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Arcadia - 1
Es extraño. Hago memoria y solo consigo recordar fragmentos de mi infancia. De cómo mi madre siempre me miraba con esa radiante sonrisa mientras me tendía la mano, y momentos después echaba a llorar. O cómo, años más tarde, mi padre me daba de comer puré con una cuchara mientras yo miraba la tele. Pero las caras me son borrosas, y los entornos, alienígenas. Lo último que recuerdo es una especie de camilla, o un tubo, ahora no sabría decir, y médicos con sus batas blancas y mirándome seriamente. No recuerdo que estuviesen mis padres ahí.
Y miro al techo de esta sala... ¿médica? y veo cosas que me son familiares y otros extraños aparatos. Al menos, por la ventana, se ve el exterior: un prado verde a la lejanía y unos árboles, pinos supongo, cerca. Distingo un botiquín, un aparato de esos que te miden el pulso y el ritmo respiratorio. Y otras pantallitas y paneles y luces. Es todo muy futur
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Hypo Rex
Name: Hypo Rex
Species: Hyperendocrine Rex
Type: Dinosaur
Diet: Hyper-Carnivore
Original Habitat:
Original population:
Original home: The Island
Monster Island arrival: 2015
Monster Island Habitat:
Population Now: 10
Hyperendocrine Rex, also known as Hypo Rex, is a Theropod that comes from a mysterious island, called by locals The Island. The reasoning for the name is because the locals believe that The Island is the very first island, even to incorporate it into their culture, with The Island being the home of the Gods and Devils. The Island is also tabo, any who step on the shores are cursed by the Gods. The Hypo Rex's role in this is as the Demon of Hunger, a Devil to fear and to respect. Some other creatures on The Island appear to look close to prehistoric creatures. Examples are a bird that evolved to be like a T. rex, a species of rhino which looks like a Triceratops, and a lizard that evolved a similar body plan and hunting strategy to Dromaeosaurs.
The locals, calling themselv
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WH40k the Talosians
“not much is known about the Talosians…but what I do know is that they were more advanced than the imperium. In fact, they had achieved the level of technology the Imperium had in the 40th millennium during the age of strife. They could’ve easily taken control of the galaxy…but they vanished. We have yet to rediscover their worlds…but sometimes we come across their weapons, extremely valuable and powerful weapons that rival the technologies of the Necrons” – Inquisitor Ardrea Arildsen
The Talosian Sovereignty was an empire that existed long ago, their homeworld was Talos Prime, a Jungle world. They have been known to be the most technologically advanced human empire. Yet by the time the age of strife passed, they vanished. They had genetically and cybernetically engineered themselves into a race of humans that were indistinguishable from Space Marines in every manner. Both female and male Talosians had these traits, with female talosians
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Pokemon spirit Gx chapter 4 grass, guardian and ro
Pokémon spirit Gx chapter 4 grass, guardian and rock
Judai pov
After a good night’s sleep, I went to route 8 and was greeted by a man named Corless, who gave me the tm for flame charge and told me “I can from faraway region to keep the organizations here from causing too much trouble.” After that I checked the see if Misawa was there to find out he just left. The next thing I did was battle the trainers on the route and went to the dream park but I didn’t have the fossils to revive. But then I called the professor who said “you should be able to pick up a fossil after the grand trial.” After that I used Tauros to help me get a wimpod and after that I healed my team up in the pokemon center and went into the lush jungle for the trial.
Once inside the jungle, I met up with the short girl I met named Mallow. She then told me “the grass trial’s goal was to roam the jungle for ingredients and use them to cook a fragrant dish.” I the
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Hp Up! -World building- The town of Evensdale
The Earth that Hp originally resided on is very similar to our own. War is a constant threat, and many corrupt people walk the land. However, the town Hp lived in, Evensdale, is an interesting exception.
Evensdale exists in a nearly impossible place. In all directions, Evensdale is bordered by different ecosystems. To the North of town is the edge of the Arizona desert, while the South is home to a lake and river system. The East holds home to Mt. Tom and the forest below it, while the West is where part of the Great Plains ends. Near Mt. Tom's summit, there are several vast cave systems, stemming deep under the tall mountain. With such a vast a varied natural landscape, one could easily assume that Evensdale would play host to many strange and mystical events. Indeed, throughout the time the fair-sized town has existed, it was exposed to many an odd incident.
From ghost sightings in the forest and on the mountain, to UFO sightings in the desert, Evensdale is filled to the brim with pa
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Command and Perogis
Stirring the contents of his teacup slowly, Captain Feofanov sat in the corner of Tatiana's with his other hand holding a copy of  The International. Licking his fingertips, the captain turned the page. It was seven in the evening now and he was not inclined to be anywhere else--his flat, empty, did not beckon, and it was payday. As proletarian as he was to aspire to be the influx of a new batch of currency warmed him almost as much as the splurge of having a good bowl of soup, or a good cup of tea elsewhere. The samovar was closing now, he knew--it was late, and at some level he knew he was imposing. But he also knew that they knew this was a special occasion for him--he only ate here once every other week. Feofanov was an ascetic predominantly--he did not smoke, nor did he drink, nor was he a womanizer. He was, Tatiana had joked over her early attempts to goad him into purchasing desert, "incorrigible as a saint." though she paused momentarily afterwards as if speaking of saints
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And They Left Us All Behind
        It was a cold night in the town I was in when everything changed. Sure as we awoke to total darkness of midnight, we later found out we were along, all that was left were those within four years apart in age. From myself give or take a couple of years. At first, there was only Zeia, who woke me from my sleep to tell me what had transpired, I dried her tears and set a place for her at the bar and grill my parents built here.
