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Flow Of Thought - Ever Lay Awake
Ever lay awake at three in the morning having a conversation with yourself inside your own head, well that's what I find myself doing right before I started typing this, picture if you will a brick lined alley, with two guys that could be twin brothers, one clean cut and if not neatly dressed not a slob, the other a chain smoker with a not so neatly shaven goatee and mustache chain smoking like a chimney cigarette butts littering the ground around him as he paces back and forth as he explains his life to his double.
Clean cut says nothing as the other begins to speak.
"Ever lay awake at three in the morning talking to yourself in your own head," chain smoker asks and clean cut nods silently.
"Sure you have you're the opposite half of my personae," chain smoker adds.
Crushing out one butt and lighting another he continues.
"You know let’s just start at the beginning then, you would think most people would have a fairly decent memory of their life wouldn't they, well mine's pretty
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The Invaders: End
Over the next day, my parents and others visited me. My father was the only one who took my side, but he didn’t try to change anyone’s mind. No one dared look me in the eyes, not with the golden eye always there, the eye that looked more wolf-like than Human.
Mom took Jeremiah’s side. They all thought I’d been brainwashed by the Lazakal. Mom kept crying about how there weren’t any councilors around to help me through the trauma I’d experienced.
That night, Jason and Ben got stuck guarding me.
I peered through the small window at the dark sky. Thunder rumbled. Were the others right? Had I been brainwashed?
Rain pattered against the roof.
Something slammed into the shed, then muffled grunts came.
I stood. What was going on?
The door flew opened. Dasha stood in it, the rain pelting against her black fur. “Come.”
I stepped from the shed. The two guards had been bound. They stared up at Dasha in terror. I knew what that felt like.
"They won't
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Galaxy Protectors Episode 1
On the planet Earth, a boy was sitting on his bed close to falling asleep before feeling something. He shook a bit before he looked to the sky as he got up running out and looking at the sky.
"What's happening?" He questioned as he sensed something shaking. "I feel so much death." He breathed as he felt a cold dreadful feeling. "Anakin? What's happening?"
He looked up feeling the effects of millions of deaths far from Earth. He didn't know what was happening. Not yet any way.
Ep 1: Jedi's Rise
15 years have passed as right in front of the house a portal opened up as two people came out.
One was a man with black hair, a blue tunic, red cape, gloves and boots. Around his neck was a strange amulet. He's Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme.
The other was a male diamond like alien in a grey body suit. His name is Tetrax.
They walked to the door as a droid answered it beeping.
"Is Jason in Sparx?" Strange asked him.
Sparx beeped leading them down below the house to a bunker of sorts a
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Falconer Wars Aftermath - Unfinished
            A pall of smoke floated over the battlefield, the mixed scent of coppery blood and burning pitch made the cloud even more miasmic than it seemed.
            The green grass was drenched in dark red and carpeted by the bodies of some 10,000 men and arrows imbedded in the ground made it seem as if there was a small forest growing between the torn bodies.
            As night covered the field of Brenbruch the carrion eater and scavengers started their work and already thousands of ravens and vultures waddled around too bloated to fly.
            On a hill overlooking the field the once might keep of Den Cullen burned fiercely even and even more bodies hung over the battlements and on large stakes pounded into the ground.
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Diamonds - Unfinished
            The tension in the in the small officer’s gymnasium was suddenly released with a loud “HAI!” as the tall man in shorts and t-shirt lashed out with fists and feet breaking and snapping the appendages from the automated wooden attackers. The snap, crunch, and pop echoed off the cramped walls and reverberated for a few seconds but was over by the time the first echo ended.
            The man stood for a few seconds and then grasped the towel from the only other occupant of the room and nodded his thanks as he toweled the few beads of sweat from his forehead.
            “Thanks Al”, Captain D.R. Harris told his steward.
            “My pleasure, Sir,” Chief Steward Albert Monroe said and took the towel back from his Captain as the intercom chi
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Fire Drake - Unfinished
Chapter 1: Waiting is Wanting.
Rylson Zeta station looked like someone had thrown a bunch of tinker toys together into an conglomeration of circles and sticks, spray painted them with metallic silver paint and then tossed them onto a sequin spangled black blanket.
In reality the RZ station was one of the most efficient and best run ship yards and habitats in the Ramulon system. The silver circles and spheres some measuring over five kilometers in diameter were the shipyards connected by miles long light dappled habitat tubes holding over 1,000,000 inhabitants and at any one time over 30,000 visitors most of which were the crews of the various vessels that were in for repairs, refitting or just a fresh coat of paint.
Some people say that you can find anything you want or need in a place as large as RZ, even some things you don't want to find, and sometimes those things find you when you least expect it.
In one such of the smaller of over 38 repair docks sat one of the oddest ships ev
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End Game - Unfinished
End Game - Chapter 1 -
            The night air of the small town of Cattleton lay quietly on the usually bustling town like a large dark blanket smothering the sounds; not even night birds or crickets chirped around the small town that had boasted a population of three-hundred and five souls. Now the only thing the leaning clapboard buildings housed was the wind and dust and maybe the occasional wandering soul.
            The large roan pranced nervously down the street as Nathan guided the horse with his knees his Winchester held lightly in both hands. The clopping of the horses steel shod hooves seemed to echo and reverberate throughout the tiny once lively town.
            What's going on here? Nathan thought to himself as he halted the horse in front of Graffman Saloon. "Odd this place should be jumping at th
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