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Underground and Underfoot Part 9 Chapter 6
Hildegard watched the two men fade into the trees outside their encampment until she could see them no more.  Biting her lip, she turned back to the others who had been present to see the agents off.
Ellen had already given her last minute instructions to the two, and had contented herself with letting Hildegard have the final words.  With Bard also in mortal danger, she understood what the tiny woman was going through.
Simon was not present, having been called on to distract a certain pair of twins from the fact that their only "family member" who had gotten away was headed right back into the jaws of death.
Ellen smiled wearily at Hildegard.  "Those boys are resourceful and they have a solid plan," she said.  "They'll be fine."
Wolf huffed in agreement, his entire body shaking with the motion and his bushy fur shaking like the quills of a porcupine.
Mr. Adahy wisely kept his mouth shut.  Aiken was the best and only pilot available.  But was he ready for
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The Cognity Program
Dr. Whalen stood up and cracked his back. His entire work day was just busywork, at this point; a nurse could easily come over and collect the new subject, but the administration was apparently dead set on him being in complete control of the project. It was far from necessary, but there was little he could do to stop it if he wanted to keep working on the program.
Still lying on her side, the woman looked significantly more gaunt and grey than he remembered her looking when she was last in. The transformation of the skin seemed to affect everyone regardless of what their physical condition was previously. Not a great sign for the status of the final project, which preferred healthier vessels, but if that was the byproduct of cleansing someone’s mind then it was simply an unavoidable fact of life.
Leaning down, Dr. Whalen looked at her for a little bit before picking her up. Kate certainly was a woman of some merit; there were very few personal connections in her sheltered life,
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The Golden Age Chapter 20
The first few weeks of Ian’s tenure in the army were taken up largely by training. They’d usually be up before the sun had risen and have a simple breakfast not unlike what Ian had been served while working at the D.M.M. Then it would be all sorts of exercises ranging from pushups to running. They were also taught how to use weapons and the various combat skills they’d need to help crush the dreaded P.R.E.. The day always ended the same though, Ian would always be in the bunk with Zack and the two of them were chat for a bit before getting to bed. In between all this, Ian still found time to send Grace emails to which she’d usually respond.
In every single one of her emails, Grace fretted about Ian. Both of them knew just how evil the P.R.E. were and how they hated the W.E.R. and their brilliant utopian ways. Ian always reassured her, but he could understand her fear immensely. Despite that, he wasn’t giving up. Ian always liked to finish what he started.
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The Darkness of the Desert -- Chapter 1
Years mean nothing. Days are everything.
As always, I’m the first one up. My parents still snore on the other side of our tent, despite the sun shining on our faces. I touch the rough canvas tent next to me, warm from the sun. It’s springy when I drum my fingers on it. I get out of bed, and my fingers zip along the tent’s surface and slide over a slick metal support post, one of nine that hold our house secure in the desert.
Breakfast crosses my mind, but I’m content to wait. We have a chronic food shortage here, and water can be hard to come by, too, but what we do have are spices and solar power. We use spices in everything, not just cooking. Our cloths are dyed with rich spices that give them warm, subtle scents. Our blankets smell of turmeric, our clothes paprika and saffron. I make sure not to trip over the embroidered pillows scattered around our home, or the shaggy rugs on the floor. Tapestries of cloth decorate our tent walls and create cool patches wher
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Genetic Attraction 8
    “Ludge!  Hey! You’ll never guess the humdinger I’ve got to tell you!”  Rover let go of the bark and let himself drop several feet to the dock, his boots clunking on the wood.  He ran over to his shuttle that hoovered inches above the water.
    The slug shut off the suction and pressed a button that began to roll up the massive hose from the water.  He rolled his one red eye in Rover’s direction. “You’re joining the Glubgarus Mudbathers cult to fix that pasty complexion.”
    “Nope!  Even better!”
    His eyelid lowered to the level of annoyed boredom.  “You are really a space vortex and are finally ready to devour us all.”
    “Aw!  Come on!  You ain't even tryin’!”
    “I've been sucking up this water for a good couple hours now
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Marvel Monster Mania
Intro: Planet Earth is under attack, & now the world's greatest heroes need to power up & Fight back. Giant monsters sent from outer space, Here to crush, smash & trash the human race. Sent by Galactus, That guy's the worst. It's probably the greatest show in the universe. Prepare for the challenge, it's totally insania. Watch out, Earth, it's Marvel Monster Mania!
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