        Funny, they always said this place would belong to me one day, didn’t think it was going to be like this though. I laughed off the joking tone of my recollection as I fired up the griddle plate to fix us some food to calm our nerves from this rather distressing situation. She was probably more disconnected than I was, and when she gets like this nothing brightens her day quite like her favorite meal. Peppered Beef Stroganoff.
        We ate our meal togeth
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RotP 76 - Weird dreams
That same night, strange dreams haunt me.
I see a meteorite of about 20 meters in diameter travel through space until it gets caught in a blue planets gravity well.
It looks a lot like our earth, but the continents placement is distinctively off.
I watch the meteorite entering the atmosphere, however instead of burning to smithereens, like I would have expected it to, it somehow seems to withstand the immense heat without any problems.
What's even more strange: Instead of falling faster, it actually seems to be getting slower the closer it gets to the green landmass below.
Eventually, it gracefully and silently touches on the ground and rootlike tendrils shoot out of the meteorite, immediately taking a solid hold in the raw soil.
Then it feels like time is set to fast forward.
I see thousands if not millions of days and nights pass, while the strange meteorite gets overgrown by grass and moss.
Even a small forest grows on top of it.
Then time slows down again and people start appearing
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Takaki's Story
She was neither Human nor Myron. She was a shadow of both. A shade. A failure of genetic improvement, a violation of nature. She was a freak. But she was Takaki’s daughter, or at the very least his ward. His little Amaterasu, Amy for short. She preferred Amy. Every night Takaki would tell tales of his life and of his voyages. Tonight he hadn’t yet told her a bedtime story, so Amy was still awake, unfortunately she hadn’t inherited the Myron patience.
If nothing else, Amy was sneaky, and so she could creep through the ship with ease. She found him in the medical bay, playing chess against Minek, the ship’s Myronian doctor, his breathing apparatus telling her the room was in human atmospheric mode. So she could come in, her lungs at least were human.
“Check.” Takaki declared, a confident smile on his face. His smile became a frown when he noticed Amy, “Amaterasu? Why are you still awake?” Takaki asked confused.
Amy glared at him with her fo
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The Outside World: Resurgence - Preview
Note: some parts of this could change slightly, or even massively, between releasing this and releasing the chapter those parts are in. I've written this, but I might change the last few chapters, I'm not sure yet. I'll probably stick with how I've written it, and I apologise in advance for what will happen. This uses scenes from the last chapter too, so if a scene doesn't appear for a long time, it could still be in there.
A purple crack appeared, and stayed there. “Seven years. Seven years this took. Now, Maisie, you're coming home.”
   “Citizens of Zacoria, there are two intruders on Elamo Street. Bring them in, alive, unconscious if you need to.”
   “Your friends are unique, Kryo.” Kryozorg smiled. “Some are a little creepy, but interesting.” Kryozorg laughed, which made Stephanie smile slightly, but it faded when she remembered Maisie was still trapped or dead.
   “In here. Q
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The Kobe Dragons: Chapter 21
Kobe, Solaris City
Solaris VII, Lyran Commonwealth
16 April 3042

Cera knocked on Garadun’s door, ready for their usual Saturday morning breakfast. The sharp words they’d exchanged the afternoon before were behind her. It wasn’t the first spat they’d ever had and it wouldn’t be the last. And even though she knew Li Song was his roomie for the time being, Cera was still a little surprised when the Capellan opened the door to greet her. Not to mention the fact that all she had on was a dark red, thigh-length sleep tee. Her black hair fell loose about her shoulders and down her back. Cera had never seen her look so carefree.
    “Morning, Cera. Come in,” said Li Song cheerfully.
