,” he responded as he sat the tray in front of her. He pulled the pillow from his side of the bed and tucked it in behind her, giving her a quick kiss.
She smiled, but wondered how they had gotten to this point. The kids were gone – the last one was finishing up her third year at university. They should be looking at retirement. But the years hadn’t been as kind as they should have been.
The morning’s little gesture of his was nice when it happened, but they were rare, and he never seemed to think of anything beyond them. She spread the j
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A Forest of Feathers Part 2
Continued from part 1
(We then cut to an open plain fulled with large sauropods, small reddish-brown compsognathids, and small pterodactyloids flying over a small lake, which the Dilong walks towards.) Narrator: There are open spaces not crowded by forest, home to very different creatures than in the forest. (Dilong moves through the legs of the sauropods, which are mainly light brown with dark brown patches and osteoderms.) The sauropods are known as Dongbeititans. They are 15 meters (50 feet) long and are the biggest animals in the whole forest. They stay in the open cause of their large size. (The Dongbeititan start feeding on the trees near by.) They keep in communication thanks to low frequency groans that come from their bellies. They also make loud honks with inflatable blue nasal sacks to keep in touch. To a predator like Dilong, they are off the menu. However, the smaller Sinosa
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The Ruby Gem
The day began as any other, wandering through the forest searching for the deer that keep her family alive through the winter. As soon as she finds the herd she can get home and continue to teach Arno, her younger brother, how to use a bow. Lost in thought, she couldn’t hear the soft patter of hooves on leaves. At the last moment Swan heard the warning calls of the heard as they ran deeper into the woods. Quickly she drew her bow with practiced ease, nocked an arrow, took aim, and fired. Too late. “I missed”, the feeling of defeat set in. She already had been out three days and was almost out of supplies, she had to return home empty handed.Slowly she retrieved her arrow from the nearby grove of trees that it landed in. Tired and disheartened, she then made her way to the camp she had spent the previous night in. The exhaustion of the day’s activities taking their tolls, she layed down and found herself near instantly unconscious.
“But mom I want to hunt i
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