    Cera was wearing white silk pyjamas with pink pinstriping, so she had no right to comment on Li Song’s extremely casual attire. But as she followed her down the hall she couldn’t help but be curious. Li Song was normally
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The Kobe Dragons: Chapter 20
Kobe, Solaris City
Solaris VII, Lyran Commonwealth
15 April 3042

By the time the weekend was over, Li Song had gotten over the initial emotional trauma of what had happened to her, and was more her usual, confident self. Come Monday morning she was on the visphone making a lot of important calls. First to each of her now ex-employees to let them know she would be paying their salaries through the end of the month. If they wanted any references, then she was very happy to provide them. For her escorts, they could either go independent or she could send them to her friend, Catherine Yu, who ran an escort agency as well as a private sex club. Otherwise she was done with prostitution and the nightclub scene in general. She didn’t know what her professional future held, but it wasn’t that, not anymore. There were calls to the police, her insurance company, her assorted attorneys, all her suppliers, and the offices of the Bertoli Financial Group. Lots of tedious
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Resident Evil: Chapter 1
10 years later
Adam is now a grown young man. He's now 22. Along with his sister, Kimberly. Their little brother is now 12 years old. After their parents died in that accident at the hospital, they move out of Raccoon City to live in Los Angeles with their uncle and aunt. Five years later, they moved back to the city. They graduated in high school and college there. Their little brother is still in the 6th grade. Their uncle died from a heart attack and now their aunt is taking care of their little brother as they move into their own apartments, close to their aunt's home. During the time, Adam ran into old friends and they became close again since he moved away. He also found his old best friend, Rebecca Chambers. When she saw him again, she was so happy to see him again. When he moved away, they were both very sad that they wouldn't see each other again. But now, they're back together. Right now, Rebecca and Adam are a couple. Adam is on his motorcycle riding around the city. He's on
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Lingering Time (Chapter 4)
Later that night
    Kai lied awake on the bed with his cats surrounding him, he watched over Kamron as she slept soundly.
    “Ivy i know you’re there.” Kai spoke out to the dimly lit room around him. And the door opened to show a woman in a dark purple night gown. Ivy walked inside, silently taking a seat in the empty chair next to the bed.
    “Sorry i didn’t want to disturb your chatter.” Ivy replied back coolly as she picked a few stray strands of hair away from her face, revealing emerald eyes and a slightly angered expression.
    “No i’m sorry i didn’t introduce you two. I was afraid she’d get a little spooked, you know?” Kai sighed back as he pet the tuxedo cat.
    “No i understand fully well. You’re searching for a new mate aren’t you?” Ivy hissed, making Kai’s cheeks fl
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Malum Experiment Logs - Diet/Poison
The Malum Experimentation logs are a series of experiments developed by the UED Biological Sciences Research Division (UBSRD) to further understand the Malum species and its biology. The primary purpose of these experiments was to find out the best way to counter the Malum species through alternative forms of combat.
Unfortunately, the primary Malum research facility based on AHERIS-547 was destroyed by an invading force of Galikath soldiers who sought to end the “Heretical experiments” on the Malum. Decades worth of research was destroyed, but luckily salvage teams found the data vaults that were hidden within the facility. These vaults only contained a fraction of the original research, but were invaluable nonetheless.
The loss of the scientists, engineers and other researchers has dealt a critical blow to the UED but their legacy lives on through the research against the Malum.
Malum Experimentation Logs – Series #1
Malum Diet/Poison Resistance studie
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The Chamber by Frucissiere The Chamber :iconfrucissiere:Frucissiere 1 0
Abandon Sanctuary - Chapter 1
Aelas was lying on her back in the tall grass on the plains outside of town, facing the rosy lavendar sky where the clouds sailed over her head. The light from the sun on the horizon gave the clouds their rose-gold lining, which scattered about in the misty air. A smile was on her lips and her light blue eyes were wide and bright.
The wind picked up, and Aelas imagined the wind was saying hello to her as it passed on its way. The grass brushed around her, and she liked to think they greeted the breeze with cheerful voices that only she could her.
"Pleased to see you too, wind," Aelas whispered peacefully. "Bet you've been places and seen many things."
Aelas had no friends among other nine-year-old children--they had learned to shun her--so she liked to imagine her companions were in nature, or the elements, or perhaps even in the spirit realms. This had won her the name of "Fairy Child" in her school and neighborhood, a label used to make fun of her. She had also become wary of being t
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Exposed and Claimed - final perspective
                Once, he had been a minor god of wind in the East.
                The wind god had not been satisfied with its role, for it was restless. In time, it learned to carry voices across the breeze; it eventually became a messenger god. It traveled the lands, and it enjoyed doing so, for it went to places a wind god never could. But that too, had not been enough for it. It was able to travel, but only as its duties required. The wind blows where it will, but a messenger travels at the behest of others. So it made use of the messages it carried, its knowledge of the ones sending and receiving them, and eventually became a god of secrets.
                It was still a minor god, but it had not sought great strength or to rule others. It went places even messengers did not go, to the secret
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Remember It All
     It was on a normal day that it first appeared. It came from the ocean, they said. But I'm not entirely sure. Because, I can never be sure. And now I'll forget everything I've seen, and go back. 
     It will happen, in a matter of Time. I'll forget everything. And eventually, I'll remember it all. Everything that was, everything that is. Everything that I know is going to happen. I'll remember the future, which is really just the present, and now, the past. Because my life will never change, unless I can release myself from the hold that Time has on me. I think I was the only one to get unlucky enough to be caught up in this. 
     So no, it was not on a normal day that it appeared. It had always been there, at the same time it had never been. I was there, but I was also at home, doing normal things. I saw it, but I didn't. 
     I can see you, too, Read
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